Joe’s Chain Reaction 3

[Technical problems]

HOST: I think given these issues and our inability to ask you questions, I think we’re gonna wrap it up with you and let you go, uh, and maybe have you on at another time, and, um, let you kind of . . .

This is just kind of a difficult conversation right now, and um, we will, uh, we’ll have you send us a message and the Facebook stuff of all, whatever it is that you would like us to link to and tell people about, we will do it then and you can do it right now ’cause we can hear you, if you want to tell listeners.

Let everybody know if there’s any way that, uh, that you know, uh, if you need any, any help dealing with any of this, if there’s any way people can reach out to try to help. (1)

JOE: Uh, okay. Yeah, um, I like this, I wish I, I wish I could hear

[fiddles with phone while hosts wait]

It just came on, go ahead and say something again.

HOST: Can you hear us?

JOE: Yep. I gotcha now. I can hear you loud and clear now.

HOST: Okay. So, so, this woman, um, she, um, I’m looking at the Blessed Little Blog here and first off, I seem to remember seeing this woman’s posts before and they were pretty awful, but, I see this post on one of the first pages, um, that says that you guys don’t know how to homestead. (2) So that’s interesting.

JOE: Right. Right, that’s why I say, I changed the word to “quasi” because they, and they want to, what they do is they stage conflicts like this, like, oh, bantering back and forth and then of course, uh, when they come over to our Blessed Little Homestead page, and they go on and on and on, they eventually get banned and then they say, well, that’s a problem, and then now that’s drama, and now they hate us for it, and all that other stuff, but yeah, that’s why I say “quasi,” uh, because it’s not, it’s not gonna be the same and I have yet to meet two people that are homesteading the same or farming the same, there’s a lot of different methods.

HOST: Yeah, it sounds like “quasi” allows you to avoid criticism.

This is a fucking weird project. Like, Blessed Little Blog is a weird project. “You can’t outNaugler the Nauglers.”(3)

Yeah, that is really weird.

Like, this amounts to me to nothing more than like slander or something, libel, or hit piece or something.(4)

JOE: Oh, they add, well, in our humble opinion, so because we’re somewhat public a figures, uh, they’re gonna talk about us like that, um, you know on some level, I get it, I mean, you see what a public figures go through, Trump, I mean, Jesus, are you gonna sue everybody? Uh, (unclear) like this, and I’m not here to banter but what, where I draw the distinction with them is they market their blog. They market and advertise it, literally pay. . .(5)

NICOLE: They tell people, oh, if you wanna know the truth about the Nauglers, go here, and say. . .

HOST: The truth about the Nauglers? What the hell?

JOE: And it’s all just conjecture. It’s all just . . .

HOST: I’m sure they could just ask you if they wanted to know the truth about you.(6)

NICOLE: But everything we say is a lie, so there’s no point in asking us. They should ask people who’ve never met us

JOE: Yeah, these people have never met us, but here’s the scary part, is, we’ve linked these people back to the sheriff’s department in Breckinridge County.(7) Uh, and we have, we can only speculate, but we believe that there’s actually money involved from the county, (8) uh, because we’ve got a lot of screen shots of people being recruited, of people, you know, from people with different skill set, like bloggers, or investigators, or, you know, just little things, antagonists. These people have all been recruited, uh, to do it, and it’s a, it’s a handful of people, I’d say about seventy-five with maybe another hundred for support, uh, and they go everywhere. I mean, they’ll go to every, every social meeting place, everywhere and banter. I remember, one time, we went over to, uh, the governor of Kentucky’s page and asked him, you know, hey you promised you were gonna audit CPS, and deal with the funds that are involved in that, and uh, and whatnot, and they went over and just started trashing us. Everywhere we go, they’re there.

And so now we’ve also got a woman, uh, who’s running a, it’s called Naugler Nation, it’s a, uh, it’s a Facebook, uh, page that, and she does a podcast, and that’s all it is. Just people calling in, just, nobody’s really met us. I think they’ve had one person call in that’s met us, she used to work with me, she worked with me for a week and a half, at Burger King, before she was fired, uh, for, uh, trying to procure drugs from other employees plus the other employees just didn’t like her because she came in very arrogant. It was the, it was a management training store, and I got, I got placed in my store and she got fired.

She tries to swap the story around, that I was the one that got fired, and I was like, anybody could just call the company and verify the employment time.

HOST: Verifying information, that’s an old way of doing things. We don’t need to do that. It’s the age of the internet. Just report it and move on.(9)

JOE: Right, right.

HOST: Yeah, I’m looking at the Naugler Nation Twitter and it’s all just shit from like, like the same sorts of things the blog talked about, only talked about on Blogtalk Radio. Blogtalk Radio allows this sort of harassment?

All right, it’s a form of free speech.(10)

Well, on Blogtalk Radio, it might not be. Like on Blogtalk Radio, they might have policies against this sort of thing. I would, I would pursue that.

And on the Naugler Nation Facebook page, it just says it’s hosted by the Blessed Little Trolls and Their Minions, like these people really don’t seem to have, uh, any better form of entertainment than to just mess with your family, which is crazy.

JOE: Here’s the kicker, is they’ll tell you two things. They’ll tell you I’m a fat, lazy piece of crap wimpling and that my wife is a, is a toothless hag who just keeps poppin’ out babies and then on top of that they’ll tell you that they’re representing thousands of people that we’ve wronged over our life span and they’re just, all those thousands of people, are just terrified of us. I’m like, well which one is it? Are we Jimmy Hoffa and the mob or are we worthless people? Uh, so it just, they run in circles.

And when people ask for evidence, when people ask for evidence, like, they’ve actually contacted clients, cause we run a pet grooming business out of Radcliff, Kentucky, and uh, we’ve had clients tell us that they’ve been in contact with,(11) and uh, the one woman was really good friends of ours, and uh, she responded with, well, I’m, I’m really good friends with Nicole and her husband and their family and uh, cause the lady goes off and talks, you know, this, this and this she said, uh, I’ve got evidence if you want to see it. So the woman said, well, I’d like to see the evidence, and the woman was, like, well, if you don’t believe me, that’s fine. I’m just telling you from one, uh, soldier-wife to another soldier-wife and if you don’t want to believe me, that’s fine, and not once have these people ever produced evidence of anything they ever accuse us of.

Like they’ll tell you that I’ve got a history of violence. If that was the case, the media would have shown it. It would have been like, oh,

HOST: Yeah, that would have came out already. And you wouldn’t have your kids with you.

JOE: . . . all over, it would have been. Yeah, exactly, it wouldn’t have been “Off-grid family loses children” it would have been “Violent criminals get their kids taken.”

HOST: Right.

People like this are really, really problematic. Like, I’ve had, I’ve had experience with people like this in the past and it’s one thing to deal with someone who doesn’t like you because they had a legitimate gripe. Cause, you know, usually you can work that out. You can approach them, and you can figure out what the problem is, and if you both care enough to make it better, you can do that.

But when people are just, when they’re just out to get you, just because, like, that makes people very, very dangerous, because there’s really nothing you can do to get them off of you.

You know, like their, their sole goal is just to destroy you and that is, it’s very scary, to have to deal with people like that.

JOE: They say we’re public figures, and, and, I would say we definitely have slander and libel, uh, lawsuits that we could file, but, but we don’t have celebrity money.(12)

HOST: Yeah, how much time and money are you willing to waste on that?

JOE: Exactly. You know, and you know, I’ve prayed about this, (13) and uh, you know, and I’ve come to a logical conclusion that, okay our names are getting run through the gutter, and whatever, I wasn’t planning on running for president anyways, I don’t believe in rulers, and I don’t believe that people are, you know, any of that, so at least people are talking about these issues. They’re talking about CPS. They’re talking about family court. They’re talking about corruption. They’re talking about homeschooling. They’re talking about homesteading. They’re talking about home birthing. They’re talking about vaccinations. They’re talking about circumcision. They’re talking about all these plethora of issues that have become political hot spots in, in, our environment. So, I like the fact that people are talking about these things, because that’s where most people will do their research. I mean, you have your, you know, most of these people that are politically charged, like this Sally Davis and this Lisa Luthi and a few others, they’re all, like I said, and I hate to use the word liberal because the liberal Democrats have hijacked such a wonderful word, um, but it, it’s these political people

HOST: The leftists (14)

JOE: we get it from the right too.(14) Oh, my gosh, we’ve had three-percenters and patriot people come out and say, oh, we see your issues, we want to help you, and they’ve called us, and then they get involved and they realize that we’re anti-militarization of our police force, that we’re anti-tyranny, and uh, you know, that, uh, you know, we speak out against these things, and so they start going at us like, oh, you hate police officers, well, screw you, and I’m like who do you think’s gonna come take your guns, Mr. Three Percenter?

HOST: Or your kids.

Yeah, it’s not enough that, you know, that you’re just another person who could, uh, make use of some help from another person just because they’re good people. You also have to agree with their opinions otherwise, you know, there’s something wrong with you.

JOE: Yep. Yep. And that to me is sad. Uh, you know, I have never given my hand in charity (15) and expected them to say, eh, well, you need to, you need to vote for this guy, if I do this. Uh, you know, never. I’ve, you know, I’ve seen people on the side of the road and I’ve pulled over and helped them change their tire and not once did I say, you know, before I change your tire here, uh, uh,

HOST: What do you think about the wage gap?

JOE: [Laughs] Yes. Yes. Yes. What do you think, [laughing] Well, I’m sorry, I just can’t help you today.

HOST: Right.

All right, Joseph, I have my own kid I gotta take care of in the next fifteen minutes. Will you, uh, can you kinda wrap it up, maybe give us some final words and then tell people about anything you want to tell them about, in terms of how to link to you. And we’ll link on our pages.

JOE: [To Nicole] Do you have anything?

NICOLE: No, I just think, I guess, in closing I would like to say is that, uh, it’s been really hard on our family and people have said why are you doing this to your kids, why not just cooperate with the police and do what they say in the beginning and then none of this would have happened. Well, if someone doesn’t stand up at any point, it’s just gonna keep happening.

HOST: Yeah.

NICOLE: And hopefully, this will help others, in fact, it has, cause I know that I get messages from people [starts crying], sorry, I get emotional, I get messages from people who’ve had their kids taken by CPS say, you know, your story helped me through this, I knew what to expect, you guys gave us courage because not everybody’s willing to speak up. Not only are we being targeted by the state, we’re being targeted by the statists.

HOST: Yes.

NICOLE: . . . who in turn, have been just as dangerous as the government because they’re the ones that are (garbled). I just tell people, you know, that’s, that’s we’ve always been outspoken about what we do and hopefully somebody can learn from our success and our mistakes, so, that’s really what we’re try. . .

HOST: Okay.

Thank you. Thank you for sharing that.

JOE: [To kids] Anybody? Anything?

I guess, you know, ultimately I just, uh, I live out of love.(16) And uh, um, and I can’t, I don’t know what your guyses beliefs are, and it’s irrelevant to me, uh, you know, I don’t share my testimony to convert. Uh, I know what my God has called for me to do

HOST: Yeah

JOE: And I have prepared myself and my family to do as such. Uh, and not that we instigated any of this. We are living peaceful. . .


JOE: We didn’t go to their. . . we didn’t picket their fences, (17) we don’t do anything. They came to us. (18) Um, but uh, you know, at some point enough is enough, like my wife said, enough is enough. And, you, I can’t sit there and look, not only my God in the eyes, but I can’t look, you know and I tell a lot of these people, you know, when you empower tyranny, how do you give homage and honor to the soldiers who have died for our freedom? (19)

Uh, because you’re, you’re not. You’re sitting here, you know, saying, oh, well, I’m being disrespectful to police while enabling such a, such a tyrannical system. Such a fascist system that it can’t possibly give honor to those who have actually died, uh, you know

HOST: And it’s under the pretense of freedom

JOE: So, I just, I don’t, we live in Radcliff, Kentucky, and it’s next to Ft. Knox

HOST: [expression of disgust](20)

JOE: And I communicate, we have a lot of clients that are soldiers, veterans, and uh, I just, I, my heart bleeds for them. I, I, I cry for them daily. Uh, on what the government sends them out to do. Uh, the people they have to kill for this, for imperialism, and uh, and I just, I wanna, I fight for freedom, and, and, you know, I fight for liberty, not just for myself but for my children. Um, and for, for those that have done it before me, and those who will do it after me. Um, I know that for me, one of the most powerful stories is when Christ, and you know, like I said, you guys can have your faith, this is just where I’m coming from, you know

HOST: Yeah

JOE: when I read in the scriptures, the Bible, uh, when Christ rose from the dead and uh, you know, these twelve disciples, uh, walked with this man for three years, went through what they went through, whether the miracles were real or not, they sacrificed with this man for three years, and he shows back up on the beach and he asked Peter if he loved him three times, and he just asked him, well, why, after three times, he says, yes, why are you just going back to fishing? (21)

And I just, I can’t go back to just living a selfish, mindless life. Uh, I, I’m already awake. I can’t close my eyes. And I won’t close my eyes.

So, you know, that’s it. I mean, I could go on forever, guys.

HOST: I’m getting that feeling from you.(22)

We appreciate it, thank you.

All right, I’m going to let you and your family go.

JOE: I appreciate all you guys. I appreciate each of you.

HOST: Thank you so much.

JOE: I feel a lot of energy by seeing you guys. It’s amazing.

HOST: Yeah, I’m so honored to talk to you. I really wish you and your family the best.


Absolutely. Thank you. Your story’s awesome. Peace.

[Joe disconnects]

[Each host’s remarks appear on a different line.]


Well, guys. Let’s just all say it: Fuck the state.


Fuck ’em.

Now, I have seen a lot of fuckery, uh, that is going on with people calling CPS, CPC, or, or, DIFUS or whatever it’s called in that state on other parents. Um, especially, you know, I spent a lot of time hanging around like, you know, slummy areas when I was younger and even some of my adult years, and there’s a lot of that shit going, but not to this degree. I mean, it’ll be shit like, uh, you know, uh, somebody says something smart or whatever, and the next thing you know, knock, knock, knock, uh, DIFUS is at your door, and they’re in your life for the next three months. It’s mandatory, and at least that’s what it is in Jersey, as far as I know. Which means, during those three months, they could pop up at any time at your house for any or no reason. You have to let them in. They go through all of your shit. They separate you from your children, and a lot of times they try to manipulate your kids to get them to say all kinds of crazy shit, just so they can have an excuse to snatch your kids away from you. . .

That’s how they make money.(23) Their profit is in getting more kids. The more kids that they can take from families, the bigger budget they can justify to higher up political masters. And that’s not to say that C, that everything CPS does is bad. That’s, that’s the real tragic part is some kids, the best thing to do is to take them away from their families. You know, I mean, I’ve, I’ve dealt with kids that have had literally the worst things you can imagine other than killing them happen to them by their parents, you know, on a regular basis. But, uh, then that’s the problem with this statist motivation is that you don’t get resources to protect children. You get resources to take as many children as you can even if they’re already in safe environments.

And you know, I mean, you say that like CPS does good things, but I would say that even the good things they do, having a monopoly on those services, on those sorts of things, uh, means that those things fundamentally aren’t good because the neighbors can’t stop it while it’s happening and prevent further psychological and physical trauma.(24)

Well, I think that’s where the issue comes from, is because you can’t, like you can’t block it. You know, even if the thing that they are doing is good if they’re taking some kid out of an environment where he’s constantly being beaten or molested by his drug-addict parents or whatever. I mean, yeah, I get that that seems great in that case, but you can’t prevent that from happening to, to, you know, somebody who, who is great with their children, and you know, everything is fine.

And it’s the statist snitch mentality. It’s like not if you see something, do something to stop it from happening. It’s if you see something, say something. You know, let us take care of it because we’re the only ones who can and if you disagree we’ll fight you or kill you or take away your children and make your life hell.

And what are they seeing?(25) What they’re seeing is people raising their kids in a different way than what people typically raise their kids. And because, we talking about (talking over each other), because of this mold, stupid-ass public school mold that kids get forced into and they have this idiotic mindset that this is the way to do things and that the state overlords should always be praised and their way is what is best for children and there are no alternatives and then they grow up from that environment and become this type of person that thinks raising your kids on a homestead is problematic. Or that homeschooling your kids is some negative thing. Idiot.

What really got me was, it, just seemed like all of this was just, was just the state just trying to whip these people in line, like just dragging them through the process, just having this giant pissing contest just to, just to let them know who’s boss, just because. Like, there, there was no, I mean, from what I’m hearing, there was no reason for any of this shit.

Well, see, and the thing like you can just say it’s for spite, but to me I see like a possible long line of parents who say, well I don’t want to go through what they went through, so I guess I won’t keep it up. You know, it’s not just to keep these people in line. It’s using them as an example. You fuck with us, we’ll take your children and make your life hell. But more people than just that. It’s the ripple effect.

Yeah, absolutely.


Absolutely. You pick one person to make an example of them, just like you know when it comes to like pirating music or games or whatever, um, like a lot of people do that, they don’t even try to hide, because why, fuck it. But every once in a while, you know, they will just target some, some unlucky person and just dump all of the fines and crazy shit on them as possible, just to make an example out of them.

Exactly. All right guys, I have to wrap stuff up on my end. So, uh, any final thoughts?

Yes, I’m fucking disgusted.

We’ll talked more about this last week. I think we’re all sick to our stomach. I mean, of course, it is possible that they are lying about everything. I haven’t researched it, (26) but I, I am always inclined to believe that someone has been oppressed by the state,(27) and it sounds like there is not evidence being presented and any time you see such a, such a strong counter, um, counter case, countering of individuals by both the state and the media in terms of their blogs and podcasts, there is usually a pretty good indicator that the state is doing something they want to conceal by blaming someone else.

You know, keep in mind they can’t be oppressed because they have no institutional power.


Just one of those reminders that they have, the state has the violence and they will do whatever they want, or whatever they can get away with.

Also another reminder is to make, be very, very careful who you let into your lives or who you let even look into your lives, because, even, even if they can’t do shit to you, they know that they can always call the cops and, or whoever else, child protective services, whatever, because, and in a lot of cases it all comes down to who reports first. And even if it’s a lie, liars know that shit. If you can get to the cops first with your bullshit story, then you’re okay. If your intention is just to fuck with somebody, you know, then, that’s very easy to do as long as you can get to them first.



It’s the same sort of like childhood thing where you know, you know, I got my story in first, so the teacher or Mommy or somebody believed me.

Yeah, I used to do that shit when I was in school. I’d smack the shit out of somebody and then yell out, stop hitting me and the teacher would turn around and then see the other kid swinging back and he’d get in trouble.


That’s very smart. Damn, people are, they just, they just try to deal with the problem as if they’re actually dealing with the problem. Just kind of deal with something, you know, if we can get a kid in trouble, and then say, I solved it, I did something. . .

But that’s the thing that’s killing me. Like, what are they solving? Like, what are these people solving?


Like, I mean, let’s say these people reached their stated objective and they destroy these people’s lives and they destroy the lives of their, because that’s what’s going to happen if these people really get their way.

[talking over each other]


I mean, there’s nothing, few things more dangerous to the state than people raising a lot of children and teaching them the truth about the nature of reality and the nature of the state of the world that they live in. They don’t want people that understand the way the world works and now his children have an experience of the state that is more visceral and powerful than it would have been if he just would have told them about it. You know, it doesn’t, it’s not a good thing, it’s absolutely horrific, but man,

And I bet they probably have a lot less difficulty because of the way that they raised their children because the way that CP, uh, CPC tries to manipulate children when they get them alone and ask them very leading questions so they can try to get the answers that they want and it looks like, from, from the interview with the children, that they didn’t get the answers that they wanted out of them.

So what’s amazing about that, like children can’t sign contracts because they’re like, not legal, full citizens, but they can somehow still deliver totally accurate testimony as if they were given just as many legal rights and just as good information even though they probably weren’t.

Yeah, it’s just whatever is convenient for the state. Okay, let’s really wrap things up. I keep saying that.

All right guys, plug your shit.

1. Bingo, podcast guys. You just said the magic words. Joe and Nicole will love you forever.  “Help” means money, though, not “help.”  Just send money.

2. Exactly where would you, Mr. Podcast Guy, have seen my “posts” that were awful?  Where?  I have never posted a single time on any of Nicole’s pages.  I only posted a couple of comments on a couple of the critic pages, and one of those was a conversation where I was defending Nicole (and got banned for my trouble).  So where?  Everything I’ve written is here on the blog.  And the Nauglers do not raise their own food. They do not do anything much except squat on some land and shit in buckets.  They have had a few animals, but most of those end up dead and not by being butchered for food.  They cannot even keep hens alive.  So I’m not sure what you might think is “homesteading,” but they aren’t doing it.

3. What is weird?  I think it’s weird that you had Joe on your little podcast, lapping up every word he said without bothering to check his veracity at all.  As for “outnauglering the Nauglers,” at my house, to “naugler” is a verb. It means to make do without what you need, to jerry-rig something using baling twine when you really should go ahead and fix it right, and it also covers carrying horrible crap in buckets.

4. It might seem to you like that, but I assure you, it is not.

5. I’m not sure what “market” means, but not only have I never paid anything to advertise this blog, I don’t even post it on Facebook, except for very occasionally on my own personal page. I do that when I write a piece that I think my FB friends might find interesting; for example, when I’ve written about calves or cheese-making.  And “they” don’t do shit. There is no “they” here. There is only me. There are people who read this blog who share links to it on Facebook, but they aren’t me.

6. Actually, no, I can’t. I’ve invited Nicole to have lunch with me twice.  I offered to pay for it. She declined.

7. Who are “these people”?  I have no connection to the fucking sheriff’s department and Joe knows it. Sheriff Pate’s mother-in-law sent me a friend request on FB and I accepted it.  I had no idea that’s who she was. We never had a conversation by PM, or phone, or in person or anything. When Nicole accused me of this, I didn’t even know what the hell she was talking about.  She had snooped around on that woman’s page and found me listed in her friend list (my friend list is not visible).  I do not know Sheriff Pate.

8. And there you have it. Joe, who accuses me of speculating, speculates. You know, if  you want to know about how this blog is financed, you can just ask me.  Hell, I’ll just tell you.  When I started this blog, there were three or so other people who donated to pay for the initial setup and first year.  The blog is more than a year old now, and I have taken care of all the expenses since then myself.

Furthermore, the only money that has ever changed hands (since that initial donation thing) is the money that has been donated to the Kentucky Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranch. You can see the links and a blurb about it to the right of the page. When I realized how many page views this blog was getting, I decided that it might be a good idea to somehow raise some money for charity, so I looked around for something good. I wanted a highly-rated charity that had a good reputation. I wanted something in Kentucky if possible. And I strongly preferred something related to either law enforcement or the military because I knew that would piss off Nicole. Furthermore, if it related to children that would be even better. And the Sheriff’s Ranch met all those criteria. We’ve raised enough money to send at least one child to camp next summer, and I’m very proud of that.

9. Mr Podcast Person is being sarcastic here but might take his own words to heart. I do lots of verifying. He has done zero.

10. That’s right, it’s free speech. Just like your podcast where you trash me with no evidence, and this blog.

11. Not only have I not known of anyone who has ever contacted one of Nicole’s clients, I wouldn’t know how to find her clients, and don’t care about her clients, and don’t allow much conversation about her business on this blog at all.  It might just be that somebody out there doesn’t like Nicole.  Ya think?

12. No, Joe, you don’t have either a case or money.

13. Gag me with a spoon.

14. If Joe and Nicole “get it” from both the left and the right, do you think perhaps it’s not political at all?  Maybe?

15. This clause is true. The rest, well, I have doubts.

16. More gagging.

17. I have no idea, but I am quite sure that “picket our fences” will become a new expression meaning. . . something.

18. Well, not in my case. I was just minding my own business when I saw a news article about the Nauglers and read it, and that led me to the Breckinridge County Sheriff’s FB page, I think, and I made a comment. Not about Joe and Nicole.  I made a comment to Joe.  I replied to him, and said that I thought the state did the absolute right thing to take their kids.

Joe then came over to my FB page, which is pretty public, “followed” me, and then snooped through my photos, and “liked” a few. This, I have discovered, is what he does to let you know he’s looking. It’s an intimidation thing.  He then commented on a couple of my posts, using veiled language, attempting to engage me in an argument. He ended up threatening lawsuits and shit.

He should have just left me alone. I didn’t like it one bit and because he did that, I got more interested in who in the hell this jackass was. And the rest is, well, a blog.

19. I suppose that calling soldiers ‘baby-killers’ is honoring them.

20. And that let me know that Podcast Guys are just like Joe. No wonder they believe every word out of his mouth.

21. One of the perks of having grown up as a fundamentalist Christian is that I have read the Bible a lot. In fact, my mother made me memorize the entire book of John when I was a kid so I could go to Bible camp for free when I didn’t even want to go in the first place.

And Joe’s account is a bit embellished.  Well, a lot embellished. Actually, his punch line simply doesn’t exist at all.

Here’s the pertinent Biblical story from John 21 (KJV):

15So when they had dined, Jesus saith to Simon Peter, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me more than these? He saith unto him, Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee. He saith unto him, Feed my lambs. 16He saith to him again the second time, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me? He saith unto him, Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee. He saith unto him, Feed my sheep. 17He saith unto him the third time, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me? Peter was grieved because he said unto him the third time, Lovest thou me? And he said unto him, Lord, thou knowest all things; thou knowest that I love thee. Jesus saith unto him, Feed my sheep.

18Verily, verily, I say unto thee, When thou wast young, thou girdedst thyself, and walkedst whither thou wouldest: but when thou shalt be old, thou shalt stretch forth thy hands, and another shall gird thee, and carry thee whither thou wouldest not. 19This spake he, signifying by what death he should glorify God. And when he had spoken this, he saith unto him, Follow me.

There is nothing there about “why did you go back to fishing?”

Now, I don’t believe these Bible stories are actually based in fact at all, so I don’t think Jesus said anything, period, but if you’re going to trot around touting your “faith” and acting like “God” sent you on some special mission, and thinking you’re this great “prophet,” at least get  your Bible stories straight.

22.  You are just now figuring that out?  I could have spared you.

23. Sigh.

24. Oh, dear FSM, the “anarchist” method of child protection:  Just march over to your neighbor’s house and bash him in the head or something.  That’ll work out great.

25. What we’re seeing is a couple who have spent years living off donations from good, decent, well-meaning people, both in churches (IRL) and online.  We’re seeing a couple who plaster their entire lives on the net, but in a calculated way in order to paint a picture that isn’t exactly accurate.  We’re seeing a couple who pretend to “unschool,” but actually do no educating at all. We’re seeing a couple who pretend to “homestead,” but actually do nothing of the sort, but instead live on some acreage without cultivating any more than a sorry-ass attempt at a backyard garden, and who shit in buckets and dump them on the ground.  We’re looking at a couple who collect some scraggly animals and let them run loose (they call it “free ranging” but it merely means “too damn cheap and lazy to put up a fence”) and then get outraged when the neighbors aren’t delighted.

26. It’s entirely possible and even probable. I have, in fact, researched it.

27. When I was growing up fundy, the people around me were just like Mr. Podcast Guy.  If somebody claimed to believe the same crap we did, we believed them. That’s how Mike Warnke conned people way back when. It’s especially important to vet stories when you want to believe them. It’s more important to vet those stories than it is at any other time.

And with that, we are at last done.

Page 1 is here.

Page 2 is here.



100 thoughts on “Joe’s Chain Reaction 3”

  1. To you and the person who helped you transcribe this mess, thank you and I don’t know how you did it. I think I would have shot myself in the head. Joe talked and talked but he never had one coherent, and complete thought. How could someone ramble on for that long and say nothing? Joe, step away from the bong and let your remaining brain cells breath.


  2. Basically they’re not a real big boy podcast. No hard questions. No research. Not even entertaining. They’re just pimps for the Nauglers.

    Donations R Us.


  3. The worst was this afternoon. We lost power suddenly and I thought I’d lost a whole lot of it. When power was restored, I found that Open Office (open source software I use instead of Word) was able to recover almost all of it. I was a very happy person at that point. I didn’t have to redo Joe talking about Jesus, because I really did not want to listen to that shit again.


  4. I am really, really thinking we need to hook you, Lisa and Deb (and countless others) up with a podcast with the Stoner Nation Boys. And, not to be rude, include the Nogs on the invite as well (we have manners, after all….)

    There were several moments reading Part 3 I just had to walk away, or I would have lost expensive electronics. Bless you and your team for getting this into a format intelligent humans can digest.


  5. Basically, Andre, Jeremiah, and Jeremiah are as fucked in the head as Joey “blabbermouth” Naugler. . 3 peas in a pod- cast -full of bullshit. I bet these three amigos sit on their asses living off their women just like Joe. I don’t know how I managed but I listened to the pod cast twice.


  6. but I listened to the pod cast twice.

    Why? I didn’t even do that. I transcribed as I listened. Only once. I don’t generally have to back up. Once was plenty of punishment.


  7. I don’t think so. It’s like seeing the numbers of visitors to this blog. I have it set up so that if you access the blog with a phone, you can see the little counter at the bottom of the page, but I did that. I allowed it. I could have not allowed it. (And I have no idea why it only seems to work with a phone. I gave up trying to figure it out.)

    Anyway, there’s no way to know if the 3 guys don’t choose to share the information. Hell, my guess is that a huge number of listeners R us.


  8. And one of the young fellow’s from the podcast is one of only two people to comment on the podcast post on blh. So. As I see it: these chaps are completely unaware of what the Naugnuts have actually done to people. Sharing photos of anyone that dares criticize. Their kids, their job information, even trying to give away your fucking dog, Sally. Providing your goddamn address? Mr. Podcast fellows, you do really need to do some research. Anyone that Trolls or writes about these people or puts on a fucking radio show is IN RESPONSE TO what the Nauglers have done to THEM. It’s not difficult to figure out. Nobody actually gives a shit what they live like or how many kids they have, but if you come at people, constantly, a reaction is going to happen. Do you really believe that a few pissed off people writing on Facebook can keep these shit farmers tethered to a courtroom for two years? Do you? Really? Such power held by such a few keyboard warriors! And considering the area of Kentucky they’re in isn’t the wealthiest, I’m telling you, that sheriff’s office must have a HUGE fucking budget to be able to pay these keyboard warriors to keep up the pressure. The corruption! The collusion! It MUST be true! Give your heads a shake, guys. Maybe some people are just good at lying and are pretty shitty human beings. Maybe some people are shitty parents that deserve to have their kids taken away. And that’s not the big, bad governments fault. It’s just how it is sometimes.


  9. Well that was a load of bullshit. I get so tired of the line about the government stealing pretty babies. I have friends who foster and only one has ever had a pretty white baby in their care. This baby was adorable but was born addicted to drugs and had lots of issues and needed quite a bit of care. Now I do live in a very ethnically diverse city but I also have lots of friends with pretty white babies and none of them have been stolen away. In fact no one in my circle of friends and acquaintances has ever had CPS involved in their lives. So I’m thinking they are full of shit as usual.

    Nicole, quite with the fake tears, the only thing that would make you cry is losing your precious phone. You aren’t fooling anyone, or at least you aren’t fouling anyone with any cash to spare.

    As far as the podcast boys, they are worthless. They certainly aren’t journalists and it’s obvious they only care to further their wacko ideas.

    Thanks again for all the work you do in transcribing this.

    One quick thing, since I didn’t watch the blog. I saw a reference to Joe laying down while doing the interview. Is that accurate? Fatass can’t even remain upright? What a joke.


  10. All I got from this, is a bunch of Morons stroking each others egos.
    Thanks for transcribing it Sally, because sure as shit, I did not want to listen to it.

    It still blows my mind that there are still idiots in this day and age that blindly believe what is told to them…


  11. ” I have no idea, but I am quite sure that “picket our fences” will become a new expression meaning. . . something.”

    My guess is that this is their way of implying they will build (adequate) fencing and they expect people to march along the fence. Or something. I bet they still haven’t wrapped their minds around the fact that people drive on that road and can see what a dump it is in real life. I wonder if it has a particular odor too? Nicole – going out and taking photos of other pieces of property that are also dumps doesn’t make you and yours look any better. Yes, it is LEGAL for you to photograph property from the road. It’s also LEGAL for other people to do the same thing. Do try to keep that in the forefront of your brain.

    It’s the equivalent of “rocket surgery”. That’s okay. Apparently Joe is just as capable of building a fence as he is capable of performing “rocket surgery”. You go, Joe!


  12. Again with NN fake crying. I swear she should get a Razzy for the worst performance in a made for Facebook drama.
    I am so pissed at how those hosts lap up all this drivel from him. I also can’t believe that NN let JN talk almost that entire time without interrrupting in her screechy voice she does when she’s worked up. That podcast was over an hour & a half I believe. Those kids had nothing better to do than listen to that garbage??? I guess that was another #unschooling lesson.
    Excuse me while I go vomit.


  13. Is that accurate?

    Yes. He appeared to be lying on the bed, propped up on an elbow or something. The Skype was typically poor quality and Joe had his face right up in the camera, so you couldn’t see much. He stroked his beard a lot.

    In his defense, I don’t think there is much other furniture in that shed (apart from shelving.) He could have sat on a bucket, I suppose, but maybe they were full.


  14. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for transcribing the idiocracy that spills from the pie holes of JoeBlow and NicNaug. There are so many points to consider but at the end, the host, in his little monologue ends with his very revealing truth.

    One said, “So what’s amazing about that, like children can’t sign contracts because they’re like, not legal, full citizens, but they can somehow still deliver totally accurate testimony as if they were given just as many legal rights and just as good information even though they probably weren’t.” Dudes, little children are citizens and as citizens they have rights. True they cannot enter into any contract without parental consent but they have rights and when someone feels those rights are being violated, guess what, they can answer questions and they can testify in court against the people who have wronged them. I bet you, Mr. Host, think there are a lot of different kinds of folks whose rights should not include testifying in court against abusers. And children don’t typical provide inaccurate testimony; in fact, they are usually pretty truthful.

    They end their little ass and asshat show with plug your shit. Yeah, pretty much describes exactly the level of public access that the Naugs are going to get. Dr. Phil won’t be knocking down their door or any other credible talk show. Although, I am not too fond of Dr. Phil…but hey, he’s in it for entertainment. It’s a crying shame when you are so white trash that Honey Boo Boo’s family can get a show and interviews but you only get these idiots…


  15. i speak to one of nikki’s customers every so often, we both do rescue.
    we do not talk about nikki..her and her husband are really awesome people. they also are very happy with nikki as their groomer, i do not attempt to sway them to my grooming shop either..
    its called professional courtesy..


  16. The Ewok must feel a bit better now that he’s bloviated at someone who ate up his delusions of grandeur. The Ewok has had a hard time because very few people believe him anymore. But I will say this much–I have met the Nauglers and have been around them a fair bit in the past. They are anti-social, manipulative, bullying, grifting con-artists. So no, having met them and seen them in operation, I do not love them, like them, nor can I find anything genuinely positive to say about them. There isn’t an honorable bone in either the Ewok’s body or Medusa’s.


  17. Um Uh You Know Me Um Ou you know them Um Uh You know Trolls. Um Uh I EAT GREAT Um Uh cause You Know I’m connected to My Food. Um Uh you know and they Um Uh Pick on us Um Uh You Know Um Uh. Um Uh You Know Face Book is more important then doing anything in life besides telling the kids what to do Um Uh You Know Oh yea and eating too cause UM UH I’m so connected to my food Um Uh You Know. Um Uh we don’t shit in buckets Um Uh You Know cause we got a Porta Potty Um Uh You Know. Um Uh ok your kicking me off Um Uh You Know cause I still got a LOT MORE BULLSHIT TO SHIT OUT OF MY MOUTH UM UH YOU KNOW. UM UH YOU KNOW UM UH YOU KNOW UM UH YOU KNOW UM UH YOU KNOW UM UH YOU KNOW UM UH YOU KNOW. As Judge Judy would say about now “UM IS NOT A FUCKING ANSWER YOU DIPSHIT”


  18. Thank you, Sally, I couldn’t stand to listen. And that spectacle is one of the most blatant examples of lack of critical thinking that I have ever seen. “Someone is saying something that matches up with my own mindset, so it must be true. I am outraged!”
    But my question is, what’s the point in rehashing something that happened two years ago? What do the N’s get? Or are they just trolling for dollars since they most likely can’t do another GFM?


  19. I slant pretty hard right, politically and in my personal values, so I am in the minority on this blog, but it really irritates me when people use their political views to justify sloppy journalism and lazy thinking. That is what this entire podcast is. A sham. If I was going to hold someone up as an example of state-sponsered oppression, then I would darn sure spend an hour or two looking into their backgrounds and verifying their stories. Anyone with two halfway functioning brain cells can figure out in less than a day the Joe Naugler is a blowhard who is too lazy to support his family. These “journalists” who run this podcast ought to be damned ashamed of themselves.


  20. In the second part of the three part transcription Joe said this: Dad stitched the oldest kid’s finger back on himself, and the finger’s in good shape, but, then at the bottom it would always say, the kids are healthy, they have no recommendation. I have two things to say: 1) Joe, you didn’t stitch his finger back on because I doubt, even in your own illusions of grandeur, you see yourself as a surgeon trained with skills to do micro surgery. Maybe you stitched the skin together, but you didn’t reattach a finger. 2) How the hell did you get the kid to sit still while you stitched? And, unless you have access to a pharmacy that will dispense xylocaine or something very similar, you had to stitch without any deadening agent.

    When my son was 12 or so, he stepped on a knife and cut his foot. The knife was from the kitchen and he had taken it without my knowledge to the garage so he cut on boards! I took him to the ER because it was on a Saturday, and the doctor gave him a shot in his foot to knock the pain and it took two nurses, a couple of orderlies, and myself to hold him so the doctor could deadened the foot. At 12, my boy was over 6 ft tall but he was every bit a baby and no amount of talking to him would ease his fear of that shot. The doctor finally said, let him go and he had the nurse give him a pill and a few minutes later a shot and the boy went to lala land. The doctor sutured his foot up, and an hour later, my son woke up none the wiser. So how in the hell was JoeBlow able to sew the kids finger up without any medication unless the kid was more terrified of JoeBlow than he was of the pain of the sewing up of his finger. Plus, where the hell did he get a suture kit? Did he use a needle and thread? To me, that’s child abuse. And somehow he sees this as bragging rights. Yeah, dude, I sewed my kids finger back on. BTW, one son’s head was burned and they bragged about not taking him to the doctor. Burns are painful. I couldn’t watch my child suffer. Just couldn’t do it.


  21. I am in the minority on this blog

    You may not be as much in the minority as you think. I know that among the Naugler critics are people from every walk of life, and every political viewpoint imaginable. I lean so far left that if somebody pushed me a little, I’d probably fall over, but even though I unapologetically interject my political views into what I write (I can’t help it, it’s who I am), the Naugler situation is appalling and that view has nothing at all to do with politics.

    I thought it was sort of funny how Joe kept on and on with the “liberal Democrat” thing until the host said, “leftists.” But that wouldn’t do for Joe. He had to go on a rampage about the right too.

    He and Nicole hate everyone equally.


  22. But my question is, what’s the point in rehashing something that happened two years ago? What do the N’s get?

    Good question.


  23. I completely agree with that, Sally, and I know we have differing views on religion and politics. I know that when I read here and I have no issues with it. I can still respect and learn from people who view things differently than me.

    Joe and Nicole would be better off if they adopted that philosophy.


  24. jeannie, that sounds EXACTLY like my son when his own stupidity caused the pavement to give him a spanking. So far, it just appears he has a severely bruised butt, but I made sure to confirm that at the ER. He’d never been in that much pain before, so he sounded like he was dying. Then he freaked over getting shots even though he was very happy after he got them. Despite me and doctors being fairly certain he’s fine, our primary may send him for an MRI of his lower back just to be sure his ass first landing didn’t jam up anything. His actual treatment right now is mostly “natural” (ice and heat) with some ibuprofen, occasional flexeril, and tylenol 3 (for the first few days). I had everything on hand to treat him myself, but I ALWAYS consult with doctors first if it’s new for that kid.

    It’s really pissing me off that they keep yelling the government wants their kids and/or conform to a cookie cutter lifestyle. CPS would have kept the younger ones if that were true. Hell, CPS would have certainly taken my youngest if that were true. Young, blonde, smart, looks white, no medical (other than glasses) or mental issues. Yep, my youngest would be a prime candidate for “government kidnapping.” Yet the only thing CPS did with my youngest was speak to him alone once for 5 minutes and had him evaluated by a therapist. That was it. My older boys had a few more hoops. It was stressful and annoying, but nothing even close to attempted kidnap. They didn’t have us make any changes either. They just wanted to know if a physically disabled woman homeschooling her kids caused any harm or neglect. Experts said no so the case was closed.

    Kids can be just fine living and homeschooling on an off-grid homestead. That’s basically how my dad was raised during the Depression. But the adults actually have to DO stuff. Grandma cleaned houses and raised a garden. Grandpa worked as a Ford mechanic and hunted. My dad did go to public school, but was expected to help with everything. They had a well, an outhouse, and no electric. My dad didn’t live in a house with electricity until he was almost a teenager. But his parents busted their ass and all his needs were met.


  25. Those hosts are idiots. Don’t have time to say more now, but seriously, they are idiots. They risk losing listeners, who might take pity on old Joe and Nicole and donate money. Then, when they realize they’ve been scammed, will be pissed at these guys.


  26. Andre, Jeremiah and Jeremiah? Is this the KY version of “him, my name is Larry. This my brother Daryl. And my other brother Daryl”? ??


  27. @jeannie – agree on the stitching point. If Joe is stitching his kids up without the benefit of a pain killer (for the kid, not him), that is abuse. I have stitched myself up a handful of times over the years. I lived in the remote wilderness and had no access to a doctor. My then vet, who supplied me with antibiotics and other such medicine for the dogs, also included suture kits. I always stapled wounds on the dogs when I could – much easier and didn’t seem to phase the dogs at all. Suturing myself was quite painful, even with the medicinal dose of whiskey. I can’t imagine a child sitting through that unless, as you say, the kid is more afraid of Joe.


  28. This man cannot coherently articulate a thought to save his life. How sad that in Nauglerstan, family quality time consists of having to listen to him bloviate. Shouldn’t they be packing for the big move? Oh, wait. . .


  29. Sally, do we know if they really moved or is this all another Facebook lie?

    AFAIK, the Naugler garden shed is right where it’s been for weeks now.


  30. That garden shed ain’t moving unless it’s being repossessed. I doubt they could grift enough money for land and the cost of moving the shed.

    Stupid medical decisions for adults are fine. Lord knows how many times I’ve seen my dad (and less often my mom) do something medically stupid to/for themselves. But when it came to us kids, even after we were adults, they always made sure we had professional medical advice and treatment if needed.

    I don’t like how one of my incisions looks right now and I know my usual babysitters are all busy tonight. If it were an issue with one of the kids, everyone would be in the car heading to urgent care. Since it’s me, I’m keeping extra clean and waiting to see how it looks in the morning. As an adult, I’m allowed to be a bit stupid with myself. As a parent, I cannot be stupid with my kids.


  31. I love the smell of confirmation bias in the morning….

    Seriously, Andre, Jeremiah and Jeremiah, look into the Nauglers. Take off your “Evil Statist” blinkers that mom bought you last Christmas, and just investigate with an open mind. You may be surprised what you find.

    And as to the question asked above somewhere – paraphrase: “What do the Naugler’s get out of doing this podcast thing” – this was their go at fighting Debra’s podcasts with one of their own. They probably listen to hers, get all riled up, but won’t allow themselves to call in. This was the next best thing.


  32. Weren’t they supposed to move in February?

    They’ve got four days until they run out of February.

    Why am I not holding my breath?

    Wonder if the courts are restricting their move until the investigation is complete?


  33. The difference between the Debra’s vlogcast and the Chain-reaction vlogcast is
    Debra and the folks on her show know the Nauglers and their history.
    The Chain-reaction guys didn’t care who the Nauglers really were, so long as they sorta fit the agenda… truthful or not…
    The Chainreaction boys may be smart enough to hook up some fun looking radio like equipment and skype their faces over the Internet, but they are terrible at real journalism… ( or maybe it’s just a basement hobby?)
    Debra is not journalism. Shes just having fun repeating the garbage the Nauglers spew and inviting the folks who know the Nauglers to call in and point out the Naugler lies…
    It’s all opinion.
    Including my opinion that Joe is a complete idiot to have given even more information about his MJ habit.
    He says the pot took took months to clear his system. ? Could that be because he kept putting the pot back into his system? ???
    I wonder if the kids know their Daddy chose pot over them.
    Both the Nauglers are like leaky faucets, drip, drip, dripping damning information.
    Nicole would, again, have every one believe again that the only thing the DFS
    could hold over their head was the children not being registered with the Board of Education. Keep showing that letter, Nicole, maybe the court system will believe it.
    If the Chainreaction boys have any smarts they would chose another family to press their budding journalistic agenda.
    The Nauglers may have temporarily increased the Chainreaction viewership, but we won’t be back…
    Ummmmm unless you have them again? What would Joe say next??


  34. BO has posted the letter from the cabinet, which alleges, among other things, no clean running water.

    BO has responded that they had a working “septic compost.” WTF is septic compost? Is this shit salad rather than the normal word salad.

    Something must be about to go down, as she has been fixated on the ebil gubmint, and the state selling her (soon to be) 11 non potty trained kids (based on the omnipresent00 shit buckets and history of shit piles left on the floor of rental homes.) I have never felt so Sad, afraid, and helplesS. KYCPS, where are you????



    Improperly sewing a wound and/or improper post sewing activity can cause the wound to reopen. Even a tiny opening is enough for infection to set in…assuming it was sewed under hygienic conditions to begin with.

    I -think- this is what I’m dealing with now. I did have a nasty sneezing fit around noon. Thanks to having access to running water, bleach (for the bathroom and not me, LOL), and a very well stocked first aid kit, I’m able to do a decent job keeping the wound cleaned and covered. Then tomorrow afternoon (found out my primary is stuck with urgent care duty then) I’ll consult with a professional. Unfortunately, my surgeon only sees patients in his office on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so I have to wait to see him. Thankfully it’s very small and I really don’t care if my belly button scars funky as long as I prevent infection.

    Or I could just be lazy and have my oldest son stitch it back up and call it unschooling. :/


  36. BO has responded that they had a working “septic compost.” WTF is septic compost? Is this shit salad rather than the normal word salad.

    “Composting septic” is Naugler-speak for “we shit in a bucket and have the kids dump it in a pile on the bare ground.” They’ve already been to court over it and they did not win.


  37. To quote something I just said this morning, “In the age of information, Keyboard Warriors can move mountains.”

    I *may* be a bit of a narcissist. It’s fun.


  38. In a photo she posted the other day there were blue and white 55 gallon drums. Those would be better suited as a rain catchment system that for the kids to play with. I do not understand why a rain catchment system has not been set up. We water our garden with our rain barrels. Ours were simple to set up because we just tied into our gutters. But they could have a simple, yet useful, rain catchment system set up on a weekend.

    I know, I know, Nicole works. So fucking what! Most people work and they still manage to find time to get shit done. We don’t have a homestead but we have a home and houses require regular maintenance. My husband works 40-60 hours a week, sometimes more, but still finds the time to do the repairs around the house that I do not have the skills to do. Time is no excuse. Sure they have 11 kids but kids can be quite helpful. The only reason shit isn’t getting done on the shitstead is due to extreme laziness by Joe. And since Joe won’t do it then Nicole needs to suck it up and get it done. I know if my kids didn’t have access to water or at least a fucking outhouse I would get it done myself. I’d also kick the lazy slob to the curb in the process. Once again I’ll sound sexist but Joe has proven he has no worth as a man, not taking care of Alex either emotionally or financially shows he’s a scumbag. A real mother wouldn’t stand for that. Mothers tend to fight tooth and nail for their children, mothers tend to give and give until they have no more to give for their children. Nicole isn’t doing that, she’s allowing her child to live in squalor. Nicole and Joe are two pees in a pod, lazy, worthless parents.


  39. Look at nicnag posting only one violation from cps, if that’s the case, why did they need 45,000 for legal fees and spend it on a shit shack with actual walls?

    Hey Nicole this letter is dated October 23,2015..not may …hahaga


  40. Thanks Sally for transcribing so I didn’t have to listen.
    Some of the comments over there are pretty brutal, those are the well informed ones.

    Wonder what will happen next? If they have no money to move, but are being evicted, how does that work? Court dates abound, so Sally will be busy trying to keep up with their


  41. They are never going to move, who in there right mind would rent them a piece of land when anyone can see what they have done to the current property. (septic compost is exactly what he says it is) crap in a bucket and let the kids dump it on the ground and let it compost by itself. The smell must be horrible. From the few views I have seen the ceiling is on 24 inch centers and no doubt the floor is the same, add a load of snow on the roof and its coming down, same with the floor, send 11 kids tromping around and that floor is going to sag.
    There has to be a end game, I am just not sure what it is


  42. Looks like another podcast by these men on Sunday. On the YouTube link they were provided with proof and admitted that everything Joe said could be a lie.they may have someone else on to help do both sides of the story. Looks like Sunday 9pm


  43. I think the podcast guys are just young and dumb.

    They aren’t trying to be journalists. They just have the equipment to do a podcast, so they’re doing it because it’s fun.

    One day, hopefully, they’ll grow up.


  44. @ MIM

    It took Joe 60 days to get clean because THC is stored in fat tissue and Joe is a tub of lard. Exercise can speed up the “getting clean” process, and drinking a ton of water can help if youre close to the 50 ng cutoff for testing, but in all fairness it probably would take 60 days for someone of Joe’s sizeable girth to piss clean.


  45. Someone please explain to me a UK resident why Kentucky cps allow these children to live in such squalor

    I am a Kentucky resident and I don’t have the faintest idea.


  46. The podcast guys are accepting proof over on the YouTube podcast comments section.

    The podcast guys need to do their own homework. It’s all right here. Why should anyone have to spoon feed them? They’re grown ups and can read.

    Seriously, it’s ridiculous.


  47. Miss Dani wrote, “As an adult, I’m allowed to be a bit stupid with myself. As a parent, I cannot be stupid with my kids.”

    Yeah, but I want to quibble a bit. As a parent you still need to take good (better?) care of yourself because your kids need you. So I do hope that you’ve since been seen to ensure there’s nothing horrible going on below the surface.


  48. “Yeah, it’s not enough that, you know, that you’re just another person who could, uh, make use of some help from another person just because they’re good people. You also have to agree with their opinions otherwise, you know, there’s something wrong with you.”

    Almost no one in this world has an endless amount of help they can give to everyone who needs it. So we have to pick and choose who gets our help. If I have $100 to give, and family A has a couple kids and they support equal rights and are trying to get by on their own but are falling short, and family B is anti-everything and won’t work but keeps having kids, I’m going to pick the family that’s trying and isn’t railing against everything.

    Further, the Nauglers were given help to the loud tune of $45,000 in GoFundMe, and more from that other organization, and they squandered it.


  49. “But my question is, what’s the point in rehashing something that happened two years ago? What do the N’s get?
    Good question.”

    That rings of Trump to me. Can Trump get in front of an audience without talking about his “more electoral votes than any other president”? Even though he falsified reality in his head, that was still his glory day. I think the Nauglers have painted themselves in their own heads as victims so much that their kids getting taken away was a glory day for them. It proved to them what no one else believed. That day was their vindication, at least in their heads, and they keep harkening back to that event to make everything else feel justified. Remember, Sally, we are in an era where feelings trump facts, and “trump” now means “alternative facts,” making “feelings trump facts” a wormhole of meta.

    I’m really surprised they don’t like Trump though. Trump wants to defund the organizations the Nauglers claim to hate and put into office a woman so against education that she didn’t bother learning the first thing about the job. Trump represents their ideal America in every way, and they don’t like him for it. What will it take to please those people?


  50. I would be really surprised if the podcast guys have an audience outside of their friends.

    Even if I was a stupid 20 something friend of theirs I don’t think I could make it past 5 minutes of their show.

    It doesn’t matter what they think about anything because no one cares. 😉


  51. Tekla said: “Yeah, but I want to quibble a bit. As a parent you still need to take good (better?) care of yourself because your kids need you. So I do hope that you’ve since been seen to ensure there’s nothing horrible going on below the surface.”

    It’s more of a timing thing. ER tonight verses primary doc or urgent care the next day. Kids would almost always be in the ER tonight category. Unfortunately, all the urgent cares within 15 miles close by 8 pm, so we’re stuck with the more drastic option if the symptoms get bad at bed time.

    Trust me though, the local ER has seen me quite a few times in the past 3 months. It takes 8 to 12 hours to get out of there even when it’s already known what was wrong. Pediatric side is closer to 4 hours. I do consult my primary if she’s on duty (either regular office hours or urgent care duty) or the Nurse Hotline through my insurance when deciding to seek care. Trust me, if I had a fever or new pain around the incision, my kids would have been sleeping in the ER last night.

    I did see my primary through urgent care this afternoon and was prescribed antibiotics and told me to keep it clean and covered. I have to see her again on Monday to decide if I can wait to see my surgeon on Wednesday or if I need to go through the ER to be seen immediately.

    Again, it’s more about how quickly we’re seen. I’m much less likely to wait with the kids. I’m not going to walk around on a broken foot for over a month like my mom or demand to eat bacon before going to the ER during a heart attack like my dad (both 100% true), I may wait at most two days to be seen or shower before I go to the ER.


  52. Actually Jeremiah Harding on his Moment of Rage page does claim to be a news personality and has a webpage ID of journalistic revolution it is in his about section of the page.


  53. Amie,
    Thanks for the lesson on clearing THC from ones system.
    Looks like I owe Joe and apology.?
    Sorry Joe I didn’t know being obese affected how long THC stays in your system…I hope for your children’s sake you no longer use it since it’s illegal where you live and if you were to get tested again you wouldn’t want THC to show up up again…
    I know you learned your lesson.
    I do have a silly question.
    In the past I’ve experienced runners high.
    If I smoke marijana and later went to the gym, would I get high again clearing the THC from my fat?
    (I’m just trying to help Joe)


  54. Nicole wrote on her personal page :

    “How can you teach children peaceful living when they are taught to use violence to solve their issues? This child has a lot of aggression and it’s coming from somewhere. He doesn’t need more aggression. Fear of violence won’t solve his issues, it will only teach him he just needs to be more violent than the person he is having a conflict with.”

    WHAT? Teach peaceful living? You have a child facing criminal charges for pointing a gun at someone (just like he learned from his father). ???

    And Joe admitted in the podcast that as recently as 2015 (when child welfare interviewed his kids) the kids said he used switches to hit them. He made them run or do push ups.

    Making a kid get tired or having their muscles hurt from exercise is physical punishment. You are just causing them physical discomfort without touching them. But the child knows who is causing the pain and discomfort.

    How is that “peaceful” parenting? It isn’t directly related to whatever the child did wrong, it doesn’t build communication and respect, it doesn’t give the child a chance to repair what they did wrong. It’s just aggression and teaching the child to be more powerful and physically controlling than the person he is having a conflict with.

    I think Nicole may not realize what is happening to her kids when they are left alone 90 percent of their waking hours with Joe, the original Enforcer. She has some lovely words about parenting, but it doesn’t sound like Joe follows her parenting philosophy.


  55. If it took two months to clear the weed out of Joe’s system before CPS, or whatever it’s called in Kentucky, would return the kids, then six weeks out of the eight that CPS held the kids is Joe’s direct fault. Maybe he should apologize to his children and tell them the truth. Sorry kids you spent six weeks away because your Dad tested positive for an illegal substance.
    I live in Colorado and I voted to legalize pot here, but the fact still remains, it’s illegal in Kentucky. Plus it’s not a cheap habit and it doesn’t appear that they have money to burn.


  56. Bea, Nicole knows damn well her kids aren’t being raised in a peaceful home. She just spouts those talking points to bring in new followers and hopefully get money from them. Just another of her buzzwords. They are quasi peaceful parents which means they aren’t fucking peaceful.


  57. I am not advocating smoking pot because of the reasons I outlined earlier. I am also not sure if that is a serious question, but there are a lot of factors involved in how fast your system is cleared of THC. Your BMI, you metabolism, how often you smoke….

    Joe Naugler is the last person on earth who should be smoking dope. It robs you of your ambition and makes you paranoid.


  58. Not to mention that we are taking Joe at face value that the only reason those kids stayed in custody was because of his drug use, and frankly I dont believe that. My ex husband pissed hot multiple times during a custody dispute we had and the judge never once even threatened to revoke his visitation for smoking weed.


  59. Where did the $45K go?

    Well, with that many kids, it’s not much money, and it would be easy to use up.


    How much of that $45K went into their home, and how much did Joe use to get high?


  60. I actually think having a child run laps can be an effective discipline tool, when used appropriately. It can help a child burn off excess energy, and then they settle down and find it easier to behave. But I chose not to use any corporal punishment when raising my child.


  61. Here’s what Joe wrote on his personal page and I just had to share it: “As a natural at wrestling, judo and the muay Thai kick, and a lover of the arts and sports, these are the top 5 mma fighters that profoundly inspire me in my studies and practice….”

    Joe, the only things you are a natural at are being a sperm donor, a neglectful parent, fucking lazy and a criminal. Nobody believes you practice martial arts. Nobody. You can’t even walk and talk at the same time without sounding like you are about to have a stroke or heart attack. You are completely and utterly disgusting on every level.


  62. “I do have a silly question.
    In the past I’ve experienced runners high.
    If I smoke marijana and later went to the gym, would I get high again clearing the THC from my fat?
    (I’m just trying to help Joe)”

    I haven’t read this article in its entirety but yes – you may get a little rebound buzz as a reward for your efforts. Don’t forget to drink lots of water too!


  63. I find Nicole’s silence so close to an important court date almost disturbing. It is so out of character for her.


  64. So, Faith’s family had a gender reveal party and no Naugler’s present. It must burn her ass that she didn’t know first. BTW, it’s a girl.


  65. M Rigatoni,
    I agree that having a child run laps can be a positive tool. But it should relate to what the child is doing wrong. It the child agrees that running helps him, then it is effective. But if the child is just feeling physical pain or exhaustion, it’s just physical punishment like switching.

    We don’t use ANY physical punishment either and out kids are turning out great 🙂


  66. As a natural at wrestling, judo and the muay Thai kick, and a lover of the arts and sports, these are the top 5 mma fighters that profoundly inspire me in my studies and practice….”

    I just burst out laughing when I read that. I have actually watched him burst into the road out of the weeds. That was pretty much all he could manage.


  67. Joe is probably posting that he’s a tough guy who knows judo and the “muay Thia” kick… and so on and so forth, … so that the guys in jail know not to mess with him…
    I feel embarrassed for him.


  68. Nicole isn’t being silent, imo, she’s been hammering away (either personally or through her proxy) at the victim on her secret little troll page. All day long. You didn’t think she could control herself?


  69. Saw some recent photos of Faith. She looks beautiful, healthy and like she’s carrying a healthy pregnancy with a reasonable weight gain. She looks like a glowing happy young woman. Was lovely to see.

    Stark contrast to Nicky, whose belly already looks like she’s in the eighth month. They’re both due in July.

    There’s no question that pregnancy is hard on a body. There are only so many times your abdominal muscles can stretch before they just hang there like used up rubber bands.

    I really do worry about Nicole’s diet and weight gain. Older mothers who have had a shit ton of kids really DO have huge-ass babies that they can get in trouble with. Particularly, if they’re eating a lot of sugar and starch and don’t get enough lean protein and decent veggies. They also have exhausted uterus muscles that fail to contract and stop the bleeding when the placenta detaches.

    Nicole seems to think she’s super-human…like she’s some immortal weirdo who can pop out as many kids as she wants risk free. It’s just not true.

    Nicole….very seriously…you are long past starting to push the envelope of your good luck. There are so many things that can go very seriously and life threateningly wrong for a woman with your history. The baby could need help, too. You’re playomg against higher and higher odds with each pregnancy for a medically fragile kid.

    Nicole, what do you think will happen if your giving birth in a garden shed results in the death of a medically fragile baby? Do you think the coroner is going to say, “Well, she made an informed choice, and the baby’s lack of access to life saving equipment is just one of those things.” Or do you think the courts will call it negligent homicide?

    What happens to the other kids when the parents are convinced of negligent homicide?

    Nicole and Joe…you are playing Russian Roulette with your other chidren’s lives. Can’t you see that?

    You can no longer afford the risk involved with home birth.

    Your thick heads probably won’t absorb that, but it’s going to be incredibly tragic when you learn the hard way.

    God, I wish your kids had parents who actually gave a shit about them, and made good choices with their needs in mind.


  70. I don’t know why this came to me this morning, but it hit me that physical punishment is all the Nauglers can probably dish out. They have no ability to instigate a time-out, nor do the kids have any privileges to revoke.

    True story…just under a year ago, all of my kids decided to be absolute dicks. Not sure what was in the water that day. I unplugged the internet router. Mind you, they only lost the ability to use the internet. Every other form of entertainment was still there. They screamed and yelled like I was beating them. A neighbor came by concerned about the noise …then promptly laughed her ass off. The kids have never given me that much trouble since.


  71. Evelyn wrote, “So, Faith’s family had a gender reveal party and no Naugler’s present. It must burn her ass that she didn’t know first. BTW, it’s a girl.”

    Well, I bet Nicole would have pitched a fit that there wasn’t a bigger cake and a bigger fuss made over her because she is clearly the superior woman. This is only Faith’s first and Nicole is pregnant with #12.


  72. So glad to read the news of Faith and Jacob’s move away from J&N’s influence and prenatal care. It keeps hope alive for the rest of the kids to follow this path out. Congratulations Faith and Jacob on your baby girl.

    LMAO at JoJo’s delusional ‘natural ability’ wrestling posts.
    Our family has been actively involved with wrestling for 35 years, from 5 year olds to the collegiate level and beyond as one is now a internationally reknown referee. The amount of fitness and discipline it requires is so disparate with Joe Naugler, he is nothing but delusional. He is the wrestler who comes into the room looking for “the ropes” and thinks he can win with dirty moves. Wrestling would be excellent for his boys if taught through one of the many sanctioned programs. Many many kids from very different troubled homes have come through our programs, fully supported in every way, from equipment to travel to food and parental guidance throughout their young lives. It is known early on who these kids are and the wrestling community always rallies around these kids. There is no lack of resources from LE, medical, financial, educational and plain old love and attention and many other things, that is not in a wrestling community and freely given to these kids and often families. We are “mom & dad” to many of these kids today, and as they now bring their young kids into the wrestling room, we are all, as the larger wrestling family, so very proud. There are Grands and even some great grands who continue to be seen regularly in the stands who remain loyal to the success of all of these kids as wrestlers and as good citizens who now have solid futures because of this community and there are some who would compare with the Naugler experience.

    Thirdly, I must say as a parent of very active boys, I had the rule that if you could not sit and behave in the car (i.e. stop messing with others) on the ride home from one of the gazillion practices I drove, you were let out of the vehicle at the end of our country road, about 200 yards, to run home. It worked for us. It was frankly dangerous to have a heavy weight start picking on someone, the van actually would sway across the road, as no one ever refused a challenge. Only remember a few “drop offs”.
    The wrestling community is extremely loyal later in life also and as the kids become a part of the larger society and this loyalty is constantly rewarded. People already know and trust you as they know very well how you trained and wrestled, win or lose.


  73. I saw the photos too; they’re on Faith’s mom’s FB page, which is publicly-viewable but I definitely feel snoopy going there since it’s a Facebook profile and not a “page.” Hasn’t kept me from going there now and then because from the posts I find reassurance that Faith’s family is managing to stay calm and removed from the self-created storms on the Blessed Little Naugstead even while welcoming Jacob into their family tree.

    The gender-reveal party looked very sweet; I freely admit it doesn’t matter what I might think but I liked what I saw in the photos because it fit my personal idea of what a family celebration is supposed to look like.

    I can’t help but think how it contrasts with what we see of the Naugler kids’ birthdays – a cake made by a sibling and eaten at the shop, presumably only in the company of Nicole and whatever one or two other kid helpers are on duty that day; and a pose for the photo Nicole will post along with a brief description of the birthday child which seems designed primarily to satisfy her audience that she sees her children as individuals – and while they do change from child to child, the descriptions seem to change very little from year to year.

    I also got a big kick out of the theme – “Whooo’s it going to be? A boy or girl?” – because it was owls! Al Wilson must be cracking up. My hat’s off to whomever made the owl cupcakes – they looked great!


  74. I saw those photos of Faith and Jacob, too. They both look great, healthy and rested. Hopefully, they stay connected to her family. Seems it’s a positive environment.


  75. Does anyone know if CPS also has a say so for the unborn child of the Naugs?
    I cannot for a minute believe that CPS would not require Nicole to get a monthly check up and have the baby in the hospital.
    She posted a picture at a doctors office saying she took in one of the kids but I think it was Nicole getting a prenatal check up.
    At 40 and after having so many children she is at high risk for a premature baby, Downs baby, etc.
    I hope they are following her carefully.


  76. Bea said:
    M Rigatoni,
    I agree that having a child run laps can be a positive tool. But it should relate to what the child is doing wrong. It the child agrees that running helps him, then it is effective. But if the child is just feeling physical pain or exhaustion, it’s just physical punishment like switching.
    We don’t use ANY physical punishment either and out kids are turning out great
    I agree with you Bea. I did use running laps occasionally with my own child, because he was brimming over with energy and often that was what caused some issues to arise. Mostly, I tried to be ahead of the curve on week-ends by taking him to the park to play basketball, or we’d go on a long bike ride or a hike, or out to the beach, to both have fun together and to help him burn off some of that energy. I would never have made him do any activity or exertion if he was in pain or exhausted already. And my child is now a young adult and he is a real sweetheart – all without the use of physical punishment. 🙂


  77. Did Jacob and Faith move away from the homestead? I was under the impression that they lived on the same property and had or were buying a shed like ma and pa’s? This is so much to keep straight. But I am genuinely interested in the older kids, I love seeing them turning into adults and look forward to seeing what they become. Shitty parents don’t make shitty kids who turn into shitty adults. It certainly sets them back but it doesn’t make the kids bad people.
    Joe and NN are still shitty parents though.


  78. “As a natural at wrestling, judo and the muay Thai kick, and a lover of the arts and sports, these are the top 5 mma fighters that profoundly inspire me in my studies and practice….”
    For some reason, that reminded me of Kramer on Seinfeld, in his brief stint as a karate kid. Hey Joe, you might be able to wrestle with your little kids and come out a winner, but against an actual wrestler? Not so much. Lover of the arts? Perhaps he meant lover of martial arts, which would make sense. I think what Joe loves most, in no particular order, are: 1. Joe. 2. Talking about Joe. 3. Eating. 4. Smoking weed. 5. Procreating. 6. Sleeping. 7. Eating. 8. Talking about Joe. 9. Eating. 10. Smoking some more weed. 11. Besting his 3-year old at wrestling and pretending that makes him a “natural” at wrestling.


  79. Ms. Dani – your story about unplugging the internet for a day reminded me of when I was sharing a house many years ago with a single mom and her then 12-year old daughter. The daughter was just hitting those rough adolescent years. One day, her mom put a lock on the plug for the television. She was in trouble for something and her punishment was no t.v. Mom had to be at work til 5:00, so she came up with that idea to enforce the punishment for between the time her daughter got home from school and mom got home from work. I happened to get home first and the daughter was in the midst of pitching a fit over not being able to watch t.v. I thought it was a rather ingenious idea myself. LOL.


  80. What I imagine the translations are….of the shit Nicole says…


    “I’ve been quiet the past few days. As you understand, I am emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted. We are pushing through and past our trials. Slowly but surely getting back to our happy place ??”

    TRANSLATION: (No one liked the Chain Reaction podcast, even thought I posted it TWICE…so I got pissy and said sour grapes for a while. Now, I’m going to pretend I don’t care.)

    “I am about halfway through my pregnancy and I’m starting to feel the baby move. For some reason I usually don’t feel them till later, so I’m a bit excited and a little more at ease. Pregnancy is going well. ?”

    TRANSLATION: (I’m worried about this pregnancy, it’s on my mind a lot. I’m worried that people might have a point when they say we’re pushing our luck. But, I’d rather die than admit that, so I’ll over-hype the movement I’m feeling from a baby who is gestationally about the size of a newborn kitten.)

    “The business has been super busy and I am so grateful for all of our amazing clients. ??? We are finally adding more retail along with our bows. ? if you want anything in particular let us know.”

    TRANSLATION: (Business is slow, because grooming is generally slow in the spring. When it warms up, there will be shaving and summer cuts to do, but it’s still a little early and business has been meh, at best. In the mean time, we’re selling more crap our clients don’t need. We probably don’t have a retail license, so all it would take is one call to the IRS to cause us a lot of problems….because God knows we don’t want to collect sale’s tax for Kentucky, even though we are legally obligated to do so when we sell items that are not services.)

    “We had a few delays in our move but we are still on track. We are hoping this will help bring peace to our family. We still have attacks both on and offline but they have quieted down. ?
    The children are doing well. Happy the weather has been warm but they are wanting a good snow storm ❄️☃️❄️”

    TRANSLATION: (We’re not moving. Possibly because the courts have forbidden it until our custody case is resolved. We wish we had a big snow storm to blame our lack of moving on, because we know this makes us look like the liars we are.)

    “We have recieved so many warm and supporting messages and letters. I’m doing my best to find time to reply to all of you. It’s encouraging to see not only those who are likeminded, but those who aren’t who can still be supportive and respectful. ??”

    TRANSLATION: ( I can’t spell received. We’re getting less and less support all the time. Fewer people are liking our posts, particularly the ones that have to do with our flame wars and legal issues. People still like pictures of our kids, but that doesn’t do us any good unless they send donations. Please send letters of support, ok? And money, send that, too, ok?)

    “I hope you all have a blessed week. ?”

    TRANSLATION: (I’m hanging on by my fingernails as evidenced by my gross over-use of cutesy emojis that remind people I have the mentality of a 12 year old)


  81. I cannot for a minute believe that CPS would not require Nicole to get a monthly check up and have the baby in the hospital.

    I don’t think it’s possible or legal to require somebody to have a baby in a hospital. How would you go about enforcing that? Only she knows when she’s in labor. All she would have to do is say, “Gee, I went into labor so fast. I just didn’t make it there.”

    And I don’t think it’s possible or legal to force an adult to have medical care of any sort. The fetus is a fetus. It’s not a citizen. The fetus does not have rights of its own at this point.

    Personally, I would consider any kind of legal intervention regarding a preganncy at this point to be draconian and would oppose it vigorously.


  82. Did Jacob and Faith move away from the homestead?

    We do not know. Nicole doesn’t mention them and nothing delights me more than to see their names absent from her prattle.


  83. I may be way off base, but I think all CPS do is take the baby at birth if Nicole shows reckless behavior during the pregnancy. That, combined with her history. And if something really bad happened she could possibly be charged with a crime.

    It’s a slippery slope with pregnancy. Recommendations vary from even credible sources and you don’t want to go down the road of locking pregnant women up or negating their health care choices. I’ve had people (doctors even) give me a ton of grief for taking certain meds during my pregnancies. I did so under close supervision, but as I said, opinions vary.

    I think all they can do is make recommendations, maybe compel an a few checkups, and possibly remove the newborn. And that’s IF the county has resources for that.


  84. Unrelated to the fucking podcast but I need to post this somewhere.

    I am so sick and tired of the pictures of kids playing and people making comments about how refreshing it is to see children playing outside. Ummm…kids play outside all the time. You don’t need to be a homesteader or a quasi unschooler for your kids to play outside. I have friends from all walks of life and one thing all the kids have in common is playing. It’s what kids do. They go outside when the weather is nice and play. Kids climb trees, play with trucks, use their imaginations. And kids also get dirty, the difference is most children go home and get a bath. I have fond memories of bath time when my kiddos were little. They’d play all day and then before bed they’d play some more in the tub and get clean. Sadly the Naugs do get to play outside but they don’t get to take a hot bath at night while mom or dad sit with them. So sad.


  85. @OnePossibleTranslation – bravo. Well done and I absolutely agree. I believe they thought being on Wave4 would finally generate another GoFundMe where their other attempts failed – like the “We have to move because we are in danger.” The tv interview fell flat and so they are desperately trying different things to get some suckers to part with their money. It’s not going to work though. Their few supporters are as poor as they are. They are finally faced with the reality of, gasp, Joe having to get off his fat, lazy ass and work. Unless he goes to jail – which I really and truly hope he does.

    When CPS takes the kids, and I believe they will, at least Nicole and Joe won’t have to worry so much about money and can eat Hardee’s under the bridge, where they will be living.

    @Dinah – spot on as well. I remember playing all day, every day outside in the summer and during winter holidays. When school let out for the day, my friends and I were playing baseball, climbing trees, fishing, exploring creeks, skating, sledding etc. However, at the end of the day we returned to our homes where nice hot baths; simple nutritious meals and clean warm beds awaited. The Naugler kids go to bed dirty and crammed together in a stinking shed.

    Today’s pic killed me. She thought it was a great idea for that little guy to swing the bag behind him and have the handle around his throat. Completely safe if he had normal parents who actually paid attention to him. Sadly all I could picture was him strangling.


  86. Joe fancies himself intimate of martial arts ahahahaha. He is also intimate with court on a near weekly basis. I bet he will become intimate with the guards at some point too. He is intimate (this is about to get bubba shrimp like) with sitting in the van during the day while his kids are left at home and his pregnant wife works. He is intimate with Hardees “dates”. He is NOT intimate with keeping livestock inside of their own fencing. Nicole can post a definition of intimate but ummmmm we all know what it means. Joe needs to become intimate with a pocket dictionary. They need to be less intimate with one another because NN is about on her last tooth. When her teeth are all gone and her uterus finally falls out…then what? What will jojo do then? Who will he be intimate with? Those mesh things don’t always work….


  87. For a while the Ewok claimed that he practiced Aikido. I had to laugh at that one. You see I studied Aikido for a time and never got good at it. It is bloody hard to crack the code on just falling, much less doing anything else. While not all skilled practitioners are tremendously svelte, they do possess a certain athleticism. YouTube Aikido, watch a short one or two and then picture the Ewok doing that. He would have a heart attack just from being the uke (person getting thrown around). Either that or he would be too hazed from his habit and he would just get a mild shove and end up doing a face plant. Maybe he thought Aikido was mystical and he wouldn’t actually have to do anything. Hilarious.


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