Joe and Me, Conversing

OPAs I mentioned on the “About” page, here is the entire conversation from my Facebook page between me and Joe (and a few other people).  It began with the post above.  Notice the time.

That post had been up for 12 hours before Joe began commenting, which was well before he ever started snooping about on my page. It wasn’t a new post.  He had to scroll down a bit to find it.

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Obviously, Joe is not commenting about the article.  He didn’t even read it.

Because I have a very open Facebook page, I get a fairly regular influx of what my friends and I refer to as “butterflies” – people who are a wee bit strange.  So Joe didn’t bother me at first. He was just another butterfly.

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Notice how he snooped?  He checked out everything he could.

And down at the bottom, a friend of mine who has nothing to do with the Naugler saga chimed in with the comment about the “special butterfly.”  Even she realized he was bananas.

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And Joe immediately turns on her and starts with the “liberal” label like that would insult either of us.  He’s “definitely seeing a pattern here.”

I am a political liberal and atheist. So are many of my friends. That’s not a “pattern.”  That’s just life.

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Poor Joe. He’s being “libeled.” Only he isn’t.

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At this point, Joe gets confused.  A guy named Dave Davis comments (on the original article – he has no clue who Joe is) and Joe thinks that is my husband Dave.

Only it’s not, as I explain.

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Highlighted in yellow, we have Joe’s ridiculous statement that he actually knew which Dave Davis is my husband. There is no way this is true. If you were on my page, looking around at my photos, you might see my husband Dave comment, but you’d also see my friend Dave comment, and unless you’re me, you would not know which person that was.  It’s impossible to tell unless you are very familiar with their different profile pictures (and my husband changes his often).

But keep in mind that Joe saw fit to attack the person he believed was my husband Dave, and he did so for no discernable reason.

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And Joe was gone by then. I didn’t remove him.  He just left.

There were three red flags that went up for me that day.  First, Joe is an internet troll and bully and liar.  He came over to my Facebook to snoop around, based on almost nothing.

Second, right out of the gate, he starts an argument.

And third, he accuses me of “libel” without even knowing what the word means.  His goal was to intimidate me so I wouldn’t comment about them anywhere again.

And later on, when I started getting the love letters, I realized that Joe was probably the author.  It wasn’t just the IP address matchups.  It was also the fact that after focusing like a laser on my husband, Dave, above, I get a a very special love letter.


I don’t like bullies.


11 thoughts on “Joe and Me, Conversing”

  1. Let’s work with the idea that this is Joe posting and no one else has accessed his account and failed to mention it.

    His grammar is consistently atrocious. This doesn’t bode well for his children as he’s been in charge of their homeschooling and later unschooling. As others have pointed out, these require work on the part of the adults/parents/guardians to provide a broad, solid foundation for their charges. A wide base to a pyramid for those who like visuals.

    It’s disheartening to read his writing and realize he has a HS diploma and an associate’s degree. Surely he had to write papers for his classes and they had to be better written for him to pass. So either he can write better and chooses not to do so when writing for the public, or he can’t write any better than this, or in the intervening years his abilities have worsened. None of which bodes well for the kids. If this has been ongoing throughout his formative years that reflects poorly on his family. Parents/guardians can insist upon better performance, recognize there is a problem and get help for their child. Not only that, they can do this in conjunction with teachers, administrators and school systems if they invest the time and energy into it. Yes, resources can be stretched rather thin but if there is a will, there is a way. Discussing problems with family friends, or a different community can sometimes lead to assistance in an unexpected quarter.

    Or maybe, just maybe, it would be very interesting to see the result of a PET scan of his brain. Not that he would voluntarily participate in a study to see what is going on in his brain, but it would be interesting to see what areas do and do not light up and when.


  2. School yard bully… Not Al the bully would be Joe.

    Yup Joe likes to throw around legal stuff especially they are going to sue. Well first they have to remember if they take some one to court they are using government services… doesn’t that make them a whore of the government?

    Second of all with a case like he has it takes money to hire a lawyer to do that kind of suit. Hell just the filing fees and service of the paper work to the respondent is more than they can afford. Joe is nothing but a bag of hot air. He is a gutless ball less one line wonder. If he were a real man he would get a real job to support the kids he pumps out and would be putting the money towards the kids instead of trying to file a suit he would not win.

    Joe ask Nicole for your balls back and start being a real man and real dad. Anyone can be a father but only special men can be Dads.


  3. You really illustrate how small a trigger it takes to get these people to stalk, harass and threaten someone. A picture of a chicken attacked by a raccoon in response to a Homestead post about cute raccoons. (Sorry, raccoons are cute but they are also vandals and predators, not something you want on the homestead.).

    There was no comment insulting or mocking the Nauglers. There was no personal attack. No disagreement with their ideology or their lifestyle. There was a photograph of an injured chicken.

    Apparently, that is all the trigger Joe needed. To stalk, harass and threaten you online, and even perhaps in real life. I have heard too many stories in real life from people that do know Joe and Nicole to discount those stories, no matter how horrid they are. I understand why some people needed to let the world know, but tried to protect themselves (often unsuccessfully) with anonymity. I understand the people who chose not to come forward at all. Joe was convicted of menacing. That is a fact. I, particularly understand the people who stand up to Joe and Nicole. I understand the people who have devoted themselves to seeing through this sordid tale for the benefit of the children. I understand the people who are trying to reach out to the children through the barriers their parents have erected and let them know the world does care. I understand the convoluted ways that people are trying to educate the children through those barriers in everything from proper animal husbandry, free educational sites available and good gardening techniques, whatever it is that will lessen their burdens and expand their opportunities.

    I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.


  4. I’ve been following this story from the start. I’ve occasionally seen comments from Joe, but most of the things I’ve read have been from Nicole. This is VERY eye opening. After seeing these exchanges with Joe, I have no doubt that he’s sending the “love letters”. So sad.


  5. What will become of the “homestead” when Joe has a heart attack or a stroke? He is the poster child for both of these. Morbidly obese, stress, anger and the lack of regular check ups will be his demise, IMO. I would bet money there aren’t any life insurance policies. Oh wait, the supporters are their policies. I wonder if their friends won’t mind footing the bill for the burial/cremation. I smell a GFM.


  6. Today on Blessed Little Homestead FB Nicole posted a photo of an open spiral notebook displaying a page with writing, which she described as [edit: child’s name] work. The writing was deliberately blurred, she said, so that people cannot decipher the words.

    A commenter by the name of Martha asked whether [child] writes in cursive or print. The very next, swift reply was not from Blessed Little Homestead, but “Charles Smyth” (who is likely Joe or Nicole). In his usual bullying tone he retorted, “Does it matter? What matters is he is interested in a subject and absorbing all kinds of information and then using that information to be creative.”

    The poor woman seemed genuinely dismayed. “This is why I don’t post, I see ppl get jumped on for asking the littlest questions!” she said, and further, “you’re the same person who was posting mean stuff to others under my post on another page.”

    There you are. Even a supporter saw that Charles bullies people.

    This is but one in a long string of examples of Joe and Nicole rushing to play both defense and offense when anyone questions them. Their tactics are predictable to the point of being very funny. It’s like watching a bad high school football team who keeps running the same losing plays.


  7. Lisa, those were also my thoughts and I could not agree with you more. It takes very little or nothing to set Joe off into his tantrum’s and fits of rage.

    And by the way, just for the record… take it from a person who was raised in the “Wilderness.” Raccoons are cute when they are little, but mean as hell and carry RABBIES.
    Just another reason us Mountain folks hunt them down…..and shoot them…before they attack our small children, farm friendly animals, dogs and cats.


  8. Oh I would not doubt that it’s Joe sending the “love letters”. His explosive anger management issues are obvious. He reeks of a mean, nasty person. I saw it in the beginning, watching the YouTubes they posted of the LE seatbelt safety pullover. And the other one, when the young daughter was found down the road. Then the Menacing altercation.

    His vengeance and violent revenge. A mean, nasty, violent bully. I just feel it, some day, he is going to square up with someone. And he’s going to make their day. Harry Callahan style!


  9. “His vengeance and violent revenge. A mean, nasty, violent bully. I just feel it, someday, he is going to square up with someone. And he’s going to make their day. Harry Callahan style!”

    I hope this happens very soon. In the meantime, it warms my heart o see the numbers falling on their BLH page. Support is waning in part because of their bullying but also the lies. Their blog and source of income are going down in flames. Yahoo for that.


  10. My intention was to clarify and discuss Joe slowing and stopping in front of my farm. To give him an opportunity to simply talk. To allow him the chance to dispel or somehow disprove the abundant evidence that villifies him.

    He agreed to meet in a local restaurant.

    He didn’t show up.

    Tells me plenty.


  11. Joe is a coward. Only throws his considerable weight around when it comes to women and children. Stand up like a man to a man? Don’t make me laugh. Watch the seat belt video, big talk when the police aren’t there, when the police are there the Mrs has to do the thinking and the talking. The viral arrest recording, he has to rely on some female friend to be the man for him. Oh, he tells it otherwise after the fact, but we’ve already seen him with his tail between his legs. I’ve got some cloth diapers for you Joe. I’ll even throw in a double wide apron.


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