It’s Not a Militia

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This is one of Joe’s profile pictures. Behind the yellow and white transparency, the green shield is the logo of something called the Emergency Response Team, or ERT.

Before going any further, I want to talk about about a different organization, CERT (or Community Emergency Response Teams).

First off, notice that the other group basically copied the name, leaving off one letter.  Can’t imagine why.  The second group, CERT, is sponsored by FEMA.  Yeah, the ebil gubmint.

I have been through CERT training. The idea is this: in a disaster situation, the first responders are really your neighbors, or members of your family. And one of the real problems posed by these types of situations is that quite often, those well-meaning self-sacrificing first responders get themselves into a big pickle because they don’t know how to do what they are attempting to do. They mean well, but have little to no knowledge. CERT gives them the knowledge, not only about what to do, but equally important, about what not to do.

I did CERT training in a little remote village (quite literally on the edge of the actual, real wilderness and not Louisville) where the possibility of being cut off from any sort of professional help was a very real one. CERT training was vital to that community. They continue with it today, and I hope to hell they never need it.

Joe is the national recruiter for ERT.  National. The person asking this question lives in Arizona.


Oddly enough, the ERT has a Facebook group devoted to “prepping,” you know, all that homesteady, self-sufficiency, off-the-griddy stuff, and Joe is not a member.  I suppose he doesn’t want to share that much.

Joe’s ERT is a sort of quasi-military, “we’re not a militia but really we are,” “the gubmint sucks dirt,” kind of imitation of CERT.

Here.  Read what they have to say about themselves.

mission statement

Everyday Americans.  Isn’t that nice?  So is CERT.

. . . many other patriot groups. . .

Ah, so ERT is a “patriot group.”  That’s just another word for “militia.”

What follows is some gobbledygook  about “meeting objectives” (undefined), and then some stuff about “incidents.”  I rather loved the bit about “natural,” and “man-made” and then “other.”  What, exactly, would be “other”?

Anyway, their goal is to “serve others.”  I’m not sure doing exactly what. They don’t really say.  They do carry on about training, but don’t say what that means (how much you want to bet that “training” involves guns?), but it’s all sort of vague.

But they do repeatedly try to distance themselves from the stereotypical idea of being a  militia group.

 no politics

There’s a good bit of this sort of thing. It’s not a militia.  If you’re anti-government, you’re in the wrong place, they say.  (But Joe is in it up to his little eyeballs, so WTF?  He embodies the term “anti-government.”)

And it’s not political. They tell you it’s not.  I even highlighted it so we’d all know it.

country sinking

From their Facebook page, which I have to assume is run by the guy who runs the website, or at least with his approval.

Does that sound political?

Obama bad

What about this?



Um, I hate to tell you, but that’s political.

tyrant coming

And who would the “tyrant” be?  The one who is coming?  President Obama, maybe, who is “shredding the Constitution”?  You know, to get your guns?  Or maybe the Muslim terrorists?  Who knows?

These guys, though, are absolutely selfless.

even strangers

They’re here to “serve others.”  And sometimes, they might even help a stranger.

But it’s not a militia.  Nope. Not.


He’s a Minuteman, the modern kind.

Who were the real Minutemen, pray tell?

Minuteman definition

So, the real Minutemen were under 25 and chosen from the militia for their physical strength.

Like this?


Fear not, America.  Joe Naugler, that intrepid Minuteman, is on high alert.


67 thoughts on “It’s Not a Militia”

  1. I would suggest Joe take his rag tag militia of one?, two?, and head on up to assist in the Bundy takeover of the wildlife preserve. Since the Nauglers say they live in a wilderness, they would fit right in with this crew of wannabes. They call themselves the Bundy Militia and their sub leader Ammon ( Cliven is their real leader), believes that god has sent him( them) to take over the preserve and live off gofundmes, as the Nauglers have. Joe has so much experience in this, I would think he would be ready to go on a moment’s notice.


  2. From the ERT web page:
    “ERT does not associate with YouTube warriors, loud mouths, and those that push their own agenda and ignorant views on the Constitution.”

    So…. they allow Joe there why?


  3. If Mr. Naugler has enough time to play militia-man, then perhaps he should consider getting a real paying job to help provide food, clothing, and shelter for his children….

    I know, I know, “homestead husband” crap…

    The ERT prepper group would probably laugh him off the page. The homestead has no garden, they don’t do any canning, they don’t have a large supply of frozen meat, and they don’t have fresh water. Joe’s idea of prepping is asking Nicole for $4 for a couple Value Menu burgers.


  4. Joe is the recruiter??? Are the other members as fat and lazy as he is? What a joke! Tell you what, if they ever feel so motivated to do anything stupid I have a few hundred DV’s who’d love to have some ass to kick. Bring it fatty.


  5. Mr. Naugler, aka Minuteman, could provide a much needed service to the Bundy camp. He could deliver those snacks they forgot to pack.


  6. How did they decide he’d be the right guy to select new applicants?


    On their own code of conduct they have the following listed.

    1) We are not anti-government. There will be no talk of anti-government or illegal activities tolerated.

    — Given the fact that the Nauglers are obviously more than a little bit “Anarchist/voluntaryist” — and have repeatedly embraced and shared anti -government thoughts and opinions. How did they decide he’d be the right guy to select new applicants?

    4) No alcohol or drugs are allowed at any ERT training exercise or operation.

    — Why? Joe obviously supports marijuana use and finds it to be completely harmless. Is it harmless? If it is, why shouldn’t it be allowed? Maybe blazing before and after is acceptable. How did they decide he’d be the right guy to select new applicants?

    6) We are not a militia and do not pretend to be. We are patriots first and foremost. When and if the situation arises, we will all be III% and operate as such.

    — Ah yes, the 3%. Not a militia. Not even sorta close. “and operate as such”

    This is a “questionable” organization. My question earlier was why did they decide he’s the right guy to select new applicants. If Mr. Naugler is a National officer, how much credibility does this organization really have?

    They state “ERT looks to respond to natural, man-made, and other incidents in an organized and thorough manner. A National team of leaders stands ready to help build individual state leaders, and their subsequent trained teams.”

    Perhaps someone from this esteemed organization can correct me. Can anybody share any of the events they’ve actually responded to? In an organized manner? Have they ever responded to anything and actually made a real difference? Ever?

    They do sell hats and T-shirts.


  7. They do sell hats and T-shirts.

    Good thing to point out. I forgot to mention it. They are raising money by selling hats and t-shirts. I guess that helps finance all that training they do, so they can help each other and even strangers sometimes.


  8. They may have participated in organized activities. There is a board here

    Jim Morgan posted this in August.

    We are now in operation mode, with teams deploying today and Saturday. All conferences, meetings, recruiting, and other activities are cancelled until further notice.
    All efforts are being directed to support our deployed teams and those affected by fires in Washington.
    We have over a dozen people that have worked tirelessly the past few days on putting this together. They need your help and support. Watch for posts in our groups from our coordinators and any needs they bring to you.
    We must support the teams deploying with supplies and funds to get to Washington and back. Arizona its deploying today and Ohio on Saturday. Setting up trucking and supplies for residents stranded is our next big concern. Please touch base with your teams and leaders to collect these supplies and get them to drop off locations.
    Finally, keep 501 and his family in your thoughts and prayers and please respect their privacy. Unless 501 or his wife reaches out to you, they are not to be bothered until he advises otherwise.
    Until then, James Sache Josh Muth or myself will help you.
    Thank you,
    Jim Morgan
    ERT XO”

    I am very interested in the success or failure of that operation.


  9. I think ERT is all Joe. It’s his own making. There are no members. It’s a worthless, broke, inexperienced organization.


  10. One word: crocs. The wannabe militiaman/emergency responder is wearing bright pink/faded red crocs. Actually, now that I think about it I don’t think I’ve ever seen him wearing anything but crocs. I don’t think those are the right shoes for getting the job done, but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe they will soon be selling hats, t-shirts and crocs.


  11. Maybe they will soon be selling hats, t-shirts and crocs.

    Camo crocs with the ERT insignia. Now that would be stunningly attractive.


  12. I wonder if he wears crocs because he suffers from gout. Despite being ugly, there are people who suffer from the occasional bout of gout who will wear them because they are one of the few shoes they find comfortable.

    Joe is built like a man who may find himself enduring gout soon, if he hasn’t already. Lucky for him he doesn’t have a pilot’s license on the line.


  13. Oh my god. Are they putting that stove on top of a piece of plywood, placed on top of linoleum, with only a few bricks at each corner? You need to have a non-combustible floor pad stretches at least 18″ from the front of the stove and 8″ on all the other sides. That’s consistent throughout the US and Canada, for crying out loud.

    I don’t suppose they installed a heat shield on the wall, did they? I can’t look.

    I really hope they have a smoke detector installed and more than one way to get everyone out of the shed in the event of a fire. A burn ward is not a place anyone wants to be unless they’re paid to do so.


  14. I wonder if he wears crocs because he suffers from gout.

    I own and wear a pair of crocs. I like them. I don’t care if they are ugly. They are comfortable and they’re easily washable.

    I don’t fault Joe for the crocs, although there are nicer colors.


  15. I don’t take issue with crocs – I’m noting that they’re often recommended by people who have gout to others when they are enduring a flare-up. Although the one family member who has had two bouts of gout won’t consider them. At least he’s persuaded to wear comfy slippers with memory foam. I don’t wear crocs myself, but that’s because I never had any reason to do so. My Bogs are more than adequate for my purposes when it’s mucky outside. Trainers are my go-to shoes for my job.

    Joe would have my sympathy if he does ever suffer from gout, if I thought he was doing a better job at modeling mature adult behaviour for his family.


  16. Tekla,

    It looks like it’s probably a piece of cement board. Not the best way to do it, but at least it’s a start. Not sure if this is the same stove they had sitting outside in the weather on the news channel slideshow. I hope not.


  17. Crocs do not make good “wilderness” shoes. A nail or a sharp object will easily puncture your foot before you feel it and they aren’t good for running. I’ve seen some nasty injuries from crocs. I noticed they were shooting (the daughter photo) in their socks, so foot injuries don’t seem to be a concern. So so many health and safety issues thrown to the wind. It’s just a matter of time.


  18. Minuteman Joe gallops across the wilderness on his goat shouting a warning of “The Government is coming, the Government is coming, this is going viral” .


  19. Yeah, I don’t have a dislike for Crocs. Except as a safety issue, not wearing proper shoes for the job. Installing a wood stove, changing a tire on a van and work like that, not real protective shoes for safety sake. But where has safety been an exercise anyways?

    Thanks for the learning on ERT, Blessed Little Blogger. I am not what you would say a pro Militia advocate. At least not for the mission and intent of the ones seen springing out, with cloaked underlying motivations. They are at times, concerning. They seem more pot stirrers, than actual serving good deeds.


  20. I apologize if I offended croc aficionados. I’ve never worn a pair myself, so I was comparing them to clogs I have worn. Besides getting debris in them when I’m rock hunting, clogs also get sucked off your feet in the mud. Also they are not much protection against snakes and other critters. A pair of bogs and very thick jeans have saved me from snake strikes and losing my footing or shoe in the mud more times than I can remember. They even stay on when filled with water when crossing deep streams or shark tooth hunting in deep rivers.


  21. I apologize if I offended croc aficionados.

    No offense taken at all. I just like mine. I do not wear them doing heavy work. I like to wear them gardening sometimes, just because I can take them off and easily rinse off both them and my feet. It’s the next best thing to gardening barefoot.


  22. @Please – Thank you. I just couldn’t tell what the heck they were using.

    I still don’t understand why they are balancing that stove on a few bricks at each corner when for a little more work and a few dollars, they could put enough pavers to minimize the dangers. 4″ x 4″ clay tiles properly secured to a cement board would be inexpensive and attractive. Maybe they’d get lucky and find 13″ x 13″ tiles on sale somewhere. Why do these people always trust to luck?

    Yeah, I know. I’m still laughing at the idea of Joe doing a job well. He consistently sticks with “trying”.


  23. I’m pretty sure that’s the same wood stove that was outside the old “cabin” in the press photos. I mean, that’s crazy considering all that money that people donated.

    I was reading a story about the goings on in Oregon. A new group, the Pacific Patriots Network, showed up at the scene. Most of them have now gone home because no one wanted them there but I noticed the logo on the patch of one guy’s getup and it’s similar to the ERT logo.

    Ammon Bundy and his band of militants appeared ready to settle in for the long haul Saturday when a rifle-toting “security detail” broke the relative lull that had fallen over their weeklong standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

    Their leader, Brandon Curtiss, said the group came to “de-escalate” the situation by providing security for those inside and outside the compound.

    About a half-dozen rifles were visible among the two dozen new arrivals. They weren’t staying in the compound, Curtiss said, but planned to patrol the perimeter of the reserve and had started showing up in the area the day before.

    “No comment,” one of them responded when asked what kind of gun he was carrying.

    Curtiss said he intended to meet with standoff organizers as well as local public officials and law enforcement leaders to help bring about a “peaceful resolution” to the occupation.

    “We are not the militia, and we are not a militia,” he said, adding that his group meant to ensure “everybody’s safety, on both sides.”

    But Bundy and his corps of anti-government protesters didn’t want their services.

    Out of the 320 million of us living here in the U.S., I guess there’s maybe a few hundred of these guys and they’re all hanging out in online echo chambers and emboldening each other and feeding each other’s delusions. What a bunch of goofballs.


  24. lol wrote “I think ERT is all Joe. It’s his own making. There are no members. It’s a worthless, broke, inexperienced organization.” I agree. ERT is probably Joe and maybe two or three other random folks. Maybe his dealer and one other friend.


  25. The problem isn’t crocks. Let’s face it, it’s Joe wearing crocks. If you don’t think that’s funny, you have no humor.


  26. The vision I get of Joe’s militia is that of the three stooges when they wanted to join the foreign legion.


  27. Today she posted a meme of Stephen King denouncing semi automatic weapons as her latest “discussion”. I am not sure what there is to even discuss, but attention seeking is always in her repertoire.


  28. Because a well equipped emergency response team/militia marches into emergency or battle in crocs with duct tape gun slings, because lacing boots is hard and making a gun sling even harder.


  29. I don’t know why Nicole gets so strung out about the comments we share here. We’re just free range peeps expressing ourselves. She’s all about free range kids and all that jazz.


  30. And once again she’s got it wrong. “We” don’t “hate” JN. Joe Bloom has it right & that image plus his chosen footwear is simply hilarious! Still laughing.


  31. Once again, only nations and important people have enemies and Joe doesn’t affect my life in a manner designed to make me hate him. He does provide a lot of fodder for lampooning him.

    Right, Joe is Curly so who’s playing Moe and Shemp? Hmm, we should include Larry.


  32. I am glad to see the correction on the croc color. They are orange! Those can be multi functional. Hunters safety color, orange!

    But wait, do militiamen use safety color orange, too?


  33. And if she’s going to strung out about the comments here, just don’t visit this site. It’s just not that hard. And tell all your peeps who read here to stop reporting back to you.

    She has got to have an infinite amount of things that should be occupying her thoughts and time other than worrying about what other people think of her or Joe. She has a business to run, she has 11 children who need to be cared for and educated and she has a homestead to help develop and manage.

    She doesn’t have access to running water or hot water or reliable electricity at her home so things like personal hygiene and cooking and cleaning (even if the kids are helping with this) have got to be extremely time-consuming, so I’ll just never understand her choices as far as how she spends her time and energy.

    And, really, she does have it so wrong. The people who want to see her and Joe be accountable to their kids do not wish her harm. Like FBR said, we do not hate her or Joe. We want her to do right by her kids for the sake of the kids’ futures and her’s and Joe’s. Realistically, the people who don’t seem to have her (and Joe’s) best interests at heart are her pack of enablers.


  34. Sad Spiral wrote, “Realistically, the people who don’t seem to have her (and Joe’s) best interests at heart are her pack of enablers.”

    But they’re secondary to the two people who should have her, her husband’s and her children’s best interests at heart: Nicole and Joe. They clearly are far more focused on trying to make people ‘unsee’ what they have willingly and unwittingly shared.

    If you want better press, provide evidence of better outcomes. It’s sad that ‘Nauglecting’ is a neologism that may stick around for quite some time. Another 18 years, if their homesteading rate of success to date is any indication.


  35. Tekla spoke, “But they’re secondary to the two people who should have her, her husband’s and her children’s best interests at heart: Nicole and Joe. They clearly are far more focused on trying to make people ‘unsee’ what they have willingly and unwittingly shared.” That deserves a repeat, so here it is.

    And “nauglecting”, such a poetic word. Urban Dictionary. Poetic- “poetic is turning little things that no one would see right away and turning it into a perfect meaning”.


  36. The fat part is not an issue for me, since I know a bona fide member of the actual military who was forced to drop muscle mass because his BMI was “too high” but he didn’t look, you know, ripped, man, like a bodybuilder, he was just very strong and fast, and therefore he had to be “too fat to serve.” And never mind that getting his BMI down to a “healthy” number made him weaker and slower.

    But a teenage boy is lifting that stove higher than Joe Militia.


  37. Sorry. Joe It’s-Not-A-Militia.

    Militia (n): Any of numerous groups of armed people who oppose serving in the actual military on the grounds of nuh uh you’re not the boss of me, which, as everyone knows, is an excellent way to run a group of armed people who need to be able to all go in one direction quickly and decide when to actually fire on somebody.

    Other patriot groups (n): People who want the importance and respect of being in a militia but feel that actually showing up for weapons practice would be too much work, beer or no beer.


  38. @truthisawhisper – I WISH I could take credit for coming up with ‘Nauglecting’. I read it on a site months ago that may no longer exist and I thought it was wonderful. It’s stuck in my head. I really wish I could remember who coined the term because that individual should be acknowledged and they deserve a good cup of coffee or tea and a donut or bagel.

    Whoever you are, thank you! I doff my chapeau.


  39. The Naugler family does live on the grid for electricity and water. Their kids clean the clothes in a regular washer and dryer, plug the iphones and laptops into an outlet, bathe with running water, watch movies/ play online, and eat processed/ fast food just like most American kids. The family can get all the water and electricity they want from the shop and still call it a business expense.
    They are using Nicole’s business to help them transition to being off the grid, slowly. They can just live on the homestead on weeknights and weekends or when they feel like it. Sound like a good set up really. Unless you include the part where Joe and Nicole cared more about “going viral” about the evil police then they did about keeping their kids safely out of foster care.


  40. “They can just live on the homestead on weeknights and weekends or when they feel like it.”

    They can’t legally live at the shop because it’s not zoned for it and can cost them their lease if the landlord gets wind of it. But yes, clearly they can get showers, use a refrigerator, plug in their electronic gadgets and write it all off as a business expense. It’s still risky though.


  41. If I understand it correctly, the Nauglers’ original scheme was to live on Blessed Little Homestead in a lease-to-own agreement, which apparently…collects rent for a specified period while building equity in an escrow account for a future purchase…? Not sure how it works. Anyway, the agreement does not allow for permanent structures on the land until formal purchase has taken place. Hence the original shed, which could be towed in and out. Hence, possibly, the Blessed Little S**tshack, which may not have technically been a permanent structure because it only had three walls. Or it could simply have been what happens when a couple of adults announce “Yay, we’re going to live in our own cabin!” and then turn expectantly toward their children (see also: The Outline Outhouse). And hence the current shed.

    With another couple in charge, it might actually have worked–even with their cockamamie politics. Live in a shed or two while working two or three jobs each to pay off the land quickly, putting the kids in public school for the duration. Pen or stake all animals in order to protect the pond as a water source, and grow whatever is relatively easy and can be cellared (assuming that a simple root cellar in the side of a hill doesn’t count as a permanent structure). Don’t get super ambitious about this; keep a few of this and grow a bit of that, in order to get a feel for how it all works, while still eating mostly boughten food. Build a real composting toilet and attend to it daily. And figure out how to stay clean without a permanent structure. (Get a small shed, replace the floor with pallets to allow drainage, and put a camp stove in the corner for heating water?)

    When purchase has been secured, take the kids out of public school to help in building a permanent cabin and outbuildings with polewood from the land itself, and start putting money aside toward getting the well fixed, including putting the thingabobs on top that remove the sulfur and improve the taste of the water. Divide the land into woodlot, grazing, cropland, etc., and start farming for food and fuel in earnest.

    Then, and only then, look into leaving employment in order to start a business.


  42. Whew, Jenny! That’s uber ambitious! Probably a 20/20 hindsight is, to know your limitations. Actually not a bad idea, to recognize your limitations when forming good choices. Limitations as in, this might be a poor choice. Some of us get better at it, with age and maturity.

    So maybe I am a debbie downer. But why to a rent to own or whatever, with 20+ odd acres of undeveloped land, when the priority at hand was a roof over your head? Likewise as a hypothetical example, if your income has been reduced and the rent payment is looking larger, why go buy a speed boat just because you’ve always wanted one? Believe me, I know a knucklehead or two that does things this way! So they jump feet first into something that is “dreamy”, with no tools or resources, no instruction book or wisdom, no dependable financial income, no experience. With 10 children in tow. Haven’t solved the pressing problem(s), but got that pie in the sky.

    Yes, I’ve known people that “just do it”, and succeed. But their will to make it happen, is larger than the just do it dream. Whatever it takes, kind of attitude. Sacrifices and hard work. Talk the talk, AND walk the walk.


  43. Jenny Islander, you nailed it. It isn’t like homesteading, off grid living, or being cash poor is something new here in Kentucky. People live that life every day. A failure to make realistic plans and follow through with them is just “pie in the sky” dreaming.


  44. You are exactly right, Lisa. Joe stated in the blogtalkradio interview, because of their really radical lifestyle, is why they’ve had continuous issues within the community. Sorry to say, not that something special. Homesteading, off grid, or cash poor is not new to Kentucky. In fact, last May 13th, Fort Knox became the first U.S. Army base to go “off grid”. Now that’s rad! (pardon the pun)


  45. @both of the above posters: Planning, yes, that’s the key. Mrs. Naugler’s original post about how they got into this mess boils down to how she felt very excited and anxious and caught up in the romance of it all, so she did it. Dumb couples have done this before, had their “Oh dear God what are we going to do” July afternoon, and buckled down to make it work–but rarely, if ever, with 10 kids. OTOH, couples with 10 kids have made something like this work before–because along with the excitement and anxiety and romance and so on, they had a plan. (And the husband actually got off his tuchus and helped make it happen.)

    Lease-to-own, BTW, is apparently intended for people who can’t get a conventional mortgage. I’m still on the fence about whether it would actually be a good idea for anybody.


  46. Jenny, Good plan. But not for these folks. First major problem, putting the kids in school. Besides the oversight forced upon these two by mandatory reporters, is the mind boggling discipline of actually getting up each and every morning at a designated time, dressing each child appropriately, feeding and then making sure each child was transported to school. Of course the child would have to have done prescribed homework, and the parents would have had to have then followed some form of school protocol. And be GRADED!!! And what then would happen if one or more of the kids became ill, say from eating rotten pancakes, and were forced to stay home? And most importantly, if the older kids were in school, who would tote and look after the continual line of non school aged little ones all day? But of course this really is not the problem that these parents would have, it really is all about educational process and outcomes of the traditional schools today, or so we are supposed to believe. Conform to a societal norm, forced upon you by the evil government to become a slave of the state AND breed more slaves? Them’s fighten words.
    Lisa, I think the phrase, ‘pipe dreams’, might work here too. And as Granny used to say, “just too damned lazy”. TG there is an intervention in place.


  47. @Jenny Islander- would a mobile home be considered a permanent structure? In the clean out a shell of an old mobile was taken. So I wonder if the lease allowed for a mobile. I know mobile aren’t always the greatest however, way better than a garden shed and 10,000 times better than (as you put it) Blessed Little S**tshack! Nicole (I think) mentioned there is a well on the property but the water stinks (I assume high sulfer but a filtration can help that problem; not fix it but help it).

    I still don’t understand why they haven’t gotten solar power panels if they received all that go fund me money. You hit the nail on the head, the lack of planning is amazing.


  48. I still don’t understand why they haven’t gotten solar power panels if they received all that go fund me money.

    They do have a couple of solar panels given to them by some solar power company, I think. They are the sort of portable units suitable maybe for camping. They are not large enough to any serious powering of anything much other than iPhones.


  49. Bottom line. If by let’s say, child number six, you still have not figured out how to secure permanent housing, a decent job, the bare necessities of life then why keep going and have kid number 7 and 8 and 9 and 10 and 11 and even mentions you might want kid number 12! How many kids are too many?

    Just stating the obvious. Kids are great but each one puts further financial strain on an already broken family situation.

    Ma & Pa need to get their heads out of their pie in the sky dreams and do a major reality check. OH, AND STOP HAVING BABIES UNTIL YOU FIGURE IT OUT!


  50. @MP: Mobile homes are built with on-site utilities in mind–utilities they didn’t have and apparently didn’t intend to get until Someday.


  51. One big obstacle for Nicole is that she is so needy and she relishes the attention she gets from being pregnant and the mother of infants and toddlers. So much of her sanctimommy condescension revolves around her take on baby stuff like homebirth, nursing in public, circumcision, etc. Jenny’s plan could work but only for a couple that was willing to practice some family planning and put the brakes on the baby making. There’s no way Nicole would do that.

    As far as them wanting 20+ acres, my guess is that it’s so they could be away from the road and neighbors so that people wouldn’t see how they really live.


  52. So Nicole has spent much of her online time criticizing what other people do and how they raise their children, but very little time discussing what her children have learned or achieved. Sanctimommies (and in many cases, the same is true of the fathers) spend a lot of time discussing things but very little seeing that something proceeds to its natural conclusion. She may deny it, but she’s a sanctimommy.

    I do hope that the elder children are studying to take their SAT and/or ACT tests. If they do well, Nicole or Joe can post their scores and crow about them. I doubt they’ve bothered to sign up to take either examination though. Pity.


  53. Jenny! Welcome.

    I hope Miss Brightbill makes it over here too. She got awfully attacked by these crazies.


  54. The term sanctimommy is new to me. So I did a little self learning and looked it up.”Sanctimommy is a portmanteau of two words, sanctimonious and mommy. The word is a colloquialism used to refer to a person, usually a female, who has very opinionated views on child rearing and presents them upfront without any sense of humility.”

    Ahhh, indeed! Grandiosity.


  55. KENTUCKY is one of 11 states that have declared a State of Emergency this weekend while enduring a monster snowstorm. I hope that BLH High Commander Naugler and his ERT Team are out there supporting the community, helping where there is need.

    Kentucky Governor Blevin (GOVERNMENT) is taking care of the citizens during and after this catastrophic weather event. He’s asked for federal (GOVERNMENT) resources/funding, and for everyone to stay home out of the way of emergency services professionals.

    I think it’s likely the the ERT/not a militia team members (including High Commander Naugler, who may or may not be able to leave his property due to snowy, icy or muddy roads) are following the ebil government directives, during a natural “incident”.

    NYC is on lockdown. Stay safe everyone!

    ***The ERT Mission Statement:
    The individuals and teams that comprise the Emergency Response Team (ERT) are everyday Americans that have come together to serve…helping others…the ERT stands in and helps bridge those gaps… ERT looks to respond to natural, man-made, and other incidents in an organized and thorough manner…

    LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Gov. Matt Bevin has declared a state of emergency for Kentucky in the midst of a snow storm that is pounding much of the state.

    “My primary concern is safety. By declaring a state emergency we are giving emergency management the options they need to proactively respond to local needs. I thank all of the officials working hard to keep people safe and commerce flowing


  56. Nasty storms rolled through Breckinridge County (KY) yesterday. This was a great opportunity for Joe to demonstrate his ERT training, skills and be an everyday American that goes forth to serve others. Did he do so?

    I mean, I don’t want him to endanger his life by doing something that he’s not equipped or trained to do, but surely in the wake of the mess he donned his ERT Commander togs and went forth to do good.

    Nicole probably has photos of him in action helping others. She would be rightly very proud of him for doing so. Let us hope someone shares them with the world.


  57. Nice. Joe didn’t pull out that $900 chainsaw to clear HIS portion of the road from the tree that fell across it.

    Nope. Not Joe! He waited and waited and waited until his 70 year old neighbor (one week after having surgery) showed up and did the entire job with no help from Master of the House, Joe. Doesn’t look good for the national recruiter to not have had a hand in dealing with the aftermath of the storm. Particularly when it’s practically on his doorstep.


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