House, Take Two

Nicole is slow.  I mean, slow.  I have always thought and said that she’s smarter than Joe, which is not really saying much, but I dunno.  Maybe being very pregnant with no a/c except at that shop and having to sleep in an oven is making her not be able to think, but gee whiz.

There is her original post, repeated.  Notice that she drags Faith and Jacob into this. She doesn’t care.  I am valiantly attempting to keep them out of it. I won’t allow discussion about them.  I don’t want to create villains out of either of them. They’ve done nothing to deserve being used by her like this.

Here’s the photo that Nicole posted, bigger.

And here’s what she had to say about it.

She got the photo from Google, she says.  Maybe that’s true.  But to do that she had to search specifically for Debra Whitehouse’s house.  It wasn’t random.

But you see, it isn’t about posting a photo of Debra’s house.  Hell, she’s posted my whole entire address along with Google Earth stuff. Nobody cares about that.

What brought out the wolves, Nicole, was that you set yourself up so that we could laugh at you.  We are laughing at you.  Get it? We are laughing at you because you denigrated a house when you live in a shed.

This is what you wrote about Debra’s house.

It’s a little fixer upper, has no floors in most of the house and walls are broken down and the plumbing needs to be replaced, but with a few grand it will look nice!

Then you went on to put up another photo of a similar small house, along a comment about it being in a bad neighborhood.

And you know what?  If you’d just said, “Gee, this is Debra’s house. It’s sad looking, isn’t it?” or anything similar, well, I’d still have ripped you because you don’t even have a fucking house at all and haven’t had one for years, but it wouldn’t have been as bad.

But you had to drag Faith and Jacob into this. You’re a despicable mother. Just vile.

And Faith is now trotting over to the pages and becoming engaged, which is tragic, in my opinion.

Faith, if you’re reading this, just stop it. Nicole is doing this to you and Jacob. We aren’t.

NOTE: Please no further discussion about Faith or Jacob in the comments.



21 thoughts on “House, Take Two”

  1. I love it when she’s pissed. She really shows her ass and divulges information like a leaky bladder.


  2. Can I say

    I will permit this one comment. NO MORE. Josie has said it for all of us.


  3. She’s a crappy mother and I’ll leave it at that.

    As to the house she made a comment saying people were getting all excited about a house without floors and that needed new plumbing and walls. The reason people were getting excited was because fixer uppers can be a great option for people. Sure they take a lot of work but sweet equity is a fabulous way to buy a piece of property. The thing is about fixer uppers is the bones are generally there. There are different degrees of fixer uppers. Our home was a fixer upper but completely liveable. We wanted something we could put our stamp on slowly but would still provide a liveable space for our family.

    A small home that needs some repairs is completely different than a shed. I know Nicole can’t comprehend the difference but there is a huge difference. Sheds aren’t built to withstand a large family. A real house is. They are built differently. Homes are built to last for a long time, sheds are not.

    Speaking of sheds, how are the stairs coming along Nicole? Or will you be permantly using a ladder to get into your shed? It’s been a few days since you posted the video of the puppy climbing the later. In the comments you said the stairs were almost done. They don’t take long to build. Show us homestead hubbys building skills. Pretty please!


  4. I think Debs house is very well decorated in the garden. it look NICE and taken care of eh um.


  5. Nicole and her stupid habit of rooting through the internet for…whatever it is she thinks she is proving. I would call her the Doxx Hound but I hate to smear the reputation of wiener dogs. I also don’t understand how she doesn’t see how petty and foolish this sort of stuff reveals her to be.

    Not only that, but in this instance we have Nicole going for the “I know you are but what am I?” strategy. Not content to use it solely for defense, in this instance she leads her attack with it, which is totally absurd: “Before you say my house needs work, (whips out photo) look at how much your house needs work!” Huh? Yeah, whatever.

    The fact that she never even considered that her photo might out of date is pretty obvious, and damned hilarious. She is careless in every sense of the word.


  6. Who peed in her Wheaties?

    Debra, your home is lovely, and your garden is gorgeous. By comparison, I noticed that what appears to be a door in the brand spanking new shed has scuff marks or mud on it. Already.


  7. Now, I do remember that the hormones and mood swings go into overdrive at the end of pregnancy, and I do remember being pretty quick to take offense or pick a fight with people around me, but Nicole has gone over the top. Was she upset because she wasn’t getting enough attention from the “trolls” so she had to stir something up? Your blog hasn’t been all Naugler all the time lately, and The Nation was away for awhile and now is only obliquely referencing them, and there hasn’t been a podcast in months (whine). I guess she wanted some more direct, personal attention so she could get sympathy for how awful the “trolls” are.


  8. I don’t know if you’ll allow this; but I am going to try. [Admin: Nope. Sorry. I know you mean well. I really do understand.]


  9. I can’t believe that even though N is about to give birth to her 12th child, works full time and is in the process of moving from one residence to another, she considers posting on FB and doxxing to be a greater priority than any of those things. However, I did get a twinge when she referred to her 2-week post-partum recovery as a “vacation.” So the only way she gets “a vacation” is to give birth? And after 2 weeks she will have to go back to work, newborn in tow, while the HH sits on his ass and does nothing? He is truly a sorry excuse for a husband and father.


  10. Hey, NN guess what I’m getting with my fancy health insurance that my husband pays for with his job???
    A hysterectomy! I’m done having babies and having a lot of issues so I’m paying an awesome doctor and her trusty surgery robot to take it out.
    It’s ok though, you probably won’t have to pay for a hysterectomy because I’d bet you’re a sneeze away from your uterus falling out. (Blessed little blessing in disguise!)9


  11. Did she delete that house post already?

    No. She says none of us “got it.” And she’s railing at Free Jinger for some reason. Better them than me.


  12. Nicole, can you repost that pic of you with the lab explosion Facebook filter? I just can’t get over how appropriate that would be, seeing how this stunt blew up in your face LOL


  13. Hey Sally! I just wanted to say that when I had my first grandchild, it was all I could talk about for weeks. I am sure people got tired of hearing it and seeing the pictures. I was so over the moon, that no amount of Facebook drama would have distracted me. I surely wouldn’t have been out there starting crazy crap about people’s houses that lived 900 miles away when the most important thing in the world was 2 miles down the road. It kinda disturbs me to see how Nicole can’t even stop with her garbage long enough to enjoy some of the best things in life.

    By the way, beautiful home Debrah.


  14. What is there to get about that post?? She posted a picture of someone else’s house and claimed her son and his girlfriend had purchased it. There is nothing to get except that she’s a fucking lunatic.

    I had dinner with a friend tonight. We get together a few times a month. I’ve known her forever and everything goes. I’ll occasionally share the craziness going on with the Naugs just to get a layman’s opinion. I showed her the original post about the house. She’s a brilliant, educated woman and didn’t get it either. She just thinks Nicole is a nut. I agree.


  15. Her meme about why would you want to give birth in a filthy hospital compared to home birth,, lol,, way to toss your DIL under the bus you twit. Hey Joe drag in the cattle trough, I do belive i am about to drop another one in this shed


  16. Stupid question, here. Who, other than Nicole, has photographed the nasty stead and posted it all over the mighty internet? I’m talking about going to the nasty stead, pointing the camera or phone at the place, taken a picture and posted it. Not talking about a neighbor photographing his or her own property and having to incorporate the ugly visage of the nasty stead in the photograph.

    Two, maybe? One of those being a news agency that ma and pa invited out to behold the sun-third world filth and hazards the kids were removed from.

    Nicole is the one who puts the nasty stead out there for all to see. But for her to acknowledge that would be to essentially require her to admit that her victimhood is entirely her own invention. As with her continuous wail of imaginary harassment she suffers from, to accept bald facts would mean accepting responsibility for her mess. That won’t happen ever. The only victims out there are the Nauglers kids.


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