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  1. Gubment. Didn’t know who “they” are. Don’t do nuttin to fix it except scream at clerks and fight straw men but I hate the gubment.

  2. doing anything to fix the local system that she doesn’t like takes research and work, two things they have a huge problem doing. Trust me, there is a way to get exceptions or change local ordinances if you need to. you just have to follow a process, and resign yourself to the fact that you may not be successful, because the other locals are resistant to allow you to do your special thing, IE composting human waste above ground.
    In the meantime, you have to follow the ordinance as its written.
    the reason those laws exist, is because a bunch of people decided that sanitary disposal of human waste was a priority. this is how a representative government works. you have the right to change it, but not run roughshod over it.

    seems too me people have been far too lenient with their shenanigans in the past. it would be a good lesson (unschooling!) for the kids to see that there are repercussions for disobeying a perfectly legitimate and useful law.

  3. What Bethannie said and then some.

    Just happy if she is determined to remain ignorant, that she has chosen not to vote.

  4. Bethannie,
    The really sad thing is I keep assuming there are rational thinking but ignorant adults involved. This assumption follows that they would learn from their behavior the way rational adults do. That they would learn processes and where to find information.
    Sadly, they probably won’t. They’ll continue to fight the trolls and the”bias” gubment that’s out to ruin the enjoyment of their property and their unusual life style.
    They’re addicted to the leg humpers and use their support tip convince themselves they’re being persecuted.

  5. Going through the established legal process in an attempt to get a waiver would require that they recognize and submit to these rules first, and then attempt to cooperate and respectfully and intelligently presents themselves with sound scientific research. I doubt if they are capable of this. Plus the Nauglers have alienated themselves within the community and caused major discord with most everyone they’ve dealt with. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a civil tone or discussion out of either of them when dealing with authority figures.
    I doubt the neighbors would agree to this, after what they have been put through by these folks. Plus who would trust anything they agreed to if they were granted a waiver. Part of their problem is remediating what damage they have done to the current property, if I am understanding this correctly. This is beyond their abilities and finances. I thinking their may be a new Indiana zipcode. The Land Co may even be making it a little sweeter to encourage them moving on, who knows. I know I’ve done it with a problem tenant.

  6. I dunno, the Nauglers don’t want to vote but do want complain about the law, malign those who enforce it, malign those who they, the Nauglers negatively affect and who seek redress through the law, and then demand immediate response from the law to their generally absurd and generally contrived bellyaches.

    The Nauglers realize that they’re just about hopeless, but rather than take responsibility for their incessant grifting, child production, and frankly their hilarious attitudes of entitlement, it’s easier to just blame the “system.” In my ever so humble opinion, I think the Nauglers just can’t stand the thought of being and doing anything really honestly. Too much of a shock to their grandiose egos.

  7. “poorkids says:
    June 20, 2016 at 9:31 am
    Well dat dare gumbat pays for my 11 dids wit all difference daddi”

    I get the situation at hand, but this is a perpetuation of a stereotype and very uncalled for.
    If you want to make fun of poor people, try a different line, the all different dad’s line is just a none of your business situation.
    I am very far from being a supporter of the N’s, but Sally runs a classier joint than to allow that comment to stand without saying something.

  8. In the past the Nauglers have flown under the radar for a few different reasons:
    1. They would up and move.
    2. They were hooked up with a religion that is very forgiving and helpful.
    3. This might be the longest period of time they have been in one area.
    4. They went viral like they wanted and are well known across the country now. This is way beyond just a few locals knowing about them.

    Now that they are viral I doubt that they will be able to fly under the radar any more. Something that is printed in the newspaper over time people tend to forget about it. Also hard to look that stuff up even with computers as many newspaper companies are going to paid subscriptions. TV and radio news can be searched but that is a task too. Online with a search stuff is pretty much there to stay and can be found. Also the “trolls” are not going to let this die down. Joe and Nicole got their wish to go viral but like all the rest of their plans it was not what they planned on.

    Sad the ones that are going to pay for the follies of Joe and Nicole are their kids. If their name had been Smith, Jones or Carter the kids could always deny they were related to the crazy parents. With a non common name that will be harder to do.

    Nicole of all people should know that kids grow up to hate their parents. She hates her mother. She is probably raising her kids differently than she was raised to try to keep them on her side but with that many kids not going to happen. I already see one little rebel that is going to give it back to them some day and I hope she does. Just remember Nicole when it happens you can thank yourself for her being a chip off the old block as you did it.

    Last of all if any of them do leave and find a way to hook up with any of the “trolls” I am sure there are some that would offer to help them in a blink of an eye. I would.

  9. It’s maybe a bit ironic that the one “plan” they’ve made that has actually come to fruition — ‘going viral’ — is the one that is the worst for the kids’ well being.

  10. Despite their constant railing against government in general, they are awfully quick to avail themselves of it: they call the police, they file lawsuits (I still love the one where Joe filed against the county), they drive on roads, they eat at restaurants where health inspections occur, etc.

    I think they’ve burned too many bridges to disappear completely. Plus their decision to ‘go viral’ certainly hasn’t worked out quite how they envisioned.

  11. It has though because it’s gotten them all those leg humpers. That much approval is intoxicating.

  12. I think most of the BLH followers may have slowly seen the light. Most posts get less than 100 likes. There doesn’t seem to be much interest in discussing poo or how to avoid government regulations. Most people realize that you just have to register your kids for homeschool if the law requires it, even if you don’t wanna. And most people realize that none of us are so special that we are exempt from those annoying permits to build something or dispose of waste. I think the fan base just wants to see recipes, and pictures of “little house on the prairie” children and sunsets. But there doesn’t seem to be much support for sitting a wobbly, slippery baby somewhere with huge rocks behind his head. Especially if he already has a bump on the top of his head.

  13. “I vote tonight’s dinner of enchiladas on blh looks like prison food.”

    You’ve obviously never served any time.

  14. I think her wannabe anti-establishment hippie earth momma thing is beyond threadbare now and can’t even conceal carefully projected appearances now. They never wanted a homesteading lifestyle. The lifestyle they have descended to is a complete aberration of what they claim it is. When they had cash last year they immediately and temporarily upgraded to a motel (leaving their animals to fend for themselves). The hilarious thing is, whatever her specific topic, she claims it is superior and morally more worthy than what normal, responsible people do. She wants so bad to be special but she just never seems to make the connection between her attitudes, choices, and the dismal results she almost always gets.

  15. The extent of her nonconforming is extremely limited and actually quite trendy within certain circles.
    No original thought whatsoever. Dreads, antivax, voluntaryist, libertarian, homeschool/unschool, whatever. There are tons of Facebook sites selling the same trendy crap to the unwary who would like to think they’re different. She is less of a free thinker than my dog is. She just chose a smaller pack to follow.

    Stacking honeycomb instead of cheerios is not, in any universe, a non conformist act. Granted I’m sure her response to a critic was a bit of snark but she still played the silly viral internet game just like the rest of the sheeple. She isn’t a rebel without a cause, she isn’t even a rebel. She is one of the biggest followers I’ve ever seen.

    All imo, of course.

  16. 1 sorry Sally about the 11 baby daddy comment.
    2 . Nope haven’t served anytime, I’m assuming prison food would taste better than those enchiladas and kinda muffins.
    3. Sure is seeming like comments and likes are slowly dwindling. Tick tock.

  17. “3. Sure is seeming like comments and likes are slowly dwindling. Tick tock.”

    It could be that the family is transitioning away from pseudo-homestead blogging (because what is there to say when you’re not homesteading, and every time you do try to “tell it” you get major side eye for not knowing what you’re doing?) or that N is bored with recipes, because, you’re right poorkids, the likes for the BLH page are steadily decreasing. It’s interesting tho, that the number of likes on the NCN more political page are steadily increasing, by almost exactly the same amounts as the decrease on BLH. Oddly, there’s not a change in comments, responses or likes on specific posts tho. If they exist, the newbies on NCN aren’t joining in.

    BTW This might be just the right forum to share that, in my opinion, Larkin Rose is a true idiot. His writings are so, so bad that reading them breaks my BS meter. (sorry, not sorry, for those who follow his lead).

  18. Comments and likes are fading fast! Last week someone asked on the BLH page why Nic had a moderator, and she wrote because it is hard to keep up with 45,000 followers.
    Um…whatever, NicNog.

  19. I just need to talk about the permit thing for a sec. A result of not participating in society is that you lack the ability to navigate systems and you lack the knowledge that acquiring a permit actually means *ensuring all measures are in place in order to be granted a permit*.
    It’s the same idea as acquiring a degree. You don’t just bumble along and then grab a piece of paper and call it a degree. You have to actually demonstrate knowledge in the field that is understood by experts to be in line with the objectives of the discipline. Standards are developed based on acquired and catelogued knowledge. (ie. mistakes people have made in the past that we learn from…like diseases caused by untreated human waste).
    It’s astounding to me that she is saying that they’ve now discovered that getting a permit means they have to do stuff besides just grabbing a piece of paper called a permit.
    And her kids will not understand this either. How could they if the only adults in their life don’t? They view any and all requirements as unjust. It’s mind boggling and so unfair to those kids.

  20. Imagine if Nicole and Joe didn’t get on Facebook for seven days straight. Imagine all the researching and paperwork they could accomplish. If they really cared about defending the right to compost, they would do the work required to change things. But as soon as the government tells them “no”, they give up and say it is too hard. Who has hours a day to fill out paperwork? Instead, they choose to spend hours a day on Facebook, caring what strangers think. They had an opportunity handed to them – to show their kids how to stand up for their beliefs. How did they respond? …um…but it would take some work…so…oh well. Let’s just complain and move again kids.

  21. Magenta. “It’s astounding to me that she is saying that they’ve now discovered that getting a permit means they have to do stuff besides just grabbing a piece of paper called a permit.”

    Ha! #Unschooling NN!

  22. Quick question.
    Has anyone checked with the Clerks office to see if the Kentucky Land Company has filed anything or even filed a response?

  23. Dumb question:
    Would Kentucky Land Company be responsible for any damages/ground water contamination? They allow the N’s to live there. They have to be aware they are dumping human waste.
    Can you imagine the cost of clean up?

  24. Would Kentucky Land Company be responsible for any damages/ground water contamination?

    Since KLC is named in the original citation and the wording is that they have to “remove the nuisance.” I’m not sure what that means, however, Hinton followed up with a letter giving the Nauglers a bit more time and telling them that their options were to either fix the existing septic tank or install a new one. He didn’t list anything about “clean up.” Looks like if that was going to be a requirement, Hinton would have said so.

  25. Fixing is likely not feasible as systems are designed based on usage and the likelihood of there being an existing system built for 13 seems remote. Although it maybe possible to add a second system.
    But all will be subject to current code, and septic codes have become far more demanding regarding tests and design. The soil tests, proposed (professionally designed) system and fees to get the permit alone is not insignificant. A modern system built locally (not KY) for a 3 bedroom house, max 6 people, ran around 27G and required an acre for the drain field ( poor perc – clay soil).

    Sally, although clarification was added in the second letter, I am not sure it then served to excluded the items listed in the first? Just don’t know.

  26. ” A modern system built locally (not KY) for a 3 bedroom house, max 6 people, ran around 27G and required an acre for the drain field ( poor perc – clay soil).”

    Even if they had the funds, which I highly doubt they do, that is a lot of cash to lay out if your home is a cheap garden shed. It still begs the question, where did all the gofundme money go? I heard it ranged from $45K to over $75K with further donations from other sources, not to mention the Capistan business loans. They have a whole lot of nothing to show for that much generosity. I hope they never get another windfall like that again. They don’t deserve any more help.

  27. Absolutely what Lisa said, ” She isn’t a rebel without a cause, she isn’t even a rebel. She is one of the biggest followers I’ve ever seen.”

    And, “No original thought whatsoever. Dreads, antivax, voluntaryist, libertarian, homeschool/unschool, whatever.”

    She is just a copycat wanna be, nothing original. But quite surely, expecting to find a substantial audience to patronize her.

  28. CJ,

    The question of where the GFM monies went is particularly relevant here. Donors have been asking what it was used for and the Nauglers have rudely rebuffed their very reasonable inquiries. In making donations donors likely thought they were dealing with reasonable yet victimized people. It turns out that they were donating to opportunistic grifters who blew that amount of money on a tiny shed for a dwelling and, presumably, lawyer fees that resulted in conviction (Alford plea) anyway, one can only speculate on what else. Any reasonable person knows that sewage management via an acceptable system is simply not optional. Any reasonable person is not good with living for over three years with over 10 peoples’ worth of human waste left on the ground. This blog illustrates reasonable people’s thought processes and all are aghast at the Naugler’s practices. Any reasonable GFM donor would have the thought that the Nauglers would have incorporated sewage and plumbing facilities as part of reasonable habitation. Unfortunately, the donors did not know that for whatever reason the Nauglers are not reasonable and seem to think that they are exempt from natural consequences.

  29. Sally, although clarification was added in the second letter, I am not sure it then served to excluded the items listed in the first? Just don’t know.

    I don’t know either, and certainly don’t want to pretend I have any legal expertise.

  30. Here is the comment for those that dont have Facebook

    (Child) “why don’t velociraptors have to worry about stepping on thorns when they run through the woods?”
    As an unschool family I don’t give him the answer. I ask questions to get him thinking about the answer. He came up with it of course. It’s because they have good shoes

  31. Well and septic is expensive. A major consideration when buying into the dream. Finding good land that has potential for a good infrastructure is usually reflected in the price. Hardly news to most.

    Remember the video when Joe asks Nicole, ‘should we tell them we’re camping’, when LE was coning onto the property. I think it was the encounter with the Sheriff regarding the daughter found on the road.
    I suspect their waste disposal may have entered his mind then as well as the stick shack. At any rate even back then they knew what they were doing was not going to pass, but they just kept on.
    Sadly if NN was not just a bag of wind, working towards changing existing laws and use of alternate systems could be a great thing for themselves and others. But then a ‘mover and a shaker’ is not the animal we all have come to know.

  32. Today my water was shut off for about 15 minutes due to a water heater that broke in a neighboring apartment. I was amazed at the number of things I was simply unable to do without running water. Couldn’t clean my glasses, couldn’t wash my hands, couldn’t rinse off dishes. It was eye opening as I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it must be for the Naugler children to not have this basic necessity available to them. Just heartbreaking.

  33. (I realize my comment was completely off topic but just had to let it out!)

    It was totally on topic. They live without running water. I assume that they probably have white buckets of water hanging about, so it’s not quite like it would be at my house when the power goes out (we have no water then because well pump). If I suspect it might go out, I run fill something with water.

  34. Speaking of ignoring things:

    Stuff that can be made out of polewood by complete amateurs who are couch potatoes, using only some basic tools and parts they got off Craigslist and some instructional videos from Youtube: Small log cabins, toolsheds, outhouses, compost bins, a windbreak and a three-sided shelter for an open-air kitchen, a shelter for an organized woodpile, camp furniture.

    Stuff that can be made out of white plastic buckets, ditto: Manual washing machines, rain catchment systems, slow-drip garden waterers (you need some old hoses), organized food storage.

    They’ve had three years.

    Three years.

  35. 3 years is insane. When my pump broke in the rv it took me about 5 min to decide just pouring water out of a gallon jug to wash hands wasn’t going to work. Within 24 hours we had a bucket with a water valuve for handwashing. That was 4 bucks for the valuve ,6 for a new food grade bucket with a lid and 2 for a whole tube of silicone. That was a year and a half ago and it’s not used every day anymore it’s just outside for quick muddy hand washings now but it still works fine. They are just lazy, they can’t claim ignorance anymore because too many people who know what to do were ignored. And it’s not money they had a lot of it.

  36. Jenny Islander

    It is quite unsettling isn’t it?
    Three years and all that money gone, the place still looks awful, and the children have nothing.
    Like others, you seem to have found some good ideas that might help the children be less burdened with daily chores and have some small comforts.
    It is a shame their parents will not do anything for them and wasted the money sent to help them. For the life in me I do not understand how they could do such a thing to their own children.

    They took them swimming today and I’m glad that they kids had some fun and was able to cool off from the heat.
    However, we all see what Nicole was up to carefully crafting the image/brand taking videos and pictures of cute little kids playing as if all is well in….NauglerLand.
    Which is not the case at all.
    Once again the parents are in trouble for bucking the system at every turn and obviously think none of the rules apply to them…… and the list goes endlessly on and on.
    One can’t help but to feel sorry for these kids who deserve much better.
    Shame on you Joe & Nicole….shame on you both!!!

  37. If they’d showed up in court and said, “Your Honor, we are indeed composting our own poop aboveground; here are plans for the composting system and here are photos showing it in action and three years of daily temperature records proving that we have built it to specifications, plus here we have proof that our recent GFM went to pay outstanding debt so we don’t have money to get the septic fixed, plus here are photos of all the useful, sturdy, and sheltering things Mr. Naugler has built because he realizes that he’s not good at holding down paycheck jobs so he decided to use existing resources to help his family,” they might actually have won. They wouldn’t even have had to put their children in Evil School. (Although I wish they would.)

  38. I still dont get..why can’t they poop in the bucket, and take it to the shop? They are there everyday.

  39. Poorkids, They do use the facilities in the shop a lot. Their “off grid” lifestyle is supplemented by a flushing toilet/city sewer hookup, sinks w/hot and cold running water also city water lines, shower, city electrical service with lights and wiring for tools and electronics, desk lamp, heating system, maybe AC, refrigerator (w/freezer?), toaster oven, microwave, clothes dryer, city garbage pickup? and most likely a host of small appliances like one would see everyday in a home. The N’s do a lot of living in a commercially zoned space, and I’m glad that the kids get to rotate in for access to some physical comforts.

    As for why they don’t haul the used white buckets, I offer two thoughts: 1. They don’t want to, and that is a good enough reason for them; and 2. Ewwwwww!

  40. Or line that bucket with a garbage bag put the leaves or whatever on top and take the bag in and throw away with the dog poo and dog garbage.

  41. I’m thinking the poor kids are all constipated because they have to ‘hold it’till they go to the shop. Either that or they go off in the woods and cover it up there with leaves .
    Wonder how many buckets homestead.paw has emptied? Bets on none?

  42. “poor kids” I apologize for snipping at you. I may stand behind my previous statement, but I could have delivered it in a more courteous manner.

    The Naugler’s seem to bring out the worst in me.

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