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When in doubt, make a List of all the people you think are evil and bad—the key players—and start that List with your stepson’s name.

All the people listed, she tells us, are “part of the story.”

But if you look carefully at the List, you’ll see that with the single exception of the stepson, every person whose name appears is somebody she considers an enemy.  Not just “part of the story,” but the evil part.

See, there are other people who are “part of the story.”  People like

“Charles Smyth”

Euland Hibler

Dawn Renee Zimmerman

April Perez

Michelle Fischer

Gnomie the Crocheter

Amanda McMahon

Cheryl DeWitt

Larissa Beraldi

Donny Cook

Stacey Waddell Farness

and last but not least,

Pace Ellsworth.

What about these people?  Lots of folks I know have felt the wrath of some of these people pretty seriously.  They have doxxed folks. They have insulted folks. And some of them have just said dumb shit.

Pace is an enigma. He fits into the story, though. He’s an integral part.

Why aren’t their little bios on that page?

But more importantly, do you see how including the son’s name in the List makes it appear that the son is in fact considered an enemy? He is, of course. Nicole has made that clear from other remarks she’s made about him.

But when confronted with this, she responded with her usual denials.


He’s just a “key player.”  How in the hell is he a “key player”?  He appeared once, briefly, in court, and accused Joe of neglect, cruelty and sexual abuse.  The state of Kentucky chose to ignore his testimony.  That’s it.  That was the whole thing.

Yet he’s a “key player” and Pace, who engineered a loan that set Nicole up in business, is not.  The son is a “key player,” and yet, “Charles Smyth” who has an uncanny way of showing up to defend Nicole in a matter of seconds after she is criticized, is not. The son is a “key player,” and yet Michelle Fischer, who doxxed critics, is not.

Alex is not a “key player.”  His role lasted one day and was brief. He is on the List because, like the rest of us on there, he is persona non grata.

The question is why.  Is he considered bad because he dared testify against his father? Or is he considered bad because his testimony hit way too close to a nerve?

I know what I think.

*The screen shot of the comment awaiting moderation was sent to me, of course, by the author.  It is probably not going to see the light of day, but I thought it deserved to be read, so it’s here.


29 thoughts on “Infamy”

  1. No matter how I try I can not wrap my mind around how she has time to pursue any of this. And apparently paying to boot. So what others have blogs, not only can they afford them they aren’t responsible for a business or 11 minor children. It’s not their views that has everyone judging them it’s the execution. Not only do they fail at nearly every single task they willfully neglect things that need to be done to spite “trolls”.
    I think it’s control double not only does throwing “Joseph’s” eldest under the bus when he sire himself refuses to even acknowledge his failure as a parent to him (yanno because a minor child conspires against their birth parent for no reason) so goody goody papa pig doesn’t have to pay child support. But it also serves as a notice to the remaining minors that if you dare speak about the abuses or failures of the parents we have zero problem “documenting” it to the world. Now we not only have kids with no legal documentation whose lives have been entirely existent on social media but we now have an audience who we can feed you to should you turn against the blessed psychopaths.


  2. Alex was her enemy from the moment he was born. After all, he is the child that Joe had with a woman he left Nicole for. She somehow forgave Joe but I am sure she punishes poor Alex every chance she got. I would bet that she encouraged Joe to abuse and neglect his son and actively participated in the abuse. Nicole and Joe are vile abusive parents. I do not recall where I read this, it may have been on the Breckenridge Sheriff page after this all started, but, someone said they were dealing drugs. The person said they went to Joe and Nicole’s apartment to buy drugs and they wanted to report them to CPS but did not because they did not want to disclose why they were there. This is before the kids were born and it was only Nicole, Joe and Alex.


  3. In high school I never got to sit at the cool girls table.. thanks Nikki… I’m pretty honored to be included


  4. She probably won’t post it. Some individuals have already called her out. I was surprised she published the comments.
    It’s a shame the state of Kentucky ignored what he said.
    I feel that the animal right groups have more influence than cps.


  5. I almost feel that I should share the bio I’ve been writing for work so she knows who I am. Her PI failed so miserably digging shit up on me.
    I’d have to add to it though. It’s more a professional bio, and not really personal.
    Still though. I’m beginning to feel sorry for her.


  6. Nicole is trying to mitigate legal consequences by trying to portray herself as harried, persecuted, plotted against, and what have you. Her hope is that, like her pregnancy served as a mitigating factor in her histrionic resisting arrest conviction, that she will be able to show that all of the purported harassment that she has received caused her to act out in as she did toward our friendly local politician. It is, of course, utter nonsense as is her hit list. It is an act of abject fear and powerlessness on her part.

    Alex is terrifying to Nicole and her …. husband. They have no control over him but he can relate the horrid details of life with Joe as a father, and life with Nicole as a mother. Of course he is their number one enemy because he has lived with them, has no good to say of them, and they have no control over him. It is hideous that Nicole and Joe would brand him their top enemy but it is illustrative of how they regard their children. Nicole and Joe consider their wants, needs and urges to be far more important to them than anything concerning their children. The children are tools to them. Nothing more.

    Of Nicole I would say ‘methinks [she] doth protest too much’


  7. someone said they were dealing drugs.

    Come on. Just stop already. We have no proof of this beyond “someone said.” I despise that. Nicole makes up shit about me. I am not going to stand by while shit is made up about her though.

    All that we know for sure about the Nauglers and illegal substances is that Joe smokes pot. And I think pot should be legalized, so I don’t even fault him for that, except that he’s spending money for illegal pot while simultaneously letting his wife support his large family and his large ass.


  8. Patricia, you are the coolest dog groomer/woman I’ve ever met. My girls think you are awesome too.

    Nicole is a horrible person. I wish she would ignore Alex as much, if not more, than she does her kids living on the blessed deathstead.


  9. Nicole is posting poison apples to discredit Joe’s oldest son Alex.
    She’s probably twisting her hands together, trying to do pre-damage control, just in case there is some validity to this new “investigative” Facebook page.
    Perhaps Nicole thinks Alex will be part of the documentary.
    Alex, if you read this, I’ve told my sons and I’m telling you, that you have a choice.
    You can start, today, changing your life for the better with schooling, savings and good health habits. In five years you will have profited greatly.
    Or, you can choose to do nothing today,and tomorrow, and in five years, your life will be the same as today.


  10. Off topic: I see a pic taken today (?) that includes an unfenced pond. Didn’t she recently state that 3G of the GFM went for fencing? What fencing? And Sally, thanks for being the beacon of light in this saga!


  11. Where is this list,she has, at? I didn’t see it on her blog about the “trolls”, does she have another one besides the new one posted on blh?


  12. Woohoo, I’ve been banned because I asked why the pig wasn’t on the list (wilburina). Soooooo sorry I forgot to screen cap, I was on my iPad and too hurried before work. But: yaaaaaayyyyyy, I’ve been banned!


  13. I just had a look at the blog post in question:
    [admin: I removed the link. As I mentioned in my piece just now, if anyone followed that link, they could be blocked from there.]

    Those screenshot she posted.. Does she not realize how damaging they are for her and her business?
    She deleted the whole thing about Ranger from her facebook with good reason, and now she immortalizes it on that blog.
    She engages in a discussion in the comments to show how open she is and that she does not delete critics and the things being said there make her look SO bad. (Rightfully so, of course, but I’m still in awe of this trainwreck in slow motion.)

    If it wasn’t for the writing being comprehensible I would say that this isn’t Nicole’s doing but Joe’s who, as he has shown again and again, just doesn’t have a clue of anything.


  14. She also said some of the money went to insulating the shed. There wasn’t any insulation visible in the baby walking video or the picture of the new stove.


  15. @Beth M…..yes they are suppose to have a fence around the pond. I had seen pic’s that there once was like some kind of orange plastic fencing. I new it wasn’t going to last. Wondering if CPS knows, cause I thought that was one of the things they had to do to get the kids back.


  16. The first two names on that list are not in proper alphabetical order. Not surprising, but leaves one to wonder if it was intentional or accidental??? Is this an example being set for their other children? Is this just a simple example of the “homestead unschooling”? As you already stated, Sally, what about the rest of the “key players”? Jojo’s eldest played such a small role last May, but no matter his testimony, he is still a victim of his father’s ability to reproduce. Children don’t get to choose their birth parents.


  17. Where is this list,she has, at?

    The List is on the new blog under the menu item “Who Are These People”


  18. She has Courtney pegged wrong. It was never Courtney’s group, although she was an admin. Courtney made up false screen shots, I can’t remember who they were about for sure, but I think Amanda McMahon. That’s when that group imploded.


  19. That recent no fence line is scary. Dangerous tools laying around, barefeet….and an open access to water by a small person. Wth


  20. About the fence. We bought a home many years ago with a pool. Before we moved in we had a fence put up around the pool. All the furniture was on the other side of the fence. If we wanted to sit outside we would have to get a chair or sit in the pool area. I don’t have eleventy children like Nicole so it is easier to watch mine but still I wouldn’t risk it. Children die far too often around open water. It doesn’t make me a helicopter parent, it makes me a responsible parent. The pictures of the open pond with babies right there, not being watched by a responsible adult do worry me. But alas I guess CPS doesn’t have the resources to care. And I’m sure lots of folks have water with children that isn’t fenced but that is just one thing that worries me.


  21. Re: The recent photo with no fence around the pond.

    BO says not to worry, that the baby is being attended to.
    Hmmm…. Looks to me like the older children are engrossed in what they’re doing, and no one is giving that baby a second glance.
    Pools in my state require fencing (the law), I would think a pond would too.


  22. Poor Nicole, she thinks her “enemies” amount to a handful of the most outspoken here who have used their real names. She does not know that there are literally dozens more people who, because the Nauglers and their heavies harassed and doxed them (me included), have elected to go by pseudonyms to protect themselves against further intimidation. Beyond the dozens on Facebook, there are legions more critics on FreeJinger and other forums, and they will continue to follow this story as long as Nicole fabricates and denies the truth, and continues to deny her children education and opportunities. I give zero fucks if Joe and Nicole want to live their lives in poverty, filth and dependent on Paypal. I do care that they are brainwashing their children to buy into their wholesale neglect as “loving parenting”. In just a few years we will have young adult Nauglers perpetuating this cycle.
    Shame on Kentucky for having such piss-poor educational standards, as well as low bar for what constitutes emotional and environmental neglect.


  23. The very first thought that came to mind when I saw the project near the pond was where is the fence?


  24. 1st most important rule to remember is. when nicky says yes she really means no and when nicky says this she really means that. sooooooooooo when she says she will not delete a post and make sure it is posted really means IF YOU EVER SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT ME I WILL HOUND YOU DOWN TO THE END OF THE WORLD AND GIVE YOU A TONGUE LASHING. oh yea and block you from her pages. look around you nicky (and when i say that i mean on facebook cause you do not live in the real world) look around you nicky and all these so called socks? you see them the ones who hound you down and talk smack about you as a parent? LOOK CLOSE and i bet you really do KNOW MOST OF THEM you IDIOT.


  25. Lets Sing some Allen Parsons Project “Its all Psycho Babble” “Psycho Babble” Psycho Babble”


  26. I actually have had very little to do with “trolling” Nicole of late.

    Learned my lesson, but came back to call her out on Ranger and her animal abuse. In the past I’ve always been a firm believer that any attack with ‘real life consequences’ on either side is too far. The amount of animal neglect superseded that this time.
    I also don’t know the majority of those reviewers, the group she keeps referring to is 20k people and only maybe 5 were from there with me. No solicited reviews, we were simply appalled. I left one, and a few friends followed suit.
    It is what it is. I’m back to following from afar.

    I’m not pregnant anymore, and unlike Nicole, I have no intentions of being pregnant again for a good amount of time. She doesn’t scare me at all anymore.


  27. I want to give Alex a hug. His father and step-mother are horrible people, and he deserves better. Sounds like he deserves better than the mother he was born to. Thank goodness for the uncle who raised him. I saw a video of him speaking, and he seems like a strong young man, and since he’s avoiding taking further part in anything other than appearing in court when summoned, they really need to leave him out of this.


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