I Wanna Sock

I want to make comments, but I don’t want to open myself up to the harassment.

I want you to imagine a field of battle.  Imagine that you want to fire some shots in that battle, but you know that if you do, somebody may very well fire back.

There are two ways to approach this situation.  One is like this.


The other is like this.


The commenter above is saying that she wants to fight in the battle, she wants to have her say, she wants to fire bullets, she wants to feel empowered and effective, but she does not want to face any incoming fire.

She wants all the positive stuff. She wants to do damage, speak truth, feel mighty, feel smug.

She wants none of the consequences.

 I wrote about a man named Christopher Peterman. Because it’s Romancing, some of the story might be a little hard to follow if you aren’t living in that particular rabbit hole, but the gist is this.

Chris was a BJU student, a senior, who saw what he felt was a terrible injustice and took steps to rectify it.  Doing so cost him his college degree.  (The good news is that he’s gone on to graduate from another college just recently.)

All the arguing and wrangling over people trying to take credit for what he did is confusing, I know, but that’s basically what happened. Because Cathy and Camille and some of their buddies helped Chris, they want to take credit for what he accomplished.

Read it.  It relates to what I’m saying here.

Going out on the field and firing bullets comes with a risk of being hit by incoming bullets.

It is absolutely true that some of us are equipped with more Kevlar than others. Kevlar, by the way, is not a sock puppet.  Using a sock, anonymity,  is the equivalent of hiding with your stuffed bear behind a tree.  “Kevlar” is either not caring what somebody else says about you, or not being vulnerable to whatever they choose to do.  And I know that there are people who just lack Kevlar.  I know that. I started Romancing precisely for that reason.  I was covered with Kevlar from head to toe.  Many others were not. I became their voice.

Due to their vulnerability, they had to take the first position and hide behind a tree.  Some of them just hid. A bunch of them hid and offered some encouragement. Others hid and did some research for me.  Still others hid and reloaded my rifles from time to time.

And that’s fine.  I didn’t object to that then and I don’t now.

What I object to is being criticized and beaten up by people who are hiding. I don’t care why they are hiding.  I don’t care if it’s because they are simply chicken-shit, or because they have bona fide reasons for hiding. I don’t care if it’s because they have no Kevlar or they simply don’t trust their Kevlar.

When the army is out there fighting for you, don’t shoot the god-damned soldiers on your own side.


There was a strange phenomenon that occurred back in November 2016.

About 46% of the eligible voting population of the United States chose not to vote in the presidential election.  They may have voted in down-stream races and issues, but they simply left the “president” slot empty or they voted for a nonsensical write-in candidate like “Mickey Mouse.”

That was due to the fact that both the major candidates aroused fairly serious negative vibes in lots of folks.

I had a friend at the time who was Republican.  She was so disenchanted by the Republican nominee that she switched her affiliation to Independent. So far, so good. That’s all fine.  It doesn’t matter how you affiliate when it comes to national general elections, so her gesture was just a gesture.

But there was a big problem for her.

She didn’t like Clinton either.

She didn’t like Clinton because she’d been a religious Republican for all her life and had been taught from the pulpit that Clinton was the embodiment of evil and that the Clintons killed people and on and on.

In the end, she couldn’t bring herself to vote for either candidate.

I still didn’t have a problem.  I understood her situation. I didn’t agree with her, but that’s okay. She was one of those people who voted for some nonsensical write-in, effectively not voting at all.

The morning after the election, though, she did something that was so breathtakingly awful that I had a meltdown and threw a public fit.

She wrote a comment on her Facebook about how horrified she was that Donald Trump was elected, how awful it was.

Read that again.  She was “horrified” that Donald Trump was elected.

Here’s what was going on with her.

She knew Trump was a disaster. She knew he was and is unfit to be in any public office, much less the presidency.  She knew all this. She couldn’t vote for him.

But at the same time, she couldn’t defy her religious culture and vote for Hillary Clinton.

So she looked around and said, “Oh, Hillary is going to win, so I will simply not vote. Then, after she wins, I can say that I didn’t vote for her or even that I didn’t vote for either of them and feel all smug and good about my purity.  But the country will be okay, because really I know that Hillary won’t be a disaster as president.”

And then Hillary didn’t win.

When it came down to it, this person wanted me and people like me to do the hard work of compromising our ideals and voting for somebody we hadn’t really wanted at all (I was a Bernie supporter who voted for Clinton in the general) for the sake of the country. She wanted me to stand in the field and take the bullets, while she clutched her stuffed bear and hid behind the tree. And then she wanted to pretend her choice was purity itself.

I want to make comments, but I don’t want to open myself up to the harassment.

Do you see what’s happening here?  This person is saying “I want to feel good about myself, I want to participate in the war, I want to have my say, but I don’t want to inconvenience myself in any way while doing so. Instead, I want you to be inconvenienced, and furthermore, I want to be able to criticize you if I think you should have done it another way.”

If you are not willing to pick up a pencil and vote, or put on some Kevlar and take your chances in the field, please just shut up when other people do that very hard job for you.



41 thoughts on “I Wanna Sock”

  1. I lost a longtime (years) friend over that election. She was, as was I, a Bernie supporter. When Hillary became the Democratic candidate, she refused to support her, then saying she lived in a red state so her vote for a Democrat was pointless anyway. She was gonna vote for Jill Stein. The argument stemmed from that decision. No point in trying to rehash it and we are again FB friends, although the relationship will never be as close as it once was.

    My point is logic. If you’re voting only to ‘send a message’ and the message is insignificant, fuck you. You helped this country put a POS in the Oval Office, embarrassing our country on an hourly basis. You are useless.

    As for using socks, I see the need, in some circumstances, most notably, employment. I was more careful in what I posted until I retired. I might have been more restrained if I had children at home. If my parents were “online” and could be compromised, etc. For the most part, I’ve fought my battles as who I am, Josie. At the height of the war, there was a rash of banning and blocking, sometimes for just liking a comment. So I’ve used a couple that got shot down very, very quickly. So, in the end, it didn’t really benefit me anyway. Knock wood, but I’ve never been put in timeout or FB jail so I will continue on as me. Josie. I like who I am just fine.


  2. I was a registered Republican for decades but had the sense to see where they were taking the country. I switched partys to the Democratic party but still could not vote for Cinton, I voted for Bernie. Some may see it as throwing my vote away on a person had no chance to win. But that is the beauty of our Republic, a person can vote anyway they want to.
    There are many like your friend that sat this one out, they thought HRC had it in the bag. well suprise. We know of people that just flat out bragged they never voted at all and were proud of it. My opinion is they get everything they deserve for being assholes


  3. My opinion is they get everything they deserve for being assholes

    My political reference and my big beef about it wasn’t that people were really torn about the whole issue. I know they were, both on the left and the right.

    And I even understand those who just couldn’t bring themselves to vote.

    BUT, if a person didn’t actively vote to stop him being elected, and s/he could have if s/he’d just gotten down off their perceived moral high ground, THEN fuck them. 🙂


  4. we saw what happened, she got 3 million more votes and still lost because of the electoral college, do we want to change it. It was fine as long as it benefited the one that won. i still think if you did not vote and cry about it, FU. Dont cry to me how bad things are. I was probably in fact I know I was hte only one here in my little slice of America that had a Bernie and HRC poster out. But as long as some post shit about all cops being killers and CPS is out to kidnap your kids for money, then all is ok in your world regardless of who sits in the oval office, By the end of the summer this asshole will be out and we have a new nightmare,, Pence


  5. The last presidential election was a choice between giardiasis and food poisoning; I chose neither. I voted for Gary Johnson because the point of voting is to cast your vote for the candidate on the ballot that you actually want elected out of the choices you have. Voting anyone into office simply because they share the “correct” party title rather than who you actually want elected is the opposite of how the system is supposed to work.

    I am registered republican, but I have voted for plenty of democrats. Every year Govenor Gary Locke was on the ballot I voted for him because he was a great governor compared to any potential replacements. When people chose to knee jerk support a candidate because of political affiliation alone it sets our political system back in my view. Now if you actually liked Clinton more than Trump or (shudder) vice versa; voting for them makes sense. I seriously hated the idea of either of them in office, and preferred Johnson; so I voted for Johnson. I absolutely did not throw my vote away, I used my vote to declare my wishes. How many people that held their noses and voted can say that?


  6. I never bothered with a sock. On that fateful day in September, 2015, I posted as myself. I continue to do so.
    The worst they could do to me? Well, she called my place of employment, because she misinterpreted a comment and thought it meant I was on the clock when I made the post. I wasn’t, otherwise she would have gotten me instead of my minion. Not that it would have mattered; there was no rules against social networking at work. As long as we kept up, they didn’t care. I kept up just fine.
    Outside of that, all they’ve been able to attack me with, that they didn’t make up, is that I live in a trailer.
    It’s true. It’s a 1978 Broadmore. 3 bedrooms 2 full bathrooms. Updated plumbing, electrical, and flooring. It’s small for 4 people, but it’s snug and warm in the long Montana winter. It’s currently parked on 6.05 acres of paid off property, with a 268 foot well and a septic. Million dollar views.
    The trailer was free. Paid 1500 cash for transportation and setup, probably another 5k in upgrades.
    Do I want a new house? Sure. But not at the risk of putting a mortgage on the place.

    But that’s all they got. It doesn’t hurt me at all. My child has her own bedroom. My disabled elderly relative has her own room and bathroom. I have a utility room with a washer and dryer, and a pantry full of food. I have hot and cold running water and toilets that flush. I use clear LED string lights as supplemental lighting, because I have 2 black dogs that sleep in the hallway and I don’t want my relative to trip over them.

    I do not live in a shed. I’ve considered going that route, but I promise it would look nothing like what our favorite family has done.

    So, call me. Call my work. Send your buddy by next time she’s in the area. Call CPS on me. Sign me up for religious emails.
    Don’t care. You got nothing, I have everything. The world is my oyster and I am free to do as I like.


  7. I voted Johnson knowing I threw away my vote against trump, however my vote help the libatarian party get enough strength to be included in more publicized debates in 2020… so how do I feel now? Still better then someone who didn’t vote or wrote someone else in… and personally I think the election was rigged


  8. Meanwhile in Canada, in BC to be specific, our current elected premiere will be stepping down because enough of us dragged our sorry asses to the polls in mid May. Many of us cast our vote for the New Democrat party and the green party. Enough of us have had it with the Christy Clark liberals selling out to oil and gas. We felt it was putting our beloved eco systems in peril. So, now the greens and the NDP formed a partnership, a minority government which will over throw the elected liberal minority by one seat. This in turn is going to cause a lot of ripples in our capital seat of power, Ottawa. It will also shape some policies between the USA and Canada’s energy sector. It is kind of cool to see democracy in action. So this story shows how one little vote can make a difference. I am glad we did not have to learn the lesson the hard way as our neighbours to the south have had to. No mater what country you reside in, must be engaged and vigilant to protect the society you wish to live in. Mind you, we are still waiting for PM Trudeau to push through electoral reform which he promised us. It is time for change in the democratic presses and how individual votes are counted. If the Greens and NDP work well together, we may just have the reform we crave in BC by our next provincial election. Power to the people, it is time for change!


  9. My biggest thing is I’m tired of it being a two party system. There’s more parties then just democrats and republicans.
    Am I thrilled with Trump being in office even though I ended up voting for him? Nope. But I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for Hillary. And voting for one of the other parties made me feel like I was just wasting my vote.
    I for one was very torn on this election to where I almost didn’t vote. I’m a registered Republican but I will vote demecrate. I voted for Obama the first time around.


  10. i voted third party, i didnt care for either canidate. I would have wholeheartedly voted for Sanders. I knew that my third party canidate was probably going to loose. My aunt told me i was throwing away my vote. My response was, it is mine to do with as i wish.
    The next election should be much more entertaining 🙂


  11. WAY off topic, but hubby and I were looking at the photo of the cabin…and wanted to address all the folks who are happy the kids have more space now.

    If those windows are 2 x 3….which is what they look like, and would commonly be a good deal for buying through a porta-shed outfit…..you can kinda use that to measure the building at about 9 feet high, 12 feet wide, and about 30 feet long. (figured I’d explain how I came to my pulled-out-of-me-arse-estimate)

    So we’re talking 360 square feet.

    For 11 kids and two adults. All winter long. With at least a couple of kids in diapers. Plus a couple of dogs and a home birth. Jumping Jaysus.

    I lived in a one bedroom rat-cheap studio apartment in Manhattan one summer that was 475 square feet. God, it felt tiny. And it was just me in there. I can’t imagine 13 people VISITING that apartment at the same time, let alone living there.

    But here’s something interesting to note…. this is about the same sized “cabin” the Naugs have picked in the past:


    This was the old shed. Not the one they were just living in…but the one before that. The one they sent back…when they decided to live in the three wall stick house.

    The cabin they’ve been in the last couple of years also looks to be about 12 by 30.

    If you use a window as a guide, or count the roof creases….all three of these “cabins” seem to be quite similar in size. (granted, losing the “porch” and gaining living space is probably wise)

    Considering Nicole was recently cursing their being made to purchase the porch cabin….it sure as hell makes you wonder why they went out and got it’s clone with a few more windows. Seems a waste, too…since they’d put up a little bit of insulation in the old one and had a few shelves (cough) and (cough) “whatnot.”

    Wonder what’s up with this situation?

    Could it be as I predicted ages ago….that 13 people breathing in there was way too damned much moisture for the fiber board and the thing started to rot? (I have this daydream about the piano suddenly popping through the floor inches from the dog laying underneath, and Joe slapping a piece of plywood over the hole)

    Nicole was JUST moaning about what a mistake it had been…and now they’re doing it all over again.

    Really does inspire a question or two about whether CPS could be forcing this decision somehow?

    We’ll never know, of course…but this latest purchase doesn’t jive at all with what the Naugs have recently been saying.

    And you know how Nicole loves to put on a show anytime she gets something new. She can’t even go to the Dollar Store or put up trim on a dog cage without it becoming a photo exposé.

    Really odd that they’ve kept this a secret.

    I have a sense that this CPS thing could be trickier than anticipated.


  12. I absolutely did not throw my vote away, I used my vote to declare my wishes. How many people that held their noses and voted can say that?

    But your vote accomplished nothing else. You “declared your wishes.” Nobody knew and nobody cares. The person you voted for had not one single chance of ever being elected.

    I tried to stop the catastrophe we are now living with. I didn’t succeed but I tried.

    But my entire point in what I said is that the person I cited said she was “horrified” that Trump got elected. Horrified. In other words, she would not have been “horrified” if Clinton had won. She expected Hillary to win. That’s the issue. She relied on me and people like me to do the compromising for her.


  13. My biggest thing is I’m tired of it being a two party system.

    We’ve had a two party system for two hundred years. I don’t think you’re going to change it.


  14. Sally has no sock. I will repeat that. Sally has no sock account regardless of what the Naugler or Cathy camp says or would have you believe. Just because they do it doesn’t mean everyone else does it. Just because they say it, and may even believe it, it doesn’t make it so.

    There is this funny thing that happens when you use your own name and identity. You choose what you say wisely. You “limit” yourself to truth because truth is an absolute defense to stupidly promised lawsuits. You carefully craft your opinion based on critical thinking and the facts. You wear your Kevlar vest as Sally so succinctly puts it. You know, your big girl panties. You scare the piss out of those who think that the truth and facts are fluid things that can be manipulated and shifted back and forth to suit their needs because credibility is everything and liars rarely prosper. If they take you to court anyway in total disregard of the truth and facts they have a tendency to lose due to lack of credibility and lack of any honest evidence. I should know. I’ve been there. It’s a small price to pay for integrity and credibility. It is a small price to pay to show them for the liars and fools that they are.

    So I am, obviously, one hundred percent behind Sally on this blog post.


  15. So I am, obviously, one hundred percent behind Sally on this blog post.

    And I stand with you, my friend. If Joe wants to call that “collusion,” he can. I don’t care.


  16. I think that both Joe and Nicole have a very hard time wrapping their heads around the concept of friendship. When you can only see people for what you can get out of them or what they can do for you it isnt conducive to any real or lasting relationships.


  17. Someone asked me what I saw as the “end game.” I would say this. If nothing else came of all this crap, your friendship along with Al’s, Debra’s and several others who I will not name because they will immediately be placed on the “collusion” list, has made all of it worthwhile.


  18. I voted for H. Clinton. She’d have been a far more respected world leader than Cheeto Jesus.

    She’d have given a shit about healthcare and the environment and vulnerable people and our world reputation. And while she’s a little too into religion for me, I think she had a good grip on logic and reason. (things that have slipped the grasp entirely of our illustrious Oompa Loompa Overlord)

    The election of Trump, was, of course, a crime against humanity. While I can forgive mistakes and ignorance….those responsible for the atrocity have no place in my personal life, and will never be seen by me the same way. There are certain danger cards about another person’s judgement that you simply can’t ignore.

    That said…I am enjoying what this will do to the republican party.

    IF they manage to pass Ryan’s God-Awful healthcare bill…it will hit their base so hard, they won’t know who bitch slapped them. Middle aged and pre-retirement older folks are going to be hit with catastrophic health premiums so stiff they’ll fall to their knees. (if you thought Obamacare was bad, Asshats, wait till you see what’s coming for you! hint: think Obamacare premiums times two or three)

    The sadist in me kinda hopes they DO get it through. My family won’t suffer. But there’s a part of me that would love to say..”well, you voted for it!” to every Trump voter over 40 who is going to open his bill for health insurance and gasp. Every idiot who might die by their own hand. Yes…die. Those really and truly are the stakes. But of course they’re too stupid to realize it. Sadly, I have to balance my glee with my horror…thinking of all the people who will die who didn’t vote for this mess, particularly disabled people on medicaid and other vulnerable people who will lose their benefits.

    I’m worried about the reckless disregard for the environment biting us in the ass harder than anyone imagined. Trump just cut funding for study and conservation of the Great Lakes….you know…where 21% of the world’s fresh water is. Who needs water, right? Or better yet….that’s a state’s issue! RIGHT! ONE FIFTH of the liquid fresh water known to humanity should be in the hands of people in a couple of states! Republican logic. Gotta love that shit. Anything for a buck.

    I take some comfort in the words of Ruth Bader Ginsberg….who is about as old as God and has seen a few things.

    “I am optimistic in the long run. A great man once said that the true symbol of the United States is not the bald eagle. It is the pendulum. And when the pendulum swings too far in one direction it will go back. Some terrible things have happened in the United States but one can only hope that we learn from those bad things. So yes, we are not experiencing the best times but there is there is reason to hope that that we will see a better day.”

    I think the pendulum will swing back, Ruth….with an absolute vengeance.


  19. I didn’t want this to devolve into a political discussion. It wasn’t about politics. It was about shifting responsibility to another person.


  20. Okay, I’m coming back out. Even though I do sign in as lalaloopsey, and do act loopey at times, I’m old mam mam Marilyn.
    I first posted on blh as ‘myself’, my posts were always about responsibility and the lack thereof of the naug parents. …and, so I was banned and the doxing began. I took on a soc, the sock got banned.. can’t win, huh! ?
    As a grama, I feel so badly for these kids. ( the mrs. just posted something about baby Steffen’s grama not being able to see him, or take the granddaughter to adopt. Does she realize that she has done the exact same thing to her mother and family? She has banned them from their grandkid’s / relatives lives… no, I’m sure cause the mrs is so different that she can do whatever the hell she wants, not what she accuses others of)
    This has been long, but I’ve been busy being a grama and this was my first time in a bit to post.


  21. I guess technically this is a sock. It’s the name I used when I first came to the blog. I’ve been open about who I am, I’ve chosen to continue to use this screen name because it’s what I always post under. On Facebook I use my name. I’ll admit I’m not tech savvy enough to figure out how to create another Facebook account. I had a hard enough time figuring out how to make an instagram account for my cat. Honestly though I have no need to create a fake name on Facebook. I am who I am, I own what I say, although I don’t say much on Facebook. I save most of my comments for the blog. I prefer this method of discussion, it’s far less childish, and far more factual. It’s devoid of all the BS. Thanks for that Sally. And I’d also like to add that this blog has introduced me to wonderful people and for that I am thankful.


  22. Well crap, Sally. Mine wasn’t political at all. LOL.

    Staying on topic is not my best skill:) (you’ve probably noticed that already)


  23. Nicole – Asking for people to send donations of money OR to mail sea glass to (child) so she can then make crafts to sell is pretty outrageous for a family that bought and maintain a HORSE. A one POUND bag of sea glass, assorted colors, is $3 or so.


  24. Dawn,

    After your comment was made Nicole made it clear she would reimburse for shipping costs. Hahahaha! And yet she still claims she doesn’t read anything that people say about her. Nicole, no one is stalking you, you seek out anything and everything that is said about you. That’s not stalking.


  25. I get you Al.
    I would have no problem facing off with Nicole or Joe and in person, should that ever occur.
    I do not however, want them to think it’s okay to go after my friends and family who have absolutely no interest in these two misfits.

    I think my face book is locked down tight, but they could search my name, which is unusual, and easily find friends and family to harass because of my unusual hobby ad last name.
    I can’t do that to them.

    Sally knows who I am. So I’m not totally hidden away.
    I am retired, so if they got a burr in their butt to go after my license it would cause me no anxiety.

    I admire you, Sally, Lisa and several other good folks for being so honest with your identity and opinions.
    Y’all do put a real-life cover on this wacky story.
    With this story comes insight into humanity and how honest people feel about screw ups.
    Not the simple accidentally walking out in front of a bus screwup… but the kind of screw ups that involve denial, lying and blaming others for ones choices in life.

    I’m fascinated, and actually have busted out laughing more than I should admit…

    I’ve dreamed of rescuing the kids to my mansion in the woods where they could have private tutors, and my cook made special meals for them, while I taught them the queen’s manners….
    I’m that screwy….
    I guess I should say I’m entertained… or I wouldn’t be here…


  26. After your comment was made Nicole made it clear she would reimburse for shipping costs. Hahahaha! And yet she still claims she doesn’t read anything that people say about her. Nicole, no one is stalking you, you seek out anything and everything that is said about you. That’s not stalking.

    FFS. The price to ship it is more than the price to trot to Michael’s and purchase one pound of it. I found one pound bags for $2.99 (before taxes). Here’s a thought, Nicole – YOU purchase the glass, wire, etc. that your child needs to fashion items to sell.

    It’s $1.99 at HobbyLobby which will never get my business and I don’t know if there is one close to their location or not.


  27. Nicole, by her very own definition of stalking, stalks the shit out of this blog. That she denies it is funny as hell.

    I will take it one step further, in my opinion based on what Nicole and Joe post, they stalk the shit out of anyone who is even slightly connected to themselves or anyone connected to the blog or pages. These are the same people who will gorunning to an employer or a bishop or whomever if someone so much as likes a comment or post (even if it isn’t about them) on any of the Facebook pages, this blog or the various blogs and forums that may mention one of them.


  28. Ok, I use a sock. I have strong opinions and face off with crazy people (antivaxers prior to the Nauglers) in addition to joining mommy groups that can be sort of crazy. I have small children at home and a husband that values his privacy. I had my account 2 years before the Naugler saga for those reasons. I might feel different if I was older, my kids were older and I was retired, I would probably give less fucks. But now,I have some fucks to give and unlike Nicole I value their privacy. Plus I live really close to some of their crazier supporters so, nope.


  29. I’ve personally never understood all the shade-throwing at those of us who have usernames. I have several different ones I use online. If anyone ever comes up and says “You’re *username* aren’t you?” there’s a good chance I’ll say yes, but unless that happens I’m not volunteering it.

    I do that because I want to. I do not feel bad about it even for one minute but I do have a bit of confusion over why some folks want those like me to …what? Only use my actual given name? Continue using fake names but feel bad that I do it? I don’t know.


  30. I’ve personally never understood all the shade-throwing at those of us who have usernames.

    I don’t care whether people do or do not use their actual names. I’m not going to ban anyone for it.

    HOWEVER, I have less respect for them, and I’m not interested in having any of them tell me how to do what I do. They are in hiding. You say that you “do that because [you] want to.” Want to what? Hide? From what? What is the point? Give me a good reason.

    There is only one.

    You don’t want any repercussions for what you say. That is your choice, and I allow screen names here. If I wanted to get really bitchy about it, I could demand real, verifiable email addresses and real names or disallow comments, but I don’t do that.


  31. Mindy, I have always appreciated you even though I have no idea who you are. But the fact remains that people using socks are hiding. That’s just a fact. It makes their opinions carry less weight.


  32. Random musing and factoids…
    A sock might be compared to an author’s pen name. Many writers have used pseudonyms, because contrary to diminishing credibility, the alter ego helped ensure publication to particular audiences, and commanded respect. Writers George Sand and George Eliot were women who were marketable only if they were male authors. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson used pen name “Lewis Carroll” because he wanted to maintain the privacy of his personal life. Ricardo Eliecer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto chose the name Pablo Neruda to publish poetry and not tip off his father that he was doing so.

    Socks have a variety of legitimate uses 🙂


  33. author’s pen name.

    Yes and no. Socks are generally used on social media, and in the context of this Naugler saga, I would say almost exclusively, because the person does not want to expose themselves or their family to Naugler retaliation. It’s exactly as the person I quoted said. She wants to make comments but not have to take any responsibility for having done so. Part of the whole free speech thing is that when you exercise it, it’s only fair to give your opponent a chance to exercise it back at you. Think, though, about what it’s like to have “Charles Smyth” come after you. This person says all sorts of vile things and nobody can say shit about “him,” because we don’t know who “he” is. “Charles Smyth” is the ultimate coward. I give what that sock says exactly no credibility and very little attention. Don’t you think it works the other way?

    And my whole point was that I understand why people make the choice to hide.

    HOWEVER, I simply cannot give a person who is hiding like that the same respect as I do Al Wilson, or Lisa Luthi. They are nearby. Lisa has already suffered backlash beyond what any of the cowards on Free Jinger, for example, can imagine. Al passes the Naugler van frequently on the road. In both cases, Nicole has libeled them terribly calling them all sorts of names and accusing both of immorality of one kind or another.

    I stand with them.

    I cannot stand with socks.

    And I have yet to meet a sock who could be compared with Mark Twain.


  34. Even if I used the name on my social security card every time, I am still an unknown element since I’ve (probably) never met anyone here. The comments could be from Real Name the honest good citizen or they could be from Real Name the shifty compulsive liar. A rose by any other name would still say the same things online.


  35. Even if I used the name on my social security card every time, I am still an unknown element

    That is correct.

    However, by doing that, you’re avoiding repercussions. That is the ONLY reason you are doing it.

    And because of that, what you have to say is nice and interesting and all that, but carries less weight (by many orders of magnitude) than what Al or Lisa have to say. That’s simply the way it is. They have skin in the game, so to speak. You do not.


  36. Think of it like this.

    During the Watergate scandal, the Washington Post published the investigatory work of Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward. One of Woodward’s sources was the now very famous Deep Throat. Because he was an anonymous single source, they had to get every single thing he said verified by somebody else. Every now and then, they used info that Deep Throat provided by itself, but with great hesitation and usually making sure they revealed that it was a single anonymous source.

    This is because anonymous sources simply do not have the credibility of sources who step into the light. Deep Throat was actually Mark Felt, who was second in command at the FBI. By remaining anonymous, he was able to stay in his position, something he would not have been able to do had he revealed who he was, and thus was more valuable to Bernstein and Woodward. Much of what he told Woodward was used as guidance in finding out where to dig. There were good reasons for him to stay in the shadows that went far beyond just protecting his own skin.

    But the fact remains that the single anonymous source could not be thought of as definitive at all. He simply couldn’t command the respect that those in the light could.

    This is neither “good” nor “bad.” It just is what it is.


  37. I’m very happy to have “no skin in the game”.
    I, as a real person identifiable by Sally, 100% support Lisa, Al and Sally.
    These three have proven themselves, to me, to be good honest people.
    Sally has created a venue for people such as myself to sound off, albeit safely, about the ridiculousness of the Nauglers.
    I’ve never been in a protest where I deliberately did something to draw attention to my self. I prefer to be one of the noisemakers.
    I also enjoy reading Sally’s non-Naugler post. I’ve been making her zoomalong biscuits. ?


  38. I saw that the bitter moo cow publicly published our names again today with her standard false accusations.

    What gives? Does she miss us? Free Jinger isn’t scratching her itch? No one is paying any attention to her? Isn’t that what she said she wants?

    Talk about being a cantankerous bitch ass little troll, imo, looking to regain her five minutes of infamy. Done. Dismissed. Move on little girl the grown ups have better things to do.


  39. publicly published our names again

    I love it when she does that. I’m totally in favor of it. She uses my name. I use her name. Tit for tat. Take her “cease and desist” letter and shove it. 🙂


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