Okay, I’m going to go over this slowly because Kendra is dumber than a box of rocks.  Where in the hell does Nicole find these people?

The party in question was at a nearby farm.  We all gathered there. We had a fucking cookout.  Lots of us.  Maybe 50 people.

Kyle arrived later than some.  He had a cooler in the back of his utility vehicle.  It contained beer and whatever else he brought to the fucking cookout.

This isn’t hard to understand.

Upon his arrival, he discovered that Mark, who also had come over in a utility vehicle, was going to take some folks over to Sneed’s because Linda couldn’t come to the cookout.  She wanted to come but couldn’t. So some folks decided to go to her and yes, she had a new baby.

More people wanted to go than there was room for, so Kyle offered to take some folks.

Off they went.

I did not go then.  I stayed right where I was.

About 45 minutes to an hour later, they came back, and by then a bunch of the rest of us wanted to go too, so both men offered to take a second load of us over.  By then it was dusk, and by the time we drove past the Shitstead, it was dark.

After dark, you know, you assume that you’re just going to drive past people’s property. You can’t see much of anything.  There’s nothing to photograph.  You just drive by on the way to someplace else.  What you don’t assume is that Fatass is going to come waddling out of the weeds, yelling, and plop his blob of self right in your path.

Kyle had not removed the cooler from the back of his utility vehicle.  The beer was in the cooler. It’s completely legal to carry unopened beer in a cooler in the back of your vehicle.

Nobody was drunk.  Nobody was buzzed.  Nobody.

A grown man, especially one who is in good physical shape, can drink a couple of beers easily and still be well within the legal limits of blood alcohol level to drive.  Neither driver had been drinking very much at all. It was just at dusk and shortly after. The cookout had just started.

I barely drink at all. Almost never. I had not a single drop of alcohol that whole evening, and that’s pretty typical for me.  Occasionally, I do drink wine with meals, but very occasionally.  A bottle of white wine in my fridge will often remain there for six months.  I don’t get in cars with anyone who is drinking and driving.  I enjoy living.  I rode with Kyle quite willingly and with no questions about his sobriety.  I was there.

The whole issue was that along with Joe, Mark sat in his vehicle and had a beer. They drank together, amiably actually. That’s the part Joe recorded. I was sitting there watching them.  To my knowledge, that was the first beer Mark had had that entire evening.

It’s Nicole who keeps saying that we were drunk.  She has no idea about that. She just made that up.  She was not there. She was hiding in her shed, frantically calling the police who ignored her because it was all so stupid.  Remember, Nicole’s definition of “drunk” is drinking anything at all.  Anything.  One drop = drunk.  Wine with your meal?  Drunk.  Beer with a buddy?  Drunk.

By her definition, Joe was plastered.

Notice something?  Notice who lies about this?  Notice who comments about it?

Not Joe.

Not one single word from Joe. In fifteen months, he’s called me every name you can think of. He’s happily entered into discussions about my character, about what he thinks of this blog, about my friends, about his delusion that I’m somehow in contact with the sheriff and court system.  But he has never once said, “Gee, you know, I didn’t have any beer. Nobody offered me a beer. I never drank a beer.” Never once.

Only Nicole says it.  And she doesn’t come right out and say “Joe didn’t drink a beer. They are lying.”  She dances all around it.  She says you can’t hear Joe glugging away on the audio he recorded.  She says that he drinks slowly, that’s he not a big beer drinker.  But she doesn’t say, “Joe didn’t drink a beer.”

She just turns it into being about we had beer therefore we were all drunk.

But Kendra is all things to all people, it seems.

She’s had a bit of a transformation in the last year or so.

It just drives me crazy that anything N presents as fact then everyone on her page believes it and she is going to end up getting someone in serious trouble because they believed one of her lies.

Yeah. Wonder who would be so stupid as to believe the stuff that Nicole presents as fact?


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  1. You are insulting a box of rocks
    That box of rocks now needs therapy lol
    I kid
    But this woman is historically moronic. My brother, my boyfriend and friends were killed by drunk drivers. My sister was almost killed by one. My son was almost killed last year – none of them were drinking and were victims over the last twenty years. So fuck that chick and the horse she road in on. Pointing out a personal tragedy for the sake of attacking another is like selling your dog to butcher to make a point. Pathetic.

    Maybe someone should point out that texting, posting to Facebook or shooting vlogs while driving is equally as stupid and dangerous as being inebriated behind the wheel of anything.

    And while we are the subject of safety – is their woodstove properly vented? Do they have enough functioning and not expired car seats? Do they wash everything before eating at an appropriate temperature? Do they medically treat wounds or illnesses in an appropriate manner? Does Joe smoke weed and then tend to anything down on the ole Shitstead?

    And frankly – Joe needs to step up and own his drink that night. Nicole needs to stop deflecting from the fact her kids are neglected and abused. And they both need to stop picking fights like whiny three year olds because they NEVER EVER win. Ever.

    Glad Frances is on the mend. The cow has a spot in my heart.


  2. Kendra is strange. I wonder sometimes if she’s a sock or a plant. She is all over the board on everything.


  3. It is perfectly legal to transport an alcoholic beverage in your vehicle, as long as it’s not an open container. I know each state has their own laws about the sale of alcohol, but I am almost 100% sure that all states allow the transport of a bottle of wine, a six-pack of beer, or a bottle of hard liquor, from one place to another, as long as it’s a closed container (not being consumed by anyone in the car while in the process of being transported from one place to another). How else would a person purchase booze and get it home? Most of us don’t live within walking distance of the local 7-11.

    Additionally, it is not illegal to consume alcohol, if you are over 21 years of age. It’s also not illegal to have consumed alcohol at some point before getting behind the wheel of your vehicle and driving on the public roadway. However, your blood alcohol is supposed to be below the legal limit. I am very particular about following this law. If I go to a friend’s house for a get-together, I enjoy having a glass of wine or a margarita or two. However, I make sure to stop drinking anything alcoholic for at least an hour or two before I plan to drive home. If I feel I’ve had more than I should, I don’t drive. I either stay over, or ask a friend to drive me home. But I’ve driven many times after consuming a glass of wine, or one beer, earlier in the same day.

    Common sense seems to be lacking in most of the Naugler’s leg humpers.


  4. Seeing the facts and realizing the truth of who the Nogs are is a common and healthy transformation. Seeing the lies and bullshit from Nik and the Profit and deciding that they are actually upstanding, honest, horribly persecuted people is just unbelievable. How can someone be that stupid?


  5. What in the hell did I miss?

    Dunno. Whatever it was, I missed it too. She is welcome to come here anytime and explain.


  6. The BLH page is full of hysterical commentary from the humpers today. Like this one:

    Wow!!I don’t understand this at all! Defamation of caricature is against the law. I am sure if we did stuff like that to her she would start a law suit.

    Indeed. If anyone defamed a cartoon made in my likeness, I would most definitely litigate. And this one:

    We all need to take an armed stand on their property as if we were the FreeMen of Montana.

    Things didn’t really end well for the Free Men. They eventually surrendered and went to prison. To say nothing of the fact that an armed militia stomping around the shitstead to defend Nicole’s internet “persona” seems a bit excessive. And my favorite:

    I admire that she “puts it out there!” I wish I had her courage!

    Skulking around the web with fake profiles, ranting and raving for attention, and allowing your children to be a part of your public spectacle – none of this is courageous. It’s just straight-up asshole behavior. How anyone who has watched this circus for more than 15 minutes could possibly think otherwise is baffling. Joe and Nicole are really scraping the bottom of the barrel with this latest batch of followers.


  7. Wow!!I don’t understand this at all! Defamation of caricature is against the law.

    I saw that. I admit laughing.


  8. It’s terribly early here and I was up late hanging out with friends, so the camaraderie and bon homie has addled my brain but Kendra may be confused rather than malicious. From her description of surgeries, she may have undergone quite a bit and her medical regime may have left her reeling. She is someone I regard as an unreliable narrator.


  9. @ Viral Introvert

    Your post is hilarious! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the laughs. I get weary reading the FB absurdity and the ignorance of her humpers usually makes me mad, but you’ve gleaned some real gems. I love your commentary the most.


  10. I feel like Im watching the movie “split”, all day every day with Blh.

    Too bad its not like ” The Patriot”.


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