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  1. Nicole crying to Pagliacchi is the funniest thing I’ve seen on the Internet.
    I hope Nicole enjoyed the performance as much as I did.


  2. POOR KIDS! No warm beds to call their own. Forced to poop in buckets. Forced to sit in a van hearing their parents yell and fight. That’s not peaceful parenting, Joe. We’ve all seen in Joe’s videos how he communicates to the children. It’s harsh. You can tell those kids are hungry. Not only for Homemade food, but for LOVE and ATTENTION. You can see it in their eyes. In my opinion, Nicole cries in videos because she’s desperate. It’s scripted for sure. But Poverty would have me crying too.


  3. This documentary is spectacular!!!

    Quality! Professional! Captivating!

    Coming back Saturday evening……


  4. The video of them in the van with the police gave me major anxiety. Her voice is so… ugh, I can’t describe it. The way they get each other going is like two children. “Did you see me do this? Then I did that and you went like this…” The kids having to see their parents act like this ALL the time is unsettling. Come on Nozzlers, surely you see that is just nuts, right??? Tell me you don’t think that is normal and sane behavior? You can’t, you just can’t.


  5. The way they get each other going is like two children.

    It’s the thing that bothered me the most, too. What is sort of astonishing is to watch the whole video carefully, and you’ll see that Joe and Nicole’s retelling of the events that just happened two minutes before have already been embellished and stretched out of recognition. They both witnessed what happened, what they said, what the cop said, and yet when they retell it (to each other), they get it wrong. It’s just sort of amazing.

    And yes, they are doing this in front of all their children.


  6. We have had a 15 passenger van for a couple years. The center seats are lap only belts. It would be very easy to prove they are lap only if we were pulled over. I really don’t understand why they didn’t want to let the officers see the seats. I suspect that a kid really wasn’t belted correctly and the Ns refused to acknowledge it. I also suspect that if they’d just told the officer that the kid unbuckled themselves without permission it would have been a friendly warning instead of drama. Seat belt laws are necessary, not a source of revenue.

    Our new van has 12 seats with 12 shoulder belts and 12 head restraints; which is part of the reason why we got a new van.


  7. Joe and Nicole’s discussion while they wait for the cop to return is clearly intended to be evidence of the first cop’s completely unprovoked escalation towards them. As it took time for Nicole to retrieve her phone from her pocket and begin recording, they were unable to video this unwarranted behaviour. Consequently they must provide the evidence themselves by talking about it. Oops, they also, of course, provided clear evidence that at least one of the children was not buckled up correctly, which was why they were stopped in the first place.

    I love Nicole’s rapid fire excuse that it’s a 2002, 15-seat van which (presumably) means that the seatbelt situation is outdated. Not their fault. Get a warrant. You can’t enter my car. You can’t touch my kids. The kids’ safety is demonstrably not Joe and Nicole’s concern.

    Has anyone else noticed that they both constantly say ‘my’ instead of ‘our’? Even when they are together they both say my car, my kids etc. I suppose that’s what narcissists do, though.

    Sheer Luck, great job on all the videos.


  8. What is sort of astonishing is to watch the whole video carefully, and you’ll see that Joe and Nicole’s retelling of the events that just happened two minutes before have already been embellished and stretched out of recognition. They both witnessed what happened, what they said, what the cop said, and yet when they retell it (to each other), they get it wrong. It’s just sort of amazing.

    Amazing and terrifying. It reminds me of folie a deux. https://emedicine.medscape.com/article/293107-overview They are feeding each other’s delusions and paranoia and making each other sicker. Obviously I have no way of knowing if they have a mental disorder or are just plain wrong in the way they see the world but that video made me go from just feeling bad for the children to truly feeling scared for them.


  9. This series of videos shows just how childish the two “Adults” are.
    At first it is almost funny but then you start to see how much their own needs completely ignore those of their children.

    I would like to think that deep down they watch these and start to actually think carefully about what they do but they won’t. All that will happen is they will use them to validate their belief that they are being bullied and harassed while still continuing to bully and harass others. Of course when they do it, it is not bullying and harassment though because only the Nozzlers can claim that.

    I am surprised that she is still using the BLGC LCC very pointedly. From what I see of the “genuine” site, it is going to well out do its predecessor which I think will cause may more none bullying and harassing calls from the Nozzlers to various people!


  10. In their video the police officer states very clearly, several times, that the law applies to the HEIGHT of the child, not the AGE. Nicole doesn’t listen. Won’t listen. Then they go on about someone making money off of tickets, booster seats or something.

    Ever seen the remains of a small child pulled out of wreckage, or worse, after they’ve been ejected in the course of an accident? When the kid wasn’t properly secured in a seat designed for their height and weight? It will give you nightmares.

    But Joe & Nicole only think it’s about making them spend money on frivolous items. Like Hardees. Not that people don’t want to see a mangled dead child as a result of criminal stupidity on the part of their parents. No, it’s solely to inconvenience Joe & Nicole, on whom the sun rises & sets.

    Speaking of stupidity, Cathy, you’re an incompetent LPN if you let your infection get that bad and can’t spell pus correctly. Here’s a hint: “puss” is incorrect. Did you report your charge to the state nursing board?


  11. Joe says to the police officer “What if I did make accusations though?” what in the fucking fuck does that mean?! That is the strangest thing to say. To anyone. Why would you ask that?


  12. Does anyone know if they ended up being fined or was it dismissed?

    The officer who issued the citation was suspended for having sex with a minor or something like that, and thus didn’t show up in court, and thus it was dismissed.

    This, of course, is proof that Joe and Nicole are completely righteous.


  13. When my son was a little over 1 1/2 years old he went through a period where he kept undoing his car seat fasteners and climbing out of his car seat. I would have to pull over and put him back in. Sometimes I was on the highway and it was frightening. One of those times a state trooper watched what was happening and pulled over with us. He then asked me if he could do the following. He buckled my son back in and firmly told my son he would arrest his mommy if he didn’t stay in his car seat. My son started to cry, but he never climbed out of his car seat again. He wasn’t traumatized. He doesn’t even remember the incident.

    That trooper could have fined me. He wasn’t interested in money he was interested in the well being of my child. He also checked the way the car seat was attached and complimented me on having attached it correctly. We spoke for a few minutes and when he talked of how many dead or mangled children he’d seen in his career his eyes became so haunted that I will never forget it. I know the look. My father would have the same after he was called in to medically treat the child victims of car accidents.

    The reason my car seat was properly attached is because when news reports came out that the majority of car seats were not properly attached our local sheriff started a program where you could bring your car and car seat to the sheriffs office and they would teach you how to properly attach it. I brought mine and they taught me how to do it the right and safe way. With my second child they had started to advise us that having a baby in a car seat in the front of the car was dangerous and I listened. It was a pain in my ass and I had to pull over to take care of the baby but I did it for his safety.

    The laws regarding seat belts, air bags, car seats and booster seats aren’t there to be state money makers. They are there to save lives. In particular the lives of vulnerable children. I remember the days before seat belts and it wasn’t pretty. The rate of fatal or life changing injury per car accident has gone down dramatically.

    Speaks volumes about Joseph and Nicole Naugler that they think only of the money and of thumbing their noses at authority and not about the safety of their children, IMO. Chances are had they let the officer into the van to check how the children were buckled he would have not given them a ticket as he initially said, but instead have educated them on how to properly fasten the children for their safety. He probably thought they were uneducated, not wrong, but he seems to have learned pretty quickly that the Nauglers gave more of a shit about their perceived personal “rights” and less about their children’s rights to be safe and secure. Then again, what else is new? IMO, that’s why they got ticketed and that time they lucked out, because of other circumstances, from paying a hefty fine and getting an earful from the judge.

    As a personal note I almost peed my pants laughing listening to Joseph Naugler ranting about how he believed that the officer did not know the constitution. I suppose now he will know how I feel every time I hear or read Joe mangle the law, the bill of rights and the English language. Same goes for Nicole. Those two are the poster children for the “cult of willful ignorance”, imho. They should come with a warning label.

    Great job on the documentary Sheer Luck. I can’t wait for the next installment.


  14. I’ve been pulled over twice in my life of driving.
    Once for running a red light, another for failing to dim my high beams.
    Both times I was guilty.
    Both time I had logical reasons for screwing up.
    I was busy watching a person in front of me tapping their brakes trying to decide what lane they should go into. I didn’t see the light turn yellow, but I did see it turn red just as I pulled into the intersection.
    The second time I was in a neighborhood with deer standing in people’s front yards, I pulled out onto the main road, forgetting my high beams were on.

    The Nauglers also had a logical reason for screwing up. Starting with the number of kids they have to monitor. Kids do stuff.
    Yes the kids should all be wearing a seat belt properly, and Nicole who thinks she knows everything, should have listened to the policeman about booster seats and sizes, and then gotten the proper seat for her child. For the child’s safety the regulations do go by the child’s weight not age…as all-knowing Nicole thinks.

    The Nauglers were guilty, and they knew it, so did the kids.
    But the Adult Nauglers decided it was better to argue and show their asses, to the cops…and to their children.

    Both times I immediately admitted guilt. Both times I expected a ticket.
    I was wrong, even though, both times, there were mitigating circumstances.
    I acted like an adult, even though I was mortified.
    I didn’t try to blame the driver in front of me or the deer…
    I sat with my hands on the wheel with my palms sweating both times.

    ( I admit, the time I was with my mother when she was stopped for an infraction, her hands sweated too. She also got a warning… Getting stopped made her nervous, and so I imprinted with her behavior… and I know it😄)

    Each time the police approached my car with authority…( gulp)
    Each time they asked me if I knew why I was pulled over.
    The red light I knew, the high beams I had no clue until he told me… they were still on high.
    Both cops checked my drivers license and registration.
    The red light cop gave me a verbal warning to be more careful about getting distracted while driving and was very pleasant.
    The second cop acted like a little shit, treating me as though I was a moron for riding around blinding people with my bright lights. But he also gave me a verbal warning.
    I treated both with respect.
    I waited until I could unglue my hands from the steering wheel at home in my garage, before I thought about how stinky the second cop was.

    Neither time did it occur to me that I was being stopped because the cops were making money for their department by stopping me.
    Both were just doing their job and keeping their community safe, even though the second one needed some people skills.
    I talked to our neighborhood cop, who is no pushover, about the two attitudes.
    He actually apologized for the second cop, but he noted that the second cop was young and it was late at night.
    All stops are dangerous. He was probably expecting a Naugler like reaction. ( or a drunk).

    The Naugler children don’t dare question their parents behavior.
    They’ve seen how Nicole and Joe react to being questioned, and their behavior toward authority figures.
    The Naugler Children’s world is their parent’s world.
    Either the children swallow all that their parents say and do, hook line and sinker, or they have the ability to see through the crock of shit, sit back quietly slowly building up a lot of anger and confusion.

    The children can’t walk away, shaking their heads with an amused grin, like the second policeman at the seat belt debuckle…


  15. Tekla says “Ever seen the remains of a small child pulled out of wreckage, or worse, after they’ve been ejected in the course of an accident?”
    My paramedic friend described it as ground beef. Scrambled eggs. You’re body gets tossed around, your all scrambled inside, internally. We talked about this because we watched a young man get ejected out of his truck a few years ago. He showed absolutely nothing on the outside, nothing. He looked just fine and he was talking. He asked us repeatedly where his dogs were. They were both dead but we didn’t tell him. He died shortly after arriving at the hospital. So I asked my friend how since he looked just fine and he was aware. He said when you are ejected, your internals are what gets injured.
    I know this is hard for the Nauglers to understand but children are precious. They are our future and we should take every single precautionary possible. We should protect them at all costs. I heard you fucking nut telling Q to “do what you want”, implying fighting the officers. You would sic your teen into a dangerous situation to save yourself. As for me and my children, I’d take a bullet for them. Sadly, I don’t think the Nauglers would, the children are their shields.


  16. Well done, SheerLuck!

    No matter how many times I watch their recordings or read the drivel they post on various platforms, there’s always something new I didn’t see or absorb before.

    It’s truly mind boggling how one can survive being in a constant state of paranoia/anger/outrage and always, always, feel they are being singled out and under attact.
    They’ve lived in numerous states and even more homes. No matter the circumstance, the Nauglers are always victimized; be it by landlords, church elders, church goers, neighbors, police, lawyers, judges, caseworkers, online trolls, etc.etc…

    Any rational human being would get to a point of being forced to self reflect and take some sort of accountability for their actions and start making even the smallest strides to live a peace filled, happy life.

    It’s a travesty that those poor children live in a state of constant chaos and uncertainty. That’s gotta do a number on even the strongest psyche.
    It’s indoctrinated into them to not trust anyone outside of the family unit. That’s the part that scares me the most.

    We also had our local police install our car seats & booster seats and had them teach us how to properly do it on our own.
    It’s both comforting and invaluable to be able to rely on and learn from other people who have expertise in areas we don’t. The majority of people are good.

    Side note: My kids were both small for their ages. They were in booster seats for a few years later than the majority of their peers. It was the height and weight, not only their ages. It really wasn’t a big deal, at all. I fully trusted in the people that made the safety laws and abided by their knowledge to keep my kids as safe as possible.

    Joe and Nicole are both disconnected from reality. They’re so stuck on their warped ideas and values that they refuse to see any other way. I fully agree with the person who commented that they feed off one another. They do, and it sure doesn’t bring out the best in either of them. Too bad there isn’t a vaccination to cure that!


  17. The thing that really amazes me is that Nicole thinks these videos/audios show her in a good light. That’s why she posts them. Nobody would have any of this stuff if she didn’t put it out there publicly.

    Both her and Joe’s lack of self-awareness is just kind of astonishing.


  18. She’s always shoving her big yapper down everyone’s throats. Yes they have a right to look in and check seat belts. Yeah joe go show them your fat ass karate.
    No one is going to take your word for anything Nicole. It’s nit the age it’s his height, he said that several times. Are you deaf?


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