Holiday Cheer

Oh, hell. . . she may be immortal. . .



NOTE: Shamelessly stolen from a friend. Nicole did not post this. Somebody else did. I thought it was hilarious and borrowed it. When a site is called “unbelievable facts,” trust that the “facts” are actually not believable. The science behind this idea is not what is presented, but it’s still funny.

Happy Holidays from the Blessed Little Blog




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  1. Happy Holidays to you and yours, Sally!! May your heart be full and your toes be warm. ???????


  2. I hope whether or not you celebrate anything that you’re warm, well fed and prosperous this season. Thanks, Sally. For all you do.


  3. Just sat down to do a little browsing online before bed. It’s midnight where I am (somewhere in EST). First time I’ve had time to be online all day.

    Had a lovely evening with family. Food was ridiculously abundant and delicious (people need to stop bringing so much stuff!) and hubby loved the gift I made him. The kids and their cousins are all home from college. Was fun to hear their stories, meet some girlfriends and boyfriends, play some games together. No little ones in the family these days, but I’m gonna be a very happy grandma if I ever get to be. I miss having little ones around at Christmas! All our kiddos have grown up into surly teens and crazy busy young adults. Love the older kids, though. Their generation is so different. Gives me so much hope for the future:)

    So, anywho….I’m poking around on here and stop in on Nicole’s page and find that she’s done a ton of posting tonight….just her typical opinion pieces, controversy “news”, share this and that yaya……but what struck me as awfully sad….was that things were posted 3, 4, and 5 hours ago.

    So, from 7-9PM on Christmas Eve…in a house FULL of beautiful kids who she could be decorating with, stringing popcorn, making treats with, reading stories to, or just having a family night of games and shared conversation and laughter……..she’d rather be online sharing fake news shit….effectively pissing in the wind. And pissing away her kid’s childhoods.

    I’ve got a message for Nicole…and I know she reads this site in its entirety, so I’m hoping she listens.

    Nicole… of these days (and it will absolutely shock you how fast this day comes) your kids are going to grow up. They’re going to make their own decisions and they’re going to leave home….because that’s what’s natural for kids to do. They’re going to have families and responsibilities of their own. They’ll have different opinions than you, marry people with different values, and make different choices than you would. One day you’re going to wake up and none of them will be kids anymore.

    You’re going to look back at the time you could have spent doing something special and wish with your whole heart you had another chance. And you’re going to look at the sets of challenges they have as adults and think to yourself…ah man, if I’d known, I’d have done something.

    Don’t piss away your kid’s childhood with net addiction. Get some fucking help if you need to, but get a clue about what you’re missing out on. What they’re missing out on.

    You’re gonna say….Oh, it’s ok for YOU to do it and not ME, eh?

    Nicole…very honestly…if I were you….and I had the responsibility to provide a healthy loving life and place of emotional safety for all those lovely kids of yours… wouldn’t catch me dead online.

    My first priority would be them. Every minute of every single day. When I was a young mom, I can’t imagine not giving at least an hour of every day to each of my kids. Listening to them. Doing things one on one. Working on projects together. Asking about their day, their friends, their dreams. Just being there, knowing them.

    Each of those children deserves attention and one on one time, encouragement and love. How much of that did you provide to ANY of them while you spent the day chasing your butt in a circle yesterday because of some drama you perpetuated on social media? Was it worth it? You lost a day of their lives you’ll never get back. Really think about that. You’re pissing away what’s precious…over pointless anger.

    Nicole, you are missing the bigger picture. While you’re tilting at windmills and acting like a shunned emotional middle schooler, your kids are missing out. You’re failing them.

    Because it’s Christmas, I am honestly speaking from the heart here……For your own sake, and theirs, get your fucking priorities in order. Don’t miss out on the best stuff life has to offer….your kids, your family, laughter, togetherness.

    Blows my mind that you’ve taken all these extreme measures to keep each other physically close at all times to perpetuate this illusion of togetherness…….and all the while….you choose to escape and “check out” online with so many little people hungry for your attention. Maybe you have some intimacy issue that you should talk to a therapist about?…because you seem to be working in counterproductive directions with this whole thing.

    You’ve said you had issues with your own family. Maybe if you talked to someone about your trust issues and their source you could resolve some of the shit this is still making your life toxic. A lot of people with intimacy issues really like an online environment because it’s easier to control. When people do shit you can’t control….it really bothers you. Bothers you so much you want your kids to live a life free of any “control”.

    Ask yourself something. Get really really honest and ask yourself if the decisions you make for your kids are for their welfare, or for your comfort?

    Nicole, I respect the idea of doing things differently. I’m even fairly open minded to the idea of unschooling younger kids……but at some point you have to admit that it isn’t an answer long term. Unschooling is not preparing your older kids for employment or college or trade school. They don’t have a good pathway to independence. It’s fucking their chances to do a lot of things they have the talent to do. I know at some level you know this and feel bad about it.

    Nicole, I hope you hear the sincerity in this post. I would honestly like to see your kids happy and healthy….but that requires you to be happy and healthy. Work on that. Not escapism with the net. Work on being present in your life…and happy. Work on letting shit go and enjoying those beautiful babies. Don’t run out of time before you realize what you’re fucking up and missing out on.

    If you keep living your life the way you do…. it will bring you the same sad assed result. And you’ll feel like a victim and go running at more windmills and chasing all slights perceived and imaginary. And you’ll piss more people off and you’ll take that negativity home like you always do…..and those kids will absorb all of that crazy in the weird isolation you’ve raised them in. How can they feel safe in world where mom swings so hard in both directions? How can they trust someone who is so involved one minute and then brushes them aside to chase bullshit the next?

    Ok, I’ve rambled on endlessly at this point…but I really have spoken from the heart.

    Maybe 2017 can be a year you change some shit up, Nicole. Re-evaluate your priorities. Clear out some of the stuff contaminating your life with toxicity and robbing time from your kids. You don’t have to fight. You don’t have to be paranoid. You don’t have to control the world. You don’t have to “win”. You don’t have to be angry. You can just say fuck it….let it all go….and be present for your kids.

    Think about it.


  4. Yay! This is a great post!

    It says so much, with so little! And yet, somehow, it best translates how utterly mad and obscenely sick Nicole Naugler (and her mindset) is, especially given that she posts this smut Christmas Eve. Which of her followers will take the bait..?

    She cant help it, she wants to engage… She needs conflict – addicted to vitriol! How bitter. Surely she would love to celebrate xmas had she the money (be it at Hardees or wherever), but chooses to diehard for her lies and constant excuses.

    Ha. Oh, Nicole. Why not boast your “source”, or speak highly of it’s credibility? Too embarrassed, perhaps? Could it possibly be that Nicole downplays her source because she is not necessarily proud of it, or does she just want to credit herself for it? And which is worse?!

    Always taking shit from her “friend’s” feeds, giving them no credit, not even a FB tag… But I, however, would like to thank this internet stranger, whom Nicole stole this particular, featured winner from! For, it is SO incredibly ridiculous, so incredibly stupid, I find it humorous – even more so because people like Nicole post it as if it is impactful, or even the least bit credible. Soo weak! Tiny Tim would be better bearing his weight upon an old, termite-infested wooden cane. Merry Christmas, Tiny Tim…

    The day Nicole shares and credits material from a credible source, say, from a library or scholastic resource, a medical or academic journal, will be a sure sign of the pending apocalypse!

    – – –
    Peace on Earth!
    *lighting a candle for children everywhere*

    [This is my shit-attempt at translating my Unicef Christmas Cards to all the readers of this blog (Nicole included!)]


  5. Happy Holidays to all the readers. Even if today and the rest of this week isn’t “your” holiday, I still hope it’s wonderful and filled with warm memories and fun events.


  6. Happy Holidays everyone. Hope y’all have a wonderful day. Low key holiday for us this year. Just spending it with my hubby and two kids.


  7. Nicole Naugler (and her mindset) is, especially given that she posts this smut Christmas Eve.

    Wait. Nicole didn’t post this. Someone else did. I borrowed it. I thought it was funny.

    Yes, it’s scientifically inaccurate (embryonic stem cells do get into the woman’s body, but they don’t necessarily target “damaged organs.” If that were true, nobody would die during pregnancy of anything, and women do die. Furthermore, if you had cancer, the cure would be to get pregnant), but it’s still funny as hell.

    Repeat: this wasn’t Nicole. This was somebody else and I posted it because I thought it was funny.


  8. Is that her way of saying Faith got hurt on the homestead?

    Oh, dear me. Repeat: this was NOT posted by Nicole.


  9. HAPPY HOLIDAYS to Everybody! Happy Holidays to Nicky and Joe to and your family I just wish you would join the Real World and focus on your family for once in your life. 🙂


  10. I actually checked first to see if she posted it and she didn’t. I have a friend who regularly posts memes from that particular page/site. Some of them are absurd and some of them are kind of cool. I do usually research further when something I am particularly interested in gets posted. But that’s what I do.

    Nicole actually had a nice Christmas post today. And then posted pictures of her daughter and the horse. Glad to see it’s a nice day on the property. Wishing the family a nice day, it’s good to have a day off to spend with family.


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