Improve the Flu Vaccine

This is admittedly lazy blogging.

However, I really thought this was interesting and there’s no need in summarizing the article when you can just read it.

So do that.

A number of explanations have been offered to account for the influenza vaccine’s weaknesses. One is true; one is unlikely; two will surprise you.

Here’s Dr. Offit’s credentials. This, of course, means that he’s an evil statist pawn of Big Pharma and therefore Nicole will not read the article.  Her loss.

Have you gotten your flu shot?


9 thoughts on “Improve the Flu Vaccine”

  1. Not yet, but I’m getting it done soon. We’ve got a baby and apparently this year it’s especially nasty, but the vaccine is supposed to be especially effective. I try to get it every year, because when I get the flu it turns into bronchitis.

    Talking my extended family into getting their shots is going to be problematic. I’ve got one relative who is full blown hard core anti-vax, and the rest of them lean hard towards vaccine conspiracy theories and right-wing-nut nonsense. Like, sorry. I know you mean well, but I don’t want my daughter life-flighted because she caught pertussis from your crazy.


  2. Interested Lurker – tell them this means they can’t meet her in person until she is a year old & gotten all her vaccinations. Measles is no joke. If I’m even around someone who has measles I’m barred from my work site for 21 days. Despite being immunized myself.

    Maybe they’ll do it. I doubt it, but your responsibility is to her, not their feelings. Obviously you know that but it is tiresome dealing with it when it shouldn’t be necessary at all.


  3. The flu is no joke. My husband got it 4 years ago & it took him 3 weeks to recover. During that time he got a staph infection & ended up in the hospital because his body was so depleted from the flu. He hadn’t gotten his flu shot on time, but now he gets it every October 15th or thereabouts. All of us do, it’s just the smart thing to do.


  4. The flu shot isn’t perfect… neither are seat belts. However, both reduce risk, which is why everyone in our family gets one to protect our nine year old. No flu shot, no entrance to our home, no exceptions.

    One of the things that I do think allows people to minimize influenza is the tendency we have to label any respiratory or gi infection as a “flu”… which makes people think that influence is a minor inconvenience.


  5. This year has been a terrible one for flu here with over 121 deaths. Amongst them was a friend from school’s 8 year old niece – a healthy child, no underlying conditions which would have put her at higher risk. It still stuns me how quickly the flu can kill healthy people.
    We had the vaccine – my son and husband both have underlying conditions that put them at higher risk from respiratory illness, and I don’t want to risk getting sick and giving it to them. My husband still managed to get influenza A (PCR confirmed) and be off work for 3 weeks. If you can reduce your risk of getting it, all the better.


  6. This is apropos of nothing related to the flu vaccine or typhoid, so I apologize for hijacking the thread with something so trivial. It did briefly amuse me, so must share. La familia de Poo has taken over my brain!

    When I read “BLM” above, my mind immediately translated it to “Blessed Little xxxxx”, and I could not figure out the third word. I am embarrassed (but amused) to admit that I had to Google it!



  7. It has amazed me how quickly epidemiologist recognize which strain of flu will be circulating and how fast pharmaceutical industry respond manufacturing a vaccine which will afford us the best protection possible. Not to mention how the drug companies, insurance companies and the government come together to make the vaccine affordable if not free. They don’t want us to come down with the flu anymore than we do.

    Adding up the cost of everything from treatment to lost time from work and just how sheerly miserable you feel getting the flu it only makes sense to get as much protection as we can getting vaccinated against it.


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