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Nicole and Joe try to claim that they are these crunchy, back-to-the-land “homesteaders” and that they are just carving a retreat out of the wilderness.

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In this section, I’m going to focus on the part of that “about” sentence that is applicable to what we generally think of as “homesteading.”

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The Garden of Good and Evil

17 thoughts on “Homesteading?”

  1. Gardens, Orchards and Fields
    I live in the city and kill off a couple of tomato plants every summer. So, expert here (not), but, I know that preparation/planting/growing/harvesting/canning/cooking/cleaning for a large family is hugely labor intensive. Homesteaders take pleasure and pride in providing nutritious home grown food for their families and becoming less dependent on purchased items. That’s part of the appeal of the lifestyle.

    Fruit trees and canes take a long time to mature, and grains are needed as soon as there are grazing animals so it seems that orchards and pastures would be a top priority in setting up a homestead. Is that area of Kentucky good for growing? The land that I can see in the blh pics doesn’t remind me of rich farmland. Are bugs a problem? Lack of water on a homestead is a limiting factor. How can free range animals manure be used to enrich the planting areas? I’m thinking that power tools are needed at least for initial plowing. (Do people borrow, rent, buy?) Is there a community of farmers who share expertise and excess?

    In pics of the blessed homestead, I haven’t seen any producing gardens, orchards or fields, tho these are talked about sometimes as future projects. Recently, n said that they were going to terrace garden beds near the pond where the goats are now. I haven’t seen pics of a seed starter greenhouse. I haven’t yet seen supplies and storage for canning, nor refrigeration. Maybe there will be more discussion about gardening in the new, acceptance-only fb group.

    Lots of people like to garden. I don’t think the n’s enjoy it.

  2. They sure talk a good game, don’t they?

    People who don’t have a kink in their think may have a neat idea, take a few first steps, feel good about it, find out just how much work it takes, and then either decide to stop doing it or buckle down to the hard work of making it happen. The Nauglers have a neat idea, take a few first steps, feel good about it, and on that basis declare that they have succeeded. And if the result is actually very bad it must be the fault of somebody or something else. Dead garden, dead livestock, dead pond…but they felt real good about them at one point, so obviously they’re successful homesteaders!

  3. I’m so glad to see Jenny Islander here. I read some of your posts at HA and really wished that J/N would take the time to read and learn from your experience.

    It was a pipe dream, obviously.

  4. I wish to correct something I wrote and submitted a little earlier today. There were a fair number of people posting at HA in defense of the J/N with one of the articles (A Brief Word of Caution) but they mostly fell away for the subsequent posts.

  5. Recently, right before Christmas, my friend’s daughter had a tragic fire and lost their home and everything. She lives in the regional area of the Nauglers. They are now looking at replacement options to fit their budget, and someone has introduced them to this option in the attached link, a pole barn house. An excellent idea, especially in the area, with the resources available including knowledgeable barn builders. This is not the actual pole barn house and builder, but wanted to share the idea to anyone interested that may be viewing here. Someone that may be serious about adequate housing and homesteading, on a small budget.

  6. Homesteading Option – I’m so very sorry for your friend’s daughter and her family’s losses! No one was seriously hurt, I hope. Were they insured, so at least they can try to replace some of the items that were lost?

    Yes, it’s funny that there are home builders who have NO IDEA how to build a barn for real animals (points at 5′ wide aisle in horse barn built by prior residents, amongst other absurdities) but most barn builders not only can build a nice home, they tend to do a better job of it. Those suckers aren’t coming down anytime soon!

  7. @Homesteading Option
    I am sorry for your friend. I hope they are able to rebuild and nobody was injured.

    The picture you link looks like a Kodiak Steel Home. I had looked at these homes when the Nauglers were looking to build a cabin. It looks like a model called “Autumn View” and the sq footage can be 1170-2475. Either way it would be a great option for anyone, especially those that have too many kids to store in a storage shed.

  8. Excellent blog. Fact based, backed up with references and irrefutable proof. These people are whack jobs of the 10th degree. It’s wonderful to see someone keeping track of this mess they have created. I wonder if the health department is aware of their human shit composting…. Just the thought is horrific.

  9. Human shit composting as you so lovingly refer to it is a legitimate practice. Look up humanure, and educate yourself before opening your mouth April, and producing your own “humanure”.

  10. it is a legitimate practice.

    “Legitimate” is not necessarily “legal.” As the Nauglers are finding out.

    Look up humanure

    I own a copy of the Humanure Handbook and read it years ago. Most everyone here knows what it is and how it’s supposed to be done. The Nauglers are not doing that.

    Be careful with the insults. You get one warning. It’s fine to disagree with me or anyone else here. It’s not fine to sling about feces, which is what you are doing.

  11. So it is okay for April to call these people “whack jobs of the 10th degree”? That isn’t insulting?

    I kinda figured dissenting opines were not going to be tolerated around this blog. Thanks for confirming to me that this is just a witch hunt blog and not a place for intelligent discourse on how to help anyone. You don’t have to kick/ban everyone who disagrees with you, but I am sure it makes you feel justified in your narcissistic behavior when all you see around you are other snark stars and haters. Makes it comfortable I guess. I don’t expect you to leave my comment, but I would ask that you think about how all of you jackjawing on this blog could band together and approach the Kentucky legislature to legalize and educate on humanure instead of wasting your time all bashing someone’s family for trying to create something from nothing. Maybe you all could donate a septic tank hmmm? But that wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying for a bunch of self aggrandizing narcissists, would it? It will be interesting to see how long my comment stays up.

  12. Shannon now why would we do any of that? How or why would it be our responsibility to buy the Nauglers a septic tank? Wouldn’t it be the responsibility of the Nauglers to purchase their own? Wouldn’t it be the responsibility of the Nauglers themselves to appear before the Kentucky legislature to extol the virtue of human shit composting? I see that the Nauglers do very little for themselves and you as one of their leghumpers just enable them in their incompetence.

  13. ^^^ Yes, Joe Bloom. Besides, they already have a septic tank. Naugler’s shit disposal problems need to be handled by the Nauglers, isn’t that what they keep saying, ‘leave us alone.’

  14. Hey Shannon, please tell me when the Nauglers plan on taking care of their own shit -figuratively and literally. They made their bed, they chose their bed, shouldn’t they lie in it? How many times is someone other than themselves supposed make their bed? Responsibility. THEY choose to live this lifestyle, unfortunately for the children. They garnered $45,000 from go fund me, and according to you people should be giving more. Seriously? Are you shitting me? How about you go dig a nice deep hole for an outhouse? Go help them put the humanure on the garden, it’s being cultivated properly right? Stop enabling the mental illness, you’re just as guilty when you do.

  15. Shannon, Most of the facts organized and presented here come from the Nauglers and their actions; and, from the content, it’s understandable that they would very much like the blog to disappear. Intimidation hasn’t been effective in making that happen. The rest of the blog is opinions and experiences. People talk. They do. They share reactions, beliefs, thoughts, questions, judgements, speculations and WTF moments.

    Just like you did here.
    There was a large audience for your opinions.

  16. I kinda figured dissenting opines were not going to be tolerated around this blog.

    Do you see your comments being removed, Shannon? Go over to Nicole’s pages and criticize her like you’re criticizing me and see how long you last.

    not a place for intelligent discourse on how to help anyone.

    I have no interest in “helping” the Naugler parents. None. I just want them to quit scamming people. How they survive is of no interest to me whatever.

    I would ask that you think about how all of you jackjawing on this blog could band together and approach the Kentucky legislature to legalize and educate on humanure

    Exactly why would I want to do that? I do not want the KY legislature to legalize humanure composting. I think that would be a very dangerous thing to do and I’ve explained why more than once. If you wish that to happen, go start a blog and pay for it yourself and work for it.

    Maybe you all could donate a septic tank hmmm?

    Not in this lifetime. The Nauglers got many thousands of dollars and tossed it all away on god only knows what and refuse to even discuss what they did with all that money. I’d be insane to donate anything to those grifters.

    It will be interesting to see how long my comment stays up.

    It will remain. It’s a good example of what Nicole’s supporters are like.

  17. Shannon,
    What have they created out of nothing? 3years and what have they done yet? There have been plenty of people who have tried to help them and are turned down. They want the kids to do it all for unschooling.

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