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  1. Thank you, Sheerluck, very fair and informative, excellent work.
    I have enjoyed all three and look forward to every new one.


  2. Sheerluck, I think you are brilliant! Always hanging out for your next episode. Love the music you choose. The ‘Next time’ sequence at the end cracked me up!


  3. Jesus, her face is hauntingly fluorescent, it glows in the dark and in the light. Creepy AF. How am I going to be able to sleep, now?! ::shudders:: Thanks, Sheerluck. Youve haunted my dreams.


  4. That was brilliant. Thanks, Sheerluck!
    (Now I’ll go and shed a few tears thinking of all those animals…that Pyrenee chained to a tree in the snow…)


  5. Why would the Nauglers take a dead dog to the vet? Did the Nauglers have the dog’s remains or did they hear about it or what? The Nauglers don’t take themselves or their kids to the doctor and definitely don’t take their zillion pets to the vet (they are quite content to dispatch one of their pets as in the case of the goat and the dog Ranger and proudly announce their plans to do so). But they took their dead dog’s remains to a vet for “analysis?”



  6. When you abandon your dogs for weeks and let them run at large with no confinement… they end up dead in a hurry.

    I feel so bad for those kids. Their pets didn’t have to die. If their parents were capable of even the smallest amount of forethought and responsibility they wouldn’t go through pets like most people go through paper towels.

    Kids shouldn’t have to dig graves for dozens of pets…and their little brother:(

    What the hell is wrong with those “parents”? They’re supposed to be the adults…the people who protect their kids from unnecessary heartache and pain….and they never fail to stubbornly ignore the writing on the wall. What’s a little more PTSD for the kids?

    If any kid I knew was going through something as difficult as a placement with CPS, I’d do everything in my power to keep their pets safe….because I know how painful it is for a child to lose a friend at a time like that.

    How hard would it have been to board the dogs, or even just go buy one of those large walk-in outdoor kennels? They have a concrete slab they could have used to prevent digging out. They could have gotten a nice one on Craigslist on the cheap. They didn’t mind paying for the hotel.

    They don’t think. And they don’t care.

    JOE AND NICOLE killed their daughter’s dog….THEIR negligence.


  7. Why would the Nauglers take a dead dog to the vet?

    They didn’t. That was just another Naugler bloviation.


  8. My guess is that they used Dr. Google as a “vet” or a fan that claims to be a vet made the “diagnosis” that the car was going fast. A very low speed impact is pretty devastating, so the car wouldn’t have needed to go very fast (because physics).


  9. Excellent!!

    Really enjoying this series of Episodes. Intriguing !!

    I’ve been around since the beginning. I love this movie series format, detailing specific topics one episode at a time.

    See you back here later on tonight….


  10. I’m going to say it again-If someone hits your dog on a public road, they can sue the shit out of you for damage, even worse if said dog causes a multi car accident. Maybe the driver should have came forward and got their car repaired.
    Also, white boxers can’t be AKC registered, they probably got that dog dirt cheap. Which I suspect they get all of their animals dirt cheap, if not completely free. It’s a damn shame all those poor dogs are chained up. Damn shame you can’t manage to train your dogs to stay in the yard too. Mine free roam on my property, we live right on a busy highway, and we have yet to lose a dog to cars or any form of premature death. We perimeter trained them. No fences, no under ground/invisible fencing, nothing but training them the stay command. It isn’t that hard. One is a breed known for running too, she turned 3 last month and has yet to go anywhere near the road and completely free roams for hours on end each day. She is free to come in and out as she pleases also.


  11. Here’s little lesson in logic: Nauglers don’t take their kid to the doctor for stitches, they don’t take their kids to the doctor for burns, they don’t take them when they cannot hold their heads up because of the vomiting and weakness, and they avoid prenatal care even when the breeder bitch is swelling up like a fucking dead dog on the side of the road, yet they want us to believe they took their dead animal to the vet and he performed some kind of autopsy on it to determine how fast the car was going…either they are fucked up in their priorities or they are lying out their asses.

    And that huge, huge lie that they were advised to move off the homestead because it isn’t safe but it magically becomes safe when the kids are returned. Let’s reason this out: their lawyer, which they didn’t exactly have, on the day the kids were taken tells them to move out for their own safety. They run as fast as they can to a little hotel and enjoy living the good life on the dimes of all those who believed that the kids were taken without just cause. Now, the kids come home and they pack up their stinky drawers and that hideous skirt and he finds his crocs and they head to court, pick up the kids, and head back to that dangerous homestead. They are no longer afraid; the lawyer no longer believes they are in danger; the bad, bad, bad people who were doing horrible things to them no longer are bad.

    The poor animals left all alone to fend for themselves is really no different from when they lived there because those animals were free range…including ranging to the neighbors to eat their animals’ food and chase their kids and chickens.

    As my nana used to say, stupid bitch.


  12. I grew up in a country house, 2 acres. Not a huge piece of land but roomy. Had a field where we kept a horse, a chicken coop, and sheep on the hillside. We had many dogs and cats over the years. Most were strays that we believe had been dumped by their owners. All of them were good, non aggressive dogs. One however, had a bad habit of chasing cars and bicyclists. So we sadly had to rehome him. But all those other dogs stayed on our property. No chaining them up, no fence at the driveway locking them in. They stayed close to home, probably because they were fed daily, had lots of kids around and activity, and were treated well. It’s very telling that the Naugler animals keep trying to escape that blighted property.


  13. The only reason they were advised the stay off of, or live away from the “homestead”, is because it was uninhabitable. Their lawyer was probably shocked to hear that we were going to return there with the children, after all.

    They mentioned that the dogs sleep underneath the shed in the winter. I really hope that includes Joe.

    Speaking of dogs. Why do the Nauglers have Faith’s dog, “Deputy”, anyway?


  14. The only reason they were advised the stay off of, or live away from the “homestead”, is because it was uninhabitable.

    I doubt they were advised anything at all.


  15. Some of the people I knew who acted just like Joe and Nicole (because sadly their behavior isn’t all that unique) took a dead dog to the vet for an autopsy because they were so excited to believe that a family member that they had been feuding with had shot it. Imagine the palpable disappointment when the vet told them that the cause of death was from being struck by lightening. See, they had the dog chained to a tree at the end of their driveway and a storm came through… I need to stop thinking about those people before I lose whatever good mood I was having today but I have so many stories about that family that mirror the Nauglers. It’s part of how I have a decent idea of what they’re up to, because I saw the older version already.


  16. I’m thinking A’s Dog is gone too. No recent pics of her & pictures of the other ones in the shed.
    Jumping on the Sheer Luck bandwagon, this is brilliant!!! Can’t wait for the next episode!


  17. Not to worry. What’s a dead dog here and there. They’re easily replaced.

    They have since replaced the dead dogs and then some. According to Nicole Celeste on 1/1/18 they currently have 7 dogs. The 2 pyrenees (don’t you love how Joe Naugler mangles that word), an English shepherd, a beagle, boxer mix and 2 labrador mixes. I don’t know whether that includes Deputy.


  18. Hey, assholes, did you ever once think that if your dogs had been vaccinated against rabies by the time they were six months old, had been licensed in your county, wearing a collar with that license and some sort of tag with contact information, that maybe someone might have put food out for Angel, gotten her penned up and then called you to come get your dog? There are stills where your dogs are with and without collars. As you’re sloppy and irresponsible, I’ll lay money that when you and Jabba took off for the comforts Golden Manor offered, the collars weren’t on the dogs.

    The most dangerous kind of dog is one that has been owned and then abandoned. They’re not wary enough of people to stay away and many aren’t able to catch enough wildlife to keep themselves from being terribly hungry or from starvation. A hungry scared dog can be DANGEROUS. Nicole, you know that even a pet can injure you badly if they bite you out of pain, fear or sheer cussedness. So why no sympathy for the people who were menaced by the dog you abandoned to go hang out at a motel with pools, electricity, hot and cold running water and other amenities? The people who probably felt awful that they had to shoot a dog at all. That is on the two of you. Of course she was pregnant again, why the hell didn’t you get her spayed and your male dogs neutered? How much fucking profit is there in breeding a Great Pyranees to a white Boxer? A 35 pound white Boxer, no less. There is a reason why good Boxer breeders do not recommend that the white puppies be used for breeding. Good breeders don’t want that trait.

    “There is a higher incidence of deafness in white boxers, approximately 18% of whites, however that means not all are deaf. It is known that deafness results when the cells of the skin lining the ear canals lack pigment.

    Deaf Boxers can be trained using a variety of methods including hand signals, sign language, flashlights and more. Training any Boxer, hearing or deaf, requires time, patience and understanding. http://www.deafdogs.org/

    TRAINING you ignorant twat-waffle. Why didn’t you have your dogs trained? Safely confined? Why weren’t you there with your free-range animals?

    Fun fact follows! In horses with the splash gene, there is also a tendency towards deafness. It’s not prevalent, but it’s not rare either. That doesn’t mean they can’t and aren’t trained. In some circumstances it can even be an advantage to the handler in some competitions. The horses aren’t as likely to spook or get wound up because they can’t hear so well. Horses hearing is much better than our own, as a rule. The operative word here is train.

    I haven’t kept up with the research into the genetics of deafness in horses because it doesn’t tend to occur in “my” breed. Plus I have experience with horses that are mostly blind due to accident or injury; if I can keep them safe and enjoy riding them safely, then a deaf horse strikes me as being even easier to manage.


    As for using minor children as bathers in your business, that can’t be something your insurer approves of you doing. I bet they don’t know about your children as employees bathing dogs and so on. Plus, aren’t you a big believer in animals not getting vaccinated, as well as your kids? So, what happens if your kid is bitten by an animal of unknown vaccination status? Or known to be UNVACCINATED? What then, Nicole? What happens if a client’s pet gets injured when being handled by one of your kids? You could be sued and you will lose.

    Minute 13:53 – when was that photo taken? Nicole looks so healthy and the dogs look splendid. I don’t know if she was the groomer of one or both, but clearly the cheese hadn’t slid off her cracker yet.

    15:01 Ah, New Zealand Whites. I have no problems with people raising rabbits for meat, fur or to be pets. However, just because they are easy to breed and raise doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in some effort upfront and along the way. Proper housing and containment, for example. Plus rabbits need to eat their cecotropes, or “night feces.” I’m always startled by how many people don’t know that about their rabbits.

    You know what you call free-range chickens? Easy pickings for every predator on the ground and in the air. You know what you call goats that are tied up and not monitored? Dead.

    I know others have written about Beauty and about the fencing. For the love of all creatures great and small, please put caps on the t-posts. I know she’s no longer at the Blessed Little Death Camp, but for anyone else reading who may find themselves taking care of a horse – t-posts that aren’t properly capped are terrible injuries just waiting to happen. Also, that fence is sagging, not high enough and too light a gauge. In addition, consider using a halter that has a breakaway instead of being entirely made out of nylon. If a horse gets snagged by a nylon halter, it’s ugly. A leather crownpiece is safer. If you stable a horse, I strongly recommend using a leather halter. If there is ever a fire, nylon melts and will do additional damage. Presuming you can get your horse out of the barn and safely away. Leather halters cost a bit more and require a little more care, but it’s a good idea. Nylon halters have their place, but if you have a horse that is throwing itself around while tied, or in a trailer, they can break their necks more easily in a nylon halter than in a leather one.

    No, livestock does NOT get loose regularly if you install decent fencing and maintain it. That doesn’t mean they can’t and won’t get loose EVER (trees can wipe out fencing, freak lightning storms can cause them to panic and suddenly perform amazing feats of athleticism and escape).

    Yeah, gee, when a young dog dies for no apparent reason you don’t suppose it was because they were unvaccinated, or got ill and you simply chose not to take them to a vet, do you? Even after they die, you can pay for a necropsy to determine the cause of death. Wouldn’t that be particularly important if you don’t vaccinate, deworm or provide flea, tick and heartworm prevention?

    Field mice are to stay outside. If they make their way indoors, they are dispatched by the dogs or the cats. I don’t want mouse droppings in my pantry or home, nor do I want to worry about anyone in the family getting ill with a zoonotic disease. Mice are also food for snakes, owls, coyotes, dogs, cats, shrikes, etc.

    Hamsters don’t generally live much past two years. One thing that can help though is to let them eat fresh grass once a week or so. The same is true of guinea pigs (eating fresh grass). The chows and hay cubes are good, but they get something from fresh grass weekly that keeps them healthier and livelier.

    If you’re going to raise animals for milk or meat, then you should know to take good care of your breeding stock. Containing your pregnant goat, particularly at night, would have been smart. What am I saying? You people always trust to luck, you never plan ahead or choose to take a smart course of action. We can look at your decisions during your pregnancy with William and the outcome as evidence.

    Oh for crying out loud. Go buy 4′ x 6′ rubber stall mats and use them along your chicken cages and/or as flooring. The damn things are 100 pounds apiece, they make it ridiculously easy to clean the mess and while a predator may go through or over shitty fencing, they won’t be able to get under as easily with the rubber barrier. Of course, you have to do a good job of building the chicken coop and yard first. Or just go get a few Tarter dog kennel panels. They make excellent chicken yards. You can even use cattle paneling as a roof to keep hawks and owls out. You can cut them with a very sharp utility blade too.

    Yeah, the newborn goat that was one of three dying is sad but not unusual or unexpected. Of course, if you had kept them all close to the house in a pen for the first week or so, you may have picked up on the fact that one kid wasn’t doing as well and bottle-fed it, or had it treated by a veterinarian. But yes, sometimes this happens. It does seem to happen to you with greater frequency though. Almost like you don’t prepare in advance, trust to luck, etc. So that’s bad animal husbandry practice.

    I bet the pig got loose and someone has since eaten her. Such is the fate of pigs. Or should be. Feral pigs are also dangerous. They can get huge and you do not want to get bitten by one. “While a Yorkshire pig can live an average of 6 to 10 years, some common conditions sometimes cut that time frame short. Her notable weight – a mature Yorkshire can weigh in excess of 650 pounds – may cause strain and have deleterious health effects that shorten her life.” That’s some good eating. Seriously, take a look at those teeth. Plus they decimate native species of plants and animals. I don’t know that your pig was a Yorkshire White or not, but it doesn’t matter. Even domestic breeds of pigs get big, quickly.


    Hell, not only are chickens easy to raise, so are bees. They couldn’t even manage to keep one hive healthy.

    Please, wear a helmet when riding people. Please. Even gentle, beautifully trained, quiet horses can spook and leave you hanging in the air, or take off so fast you can roll off backwards and hit your head. It’s not worth the risk of getting life-flighted. Now, admittedly, I was an exercise rider at one time in my life. I’ve done endurance, competitive trail, jumping, western pleasure, a little reining, sidesaddle and gone fox chasing (drag hunt). I’ve taken a some tumbles through the years. ASTM/SEI helmets are in all price ranges and worth purchasing. If you take a fall, replace the helmet. If you’ve been using it for five years or so, replace the helmet (they age and won’t be as protective as they degrade). If you’ve been using it a lot and it’s gotten pretty sweaty, replace it at least every other year. Sweat ages them. You’re worth the price of a helmet every year! The helmets of today are so much more effective than the ones we used when I was a kid. Those things really were really only going to stop a tree branch from giving you a gash, but weren’t actually designed to minimize a concussion or worse. Today they are and I’m glad more and more riders using them. English, Western, recreational, bareback, etc.

    Joe, Nicole, killing and eating your chickens, rabbits, goats, cattle or pigs isn’t anything that unusual or special. I’ve raised and butchered my own chickens too. Unlike you, I only had one rooster per 20 hens. Young roosters became dinner because you don’t need roosters attacking each other and the hens. I don’t know why you think it makes you noteworthy.


  19. LP says:
    February 2, 2018 at 3:43 am

    Jesus, her face is hauntingly fluorescent, it glows in the dark and in the light. Creepy AF. How am I going to be able to sleep, now?! ::shudders:: Thanks, Sheerluck. Youve haunted my dreams.

    Does this mean SheerLuck is the PsychoDirector?


  20. [This was sent via the contact form, but is addressed to Sheer Luck, so I’m putting it here.]

    From: NEM

    This is remarkably concise and a insanely well done. I’m at awe at how fair you remain in reporting the Naugler’s side. Truly remarkable work and I hope you realize how talented you are. Kudos!
    I wonder where the saga would be today if all of the “anti-Nauglering” had been as professional and mature as this production and the vast majority of this blog has been.
    Probably exactly where it is and always will be since the adult Nauglers certainly aren’t changing and the commonwealth of Kentucky doesn’t have the balls to intervene on behalf of neglected minors or animals.


  21. “their lawyer, which they didn’t exactly have, on the day the kids were taken tells them to move out for their own safety” The Nauglers first claimed their lawyer told them to stay off the homestead for their safety but then they said someone came to the property and told them to go. Oh, which is it? Both, I suppose because the further out you throw your stories the more dramatic they are. Right? Those nut jobs can’t keep a single story straight.


  22. I’m reading all the comments, and I wish I had time to write more replies, but I’m terribly eager to get Act Four out the door – lots of details, but that’s what makes it worth the wait – so this will be a brief but very heartfelt THANK YOU all for watching and for all your comments! I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying the show so far. Stay tuned!


  23. I vaguely remember a photo that Nicole Celeste posted of eating ice cream (because she could, and a tiny bit pregnant) for breakfast in her cozy hotel room, IMO Of course at that time she and Joseph Naugler were still keeping it hush hush that they were staying at the Golden Manor hotel while their children languished in “horrible foster homes and a detention like institution” (it’s not it’s our pride and joy) and the homestead animals were left alone, confused and fending for themselves, IMO.


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