I’m dealing with people who are a little slow here, so I guess I’m going to have to spell it out.

It is entirely possible that Lou Canby was Cathy’s biological father.  I still have no idea who her biological mother might have been, but honestly, I don’t care.  If Lou was in fact her biological father, yippee.

Unless he kidnapped her from her mother who had legal custody of her when she was three years old, though, the rest of her bullshit story about Cleo and the green Cadillac and the whole kidnapped stuff is just that, bullshit.

And now we have Cathy declaring that yes, Lou is her biological father, and yes, Lou raped her repeatedly.  Incest.  And “duh,” I’m stupid.

But you see, just two days ago, Cathy was asked if she was claiming that Lou, her kidnapper and rapist, was in fact her biological father.  And this was her reply.


I would say that if your father raped you repeatedly, he was “just as bad as Cleo.”

She “thought” he was in on the kidnapping.  What kidnapping?  The one when she was three, or the one when she was 12 or 13, after he’d died?

Here’s the deal.

If Lou Canby was Cathy’s biological father, that’s fine.   But that in no way makes anything else she has claimed true.  That does not mean that Cleo kidnapped her in a green Cadillac.  It doesn’t mean that Carl McIntire raped her while Bob Jr watched.  It doesn’t mean that she was burned over 61% of her body (2nd and 3rd degree) because Cleo poured boiling water on her.  It doesn’t mean that Richard Harris did a single illegal or immoral thing. It doesn’t mean that she had terminal Stage IV cancer and then just didn’t have it anymore. It doesn’t mean that she testified before the Pennsylvania legislature and reduced them all to tears.

It proves nothing at all except that there are some really gullible people out there.

It’s interesting that Cathy appears to have latched onto my story about the Jersey bulls. There were seven of them, not nine.  And they didn’t “chase” me.  They were in the small paddock connected to the barn, having their dinner and refused to go out the gate into the big pasture.

However, what that story does show is that I know what bullshit looks like when I see it.


5 thoughts on “Incest”

  1. The unfortunate thing for Cathy’s attempt to rehabilitate Lou Canby’s image at this late date is EVERYTHING she said before.


  2. I’ve just begun to follow this rabbit hole and I have to remark on how similar Cathy & Nicole, and their individual supporters, are.

    I had never heard the word, “doxxing,” prior to the Naugler story going “viral.” But now I see the same behavior playing out with Cathy and her supporters.

    While the growth of the internet has placed a treasure-trove of information at our fingertips, it has also brought scammed out and laid before them, almost unlimited supplies of “suckers” who will believe anything.

    Still SMDH.


  3. So I take it you are #psychostalker? Haha…I did a little Twitter stalking myself and this lady is severely disturbed. I saw her blasting Lisa as well, listing addresses and phone numbers. Wtf is wrong with people?


  4. So I take it you are #psychostalker?

    That’s Cathy’s hashtag for me. I take it as a compliment.


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