Justice and Hardees

I considered doing the highlight thing and commenting as I went here, but there’s just too much. I’ll do a separate piece about it all. First, I need something for my headache. 🙂

Alrighty, I wanted to do just a quick, things I had on my mind, um, about some of the things I post here on this page. This page is my page. I don’t filter it through my family like we do on BLH. This is just my page.

And I post a lot of things about government corruption, police brutality, government official misconduct, things like that. I know a lot of people get offended by my views, but I’m not really concerned about that.

But I wanted to talk today about the um, the illusion people have of the justice system itself. I think a lot of people are naive and think that it, you know, happens like it does in the TV shows, and the system is, is fair and just for everybody and the bad guy gets caught and all that other good stuff. But that’s not how it works.

The system is designed to feed itself. It’s not designed, no longer, maybe once it was, but it’s no longer designed to serve justice, and to protect liberties. It is designed to feed itself. And it has no source of, sorry, I’m trying to find a good spot to put this, it has no source of revenue. I’m just gonna have to hold it here.

The revenue the state is built off of is you. And there are numerous ways to get money from the cash cows. Um, taxes is a great way. But there’s another way called the criminal system. And it is rigged to protect the state. If you’ve ever had to go to court for anything, whether it be a speeding ticket or something more serious, you know how it works.

You go in there, they offer you a deal maybe, and you pay all kinds of fines and court costs and all that other fun stuff and you go. If you’ve ever tried to contest something like that, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. You go in, your first hearing, and you say, not guilty, and you go in the next time, cause they set you another court date, and you say, still not guilty. They didn’t look at any of your evidence. They don’t care. They’re not gonna look at anything. It doesn’t matter to them. Um, here’s your deal. Are you taking it, or not. And you say, No, not taking it, didn’t do anything wrong, I’m not taking it.

So you go to another hearing. In a few weeks they schedule another hearing. So now you’re three days into this and you’re still playing this game. All right, here’s the deal, you wanna take it or not. And you’re like, No, still not taking your deal. So they schedule another hearing. And you do the same thing for about five or six times, they’ve called you into court, you’ve missed work, probably, you’ve inconvenienced yourself and anybody else that may be directly involved. If you have day care, you have to (unclear), you have to miss work, whatever it may be.

And um, so most people just say, sure, I’ll take the plea deal, I’ll pay whatever, just leave me alone and I’ll go on my merry little way. That’s how the system is fed.

Very few people take anything all the way to trial because of the time investment involved. And it’s not about fairness, because I can assure you, in any of the cases that we’ve had in the last two years, and prior to that too, dealing with this, never has anybody asked or looked at any type of evidence.

Um, they don’t care if you’re guilty of whatever they’re charging you with. They don’t care if you’re innocent. They don’t care about any of that. They just want their money for it.

So, when you get into these, these systems, it’s just people in, people out. If you ever have a day when you might be bored or you’re there anyways, maybe, just sit and listen to each person’s case. Look and see how much money, when you hear the judge say, okay, do you plead, most people are going to plead guilty, okay, these are your fines, these are your court costs. Start adding this up. Kaching, kaching, kaching, you just hear it like a cash register. On and on and on.

There is no amount of justice. It doesn’t matter, paying these fines. Most people, paying these fines doesn’t stop them from whatever happened in the first place. Many of these families, people that are dragged in, they got pulled over because they didn’t pay their insurance.

We can have the discussion about insurance later.

But they didn’t pay their insurance because they probably didn’t have enough money that month to pay their insurance and they’re like okay do I buy groceries or do I pay my car insurance. Let’s buy groceries and see if I can skim by (unclear) of getting caught without insurance is pretty slim. So you don’t pay your car insurance. Well, luck be bad that week, you get pulled over and you don’t have proof of insurance.

So the solution to you not being able to afford your insurance is to charge you more money, because that makes sense, right. And so what happens is these people get caught in the system, they don’t have money to pay these fines because if they had money to pay the fines they would have paid the car insurance in the first place. So they’ve got to pay the car insurance, they have to bring back proof, they have to take time off from work to do this, of course, and they probably don’t, can’t really afford to take time off from work, they have to go back into court, pay the fines, and the insurance and the court costs, and so now they’re out even more money.

And if they can’t afford to do that, the fees just jack up.

And the people get caught in the system from little stuff like that all the time. Things that, no one said, hey this person has violated my rights, it’s simple stuff. And even then, if someone has, you presume someone has violated your rights, that’s even harder to have rectified. Because all they do is plea deal, plea deal, plea deal. And if you don’t plea deal, they find ways to coerce you into plea dealing.

We’ve had several cases of ours which we’ll get into the particulars of our cases, the things we’ve had to deal with over the, and the differences between them, over the past couple of years. Um, but that’s pretty much how it works.

The county attorneys in Kentucky, and I know it’s different state by state, um, the county attorneys in Kentucky can pick and choose which cases they take and which ones they don’t. An example would be about two years, two years ago, it would be a year and a half ago, no it was probably longer than that, I mean sooner than that, I would say maybe last year, um, sorry, I’m thinking of the timeline, it was, it was like March, er, February or March of last year, I went into the county attorney’s office with some evidence that I had. I had actual evidence. I had video, I had audio, I had screen shots, I had evidence. And I wanted to file an affidavit of a crime to the county attorney because you don’t call the police.

The police will just say, I didn’t see it, take it up with the county attorney. So now, policing is no longer policing. I mean, it’s no longer protect and serve, it’s policing. Unless they can find something to generate profit from you, they’re really not going to waste their time with you.

So if you have an actual complaint of an actual crime, if you’ve been victimized by somebody, you have to take it to the county attorney. You have to then, you have to, that’s your job, have to provide the county attorney with enough evidence of a crime for them to decide to pick it up.

There are times when this doesn’t, this is nullified, such as, um, if there’s an argument between two people. Say you and your neighbor get into an argument and the police show up. You know what they say? Just fine everybody. That’s what they do. We’ll just, okay, you all go to jail. Either you solve it or you all go to jail. That is always their solution.

If you don’t believe me, you can look at some of the videos, of all kinds of people who have called the police because of something or other and the police turn it around on them. Always. Always.

So anyways, the county attorney picks it up. But anyway, I was at the, um, county attorney’s office. I had all of this evidence laid out and I was like I wanted to file an affidavit, and they said, well, we’ll had it over to the county attorney and he’ll look at it and he’ll decide if he wants to, to press the charges, if he wants to file charges.

While I was doing that, now mind you, I have this recording, and when I get to my other recordings, um, in our timeline, this one will be posted as well. While I’m doing that, a gentleman walks into the county attorney’s office, says him and his neighbor had an altercation, describes the altercation to her, she never has him fill out paperwork. She fills out the paperwork for him, writes it up in her computer, takes his story, and says here you have court on this date.

And I’m looking at her going well why did he just get a court date and you’re telling me that you have to look it over. She’s like oh that’s just how the county attorney works. And that is how he works. Um, referring to Bradley Butler, Breckinridge County. That is how he works. And that’s how most county attorneys in the state work.

There’s no accountability. They are elected officials. You have two choices. You can sue them or you can not elect them. And, um, considering I didn’t elect him in the first place, I mean, not really like I have much say anyways, but um, filing a lawsuit against a county attorney is a, um, is not, um, is not easy, is not cheap. And it’s probably a fight you’re going to lose because you’re just nobody and they’re the county attorney.

So that is generally a lost cause expensive and tiresome battle that you won’t win. So my only other alternatives with this is what I’ve been doing, is documenting, for years, the inappropriate handling of my local officials, which that’s my right and my duty as a citizen of this county and um, also the county in which my business is in, which I’ve had to deal with as well.

I’ll continue doing that. I have questioned everything that they’ve done that I’ve disagreed with. Um, I’ve brought it to light. I’ve talked about it and I’ve been criticized for doing so. The sheriff will hardly talk to me because he knows I document and record. The county attorney will hardly talk to me because he knows I document and record. I actually have a recording of him saying that he won’t talk to me because I record. So that’s a nice little gem, um, that public officials are afraid of being held accountable in their positions.

It’s not like I’m going to his home and recording him there. I’m recording him in his office in his line of duty to, so to speak, of him doing his public elected responsibilities.

And, um, they don’t like that. They don’t like being held accountable. They don’t like being called on when they’re being inappropriate with their, with their duties, showing favoritism or bias, um, however it may be.

Uh, we had that exact thing with my neighbors, the whole situation with the accident and, um, and the horse grain. He acted on a false affidavit, based on one person that was conflicted and didn’t act on actual video and audio and an officer testimony. We actually have the officer who arrived on the scene said that we could press charges, he had this, he had that and then after the fact, they backtracked and played some paperwork games and totally ignored what was actually going on.

So, if anyone has any type of questions about that, you know, the specifics of our case, we’ll go into that later. Scuze me, I have a lingering cough there. But, um, as far as how the system works, the system is never going to be in your favor.

When you call the police, they’re not looking to help you. They are looking to find ways to either a) get you out of their hair, or b) generate revenue. And that’s the same with the county attorney. If, they’re only looking for ways to generate revenue. Once you get into their system, they don’t care about any type of evidence, they just want you to give your money and get out of their face. They need to have this expedient. It’s easier for them for people to come up, come through, if you go and sit in a courtroom, it’s usually packed. Nine o’clock, everybody shows up. The courtroom is packed and they weed through it til four o’clock just going kaching, kaching, kaching, fast food justice. That’s all it is.

If you’re lucky enough to get a hearing, kudos to you. But generally, they wear you down before you get to that point. They put up roadblocks, they make things difficult, they reset, they reset, they reset. So this is something that I think a lot of people aren’t aware of. But like I said, if you ever want to find out, they have court almost every day in almost every county, so just go, sit and watch for a little bit, and kind of see how the this, this, um, this fast food justice system works, and um, realize that it’s not about protecting and serving, it’s not about making sure citizens are safe.

Um, um, we’ve been reporting our harassment for two years and nobody cares. And, um, there are some people that are fairly new to this story, to our story and don’t really know exactly what has happened, you know, back in October when people targeted my business and I’ve had to defend myself then, back when people have photographed my home and driven by my house in large groups, specifically four, harassing me. I know that they’ll deny it and that’s fine.

Um, I was witness to it and so were my children, so, I know what my children perceived it as and I know what my children have been through and I know that my children have suffered quite a bit and nobody wants to hear their side of the story. Nobody cares about what my ten children, eleven now that were now involved, have been exposed to for two years. Nobody cares about that. They want to blow it off and say oh well it’s nothing. Oh, um, you know, well, they’re not being harmed and oh you shouldn’t tell them about these things, which I don’t.

They experience them first hand, so there’s not much I can hide from them. But nobody cares, um, unless they’re getting money from you.

So if you think that the government is going to save you, you’re wrong. They’re not going to save you. They’re just going to get as much money from you as they can and ditch you and find the next person.

So, anyways, that’s just some thoughts I had today. I’ll expand on particulars of cases that we’ve had over the past two years, um, probably on my other page as we discuss the family aspects of it. But, just wanted to have some thoughts that I had in my head and thought I’d share. Talk you later.


19 thoughts on “Justice and Hardees”

  1. I would like to highlight the first flip flop. Among many.

    “Oh, um, you know, well, they’re not being harmed and oh you shouldn’t tell them about these things, which I don’t.
    They experience them first hand, so there’s not much I can hide from them. ”

    Nicole has stated several times, they share everything with the children. What the children are exposed to, these past 2 years, are what Nicole told them. Or showed them, on Facebook. Or had to hear, her numerous videos she makes while driving the car, and they are in the back seat. Her screeching rapid chatter, they will shoot you. Oh hell, I don’t need to regurgitate all the examples, I am sure you’ve seen it too.

    Actually, one can probably state, critics have been more cognizant of the children than Nicole. Establishing public facebook pages as only for adults. Not allowing the children to comment on the blog. Blotting out the children’s names.


  2. I actually feel like Nicole does. The justice system does not always seek truth and justice.

    She should be happy about that fact because if it did seek truth and justice her husband would be behind bars for harrassment and violating his probation.


  3. Her fucking case is the only case in the whole wide world, how dare the world do this to me, I am the victim here, dont believe me? read my commenters.
    I wonder how many meals your feral kids missed because you had to pay court cost .


  4. You’re right NN, they don’t look at evidence. The judge in your IPO case didn’t look at a thing….
    Except the stuff you didn’t have & then she practically begged you to show her SOMETHING.
    But you had nothing, as usual. Just a lot of whining & victim mentality because that’s all you ever have.


  5. While I don’t entirely disagree with all of Nicole’s points about the current state of the justice system, I keep seeing in the news that real people who have committed real crimes are being tried or have been convicted, so I know it does function on some level. Courts certainly seem to be clogged up with petty crap, if Nicole’s recent cases are anything to go by.

    I also don’t have quite the same experience with traffic court as she does. When my husband was given a ticket that felt unjust, and further research on his part confirmed this feeling, he went to court, spoke to the judge, including quoting the relevant court decision to support his argument, and the ticket was dropped, with no cost to him other than a couple of hours in court. He wasn’t angry with the police officer who ticketed him, because she was doing her just job properly, the fuck up was from the car registration/license people. Somehow this was all handled without any rants on social media.


  6. Well, Mr HH got off scott free yesterday, and in your other case with LL you had a chance to provide evidence and you didnt… so poo on you for being unorganized and stupid.


  7. And the stupid goes on and goes on and goes on
    I understand why Naugler is synonymous with stupid


  8. First of all, Nicole is always promising to post something “later” that supports whatever she’s claiming in a blog post or video. They’ve supposedly got all sorts of video and audio recording “evidence” that backs up her claims, but she never posts it! She says she do it “later.”

    “When you call the police, they’re not looking to help you. They are looking to find ways to either a) get you out of their hair, or b) generate revenue.”
    Hmmm. Well, I’ve called the police a few times. Once in college, when I had a peeping Tom. It was after midnight, and I heard someone breath really heavy outside of my window. I called 911. The cops were there in about 2-3 minutes, but the peeping Tom was long gone. Still, the police came right away, they searched for the perp, and I appreciated their efforts.
    More recently, I got into an unpleasant conversation with a neighbor who was just about to boost his 5-year old son over the fence into my yard to collect a frisbee. When I told him to not do so, he got belligerent with me, and it turned into a yelling match. I called the cops, an officer responded, spoke first with me to get my side and then with the neighbor. In the end, neighbor and I shook hands and that was the end of the matter. No attempt by the officer to “generate revenue”, only his effort to resolve a neighbor dispute.


  9. She testified under oath in court that she showed my photograph to her children right after they were returned by the state in July 2015. Where did she get the photograph? I’d locked down my personal profile In May 2015 after I’d made a few comments on the Breckinridge Sheriff’s page.

    I had no page yet. I hadn’t driven by her home or even knew where it was or her business for that matter. She didn’t know me from Adam. So why exactly was she showing my photograph to her children? Based on what? What would her children have seen or known about me? They’d been in foster homes.


  10. I completely agree with her for a change. The court system isn’t fair at all. They gave her children back to her, they weren’t charged for throwing their s*** on the ground and they weren’t charged for harassing their neighbors and lying to the police and the courts about being stalked and harassed.


  11. “If you ever have a day when you might be bored or you’re there anyways, maybe, just sit and listen to each person’s case. ”

    Hahaha, just a typical day like we all have, being in court AGAIN. Most of us trolls try to avoid it. 😉


  12. In the course of reading this, I wondered if Naugs realize that the number of neighbors, both business and home, that they have had squabbles with is just not normal. The number of court dates, even before the last two years, is more than typical. Of course, Naug adults accept no responsibility in this. It’s all people and the government picking on them. Most of us have never known adults with this thought process and are compelled to watch the cluster.


  13. Did anyone catch the original she started … it was when she was in the car, driving. She had a kid in the car in the back seat. (they could be seen on camera) … I tuned in just in time to listen to her tell someone to shut up, not sure who, but I assume a child … and right after that she said there was a traffic jam so she would talk later. It was deleted shortly after that … I did catch a screenshot so I got prove she was going to do it while in the car…

    I suspect it wasnt so much traffic, but the kids in the car causing her grief. … I know the way she told them to shut up wouldnt have gone over well with followers.


  14. I had traffic court once. I was pulled over for speeding and I couldnt produce prove of insurance. I had insurance; I just did not have prove. I was told on the spot what my fines were and given a court date.

    I paid my speeding fine BEFORE court. I insurance I did not pay, because I was not quilty of not having insurance. I waited for my court date and made sure I had all the paperwork needed for court. What did I need? I needed prove that I have insurance the day of court AND the day of my traffic violation. I needed prove I already paid the fine.

    I waited my turn. People were fined left and right because they didnt have insurance the day of the violation. Your honor I have insurance. Yes, but your policy started the day after your traffic violation. You didnt have insurance the day you were pulled over … these are your fines.

    My turn. Yes, I was speeding. I plead quilty to speeding. I plead not quilty to lack of insurance. Here is my evidence that I have insurance now and insurance the day of my ticket. Judge found me not quilty of the insurance. right there on the spot. no continuance. no new court date. Pay the clerk your parking fees and court cost. Your Honor I already paid my fees. Clerk do you have that record. no. You need to pay that. No your honor. I have prove. I paid here. Judge looks it over. Gives it to the clerk. Clerk gives it back to me. Okay, so you owe only court fees. Why? I dont understand your honor? I already pay why do I have to pay more. When you come to court there are court fees. I dont have that money your honor. I can not pay them at this time. How much time do you need to pay? I need 2 months your honor. Okay. 2 months. You do not need to come back. Just be sure to pay the court fees before x date. Okay thank-you your honor.

    That pretty much sums my experience. Maybe it works different in other area … but if you dont have the proper paper work to prove yourself while you are infront the judge then things are going to be dragged out or not go the way you want.


  15. I was in court One time and that was for Jury Duty, I never was on a trial but the experience was enjoyable. She complains constantly about her and jabbas rights being trampled. Has she ever thought that maybe its becaue there nothing but filers of nonsensical lawsuits. It was apparent short of spoonfeeding them ,the judge in there latest showed extreme patience even when she threw her small child under the bus blaming it for her papers being a mess


  16. The sheriff will hardly talk to me because he knows I document and record. The county attorney will hardly talk to me because he knows I document and record.

    Come on Nicole, they won’t talk to you because you are a screeching harpy who refuses to listen to a word anyone says. You are rude, you spread rumours and innuendos about both men, you lie, create havoc with other people in the community, file vexatious law suits and you wonder why they won’t speak to you? Wow…


  17. All Nicole has is the drama that she stirs up. She gets the attention of dozens of people–the humpers who side with her and tell her that her life style is admirable and also the “trolls and haters” who say the opposite. Without this self-inflicted drama N is just a pregnant woman living with a deadbeat husband and a dozen or so uneducated children in a shed. N needs the drama. It’s all she has to distract her from her life. She has posted before that she gets more comments on drama filled posts than on “homesteading” posts. The worst thing that could happen to N would be if everyone stopped posting about her and instead just ignored her. Then she would have no diversion from the mess that she’s made of her life.


  18. Yes, the system has some MAJOR issues. Nicole’s right about that. But she’s got some nerve complaining about a system that keeps letting her and her pet asshole hide behind a bunch of kids. A lot of innocent people get caught up and have to pay to move on with their lives. But then you have guilty people like them who keep getting off. I really think it’s because the state can’t afford the kids, and the judges know that.


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