It is NOT an Outhouse

I want to illustrate something Nicole does regularly.  When she wants to deflect from the reality of whatever situation she is in, she is vague, doesn’t explain stuff, and when her supporters/leghumpers/followers make comments that clearly show that they don’t understand but are outraged because harassment, she never corrects them.

outhouse 1

It’s not an outhouse. There is no hole in the ground. They shit in buckets and dump the shit on the ground. That’s the problem.


It’s not an outhouse.


Because it’s not an outhouse.


That’s lovely, but the Nauglers don’t.


As I said, that’s lovely, but the Nauglers don’t.


It’s not an outhouse and no one called. It’s an ongoing case. There was an inspection today which was court-ordered.


Yelling won’t help, Dianne.


It’s not an outhouse.


It’s shit dumped on the ground.


No, it’s not. It’s shit dumped on the ground.


It’s not an outhouse.


Cindy, see above.


If “she” did, she lied. It’s not an outhouse and it’s an ongoing case. The inspection today was court-ordered.


Outhouses are not illegal, but this is not an outhouse.


It’s not an outhouse.


Close, but it’s not an outhouse. It’s also not “compost.” It’s a pile of shit.


It’s not an outhouse. They shit in a bucket close to the house. They don’t have a horse. If they did, it would die of starvation.


You can’t fall in. It’s not an outhouse and there is no hole.


That’s lovely, but this is not West Virginia and it’s not an outhouse.


The government totally “belongs in this stuff” and it’s not an outhouse.


That’s lovely, but it’s not an outhouse.


No comment for Amber.

Out of 153 comments (at last count), there are those 25 that clearly show that those people haven’t got a clue what this is about. They think the poor innocent Nauglers are being persecuted for having an outhouse, with a hole in the ground.

Only they aren’t, it’s not, and there isn’t.

Those people aren’t to blame, although Amber is pretty dumb.  Nicole is to blame. She just allows this. One out of every six comments comes from somebody who simply doesn’t understand and she makes not a single attempt to enlighten them. She doesn’t link to anything. She doesn’t “educate.”  She just allows them to be outraged and counts the numbers of supporters and waits for the clicks on the Paypal button.

It’s dishonest. It’s fraud. And she’s a scammer.

She makes one teensy effort to explain, sort of.


Why would he need to take samples?  Nicole says it’s shit. He takes her word for it. It’s clearly shit being dumped on the ground. I’m not sure what else there is to say.

compost heap

And this, by the way, is just about all we were allowed to see of the Blessed Shit Pile.  The inspectors, of course, got closer and had a better view.


The court ordered it.  They didn’t “allow” it. The judge ordered it.


Several comments like that. Nicole lets them stand.

She’s a fraud.


86 thoughts on “It is NOT an Outhouse”

  1. We need to make a Naugler bingo card. Some of the phrases we should use….

    “Government overreach”

    I’d continue, but I got to go back to work. Unlike others, I have big, positive things going on in my life that need full attention.
    But please, by all means Nicole, keep up the crazy. I love it that Everytime I look, you are cooking up a new batch of shit that makes me giggle.

    Enjoy court on Tuesday.


  2. I would add :
    Little House On The Prairie
    Reality show wannabes
    ‘Back in the good old days’

    I know there are others but….


  3. Bethanie, you left out the most used word of all i.e. “rights”.

    Sally, I kept waking up the dog with laughing so hard.


  4. She uses the children as a shield. The inspectors didn’t seem to mind being recorded but I think her dragging all the kids along made them uncomfortable. Hard to be straight with the parents with a wide eyed innocent audience watching (I’ll leave it at that, I can only imagine what was going through the inspectors’ minds….). Oh, and ime usually a cursory exam, no samples or questions…not a good sign.


  5. I would add

    I don’t think some of the followers read anything before they post. Also to note most of the followers are from the same cloth as the Nogs, ones that have CPS problems.

    Hell the shitbucket house does not even have a door or at the very least a curtain. The dollar store sells shower curtains. They have no pride if they just can do their business in front of every one. No wonder the kids do not know how to use toilet facilities flushing toilet, bucket toilet or porta potty the proper way cause they have not been taught.


  6. They’re pioneers???? What’s next, Nicole is a Real Housewife of Kentucky? My mother’s great great grandparents where pioneers. They came from Austria and Bohemia, and they did the whole horse and buggy across the country and settled in Nebraska and North Dakota. (You know, where it snows 6 feet a month for approximately 4 months out of the year and you could die just from that.) That’s some real pioneer sh*t right there, no pun intended. They farmed and they endured, and for that I am thankful because their hard work and values were passed down to my grandparents, my mother, etc. This poor excuse for a homestead is an insult to those who really do it, or in my family, did it. But Sally, I do love your play by play of all the comments, you make me snicker and giggle and then my husband wants to know what the hell I’m reading…I tell him “just a bunch of useless shit.” Thanks again.


  7. She clearly said [Admin: edit out child’s name] does it. So Instead of Joe humping his large carcass back to that pile they had a 14 year old boy do it with 5 gallon buckets of human waste. [Admin: he isn’t 14. He’s 17.] Right…..nothing to see here.

    Is anyone aware if anything that “man” does that would be classified as the “man’s” job?
    Waste removal- nope
    Building shelter-nope

    Good thing he has strong sons to carry his load. Too bad we dixnt get a better look at their compost set up. I thought compst had to be turned every so often. Hard to compost that pile unless you use a pitchfork. I bet that is [Admin: edit out child’s name] job too. No way Joe is making that hike.


  8. And this little gem from a few minutes ago:

    Blessed Little Homestead: Three people made calls. The neighbor, the lady from Montana (on my blog) who listed her demands and someone else’s from that group. They had no idea what they were reporting which is what made all of this clear harassment.


  9. I watched the live streams. When one of the inspectors snapped a picture of the bucket-shed all I could think of was his lack of haz-mat gear, not even gloves. The almost 10 minute trek uphill through the overgrowth and squishy mud to the shit pile really solidifies the notion that there is no way anyone is hauling or composting their crap.

    Piles of rando shit? More likely. No, no, no there is no outhouse. There are shit piles. I hope they were watching where they stepped.

    Was Joe trying to start a confrontation with those men? He said he was going to sue them. I applaud their calm demeanors and restraint- and their apparent lack of gag reflexes. The smell must be horrific.

    I’m surprised the videos were made as promised. Maybe Sally’s chart is really helping Nicole!

    Now let’s quickly deflect with a dog (in questionable condition) they can’t keep and a hen with a clutch of chicks. Cue the donations- because, trying!


  10. I have been following this story on and off since right before the kids were taken and am so glad that I found this blog a few months back to help shed some light on “the rest of the story”, because it never quite added up to me.

    My husband and I have a small farm in the Northeast and we raise and sell a little bit of everything, generally at Farmers Markets. We have been doing this for eleven years now so I am definitely no expert, but I know a LOT more than I did when we moved here. I am originally a 100% city person, so I was truly pretty ignorant about almost everything agricultural. My husband had a little background, after working with his hobby farming grandfather for many summers, but that was the extent of it. We do not live off grid and send the school age kid to public school because I think I would be awful at homeschooling. We have a house with plumbing and electricity. I am throwing in the background because i feel like it is somewhat relevant in that I know enough to see truth as well as bullshit (if I were a supporter this is the point where I would start just calling you a lying liar that lies because it seems like name calling is the only leg they have to stand on. I am obviously not going to do that, because when you post about topics I am familiar with, I see the truth in your words, which gives me confidence about truth existing in things I know little about.

    Bleh…: I went way off whatever I was meaning to say, sorry.

    I DO have a question though. I only get internet through my phone, so I did not watch the video today because I didn’t need to use all my data. Can anyone give me a rundown of what happened?

    I am so glad I found this blog though. I was following as closely as I could manage originally, but then it really got confusing with all the fake pages and names and deleting and drama and name calling all I was interested in were the actual facts, and I lost interest for a while until I happened upon this. I thank you for being the voice of reason and critical thinking 🙂


  11. Saw this the other day, sounded familiar:

    >>Children Removed From “Deplorable” House

    (Boyle County, KY) —- Authorities in Boyle County have removed three children from a home they describe as “deplorable.” Deputies arrested Gregory Wilkerson and Brandi Harmon after they were discovered living in a shed with no electricity or running water, with a bucket used as a toilet. The kids were treated for extreme rashes and bed bug bites. The couple are charged with criminal abuse of a chid.

    Live in shed? Check
    No running water? Check
    No electricity? Check
    Pooping in buckets? Check

    So…what one Kentucky county calls deplorable, another calls homesteading.


  12. Utterly humiliating! Have they no shame? I am surprised she even bothered to pick up the fresh trash on video. Nicole is not well. She is mad, with a skewed perspective of their reality.

    Are they seriously fighting for the right to compost “like” the waste-management company? How is it they do not understand, that the WM company has a “commercial” license, not applicable to them?!

    Poor, sweet eldest bairn! As seen in the fb-live-test video, from yesterday, he is but a child, oh so sweet and soft spoken. My heart breaks for such naivete, victimized.

    Regardless… This post is nicely done, Sally! You have such patience and restraint! I would have gone mad with frustration, curating such a nauseating collection of comments and disillusion.


  13. The ‘outhouse’ thing hilariously frustrating LOL. I sincerely doubt they walked THAT far from the bucket to the pile to dump the shit. No way. There is for sure another pile. I am surprised they didn’t take samples. I am also curious if they asked the port-a-potty company how often and what amount of excrement is collected. I have doubts they exclusively use it.
    It must be very frustrating and unsettling to be their neighbours.


  14. In fact, the ‘compost’ the inspector looked at might well be actual household compost. The shit may be elsewhere.


  15. They are going to sue the county for not giving them a permit to compost human waste, when they have never even applied for a permit to compost human waste.

    They went to the office for a permit to compost human waste, but the office had no permit application for composting human waste. That of course makes sense as the law in the Commonwealth seems to only allow commercial entities to compost human waste.

    What the Nauglers are looking for is a variance to the law. That application process is their responsibility. We know how they do not accept personal responsibility very well, and effort, well their lack of effort is glaringly evident in everything they don’t do.

    I would also like to point out that the inspection of their humanure compost pile was and should have been used as their opportunity to explain the process and an invitation to both the county and those watching to see how great a well composed humanure system works. Instead, it was a clueless tromp through the mud uphill to what many of us knew didn’t really exist. Just another dog and pony show for the fan base.

    What the Nauglers fail to realize or accept is that it is their responsibility to show why a variance of the law should be given. They blew it, but don’t worry they are already spinning it into something else in the homestead of the cosmic imagination. Real life isn’t going to be that easily fooled.

    That live feed was a hoot. The interpretation of the video by the Nauglers and their fan base also a hoot. Good luck with their lawsuit. Who keeps wasting the taxpayers dollars? So far it is not the county, IMO. What I do know is that the video the blessed just provided is good luck for the neighbors’ claims. I just love it when the defendant makes it easy.


  16. May I also point out that the Mrs did say they eventually got the papers to file for a permit, but that it was a “binder of papers” and they just don’t have the time or energy to fill out those papers at this time.

    Color me surprised. Oh the tragedy, they have no one else to do it for them.


  17. I just watched Nicole’s videos…
    My first impression was of Joe hitching up his britches and his know it all tone of voice equating what the Nauglers were doing required the same license required by the porta potty people.
    My second impression was of the very wise inspectors not getting into any arguments with him or Nicole.
    My third impression was that is was a very long hike, uphill (?) for the kids to haul buckets of poop to the poop piles.
    Nicole kept her camera off the inspectors when they were looking at it.
    Nicole seems to think she passed inspection…
    And… ( I laugh) that she asked them if they were “satisfied” with what they were seeing.
    What she showed them is what they were doing that was against the Kentucky laws…
    They saw what they needed to see…
    And the inspectors were “satisfied”


  18. Was Joe trying to start a confrontation with those men?

    Yes. That’s quintessential Joe Naugler in action there. He’s all bluster. He thinks he’s a big deal. I’m surprised he didn’t say “Do you know who I am?” They really should have just offered him a beer. That quietens him right down.


  19. He (name left out 🙂 ) is now 17, but if they have been composting for 3 years then he woukd have been 14. I should have clarified.


  20. Can anyone give me a rundown of what happened?

    Jeremy Hinton and his accomplice, er, associate met Nicole and kids at porta-potty. The potty company was there to pump it. They were okay with that.

    Then they walked over to the existing bucket shed (what all these people call an “outhouse.”). Jeremy took a photo of it.

    Then came about a ten-minute trek through the woods, on a very muddy path to the supposed “compost piles.” She claims there are two of them, side by side. She sent one of the kids ahead to show the way because she hasn’t been up there but three times in the past year and didn’t know the way.

    She stayed back so the video is not clear. It basically just shows overgrown weeds and stuff and Hinton and his associate peered over the shrubbery. They took pictures. They said almost nothing. Nicole kept trying to get them to tell her that it was all the most beautiful thing they’d ever seen in their lives, but they declined. Back they went. Joe was waiting and he got in Mr. Hinton’s face and told him he was planning to sue the health department, which is always a strategically astute thing to do when the person is going back to his office to write a report about you. Oh, yeah, that and call him an idiot on your blog (Nicole did that the other day.) They wonder why the governmental folks despise them.

    Anyway, Joe was trying to start a big argument, but again, the two inspectors declined to participate and took their leave.

    The fact that they stayed almost no time, took a few photos and said almost nothing, well, is interesting.

    They have court again next week, at which time I assume Mr. Hinton, who is not an idiot at all but has a responsible position, something neither Naugler has ever managed to do, will give a report to the judge.


  21. I am surprised they didn’t take samples.

    Why would they need samples? They know what shit is. Nicole was freely admitting it was shit dumped right on the ground. I see no reason for samples.


  22. The shit may be elsewhere.

    It could be, but I don’t think it matters. They were freely admitting they are dumping shit on the ground. That’s the entire issue. Not where it is.


  23. May I also point out that the Mrs did say they eventually got the papers to file for a permit, but that it was a “binder of papers” and they just don’t have the time or energy to fill out those papers at this time.

    Good point. Is it a binder of papers, or is it nonexistent? 🙂


  24. Thank you for the rundown. I was trying to figure it out from reading the comments, but you know, all I learned was about all the harassment they should not be subject to for having an outhouse (haha). I was curious about whether they got all frenzied and loud and how the inspectors reacted. I suppose from your description it went about how I imagined, or maybe more low key. Thanks for the breakdown!!


  25. more low key

    It was more low key than I expected, and that was entirely because of the way the inspectors said nothing much at all and just looked around and took photos. It wasn’t because Nicole didn’t try to get them to say something and Joe certainly attempted to provoke an argument.


  26. something else that just occurred to me…..a 3 year old waste pike generated by 11 people would be pretty evident. All that is visable is a bunch of weeds. So given the choice to poop in a five gallon bucket in 90 degree weather (or 10 degree weather) my guess is the kids just went into the weeds and handled nature’s call wherever they could find a spot. A “compost” pile for that many people would have to be huge.


  27. The reason samples would be good would be to show proof of runoff from the piles. If in fact those were the shit piles, it would be good to have evidence of runoff and ground contamination. However, I do see your point that it doesn’t matter because it’s not contested that the shit was piled on the ground. I actually think it does matter where the shit is. It matters if it is near any sort of watershed or pond. It matters if it is near the home or garden. And it matters if it is near the neighbour’s property. Mind you I have exactly zero expertise in this area. These are things I would want to know if I lived nearby.


  28. May I also point out that the county workers are doing their job, and that they were exceptionally polite, patient and restrained. Their job is to look out for the health and welfare of ALL the members of the community. Not just an entitled select few who demand special treatment.

    No different law applies to the Nauglers, no matter what they claim or what they really want. They are not special at all.


  29. Surely she is disappointed. It seems she wanted more of a spectacle.
    Which begs the question, what happened with the local media? Nicole claimed they’d be there, too.


  30. As intelligent as N and J claim they are, it makes me chuckle that they put their shit pile up hill from where they live. N kept saying watch for the mud, it’s rained, it’s soft, it’s squishy, and we see the ruts of where the rain and water from up the hill has rolled down the hill…the rain water and mud contaminated with human shit and piss. And they keep right on tracking through the shit laced mud. The bucket house with no door breaks my heart. All of us know how modest young girls and boys around a certain age are, and we all realize how it must have been humiliating to use the doorless bucket holder.

    I also wondered why N and J were so opposed to digging a hole and building a real outhouse? Was it too much work for J? Or, are they just nasty? The most telling in this video and a few of the other videos of N that I’ve listened to is her ignorance. She is really ignorant and shameless. Her tone is always defensive, and she often sounds tired. She never explains anything but attacks others as if that were the logical choice of argument; she also blames government regulation and people who report them for all their problems and not their unhealthy toiling practices. Never once can she or her gang of idiots see that her shit pile is not only contaminating her living area but others water and their ponds, livestock, and anything else that comes in contact with the runoff from the shit pile. When she speaks, she does so rapidly and breathless. I don’t think in a million years I would post that nasty shit bucket house with no door for the world to see, but I would never dump human waste uphill and then proudly discuss it for the world to hear. She knows what she is doing is wrong and in violation of health codes because she doesn’t post pictures of it nor discuss her process. The more she posts, the more she looks like the idiot that she is. I feel so sorry for their children.


  31. So I will assume that J can’t get up the hill, based solely on the fact that he didn’t tag along on the expedition and it’s not like him to skip a confrontation. N has been there so infrequently that she didn’t even know where the shit heap was. What a humiliating chore to dump onto the children. N & J disgust me.


  32. Something interesting from the video. Other than the fecking compost is uphill! There are no words.
    The guy in the green shirt said something like, “There’s not much in there.”
    Nicole, “It composts down pretty quickly.”
    They may have a time vortex where the “compost” pile is, as the laws of physics and decomposing seem to not apply. ? Reality, being as is it, their crap has most likely rolled down hill.


  33. They really don’t get it.

    The issue is not that they use an outhouse (because they don’t).

    It’s not even that they use a bucket (which they do).

    It’s that they are not disposing of the contents of the bucket in a safe and approved manner. Heck, they’ve never even attempted to show they are doing so in a safe and approved manner. It’s all “We compost. Go read about humanure.” Notice they never actually state that they are following the process in the book.


  34. A “compost” pile for that many people would have to be huge.

    It wouldn’t be as huge as you might think because they were not layering stuff like they were supposed to do. There is no evidence there that there was any supply of material for layering (which is what I am basing my assumption on.) And compost does drop in volume by about half, maybe more, as it decomposes. It does not go “back into the soil” as “nothing,” the way Nicole insists, but it is smaller.

    However, I do agree that very likely there is little dumped there in the first place. I, too, believe that the children just go potty wherever they happen to be on that property (or their neighbor’s).


  35. It matters if it is near any sort of watershed or pond.

    Shit like that can contaminate the ground water regardless of location. Obviously, it’s not going to affect my well. I live many miles from there. But it could conceivably affect the aquifer that Al draws water from. Keep in mind that the next door neighbor does not have a well.

    The underlying, important principle here is that it is illegal in the state of Kentucky to dump untreated human sewage on the ground. Period. Nothing else needs to be proven.


  36. A few months ago our neighbors oil tank rotted out spilling who knows how much oil on the ground. The DEP came and tested our well(s) right away and a few days later from the well directly and also from our tap. They have been back at least once to retest, possibly more. They also set up a whole containment pump trailer thing just in case. Oil and human waste are obviously different things, and we are in a different geographic area, so I don’t know how that plays into specific situations, but the DEP guy told us it was really hard to predict how or if the contamination would spread because of factors like the limestone, the soil, the weather and he even said it could be problem free for a long time and then leech into the groundwater years later.
    I do know that the moment I saw the DEP truck i thought it was some sort of issue with either a dead person unnoticed for too long or some breach of a septic system. Maybe the Ky equivalent of the DEP are sampling others water supplies.


  37. There is something very similar here in KY. A house down the road from us had a similar situation and they had guys out there in haz mat suits doing clean up.


  38. I also wondered why N and J were so opposed to digging a hole and building a real outhouse?

    I think she got into the whole idea of “humanure” and thought she was being all homesteady and trendy. And then when she was criticized she reacted typically and doubled down.


  39. So. Dumping human waste on the ground is illegal in KY.

    And NN just showed two County inspectors where they dumped human waste on the ground.

    Note, I am on board with everyone who thinks the kids just go wherever they feel like it, but let’s think about this. You are accused of committing a crime. And then you go and show someone and admit to committing a crime. Geniuses all over that place.


  40. omg this is the best blog yet.. I was dying.. rolling on the floor…

    its not an outhouse..

    bravo sally


  41. I completely forgot all about this until now. I believe this fair gets 60,000 or so visitors over the course of the weekend, and they have normal toilets available as well, so very definitely a way higher volume of waste than the Nauglers can generate, but it is interesting to read the article and see how much thought and planning went into each of the toilets. Seems like a far cry from dumping buckets in a pile somewhere. Like others mentioned, nobody would want to walk a long way with a bucket of poo even in perfect weather. No matter what I am carrying in a white bucket, if there is any liquid component at all, I inevitably get some on my legs, no matter how low I try to fill it to avoid splashing. Disclaimer….I tend to be on the clumsy side.


  42. Sad, but True and,,,,the statement made me laugh out loud..

    “It’s not an outhouse. They shit in a bucket close to the house. They don’t have a horse. If they did, it would die of starvation.”

    I would have to agree with many of the above comments…IMHO of course…the kids were just relieving themselves in the woods….until the ebil gobermint forced them to have a porta potty…..

    Also, did anyone else notice that during the “hike” she had to pick up some trash..I think she said it was an old popcorn bag…I’d go back and watch again to clarify..but it was painful enough watching it the first time…


  43. ” A “compost” pile for that many people would have to be huge.”

    It would fill a school bus. That is a LOT of shit and it does not “melt” into the ground, no matter how loudly Mrs. Naugler insists that it does. She’s wrong but mistakes volume and repetition for cogency and logic.


  44. I completely forgot all about this until now.

    Excellent article. It shows what goes into doing it right. A compartment, lined with bales of hay (that means there are bales of hay on the ground and around the edges as well) and then the waste goes in the middle, and is layered with sawdust. Then it sits for almost a year. Then it is used in accordance with state regulations.

    It’s not just dumped on the ground.


  45. It would fill a school bus.

    Nope. It would not. Don’t give her fuel.

    I’ve composted a whole lot of cow manure. Thousands of pounds of it. It doesn’t even come close to “filling a school bus.” And it very quickly reduces in volume rather dramatically. However, as I showed with photographs, even after years, it does not go away to nothing.

    In addition, I saw nothing at the Blessed Little Shit Piles to indicate that they were contained in any way. That means runoff. Significant runoff, which would result in even less volume left behind.


  46. So sick of this!! STFU & Get a life!!

    Exactly who are you sick of, “Anna”?


  47. I once figured out what their pile of crap should look like (just couldn’t get a visual). It’s been a while, but I used the number of adults, and assigned the little kids as half-adult status.
    Multiplied that by what the average human puts out in a year, multiplied by 2 years, and it was something like the equivalent of what a 16 foot box-truck would hold.
    Of course there are many variables I didn’t consider, but just wanted to share. 🙂


  48. You’re correct. Let me work the math here – I’m not mathematician so feel free to let me know if I messed up.

    Each person produces approximately 360 pounds of feces in a year. 3 years x 8.5 people (little people may go more frequently but not as much of it) x 360 pounds = 9180 pounds of feces. 10 pounds of feces is approximately 1.2 gallons so that’s about 1102 gallons in volume.

    The average person will excrete 135 U.S. gallons of urine in one year. That’s about 3442 gallons.

    The average school bus interior has a volume that can hold approximately 9,313 gallons.

    Okay, so it’s about 48.8% filled.

    Eww. Think about that splashing around and soaking into the aquifer!


  49. Of course there are many variables I didn’t consider, but just wanted to share.

    BUT one of the variables you are leaving out is that this stuff seriously reduces.

    We have large plastic barrels that we use to tote shit from stalls. Here’s what they look like (not my photo):

    In winter, when the animals spend a good bit of time in the barn, we easily fill one of those every day, sometimes twice a day. Dump that into a compost bin, come back in a couple of weeks and half of it will be “gone.” It compresses as it decomposes.


  50. Not to nitpick, but urine isn’t sterile even if you don’t have a bladder infection. 🙂 But it’s still not the concern.


  51. Not to nitpick, but urine isn’t sterile even if you don’t have a bladder infection. 🙂 But it’s still not the concern.

    Well, live and learn. You are correct. That is a fairly new finding.


  52. Am I mistaken or didn’t they go to a different location for the shitpile when they had the child do the bizarre video walking the property awhile back?


  53. sendsnacks, in that video they didn’t show the shitpile. The showed a video of part of their property line which was supposed to be proof that the ground was not contaminated. Because videos are evidence of fecal coliform, donchaknow.


  54. I carry buckets of poo and dump them. My system is compleatly different however. I have no desire to compost it or urine. I have a holding tank and it and about a cup of water is used every time it flushes. For 3 people and every week give or take a day there are about 4-5 buckets filled 3/4 full. It’s mostly liquid form. We don’t flush tolite paper. Then I empty the buckets into the old septic tank I’m sure what I’m doing is illegal too but it was the best I could come up with. Before I close the access door I put a mix of brown sugar and yeast into the tank. Using dirt as the medium instead of water I’m guessing the output would be the same for the same amount of people.


  55. Before we closed on our house, our lawyer raised hell over the old oil tank that had been legally abandoned in-ground. She’s recently had a case where a client closed on a house, and then found that there was oil contamination beneath the tank. That client was on the hook for EPA fines in the thousands. She would not let us close until the tank was removed and the soils tested clean.

    I can’t help but wonder what sorts of fines they could potentially be facing, if they are polluting the aquifer.


  56. The video feed went out. Nicole doesn’t do anything without being prepared. The walk back may have been more interesting than we know. The responsibility to provide proper poo places should be the parents not the kids. The saddest and most ridiculous part was Nicole had no idea how to get to the compost area after she has been arguing for how long now that it is safe, does not have run off, well maintained, all her bullshit. She is a liar. A lazy mother who lies to protect herself while screwing over 11 kids.


  57. Not when talking about poo…are you comapring dumping human waste onto the ground in a populated area where people rely on well water to you putting your human waste in a septic tank?

    I hope not because at least your waste is contained in a tank. The odds of it leaking into the ground are far less than human waste dumped on the ground. The fecal matter on the ground will get into the ground water.


  58. The inspectors would not want to say a thing on the property. The goal is to get the inspection done and get out without getting in a spat with the owner. If they’re not finding much they won’t say anything because they don’t want to say “you’re in the clear” only to find out back in the office that they overlooked something and the property owner is on the hook for something (I’m sure the county health department’s counsel has impressed upon the management the importance of not saying anything premature and communicating with the public through the right channels). If they do find something, they’re sure not going to tell someone with the reputation of the Nauglers about it face to face. Their report will speak for itself, and if they testify in court they’ll have the evidence compiled and the county standing behind them (not to mention the bailiff standing before).


  59. Potato hunter- nope just trying to help with real amounts of waste. water is my medium theirs is dirt, while mine in transit-“the walk” is nastier it’s over as soon as it’s contained however if they are covering with each use the amounts should be the same.


  60. however if they are covering with each use

    They are not. There are children doing this. Children. They are covering nothing. They are dumping.


  61. Looks like the Nog’s might have to do a little “Mountain Top Removal” after Tuesdays hearing.

    After watch the live video this morning I do not think they passed this Inspection. It sames pretty clear all the inspectors have to do now is report back to the judge that, ” Yep, there is shit all over the ground.” I also hope that these gentlemen include in their report to the court how rude, arrogant, defensive, and argumentative these two where ( Badgering, out of line questioning ) and include how Joe tried to start a confrontation with them and actually threatened to sue Mr. Hinton personally and the county too.

    In my opinion, Joe and Nicole inter-feared in whole process by not allowing the Inspectors to have full access to the property to fully investigate matters on their own. Kinda makes me wonder if maybe…just maybe the Judge will hold them in Contempt of Court?

    The worse part for me was watching some of the children being present during these very adult matters and being exposed to it and how Joe acted in-front of them. Not one time did Nicole ask the children to go play or go inside while she and Joe conducted their business with these men privately. They never tried to shield the children in any way what so ever. Which is just another reason I feel that they are totally unfit parents.


  62. I really don’t think these two understand the “gravity” of this situation. It’s just like Joe to “runoff” at the mouth too.
    I don’t think the county health department is interested in spearheading anything, or they would have taken soil samples.
    All they needed was to see that shit is dumped on the ground.
    The people that test the soil and the runoff can now be called, especially after some dumbass decided to publicly call the inspector an idiot, then film themselves threatening a lawsuit.

    Places I’ve worked before, the second lawsuits are mentioned, cases get elevated. The county health department now needs to have a conversation with a lawyer, they can now say “nope, have your lawyer call ours if you need anything” and now they will probably need an agency to step in and build a Defense case against the lawsuit.

    Don’t think the Nauglers are going to be to pleased if it goes that route. It won’t end in their favor.



  63. What the hell is that collection of Rubbermaid tubs and cinderblocks over by the old crapshack?


  64. First time commenting. The first thing I noticed when they were trekking to the waste pile was how little path there was. If they were dumping 2+ years of crap, every day there would be a trail well worn down, not what they were going through. I agree they probably threw it every where but I don’t think this is the main pile. I’m a country gal and I know how easy it is to wear down paths on that kind of topography. They are thinking they got away with it I bet! Lord I hope the county doesn’t let them squeak by again!


  65. The more I look at this stuff the more certain I am that Nicole has a mental Thing that I won’t try to name because IANA psych/iatrist/ologist. It’s the one that goes like this:

    *See thing, want to do thing.
    *Announce plans to do thing.
    *Settle back and declare that thing is up and running. Because there is no perceptible difference between actually doing a thing and just talking about it.
    *If anybody points out that obviously it isn’t, defend your position to the bitter end. If that fails, attempt to launch a diversion. If that fails, fall down crying about big meanies. And if that fails, attack again.

    Again, IANA psych. But I’ve seen for myself that people who have this particular kink in their think tend not to get any better. I hope the oldest son on the place really has a real job, not a “follow Dad around and do his job” job. I hope he can leverage that into getting a place off the property where the others can go as they get old enough, no matter where they end up in the interim.


  66. I don’t understand why you are so obsessed with these people? Don’t you have anything better to do with your time? All of you “ladies” who have time to screen shot a page that you are blocked from. Jesus how long does this take? Seriously though I am sure they are full of shit, but this constant blogging on them has got to be so draining. Shit will catch up with them if what you say is true. Let the people working all the outstanding cases handle this. You really need to do something more positive and productive with your time? Or maybe it is your mission to….? I don’t know. I don’t get why there are so many people talking about them. They love all this attention. Which is all you are doing, giving them what they want. Do you have any other blogs? I would love to see what else you write/blog about.


  67. “Wheel barrows help”.

    That was Nicole’s response to a commenter who mentioned the “poop compost pile” seemed too far away. Picture it: a wheel barrow carrying a white bucket sloshing with human pee and poop pushed by a child uphill over rough terrain. Nicole has publicly published two different videos showing two different paths to the “compost pile”. Neither of those paths are much of a path at all, rough and furrowed, overgrown with weeds.

    Even if one were to believe that the children assigned bucket dumping patrol were actually bringing the buckets all that way to the dumping ground, do you honestly believe that those buckets arrived with their contents intact. Or is it some sort of gross version of Hansel and Gretel leaving a trail of human waste behind them?

    Has the woman never even used a wheel barrow herself?


  68. “It’s not an outhouse.”

    This is the first time I literally laughed while reading this blog! Not that there hasn’t been some funny stuff posted. But this blog entry was the best! BL Blogger, you have such a great sense of humor and quite a way with words! I had to imagine your tone of voice everytime I read your short but right to the point rebuttals after each SS!


  69. liliana said, “He said he was going to sue them. I applaud their calm demeanors and restraint- ”

    I was reminded of Sheriff Pate’s calm and patient demeanor, as seen in her video in May, 2015. And the other video where he responded to a concerned citizen when the young daughter was walking alone a far bit down the road. I applaud his patience, in spite of Nicole and Joe’s intentional attempts to escalate the tension with their aggressiveness.

    As well, with other encounters with other people we’ve had the pleasure of viewing in videos. The seat belt violation, is one.

    There is a definite pattern. Joe and/or Nicole escalate in aggressive tone and body language. Then they threaten to go viral and sue. Attempting to strong arm and bully these people. It doesn’t take imagination in believing they also do the same with other people in the community. Oh, like neighbors, employers, their former church brothers and sisters. Whenever they demand to get their way. Or when someone says “no”.

    I know I’ve gotten a little off topic. But ama right?


  70. Do you have any other blogs? I would love to see what else you write/blog about.

    Yep. (inactive right now due to reasons) (another rabbit hole you will likely not understand and very likely wouldn’t be interested in)

    Jesus how long does this take?

    Not as long as you might think. I also manage three other websites, two of which I am completely overhauling. In addition, I milk a cow twice a day, feed bottle calves, cook, clean, do laundry, preserve food, grow a garden (most years) and am currently working with my husband to lay a new bamboo floor all over our entire house.

    But then, you knew I had a little farm, didn’t you?

    You didn’t mind one bit coming here and trying to stir up crap regarding Gnomie.

    What do you do, since you seem to have time to come over here (and you had to sort of search this out, since Nicole never links here if she can help it) and criticize me?


  71. Do you think when the latest leghumpers figure out how they have been manipulated and used by Nicole to come to the blog and pages to do her dirty work that they will apologize, or will they just climb back under the rock they crawled out from?

    My wish is that they send her all their money, so much money that they can’t pay their own bills. Karma.


  72. There are innocent leghumpers, who are just people fascinated by what they think of as an idyllic lifestyle and who haven’t a clue about what is involved. I hope they are able to see through the bullshit rapidly before they part with any hard-earned money.

    The nasty ones deserve whatever they get.


  73. “In my opinion, Joe and Nicole inter-feared in whole process by not allowing the Inspectors to have full access to the property to fully investigate matters on their own. Kinda makes me wonder if maybe…just maybe the Judge will hold them in Contempt of Court?”

    Melissa, interesting point. Probably not contempt, but if the judge wanted more information he/she would just order another, more detailed inspection.
    The Nauglers really controlled what the Health Department saw of the property. It was smart to move the house so the inspectors wouldn’t notice the trash, hazards, lack of fire escapes etc. at the house.
    That path was very clean compared to her normal videos. The kids must have been busy cleaning up trash the past few days.


  74. Sally I wasn’t trying to stir up crap. I just thought it was crazy that this lady was posting pictures of you and your farm. Saying things that were very mean about your child and you. I actually just learned about your blog when Nicole did a screen shot of someone’s profile who “liked” and followed your blog. So, what do I do with my time? Let’s see I have a full time job and my husband and I are on vacation in Colorado until August 8, with our 3 kids, 17, 11, & 6. We are camping in our fifth wheel trailer and are fully hooked up to sewer. If I wasn’t on vacation I wouldn’t have time for all this drama.
    I honestly never knew this side of the story until I read your blog. It’s very exhausting, to me to try to keep up.


  75. I believe NN relinquished the lead when she realized she was unable to watch and film the inspectors and their reactions, more probable than her excuse she didn’t know the way. Important information she probably poured over later hoping to exploit. The film really helps the neighbors and continues to illustrate Naugler disconnect and aggression. Interesting body language when JN began his rant and the inspector stepped forward towards Joe, clearly not intimidated and unfazed, while gathering more information. LMAO
    Now Kentucky, PLEASE do not let these fools off with a warning and a hand slap, while they continue to damage and destroy the environment of their neighbors and community, all the while advertising this with glee to their humpers.


  76. Cindy made me laugh. Anyone who has played Oregon Trail knows people died of dysentery a lot. Yeah, it’s “just a game,” but it was made pretty accurate in that regard. Even though people constantly moved, the shit of other people killed those coming up behind them. So I suppose they are just living like pioneers, which is all good and funny to say until someone dies.


  77. I really don’t understand what the Nauglers have against building and using an actual outhouse. It seems like that would have avoided attracting the attention of the neighbours, social media, and local officials. Digging a pit is a pain, but no more so than hauling buckets of waste back into the woods and taking care of a compost pile, plus it’s done once, over a few days at most, and then it’s good for quite a while. I think she just wants to be contrary for the sake of being contrary and portraying herself as a victim.


  78. @Allison: Besides the mental whatever-it-is where making words about a thing appears to be the same as making the actual thing in the Naugler parents’ minds, they seem to have a mental whatever-it-is in which the minute somebody else makes a direct suggestion to them, they don’t gotta do it. So I suspect that somebody, at some time, directly suggested to them that digging a hole would be a good idea.


  79. Well I do have to say that your writing is very interesting, and by that I mean I found the topics interesting . We have more in common than I would have thought. I read your bridges burning blog from the beginning until your last blog in 2014. I have been reading a lot since we had to drive more than 12 hours from where we live to Denver. 3 more hours of driving on Monday to Steamboat Springs, Co. Thank you for providing links to your other sites. Reading those make this time go by faster. If you have any other reading material to share that would be great.


  80. I’m sitting here watching Homestead Rescue right now. I don’t even think they would help them. They would insist on each kid having their own room, water source, and an actual outhouse.


  81. I have been fortunate to have lived on the earth for 61 years and in that time I have discovered a pretty good trait of mine, I watch people and you just know some are headed for some sort of disaster. I have seen it in my brother who married a shrew of a woman who led him down a path that no one should ever live. One of his adopted sons died by violence. I see the same with the Nauglers, every day they wake up , one of those kids wakes up a chance of something happening to them, not from outside sources, but they have a pond,, they live around guns, its a disaster waiting to happen. Mark my words, one day you will read about it


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