Holidays and Kids

There is a huge spike in traffic on this blog, dating back about four or five days.

I am going to shamelessly take advantage of it, not for myself, but for the Kentucky Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranch.


Here’s the website.

It’s an extremely well-run charity that provides camping experiences all summer long for needy, deserving children in Kentucky.

Consider helping them. I’d love to see this blog be responsible for a child getting to go to camp next summer.

There are several ways to do this.

You can go directly to the website and contribute.  That’s fine. In fact, that’s great. They also have a store.

You can also go to the right of this page and donate via the blog.  The money flows into a special Paypal account I have and I then send it to them.

In addition, you can donate via Amazon Smile. I explain that in the side bar.

This is not about getting credit. I don’t care if the Ranch folks know that the donations are coming via this blog or not.  I just want kids to get to go to camp.




4 thoughts on “Holidays and Kids”

  1. I like how you admit you are shameless! 🙂

    I clicked the button on the right, it was easy, quick, and am pleased to give (even if not a large amount) to a well-run charity. If we all give a little, then that will make a lot.


  2. Awesome charity! Come on folks….even if it’s only five bucks, it adds up. Would mean so much to the kiddos.

    Thanks Sally. This is making me feel all Christmassy:)


  3. I got addicted to Sally’s blog and all I got was this lousy tee shirt.

    Ok…so the teeshirt is not lousy and should be here in a few days…. Thanks for shilling for the kids 🙂


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