Hey Mac, can you spare a dime?

Money is like manure; it’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around encouraging young things to grow.

– Thorton Wilder


We all know someone that is always in need. Something is always wrong — always an excuse. Everyone is out to get them. Nothing is their fault.

For many, “begging” means the scruffy man at the corner liquor store, tin cup in hand, a cardboard sign. For others it’s a homeless mother with a baby. That kind of begging is easy to look at and decide whether you’re going to help or not.  You see it. You have a good gut feeling if the person will use, or abuse your donation. You can tell if the person is truly in need or just begging because they don’t want to earn an honest living. For some folks, it’s a way of life. 

They may hear the clink of a coin in the cup, and you may keep walking. You see it with your eyes. Your guts tell you if they really need help or will go grab a bottle of Thunderbird and wake up with wet pants.

The internet is a whole new street corner.  Now you have thousands and thousands of potential handouts “walking by”.  If you can convince folks that you’re a wholesome, hardworking, reverent individual that could just use a little bit of help . . . well, you’re off to a grand start.  People have soft hearts and most will try to help someone in need.  The Nauglers are well versed in subtle online begging, the art of asking for money without being “in your face” with their desperate needs. They have been doing it for years, yet continue to add to their family despite their inability to support the children they already have.

It’s a pattern. The constant hints and subtle suggestions. But hey, you read through the repetition and make up your own mind. Are they doing this? Ask the church groups they’ve been in.

Sound harsh? maybe it is. But responsible adults do not constantly drop hints and ask for others to pay for things. Some of us consider this to be the crux of “responsibility”.




This was quite probably a rather misguided attempt at humor. But at this point, who knows.

13219754_10153681942993182_547206151_nOK, but you certainly aren’t shy about supplementing with donations.


Venmo, Paypal, Go Fund me . . . crowd source funding masters.


They ended up with over $45,000 from this effort alone.  They had a very detailed list of what the expenses were to be used for.  They have repeatedly become very hostile when people ask if they were used as promised.

13236108_10154214276951289_292946786_n (1) Interestingly, this post linked directly to a site that made it easy to send the seeds.

13249525_10154214286776289_427088175_n Untitled3

Ah yes, the subtle hints.


Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Untitled2Think about this one for a moment. They are running a business. Why would clients be dropping off food and money?

Oh yeah, get over it.


Fundraiser for a business? Wait . . .

Is it a business or a charity?

13094124_10207741242503271_525796367266982827_nHere’s an odd one. Somebody set up a Go Fund Me campaign. It’s quite probably satire. However, in exposing and explaining that they did NOT set it up, they certainly didn’t fail to ensure folks knew where they COULD “donate”.

a bThis is only a smattering of the constant posts and a bit of insight into what is going on.

Remember, they garnered over $45,000 in Go Fund Me donations. What have they done with them?

Brought to you by “Nefarious Please and others”

This was sent by a blog reader. It seems pretty benign. It’s a nice story. Charity and kids. It might actually stir up warm feelings. But please notice the comment “Put money in my hand.”

How hard are these folks to figure out?

Well “technically”. . .



Let’s make a collection. Here’s two more.

still accepting

They’re “still accepting donations.” As though there will come a day, some day, when they are no longer accepting donations.


And the vehicles. Have the Nauglers ever actually bought a car or van all by themselves?  Nicole tells us that she really doesn’t like to finance things. She much rather that “angels” just give stuff to her.

You know, like she refuses to do for her kids.


43 thoughts on “Hey Mac, can you spare a dime?”

  1. I wonder if she has a tip cup out at the big yard sale today? I’m sure she won’t be letting anyone try to bargain her down on prices.


  2. The begging is a way of life for these two scammers. Pictures of hands holding change, baby showers, Amazon, and selling kidneys are just a few tactics used by the Blessed Ones, but the tactic of using children is disgusting. The woman has 11 kids and has to ask what size overalls the gullible sheep think she needs? Oh come on! In other words send overalls to the child. I did notice her not so subtle hints about needing heavy equipment to clean the land didn’t yield any results. I wondered why all of a sudden she started talking about poop, composting, and moving because of the condition of the land and low and behold , shortly after that post a commentator let the cat out of the bag. They are being forced to clean it up by the health department. People offered to help last year but was turned down for that type of assistance, instead just send money. Nicole posts nothing without a reason.


  3. Nefarious Please & Others:

    Note that the “fake” GFM link was left ON the BLH page for over TWO hours. Nicole is rabid when it comes to monitoring her page. WHY was it left up this long? Even more interesting, the “fake” GFM received over 290 “shares” before the campaign was removed. It’s funny that Nicole declares “It was not me!” but offers alternate ways for people to donate.

    The moral thing would be to offer the disclaimer and leave it at that. Their modus operandi is so predictable. It never ceases to astound me that the Sheeple keep falling for it.


  4. The two adults have no shame, no dignity, no respect for their neighbors nor feel any duty to properly provide for the children they have. There will be those who will send money because they hate to see the kids suffer. They can’t help who their parents are or what they do.

    But just like the panhandler on the streets, you don’t know if he will use it for food or shoot it up his veins or pour it down his throat. So you walk on by, hoping he will find his bottom if no one gives him money.

    The kids will repeat the behavior of the parents. That’s all they will know. As long as the cash keeps coming in, the Nauglers will never hit a bottom. They have no bottom.


  5. They don’t mind duping the IRS, for back taxes owed. Or duping the oldest son’s child support. Or dropping cold checks, a while back. Or lashing out at the church clergyman, who didn’t want to participate in the fundme arrangement they had for quite a while. Or menacing the person that didn’t want to participate in donating water from their source anymore.

    They remind me of the tv or media church evangelists. You know, the ones that preach on, preach on. And of course beg for your good donations of money, under the guise of evangelism. All the while, see the humongous mansions they live in and all the unicorn glitters that your money affords. Their media showing is a ruse, just like the BLH peeps.

    My gentle advice is, if you are going to donate for the cause, look to see where the money is spent. As the saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, and shame on me.”


  6. So what does the idiot father do to help support 13 people? I have this vision of him commanding the kids around saying “Yur gonna do xyz today and I ain’t takin no sass from ya!” While he’s facebooking for hours on end, maybe walking up to the shit bucket area for his daily, and maybe heating a big, gruesome can of chili from the food pantry for all who can stomach that shit. What a man. Such a role model, someone to look up to… *barf* ps, Nicole, if you’re reading this, your threats and bullying mean nothing to me, call my boss. She doesn’t answer when I call her, so good luck.


  7. I don’t know which version of the Bible they prefer so I took a chance and lifted this from the King James Version. They should recognize it. I also kindly left out the first part regarding beatings.

    Luke 12:48 For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.

    For two people who have literally been given so much, they don’t do much with it. They neither accomplish what they state are their plans for the money, nor do they help others in need and they refuse to answer to those who have given or those who want to know how their donated money will be spent.

    They have plans, you see. No one should question their completion or success rate of those plans.


  8. My mother watches those tv evangelists ALL THE TIME! And what seems obvious to me is oblivious to her, she chooses to believe words no matter how ridiculous the claims are. Maybe there are just people out there who so desperately need to be needed or valued that they CAN put a price tag on it. These are Nicoles victims, BUT, they are grown ass people.

    I WAS a supporter, but I saw thru the thin layer of the blessed little nonsense thanks to Nicole complaining about this blog…so thanks Nicki.
    I can only imagine how many others have the same story.
    She thinks we are trolls… Maybe we are, maybe we’re not, but I know we aren’t begging for money or gifts(?) from each other.. And honestly, aren’t you being a troll right now reading this Nicole?

    I want a new deck, can you advise me how to obtain one without any effort? Thank you in advance…. Oh yea, where is your husband?


  9. Bad things happen and it does seem they like to happen all at once. I honestly didn’t mind the first go fund me. However where did it go? What did they learn? There were two clean up days at least one during the week and the other was about a week later and neither with advance notice. There were several supporters willing and wanting to come out camp for a couple days and clean, build, help really turn it into a homestead. But no we want the children to be able to do it, it’s their dream too. Instead they got money, and they honestly squandered it. It’s so sad to see how they really missed the boat. I’m sure the money was nice but it didn’t last, a home, a real compost area, gardens, animal pens and pastures, a stocked healthy pond, animals, garden starts, a functioning homestead would have gotten them a whole lot further. However I’m sure they wouldn’t have kept it up now looking back. There is no point in giving any advice, help or money- it will all be wasted.


  10. Just for the record, I was on “Treat Mountain” in Alabama today four wheeling with my step son”s….ok !!!!
    Nice try “CupCake”……….that was priceless !!!!


  11. Your barking up the wrong tree…..Nicole !!!!
    You and who ever else can’t beat it out of me……honey !!!!


  12. O’Hell, let’s just get this out in the open………….
    Where is the Missing Child buried ?


  13. In the Blessed Little Blog post titled “Mothering? Is that what she calls it?”, there are two additional screenshots: (1) one dated 12/29/2014 where she directs contributors to Paypal because other formats she has investigated have ridiculous fees and (2) one dated 1/27/15 where she asks each donor to give her $1.

    Personally I would not donate to someone who has a long track record of financial mismanagement and living irresponsibly, but frankly I do not care if her supporters come to her rescue. However, it is sad that the generosity of her donors does not transpire into significantly improved living conditions for her children.

    However, I do care very much that her children have seen that an adult lifetime of habitual panhandling, both virtual and in person, is an acceptable choice.


  14. i believe her begging for money started out innocent enough.. when joe was in jail a few years ago for non payment of child support i believe, she was left alone trying to hold down a house hold and how ever many children they had at the time. apparently she started to get donations.. to the sum of 7000 to help her while dumb shit was locked up. I think that from that point on they realized that they could keep milking the cash cows if they kept them involved with their “wholesome” lifestyle and their “daily struggles”. and of course they just kept growing their family, those little adorable children are a great source of income, i mean who is going to donate to a bunch of preteens. the sad part of it all is when you see pictures of the kids, they are rarely in new clothes, there are few toys to be seen, they have no beds of their own, they live out of laundry baskets, and they eat massive cans of mystery food or their pets… but mom and dad sure do like hardies.. have you ever seen a picture of one of the kids at hardies besides the baby? me neither


  15. The begging started well before Joe was in jail for non-support. They have had Amazon wish list posted for public to see since 2010. They were given stuff material things by people from the church and some friends. They either sold it, gave it away or trashed it. There have been several different people giving accounts of that whom had close personal relationships with them at one time.

    They were getting help from the church before Joe went to jail. Also begging from family for money. When the family did not have money to give life for them became miserable. Family have said that is when threats were made by Joe.

    There was a past blog post that Nicole made where she took one of the kids to McDonald’s and he had to use his money he earned that day in the shop to buy his lunch. She also posted that she got a kid a free cup of ice water and told him that it was a slushy and he was okay with that. It does seem like the kids do not get to partake in Hardee’s and other eating out excursions.

    Old blog posting show the kids dressed really neat with nice clothes on for church. So at one point they had some semi normal living. They were able to interact with other kids at church and the boys in scouts. Also at one point with Nicole’s mother too. Since the kids seem to be cut off from almost all outside contact.

    They do not have any contact with either grandmother now. The last contact I saw with a grandmother one of the boys was building something and he made a FB post to grandma asking for money for it. The kids might not have a grandpa alive to sit on his knee and talk to but they do have grandmothers alive and could sit on their laps and talk to them.

    As for clothing remember the picture that was taken of many trash bags filled in the new shed where she said they were full of clothing for donations. Who in their right mind with that many kids gives clothing away? It can be passed down to the other. If it was not in good enough condition for her kids to wear who in their right mind would donate clothing they would not let their own kids wear? There are a lot of things that do not add up.

    As for toys there was a picture of one of the kids on a bike. Nicole said it was put together from parts from many bikes that they had around the homestead that were broken. Her reason for getting freebie furniture was because her kids were hard on furniture and it was not worth it to buy new stuff. Well kids can be taught to respect and take care of things. Even in families where there are a small army of kids. It seems everything they have gets trashed. Look at the shed that was only a few months old the porch on it looked many years old it was beaten up already. The parents are penny wise and pound foolish. Spending big amounts of money on some things then not taking care of them. Or buying stuff that even though not costing much it is not a necessity and could be saved up and spent on something they really needed. They have no concept of making a budget to help save up for things needed like materials for a cabin. Yet they will have animals that even though free ranging they are not contributing anything to the homestead. Or buying animals and not containing them in a safe manner and they get eat by the dogs. They seem to run vehicles into the ground instead of doing general maintenance on them to make them last. The list can go on and on as they have plans and dreams that are not well thought through and in the end cost them.

    This family could do so much more to earn a better living for the family. The oldest boys could have a part time or even full time job to help the family budget. They would bring home a paycheck that would be a lot more than Mom can pay them. Joe can work too. The oldest daughter is old enough to babysit. Time for this family to stop dreaming and make thing a reality.

    Last of all if the parents were not so hateful, spiteful and antagonistic they could get help from the many wonderful citizens of their county. But they need to shut up and put up and prove that they are worthy of it and actually going to help those that are willing to help them get out of their rut. People are not going to come and do things on your land that you should be doing if you are not going to get down and dirty and work just as hard as they are working. People of the county are proud hard working people and do not take kindly to lazy leeches.


  16. So what is the real story about the “missing child”? How old was it? Is there proof said child existed? Also what’s the decision of #shitgate?


  17. I sure hope these are just rumors gone wild… And if they aren’t, someone somewhere has proof. Because if not, that makes you no better than them.


  18. From her most recent posts a few minutes ago… Looks like someone’s cracking down on the BLH. All the Rhetoric about THEIR freedoms being violated it makes me chuckle… THEY are the only ones that matter… THEIR freedoms… THEIR happiness… THEIR rights to live as they choose… Even at the expense of the people around them including their own children, who have no rights. Grow up… This behavior is something you grow out of in your teens.


  19. Interesting they need money for possible legal fees.
    I want to know why the county isn’t on them more for having raw human sewage ( yes Nicole, that’s what it is classified as). I have been a foster parent in two states, I can’t for the life of me understand why the kids were returned when there is no septic/sewer/running water. I had a child whose mom wanted to live off the land. Her dwelling had to have all of those, plus heat,shelter from the elements.


  20. I read that CPS was investigating a missing child. NN complained about this in one of her public posts as being the reason for the long delay in returning (physical) custody.


  21. Last year it was posted that a some one close to the family said there was a child that was stillborn and they just buried it some where. The time frame could have been after Joe got out of jail for the non-support thing.

    That would have been in between the 9th and 10th of the children. Could be the reason for the longer time between the two of them.

    With no medical care or birth certificates it would be easy to hide some thing like that. Nicole says lots of things that are spun or have no out right truth to them so her word is blah. Most times she chooses her words carefully but then if you watch she slips up and bits of the truth come out.


  22. Regarding the rumors about a missing baby: It is a rumor. That is all it is. Nothing more. And I am basically allergic to having lots of speculation of stuff like this on this blog.

    I am back.



  23. I wonder if Nicole or Joe ever told one of the kids go over to THANK their next door neighbor for cutting up the big tree that fell on “their” section of the road and blocked their driveway.

    Joe couldn’t be bothered to hoist himself up, grab his $900 chain saw and take care of the mess. Nope. He and his family ended up relying upon a 70 year old man, who was a about a week post-op, do it for him. I wonder if while Joe was watching he took the opportunity to call this man a “baby-killer”. Again.


  24. I sincerely hope that this EPA situation is the straw that breaks the camels back. That CPS bring the kids into care until the parents can prove they can provide for them. If the Naugler parents. If they continue to focus all their energy on FB sympathy and donations, then they deserve to never have the kids back.


  25. I remember in the beginning when this started a year ago the GFM was put out by Joe for attorney’s fees which was quickly changed to the name Pace Ellsworth. I’m not sure why. The only thing I could imagine would be for more sympathy being someone else asking for the family instead of them asking for themselves. Additionally, the reason for needing the money also changed drastically to include a very large van or bus, many electronic-related items for unschooling as well as supplies, building materialsror prefab cabin were also included. I can’t remember all, but know that the funds were not used for the reasons stated, but on legal fees as per the original GFM plea. They did get a garden shed which they placed right off of the road assuring no privacy which they have griped about privacy issues every since. I love OTG living, the size for 13 people, however, is ridiculous. I’m sure using the funds for other reasons than stated is unethical, dishonest, and possibly illegal.


  26. As a resident of the county, there is a natural curiosity about the Naugler family, and what brought them, and all the attention to our county.

    Nicoles own blogs and Facebook pages have included wish lists, requests for donations of money and supplies, hints of items needed or just desired, an offer to sell an organ, and to my understanding multiple GoFundMe campaigns.

    I know some who have donated either monetary or items, it seems the preferred donations are untraceable cash. Donated items are ridiculed and never accepted gracefully.

    If you decide to help this family who literally “do not have a pot to piss in” make sure it’s cash from a smoke free home as these beggars are most definitely choosers.


  27. I can understand what you are saying, Al, in speaking man to man towards Joe. A boy is raised to be a man, with duty and honor. And to gain pride from that.

    Honor providing for your children, your family. It’s a responsibility a good man wears, proudly.

    Since following, I haven’t been able to name Joe in the same context as a man. Joe’s no man.


  28. I’m not wedded to traditional gender roles. A former coworker opted to be a stay at home dad, and it works great for his family. But Joe does diddly for his family. Forget doing something, anything, to provide for his family, even if it’s just picking up the ever-present trash around the place. From what they present about themselves, he’s barely involved with his kids. We see picture after picture of the kids running around the property, but how often is Joe with them?


  29. Simply noting as of September 7, 2014, Nicole was talking about needing building materials for a larger cabin that was to be ready by spring, 2015. You know, the larger cabin that still has not been built. Sure, they got an Amish shed with some of the GoFundMe money. But not even a foundation built for the larger cabin that was to be a family effort? It’s been 9 months since the children were returned.

    It’s actually mortifying that Nicole was suggesting that their property would become a sort of “B & B” for visitors. Which “cabin” were the visitors supposed to stay in, the 3 walled shack? Treated to the communal poop bucket and the guests would be asked to haul their own dung to the shit pile?

    Come stay at the Blessed Little Bed & Breakfast, where you will sleep on a plank, have no towels, no showers, you’ll defecate in a bucket and if you’re lucky, you can make pancakes on the rocket stove and hope you don’t burn yourself or that it will explode. Only $50 a night. Turtle soup is extra.


  30. I have a non important question (that only sorta, maybe fits with getting donations as an income source) and would appreciate your opinion…

    Do you think that the Ns are buying facebook “likes”? (Are you all laughing at me? Lol.) On BLH the number of likes moves slowly from right below xx400ish up to right about xx500ish, then back again, in a pretty regular pattern. It doesn’t seem to occur in big swings all at once as if many people either liked or disliked a topic. It’s curious.

    I just learned about buying likes but don’t know what the advantages would be.

    Just wondering 🙂

    Here’s a sample
    Get slow, steady growth to your Facebook user base with slow Facebook likes. We can deliver likes to your Facebook page at a smooth rate of about 100 likes per day! Let SocialSprint give you long-term social support. The more likes you have, the more likes you’ll get! The likes are guaranteed for 30 days but may slowly decrease over time thereafter.


  31. Bill…. I’m obsessed with watching the”likes”. With 45 thousand plus followers you would think they would have more than 100 likes on their comments. Right? Sally what’s going on with that?


  32. Do you think that the Ns are buying facebook “likes”?

    I’ve wondered about that. Sometimes you can tell by the pattern, as you pointed out. And sometimes, if you can get a list of the “likes” you’ll see that a good many of them are in Bangladesh.

    The advantage would be giving the illusion that lots of other people like the Naugs. I have no idea why that would make Nicole feel good, but she’s a mystery to me anyway.


  33. Sally what’s going on with that?

    Here’s what you need to consider when it comes to “like” pages.

    Way back when the story first broke, they got a whole passel of “likes” on their page. It was just people who wanted to follow the story as it unfolded and clicked “like.” The overwhelming majority of those people are not following the story any more.

    How many pages have you “liked” and never visited again? If you look through your list of “like” pages, how many of those are you actively reading? I bet only a small fraction.

    What this means is that when Nicole posts something on BLH, it does not go to 45,000 FB pages. It probably goes to a few hundred at most. FB purposely limits the outreach because FB wants the page owners to buy circulation, to literally pay to have their posts disseminated. The only way you get notified reliably about a like page’s activity is if you regularly go to the page, you “like” a comment on the page, or you actively comment yourself.

    From what I can see, Nicole is reduced to a few dozen hard-core followers (and some of those are her own socks), and then some casual folks who pop in from time to time.

    Regarding videos. She gets lots of views on her videos. However, that’s almost meaningless as well. When a video scrolls down your FB wall, you know how it auto-plays? You don’t have to click on it or anything. IF it plays for 2 seconds, that is considered a “play” or “view.” Two seconds. If you happen to be reading the post above or below it, and the thing autoplays on your screen for two seconds, even if you aren’t looking or noticing, it’s a “play.”

    And of course, everyone has noticed that if she posts photos of her children (especially the babies), she gets lots of likes because hell, who doesn’t like babies? She could post puppies or kitties and get likes too. When she posts more substantive stuff, she gets crickets. Nicole knows this and so she pimps out her children’s photos for likes. It’s sort of sad.


  34. You asked whether they had ever bought a car in their lives. Let’s refer to the results of the PACER search that was so helpfully posted elsewhere (when Nicole went through a bankruptcy):

    Habbit Motor Co.
    2517 IH 35 South
    San Marcos, TX 78666 (10979211)

    Apparently those who did maintain the vehicle(s) weren’t paid.

    Brake Specialist
    P.O. Box 3501
    Austin, TX 78764 (10979202)

    I simply find this one funny in light of what they’re doing now.

    Central Texas Refuse
    C/O Merchants & Prof Credit Bureau
    11921 N. Mopac Expwy #210
    Austin, TX 78759 (10979206)


  35. You can buy “likes”! Totally missed these posts, but TY, it sure explains more of the grifting tools likely in play here. Bumping in case others missed this too.


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