Here We Go Again

You want to be clear, Nicole. Okay.  That’s good.

First clear statement:

My issue is not with the criticism of my life choices.

Exactly what does that mean?  What exactly are your life choices?  Do you mean things like having a boat load of kids, or living in a garden shed, or shitting in buckets?  Those things?

That’s pretty much what I write about here when I write about you.  Your life choices.  I criticize them.  I’m glad you have no problem with that, since there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.

But let’s move on to the other clear statement.

My issue is the lies, deliberate attacks and defamation to cause my family harm and distress for intimidation purposes.

I want to break that down into separate phrases.  Yes, it takes me more words than you to express myself.  I cannot put complicated thoughts into a small space.

Exactly what lies are you talking about?  Please be specific. You know, I have written about this very issue before and you totally ignored it.  What did I say in that essay that was incorrect?  And no, don’t come back with “we didn’t steal water.”  I know that you claim you didn’t.  I said that, quite clearly.  I also know that other people claim you did.  And I have a right to present what evidence I have, and then give my reasons for why I believe them and I do not believe you.

I already wrote another entire essay on defamation, and you totally ignored that as well.  Where have I defamed you?  Please be specific.

The third thing you put in that clause was “deliberate attacks.”

What in the hell does that mean?  Do I deliberately write this blog?  You betcha I do.  I deliberately sit down at my computer and write.  I write pieces that are sometimes highly critical of your life choices, the ones you make very public and even spend money to boost on Facebook. You want everyone to see and notice your life choices.  I see and notice.

But then you elaborate on those three things.  They are done, you say:

 . . .to cause my family harm and distress for intimidation purposes.

Well, no. You are my target when I criticize your life choices.  Joe is sometimes my target as well.  “Your family” is a phrase you like to toss our there to gain sympathy because you have so many little kids and we’re all just so mean to your poor little children.  Your children are not welcome here.  I’ve made that clear.  The Facebook page where I post links to this blog is set to adults only.

What “harm or distress” am I causing  your family, except that this all pisses you off and when you’re pissed off, they suffer because Mama is in a bitchy mood?  You don’t have to tell them anything about any of this, you know.  I don’t tell them. The only way they know is if you tell them.  So don’t.

And the last bit, “for intimidation purposes.”  What does that mean exactly?

What is it that I want you to do, so I attempt to frighten you into it?  What?  Stop lying about your life choices?  Yeah, that. Stop misrepresenting what you do and who you are?  Yeah, that.  Stop getting people to give you pity money when you have no intention of spending it for the purpose they gave?  Yeah, that.

Beyond that, I’m far more interested in how people perceive you than in what you actually do. You can go on living in a garden shed and eating soup that looks like something from a movie about Auschwitz if you want.  I couldn’t give a shit.

But I will point out the discrepancies and the deception.

It’s amusing, you say.  Intimidation is amusing, Nicole?

It’s fun, you say.

It’s all hilarious.

Joe thinks it’s funny, too.

Where is the fear and intimidation and harassment that distresses you all?  Joe says that you “live, laugh and love.”

If we have “slipped into nothingness,” what are you talking about with the whole harm and distress crap?

Like you and Joe, I think it’s amusing too.  That’s why I’m here.  That’s why I will continue to be here. We can all laugh together.

Ha. Ha. Ha.



14 thoughts on “Here We Go Again”

  1. Now I”M the one who has brought this to light….geez

    pick a troll ANY troll Joe

    Sally I know its confusing…maybe i can help

    When Nicole is outwitted her brain processes this into a direct threat to her family.

    When Nicole opens up facebook it is equivalent to a quasi homesteader lying.

    hope that was helpful.


  2. She has not shown any harassment from anyone that I have seen. People talking about her and criticizing her public photos/posts is all I have seen. She has said and done more harassing and bullying than anyone she has shown her “proof” of. I guess it’s shower day at the shop too. Why would she have her used bottle of shampoo with her?? lol


  3. I just watched The Glass Castle. The scene where the kids (who have long since escaped their negligent nuts parents) are joking about “the bucket” made me think of the Naugs.

    Wonder if the Naug kids will ever escape and have similar black humor memories?


  4. “The Glass Castle”
    I certainly hope that the Naug children are receiving enough education that at least one can write a story about their lives… after they break free from the craziness of their parents.


  5. Sally wrote:

    I want to break that down into separate phrases. Yes, it takes me more words than you to express myself. I cannot put complicated thoughts into a small space.

    I would make note that Niki often needs to come back in posts, or videos and even once in person, to “clarify” what that “small space” between her ears (underneath all that nasty, matted hair) failed to clearly state the first time.


  6. It disgusts me that Nicole uses her kids. She has ZERO sense of protecting them. As evidenced by so many things…by her not seeking any prenatal monitoring (we saw how that ended), by her posting hundreds of photos publicly for the enjoyment of pedophiles, by her screaming at a cop in front of them to shoot her, by her putting all her sick puking kids outside to sleep on the ground while posting photos of this…mocking them for disobeying her. My God, who the hell DOES that? Posting dozens of photos of kids sitting in goat shit, loaded diapers, walking barefoot through dirt packed with scrap metal and broken debris, with filth stuck to their faces, filthy hands shoveling 25 cent meals into their mouths, and flies buzzing all around.

    NO ONE has EVER said anything disparaging about the kids. Not once. They’re children. They’re not any better or worse than any other children.

    But Nicole likes to twist things. She takes concerns about HER SHITTY PARENTING and turns it into attacks on the kids.

    No one blames your kids for reading books much below grade level, Nicole. No one blames your kids for driving dangerous rickety shit on public roads. No one blames your kids for horses getting loose, and being underfed. No one blames your kids for dumping human shit on the ground. No one blames your kids for all the photos of snot and stuck food and perpetual filth. No one blames your kids for ANY of the horrifically stupid shit you and your stoner husband do. WE BLAME YOU. WE CRITICIZE YOUR PARENTING. NOT THEM….YOU.

    Some of us like your kids quite a lot.

    I do. I see potential and drive and creativity in them that breaks my heart utterly….because it’s being lost. Because you’ve crippled them out of so many opportunities to feel good about themselves and develop their natural talents, because past the age of ten YOU DO NOTHING TO HELP YOUR KIDS REALIZE THEIR POTENTIAL. You SABOTAGE those kids from ever feeling part of their community, part of a peer group….you’ve made them paranoid and distrustful of the world around them…you’ve crippled them.

    You’ve destroyed their ability to have friends, go to college, to bring home romantic interests….because every contact with the outside world is black or white with you…”with us or against us” it’s all a war…and your kids are the people who suffer. AND YOU DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THEIR SUFFERING.

    Fuck you Joe and Nicole. If anyone is abusing those kids or causing them anxiety or distress…it’s YOU…YOUR CHOICES…YOUR TWISTED INDOCTRINATION that makes their world unsafe, sad and small .

    That Shitty Parent Karma is going to bite you in the ass SO hard someday. And I can’t wait.


  7. My issue is the lies, deliberate attacks and defamation to cause my family harm and distress for intimidation purposes.

    What isn’t true that’s said?
    What attacks? What defamation? If you are so defamed his is affecting you? Your business and family are thriving… that’s s lie and your own failure.


  8. I am going to be critical of Nicole’s life choice to try to have dreadlocks. Those are not ‘locks, those are mats. Matted hair is not dreadlocks, even if the mats are on purpose. White people hair is (usually) the wrong texture to curl in on itself like it would need to. Her hair is pretty and would look good in nearly any other style, but I guess that would clash with her hygienically-challenged bag lady persona.


  9. *joins in on laughter*

    Wonder how many times they laughed when they called employers to have people fired. Wonder how many times they laughed when they literally threatened people with violence. Wonder how many times they laughed when they posted all kinds of private information of others online with the intent to cause harm. Wonder how many times they laughed when they attacked the children and families who dared hit a like button on something they didn’t want posted…

    Wonder who is really laughing now….


  10. One of my favourite lines of theirs is when they say that even if they go offline, ‘the trolls’ come after them. They know this because once about 2 years ago they went offline for like two days and people who disagree with them didn’t magically vanish into thin air.


  11. Oh my, it must be so frustrating for her to not only read Sally’s posts but also to have to agree with her even if she denies it in public. Here’s how it works in her little bitty mind: Oh my, I am going to post about our humanure composting…look, here’s a composting toilet, I’m going to post that and mention my own system and the world of the internet will love me, and they will think I am so cool and earthy. I’ll post this picture of the stick shit house with the white bucket and call it my composting toilet. Oh, look, I’ll talk about composting it because composting is simply piling it all up and letting it go back to the earth…kumbyya mother fuckers. I got this. Why are some of these trolls making horrible comments about my process. It’s my process. I may not be perfect but it’s shit and it’s bio…what’s that fucking word. Let me see if Sally has seen what I posted. Shit, what is she saying about me. No, okay, maybe she’s right but I can still do it my way. I’m going to go post about how ugly they all are and how they are trolling and stalking me and people will be so mad at them. Yeah! NicNaug, we are onto you. You are what you are…half-assed. That’s why you live in a garden shed and wash dogs’ assess all day long. Look at your life…that’s as good as it will ever get for you.


  12. Nicole Naugler has always had “trolls” and she will always have “trolls.” She creates “trolls” with her poison little posts and harassments. She goes looking for them. She posts intentionally to be trolled. How else can she claim Blessed little bitter mama of Victimhood without trolls? She lives for her online “trolls.” If she didn’t have “trolls” to distract her she’d be stuck examining her life and choices, imho.


  13. I hate how she uses the word “attack”! It’s ridiculous.
    She makes it sound like armed thugs are trying to beat her up, when all she’s referring to is unfavorable Facebook opinions!
    So dramatic and silly, my gawd.


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