Joe’s Chain Reaction 1

Joe wanted to be on a podcast. He could have come over to Naugler Nation.  He’s welcome there, but I don’t think they have the sort of audience he was looking for. He found a podcast done by three guys who look like they’re trying to be Rush Limbaugh and bent their ears for more than an hour. Here’s the link if you want to wade through the whole thing. Joe starts at about the 27 minute mark.

This is going to take several posts and probably a couple of days. I can’t spend all day long transcribing video.

Note: I am not going to differentiate between the three hosts. Transcribing this is laborious enough as it is, and they actually don’t say very much, so I am just going to call them all “Host.”

HOST: I don’t know much about him, um, or his family. (1) Is he up? Is he on? Joseph, can you hear us?

HOST2: He’s trying.

HOST1: Okay. All right.

HOST: [Begins to talk about something else since Joe is not online.]

HOST: Here we are. (Joe appears in upper corner of screen on Skype, complete with a bunch of kids.)

Wow, I love your crew, Joseph.

How are you guys doing?

How are you doing?

Hello? [Joe is smiling and obviously cannot hear them.]

There’s a big delay.

JOE: A lot of people to fit into one little screen.

HOST: Yeah, it certainly is.

Joseph, who’s going to be speaking? Do you prefer to be called Joseph, or Joe, or do you care?

You’re having issues hearing me.

JOE: Joseph will be fine.

HOST: Okay. And then, wow. Oh boy. If you’re listening in the audio, all the. . . there are. . .how many kids in the background there.

Oh, my god.

So, we’re all. . .

JOE: Ten (unclear)

HOST: Ten and your wife.

See, that is why we’re all kind of sitting here slack-jawed, in awe, amazed by this.

So, Joseph, tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do, please.

JOE: Um, well, uh, a little bit about myself is, um, I guess fundamentally I’m just a very intimate father and a husband.(2)

HOST: Nice.

JOE: And those are my main goals in life is to be as intimate as I can be with my children and my wife. . . we’ve been together. . . we just celebrated 23 years.

HOSTS: Congratulations

JOE: And, um, I, uh, my wife runs a pet grooming business and I homeschool the kids and run the homestead here. (2) It works for us and uh, you know, some of the older kids that you see in the pictures here, they go and help Mom out at the work. It’s part of how we homeschool. Teach them a trade.

HOST: Awesome

JOE: You know the customer service, the bookkeeping and stuff so, uh, but, uh, we just, it all, I guess it just comes down to, you know, a lot of people ask us, cause we homeschool, about the socialization, and I say, you know, it’s a peer-based kind of society and I want to change that to a family-based society.

You know, we no longer have grandpas sitting their grandchildren on their laps telling them moral-relative stories. Uh, we’ve kind of lost that connection, we’ve lost our connection with our food, with, uh, with the way we pass on, with death, even, I mean, a lot of people send their elders to old folks’ homes. So, I’ve really focused on trying to change that.

HOST: Yeah, you have a classroom full of kids in your house anyway.

Thank you for, thank you for being a compassionate father that wants to be intimate with his children. I know you don’t need my thanks, but I just want you to know, I really appreciate the way you are making the future a better place by loving your children well.

Um, would you. . .

JOE: (unclear). . .you can push a lot of laws, you can push a lot of policies and political beliefs but fundamentally, you know, Ghandi said it right, be the change you want to see in the world and that’s kind of where I’m starting.

HOST: Can you tell us first a little bit. . .tell us what a homestead is and then can you tell us why you wanted to start one?

JOE: Okay. Um, well, I like to consider us a quasi-homestead. (3) I use the word “quasi” because a lot of people want to push their purity, their ideas and how they think and “oh, well, you’re just not a real homesteader because you’re doing this, this and this” or I have internet so I’m not a real off-gridder and you know it gets kind of annoying having those conversations all the time, so I just kind of interject the word “quasi” and just hey, this is our concept.

Uh, but as far as homesteading, it, uh, what we do is, we’re trying to, you know, I studied psychology, and I notice a lot of people who suffer from anxiety and depression are disconnected from their food. (4) I mean, look what happens when there’s a storm. People run to get their, uh, you know, their, uh, milk-bread, their milk sandwiches. You know, so I just feel it’s important that we connect fundamentally with how we grow our food, and how we kill our food, how we , uh, uh, raise our food and those things, and uh, so our homesteading. . .we kind of do it on the, you know, I also add the word “wilderness,” uh, because we foliage, (5) we go out in the wild, we know what mushrooms and what plants we can eat, and what ones are used for medicine, and which ones are poisonous.

HOST: That’s awesome.

.JOE: So, but the more my children, it, I have seen them so fundamental and grounded in who they are and in their environment knowing these things. Uh, so they, you know, my children, even after what we went through in May of 2015, uh, they don’t suffer from a lot of those things that other people suffer from with anxiety and depression and things, (6) so that’s fundamentally what our concept of homesteading is

HOST: Okay, thank you. Can you tell us a little bit, if you’re willing to, about what you went through in 2015? Did you hear that? Okay.

JOE: Yeah, uh, (some garbled stuff due to poor connection, I think), we’re very big on, on sharing our testimony and sharing our way of life and things like that, and we know what it does. It, it, you know, it inspires some people and um, but for the most part, it, in our culture, with such a politically-charged environment, it does cause a lot of contention. Um, but, uh, we oftentimes, I think it’s happened like seven or eight times, we’ve had people try to use the state and its overreaching abilities they’ve acquired, um, to target us.

Uh, we’ve, uh, you know, had conversations over circumcision and people have called CPS, you know, these anonymous calls, you know, which are unconstitutional. . .

HOST: Oh, my goodness

JOE: . . . because we have a right to face our, our accuser, but there was an anonymous to CPS from a woman, uh, who was upset that I, uh, it was two women involved, one of them was upset that I deleted her on Facebook. . (7)

HOST: (laughs)

JOE: Yeah, I know, it’s just bizarre. And so, I went over to where they were living, and they’re renting a trailer from the people that actually own the place and they have a great well. And we have to cart our water in, just like our neighbors do, they cart their water in, and uh, the owners of the property are preppers and we got along with them quite well. We’d share ideas, and we’d share prepping, you know, resources and things, and they had given me permission to, and I went over to get some water, and, and, she started acting, you know, aggressive and hostile and such and uh, she had another woman and they were kind of approaching us and whatever, but they had never been on our property, they’d never met us or our children, and uh, she sent some nasty messages to my wife and said she was gonna call CPS, so, uh, this had been the second time as we lived here because we have video recorded of the first time that the sheriff of Breckinridge County had come to our property (8)and was in my wife’s face and threatening, you know, emergency removal order.

At that time, uh, 18 months prior, my wife was ready to give birth, any day now, so, uh, I was being diplomatic, um, pretty much, you know, as we were exercising our rights, he was being very aggressive. We called the state police, they showed up, uh, and we allowed CPS to talk to our children. And, and it wasn’t like they said, “Oh, are you guys abused” or, or this or that. It was “are you happy?” I was, like, go to a public school. Ninety percent of the kids there are gonna tell you they’re not happy. Are you gonna remove them?

HOSTS: [a little snickering] Right.

JOE: But, it, it, basically they, they just went down to that and they never came back out. They never were concerned about anything they saw, any issues, or anything.

HOST: Really?

JOE: So, eighteen months later, they get another anonymous call and they wanna do a, well, in the state of Kentucky, anonymous calls are not probable cause. But much like the mailman, they’re allowed to come knock on your door and say, “Hey, this is our concern” and you tell them to leave, to come back with a warrant and they’ve got to respect that. And so, and it was basically that. And we recorded the conversations with the sheriff and he makes mention of a couple of posts we made on Facebook on how to exercise your rights and how to deal with police, and he’s making these kind of issues, threatening that he’ll get SWAT team involved and all sorts of, uh, you know, and he just basically tells us we don’t have any rights. (9)

HOST: Wow.

JOE: And without any, off of an anonymous call, without any probable cause or imminent danger for him to justify, just on the fact that we weren’t cooperating, we were exercising our rights, he gets a judge, out of Breckinridge County to issue an emergency removal order.

HOST: Ugh.

JOE: And it starts off with him pulling my wife over and taking the two oldest boys, arresting her for disorderly conduct. . .

HOST: Wow.

JOE: . . . for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. But in the recording you can hear that she’s just exercising her rights. “I want to see a warrant. . .”

HOST: Yeah.

JOE: “On what grounds?” “Why did you even pull me over?” He never once says anything. He just says, “Well, I’ve got a . . . and even upon her saying “I’d like to see the warrant,” never once did they, did they handed over one.

So he just takes the kids, uh, and then I show up. I’m at a friend’s and she called me and I said, oh, they’re gonna kill her. They’re gonna shoot her. My wife knows she’s right, and I don’t care how big you are, I don’t care how many guns you have, if she knows she’s in the right, she won’t stop.

And so I had my friend drive me up, and uh, I get out and my wife and the boys are in different squad cars and. . .

HOST: Wow.

JOE: . . . and at first he grabs his gun and goes to get a little threatening with me and I take a step back. By this time, traffic had kind of built up and I was able to get her phone which had the recordings in it. They were trying to get it and it had flung out of her hands and into the grass and they weren’t able to find it, but I was able to get it before they did.

HOST: Good.

JOE: Um, but then he gives me, on top of everything, he gives me 14 hours to drop the other eight kids off or I’ll face eight counts of felony custodial interference, which didn’t make sense to me.

HOST: With your own children? [Laughs]

JOE: Yes, and the fact that what was the imminent danger or probable cause that’s so imminent that my kids had to be emergency removed, that he’s giving me. . . I could have been in Mexico by then. (10)

HOSTS: Right. Yeah.

JOE: I could have (unclear) out every evidence. I could have, I just could have completely gone, aside from any felony charges he threatened me with.

HOST: They’re gonna hit you with a felony based off basically nothing.

JOE: And so, I dropped them off the next morning. I, I don’t want to battle. . . Right. Just because we exercised our rights, uh, and they make it clear, you can hear the recording, he makes it clear, that that, he’s monitoring our Facebook pages, and, uh, he’s very upset about us teaching people their rights and how to deal with police. Very upset.

HOST: How dare you. . . Well, you know there’s that old slogan that don’t steal, the government hates competition, but this is don’t kidnap, the government hates competition.

JOE: Right. So, (garbled due to poor transmission) I didn’t want to have felony charges on top of everything else that we could have been looking at, cause you know the government. Once the government (garbled) resisting arrest, which are just misdemeanor charges. Class A, you know, misdemeanor. So I dropped the other eight kids off, and you know, we walk in and I dropped them off, and, you know, I tried to make it, I mean, we let our kids know clearly what’s going on, and what’s gonna happen. . .

HOST: Right.

JOE: . . . you heard in the recording, let them know, I’m preparing them emotionally and mentally for this. (11) Uh, so, I don’t know how long this is gonna take, uh, Kentucky is one of the worst, uh, has some of the worst corruption in family court and CPS. . .(12)

HOST: Really. . .

JOE: You know, people where no crimes have been charged, nothing has been charged, uh, and they still for years don’t have their kids back. People are like, they’re amazed that we got our kids back after eight weeks, and that breaks my heart. That really does.

HOST: Yeah

JOE: They’re just tearing families apart like this. What we’ve seen, um, there’s so much money involved. There’s so much politics involved. I mean, when I first walked in the courtroom that Thursday, uh, ah, I mean, I’m just walking in the family court and the first question they, they ask me is, uh, “Mr. Naugler. Do you recognize our authority?” (13)


JOE: What. . . Yes! Like, what does that have to do with anything? You have my kids. You have the guns. I’m here. Trust me, I recognize your, imaginary or not, your authority.

HOST: Yeah, your superior firepower.

JOE: That’s right. I mean, really, you walk in and it’s a small little room and on this side of the wall there were like twenty sheriff’s deputies, marshalls, and state police, and on this side of the wall there was like twenty CPS workers. And then you had our lawyer, then us, and the table was just full.

HOST: So this was more about getting you to fall in line more than anything else.

JOE: You know, that, that’s what it was because in this meeting it, and we’re gonna get ahold of the transcripts. Right now our case isn’t closed and it’s almost been two years


JOE: And it’s an (unclear) we’ve had to go through and everything but. . .

HOST: There is no case

End of Part 1, for no particular reason except that’s where I stopped.

  1. And there was the first mistake these wanna-be podcasters made. Information about the Nauglers is simple to find. Their story went viral and ended up being published all over the world.  Ignorance is no excuse. This is sloppy “journalism.” It’s fairly clear from the comments that follow that the hosts didn’t even know that the Naugs have umpty-bazillion children.
  2. Did anyone find that creepy? I found that creepy.
  3. Joe has this ongoing problem when people ask him what he does. They mean: where do you work?  Joe doesn’t work, so he uses this ridiculous “homeschooling” and “homesteading” thing.  He does neither one. If Joe is a quasi-homesteader, then Dave is a quasi-helicopter pilot because he once had a lesson on a simulator.
  4. I’m not sure what to say about this. The Naugler family does not raise or gather or grow any appreciable amount of food. They never have that I can tell.  They’ve butchered one tiny goat.  They’ve grown a very, very few vegetables.  Lots of people live in cities and do more than that.
  5. This not a transcription error. This is what he said.
  6. Do I need to post screen shot after screen shot of Nicole talking about how emotionally damaged the children are from the horrible stay with the horrible statists?  I’m glad to know that none of that is true.
  7. Here’s a little bit about the Alford plea. They do not present you with one of these because somebody got mad about being unfriended on Facebook.  The woman in question refused to allow Joe to get water.  This angered Joe and he has a real tendency to bully women.  Joe conveniently left out the part where he told one of his kids to go to the car and get the gun out of the dash. That is what led directly to the menacing charge (and an Alford plea is in fact a guilty plea) and conviction.
  8. The first time Sheriff Pate came to the Naugler property was because their small daughter had run away and was found walking up the road far from the Shitstead.  Here’s the transcript of that incident, which Nicole helpfully recorded for us so we’d know exactly what happened and who said what.
  9. He never said any such thing. He never implied any such thing.  Here’s the transcript.
  10. He could have been in Mexico but then he would have had eight kids and no working wife.  There was no danger of him going anywhere, ever.
  11. This is a transcript of Joe “preparing them emotionally and mentally.” After reading that, if you still think Joe is telling the truth about all this stuff, then I give up.
  12. I call BS on that one.  Joe makes claims like this without offering the slightest evidence.
  13. If they, in fact, asked him that question (and Joe is prone to alternative facting when it comes to relating the gist of a conversation), they were concerned as hell because Joe and Nicole have hinted a good bit that they wouldn’t mind resorting to violence if they thought their “rights” were being violated. Go back and read the transcripts of the runaway child and the removal of the kids and you’ll see what I mean. Nobody wants to go out to their property ever because you have no idea if you go whether somebody is going to shoot at you or not.

More later when I get to it.

Page 2 is here.

Page 3 is here.


62 thoughts on “Joe’s Chain Reaction 1”

  1. I found #2 disturbing. Intimate father and husband? WTF?
    Where the hell is CPS! Good grief, if this doesn’t rise alarms, I don’t know will.


  2. Wow. Talk about lies by omission and using the kids as props for sympathy. And using the term foliage in and of itself should be enough to signal to them that he’s blowing smoke heavier than a freight train. Joe how many credit hours you knock out in the PSY area? Everyone is required to take intro to psychology as a core requirement, you didn’t “study” it. Hell, I took every psychology class offered at my previous school and didn’t study psychology.


  3. 1. Intimate :definition via Naugler Dictionary; Watching each other shit in buckets and humping their mother in a garden shed while the kids sleep right above you.
    2.Quasi-homestead: Living in the country among actual homesteaders making nothing but a brood of probably illiterate children and buying food in the closest town.
    3. …I can’t go on, I’m sorry. I’m so fucking grossed out by the idea of that puke forcing his “intimacy ” onto his brood that I need a good brain bleach. I love my dad but the idea of him and I being so close that he feels we’re intimate? Haha! No. Just no. We both prefer to have our own secrets and our own lives.


  4. The sheriff had an Emergency Custody Order based on environmental neglect, etc. at the homestead. The Nauglers stated they were not staying at the homestead at that time and the sheriff had been there and the younger children were not there. So he was a nice guy, imo, and gave Joe until the next day to collect the children from where they were staying away from the homestead instead of being displaced in the middle of the night. With no passports how as Joe going to flee to Mexico? Run the border and be an illegal? The federales would have had a field day. He thinks they’re tough in the States.

    As to the teenage boys who were in a car with Nicole. What warrant? All that was required was the ECO, and Joe can take it up with the legislature, but the sheriff didn’t have to serve that on Nicole at the time. The ECO has to be served a certain time before the hearing. If Nicole had been hiding the teens in the trunk, now one could talk about a warrant or probable cause. Otherwise it’s just smoke and mirrors.

    Omg on the anonymous call. How can Joe sit there with a straight face and call it an anonymous call and in the same breath say who made the call. Not very anonymous is it? The victim of the menacing for which Joe was convicted called LE and called DHFS because Joe had his children in the car when he menaced her, as well as, attempted to make said children part of the crime by directing them to get the gun out of the car. At the very least the children were witnesses to the crime. Then there is the fact that LE and I believe the social workers were out at the property while the Nauglers were all conveniently staying at a friends house.

    The whole story about permission to take water. Joe really dances around on that one as to whose property he was on. It’s a family compound, but even if they were leasing it, guess what, the owner cannot give someone permission to go onto land leased by someone else. The Nauglers know this. They wouldn’t let their landlord on their property and cited the law in one of their many “documenting” recordings they’ve posted online. So basically the rightful owner/leaseholder asked Joe to leave their land and Joe chose not to. Even had there been a previous oral agreement to allow Joe to come on their land and take water the minute that the oral agreement was revoked it was over. On top of that Joe had not been back to that property for water in over a year. In Kentucky an oral agreement is only good for less than a full year. There was no agreement. Period. Joe could have apologized and left or just left. Instead Joe chose an argument and threats which arose to his conviction for menacing. By the way there were quite a few witnesses from the family compound Joe was trespassing upon and from what I hear he had been told a long time ago not to come back there again. It was never a he said she said kind of charge.


  5. First time I have ever heard a father state, quote, “my main goals in life is to be as intimate as I can be with my children…and my wife.” end quote. RED FLAG!!!
    Wife yes…children? Hell to the fucking NO!!!
    WTF?? Remember what Alex, ( Jo’s son from a previous relationship) accused his father of?

    This is a comment Alex made to a person on Facebook!
    Alex quote in reference to his father Joseph Naugler. “Kymberly how bout from 2 to 4 and a half, you go to bed, and wake up with a man forcing a dick in your mouth, and you tell me how you would be at the end of the day? OK thx” end quote


  6. Thanks for taking this bullet Sally. I will admit I half listened to this today while ironing. I will say it gets worse from here. I also was quite amused about his insinuation they grow their own food & are very concerned about what their kids are eating. They eat so much processed stuff. If that’s what they choose, that’s fine but don’t make out like you are all organic & growing/raising all you consume. I’m sorry but they could be killing deer for meat (like we do). I am by no means all organic, but my hubs & boys can hunt, fish & can provide a good amount for our family. This is not the sole source of our food, but we do a heck of a lot more than the N’s do!!!


  7. They didn’t flinch ng her phone! They even tell Joe to try calling her number! They weren’t interested in her phone!

    And Joe, you don’t seem disconnected from food. You live on fast food. You don’t know anything about food other than eating it.

    So much on this is a lie!

    The woman you stole water from was paying the rent! No matter what you say the owner said about take ng the water! You would have a FIT if someone came to a place you rented & took your water!! You ORDERED your kids to get the GUN!

    You’re a blow hard!!

    Homeschool?????!! When did you stop unschooling????!!!!



  8. JOE: But, it, it, basically they, they just went down to that and they never came back out. They never were concerned about anything they saw, any issues, or anything.

    HOST: Really?

    Would like to note.

    They moved residences, and tried to hide from CPS.


  9. I can’t imagine transcribing this either.

    Every time Nicole and Joe talk they don’t make any sense at all. It hurts my brain.


  10. I’m wondering how ‘call me Joseph’ got this podcast gig. Seems the ‘hosts’ knew bupkis about him and the family, so either he booked himself or…maybe Pace? He’s been quiet lately, maybe he got back into the scene because of…bitcoin/grifting? The hosts seem to be Pace-style peeps, at least to me.


  11. Homesteading, quasi-homesteading…. The part they keep failing to provide is in the middle. H-O-M-E.


  12. Ewww! Just ewww! Thanks again for doing the dirty work Sally. That’s a whole lot of bullshit to wade through.

    These podcasters are fucking idiots. Who interviews someone without reading up on them? Who lets someone blab on and on without knowing the pertinent facts? This was a joke. And anyone who can admire Joe or Nicole or think they are the bees knees is a fucking dumbass.


  13. Ok so the “intimate father” part almost made me hurl up my Taco Tuesday lunch. Hair on the back of my neck standing on end.

    I got to the part about how they grow and forage for their own food and I started laughing so hard, I had to take a break from reading. What a lying piece of shit.


  14. I have to to wonder if one reason they continually, and falsely, assert that neither the police or CPS, (or anyone who has ever met them, for that matter) have no problem with anything they do, is to convince the children that there is no hope of rescue. If the children believe the spittle rants flying from his fat lips, then they probably believe they have to tow the line. Because, as bad as those children knew things were when they were freezing and starving in that shack, or vomiting on the ground with the goat, they weren’t bad enough to effect any real change. The world must seem so hopeless to them. I also suspect the threat of separating them from one another (the siblings) is enough to force them into submission for the deprivation they endure. They are alienated, made to fear every passerby, all while being educationally starved and deprived of bare necessities. And they are terrified to be without the only other people in the world who “get it” – their brothers and sisters. It is so sad.


  15. Uck.
    Uck again and gag.
    I believe the Ewok and Medusa are an epic pile of Freudian slips. They say whatever to get whatever it is that they want at that time, be it money, stuff, attention, whatever. The big problem for them is that they never fathomed that their prey would not just simply roll over for them and wish them away but would turn out to be smarter, more determined, and not intimidated. So Sally transcribes their Freudian slips and lies for all to behold, complete with links to other, often contradictory Freudian slips and lies given at different times to different audiences to get money and attention.

    And Medusa will speak in rapid manic speech and film police officers from inappropriate angles. The Ewok will continue to insist that he be recognized as a celebrity for making his kids live worse than rats and CPS taking them. All I can say is that they have set themselves up so incredibly for failure. Pair of partial celebrity homeless, toothless losers.


  16. Wtf is an “intimate father”? I have heard of “involved father” but hell he barely does that. He likes to be intimate and involved in creating all these mouths he can’t feed, clothe or have proper housing for. That “intimate father” shits got me concerned, majorly. Takes me back to Alex & those accusations & O running away. Something is not right here and CPS needs to reexamine this case. ?


  17. Yeah, the highlighted comment Joe made about intimacy was creepy. Very creepy.
    And it was comment #2… :p

    Also, he *quoted* Gandhi, saying “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I don’t think Gandhi ever said that. It sounds like something Joe read on a bumper sticker once. Short and easy to remember and it makes you sound smart to people who are, well, dumber than you are.

    Joe: “… we foliage, (5) we go out in the wild, we know what mushrooms and what plants we can eat, and what ones are used for medicine, and which ones are poisonous.”

    Oh dear lord, mushrooms???… what about the time the kids wanted to eat toads and that poor (maybe) diseased turtle?

    Jojo has never, ever been ‘disconnected from his food.” 😉


  18. He says even though the kids were taken they are OK and no anxiety or anything…but Nicole says they are scared 24/7 and traumatized 00


  19. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    Looks like they’re in trouble again. All the latest brouhaha from Nicole and Joe about how CPS is breathing down their throats wanting examinations and testing “outside their jurisdiction”. The admissions that CPS still has an ongoing case 5oo plus days later. The reconnecting with Family Forward and the great leap of working for the “cause” mailing some prestamped premade letters to Trump. The reaching out and sharing their “testimony” on numerous pages and podcasts and whatnot. The ramp up of cleaned up photos of the children, a bookcase with moldy looking books, children playing, etc. to play the government overreach blame game.

    I smell more than another fundraiser. I smell another removal of the children carried on the shit tainted winds blowing off the not a homestead not in the wilderness land they’ve crapped up and don’t want anymore. Why do I get the feeling that they think, may even secretly desire, or are actively working for another removal of the children? If it worked once before, you know? No skin off their noses. The children survived it once, they can do it again, right? It will only be for a couple of months. The pay off for Joe “do you know who we are, we are the family whose children were removed” seems to be a claim to fame, a chance to “shine”. He appears to revel in his notoriety. He really seems to only come alive when he talks about it. Then of course there is that big donation payday to look forward to and another vacation paid for by the marks while the couple can have another honeymoon hotel stay living in the lap of luxury while Nicole spends her time feeding her pregnancy cravings with ice cream and take out while lounging on a comfy bed with clean linens.


  20. How fucking creepy could paw possibly be?
    He makes my skin crawl.

    I may need to vomit and cry a little for the children forced into intimacy with their slug of a dad.


  21. Why bother them? They can read here. They even said they had read here. I’m not going to twist anyone’s arm.


  22. Sally, my words are failing me now. I am so impressed that you were able and willing to transcribe that. I started watching it/listening to it when I learned of its existence, and was unable to make it for more than a couple minutes. Even when I was reading though your transcription, I found myself skimming, because I find my annoyance level rising ridiculously quickly with the omissions, lies, and half truths. I want to sing accolades and praises for you for managing to get through it, listening and transcribing, which i am sure means you had to listen to it multiple times. I am super impressed that you were able to do it. I always appreciate your transcriptions of the videos (from the whole limited data aspect), but I truly think after this one I really appreciate the fact that you are going over and beyond anything anyone would expect from you.


  23. @Sally – as I was reading this my brain hurt because I was trying to figure out WTF Joe was talking about most of the time. Dear gawd, talk about word salad. I was completely creeped out by his description of calling himself an intimate father. My husband will tell you I have spent several years studying cults. Call it a hobby. One common thread through them all – whether they are a socially isolated family or a socially isolated group of people – is sexual abuse.
    Joe is disgusting on just about every level. We already have the testimony from Alex, who I am inclined to believe, simply because his story hasn’t changed. Joe on the other hand can’t keep his lies straight. And then there is the testimony from Al (yes, I am still crushing on your voice) about Joe leering at his daughter and the testimony from Viv and Eric about Joe grabbing his crotch when he sees the “trinket shop” (Nicole, you are a fucking idiot) open. And let us not forget how he thinks it’s perfectly acceptable for young teens to give into their hormones and have sex.
    His description of being an intimate father raised a huge red flag for me. Huge. I hope CPS is paying attention.
    [Admin: I absolutely get what you were saying here. Seriously get it. But I can’t allow it. I hope you can understand why.] And I hope Joe is kicked in the nads by the horse and his genitals fall off. Fuck you Joe. You are one day going to get what is coming to you.


  24. I’ll admit I’m high as a kite right now. (Hernia surgery) I’m afraid to read the rest of it. It’s just creepy his choice of words really really creeps me out. And who the heck is just listening and agreeing with him?


  25. So these idiots make a podcast of someone they don’t know, someone whose story they never researched, and they let him bloviate and then just accept what he says as gospel. Then they get upset that people think they’re idiots and try to hide behind the idea that they don’t claim to be a credible, reliable news source.

    Well, I don’t claim to be a mathematician, but I can balance a checkbook. I don’t claim to be a botanist, but I can look up what flowers grow in my area so I can plant those and not other less viable options. I’m not a professional artist but I can look up how to etch a glass (it’s surprisingly easy).

    No excuse.


  26. As if Joe’s intimacy comment wasn’t creepy enough, the podcast-dude follows with:
    “Thank you for, thank you for being a compassionate father that wants to be intimate with his children.”

    Prophet Joseph says:
    “I notice a lot of people who suffer from anxiety and depression are disconnected from their food.”
    Can anyone explain to me what this “disconnected from their food” is?
    Is it a matter of not being “intimate” enough with your food? I really don’t know. But if it helps with anxiety and depression, someone needs to call NIMH pronto!

    I’ll be back later to read more comments. In the meantime I’m off to make a milk-sandwich for breakfast. 🙂


  27. So these idiots make a podcast of someone they don’t know, someone whose story they never researched, and they let him bloviate and then just accept what he says as gospel. Then they get upset that people think they’re idiots and try to hide behind the idea that they don’t claim to be a credible, reliable news source.

    Well, I don’t claim to be a mathematician, but I can balance a checkbook. I don’t claim to be a botanist, but I can look up what flowers grow in my area so I can plant those and not other less viable options. I’m not a professional artist but I can look up how to etch a glass (it’s surprisingly easy).

    No excuse. They need to do their homework if they want people to take them seriously.


  28. “disconnected from their food.”

    I nearly became disconnected with my mouthful of coffee when I heard that.

    That is some prize-winning disconnect right there. Does Joe even cook?? I hear he makes chili but I’m inclined to think that means he opened the cans. Every food photo Nicole posts has been either what the kids make or Nicole’s take-out lunch.

    Wasn’t there a comment about Joe causing someone to nearly become disconnected with his or her lunch? Really, there are so many ironies in Joe’s statement that I don’t even know where to aim. I believe others above have mentioned how Joe could stand to become a bit more disconnected with his food.

    And since we’ve already lost our lunches, I’ll go on to add that the Nauglers seem far more connected to their food after it leaves the body than before it enters, to the point of having to be court-ordered not to stockpile the souvenirs.

    Yep, they’re a little too connected, I’d say.

    Count me in as someone who did a double-take at Joe’s use of the word “intimate.” I’d like to discount it as nothing more than a careless and/or clueless choice – sort of like saying “foliage” when he means “forage” – but it’s hard to overlook when he says it twice, especially when in both instances he is describing his relationship with his wife AND his children simultaneously. I just kept staring at the screen (yes, I watched the damn thing, and I’ll never get that hour back) thinking WHY did you SAY that????

    And of course at the end of the interview Joe’s Skype session was experiencing disconnection from its signal…..

    Yeah, that one’s kind of stupid, but I’m telling you, we could write a whole book around this one stupid phrase.


  29. Ugh, no more italics for me. I meant to italicize one word – “more”; as you can see, I didn’t close it up properly. I’m just that typo person, ba-dump-bing.


  30. The podcast fan boys claiming they don’t know Joe’s story is a bit of a stretch seeing as they all frequent the same ancap/voluntaryist Facebook pages and all. Just saying. Truth is hard when you’re a liar.


  31. They also slip up a few times. Like how did they know the blogger was a she if they’d never heard of the story or the blog before? 50-50 guess. It could be. I assume they’re more of those men who slack around smoking dope and live off their wife or mommy while making believe they are doing anything but play at being big boys.


  32. Intimate father

    Of all the terms he could have chosen why did these two words come out? What was he trying to achieve? Certainly he was trying to portray himself as a good involved father but the words intimate father pop out.

    Remember the Ewok is essentially a con artist with a gift for being persuasive to trusting people who have not really met him yet. He will blather on about whatever he thinks you will like hearing and that will simultaneously make him feel important. Celebrity even! And of course cause you to transfer money that you have earned from your pocket to the Ewok who has earned nothing.

    So with all of the impromptu bloviating the Ewok did with this podcast trying to take in cash he makes a slip and one heck of a creepy one at that. Intimate father. Not involved father, close father, or even loving father. Intimate father.

    Intimacy is usually a term used to describe a facet of a couples’ healthy relationship because it tends to connote sexual overtones. It is often used as a substitution term for sex. So the Ewok is an intimate father. That, combined with Alex’s statements about sexual abuse, the Ewok’s leering at young women, constant impregnating of his wife, and frankly sexual harassment of Vivian (grabbing crotch in an effort to intimidate a woman is sexual harassment–at least from a government employee perspective), and calling women derogatory sexalized terms indicates that the Ewok has a serious preoccupation with sex and uses it to enforce his power. There is more than enough reason for people on this blog to be extremely concerned for any other human in contact with the Ewok. Get ready for a clarification statement from either the Ewok or Medusa.


  33. Bet these podcasters thought they would be able to glom onto this story and score a new following.
    But when not one of these nodding heads ever stopped JoJo and asked for even the simplest clarification on any of his confusing recollections, it was plain they didn’t care enough about the story to even try, or even worse, they were buying into it. Either way they they totally lost credibility.

    Jojo as the kids “intimate” homeschooling teacher of language, public speaking and logic, is educational neglect.

    Joe lost me completely when he began talking (in the next part), about hypothetically stopping to help a person on the side of the road with a broken down vehicle. JoJo stopping to help? No, never would happen. Just. Not. Possible.
    Sally- how DO you do it? Thanks


  34. OMG! Joe, the quasi homesteader who likes to foliage and who is intimate with his children and who doesn’t want to miss the chance to get all connected to his food. Sounds to me like Joe needs to look those multi syllable words up before he tries to use them: quasi–not real, foliage–plants do this when they fill out with leaves, but humans forage for wild foods such as mushrooms, roots, berries, and so forth, and getting intimate usually indicates a sexual relationship.

    And he shares ideas about prepping with the owner of the property where he went to steal water. Prepping would involve canning, fermenting, drying, pickling, jellying, freezing, etc., all the fresh food one grows, buys, forages for, etc. or for those who eat animals that he or she raises such as cows or pigs or chickens or goats, or that he or she hunts for from the wild such as deer. I am a prepper but not in the sense that I am waiting for the great end of the world thing because I am an atheists and don’t believe there are going to be white horses and red horses and trumpets and famine and shit. I do it to make my life easier. Can the soup during the summer while vegetables are growing in the garden or are cheap at the store and over the winter open the jar of soup and heat it up…prepared for the winter. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything on their many social network sites that demonstrates that they can, dry, freeze, ferment, or jelly a damn thing. In fact, the foods she posts that she buys at the store are all those prepackaged foods that I refuse to consider food. And other than threatening to shoot their dog and making one of the kids shoot the goat, I don’t think they are much into growing animals for food or even hunting animals for food. Then there’s the pond with all the scum that the poor kids tried to catch a fish or two.

    I think the kids try to find wild foods to eat because they are really hungry. They remind me of my cousin’s neighbors from about twenty years back, who were terribly neglected. One day, I was visiting and one of the kids came over and asked my cousin what he was going to do with all those berries. My cousin asked what berries and the kids pointed to a black berry briar patch that had the start of some little white and red berries that weren’t fit to eat. We explained they weren’t ripe and the disappointment in those kids faces broke my heart. My cousin said, but I happen to have some lunch meat so we made them sandwiches. After the kids left, my cousin said he and his wife feed the kids when the parents are gone and other neighbors feed them too. Eventually, welfare came and took the kids and their parents moved off.

    The picture NicNaug posted of her kids holding that bucket of acorns was very sad and remixed me of my cousin’s neighbors. While my daughter feeds acorns to her chickens and I’ve done the pioneer thing by leaching them, drying, and pounding into a flour to make some little acorn cakes. Acorns are a lot of work. Acorns are not a food a kid can just pick up and eat. Poor, poor kids. I can hear the idiot parents when the kids say they are hungry…well, with your unschooling, go “foliage” and get you something to eat like a toad or a lizard or acorns.


  35. Wow – I feel completely creeped out by the term “intimate Father”.
    There was apparently a 5 second delay on this podcast and I would have terminated that link immediately on hearing that term.
    In view of the history on this numpty and his family – that statement alone is very worrying in my humble opinion.
    I know this guy is a prize dingbat …. but even so …. to call yourself that when you have been accused of sexually assaulting your Son is just full on stupid.
    Plus ….. why would you have your family sitting around for about an hour while you spout crap? should’t they be packing?
    I couldn’t listen to it or watch his face ……. I just moved the timer along to see how long he blathered on for. I don’t know how you stand to listen to it Sally!!!! every credit to you – I just couldn’t do it.

    The tack they are going in does seem to have changed a bit over the past few weeks. Whether it is because of the court cases I don’t know but since NitCole had her little strop at the court ….. dingbat seems to be doing some funny shit!


  36. Unreal, we all know she reads here and of course knows how upsetting the “intimate” word was, but instead of attempting to correct that choice of word and it’s implications, she posts a picture of two sweet little guys in her spot in bed and proudly proclaims they “cuddle / wrestle” with him every morning… she is beyond disgusting. Up until that post I was very uncomfortable with the implications in the comments here, but now I’m just sick over the very possible reality of serious sexual abuse. Molestation and incest is not a joke Nicole.

    [Admin: I am going to permit this, but everyone please note that this comment comes right up to the line without crossing it. Please don’t go further. None of us has any proof of anything here. All we have for certain is that Joe’s son accused him of sexual abuse in court. Joe denies it. That’s it. The rest is totally conjecture. That said, the cuddling photo in the wake of the “intimate” thing was inadvisable.]


  37. @Sally – I understand. I already knew you would edit that part. I just needed to vent. Sometimes the stuff I have seen gives me nightmares and venting helps. I appreciate you leaving Joe getting kicked in the nada in though. LOL

    @Olive – dear gawd, I snorted coffee through my nose with the “in a bucket!” Thank you…I think.

    @Michele – I too said, “Huh?” when Joe rambled on about being disconnected from food being the cause of depression and anxiety. WTF was he talking about? He has to be one happy mofo because it is quite obvious he is not disconnected from any food. Anyone with an ounce of sense would have listened to that bit and known that he had no experience with growing or raising food. I wonder why he didn’t talk about the dented mystery cans and all the processed shit they really eat?

    And please somebody give me the recipe for a milk sandwich. Not even Gordon Ramsey knows what it is.


  38. Yeah the intimate father thing creeped me out too. Especially when he included it with being intimate with his wife in the same breath. I fear for those kids. And people wonder why the one girl wants her hair short! Hmmm

    The people doing the podcast do not give two shits about getting the “REAL” truth. All they care about is the fact that the kids as Joe says were “kidnapped” by the state.

    Joe told lots of lies and half truths. He did not mention the multiple legal problems or the GFM. I wonder how long he rehearsed what he was going to talk about as it was so carefully worded to get out lies and skip the matters that got them in the fix they were in.


  39. every credit to you

    I am getting a little help from a very nice, very thoughtful volunteer, who has my most sincere thanks.


  40. demonstrates that they can

    Nicole has canned food before, in what appears to be very limited amounts. She seems to have learned how when she was Mormon. There was a photo of a few (like less than twenty) jars of pickles and other water-bath-canned foods.

    To put that in perspective, there are two of us. I often can 1000 jars of food for a year. (I didn’t last year, but that was sort of on purpose because we were planning for the Great Cruise and I knew I wasn’t going to come home and do a big garden.)

    One thousand jars of food for two people. That’s not quite three jars per day and that’s about what we use. Imagine what would be involved to do major canning for an army of 13?


  41. Are you sure she canned them or that maybe someone donated them to her? When I help my neighbors they tend to give me canned jelly and salsa. The one, lol, she’s so funny, she always gives me like 10 jellies and tells me to donate or give them to someone I know. So what I’m getting at is that I have canned goods on my shelf, sometimes a lot, 20-30 jars of stuff and I don’t even know how to can. I will learn this year though! I garden though! I give what I can’t use to my neighbor, he cans them. My step mom gives me sauerkraut every year too, trades for stuff from my garden. Giving canned stuff to your neighbors are like a show of endearment where I’m from. It really is! It is socially acceptable to go to a friend’s house and just causally trade some canned goods with one another, or veggies for canned, what have you. Even though I have a hard time believing anyone enjoys the naugs, it clearly doesn’t mean some people don’t get sucked in and feel pity for them.


  42. I am as creeped out by Joe using the word “intimate” as you all are.
    But I wonder if it is a malapropism, as his language skills are so poor.
    Remember when he told the kids to be reverent when they were taken?


  43. I wIll let everyeryone else take on the “intimate” hisband and father Joe claims to be. I can’t believe that he is using such language in regards to the children, especially given Alex’s claims. We do know he is not the brightest bulb on the tree, so perhaps he just does not understand the context in which the word is used? We do factually know that he is an intimate husband to the she-bitch, almost certainly with the children within eatshot. Eeew.

    But, on to bring catty….

    Joe says that “We’ve lost that connection to our food.”

    Umm, Joe, it certainly does not appear that you have lost ANY connection to your food. You seem to be connected to more and more of it? I guess that makes you a successful homesteader?



  44. Milk sandwich recipe
    Many years ago here in the UK some people put condenced milk on sandwiches
    That is probably one of the reasons The mamas teeth have rotted


  45. Are you sure she canned them or that maybe someone donated them to her?

    I believe she canned them. Water bath canning is not hard. IIRC, she said she learned at the Mormon food preservation center (there’s a name for it but I can’t remember what it is).


  46. But I wonder if it is a malapropism, as his language skills are so poor

    Absolutely, yes. It could well be. Just like his use of “foliage” when he meant “forage.” He likes “insidious” too, and clearly doesn’t know exactly what it means.

    It’s still creepy, in context.


  47. Parenting is an intimate sort of relationship, but we don’t call it intimate. I think he meant to say he’s an affectionate father. He used “foliage” as a verb, so it’s not like he’s well-learned in the fact that words mean things. I’d say that he isn’t the sort who should be homeschooling, but he’s not homeschooling to begin with. With a dad like him, maybe the kids are better of by not being schooled at all. They’re getting enough false information to unlearn.

    What do you think he means when he tells the kids to be reverent? Perhaps someone ought to start a Naugler-to-English dictionary.

    //You know the customer service, the bookkeeping and stuff so, uh, but, uh, we just, it all, I guess it just comes down to, you know,//



  48. “Uh, we’ve, uh, you know, had conversations over circumcision and people have called CPS, you know, these anonymous calls, you know, which are unconstitutional. . .”

    Really??? This is mind blowing!!!!
    Mind blowing that he thinks anyone believes him!! No one call CPS over your political beliefs, religion, birthing, circumcision beliefs!!

    The last “anonymous ” caller to CPS, you know, the woman who TEXTED your wife that SHE called CPS, the woman who did not even know you, but had Nicole’s number to text her, yea, that woman, did so because you threatened her with a gun Joe. A gun. Not only that, but you ORDERED your minor child to get the said GUN from the car. What loving, compassionate parent does that? What loving compassionate person calls women CUNTS? Be the change you want to see???

    You neglectful, illegal drug user, who can’t even provide a home for your children, but can find the money to BUY pot!!!!!


  49. “One thousand jars of food for two people. That’s not quite three jars per day and that’s about what we use. Imagine what would be involved to do major canning for an army of 13?”

    With Nicole being the bread winner in the family that would mean Joe would have to do the canning. I see that happening only when hell freezes over. Besides, they would need a shed almost the size of the one they live in to store the amount of food they would have to can to feed the whole lot of them.

    When I heard Joe use the word intimate in describing himself as a father, I literally had to do a triple take. My head jerked around hard enough I felt fire in my neck muscle I moved the slider back two separate times to make sure I had heard him correctly and I was thinking, “WTF? He did not just say that…..did he?” If I ever had a shred of doubt about Alex’s accusations against his father, there is none now. Between that podcast and the post Alex made about his abuse, that I only recently viewed, there is no longer any doubt in my mind. Any fear I may have felt for the Naugler children has now been escalated. I can only hope that CPS, or someone in authority, hears that podcast and acts on it.


  50. I was really surprised that Joe admitted that he failed two drug tests.

    Then I remembered the article BLH posted a few days ago about Raymond and Amelia Schwab. The Schwab’s got world wide support for their child welfare case because they claimed (falsely) that their children were taken just because the dad used marijuana. I guess the Nauglers are hoping to add some pot supporters to the ranks.

    Nicole has claimed repeatedly that the only thing they were found guilty of was failure to register for homeschool.

    But Joe says in his podcast that family court found them guilty of CHILD NEGLECT (dilapidated house) and DRUG ABUSE (Joe having to pass a drug test to get the kids back).

    How can the Nauglers expect anyone to believe anything they say?


  51. Canning is not hard. Easiest to do is water bath canning because it takes less expensive equipment and less time to do it. There are lots of things that can be water bath canned.

    Jams and jellies are very easy to make. One can forage for berries to make jams and jellies. I know I do close to 600 jars of jams, jellies and butters every year. I do it for our family of two, extended family and friends. This year we took 40+ cases of canned goods to pass out to family and friends on our travels. There are some that post in this blog that got some of my canned stuff.

    I also can pickles, relishes, sauces, veggies and broths. I can for my animals too – pumpkin, veggies and spice and salt free broths. It is nothing for me to can over 2000 jars of stuff each year. Even when I was working I did close to 1000 jars a year. I do the canning all by myself. If I had a small army of kids I could do even more. Last year alone we bought over 100 cases of new jars to add to our already huge supply of jars. Now that I am retired canning and providing for my family and pets IS my job.

    The Nauglers can not can because they can not even grow a garden to supply their family with enough food for more than a few meals. Sure people with out gardens do can they buy their stuff from produce stands or farmers. But that takes more money than growing your own stuff. Money that they do not have. I have to buy some stuff for my canning such as peaches, apples (if it is a bad year for them like last year our trees did not produce much), carrots (we buy them because where our garden is they do not grow good enough to mess with them) and onions. Some years we get bumper crops of certain things and I can a lot of that cause one never knows what next year will bring. Again canning is not hard just lots of work and time. When one is starting out in canning equipment and jars is the biggest expense. If you take care of the equipment and jars you have it to use for many years. Taking care of things is not a strong suit for the Nauglers so I would have to say they will never succeed at canning even if they do get successful at gardening. Lots of space is needed to store the canned goods. It should be stored in a place that is dark, free from rodents and will not get too hot or cold. Hell with my canning equipment, jars empty and full I could fill up their garden shed.

    Last of all LOTS and LOTS of clean water is needed for canning. Yes I am probably OCD about making sure my stuff I can is super clean but that is to help prevent botulism. Water is needed for washing jars, filling canners and washing jars after canning before they go on the shelf for storage. I imagine there are days that I use as much water canning as a restaurant would use. Another thing the Nauglers do not have.

    Also when you can there is always scrapes and waste. That does not go to waste at our house. The pigs, chickens and beef cows get it. Carrot and beet peels I dehydrate and grind into a flour to use when making treats for the dogs.

    I would be in canner’s heaven if I even had 3-4 kids to help. Cause I could get so much more done.


  52. I’m new to canning. I retired a few years ago. The canner is a hand me down & I’m getting good at making jams and jellies. I enjoy picking blackberries. I gauge the first of the season with 4th of July. Last year I picked 13 1/2 gallons of them. I will give some away, never would I sell them. I’m learning the water baths now but I am canning more than I can use so I too give plenty away.


  53. “I love my wife with such a deep, perverted passion. She absolutely completes me.”
    ~~~Joe on a photo of he and Nicole kissing from nine years ago. What a romantic.
    Enough said.


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