Joe and the Beer

Neither children, nor earning a living, nor cleaning up the pigsty that is the Blessed Little Homestead, nor going to court can stop Nicole from going through her Facebook page and deleting anything that she sees as mildly critical of her.

In the interest of fairness and transparency, here is a link to the Blessed Little Homestead page where all this occurred.

The event was The Blessed Little Joyride, and it’s documented here.

And right here, I’m going to put back up as many of the deleted comments as I can scrape together.  Mind now, I am trying to only put back up deleted comments and I am not going to try to put them back in any sort of chronological order, except that I did file them as I got them last night. It was a little hectic.

As usual, I’ll add some snarky commentary as I see fit.


I have no idea what Nicole means about screen shots.  How can you get screen shots of us riding past her property?  Nobody threatened to ride past her property.  The only thing she can possibly mean is that she’s got screen shots of me saying that I did.

So what?  If she were to contact me, or better yet, just unblock me from her silly page, I would be happy to provide her with all the “admissions” she wants.


And here we have “the county is crooked.”  (I need a smiley icon, don’t I?) And Nicole called 911 and reported “the drinking and driving.”  Only there was no “drinking and driving.”

It simply didn’t happen.  There was, though, standing-in-the-road drinking a beer, committed by Joe Naugler. I watched him.  Nicole simply doesn’t want to believe that, bless her heart.

And here a disclaimer.  I do not know why I have to do this over and over again.  I do not have a sock account.  I am not “Kitty Hawkins.” I cannot comment on BLH because I am blocked from doing so.


Joe did like the beer, or appeared to.  And he certainly was nicer after he got it than before.

public road

We’re lucky this isn’t Texas!  Wow. I’m impressed. What would they do in Texas?  I hate to think of it.


Notice that Nicole says “we record everything.”  Well, some of the folks on this excursion did the same thing, Nicole, and “recorded” some of it with snapshots.  But that’s not okay, is it?  Only the Mighty Nauglers with their Rights get to “record everything.”


Nobody was looking for “poop.”  I didn’t have a camera and never left the vehicle.  But notice something:  Nicole wasn’t there, but did “hear the recording.”

This is sort of odd, considering that Nicole is just fixated on the beer.  She obviously does not believe that Joe drank a beer.  I assure you all that he did. When I wrote the other page, I had no idea that detail would be anything controversial.

What I did notice was that during those early moments, when Joe was ranting and yelling at us, he was fiddling with his phone.  He mentioned that he was recording us, if I remember correctly.

Did Joe turn the recording off while Kyle got him that beer, and they discussed us (briefly), and then turn it back on or what?  I don’t know, but it would make sense because Nicole really doesn’t want to believe this, and sounds almost like she’d be mighty peeved with Joe if she thought it was true.

Well, Nicole, get peeved, because it is, in fact, true.  If I’d known how it would bother you, I would have brought my phone and taken a photo myself.



Dawn, who Capitalizes words for No reason Randomly, explain that she’s “seen the threats” and no one is taking it Serious Enough.  (It’s more Serious if you capitalize the word, I guess.)

So Nicole chimes in with what seems to be a veiled threat in itself.  We were on a public road, Nicole, you idiot.  You didn’t need any “security.”


First, I am not “Kitty,” Nicole. How many times do I have to say this?  Unblock me and we can talk.

Second, Mark did not “admit he was driving drunk,” and you know it.  You are just plain lying. I was there, Nicole.  I didn’t hear the recording. I heard and saw the whole exchange, including Joe having a grand time with a beer.

driving drunk


And Kaylee enters the fray. She’s trying to be the lofty peacemaker and ends up only succeeding getting herself banned and her posts deleted, which I could have told her would happen.

I did not “admit” (makes it sound like a crime, doesn’t it?) to going twice. I only went once, the second trip. This is not hard. Two trips, two different groups of people, two vehicles each time, separated by about an hour or so.


There was no slurred speech. Nobody was drunk.  Nicole is lying.

And again, I am not “Kitty,” Nicole. I cannot respond to you directly because you have me blocked. I do not have you blocked, so come over here if you want to talk.

rest area


Terrorist attack:  An early comment, which Nicole has removed for some reason, compared the Blessed Little Excursion to the Orlando massacre, which was bizarre. Maybe it was too bizarre even for Nicole.  I didn’t get a copy.  Maybe someone else did and will send me a copy.

But notice this. The latter part of this exchange, where Nicole sarcastically talks about Joe “drinking beers,” wasn’t last night. It was just a couple of hours ago, today.  And notice how she keeps adding the plural to the word?

Nobody has said that Joe was drinking beers. He had one beer. I watched. He certainly would have happily had another had it been offered, but it wasn’t.

I am actually very glad that I went on the Blessed Little Excursion.  I got to be there, first-hand, and witness the events as they happened. And then I got to see how Nicole twists and spins and lies about those same events. It’s good for me to actually witness this. I don’t have to depend on a second-hand account, and not be sure of my facts.

This is not a situation where she has one perception of reality and I have another.  She is purposely and with malice aforethought (!!) lying about all this. She’s not just exaggerating. She’s lying.  And I think probably Joe is lying to her about the beer.

Maybe the same way he lied about the price of the chain saw.



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  1. I’m bothered about Nikki making any comment about the neighbors marital status. They don’t know each other. Fuck, you would think Nikki of all people knows any man can make sperm, but not every man shine a dad. Or maybe she’s widowed. Don’t know, don’t care. Nice deflection, bitch


  2. *should be a dad*
    Unlike Nikki’s kids, I’m currently sitting in a nice Dr office, getting ready to enjoy some very good medical care. My phone does strange auto corrections


  3. Does Joe have a drinking problem and is supposed to remain sober because it’s part of a court order? Nicole seems incredibly uptight about this when she questions commenters about his drinking.
    Or is he just more of an ass when he drinks?

    *And I don’t believe that for one minute she is against drinking alcohol because of religion/being Mormon. Nope, nope, nope. She does many things each day that make God cringe and drinking wouldn’t even be at the top of this list. jmo


  4. First of all what a bitchy thing to say about bringing the baby a daddy!!! I mean that is so messed up!!! Sometimes no dad is better than one that say molest his oldest son. Also what is the big deal to her if Joe had a beer. Is it because she was not in control of buying said beer and allowing Joe to have it . I have lived in the country in a house that could not be seen from the road . If someone came up my private driveway that only leads to my house I would question why they were there . If someone road down the dirt road beside my house I would not because there were a couple of houses on it. I live in a small subdivision with very little traffic . I pay no attention to people coming and going on the public road in front of my house! They don’t own the road!


  5. Mrs. Blessed, can you see where you take everything to the next level?
    Yes? good, self-awareness is the first step.
    No? My god girl, examine why you have such a victim mentality. (no, it is not someone else’s fault. grow up. step up. own your stuff). The Mr. having a conversation with neighbors could have been a first step, but nooooo, you’re not gonna go for peace, are you? It’s a damn shame.

    Deep down, you know good and damn well that no one was threatening your family.
    If you don’t know that on some level, you are every bit as sick-minded as you portray yourself to be.


  6. Good god SHUT UP who have you the right to tell this other woman’s court story?? At least she was caring for her kids. Dont like the rules in your state? Move.


  7. In many ways, this may have been one of Nicole’s worst nightmares–people seeing the crazy lazy loon her husband is, people having fun where her family could see, interaction with people from off the blasted lousy hallucinastead, people not knowing or caring who her husband was nor about their manufactured drama, her husband publicly receiving and having a beer, and all without her permission. What is that miserable woman to do? Lie her fast little thumbs off.


  8. I wonder if Nicole is jealous of the camera that someone else owns. She’s clearly angry that Joe was offered and enjoyed a beer (singular). Evidently Joe is not permitted to go off-script or do something without Nicole’s prior permission. I bet the real reason she was up all night had nothing to do with worrying about a few people, including minors, driving past the Blessed Breeding Shed and a lot more due to her ripping Joe a new one.


  9. Very telling that Nicole is upset that Joe had a beer with the guys and a civil conversation- all so contradictory to the facade she’s tried to paint about ‘everyone’ being against them.

    I say Joe should have a beer or two with the guys more often and maybe, just maybe, her would make a few friends or at the very least a couple of friendly neighbors. Neighbors who might be inclined to help them out a little and curb the paranoia Nicole is hell bent on living. Bigger fences have been mended with a little civility and a couple of Budweisers.

    I saw Nicole post that she would post the recording ‘as soon as she had time to edit it’. (Sorry, I didn’t get the screenshot and I’m not sure if it is still there or not) I thought to myself, “Why would she have to edit it?” Later I saw all the comments about Joe having a beer with the guys in the road. It was my ‘ah-ha’ moment to realize that she likely doesn’t want her supporters to hear her husband having a civil conversation and maybe even a couple of laughs with the very people she swears are out to get them, so she would have to edit that out of the recording. Or who knows, maybe Joe stopped the recording for that part.

    At any rate, I know Joe is his own kind of crazy, but this just leaves me to wonder if Joe wouldn’t be more civil, less controversial, and less combative, if his paranoid wife would just shut her yap once in awhile. She over dramatizes so much and lies so much, what might she be lying to ole’ Joe about, keeping him in a perpetual uproar?

    Anyone know when the next court date is for ‘shitgate’?


  10. What I want to know is, How did court go this morning? Was it a not guilty plea as expected with trial in the future? Any updates?
    Attention Mrs. Nag Nog calm your tits, it was just a beer! Maybe if ya let PA off the leash more, y’all could have a more civil relationship with your neighbors. Yea it took a beer but HH was able to calmly communicate with the very people you claim are out to get you… Hmmmm lets ponder that for a bit. NN is your wacky tabacky laced because you are extremely paranoind? That stuff generally mellows you out not key you up…


  11. You only edit something like this if there is something that belies your oft repeated statements of danger, woe, stalking and crazy mean neighbors.

    Or…maybe it was Joe who was slurring his words.


  12. Ugh, I wish the two of them would go to jail or run away already, so the kids can get a late crop in and have a little more room to sleep in the Blessed Little Garden Shed and maybe even put a door on that thing they have to poop in. (What is the Naugler parents’ obsession with having no privacy while going potty? Anybody remember that thing made of sticks and air they were pleased to call a composting toilet?) Maybe they could knock on the school superintendent’s office door and beg to be subjected to the horrors of two USDA-approved hot meals per day and all the lined paper they need. The oldest is rising 18; there will at last be an adult on the property.


  13. @Jenny Islander – the kids still need someone earning enough money to pay the note on that land, as well as keeping the generator running.


  14. Yes, I want to be a peacemaker because I’m pretty scared that a couple unbalanced parents, already paranoid and given valid reason to feel stalked (legal or not, don’t support people making their shed a tourist attraction complete with pictures of the train wreck, especially when you know you wouldn’t support any of them sitting on the road watching your families and would be unsettled by it), might decide the better thing for those kids is to “exit their earthly bodies,” or however various cults like to describe killing kids and themselves. If this was ONLY Nicole and Joe without any children involved, then I wouldn’t care. But there are kids, and they’re in the middle of this, and they’re so unsafe that it should be criminal that CPS and the courts are letting them stay on a piece of property so unsanitary that Joe is facing criminal charges. I don’t want there to be another Andrea Yates situation with that pond or their guns in place of a bathtub.

    If Nicole and/or Joe snap, will everyone feel okay with their actions? Will they be explained away as “it was inevitable,” even though one grain is all it takes to tip the scale, and any one person’s actions toward them that isn’t a direct response to something they’re doing wrong could be the tipping point? Please, think of the kids when your friends decide to go off doing something that most people, even though not doing wrong, would find unsettling. Their parents might be literally insane, and we already know for fact that they think letting those children eat diseased turtles and run around a possibly-diseased pond without supervision is a-okay and safe. I personally want safety for the kids more than for Joe and Nicole to have their unwashed and crusty asses handed to them. If CPS will finally remove those kids and put them into long-term rehabilitative homes, then it’s game on.

    Of course I’m banned from the BLH page, even though I plainly sad I agreed with them that your group shouldn’t have been going by to take pictures, but it’s strange that I’m not banned from her personal page, where we’ve had some civil debating.

    Speaking of unwashed and crusty, the kids bathe at the salon, yes? Where does Joe bathe? Or is that one of the optional things in his life, like manning up and supporting his kids?


  15. Kaylee, you said, “Please, think of the kids when your friends decide to go off doing something that most people, even though not doing wrong, would find unsettling.”

    First of all, you, and possibly Nicole seem to be the only ones unsettled by the group visiting the neighbors, or the route they took to get there.

    I read this whole scenario. What part of ‘this was not a stalking venture but a simple visit to a neighbor’s house’ are you not getting? The ‘group’ drove down a road that passes the Naugler’s place because it goes right straight to the home they intended to visit. Seriously, should they have driven farm carts 10 or 15 miles around the Naugler’s to get to their destination in order to avoid driving by the blessed little hell hole? It’s a public road and it was the fasted route! They did nothing wrong- it was Joe who stopped them!

    I guess I should drive a dozen miles out of the way to visit a neighbor because a freak or two lives between said neighbor and I? Shall the whole county tip toe around the Nauglers as to not set them off? Should the neighbors sell their homes and move away because the Naugler’s are bothered by them? I am sure Nicole would just love to be the reason for everyone in the damned county adjusting their lives, schedules, and travels to stay out of her way, off her road, and out of her hair. Yes, yes! Let’s all change our activities and cater to the Nauglers because they ‘might’ snap and then it would be all our fault. Whatever.

    Realize, that at this point in time, the wind could shift and Nicole would swear it was someone causing it and snap completely out. For Nicole, the boogeyman is everywhere, even where he isn’t. She’s paranoid and delusional and no one has to do a thing for her mind to continue its current course. Some of that paranoia appears to be rubbing off on you. Please, get a hold of yourself.


  16. Please forgive my ignorance here. I’ve been reading your blog and following this dialog for a week or so.

    This is what I don’t understand… I come from the East coast, close to the hills of West Virginia. We had people off grid. When I say off grid, I mean… off grid. They were self sufficient and reclusive. You did not go onto their property or you would be shot. They did not come into town and if they were in town, everyone knew. These people were not seen for years at a time.

    I understand people need to make money and she has a dog grooming business. This family is suppose to be off grid but her children and husband use the dog grooming facility to shower?

    She’s an extensive blogger?

    When their children where taken, they moved into a hotel?

    I don’t understand that. To me, off grid is being self sufficient without government involvement.

    In this case, off grid appears to mean “I don’t want to have to do laundry as we have no running water, so I allow free choice to my children who don’t do their laundry or bath; I can’t send my kids to school unclean and not bathed, so I home school them but rather… we do nothing as its their decision to learn to read, with absolutely no assistance; then there is the massive social media presence.

    Is this the “new era” of off grid?


  17. The Naugler children have it even worse than I had originally thought, which was already pretty bad. But with these latest developments giving more proof and evidence one can only concluded that Joe and Nicole are so paranoid and delusional, they are a danger to their children and to the community. Especially to anyone who drives down that public road.

    Those poor kids… humiliating all this must be for them for their parents to act in such a manor endlessly everyday !!!


  18. Kaylee,

    A woman pulled into a handicapped parking spot and that set Nicole off. The woman didn’t know Nicole, but she supposedly per Nicole did something that “set Nicole off”.

    Anything could set off what I consider extremely unstable and volatile people. If they want to find an excuse to do the inexcusable I have no doubt they will find it, as they always do, with or without anyone’s help.

    I disagree with your perception that because of their “supposed and alleged” feelings of persecution that people should all go out of their way to coddle them or that people should change their lives. I also doubt very much that these angry confrontational people are anything like they want you to believe or you appear to accept as a fact. They are fighters and grifters, that’s what they do, I doubt they’re going to actively hurt themselves or their children. I think it is just a part of their act.


  19. MyOhMy, Sally is very nonchalant about her friends wanting to take pictures. It wasn’t for the point of commentary, or documenting for a blog, like this one. The Nauglers were turned into a freak show. Nicole and Joe would be fair game as adults with choices, but when there are children involved, it’s a problem. In the thread titled “Drunk,” there are other commenters who also have a problem with a bunch of people who are motivated to go past there to take pictures. The motivation behind the actions are what matter. They wanted to be looky-loos, and were poking the bear. I care less about the safety of Sally & Friends when they do that than I do about the kids who could be harmed if their parents reach dogs-backed-into-a-corner mode and snap and make the kids casualties.

    When you drive by to take pictures of the circus-freaks and their sprog, that’s really not so different than kids pointing and laughing at the dirty kids in school. The Naugler kids are probably pretty embarrassed, and have to try to not care because they’re stuck and need to find some way to get behind. It’s pretty cruel to do this. Want pictures? Do it when he kids aren’t there so they don’t end up feeling targeted. It’s not cool to point cameras at the land when the photo-takers know the kids are there, especially when it sounds like everyone thought the kids might have wanted to be part of the pool events and BBQ. Taking pictures of their excuse of a home while they were there and already knowing they were on the outside just underscored that they’re excluded from everything. That’s hurtful, and it’s mean to the kids. They shouldn’t be paying for what Nicole and Joe choose.

    If someone wants to get a picture worth its its weight in gold equivalent to the weight of Naug-shit, when the kids aren’t there, find a location on neighboring property, and get some pictures of the pile. When. The kids. Aren’t. There.


  20. Kaylee,
    The neighbor’s were having a little get together. It is common place in Kentucky for ATV’s to be going up and down country roads on any given summer night.
    Joe jumped out in the road and started a bunch of shit. That is not cool and it is not OK !!!
    Pictures, pictures…who gives a dam !!!
    Are there any pictures posted of the children from these neighbor’s? NO !!!
    Nicole is the only one exploiting her own children on-line.

    Actually, I do think it is just find and dandy to poke a bear….I’d use a small stick just to get a good fight out of him.
    But in this case….it only took ONE BEER !!!!
    Not a BEAR !!!


  21. Kathleen, may I ask, why is this such an issue to you? You’ve.been informed over and over and over why folks were on that road.
    I’m beginning to think that you are just upset because you weren’t invited to the neighbors get together. Jealous, yeah, that’s it.


  22. Kaylee
    Suggesting that the kids may be become casualties if the parents are backed into a corner caused by the everyday activities of their neighbors is extremely provocative and perhaps a bit irresponsible. This is taking the situation to a whole new level, but if you have such strong beliefs I would suggest you immediately consult with local authorities rather than simply appeal to readers of net blogs.

    Otherwise as I see this, it is simply more of the Nogs doing what they have always done, attempting to intimidate and force the world to conform to their whims through the use of their hostage children for propaganda and favor.

    Sally, again praise and thanks for continuing to expose liars and fraudsters. You’re the BEST!


  23. we already know for fact that they think letting those children eat diseased turtles and run around a possibly-diseased pond without supervision is a-okay and safe.

    No, we don’t. This is the type of hyperbole I started this blog to avoid. We do not know that turtle was “diseased.” And “without supervision” is something you don’t know either unless you were stalking the property and watching.

    Where does Joe bathe?

    Judging from his appearance on Friday night, he does so rarely.

    Kaylee, I understand your concerns. You’ve expressed them over and over again, and I get it. However, saying nothing at all and doing nothing at all because of the “poor little children” and out of fear that Joe and Nicole will do something rash is exactly what Nicole manipulates people to do. Why do you think the Nauglers get away with so much crap? Why don’t the authorities clamp down on them more? My personal opinion is that 1) it’s a massive headache because there are so many kids, and 2) they are afraid of setting off a Ruby Ridge situation.

    I never felt in any way threatened or afraid the other night. Not one bit. Joe is comical. He’s loud and blustery and he almost froths at the mouth when he carries on about his rights and conspiracies. But he’s all show. There is no substance there.

    Nobody was “sitting on the road watching their family.” You are totally misrepresenting what happened. The only reason we stopped was because JOE STOPPED US. Nobody else stopped (except Mark when he came back to see why we weren’t behind him.) And the Nauglers made their shed a “tourist attraction.”

    Honestly, Kaylee, you’ve been actively commenting on this situation now for quite some time, both on FB and here. Do you not think that this blog might be the “one grain” that “tips the scale”? If not, why not? If so, then you’re participating.

    I’m a little bit tired of self-righteous folks (not you specifically, but a general group) who are critical of locals who dare to confront the Nauglers in real life, but who themselves hide behind their keyboards in distant locations and speak about the Nauglers “unwashed and crusty asses” and assertions that sometimes go way beyond anything I would say ever. One of the main issues about the Nauglers has been their insistence that their road is “private” and that nobody, including Al Wilson, has the right to drive on it. That’s insane, and we rode over there because we could. Frankly, I wanted to go in a large group, park at the top of the gravel road, and walk down it en masse. It was hot and that idea was vetoed.


  24. Is this the “new era” of off grid?

    No. It’s the “we’re broke and homeless and so we pretend to be off-grid so we can beg for money on the internet” version.


  25. Sally is very nonchalant about her friends wanting to take pictures.

    Kaylee, I have actually seen the pictures. You have not, with the exception of one, which is posted on this blog and shows only a fraction of the house. There are two others. TWO. Not fifty bazillion. One is of Joe and the kids, taken from a distance. If I felt comfortable using that photo (I do not and won’t), I could so without having to blur the kids faces because it’s blurry enough already. The kids do not look embarrassed. They look curious. The other is of Nicole, and SHE IS PHOTOGRAPHING the photographer. Both of these photos were taken while riding past, in motion. Neither photo has been given to anyone for public use.

    Really. You are all extrapolating in your minds what you think happened. It wasn’t what you think. We are only talking about one trip that involved a camera (one camera, btw, that I know about) and they drove right past the BLH without stopping, waved, and went on to the neighbors. They visited, took some photos of the NEIGHBORS (no Nauglers in those photos, and most of those were taken indoors) and came back. They did not stand outside taunting the Naugler kids.


  26. Kaylee,

    “Please, think of the kids when your friends decide to go off doing something that most people, even though not doing wrong, would find unsettling.”

    Maybe I am not “most people”, but a small group of neighbors, driving down my road, to visit another neighbor, is not in the least “unsettling” to me! This whole thing is just ridiculous! Sally and her friends should not have to curtail their social outings because they happen to take place down the road from the Nauglers. They were visiting a specific house, to welcome a brand new baby! That is a common practice anywhere! It has been said many times, Joe stopped them! Joe recorded them! I suspect the Naugler children are subjected to hearing recordings made by their parents, concerning “perceived threats”, very often. The parents are not protecting the emotional well being of their children by consistently giving them the message that they are not safe in the world. I wanted my children to feel safe and secure when I was raising them. I did my best to foster that, while teaching them about the real dangers to children that do exist in the world. In my opinion, the level of paranoia and fear, that the Naugler children are raised in, is extremely troubling to me. That meeting in the road, between Joe and “neighbors” ended on a good note. It is my understanding that hands were shook and a beer was shared. There was a door opened, however slightly, by that meeting between neighbors. It is unfortunate that Nicole slammed it shut!


  27. Is this the “new era” of off grid?

    No. It’s the “we’re broke and homeless and so we pretend to be off-grid so we can beg for money on the internet” version.

    Thank you for replying. I can’t quite wrap my head around this as the people I knew, off grid, in West Virginia had very limited interaction. They were self sufficient. Most of them had natural gas on their land they utilized and a well, no electricity.

    They didn’t pay taxes, have their vehicles registered, have identification, ect. To me, that’s extreme off grid. None of them accepted government funds (such as welfare, food stamps, ect) or accepted government law. My mental block is she is stating they are off grid but how can that be when she has a shop (be it a dog grooming business) they shower at, stay at a hotel when the children are taken and spend all this time on social media?

    As pointed out, I can’t imagine how they do their daily chores to maintain a life of off grid for 13 people and have all this time for the internet.


  28. Kaylee, I’m going to put it to you like Nicole, “Where you there? Did you actually see for yourself what happened?” Because if you weren’t there, then you don’t know sh*t. And those there shouldn’t have to answer to interrogation opinions and provide explanations.

    I was there. No one expected to see a Naugler when passing by. But before we even were approaching to pass the Naugler driveway, Joe was standing at the driveway entrance, I think he was closing the gate over the driveway. I waved. I glanced at the property as we moved past. As we parked at their neighbor’s and were visiting, I turned to go play with the neighbor’s dogs and see his barn. Which is the same direction as the Naugler’s property. I could see Joe standing and gawking us, the WHOLE time. About 45 minutes later, we got back in the carts and headed back. As we passed, I saw Nicole close to the end of their driveway, nearer to the road. She was standing in the tall weeds. And looked to have her phone up, videotaping us.

    Kaylee, Joe and Nicole’s paranoia and patrolling has to be more unsettling to their children. And quite frankly, to any of the public that happens to pass by on that public road. Contrary to Nicole’s assertion that everyone is combative and uncivil towards her all the time, it didn’t happen. Not one person that passed by. Not a single one. No stalking, no bullying, no combative, no harassing. The only drama, was the drama Nicole wants to create for you. I was there.


  29. I was there. No one expected to see a Naugler when passing by.

    Thank you for this, Kentucky Bred. You were in the first trip. I appreciate your account because I was not in that first trip.


  30. Well I’ve been banned from the blh page because I directed them to this site to get the other side of the story since she is only allowing her side of the family.


  31. Well I’ve been banned from the blh page because I directed them to this site to get the other side of the story since she is only allowing her side of the family.

    Yay! Another person with the Great Banning Badge of Honor.


  32. Nicole wasn’t the one who banned me though. She had just made it so I couldn’t post anything. I can still go over there and read things. I was called a website pimper by Charles Smyth and was asked how much I got paid for it lol.


  33. She had just made it so I couldn’t post anything.

    That’s basically banning. That’s my situation. I can read it, but I cannot “like” the page or comment. I wonder, if you get banned after you have “liked” the page, does the “like” go away?


  34. Yes it goes away. You can save the page, share the page, and copy links, but you can’t like the page.


  35. I’m a bleacher seat warmer.

    Looks like Joe is a bench seat warmer.

    What is this, the 4th time in court so far this year? And who knows with Family Court.


  36. I remember a long time ago before the kids were apprehended, nicole used to describe the road as a “private road” and really made it seem like nobody was around for miles so if anyone saw their place or property they had to be stalkers.


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