Insidiously Despicable

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Nicole’s response to the front-page piece in the local newspaper is, well, predictable. She’s busy spinning away.

However, I was right. They are, in fact, going to clip the article and put it in a scrapbook, you know, for “documentation.”  Because everyone involved will be “held accountable.”

Somehow this sounds a lot like my years in fundy churches where the preacher would insist that we’d all stand before the “judgment seat of Christ” one day and we’d be sorry, so put money in the plate and go drag all your neighbors to church.

She insists that they are not just “throwing shit on the ground.”  But she will not, absolutely will not, show us what they are doing with it. How many times have I asked?  I know she says she doesn’t read this blog, but it’s obvious she does. So answer the question, Nicole. What are you doing with the shit?

And “composting it” isn’t an answer. Any organic matter rots if you just leave it alone for a while.  Exactly how are you “composting” it?

But Nicole’s spin is getting boring and repetitive.  What is hilarious are the comments.  Here are some gems.

First, here are the “how dare the newspaper do that – sue them” comments.

comment 1

libel possibly slander

file a lawsuit

Uh, Tina, libel is written. Slander is spoken. Otherwise they are identical. And Hinton did, in fact, specify exactly how to fix the issue. He sent them a letter telling them all about it.

Yeah, they’re gonna sue the newspaper for an article without a single factual error. And they can post the address (and I didn’t black it out) because it’s public information.

Then we have the “why can’t human shit be deposited just anywhere” comments.



dont understand

who really cares

why cant humans

There are a few important words that these folks simply aren’t considering. One is “disease.” The other is “treated.”

I would make sure the court is reminded that poop is poop.

I would suggest that maybe that wouldn’t be a very good idea, Debbie.

But a couple of commenters (including the “moderinator”) seem to realize that some sort of treatment of human feces is necessary to avoid the spread of disease and other harmful things.  This would seem to indicate that they have IQs slightly above the absymal level of the other commenters.  But they latch onto two ideas: first, that somehow the Blessed Little Compost Heap meets those requirements without anyone ever knowing exactly how it does that, and two, that even though treatment is required by law, it’s dumb and in fact dangerous, so we shouldn’t do it.


The article, “S”, you blithering idiot, is about properly treated human waste.

I have actually been to the Blessed Little Homestead.  Before everyone goes ballistic, I have not put my clean feet over the Blessed Property Line, but I didn’t have to. It is a trash-strewn mess. It looks like a third-world encampment. Refugee camps look better.

The truth is that nobody who sees that place would trust the Nauglers to have the slightest idea how to responsibly feed a chicken, much less operate a human waste compost system.


Yes, they do. They clean it.  They treat it to destroy dangerous pathogens and they clean it to remove harmful chemical compounds. That’s exactly what they do.  And that is what the Nauglers are not doing.

. . . I am not backing down.

But that is exactly what they do every time they are dragged into court.  Every single time. Joe takes some plea deal or agrees to conditions that result in a deferral. In this case, they were very slightly proactive. They ran out and rented a porta-potty just days before court so they could say they had complied.  That is the very definition of “backing down.”


Joe and Nicole often blather on about how they are documenting stuff. Well, I’m collecting and documenting this sort of thing. This is a veiled threat.

Let’s do what needs to [be] done.

Exactly what “needs to be done,” Breck?



25 thoughts on “Insidiously Despicable”

  1. So, what you’re saying is, the real trolls are her leg humpers. They believe their lies and fuel their delusions.


  2. Someone commented on the water not being cleaned that you get from your tap. Well, that IS the water that Joe & Nicole get when they bring it home from the shop.

    “Refugee camps look better.”

    That’s because the people who live in refugee camps care to try and make it look better and they have many neighbors who also are trying to make their lives better despite their circumstances.

    Joe and Nicole just don’t care. They don’t care if their shit runs down the hill onto someone’s property. They don’t care if the waist-high weeds (those are WEEDS – no one is going to pay you money for mowing it, Joe) are harboring ticks, chiggers and other things that could harm their kids. They didn’t care enough for their animals to suck it up, stay put and take care of them last year when the kids were in foster care.

    They only care that people send them tax-free money. Anything that smacks of serious effort they regard as a waste of their (Joe and Nicole) time.


  3. Maybe Breck is offering to go down to the BLH, shovel in hand, tool belt firmly snugged around his ample belly, and “do what needs to be done” in the manner of:
    a) Building proper composting bins;
    b) Building a proper outhouse;
    c) Building a rainwater collection system; and
    d) Repairing the already dilapidated 1 year old garden shed.

    Good on you, Breck, good on you!


  4. I can tell Breck what needs to be done. They need to clean that mess up , including all the garbage strewn around, get a permit, comply with the law, and for God’s sake , get off of Facebook!


  5. I should be shocked at all the idiots who believe every word they say but nothing in the Naugler saga surprises me anymore. The newspaper isn’t pointing out anything that Nicole hasn’t blasted all over Facebook herself. Every single piece of evidence against the Nauglers showing them to be disgusting people , horrible parents and just shitty human beings has been posted by Nicole.


  6. I’m surprised they haven’t packed up and ran yet. I mean that’s what they seem to do best when trouble comes their way.


  7. “Minor children in the home?” There is no home! Those “minor children” are packed in a SHED in the middle of what looks like a wartorn 3rd world country refugee camp. The commenters are as brain dead as J & N.


  8. The same thing keeps appearing on blh, Every post…
    “Why don’t people come help you instead of complaining”.
    People have donated, people have offered. The naugs want money. Why can’t paw take care of this? Why can’t other people who actually live there, help? Thru won’t want anyone to see the actual filth.


  9. @A
    She said they wanted to move but had no financial way to do so, and that cps won’t let them.


  10. @nohelpwanted

    That is why Nicole and Joseph are furious right now with cosmic rants and burning up Facebook. They say all of us will be held accountable (by whom, I ask) but they are finally experiencing what accountability to real authority means. Must be agonizing to them.


  11. @NoHelpWanted
    I call BS on CPS not letting them move. There is no way that they are forcing N & J to keep the kids in that filth. Maybe they aren’t allowed to leave the county or state but they can leave the nohomestead.


  12. You notice how willing the supporters are to send the community to help. Yet they all have excuses about why they can’t show up and help. Need I say more?


  13. No one doubts that people all overth world compost their waste. We just doubt that J and N do.


  14. I believe that Nicole’s comment stated that they would in fact be able to move if only they had the money to do so. She said that CPS would simply transfer their case to a new county, IIRC. I feel she buried the headline there a bit, because it is the first time I’ve personally see her acknowledge, point blank, that the CPS case is not closed.

    Thoughts and prayers to the good citizens of Indiana, which was proposed by Nicole as a potential alternate landing site for the SS Naugler.


  15. YOU ARE NOT FUCKING COMPOSTING, Nicole. It would be EASY to show us. Instead it’s excuses after excuses about how we wouldn’t understand. Take a goddamned picture. If we “don’t understand,” where’s the harm if you think we don’t understand as it is? At least it would look good on you for trying. Right now, you’re hiding. Usually people shouldn’t be expected to cave and post pics, but this is not a case of people on the internet talking. This is a case with actual criminal charges. This means you MUST start taking some action!

    Also it doesn’t matter if there’s a port-o-potty there now. There’s still the problem of the shit that’s been dumped there for years. You don’t get to throw trash around a property, add a trash can for the new trash, and call it a day. You still have to clean the old shit!

    Now I’m going to finish reading.


  16. She will post pictures of her giving birth (the ones the kids took) but she won’t post a picture of the human waste compost heap. Her blind followers just don’t get it. It’s scary to think these are supposed to be functioning members of society.

    Breck Allison seems like he is willing to help. How wonderful it would be if he went to BLH and put his skills to use, go Breck!


  17. My husband works at a wastewater treatment plant. It’s a complicated process that mimickes nature.
    When animals shit in the woods, bugs and bacteria eat some of it where along with other material on the forest floor it becomes compost. When it rains, the material including good and bad bacteria, washes to another location and into the ground. Once in the ground, nature’s filter takes care of the nasty stuff. It first filters through the top soil, then through graduating layers before hopefully ending up in the groundwater supply clean and clear and the bad stuff dies. The problems happen when there is too much bacteria for the ground to filter. This is what fouled their pond, and that’s what’s most likely happening to the groundwater of all their neighbors. The ground can take care of the poop from the animals. It could even handle the occasional Nog deposit. It can’t handle 13 daily deposits.
    We’ve seen it happen when too many dogs poop near a pond lake or water supply. It only takes a few poops to mess things up. Its a delicate balance. Did you know the one of the biggest causes of food poisoning is fresh greens? Poop is the reason. The poo that was used as fertilizer. It’s behind contaminated meat. Very often meat is contaminated with poop! Poop is nasty business. That’s why my husband needs a degree and regular training to do his job. The ground water they’re poisoning could take decades to recover.
    The nogs aren’t stupid. They are lazy and don’t like to be told they’re wrong. Imagine if someone polluted “their property” and harmed their right to enjoy it.


  18. Sally, in my town peoe were posting things on FB to incite violence toward a few homeless folks who were camped in a park. I found it disturbing and took screenshots. I then phoned the police and they were very interested. They started a file and asked if I see any more to send them in with that file number. Might be worth doing since you live in the area. They were very much on board with having the info should something happen.


  19. -A said- I’m surprised they haven’t packed up and ran yet. I mean that’s what they seem to do best when trouble comes their way.
    and the…
    nohelpwanted said- She said they wanted to move but had no financial way to do so, and that cps won’t let them.

    That translates into “Send us the money and maybe we can move”…. or….. “you send the money to help us move, we blow it, and then use CPS not allowing the move, to be our excuse for spending all your money. “


  20. I have been quite entertained with Nicole’s post today as well as the responses to it. One thing that floored me was the reaction to Chris’s observation as to how this might be affecting the children. Someone said put your children before politics and Nicole jumped all over that remark. She felt it was more important to stand up for shitting wherever and whenever you want and disposing of it however you want than guarding against creating a situation where CPS and the courts feel justified in removing the kids again. Says it is more important to stand up for your rights when you feel targeted.

    Uhm yeah I am sure the kids are real excited at the prospect of going back to foster care while their parents fight over being told they just can’t dump their shit on the ground. Yeah mom and dad we will make the sacrifice of state’s care, you go and give more reasons for the courts and CPS to remove us from the shitstead. I bet L will be real thrilled to be moved from foster home to foster home like he was last time. He will be able to thank Joe and Nicole for that.


  21. Their ignorance is too much.
    I have done composting for years (not using human waste).
    I’ve always had piles. I’ve never had it be absorbed into the ground. Her leg bumpers are something else.
    Here’s a service announcement: in many cities, you are expected to pick up and dispose of animal waste. They too, can’t crap on the ground. I knew a guy in high school whose parents owned a dairy farm. They ended up selling the cattle and renting their land for vegtable farming. The EPA came down on them because they were worried about the cow manure going into the river and adding to the pollution.
    Is the health department on the N’s for dumping garbage on the propert? Is there an ordinance stating they must have it picked up?


  22. Wow, I am so used to Nicole being vague that sometimes I miss when she is direct.

    She states/admits that the citation is for NOT having a permit. And the citation has nothing to do with the system they have in place (although the system will be inspected once a permit has been filed).

    But she also is clever enough to add statements such as there was NO investigation, no evidence of contamination, and [no determination] of the effectiveness of their system to deflect attention off of the reason why they were charged with failure to comply. She also adds that the article states they are just throwing shit on the ground when the article stated this was alleged.

    And to continue to steer her audience on the wrong path, she says burden of proof is with the state to imply that they had not done so (Sally already commented that the state met this as the Nauglers have no permit).

    I truly wish her followers would see what we do. Now to find some aspirin as my head is starting to hurt.


  23. Joe and Nicole,

    “Document” this.

    Those involved ARE being held accountable. You’re going to court and dealing with the very legitimate charges against you. Undoubtedly, there will be more. When you post the shit you do, it’s inevitable.

    The community is watching, shaking our heads, and waiting.


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