Just Call Her Granny


If you go to that page, you’ll find all this above.

What you won’t find is this.  It lasted exactly 7 minutes.


This is not a rumor. I don’t “do” rumor.  This is a fact.

I will add my congratulations to Granny.  Or is it MeeMaw?



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  1. I’m so sad over the prospect of N showing a young first time mother how to parent.
    Wish upon wish that the babes entrance to the world isn’t via a filthy water trough.

    From the bits I’ve read, the girl has a mother, an entire family that doesn’t scream crazy on paper and that love and support her.

    I hope for the best outcome for the child’s sake.


  2. Well I expected as much out of the kids.
    Look how many the two of them had before they got married.

    I fear for the young girls that any of those boys come in contact with. Not the boys fault as they were never taught anything but screwing and popping out kids. Hell they even get to witness the events.

    As parent these two are scum.


  3. OMG no…. Silly kids…*sigh* So young, with no prospects at this point in time, no money and no clue. And attached to the Nauglers. Better start clearing an extra space or two on the ole homestead Meemaw!

    Seriously though…too sad.


  4. Wait. Didn’t the last post have a message that said the kid was only having a Facebook IM relationship? Didn’t know anyone could get pregnant by sexting. 😉

    I really hope he goes and lives with her family….if her family will have him.


  5. I can only imagine the horror when the mom-to-be’s parents visit the Naugler homestead for the first time. Hopefully they won’t compound the problem by jumping into marriage. I wonder if the new structure being built is for the young couple?


  6. And we know Courtney is telling the truth, because?

    Because I have it from other sources. I like having multiple sources. It’s pretty much public on Facebook now.


  7. Didn’t the last post have a message that said the kid was only having a Facebook IM relationship?

    That screen shot is fairly old.

    This new relationship in real life has been in existence for several weeks.


  8. Nicole is probably thrilled. God’s will be done and all that jazz. Because children having children is a good thing. I just can’t, this is one of the saddest things to come out of the shitstead. I hope she has good parents that will raise this child, then perhaps it will have a chance.


  9. Let the baby shower registry and wedding registry donations begin. Ugh.

    This girl needs to RUN far, far away.


  10. I can see the Nog grandparents making the girl and her parents life miserable. I can see the Nogs trying to control the poor mother to be. Unfortunately I see nothing but misery ahead.


  11. So the ole saying Like father like son rings true in this family huh. Unfuckingbelievable. I hate to talk about the future but all I can see now is This kid will take after his father SO WELL that YOU and ME and our TAX DOLLARS will be supporting another batch of Naugers for the REST OF THEIR LIFE. UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE! Nicky? Joe? You two really are a pair of walking CLUSTERFUCKS!


  12. The more I think about it, the more I feel for the kids involved if this is true. They’re having their (possibly unwelcome) news blasted all over the internet by virtue of one being a Naugler, and no other reason. He isn’t responsible for what his parents are, and I really hope he distances himself from Joe and Nicole and takes care of his own family.


  13. I did a Facebook search. The little lass in the about section states she is engaged with the young mans name, and that they are planning a family.


  14. Oh no 🙁 I was really hoping her boys would escape that lifestyle. I’m assuming one of her sons got someone pregnant?


  15. Oh boy. I really feel for that young ladies folks. They’re in for a hell of ride with these folks as “in laws”.


  16. I’m the product of teenage parents. They struggled together, worked hard, went to night school and were successful and happily married until the day my father passed away. Yes, they would have gotten there sooner had they not had babies, but they never stopped until they got where they wanted to go. I was 12 when my dad started medical school. Gone away to college when he finished his residency. It can be done.

    I wish those kids the best of luck.


  17. It’s hard enough for a young couple to make it in today’s world, add in the lack of education and it’s going to be worse. Jacob if you read this Tyson hires people with no GED and the wages are st least decent. I hope that you prove to be a better man then your father.


  18. Lisa I too hope for the best for the kids. However I think if Joe and Nicole are involved those poor kids and the baby are screwed.


  19. I hope the young father-to-be takes this opportunity to move out of the family “home” and in with his young lady’s family. Also hope they never ask Maw and Peepaw to babysit. Better yet, move far away. Discover how much better life can be with indoor plumbing, running water, and a decent work ethic. Final piece of advice: don’t let Maw or Peepaw try to collect “donations” on behalf of the baby. You’ll never see one thin dime!


  20. I kid of lost my head on a couple of posts back. Said things that I’ve wanted to say for a long time and haven’t. Last post I was hopeful that I was wrong about what I felt was coming. The comments only made me feel the Naugler saga was going to get worse. The I come her and read this post and see my fears were on spot.

    I wish the eldest Naugler and his girl only the very best if this is true. I can only hope that he sees that life can be better, and he’s willing to do what it takes to provide a more stable life than his parent have for him.

    I’ve seen her pictures and can’t imagine that she’d be willing to live in, and raise a baby in, that little shed that’s being built on the Naugler property. I’m just going to bed and will pray, to what ever supreme being that is listening, that this all works out and that the new baby, if indeed there is one, never knows the poverty, uncertainty, and hardship that the current Naugler children live.

    Joe and Nicole have chosen the life they live. Their children did not. I am sickened to think that yet another child might be brought into that mess.


  21. One can only hope that they cleave to this young girl’s parents as role models and not to the Naugs.

    The kids are obviously hard workers. Hopefully the boy will be a good provider.


  22. Forgive all my typos in my previous comment. I don’t do well typing on a phone and through the occasional flood of tears. I recently became a grandmother for the fifth time, and for the life of me, I can’t imagine our sweet little princess, or any of my other grandchildren, having grandparents like Nicole and Joe.


  23. So does this mean soon to be 15 people living in the garden shed “cabin”? Lawdy.

    I am kind of at a loss for words. Is this where one says, congratulations?


  24. The father-to-be does not appear to be much of a prize catch. Still totally indoctrinated by his parent’s wacko worldview and to me he doesn’t appear to treat the young woman very well (if the short clip that is publicly viewable on his facebook page is any indication).

    She seems to have good people in her life that love her though so that’s good. I hope he doesn’t try to isolate her from them.

    (I realise I am totally hypothesizing here but it’s Sunday and I’ve done 8 loads of laundry. Following this saga today while waiting to flip loads has been…interesting. I work in a job that entails supporting women who have survived abuse so I am viewing through that lens.)


  25. This may be an unpopular opinion but this post crosses a line for me. Nothing about this situation should have became blog fodder. Two young teens are about to have their lives changed forever and publicizing their situation without their consent only compounds that.
    IMO, you’ve done what Nicole was unable to do on her own and turned her into a legit victim. You’ve given her cause to rightfully declare that her children are being harassed and that your concern for them is a thinly veiled lie. I truly thought that you were above this and I’m disappointed to realize that I was wrong.


  26. This makes me very sad. Children having children, with no idea what it takes to raise a family.

    Checked out her FB account, and she “appears” normal, and not someone who would relish living in a shit shack with no plumbing. I am going to try to be optimistic that this is J’s escape from the crazy house.

    Having said that, it is mind boggling that she would WANT to have “Naugler” as a last name, especially if they stay in Kentucky. I would think that the last name alone would make her a pariah, like the entire shitshack gang. (Unfortunately, the parents’ actions and behavior roll down to those poor 11 kids, even though they aren’t responsible for the mess the parents made.)

    On another topic, Sally, when are you having lunch with Nicole? 🙂


  27. WTF? I pray those kids rise above this, they still have a chance

    BTW where else is this posted?


  28. Nicole is upset that others know she’s going to be known as MeMaw, Grandma, Granny or some adorable variation on the theme. She forgets that [admin: girl’s name removed – I know she’s an adult, but still ] is an adult and [girl] has discussed it with family and friends, who in turn have discussed it with family and friends. You don’t get to control the narrative forever, Nicole.

    Also, 53 books is pathetic. I grew up in a home that is overflowing with books – books that were read. FFS, when I had to look up a word I was pointed at our copy of the OED. I think it’s up to 10,000 by now between the first editions and the rest of them. It’s going to be hell when the day comes where I have to deal with the estate. I hope it’s many years from now though.


  29. I’m curious what the term “out of control” means to her.

    No Nicole, its definitely YOUR misery I see.

    And no one really cares about your stupid dreads, we get it, you dont wash your hair on a regular basis this happens, and in true Naugler form, you just went with it.
    Your kid has more sense then you, she wants hers very short.

    Broke ass people with a windfall of money and access to the internet…

    I hope the put a house on that baby registry


  30. I think the parents are just mad its going to cut into his supporting them. With a baby on the way he is going to have to help the baby mama. The small check he earns will leave little to none left to help them. They are also losing a main worker bee. I wish him the best. Being a father so young, with some he has known for a short time will be difficult.


  31. This may be an unpopular opinion but this post crosses a line for me. Nothing about this situation should have became blog fodder. Two young teens are about to have their lives changed forever and publicizing their situation without their consent only compounds that.

    I wrestled with that, actually, and there is a line that I will not cross. My criticism of the Naugler parents does not extend to the Naugler children, and that includes this one.

    However, remember that Nicole openly and viciously attacked my child and my parenting, going so far as to include my husband in her rant. That doesn’t mean that I should retaliate in kind, but it does create a situation where her parenting skills are open fodder for me. And allowing your still-minor child to shack up with his girlfriend on your property comes under the general category of shitty parenting skills. Not making sure that your teenage boys understand how to prevent pregnancy also comes under the general category of shitty parenting skills.

    You cannot criticize someone’s parenting without acknowledging that they have children. If I’m mistaken about that, figure out how it’s done and then get back to me.

    What we are not going to do here, as this moves forward, is to discuss the minutia of these two teens’ lives. They are not the subject matter here, at least not now. So far, the comments have ranged from expressing dismay (my first reaction was horror), and best wishes for them and hopes that they somehow are able to deal with the situation they have put themselves in. Nobody has used anyone’s name (thank you all for that) and nobody will.

    I truly thought that you were above this and I’m disappointed to realize that I was wrong.

    Oh, well. . .

    I actually kept this very toned down. I have lots more material but I am not going to publish any of it.


  32. BTW where else is this posted?

    It’s public on Facebook, but I am not going to link to it, due to the identity of the poster.


  33. So Granny Naugler, what ARE you teaching your young brood about STDS if “biologically ready” unprotected sexual activity is allowed at the SStead. Or do you believe that their immune systems are prevention enough. You will learn otherwise soon, I am now quite sure.
    Nicole, you are an exceptionally bad mother and role model. You bring misery and suffering to your innocent children day in and day out. I hope this young man and new father to-be is led to learn this, and will be shown a new life far far from your miserable influence.

    Hoping this high risk pregnancy is cared for by professionally accredited and licensed medical people in a hospital setting.

    Hoping this is a strong young woman and will lead her to-be new family far away from the poverty of mind, body and spirit as found at the Naugler Shitstead.
    Profoundly Sad.


  34. I wonder Jabba the prophet will perform the nuptials or if that will be deemed unnecessary. The reason I say that is not just to be snarky and frankly aghast. I say it because Jabba and his woman have exhibited somewhat more restrained or just lazy behaviors and rhetoric than one Brian David Mitchell. That guy was also kicked out of the LDS church and who had a lurid preoccupation with sex and pseudo-religion but did not have a bazillion kids. Not saying Jabba is like old Emmanuel and I get it if this doesn’t get posted but there are some creepy similarities.


  35. I think this is okay to comment on for the sole reason that there is the possibility that a young, impressionable teenage girl might be moving onto the same property as Joe Naugler. That scares the hell out of me.


  36. I agree with this>>>I think the parents are just mad its going to cut into his supporting them. With a baby on the way he is going to have to help the baby mama. The small check he earns will leave little to none left to help them. They are also losing a main worker bee<<<<

    I actually think it ALL comes down to this (above statement) and the fact that Nicole does not handle competition well AT ALL. Now she must contend with an "outsider," another female no less, who has not been brainwashed to the Naugler way. Not only that…said female is "fertile" which is Nicole Naugler's self-proclaimed claim to fame (ugh!). Popping out babies is how Nicole REALLY makes a living (and feeds her narcissism)–so she can post pictures. Dog grooming is secondary, imo. SHE keeps the drama and controversy stirred up and swirling around her family, because, in her tiny brain it's "free advertising" that will hopefully drive "sympathy" business to the dog grooming side of things. It's the pictures of the kids, the false pretense of homesteading, and the on-going temper tantrums that continue to draw the crowd. Like I said, free advertising.

    As far as the boy, I'm sure this looks and feels like freedom to him and a way out of ma and pa's clutches and/or the emotional incest that may or may not be happening. As for the girl involved, I will just pray for her. I cannot imagine being that close to Nicole at all times. It is likely the girl will become a substitute mother for Nicole's younger children in the same way the dog, Maggie, consistently visits the neighbor for food, love, and attention.

    And when has Nicole EVER cared about the privacy of her children? How dare she tell other people what they can and cannot post?! It's more of the same hypocrisy and she forgets she is the one who started this whole debacle in the first place by exploiting her children and her family's situation for money; and then she retaliates against those who have a negative opinion about her and the way she exploits her children. Guess what Nicole! People are ALLOWED to say they are disgusted with your attitude, the way you live, and more importantly, the way you feel entitled to tell everyone else what they can and cannot say about the things you post. YOU are the one that put your children into the limelight. NO one ever would have heard of them had you not posted their pics and their pitiful plight for the world to see. I have children as well, but I bet you don't know their names or anything else about their personal lives, do you?


  37. I don’t think the freejinger people know how to read or think. I will never go there again. The teen couple has already announced the pregnancy. Their parents and families already know, their friends, coworkers, neighbors know, they announced it on facebook!!!!
    Did they even read Sally’s post?
    How anyone can possibly imply that Sally “announced” the pregnancy before the teens had a chance to, or that Sally may be forcing the teens to continue the pregnancy against their will is just stupid.


  38. Hmmm, thinking back to Nicole’s revelation, that her oldest son, pays them rent. Makes me think, perhaps the mother to be, moved in to the stick-shack, with the oldest son! If that is the case, it stands to reason, the new parents will bring their baby to live there also! I for one, will be keeping a close watch on what happens in the future…I am putting the number for P&P, Protection and Permanency, aka CPS, on speed dial. That place is not fit for human occupancy, never mind a baby human!


  39. that Sally may be forcing the teens to continue the pregnancy against their will

    🙂 Really? They said that? How in the world did they come to that conclusion? FWIW, I am very, very pro-choice.


  40. Freejinger is just chock full of really ridiculous, over the top stuff and I couldn’t take it anymore. I wouldn’t give them two thoughts, or even one, ha.

    It took me less than a minute to find all the posts by the teen parents once I’d seen this post. It’s all over the place right now.


  41. Is this something that would affect the open CPS case?
    I mean, the father is underage, and the girl is of age. Statutory rape? Or would that be strictly up to J & N?


  42. My guess (based on personal experience). This firl is in the throes of teen rebellion. It is all well and good to play house in the stick fort in the summer, but old man winter will be blowing in soon. Based on the photos I have seen, she appears to be a girl who has been cared for reasonably well by her parents. In one photo her sister has braces (versus the Naugs kids never seeing a dentist or a doctor). I dont think for one minite that this girl will want to spend the wonter in a shack with no electricity, no internet, no heat, no water, no stove, with Ma and Pa creeping around and 10 little kids to tend to. Reality is going to set in real fast for this couple.


  43. I can’t figure out how to reply to individual posts directly here so this may be a mess but I’ll try to avoid that. Sorry in advance Sally if I create an indecipherable mess.

    @ Al (& Sally to some degree) What NN has done to your daughter and Sally’s son is indefensible. She has been cruel without cause. There is a difference though and it’s a big one. Nic’s words have no power to hurt Nathan and your daughter has a loving, aware father in her corner. The Nog. child lacks that advantage. I don’t think that the answer was to go low just because NN has laid the path. Teen pregnancy is fraught with difficulty without the added humiliation of becoming blog fodder and ammo in a war to prove that N & J suck (they do, they prove that daily).

    @Bea As the person that made that post on FJ I will explain my thought process. First, I said IF the teens now feel pressured to continue this pregnancy it will be a tragedy. Second, I was not aware that they had announced this pregnancy themself (and that does change things for me.) I do not follow or visit the pages of the Nog kids or their family. I do all of my reading here and FJ. My worry was that this was not public knowledge and that the young girl may now feel pressured (either on her own or via NN and her “values”) to continue the pregnancy rather than have everyone know she opted to abort an unplanned pregnancy.

    @Sally I enjoy reading your posts. I even follow your other blog despite having no connection to any of the players or the subject matter. You’re a talented writer and that alone is enough for me. Still, I can’t help but feel that this war with NN has gotten out of hand. This child and his gf didn’t ask to become blog fodder. They aren’t N & J. We have no idea what their plans are or what type of parents they will become and frankly we have no right to know. For once NN was respecting the privacy of her child and I wish you had done the same. We all know that eventually she would have started begging for donations and gifts which would have left you in the clear to comment. As things stand there are no winners now, certainly not the 2 teens.


  44. Al Wilson said: “I sincerely hope that the young lady’s family can help them both. Somehow provide reality and assistance.”

    That’s my feeling as well. The young man is 17, but I believe almost 18 years old. The young woman is also 18 or older. So at least they will both be adults by the time the baby is born. I really really hope that her parents are not the kind that would toss her out to fend for herself. I hope her parents are supportive and will encourage the young couple to live either with them, or perhaps help them find housing, help the young man with his employment prospects, and that this might be a step toward the young man breaking free from his parents’ way of life.

    If, as some have said, the young man actually thinks he wants to stay on the homestead and bring his g/f and newborn baby to live there — heaven help them all. I then hope that the young lady in question has a good head on her shoulders and tells him, “no thanks. I require more than a smelly port a potty and white buckets.” I seriously hope she refuses to settle for that!


  45. “that Sally may be forcing the teens to continue the pregnancy against their will”

    Yes, they said that. They were all in a jinger frenzy that Sally had possibly made a secret pregnancy public and now the teens could be in trouble with their parents and the girl could be forced to have the baby against her will.
    Sally, you must have some great sources if you can find out a girl is pregnant before her family and friends know about it!

    Free Jinger is fueled by people who love to gossip about the personal details of fundy Christian families and families like the Nauglers. Bit strange for them to claim any high ground. They only exist for gossip and wild speculation.


  46. FJ is a camp Shitstead variant and blatantly hate Sally. Very challenged by this blog and god help you if you ever make a spelling or grammatical error. They are on the highest of the high roads and they will tell you as much without reservation. I think you can “smoke”, but don’t drink and post there either, unless you have satisfied their attendance requirements. The mod made a pariah of the last guy who insulted their rare air doing that.


  47. Sad news. These are two kids. Kids!
    The father-to-be does not even have a driver’s license. We all understand “young love”, I’d venture to say all of us experienced it. But most of us had the good sense to use some form of birth control.

    Teens this age do not realize that the person they love at 18 or 19 is not the person he or she will be at 25 or 30. Will they grow together, or mature and realize they are not really well suited? A pregnancy at this age only severely limits what these two young people can accomplish to become decent breadwinners. One has a high school diploma, the other no formal schooling. What jobs, other than flipping burgers, will be available to these two? Where will be the time to apprentice for a vocation, or study and go to school, when there is a crying baby, and several of the father’s young siblings to care for?

    My heart hurts knowing that the boy’s parents have encouraged this situation 🙁
    They want no better for their children, in fact, worse, than they themselves grew up with. At least Nicole birthed her first child (the young to-be father) in a hospital, and gave him a birth certificate and social security number. Her subsequent home births, other than the last two babies, were in homes with running water, heat, and with some space and privacy.

    As these kids are going to have this child, my only hope is that the girlfriend cleaves to her family, and takes her young man along with her. Her family likely loves her very much. Having one’s own room (in a real house, not shack), a warm clean bed, hot shower, real toilet, and access to a laundry are nice to have during pregnancy. A quiet space and privacy for the pregnant young woman. Meals cooked in a real kitchen.

    To the young couple: no one here wishes you ill. Living a rough, “homestead” life without any creature comforts does not make you a hardier, more enlightened person. The poor in 3rd world countries yearn to have homes with plumbing and heat, clean sheets, a frig full of food, a room of one’s own, medical care. Eschewing all of this does not make you smarter. One can embrace living simply, growing one’s own food, and still keep basic modern comforts.

    Let this new little human you are creating be part of your dreams, but not limit them. Others will lend a helping hand to help you go to school or vocational training, to help you become responsible adults. Trust in them. Isolationist group think is not the only way.


  48. I hope the young lady the oldest son is engaged to, knows now to lock her Facebook page down tight.
    I also hope the fiancé’s parents and friends know to lock down their Facebooks and other social media. Not just to keep away prying eyes… but in case this impending marriage and birth of a child don’t go the way Nicole and Joseph want, and creates an avalanche of ugly harassment.
    I personally wish this new couple well and hope they are both taken in by her parents.
    Hopefully her support network, including father figures can step in and show the oldest son how real men care for their wives and children.
    They have my best wishes.


  49. The ONLY good thing about all this is Nicky and FatAss has thought this young man how to RAISE A SHITLOAD OF KIDS AND CARE FOR THEM. Hopefully this will be a JOY for him and his new wife to be (or not) and raises this kid the right way. HOPEFULLY he won’t be so mad at his two dumbass parents for all them years of him caring for his brothers and sisters that he don’t take it out on his newborn child.


  50. Is this something that would affect the open CPS case?

    No. They are very close in age, even though one is a minor. That is not considered a crime (and that’s a good thing, because it isn’t.)


  51. Sally’s blog may have been the source of this news to some people but just because that’s how someone on FJ found out about it sure doesn’t mean that’s the way the pregnancy was announced. Why, it’s possible that people who don’t even use the Internet knew about it before it was announced on this blog. Imagine that. We used to do it that way all the time back in the olden days.

    Nicole is accustomed to having complete control over her children, who they talk to and what they say in public. But one of those children got a job in a restaurant and (gasp!) started meeting people. One of those people quickly got pregnant and told some other people. She did not realise that Nicole claims ownership of her information. Because she doesn’t. Poor MeMaw.


  52. For once NN was respecting the privacy of her child and I wish you had done the same.

    Noted. It’s fine for you to disagree with me. Apparently the entirety of FreeJinger does as well (even though they lap it all up).

    But I will comment that this was not private. I have no access to anyone’s private stuff, nor do I go looking for it, nor would I publish it even if I did. This was public before I ever wrote a word. Nicole may not have known that, but everyone else did, I assure you. The teenagers in question have been blabbing all over the place about it, not just on Facebook.

    Nor are they “blog fodder.”

    “Blog fodder” would involve me publishing the girl’s name, linking to her Facebook page, posting publicly available photos of her and/or him or both. I’ve done none of that, and don’t intend to. You are making me out to have done way more than I have. My comments have been solely directed at Nicole and Joe and their shitty parenting.

    See this? This is the sort of thing that I am attempting to combat. No ‘private pages are being hacked.’

    Her kids are fine. . . Won’t need to flip burgers.

    You do understand that her kids are not “fine,” and that the son in question here is, in fact, flipping burgers? Nicole and Joe are not what they claim to be. When Nicole writes blog essays about how to manage money and kids, I want to tear my hair out by the roots. She knows almost nothing about money, and a great deal of nothing about raising children.
    The leghumpers, and there seems to be an endless supply of them, think she does. They look at her like some sort of guru, when she is in fact a fraud. They quite literally ask her for advice.

    That’s all this blog is about. The sham. The fraud. The setting herself up as something she is not. The whole pretense thing.


  53. It’s all fun and games until it’s freezing cold and the girl has to take care of her newborn baby in a shack with no running water, heat etc… She’ll run home as fast as she can (and I hope she does, and takes the Naug boy with her). Maybe her parents can help him get his GED and some job training, so they don’t repeat the same cycle of poverty.


  54. I hope the young lady the oldest son is engaged to, knows now to lock her Facebook page down tight.

    It wasn’t “unlocked.” She told a whole lot of people and they told it to other people and they told it to other people. The area is sort of small.


  55. Sally, the FJ folks are not aware of the fact that there were public announcements made by the girlfriend. Thus the FJ conversation is all indignance over the idea that you’ve shared this couple’s private crisis publicly.
    I don’t really know why anyone over there thinks they can claim the moral high ground. It’s a snark site, for Pete’s sake. And yet they do, over and over again, even while the thread titles are all things like “Sovereign Citizens of Poopistan” and “Unschooling or Unstooling.” Certainly I didn’t exhibit my Best Self in those discussions, but I thought poking fun was sort of the point, in a snark site….
    For what it’s worth, FJ doesn’t take umbrage at you alone. (I know you don’t care, which is awesome). Someone recently railed against the Great and Secret Show folks for not putting their documentary funds into some sort of benevolent fund for improving Kentucky CPS. (?!?) I enjoyed the long silence that followed that comment.
    It seems like once the admins get rolling then everyone had better duck.

    I still lurk over there because not everybody there has these weirdly sanctimonious attitudes, and good insights pop up, but I can’t for the life of me figure out the nuances of what is and isn’t appropriate over there, save that the admins reserve the right to find fault with anyone at any time for any reason.

    I’m curious how much info was on Facebook, because it looks as if some of the things I saw earlier aren’t there any more. Or maybe I don’t remember where I saw what. I wish I weren’t so addicted to this mess.


  56. I will not make any comments about the age of the bride and groom. I just hope that the young man’s new spouse and in-laws understand what he is coming from, and how vitally important it is to the new little family’s happiness (and possibly safety) that he separate from his parents. I’m pretty sure that he knows, but people who weren’t raised around that kind of thinking may not understand that you can’t reach a reasonable accommodation with an aggressive leech.


  57. Thanks, Sally, for the clarification.
    I’m wondering if the fiancé knows what she walked in to.
    I’m betting, being so young, she didn’t understand, or foresee, the ramifications, of being involved with one of the viral Naugler’s offspring, and is probably thinking more with her heart, and less with her head.
    She probably didn’t expect her happily announcing her engagement and pregnancy to the locals, would culminate in the world knowing with in hours.
    My heart goes out to her and her future husband.
    And, as I said earlier, they have my best wishes.
    Nicole and Joe, however, can leap off the nearest cliff.
    Hmmmmm… that’s what they’ve been doing, in slow motion, for some time.


  58. Sally, I know that you did not and would not hack the FB pages of these kids for any reason. For the most part you have been very protective of the Nog children and I have the greatest respect for that. I think what you failed to take into account is the reach that your blog has. While you did not link to or even name the teens involved they have been found because of this post and while the locals may have known about this pregnancy the internet followers of this dog & pony show did not. They do now and many of those people lack your morals and stance on the children. People are just waiting on these 2 teens to fail so they can lay more victims on Nicole’s sacrificial altar.

    @ Bea I don’t know if you are expatriating for comedy or lack reading comprehension skills but as the author of that post on FJ you are not reporting it accurately. I never said or implied that Sally outed these kids to their parents or opened them up to getting in trouble with either set of parents. My concern was that she outed them to their community and that they may now be pressured to continue an unplanned pregnancy or that the young girl will be harassed for her involvement with a family that has made themself very unpopular locally and online.


  59. I was able to find the post, without a whole lot of effort. It wasn’t private.
    I personally hope that the oldest uses this as his chance to break free. BO sure had her tail tied in a knot this morning about it. Kinda funny actually.


  60. My comment to B should say exaggerating. Autocorrect fail.

    As Clueless Detective said it was not known at FJ that the young girl had shared this news to the point that it was common knowledge locally. If any poster over there had access to that info they certainly never shared it in the thread. As I said earlier knowing that this was public prior to Sally’s post does change how I feel to some degree. I still feel it was a misstep to create a situation where countless people (supporters, trolls and concerned followers alike) are now spectating a teen pregnancy


  61. While you did not link to or even name the teens involved they have been found because of this post

    I think you’re wrong here. They were not found because of the blog. It was already out. I keep trying to explain. Local people up in Nauglerland already knew this. In fact, one reason the girl went public (“public” in the sense of announcing the whole thing to her FB friends, who then went really public) was that everyone already knew.

    People are just waiting on these 2 teens to fail so they can lay more victims on Nicole’s sacrificial altar.

    Well, FreeJinger has been doing this now for months and nobody seems to care, so I fail to see the problem. Nicole doesn’t even care about FreeJinger even though they reguarly rip her kids (and everyone else’s) to shreds.

    they may now be pressured to continue an unplanned pregnancy

    It does not appear to have been unplanned. “Unplanned” would be “we used birth control but didn’t do it correctly, or forgot, or it failed.” I doubt that the boy in question even knows what birth control is, but there is no question that he knows well what causes babies. They are supposedly delighted about it. When you wave your positive pregnancy test around like a banner, you’re not on your way to the abortion clinic.

    the young girl will be harassed for her involvement with a family that has made themself very unpopular locally and online.

    If the girl chooses to live on the Blessed Property, she will find herself in the cross hairs of public opinion. That is not my fault, so please quit trying to lay the blame at my feet. I sincerely hope she figures out the lay of the land, poop and all, and gets out of there rapidly with the least damage possible.


  62. I was hopeful that the scrubbing on Nicole’s pages today meant that maybe she finally learned to shut the hell up. Nope, at least one mirror page is back up because the woman has an addiction to attention and stirring the pot.

    Hey Nicole, you are now going to be a grandma! Now is the time to grow the hell up. Put on your big girl panties, shut down the pages and be a fricken adult. The next generation needs a real role model, your grandchild will need you. Your teenage son who is going to be a daddy needs you. Time to step up sweetheart, stop wasting time with socks and be a damn adult.

    You’ve failed to give your children even basic education, including sex ed. Please don’t fail your grandchild as miserably.


  63. My thoughts on freejjnger are not pleasant at all. They post damaging things in the name of open forum and rally together like a bunch of clucking hens, still not helping the situation while subsequently lashing out at anyone who does. They only welcome dialogue that fits into their bubble. I have read all the freejjnger forums on the nauglers. It is a train wreck. Leave them to wallow in their self righteous hypocrisy. Someone has to play that role. Let it be them.

    Furthermore, as someone who has been horribly attacked by the Naugler camp, this blog is a sense of balance. It points out truth. Sometimes truth hurts. No one asked you to come here and read. Period. Suck it up buttercups. Welcome to the internet-where everyone has an opinion and there are more assholes than not. I stand with Al. The whole situation sucks.

    Those kids have an even bigger fight than your average teenage parents because one is a naive girl who is swept into young love. The other was raised but the equivalent of cult leaders. I think I mentioned that it sucked. Every Naugler page has reported this. Some even before Sally. This is her blog. Her rules.

    And to the Nauglers, you probably shouldn’t shit where you eat. This is a small town and the world you faked is crumbling. I don’t feel sorry for you. I did. Once. Not now.

    Karma is a bitch and that train is heading your way.


  64. Bet this wasn’t what Joe and Nicole had planned when they let the boy get a job at the local fast food place. Bet they thought easy money.

    Smart boy. Found love and a new family in no time at all.
    Only 10 more to go. If CPS wouldn’t save them, they will save themselves.


  65. Clueless: Good post!
    “…not everybody there has these weirdly sanctimonious attitudes, and good insights pop up, but I can’t for the life of me figure out the nuances of what is and isn’t appropriate over there, save that the admins reserve the
    right to find fault with anyone at any time for any reason.”

    I keep thinking someone is going on and off some major meds over there. The CPS funding post was insane. Nuff from me on that rant.

    Jenny I. Yes! Yes! Yes!

    I too hope and pray this young lady will be the change this young man needs. Shocking news, but it may actually turn the tide for the better. It is possible. (I hope.)
    This came so suddenly, but shouldn’t have been such a surprise for me, as this was the first opportunity this young man had to get off the SStead and with outside friends. Another outcome of isolating kids. It’s probably his first girlfriend ever and he’s over the moon. However the Naugler kids are spaced every couple of years, so it won’t be a surprise any longer.


  66. Lol. I’m not popular on FJ nor would I care to be.

    One of my biggest fans is from there, and spins just as much as Nicole.

    This was public and easily found. Accidentally found even.

    I’m one to poke that bitch right in the eye after her family and friends harassed me and told me they wished I’d kill myself, my kids would be better off without me, they wished my baby had died or I’d killed my kids so they were better off, claiming my ‘girls’ had fetal alcohol poisoning and threatening CPS, trying to get my husband and I fired…

    So yeah. Per my statements on FJ, none of you sanctimonious cunts are affected by this shit. You can be thin lipped and pretend you can smell the shit, but the rest of us are waist deep.

    Go fuck yourselves with a sharp snark stick.

    Courtney White


  67. Free Jingerites, hypocrisy is your name, being bitches is your game.

    Free Jinger is now in it’s bazillionth page trashing the Nauglers. I didn’t count but it looks like several pages of talking about the coming birth to an adult mother and soon to be adult father. They don’t have their facts right but that isn’t stopping them. Don’t let the truth come between a bitch and her gossip.

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who are the biggest hypocrites of them all. They are right. The Internet is forever. How many families and children do they trash talk? What high road do they think they are on? If they want to take the high road, make the damn forum private. Better yet take it down. I’m sure there are hundreds, if not thousands of their victims, innocent and not, who would be overjoyed.


  68. I would love for somebody to tell me exactly what I need to do to get banned from FreeJinger. I would trot over there immediately and do it. I had no idea when I joined that damn thing that it was so horrible.

    Then, I started reading some of the other threads about other families on there, and found a photograph of a minor girl sitting on a sofa. The conversation centered around criticizing her body, her looks. It was just awful and it’s forever, and they used her entire name as well as her photograph.

    I never want to hear a word from FreeJinger again. Fuck them.


  69. @ Courtney White! Yay for you excellent comment! As for this ridiculous notion that Sally scammed private information , it is total BS. As she explained over and over the girl made it “public”. Do the fjs out there not realize that this debacle involved real people who live in towns with real neighbours, friends and family. Info flows throughout the community especially if you share it on social media. The fiancee, wanted people to know her good news! I hope they young couple get away from the homestead and get support from people who will actually help them to succeed.


  70. The young woman is young – but she’s not a child. She’s old enough to vote, sign a contract, get married, join the military, etc.

    I hope that they pull themselves together, get more education, find better jobs and are able to make a good home for themselves and their baby.


  71. Sally if you go to FJ and make a post telling them your exact feelings with out leaving anything out I am sure they will ban you from there. Address it to Destiny, Buff or Spoonful of Sugar they are all in the same asshole class there.

    Hell one person got a spanking and post removed for using the word gun and not even in a threatening manner.

    Others have gotten spankings for not posting something exactly as they require it to be posted. No warning just some stupid ass points.

    They are beyond bitches eating crackers there. They are Bitches Inhaling Crackers. They think their shit don’t stink wish one of them were the Naugler’s neighbors. Oh and one or more of them are experts on everything.

    I agree with you Fuck Free Jinger and all the hypocrites there. NOT ONE of them there has had the crap pulled on them that the Nogs and company have done to so many not there.


  72. “Do the fjs out there not realize that this debacle involved real people who live in towns with real neighbours, friends and family.”

    Apparently not.

    “Info flows throughout the community especially if you share it on social media.”

    That has escaped their notice as well.

    “The fiancee, wanted people to know her good news!”

    Her wish was granted.

    Nicole isn’t accustomed to people who interact with their friends and extended family in real life. Nor is she accustomed to adults who have their own means and agendas.


  73. I am on FJ. I love it there. I love it here too.
    I really am not an evil, snarking meany.
    Some posters are better than others. Just like everywhere. I’m sorry you haven’t enjoyed it, but it isn’t for everybody. YMMV.
    Kindness to all, friends!

    Plus, I stand with you on this issue. When you start creating life, you become an adult. Age isn’t an issue. Besides mama Naug 2.0 is an adult. Papa Naug 2.0 will be reallllyy quick.

    Not so- Funny shit.


  74. FreeJinger slays me right now. The sanctimony! The morality play! The self-delusions of those administrators and posters who have over 10,000 posts on a message board about fake reality!

    Christ you’d think they’re curing cancer or creating an affordable alternative energy source over there with the way they prattle on about their illusions of Internet moral superiority. It’s laughable.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: own your snark, FreeJinger. Own it. Stop acting like there is anything you do, ever, in your online fiefdom that is worthy of admiration.


  75. I read over of FreeJinger when I’m bored. There’s a trend there they wait until something is brought up here, then they can openly discuss it, complete with names, over there, while blasting you for talking about what they’re talking about and giving even more information about, and claiming the moral high ground because they waited for you.

    I was bored, and I was on that site today. I didn’t gather from the previous post that you were talking about a pregnancy. You were talking about the lack of sex ed, and the part about the timing didn’t give the reason. FJ is how I found out about the pregnancy. FJ confirmed it before you wrote this post, and it’s how I found out how to confirm with my own eyes how to find some of the FB accounts where people are talking about it. Thanks, FJ, for giving me information I wasn’t going to get on Sally’s page. Thanks, FJ, for being the ones to break the news before Sally did.

    Also FJ is blaming Sally for connecting this teen pregnancy to bad parenting, but not teaching about protected sex IS BAD PARENTING. Of course teens can use condoms and the pill and still have a baby. Anyone can. But using no birth control because you haven’t been educated skyrockets the chance. So the ignorance Nicole and Joe have forced on their kids can rightly be said to be the cause of this. They failed at educating their kids. They have a lot of the responsibility.

    Also FJ are the people who keep bringing up old posts here and reminding people what Al’s daughter said about one of the teen boys. How is that okay? Is it because Sally wrote about it first, so it’s okay now for FJ to bring up all the time so nobody can forget it? It’s pretty shitty to claim the moral high ground by constantly dredging up things that FJ says they wish weren’t said. They’re keeping it alive, and blaming Sally. Drop it and let it be forgotten.


  76. This news is very sad. When it’s the best situation, a teen pregnancy makes a lot of hardships. It’s even worse when “home” is a shack or a shed, and the dad has no real education at all and nobody’s teaching the kids about condoms, which might be pointless if they can’t afford them, but at least teach them. The Naugler kids have enough challenges to overcome without having to worry about supporting babies. The only silver lining in all of this is that the dad-to-be has a job. I hope he can use it to get an apartment somewhere, and that he and his girlfriend can learn about birth control to prevent any more babies for a long time.

    If we’re lucky, her teenage son having a baby on the way will wake Nicole up to the fact that she has to start doing something about her kids. Only the eldest has a social security number and only he can get a real job. She’s going to be the one having to support the babies the others start having because she on purpose crippled their abilities to get legal jobs. I don’t think Joe cares since he’s nothing but a blog who occasionally porks his wife and who ditched a kid.

    They should be ashamed of themselves for staunchly refusing to educate those kids.


  77. Freejinger: People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    As for the young lovers, well, the man-child has been totally brain-washed since birth, totally assimilated into Naugler-Speak.

    The woman-child has not. One KY winter in a garden shed, prefab or 3-walled, pregnant and accustomed to all the creature comforts, will likely spell a split that even the invisible 4th wall can’t keep in.


  78. Ah well FJ. They did not care for the commentary from the trenches by people who actually had to deal with the Nauglers. Add to that the healthy helping of periodic sanctimony after unabashed mockery…and just no. Let them enjoy the show from their lofty and remote perches. Those with actual contact with the Nauglers in real life tend not to view the situation as entertainment but as a real and visceral tragedy and the Nauglers themselves as some of the worst examples of humanity.


  79. FreeJinger is what it is.

    It’s what I like to call the suppository supposition sisterhood.

    Uninformed assumptions and “expert” opinions — no additional fee.

    There are a few objective posters. And a lot of clueless, judgmental, power hungry, snarky wannabe shells of internet authority.

    I tried it for a few minutes. Left chuckling and shaking my head at the transparent righteousness.

    I’m with Sally and Courtney.

    Given the criticism here on the blog, they may even start a new thread. Something to soothe their parking lot dinged egos.

    They’re probably madder than trailer park divas fresh out of Marlboros and Old Milwaukee.

    (Some of you FJ’s were very cool. Some of you need to ask yourself what the definition of sanctimony is)


  80. Dumbfounded in Ky, the boy works. His dad doesn’t. Maybe the baby will get lucky and its dad will work for years to buy food instead of being a fat lazy lump on a log.

    Amanda Christiana, I agree. It sounds like the girl has a supportive family who probably won’t want her living in literal shit, and so if she and the boy don’t live there, then Nicole and Joe will lose the rent they are charging their minor child.

    Michele, as long as the older partner is under 21 years and the younger is at least 16, it’s legal. These kids are age-peers. Let’s try not accusing either of them of rape.

    Clueless Detective, I read that rant about the Great and Secret Show not using those funds to build group homes and raise funds for CPS and stuff. How does that person propose anyone raise funds for a problem that isn’t well known? Documentaries bring awareness. Because of a documentary, Steven Avery and Brenden Dasey’s cases are coming to light, and that public attention could result in positive change that couldn’t have happened just by putting the money into a fund of some sort. Awareness is key, and people need to be more aware of the problem in Kentucky before there’s a chance to raise funds.

    And I doubt the Great and Secret Show’s budget is enough to fund group homes for an extended basis. A lack of money to do anything on an extended basis is a problem Kentucky has. The state doesn’t have the money.

    JustRhon, their community knows. Sally didn’t oust them to anybody. Saying she did implies that she has some super secret insider information that nobody in their community knew. She found out because the kids are talking. So stop with the crap about her ousting them. They ousted themselves. Knowing that should change how you feel entirely.

    And as far as “the young girl will be harassed,” she’s old enough to sign on a line to get into boot camp and go to war. She’s old enough to be making a baby on purpose. She’s making adult choices like a legal adult, and those adult choices mean adult consequences. The baby has to pay. Hopefully the girl and boy will make some smart decisions now, but it’s sounding like they’re too proud of something that it sounds like they did on purpose. If there’s any harassing, it’s not going to come from followers of the BLB.

    Free Bitches, that’s a good point. Wasn’t the forum started to snark on the Duggars and their kids?

    Sally, I’m not surprised they’d post a child’s photo and name. They probably justify it as someone else posted it first, so it’s okay for them to comment and criticize, but if the Naugler boy and his girlfriend post their upcoming baby and you comment and criticize Nicole and Joe, shame on YOU because not educating their son doesn’t have a bearing on unplanned pregnancies, it could happen to everyone, just ignore how less education results in it happening more frequently. If not teaching doesn’t make a difference, then why other with sex ed at all? They should think about how the claim that not teaching about sex ed having no bearing on teen pregnancy can be used to argue against sex ed at all.

    Local Yokel, admitting Sally didn’t hack would mean admitting they’re wrong. They don’t do that.

    I hope the parents to be never find FJ. Those people are brutal. At least the people here aren’t looking down on the kids for their lot in life, just the parents.


  81. A couple months ago I made this comment and after reading here tonight I’m going to say it again.

    ” The Unsuspecting Public Has The Right To Know The Truth.”

    This is what Sally’s Blog is all about, telling the truth and informing the unsuspecting public that BLH prays upon for money. Everything Sally writes about on this blog she can back up with clear and convincing evidence for her readers, as she weeds though Nicole’s complete and total bullshit.
    Careful consideration has always been given here on this blog about the Naugler children and Nicole’s business. It has always been one of Sally’s general rules and a rule we commenters have basically agreed with.

    However, now we have this slightly under aged, eldest teenage son of Joe and Nicole’s who has impregnated a local teenaged girl.
    Given the fact that Joe and Nicole have paraded their parenting skills as superior and above all others on this planet, and have latterly BASHED all other means of education as substandard as opposed to their precious ” Unschooling” makes this topic absolutely far game.

    These parents have and are completely failing these children and this teenage pregnancy is only more proof of that. Teenage pregnancy is preventable, but it looks like it is a little too late for Joe and Nicole to educate or Unschool their son on that now.

    Honestly, I wish this young couple the best of luck. And I wish Joe and Nicole would reconsider this whole unschooling, homesteading disaster and see what it is really doing to their children.

    Sad, this is very sad news…..


  82. For all the “let’s try not to speculate” hand-slapping that goes on by the mods at FJ, today was a perfect example of their innate hypocrisy and sanctimony. Prattling on and on about how awful Sally is for leaking this very “private” information. Yet not one of them could be bothered to look further to see that their assumptions were in fact not true. So anxious to condemn Sally that the truth/research be damned. And if any of them did in fact look and find out that this was public info way before this blog was posted, they weren’t saying so. Because as all FJ’ers know, the mods are never ever wrong. Ever!


  83. @Al I liked you too! 😉 some of us aren’t trying to breathe with our heads up our asses all the time!

    And, FYI- very glad shit hasn’t rolled into my sandbox. Sorry for those of you who have had to first hand deal with this shit.


  84. I doubt the young woman will read this but I’ll put it out there anyhow.

    It’s hard to be a young woman in love. It’s especially hard when their mother in law (or soon to be MIL) is a raving narcacist. Do not bend over backwards to make Nicole accept you, she never will. I speak from experience when I say women like her will see you as a threat. She will only like you if you tow her line 100%. Please don’t do that to yourself or you child. If you significant other isn’t willing to support you and choose you over his family then drop his ass. It’s okay to not have a relationship with your MIL, in your case it is probably the healthier option. You will be okay. Take care of yourself and that baby, you owe nothing to Nicole and she will give you nothing. She won’t support you and sadly I think she is incapable of true love. Look at how she treats her children. I wish you the best of luck. Find a way to better your education. Take advantage of social programs out there to help you. Don’t feel bad taking foodstamps or WIC in order to better provide for your family.

    I really do wish the young parents the best of luck. Yes the odds are against them due to age and lack of education but nothing is impossible. I hope they are not another statistic.


  85. Teenage pregnancy is bad enough, but I’m really worried what might happen if Grandma Nicole doesn’t get her way with this situation. If the teenagers endager income (job/rent or allowing their baby to be used as grifting fodder) or otherwise don’t tow the party line, dear granny will vilify them well beyond snark site or tabloid blog ever would.


  86. “I still feel it was a misstep to create a situation where countless people (supporters, trolls and concerned followers alike) are now spectating a teen pregnancy.”

    I echo this sentiment, JustRhon!! It is my hope that the discussion will revolve around Nicole, strictly. Leave those children-having-children out of it. Poor, naive lambs.

    Shame on anyone who shared the teen’s photos to their degrading, shameless fb page! Have you no ethics, no morals? Disgusting.

    Goddamn. A b is busy with midterms for a few days, and comes back to find this mess. Heartbreaking. Utterly heartbreaking.


  87. So… I went over to FJ to see what the fuss was about.
    I ended up laughing at the absurdity of many of the comments.
    Lots of chattering going on…
    Seems one regular contributor gave Sally credit for being smart.
    “Sally is intelligent and has the reasoning skills to know all of this and walk away. I’m continuously frustrated by her choosing not to do so.”
    That’s right Sally “walk away”. ?
    …But not the chattering chorus on FJ.

    One of the administrators wrote about Sally,
    “I think it’s just really hard to understand why someone who should know better keeps flicking lit ciggarettes onto the pile of oily rags and then accepts no responsibility for the resulting fire.” ?

    There are pages and pages of chatter about the Nauglers, on FJ,but for some reason they think the back yard fence talking is far more appropriate than what Sally has been writing.
    Sally researches before she post on her blog. She has been truthful and to the point.
    Sally is honest and admits she doesn’t like Nicole and is holding Nicole and Joes feet to the fire.
    Does Sally have to? No.
    Do the chattering ladies, who remind me of the Music Man, have to keep up their chittering? No.
    Is it all entertaining? Yes, in a dark comedy, wow, that’s horrible, I wish I could save the children kind of way.
    Can I quit reading about this soap opera….sigh…
    I admire Sally.
    To the FJ ladies …
    Pick a little, talk a little, pick a little,
    Talk a little, cheep cheep cheep, talk a lot, pick a little more.


  88. By the way, when will Nicole realize that the only people who view her personal page are her critics (and her own duplicate sock accounts)?!


  89. If the bride ever reads here: Hi! Congratulations and felicitations! May I suggest the following well-moderated and extremely thought-provoking forum?


    Come for the train wreck syndrome, stay for the tips on how to deal with a mother-in-law like, well, yours.


  90. “…..or otherwise don’t tow the party line, dear granny will vilify them well beyond snark site or tabloid blog ever would….”

    Who would care, really? Who takes a single thing Nicole says with more than a grain of salt? Actually, Nicole is one of those people, if she is running a person in the ground, you know they are probably a good person. LOL


  91. Kora, dear, if you REALLY respected your FreeJinger forum, you would post here with the same name as you use there. Me thinks you are just as ashamed as posting there as, really, you should be. Just keepin’ things honest. 🙂

    Also. Jinger, apparently, has been FREED. She’s a married adult! That entire ‘forum’ needs to be shut. down. They’ve been hypocritically posting about ALL the Duggar minor children for YEARS. Hello! They call the younger children ‘HOWLER MONKEYS’ for god’s sake!

    STFU, FJer forum members. I mean, REALLY.


  92. Melissa wrote, “This is what Sally’s Blog is all about, telling the truth and informing the unsuspecting public that BLH prays upon for money.”

    This is absolutely the case. BLH does prey upon the public for undeclared money.

    Sally hasn’t asked anyone to donate money to her for maintaining this blog, or for any other reason. In fact, the only money that Sally has asked for is on behalf of Kentucky Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranch – for Kentucky children who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to go to a summer camp. The holiday season is approaching and as I can afford to go see a newly released movie, then I can afford to donate to the cause again. They were very nice earlier this year when I went to their site and donated directly. I received a letter thanking me for my donation and it met all the criteria for me to deduct it as charitable giving. Maybe there will be at least one child whose summer camp experience will have been completely funded by people from BLB.

    Has anyone in the community ever heard of Nicole or Joe donating their time, treasure or talents? Did they do so while in the LDS ward? I’m cynical, I’m willing to bet that the minute they were asked to contribute in a more meaningful way than filling a pew, they rebelled and left shortly thereafter. They take and demand that you give. Remember Ranger the Wonder Mutt, who was first sold, then returned, wasn’t trained and was finally given a week to find a new home…or else?


  93. I’m another ex fj poster. I stopped reading or posting there after all the ridiculous hand slapping and hypocrisy. I’m in no way holding myself up as a perfect poster or never having put a foot (or comment!) wrong, but it’s madness there. They’re proud of having run off most of the commenters. I went back for a read after weeks of avoiding it all, just in time for this to blow up. Most of them are laughable at best and certainly think they’re better than everyone else.

    Like I’ve said before, Sally, I don’t think you’ve done a thing wrong and still applaud the fact you’re shining a light on the madness.

    As for this latest news, I only hope for good things for these ‘kids’. I also hope that if this girl is under some delusion and/or thinking romantic notions, that it’s short lived and reality kicks in quickly.


  94. As a former teen parent myself, I will say the road ahead for these two is going to be very long and very hard. My spouse has a crazy parent, not psychotically crazy as this poor girl’s new in-laws, but a definite expert at manipulation, scamming the state, and always looking out for number one at the expense of others, and thankfully for our sake, my family stepped up and helped us out immensely. That being said, we did everything ourselves, my family just provided a safe place to stay as we couldn’t rent a place being under age. In our case, teen pregnancy pulled us out of potentially catastrophic lives, and gave us a reason for bettering ourselves. Hopefully the boy uses this as a catalyst to get away from the horrible living conditions, lack of food and education, and better himself for the sake of this new life. Please prove that rotten trees can still bear healthy fruit.


  95. Shame on anyone who shared the teen’s photos to their degrading, shameless fb page!

    Did anyone do that?


  96. Besides being overjoyed and young, I hope this young lady was being proactive by getting ahead of Nicole by announcing before the BO could get her spinning wheel out.
    The young father now needs to act like a man and move away from Ma especially. He needs to make it very clear to her that his wife and child come first. Soon enough this question will be answered. Nikki’s going to fight hard against this, I am positive.

    I bet N didn’t see this coming this fast either, and is going to double down on the psycho drama and guilt on the rest now. Praying this couple can escape, the sooner the better.

    I can just imagine the baby/bride shower when the BO arrives. I have a few “uninhibited” elderly relatives who would make it more than entertaining. (Hint- I could probably round ’em up too upon request :). I see the group collectively drawing in a big breath as a denim skirted Nicole, dreads reeking, fleas hopping, enters pushing forward a leashed goat towards her new DIL before she hurriedly descends upon the refreshment tables and then attempts to take over the spotlight with another crazed half baked rant. Hope the GASS can capture this scene.

    Voted! Longest lines ever, but in and out 25 minutes. ??


  97. “Did anyone do that?”

    Why yes, yes they did. See ‘Blessed Little Homestead of the Cosmic Imagination’ posts from 11/6.
    IMO that page is beyond the pale. It’s pointless, juvenile, and has no place in this story. It’s embarrassing frankly.


  98. Oh. I don’t read most of those pages, so I didn’t know that. And no, I wouldn’t have done that.


  99. “Oh. I don’t read most of those pages, so I didn’t know that. And no, I wouldn’t have done that.”

    More to the point – you didn’t do that.


  100. “Hopefully the boy uses this as a catalyst to get away from the horrible living conditions, lack of food and education, and better himself for the sake of this new life. Please prove that rotten trees can still bear healthy fruit.”

    I’d like to suggest a slight modification of this statement for those who take things a bit too literally (I know what you meant). I doubt it will stop Nicole from screaming about people saying mean things about her son, but it would clarify it for those who bother to look for the source.

    “Please prove that neglected trees can still bear healthy fruit when given the means to do so.”

    I share in your hope that he and the young woman take this opportunity to provide a better life for themselves and their child.


  101. . Please prove that rotten trees can still bear healthy fruit.”

    I think that the writer was using the metaphor of “rotten trees” to mean Joe and Nicole. And “healthy fruit” to mean children that manage to escape the shitstead.


  102. “I think that the writer was using the metaphor of “rotten trees” to mean Joe and Nicole. And “healthy fruit” to mean children that manage to escape the shitstead.”

    I agree, but I suspect that a fair portion of Nicole’s target audience would see insult where none is intended. Not unlike some of the FJ readers. Nicole has to see insult (about her child rather than herself) in order to drum up donation, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she implied as such.


  103. This is what I hate most about FJ.

    If you Google any of the Naugler children by name, one of the first hits you’ll see is FJ. The only one where you will see this blog (except way down the page due to the name “Naugler”) is the oldest, because he commented here and so his name is here.

    Most hypocritical bunch of people in the world over there.


  104. Today on FJ, someone said this.

    “If God forbid there was a problem with one of my kids, or my husband beat me, or I was pregnant would it be okay for them to post about that here just because it might be common knowledge to people who know me?

    Even just my name. A fair few people on FJ know my name irl (spoiler alert – it’s not Buffy.) But I’ve never posted anything publicly under my real name that ties me to FJ or links me to this screen name. Would it be okay for them to post that here just because it’s certainly common knowledge in my community and amongst them?”

    I don’t think that commenter gets it. F didn’t share this info on just a locked Facebook page. What’s only on a locked post is off limits. That’s the rule the internet is pretty good about. If that’s the only place a person posted about being pregnant or having a problem with a kid, yes, the people who can read that should keep it private.

    If something is public enough to be spoken about in the community, then what obligates anyone to keep their mouths shut about it? Buffy is a massive hypocrite. FJ does nothing but talk about people and say it’s okay because others in the community talk about it, even though a lot of their information isn’t publicly shared by the families or others involved. The rules of decency change only when it comes to Sally.

    I was up late last night reading FJ, and they’ve doxxed people. A specific example is the addresses of David and Priscilla Waller, and Jill and David Rodriguez, even before the Rodriguezes released that. If it’s acceptable to post non-public-shared home addresses that had to be found by looking up deed information, then why would it be off limits to talk about information that F herself is publicly sharing with the community? Is it because she’s a teenager who is of voting age? The Rodriguezes and Wallers have children who are years from being teenagers. FJ also talks a lot about whether or not David Waller is gay, if Priscilla is mentally handicapped, if David Rodriguez is handicapped, and if Jill is mentally sane, and a lot about the bodies of the children. But Sally posting information F shared with the open community is over the line and violates a 19-year-old child’s privacy.

    Their only standing rules it looks like are no speculating on the sexualities of fundies who still live with their parents, no speculating on Josh Duggar’s molestation victims even though other victims don’t have the same rule, and no screen capping locked Facebook posts. Those are less rules than Sally has. They let you post names and pictures of kids, talk about which kids are unfortunate-looking and may smell from living in an RV with limited access to showers, post addresses, and they’ve even had people looking for fundies and openly want to find some of the fundies at church to get pictures (which crosses into stalking). Something else I found that not all FJers are okay with is a former FJer went to the Duggars’ home during a yard sale, and got into the house, and stole Jinger’s diary. When FJ is turning out people who do that, they especially lose the right to look down on anyone here.

    And before throwing rocks in glass houses, FJers need to look at their own posts very, very hard, and at what they allow. They scare me more than Nicole does.


  105. For the record, Blessed Little Homestead of the Cosmic Imagination didn’t post any pics that were not public posts. And apparently in order to point out Nicole’s lie that the news/posts were private. I do not see the girl’s name on any of the posts, just Nicole’s and her son’s names.

    “Well my children’s pages are private and people still can’t respect that.
    It’s wrong to share others intentionally private info….”

    Not taking sides, but we point out lies here and with proof, if available.


  106. It is a fact that Nicole tried to spin this that the information was private and that “they” (meaning god knows who) had “hacked into” private FB pages. Not true. I couldn’t do that if I wanted to and I don’t know anyone who can.

    She finally had to retract all that.

    Which is more than FJ has done.


  107. Have you ever lived with a malignant narcissist? I have. She was my grandmother and it was bad. The thing about people like that is they manipulate you and they make you question your own sanity. They attack other people in your life, the “outsiders” before those people have even done anything. The point is to isolate you and to draw you into their world. God protect you if you aren’t drawn into their narrative 100 percent. They will do everything in their power to destroy you and they will never let up until you run far or someone dies.

    This blog serves as a balance, as sanity, in a sea of crazy. This young girl and her family should be able to come here and know exactly what they are getting into. Not the carefully crafted narrative being spoon fed to that young girl right at this moment, and you’d better believe she is being fed this bullshit. She is being wooed and seduced, but it won’t last. It never lasts, because a malignant narcissist cannot maintain. The next step, probably happening as we speak, will be to isolate her from her family and her friends.

    Brainwashing, isolation, gas lighting.

    Think of this blog as the antidote. Yes, Sally set boundaries that didn’t include the children, but no one expected that the children themselves would be bringing an innocent young lady and her baby into their world.
    So what is more important, some arbitrary boundary or the well being of this young lady and her baby. We are not talking about a slightly eccentric MIL and FIL. We are talking about the Nauglers.


  108. The boundary remains. The “child” in question here is not a child. His own mother says he’s not a child. He’s going to be a father. I still haven’t used his name, though. I haven’t used her name.

    And yes, you better believe the family and extended family of the girl involved here are reading this blog. And that’s a good thing. They need to know what they are up against. They need to be able to present facts to their relative and help her see through the bullshit. Maybe it won’t happen this week or next week or the month after. But maybe it will happen in the end.


  109. Once you start reproducing through consentual sex and elect to parent, you are an adult.
    Even at 15, 16 or 17.

    Choosing to bring another life into the world is a VERY adult decision.

    Sorry, FJ. ITA with Sally and crew on this stuff.

    Also, anybody else think NN avoids prenatal care so CPS isn’t alerted if she tests positive for THC while pregnant? Hopefully this adult DIL to be isn’t smoking while pregnant and she is getting proper care.


  110. Kora, pot hasn’t been connected to birth defects, while things like Vicodin, is, and is still legal to take while pregnant. Xanax too, yet that’s prescribed often, like it was for me.

    Of all things to not worry about, Nicole maybe smoking pot shouldn’t register unless they’re buying instead of growing. I’d rather have her smoking pot to alleviate stress, than to have her stressed to the hilt when all that extra cortisol negatively affects babies’ brain development.

    She avoids prenatal care because she thinks she knows best all on her own, and not having the involvement of a midwife of doctor makes it easier for her to not have to register the births of kids.


  111. Nicole avoids prenatal care because she can’t afford it and doesn’t want to answer the difficult questions she would be asked. It is too much visibility into her life and too much accountability. How ironic since she puts lipstick on her pig of a life and puts it out there on cyber world looking for validation.


  112. I have known many women who home birthed or who go to birthing centers but all the women I know also get prenatal care, use a midwife, have a back up plan, and make sure the birthing place is clean. N is lucky that she has not gotten a horrible infection from the nasty environment in which she birthed her children. I hope that her son’s fiancé’s parents have enough sense to make sure their daughter gets prenatal care and has the baby in a clean environment with a back up plan…maybe even a midwife (one with a real license and not one of those non medical idiots). Having said that, I agree with those who say that N had her kids at home because she is too poor to afford insurance and she cannot be bothered with those pesky little monthly appointments.


  113. Sally, you said the mom-to-be’s parents are reading here– I hope they are. They seem like decent, caring people who are very involved in their other grandchildren’s lives.

    I’m really hoping they can talk dad-to-be into moving in with them, or would at least be willing to consider it. He seems like a good, hardworking kid. Having shitty parents isn’t his fault. And I’m torn on the idea that a teen pregnancy is a disaster. It’s not going to be easy on these parents-to-be, and the odds that they stay together long term aren’t great. I hope that if they end up splitting up, that the baby isn’t spending every other weekend at the Shitstead.

    But teens are going to have sex. My kids are still little, so we haven’t gotten to the talk, but my kids will have access to every form of birth control/STD protection I can get my hands on. I genuinely think it never crossed Nicole’s mind that the child-to-be would acclimate to the outside world and want to date so quickly after finding a job.


  114. Sally, you said the mom-to-be’s parents are reading here

    I don’t know if they are reading or not. What I do know is that they have the link to all Nicole’s stuff and to here. Whether they read any of it is their own choice, of course.


  115. @kaylee all true statements! However, smoking anything reduces oxygen flow to the fetus, and isn’t good. Plus, CPS doesn’t dig it when pregnant moms use illegal substances. I have zero issues with responsible (medical grade edibles under a doctor’s care) pot use for adults.
    I agree cost is a big factor in the home birth thing. God forbid she accept pregnant women’s Medicaid and be seen by a real professional in a facility with running water.


  116. Sally thank you for being the voice of reason.
    Nicole likes to twist and turn everything around and some people fall for it.
    This blog serves as a good healthy voice for those who have been misguided and abused by the Naugs.
    The family of the mother to be are victims in this story. I feel horrified for them. Their precious daughter has moved right in the middle a scary situation.
    They can come here and know what is really going on.
    They raised their daughter like normal people.
    Her young heart is loving this adventure right now. She is crazy in love. She is pushing away the people who really love her and have her best interest at heart, the people who can protect her.
    My hope is that as time goes on she misses her mom and dad and reaches back out to them. I am sure they would welcome their daughter with open arms and welcome the baby’s father as well.
    It won’t take long for the toxic personalities on the farm to pop out and scare the crap out of her.
    That new shed balancing on skinny blocks on the side of a hill makes me afraid for her.
    Mom and Dad don’t give up! Hopefully she will come back home.


  117. Kora, there is no evidence that smoking pot reduces oxygen flow. You can thank the FDA’s adamant refusal to remove pot from being in the same category as pot for that. However, doctors aren’t observing issues with babies born to pot-smoking moms the way they’re noticing issues in babies born to moms who smoke cigarettes.


  118. Beth, I’m also sad by the news that that girl has moved to the shitstead. She’s clearly extremely immature. When I was her age, homesteading sounded fun too, like an adventure. In fact, at times, it still does. But life experience in running a home with modern conveniences, and how much work it is, then thinking about doing it all without electricity and the things that keep chores down to only a few hours a day so I can do other stuff, like homeschool, has taught me a few things.

    That poor girl is in fantasy-land, and she’s going to get trapped, and it’s alarming as hell that Nicole seems excited to some extent that these CHILDREN are having babies. This is a red-flag situation, and poverty’s going to repeat itself with a certainty if those CHILDREN don’t leave. Unless A’s going to be teen-mom to this new baby (not like Joe lifts a fucking finger), then F will have to quit working. The thought of Joe alone with her while Nicole and J are working terrifies the hell out of me.

    To F, if you read here:

    I understand that this sounds like fun and adventure, but it’s real life, and you need stability and your baby needs to be somewhere safe and sanitary. It’s not too late for you yet. Please get the hell out of there and go home. Have this baby, get on some birth control, and build a better life than poverty. Your baby deserves better than hunger, filth, and no education. Nicole and Joe failed all of their kids. Please be the voice of reason and don’t fail your baby by staying there.


  119. I wish Nicole would respect the privacy of the parents to be and not share personal information. But of course she feels a need to spew it all out there and then complain when people talk about it.

    Nicole wrote in her blog that the baby was not an accident. ??????? So her son has known a girl from work for a few months and intentionally got her pregnant? Because he wants to homestead and raise a family. And Nicole makes sure she points this out on her blog?

    I really feel sorry for those kids. I was so brainwashed by my conservative, fundamentalist Christian parents that I carried their beliefs for years after I turned 18. I would have died for my (parent’s) beliefs. But getting away from my parents, going to college, having new experiences, new friends, late night debates, etc. helped me mature and become my own person.

    Nicole claims her kids are free. NO. They are brainwashed and isolated. They have spent years listening to their parents rant about and degrade anyone who doesn’t agree with the Naugler’s philosophy.


  120. So her son has known a girl from work for a few months and intentionally got her pregnant?

    From what I can piece together (photos of her with her previous boyfriend, etc), it was a matter of just a few weeks. Maybe less than a month.


  121. Nicole is once again glowing in the spotlight. She must be giddy with excitement that she has a situation to control and tweak for her benefit for years to come.
    Do I think she encouraged and enabled this situation. Totally!
    In her twisted mind she has control over another human, another slave to do her bidding, another situation to get the internet buzzing about her.
    Sadly if the girl leaves and goes back home Nicole is going to be a screaming banshee trying to the girl back.
    This will not end well. Poor baby.


  122. “From what I can piece together (photos of her with her previous boyfriend, etc), it was a matter of just a few weeks. Maybe less than a month.”

    Very sad.

    As a mom to teens, I can’t imagine blasting my kid’s personal information on a public facebook or public blog. Even if thousands of other people were gossiping about in online and in real life, would you really want your own mom joining in? Nope.
    Nicole needs to let the new family make their own blog and share what they choose to share.

    Even if they are of legal age, I still see them as very young victims of a cult. A Naugler cult where you are told that you are a special free inhabitant and you can learn to be free from all the rules society is trying to impose on you.

    Nicole and Joe have negatively impacted many lives the past 18+ years. I would prefer the light of truth stays focused on the cult leaders. Maybe, hopefully, someday, it will do some good for those kids. All the present and future ones.

    Thanks Sally for keeping the truth out there.


  123. 18-22 year olds are like 3 year olds with wheels who firmly believe they are smarter than the average guy. Very tough years for some, the toughest for us with one of ours. There are certain types that prey on this vulnerability.
    As parents I think the best you can do is be there and present in their lives as much as possible , and make those occasions happen. Present facts and maintain your limits,
    while having an open door policy. Important and game changer for us was going to LE immediately and stepping back so they could legally allow things to develop. And they did and after a year and a half of nail biting and sleepless nights, life returned to normal.
    I have ultimate sympathy for the anguish of this family and hope the situation is resolved safely for all. Use every available resource and get support for yourself.


  124. While it may or may not be true that smoking pot doesn’t reduce oxygen flow to the baby, it is true that THC does cross the placenta. Not all drugs cross the placenta barrier but THC does and that simply means that the fetus gets high when mom gets high. I guess to determine if getting a fetus high is a bad thing is totally dependent upon those involved. Personally, I wouldn’t want to subject an unborn or born baby to mind altering drugs.

    It is also a fact that low birth weight babies among tobacco smoking moms is a proven fact and fetal alcohol syndrome is a fact of some babies whose mothers drink while pregnant. But very little research supports pot smoking produces low birth weight babies or I couldn’t find any facts supporting that statement. A few researchers have linked low birth weight and decreased oxygen to pot smoking pregnant women’s babies but they cannot give a scientific thumbs up that the pot is the cause because many of the women involved in the studies also smoked tobacco and drank alcohol.

    I again wonder how some women put their unborn babies at risk and, for that matter, how some mothers put their children at risk by living in potentially dangerous homes with poor sanitation. I was a helicopter mother and during my pregnancies and breast feeding of my children, I wouldn’t even take tylenol or use antacids because I was afraid of damaging my babies. As they grew up, I continued to be a helicopter mom going so far as to inspect their teeth after they brushed (don’t judge). Neither of my children ever had a cavity and to this day their teeth are perfect. But…my daughter was so damaged (so she says) by my being so controlling that she is a little too lax with her children…smoke a little pot can hurt a fetus, tobacco can definitely hurt a fetus, alcohol potentially can harm a fetus, free ranging kids can have some pretty dire consequences but so can being a little too controlling. Parenting is a bitch….I tell you that.


  125. Why the delay in getting married? With Joe and Nicole’s permission, the two of them can get married next week. No need to wait until the young man turns 18.

    Marriage License Fee: $35.50. 208 South Main St., Hardinsburg, KY 40143.

    I paid more than that for my marriage license over 20 years ago. It’s a steal, so what is stopping them?


  126. “My kids are still little, so we haven’t gotten to the talk”

    I discussed it with my kids when they were still in backwards-facing car seats. It makes it easier to discuss it with them when you’ve already spoken about it even before they understand what you’re saying. Of course you’ll fine-tune it as they get older. Politics, music, sex, sexuality, relationships, work, family, friends, how to gap a spark plug, etc.

    My eldest has a master’s degree and a good job. Not a parent yet – by choice. My youngest has graduated high school and is working. Not a parent yet – by choice.

    They may eventually choose to become parents, but I’m gratified to know they aren’t jumping right into it before they get a chance to explore the world a bit. The eldest is going to China for 9 days this spring. That takes a passport and the ability to save up approximately $4000 (in this instance). Not bad for someone who isn’t even 25.


  127. “I hope the parents to be never find FJ. Those people are brutal. At least the people here aren’t looking down on the kids for their lot in life, just the parents.”

    Months ago Nicole posted a photo that included the screen on her computer/laptop. It was Free Jinger. So it’s safe to bet that she has read what they write. Of course, she’s not brave or smart enough to actually go over there and tell them to stop reading her public pages, posts, blogs and comment on what she has shared with the world.


  128. See, that’s what happens when I read Sally’s blog. I start out wanting to comment on one thing and get side tracked by something equally interesting and so I write and post and then have to come back to my original desire…FJ. I have tried to like FJ; however, I don’t like to go to blogs that seem destructive and my experience with FJ is that it is destructive without offering information that can instruct. Perhaps it’s the years of being a university professor that makes my time too valuable to waste on gossip and innuendos. That’s another reason that I don’t do too much reading on the Naugler’s crap…I really feel it’s a waste of my time since nothing she posts is factual. Usually, I go over there and read after someone says something here and I want to get the full context. Now Sally’s blog is a place where we can snark but only to the degree that it is backed up with support. Sally provides logical support for her claims and sets the bar high for us to do the same…I like that. It’s perfectly fine to say Joe is a lazy piece of crap from their house of turdis but we follow that claim with proof…and boy oh boy is their proof right over there on the blessed little shit shack sites. But that FJ place is really a place that lacks depth. Blogs are a dime a dozen but blogs that provide intellectual nourishment are a rare find…indeed.


  129. Months ago Nicole posted a photo that included the screen on her computer/laptop. It was Free Jinger.

    That’s interesting. I wonder why they haven’t made it to the Infamous List of Trolls? Why aren’t they referred to as the “tabloid forum”? I demand equal treatment.


  130. Jeannie said exactly what I feel, albeit I am not a university professor. 🙂 I deeply respect the level of intelligence and practical knowledge I witness and glean from this blog, and the snark is simply entertaining (a bonus!) I’ve visited FJ once or twice, but it did not capture my interest for the reasons Jeannie stated. With regard to Nicole not seeming to care what FJ has to say about her, I believe it is because they (FJ and NicNog) share the same shallow and destructive spirit and attitude. She is not threatened by people like that. She is, however, HUGELY threatened and outraged by anyone or anything that threatens to expose her and shatter her carefully crafted on-screen persona. Most people on this blog represent everything she wants to be; and they have “gotten there” with hard work, integrity, and dignity. You simply cannot earn the respect of others through deception and shortcuts, and when she reads here (hi Nicole), this point is driven home again and again. Rather than change, she takes out her jealousy and frustration on Sally and others who so clearly see through her smartphone mirage.

    Nicole has no interest in being like the mud-slingers who post on FJ, and a “like” or “thumbs up” on FB does not give her the respect she so desperately desires. Since she is smart enough to know she purposefully deceives her leg humpers, she does not respect them, and the “high” gained from their flattery is short-lived. It’s those whom she admires that make her go ballistic! One word of advice for you Nicole: character comes first! The success and respect you deeply long for will follow–and people here would begin to respect you too. That’s how you win friends and influence people. Honesty.


  131. When Nicole Naugler sets up that ” Subscribe ” account to her new blog, and starts cashing in on slandering everyone’s names that is listed on her blog under ” Who Are These People.” Every person on that list can file a Law Suit against her.


  132. I bet the reason their son and the young woman are waiting until he reaches 18 to wed is that Joe and Nicole still don’t have legal custody of their kids. CPS is unlikely to give him permission to get married.


  133. When Nicole Naugler sets up that ” Subscribe ” account to her new blog, and starts cashing in on slandering everyone’s names that is listed on her blog under ” Who Are These People.” Every person on that list can file a Law Suit against her.

    No, they can’t. Stop with that shit. Well, actually anyone can “file a lawsuit” against anyone for anything. It’s winning, though, that matters. You have to have a case. She is making public commentary on public commentary, not a single bit different than what I am doing here. And it’s not “slander.” Slander is spoken. Libel is written. Libel has to be 1) false, and 2) damaging, and 3) not your opinion but statements of fact.

    Nicole has made libelous statements. She did so when she said that I had driven my son to suicide. First, he didn’t and second, I didn’t. All of that is clearly and provably false. But what are the “damages”? How would you quantify that? I don’t have a job. I can’t lose my income because Nicole thinks I was a bad parent.

    By the way, just adding “in my opinion” before saying shitty things does not absolve you of potential libel charges. If the statement is provably false and damaging, you better just not say it.

    Let me give you an example. I can say something like “my neighbor is a jerk” (he isn’t – he’s actually super). That’s not libel. That’s quite clearly an opinion. But if I say, “My neighbor is a drug dealer” and he is not, I have entered libelous territory, especially if that got around and he lost his job over it, or didn’t get a promotion or something like that.

    And one other thing. Let’s suppose I had money to burn and decided to sue Nicole for libel. What, exactly, would I win? She doesn’t have anything. I don’t want a very used garden shed or some white buckets.


  134. Personally, fj isn’t my thing. IMO, many of the posters there are hypocrites. While they bitch, moan and complain about those of us with an opinion of the Nauglers ( with all the facts and background supplied by nicole), they see nothing wrong about having a dedicated forum for the Nauglers.
    They want others to stop posting and revealing facts/opinions about ‘the family’, while they go on their merry way, posting OPINIONS about what others post and do. Am I making sense?
    Totally hypocritical on fj’s part.


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