Home is the Sailor, Home from the Sea

I am home at last.  At our actual, real house, not in our temporary “house” where we have been living for the past six weeks.

Here’s the temporary “home.”

The Norwegian Star in port in Ålesund, Norway on May 3, 2016

Considering that we boarded the Norwegian Star on April 10 in Tampa, Florida, and debarked from her in  Copenhagen, Denmark on May 17, and arrived here at home last night (May 21), well, I simply could not have done all the crap I’ve been accused of doing.

When you’re going to be absent from your home for six weeks, out of the country, you are out of your mind if you advertise that fact on social media. We are not out of our minds, so we didn’t.

We sailed for a week in the Caribbean, then two weeks transatlantic, stopping in Bermuda and the Azores. From Copenhagen, we sailed north to Norway for a week, and ultimately spent nine days in the Baltic Sea, visiting several different countries, including two days in Russia. Finally, we stayed for three days in Copenhagen, and then flew to Reykjavik, Iceland for an overnight and then home. Twelve countries, eighteen ports. Sightseeing and snorkeling.  Hot weather, cold weather. Smooth sailing, and some rough seas.

It was our first vacation in ten years. I highly recommend cruising.  It’s not nearly as expensive as you might think. Maybe start a GoFundMe?

My sincere thanks to “The Nefarious Please” for pinch-hitting so perfectly for me.

And my sincere apologies to those who contacted the blog for one reason or another and got silence. I had extremely limited internet access. The Star offers WiFi on board, but it is very poor quality and very expensive. We opted out and spent the money on wine instead.

at dinner

The Norwegian Star has actual bathrooms, for those who are interested.

star bathroom

That is not, of course, my photo, but it never occurred to us to take a photograph of the bathroom.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a lot of reading to do to get caught up with the Naugler Soap Opera.


18 thoughts on “Home is the Sailor, Home from the Sea”

  1. Wait. You mean to tell me Nicole was making false accusations? Say it isn’t so. I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell ya. Ok, I’m really not shocked but welcome home Sally. You have been missed.


  2. You mean to tell me Nicole was making false accusations?

    Well, it’s more that there were just lumping accusations made. Anything that happens is my fault because this is my blog. Anything that happens on the other blog is also my fault for the same reason.

    And anything that happens that is even remotely, tangentially related to either blog is my fault as well, because they can’t figure out who else to blame.

    By the way, I am not 74. I am old, yes, and if I’m lucky, one day I will be 74. Not yet, though. But I do not walk with a cane or any other aid. I schlepped luggage all over Denmark and Iceland and Washington DC and Louisville.


  3. This is from one of Nicole’s Facebook pages. (She’s the one who has multiples, not me.)

    I have never made a Facebook page about the Nauglers. I have actually participated in the ones that others have created very little. My critical remarks about the Nauglers made on Facebook have largely been made directly to either Joe or Nicole or both of them. I have not talked about them – rather, I have talked to them.

    Furthermore, I have never, ever had a fake Facebook account. Ever. I have been accused of doing so repeatedly, but it’s just not true. I do manage (with help) my son’s account since he cannot, but he was most definitely real.

    Oh, and I almost never make a friend request of anyone. My Facebook friends are nearly all people who have chosen to send me a request, not the other way round.

    Now then, who is stalking who?


  4. Your cruise sounds wonderful. My daughter did a study cruise from LA to Miami. Down the Pacific Coast through the Canal to Colombia and then Florida. Lots of stops and Central American countries along the way. She’s also done Disney twice. She says cruising is the way to go.

    Welcome home and thanks to the Nefarious for sailing the ship while you were afloat. They did a great job.


  5. Sally, I just stumbled upon your site within the past few weeks. You are performing a great service while being attacked and slandered. It’s good most of these vicious people are “faith based” or it might get really ugly! I just had to tell you that you are one of the bravest people I know. Thank you!

    And that looks like a great trip! Maybe some other folks should consider wine instead of internet!

    Peace to you and yours.



  6. The cruise sounds like it was great fun! I can imagine your dismay at seeing a queue of emails waiting for your return.

    Plus the animals and the garden. Apparently whoever was taking care of the critters did a good job or you would have sounded more on edge in your latest blog.


  7. So glad that you enjoyed your first vacation in 10 years! Wow, you were sorely overdue! Welcome back! “The Nefarious” did an excellent job in your absence!


  8. Welcome home! Glad you had a great trip :). The Nefarious Please have done a great job holding down the fort, but I’m happy to have your brand of bullshit busting back.


  9. Welcome back, I can catch you up in a few sentences. Nicole is planning on updating her blog. Nicole and Joe are planning on starting the permanent cabin as soon as they get enough material donated. They really ARE composting …Nicole said so. Kids are shooting guns. Not sure what happened to the pig. People are harassing her, and she HATES/LOVES it. They are planning on starting the garden soon, but no real rush because the kids are scavenging for wild carrots. Dogs look healthy and well fed, not sure where the chickens went (see healthy dogs comment) and she’s looking for donations or someone to sue. That’s about it. Glad your home. Peace out Nefarious ones its been real.


  10. What joy! So happy for you and the Mr. It sounds like the perfect time with loads of fun and many happy memories. Welcome home!


  11. Also, somebody claiming to be a local and going by Tyto Alba has made a few posts at FJ that (if true) are a fresh layer of crogglement. First of all, there apparently is no clause in the land contract prohibiting permanent structures, and there never was. Second, there really is a smooth concrete foundation on the land, left over from a garage. I thought it was just a cluster of little piers. Third, the pond wasn’t just stocked with panfish; it used to produce 15-pound channel cats!


  12. Welcome home! The Nefarious folks kept things nailed down while you were gone.
    It looks like you were on the “bucket list” cruise of a lifetime.

    The scary part is just beginning.
    Now that the inspection is pending Nicole’s post are increasing in hostility.
    Nicole commented “forth amendment” when asked about peacefully handling the impending inspection of the Naugler human feces composting pile.
    And now she has posted a video of one of her boys shooting an apparently new and lethal military type gun.
    My sons could tell me what type of gun it is, but I’m guessing it’s a semi automatic and it looks like it’s made of plastic… I, at first, thought it was a scary looking watergun.
    She then posted on her personal, but public page, a meme of a Rambo type of woman, with similar military gun, that brags of protecting her children.
    I am horrified.
    I actually felt my face flush as I watched one after another of her escalating post being made.
    This can’t end well.


  13. When our son was 7 my husband bought him a rifle and although I was infuriated, I realized it was necessary considering we already had guns (locked up and un loaded). I learned to shoot at an early age because my dad was a hunter and because they were also in the house….My husband spent hours teaching them ( we taught our daughter as well) gun safety and then only taught them to shoot at the range or on open property where there was no chance of an accident..he also taught them to take the weapon apart and clean it…that video made me cringe because a big part of Gun safety is how you hand it off to someone or put it down..the video was careless IMO…I read about so many kids who find hidden guns in the house and with no knowledge of how to use them, either accidentally kill themselves or a sibling…….


  14. Welcome back! I hope y’all had a wonderful time! This is my first comment on your blog but I have been an avid reader since the begging! You do a wonderful job and I enjoy reading it. I hope you got the message I sent yesterday. Anyway I feel like it will be harder to get the EPA off of their backs as far as the literal load of crap goes. Do you think that CPS is still watching closely and if not if this biohazard situation will bring them back in.


  15. Really, Dear Sally!
    I am SHOCKED that you passed on the chance to rent out the enchanting Blessed Little Homestead shanty that is the Naugler’s Stick-and-MudShit-Shack – you know, that beguiling lean-to whose future was to be offered up as a back-to-basics-vacation-rental, after the Nauglers built their “permanent cabin”?

    But in all seriousness, congratulations on what sounds like an amazing, relaxing time well-spent, far away from the Blessed Little Homestead! In the meantime, I have missed your Blessed Little Prose!

    …Coincidence! I have planned a trip to Norway and Iceland too! Although, unfortunately, that is where our commonality ends, because as lovely as such a cruise sounds, my plans are instead, to BASE jump the big-walls of Norway! (Finally, after years of preparation, and a lot of investment in said preparation, it is here and I am ready!) ::end brag::

    Which brings me to this. There are amazing experiences, endless beauty outside the fence-less confines of the Blessed Little Homestead! I hold-out hope for these voiceless children – who suffer through the neglect and chaos of their parent’s abysmal lifestyle and zealotry – that they discover their individuality and their freedom, and rid themselves of those proverbial chains, break the cycle of poverty that formerly bound them.

    Even for the disabled and poorest of children in the US, there remains ample possibility. Take it from me – whom at one time fit into both of those minorities – you can do anything!! You can even – literally – fly!


  16. ASE jump the big-walls of Norway!

    The very thought makes the hair stand up on my neck. 🙂 I’m terrified of heights. Norway is very like Alaska, but the fjords are just so steep. What is amazing to me is that people actually carved out little farms on the cliffs (they call them “shelf farms”). In one case, the woman gave birth to several children on one shelf farm, and when she and her husband would be out working the small fields, they literally tied their children with leashes so the kids wouldn’t fall off the cliff.

    Access to the place was by a rope ladder (imagine that!) from the teeny little “shore.” When the tax man came around, they would just reel up the ladder so he couldn’t collect. Nicole would appreciate that, I suppose.

    Nobody has lived in those shelf farms for decades, though. They are preserved totally for historical interest.

    You’re super brave and I hope you have a wonderful time.


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