So Nicole did this.

My first thought was, good, they’re getting a good start.  But then as I read, I thought, gee, what a bitch Nicole is.

I have no idea whose house is in the second photo, but the one in the first photo does not belong to Jacob and Faith. They couldn’t buy a house if they wanted to.  You have to have some money to do that.

That house belongs to Debra Whitehouse.

Here are some photos of that house on the day when they bought it.

So there  you have it.  A smallish, shotgun style, New England house.

Here’s the back yard the second summer after it was purchased.

But what does it look like now?

And how long has Debra lived there, to accomplish that transformation?

Fifteen years?


Try three and one-half years.

Three and a half years to do all that.  Actually, less time than that. They had the fence up the first summer. Her gardening wins prizes.

Put this in contrast to some other folks who bought a piece of land about the same time.  These folks.


And where are they now?

This. This is as good as they could do after three and a half years. They “bought” a garden shed, and after it was repossessed they threw together the shitshack.  Then when forced by the court to do something better, they bought another garden shed.  That was trashed in two years, so now they’ve “bought” yet another one.

The land is just like it was when they got it except for the addition of a lot of human excrement and no improvements of any sort.  The pond is dreadful.

Nicole just wishes she could do what Deb has done.

Here’s the holidays for you, at Deb’s.  She bought a house and made it a home.



40 thoughts on “House”

  1. Nicole Just can’t leave well enough alone.

    Debra is talented, funny, and Im glad Nicole pissed her off so she can make us laugh and strive for better yards.


  2. Holy shit! How charming! Enchanting! I can see her good energy throughout the house and garden. A life of love and beauty. Now. Nicole claiming that the kids bought it, just wow. She’s such a piece of shit. Not like no one knew or anything but fuck. What a fucking dirt bag. She deserves everything she gets. Bitch.


  3. Deb, you have a gorgeous home. It’s inspiring what you’ve done. You’re talented, kind and hilarious. Some people (cough, cough Nicole) only wish they could have half of what you have. But what you have has required work and talent. On top of all of that you are raising a brilliant young girl. Hold your head up high and don’t let that miserable cow get you down.


  4. Ohmygawd, debra’s house is so wonderful, I would expect nothing less of her! I wish I lived there, that would be my dream house. I was doing things like that when I was younger and I wish I still could.
    Now, Nicole, who calls herself a ‘crafter’, etc., can only have that in her dreams. Which end up being naugler nightmares.
    What a total TOTAL bitch Nicole is. Paranoid, schizophrenic, two faced bitch.
    And I’m being nice.
    Bitch, BiTcH BITCH Nicole C. Naugler
    Damn, I’m pissed.


  5. She’s some kind of crazy in her 12th month of pregnancy. She’s gone manic and the poor child hasn’t arrived yet! And she’s gloating about having 2 weeks off work. I’m thinking she’s planning on doing some damage to everyone who has crossed her dirt path.
    Debra, your house is superb! You made that bitch your own! I LOVE it.


  6. I will never understand why Nicole would lie to her minions about that house. She must know that locals can and will comment about it belonging to Debra.
    Maybe the pregnancy is affecting her brain. She looks as big as a house.


  7. Unfucking believable! Nicole is so jealous of everyone that has a different opinion than her. Because, every one is tight about the lowlife that she and Joe are. There’s no changing them. You are what you are. They have always been lowlife losers and they will never be better than what they are today or 3.5 years ago.
    Deb I love the pics of your beautiful back yard.


  8. Deb,
    I love your house! A girl after my own heart. I deal in antiques, vintage and upcycled goods. My husband and I are currently remodeling a 1930s colonial farmhouse. Your eclectic taste and the way you put things together is spot on. Great job!


  9. God Nicole is such a bitch. She’s warning everyone that she’s going to be off for 2 weeks soon and has more. She needs to worry about those children. I had a feeling another shit storm was going to happen once the grandbaby arrived.
    I love that yard. Wish I was that talented. Been in my house for 5 years now and have no clue what to do with the 5 flower beds I have.


  10. What the hell is Nicole trying to accomplish? Why use your son and.l new grandbaby to dox someone? And what’s this about brandishing a machete?

    Debra – your home is gorgeous. Your daughter is a doll. Nicole is so insanely jealous she can’t even think about doing anything other than threaten to dox people on her upcoming two week “vacation”. What happened to bonding and loving her child?


  11. I can’t see the picture of the post, it’s real small. But I get the jist. That is very odd behavior. Even for naug standards. Fucking weirdos. FYI-there is a large difference between a home and a shed, especially when it comes to fixing either one up. I think the most important thing is having a slab. But what do I know, I’m only 30 and on my second fixer upper. We also did 2 garages/sheds and 1 tear down on one that was just too far gone due to rotted wood around the bottom (it had a dirt floor). We have never contracted anything out, we did every single thing ourselves. I could go on for hours about our fixer upper adventures. It’s something we enjoy doing.


  12. Deb, gorgeous house. I’ll admit I’m jealous of your skill. You’re mega talented.

    And to Nicole and her comments about vacations. I know she’s rambling on about the number of kids people have and that’s why she can get stuff done. There is an easy cure for that. Joe can get snipped or she can get her tubes tied. Women who are super fertile find solutions. And yes dear I’m speaking from experience. I’m grateful for science because I’m super fertile. It’s a not a talent to have more children than you can provide for, it’s not something to be proud of. And sweetie, having a baby isn’t a vacation, it’s not a time to doxx people. It’s a time to bond with your child and the rest of the brood while you’re at it. Put down the phone and get some shit done. If you’ve got time to post you’ve got time to clean and build some fricken stairs.


  13. I love the house! I want to curl up and read on the daybed on the sun porch! Is that protected from the rain? I’m just curious because you know, I want one now and I wonder what happens if it gets wet or do you just make it up when you want to use it? The dog seems right at home so I’m thinking my cats would love it! Oh, and driving without a license is some big crime compared to menacing people? Give me a break! (Must look for driver’s license now …)


  14. Beautiful transformation:) Looks like an inviting, relaxing, wonderful place to spend time with friends.

    Nicole is beyond bitchy.

    You know, you were right the other day about not talking about the other folks touched by the Naugler drama who are not responsible for their actions and choices. The kids, “inlaws”, etc…

    In my defense, though…I certainly didn’t suggest pictures be posted (only that I’d seen a photo) and certainly not of any kids:( …and my commentary was meant only to illustrate that Nicole now has to deal with other people in her life who she can’t simply banish on a whim when they disagree with her. That has been her primary defense mechanism up until now…controlling the narrative. It’s pretty hard to do that with “inlaws”.

    The point of my post was to say….Nicole’s chickens are coming home to roost. And as more of the kids bring more people into their lives, all that power to control the narrative is going to be stripped away. At some point, there’s accountability…or there is loss. Joe and Nicole’s biggest punishment will be inflicted on themselves, by themselves. Nothing new, right?

    And this could be why Nic’s extra bitchy right now with the house stunt.

    I concede, however, that you had every right (your ass, not mine…I get that)…and probably used better judgement than I…in removing that particular post.


  15. Just loved the pic of Nicole staring at the ubiquitous phone while the “littles” are hauling cinder blocks around her. That pic says it all!

    Deb your home looks like something from a fairy tale. So warm and inviting 🙂


  16. nikki could have a yard like that…. oh wait… that requires having pride and wanting to improve the lives of your family…. nikki just wants to have children.. she cant be bothered with all the details like educating and providing a clean, healthy environment.
    jealous much there nikkers? you stupid hag


  17. In my defense, though…

    I wasn’t chiding you. Not at all. I know it’s tempting to talk about this stuff, but I am really trying, in spite of Nicole’s attempts to insert innocent people into all this, to keep them out of it. She doesn’t care who she hurts or who she maligns, and she doesn’t mind doing it even if it happens to be her own children. (What kind of mother does that to her own kids?)


  18. Sally, Thank you for providing this forum for us to let Debra know how much we love her charming house and yard. (without having to deal with Naug doxxing). NN made a comment that Debra only has one child and she has 11, implying that the grim “homestead” living conditions are not their fault. Having a dozenty children and living on the internet would kinda slow down progress, ya think?


  19. Some things I have wondered
    DO any of the kids work outside the shed
    Where do they find the money to feed all those kids it sure isnt out of that garden, well the professed garden
    Is her income the only source that Lard Ass uses to buy his weed


  20. DO any of the kids work outside the shed

    They work at the salon. Not anywhere else that I know of.

    Where do they find the money to feed all those kids

    The claim is that the dog grooming business earns enough money to support them.

    Is her income the only source that Lard Ass uses to buy his weed

    Her income is the only income they have. I have no way of knowing what they spend it on unless she tells us.


  21. Love the house and the flowers and the quilts!!

    Why did Nicole post that her son bought the house? And why would she post the other house? And what was the reason saying there was a brothel near the house?

    Am I missing something??


  22. Having a dozenty children and living on the internet would kinda slow down progress, ya think?

    Oh, but the kids do all the work, don’t you know? With all those kids, she should have been able to accomplish way more than Debra. In fact, there is a photo in there of a huge sunflower with Debra’s daughter standing in front of it. Debra’s daughter planted that sunflower, weeded it, cared for it, and ultimately won a prize for the largest sunflower head.


  23. “I am really trying, in spite of Nicole’s attempts to insert innocent people into all this, to keep them out of it.”

    I know that, Sally, and I really respect that. Kudos for taking the high road. I mean that.


  24. She straight up posted a photo of a house that belongs to someone else and is claiming her son and DIL bought it?

    What in the world is wrong with this woman?


  25. She straight up posted a photo of a house that belongs to someone else and is claiming her son and DIL bought it?

    Yes. She did it for two reasons. One, she dragged the children into it (it’s her son and her son’s girlfriend, btw), so she can scream about how we target kids, and second, she is telling Debra that she knows her address. Like Debra would be frantic about that.


  26. Listen…i know what comes along with this….if people could care less about what’s public knowledge…what is she going to do with it? Send me a Christmas card? She is about as dangerous as a toothless homesteader….FIGHT ME


  27. *Someone* is seething with jealousy and frustration, and it isn’t me.

    Prenatal care and a hospital birth versus . . . giving birth in a garden shed with no running water.

    Charming home and garden versus . . . garden shed on cinderblocks.

    I can’t imagine having aspirations that go no higher than a garden shed.

    I can’t imagine leaving her clean shop, the on-grid one with all of the amenities, and going home to a shed plonked in the mud. A shed with no amenities other than a roof, floor, and 4 walls.

    I can’t imagine what they could have achieved in the 3 or so years that they have been there if they had put their phones down and tried. Oh, wait.

    And while it is on my mind, what does she plan to do if there are complications with this birth? Surely her scruples will prevent her availing herself of the services and care offered by statist health care providers? Oh, wait. Again.


  28. I have been back and forth to this today. Mostly I think, because I really couldn’t believe what Nikki had done. Not so much the doxxing as she has done this many times but because of the timing and who she mentions in the posting.
    I have also seen her pathetic – and yes it is pathetic – reason for her doxxing.

    Nikki you are more than a few sandwiches short of a picnic IMHO. There is a bit of a difference between the four walls of a shed on what looks like wasteland and the more than four walls of a house on land that is at least habitable. You don’t know what was in the house before it was lovingly renovated – but we all know what was in the four walls of the shed as you have shown the photos to the world.

    In just over three years Deb and her family have renovated their property and land – turning it into a beautiful burst of colour with nooks and crannies that you want to explore.
    You meanwhile, have done Jack Schitt! Sorry – that’s not quite true as you have added one shed and ripped out what you put in the other so that it is now back to what you started with – only a used and abused version. You now apparently have two sheds – neither of which appear, by your photographs, to be anything like upto the standard of the property you are manically taking joy out of dissing.
    Your land is pretty much how it was too – no garden – shit up pond and trash in almost every photograph you post of it.

    Just in case you have forgotten – you have just become a Grandma. How nice it would have been if you had just enjoyed and shared the happiness that – normally – comes with that moment.
    You are one sad, bitter and twisted excuse of a human. One day Karma will pay you a visit – I just hope the bus that it arrives on is big enough to fit in everyone who will be wanting to watch.

    Finally – Deb – I just love your house! not the best way to end up showing the world the inside of it but I am glad that I have had the chance to see what you did. Your home – and it is clearly a home and not just a house – radiates warmth and has a welcoming aura to it. You must be so proud.


  29. NN made a comment that Debra only has one child and she has 11, implying that the grim “homestead” living conditions are not their fault.

    Oh please. Remember the recent post, “Building a House”, where you admired the woman and her kids who built a house from the ground up? She has four children, they built it in 9 months. Two stories! They accomplished more than Nicole and Joe have with at least 5 kids who could be very helpful building something.

    Those kids could have had an awesome garden, then they and Joe could have been canning up a storm – but you and Joe chose not to go that route. Nice crop of off-grid sodas in your pantry by the way. Banner year for them.

    No, your grim surroundings are not the fault of your children. It’s strictly yours and Joe’s. Neither one of you have any grit.


  30. Debra, you nurtured a lame, ugly duckling and made it a beautiful swan.

    Your home is brimming with creativity, passion, charm. Adoration for your child. Optimism. Happiness. Realizing dreams, not just dreaming them. Qualities Nicole lacks entirely.


  31. These arent punches…just opportunities to bring to the surface what she is all about. Which quite frankly, should have been handled years ago, but apparently no one saw the red flags.


    She has zero affect/effect (i never get that right) on me, other then I watch less TV. And I made some life long friends (and enemies)


  32. Affect is a verb, effect is a noun – usually. However, effect has a lot of subtle meanings as a noun, but to me the meaning “a result” seems to be at the core of all the definitions. For instance, “The sound effects were amazing,” or “The rain had no effect on Debra’s hairdo.”

    Affect with an a means “to influence”. Affect can also mean, roughly, “to act in a way that you don’t feel,” as in, She affected an air of superiority.

    So I would use ‘effect’. You don’t need to affect an air of superiority, you are Nicole’s superior.

    We’ll see what Sally has to say though. Affect/effect is one that I trip over too.


  33. Affect/effect is one that I trip over too.

    Yeah, “effect” is the result of something, typically. “Affect” is what creates the “effect.” Sort of.


  34. Still no one has come forward to claim the second home? Strange. I wonder if she failed at the second home stab too? Did her aim miss and it’s no “troll’s” home?


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