Here Comes the Bride


They are already doing better than some.

Yeah, they are doing great. Still both teenagers, and one still a minor, with jobs flipping burgers for minimum wage, and they’ve “bought” a rent-to-own shed to live in without basic plumbing or heat or a kitchen or anything.  Neither one owns a car.  She’s pregnant and they are not married. They’ve known each other for a matter of weeks. She had another boyfriend as recently as late August.

Doing great.

The truth is that they face a seriously steep uphill battle.  I hope they do fine. I doubt they will.

In today’s society, 46 percent of teen marriages will end in divorce before reaching their 10th year.

But this was written by a woman who is married, yes, with an “intact” family.  Wow, she’s great, ain’t she?  She has a husband.

Here they are, the happy couple.

with Joe on phone

And that is the “kitchen” the children built because that lazy good-for-nothing piece of shit standing there in his filthy clothes looking at his phone does almost nothing else except eat, fuck, and sleep.

But Nicole is all proud.

She didn’t even marry him until after she’d had several children.  Six, I think?  Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.  And he, of course, had one by another woman while estranged from Nicole for a while. So doesn’t that mean that Joe has children by two different mothers?  Why is that different from having children by two different fathers?  Why does Nicole even bring that up, except to imply that having children by different fathers means that the neighbor is a whore?  That is, of course, what she is wanting us to understand.

And she works at a gas station.

She works.

Unlike Joe, who does not work, and cannot keep a job even if he had one.  Unlike Nicole who works washing dog butts and “owns her own business,” but only because Pace Ellsworth loaned her the money for reasons only he understands (she could not possibly get a loan for anything at a bank – she and Joe can’t even get the electricity turned on).

Please tell me what is wrong with working at a gas station.

And please explain to me why it is different that the neighbor is living with her parents, while the kid and girlfriend are also living on his parents’ property, albeit in a different shed.

Yet, with this history, Nicole has the gall to criticize the neighbor, to act like somehow her 17-year-old, who knocked up the very first girl he could find once he got some limited freedom from the Blessed Little Shithole, is doing “better than some.”

But here is the real question.

What is all this about marriage?  To get married, you go down to the courthouse (gasp!) and get a license (double gasp!)

You get a license. You get permission from the state.

The state.

Why is that a virtuous thing to do, Nicole?  Why is it a pejorative if the neighbor is not currently married?  Why are you such a hypocrite?




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  1. And what’s wrong with the kids having jobs flipping burgers. It’s a job. When I worked at Burger King on Knox I was making almost $10 an hour. It’s a job, but yet some people on here have a big issue with that.


  2. It’s funny that she criticizes the multi-generational household next door while crowing about doing the exact same thing. Without a reliable water supply, heat, food, clean clothes, a kitchen where the vermin (including the coyotes) are built out of it.

    Nicole wasn’t complaining about the next-door neighbor when he came over, after surgery and clearly a pensioner, to cut up the tree that had her trapped in her driveway and unable to go to work.

    Good luck to the young couple. They’re going to need it.


  3. She is physically and mentally unable to keep her mouth shut.
    She also was very ‘busy’ at the shop today, posting anti cop anti government, anti everything on her NCN page. Then to come home and sit on the porch, to continue with her negativity, now against her neighbors – one who has done nothing to her? Wonder if ‘working at a gas station’, would she be able to do that? Only if she had her family slave crew there to help her.
    I know my children would not want me to continually rile people up, using their names, or status in life, or dissing neighbors on Facebook. Does she think about that? Apparently not, because, of course, it’s all about maw.


  4. Rent to own shed? So did the bride to be sign on the dotted line herself or did J or N cosign? The father to be is not 18 yet so he couldn’t sign. And no car? Not such a good deal for the bride to be. She has to stay there unless someone gives her a ride. That’s a little scary.


  5. And what’s wrong with the kids having jobs flipping burgers.

    Nothing is wrong with it. But her supporters have said from time to time that her children are so wonderful and know so much that they will “never” have a job flipping burgers (their exact words). I am making fun of the supporters, not the job.

    UPDATE: By the way, I am glad you asked that question. I probably should put a screen shot of a supporter and the “never flip burgers” comment up there to clarify. Sometimes I forget that everyone doesn’t know everything I do. 🙂


  6. In regards to flipping burgers, there’s nothing wrong with it for a kid living at home or a student. But that kind of job, with low pay, little upward mobility and most likely no benefits is not a good choice for a parent or parent to be. Kids are expensive and shouldn’t be raised in a shed.


  7. I’m really pissed off about this post, Sally. Normally, I’m a true fan of your writing but you’ve made an error here that I have to point out. You said Joe eats, fucks and sleeps. C’mon now. You know he also likely spends a good amount of time shitting. Probably takes up most of his day.


  8. Sally, ole’ girl, I don’t know why I didn’t know you 25 years ago but I sure wish I had. I don’t always comment on your blog posts because you’re so good at what you do, I couldn’t add one single thing to the conversation after you broke it down.

    Sometimes, though, like now, I just want to tell you that. You broke it down like a Mo-Fo and I thank you!


  9. My heart aches over this situation. Nicole and Joe’s non-parenting resulted in an ignorant teenager using his first taste of freedom to immediately start fucking any willing person with a vagina. My phrasing of that is nowhere near as crass as Nicole insisting that two near-strangers, two TEENAGERS, procreating and living in squalor, is wonderful and good while slamming the neighbors.

    They like to say this pregnancy was planned, but what does it say about even two older, self-sufficient, stable adults who have secure, warm homes if they meet and immediately decide to have kids together? Now what does it say when those two people are basically children in many ways? Playing house is fun when you’re a kid, but when you’re an adult, there are responsibilities, and they don’t understand that.

    I think the truth is that those two teens were horny, had a quickie, and oops, positive pee test. And now they’re planning a family in the sense that they’re just going about business as usual. I don’t think J and F met and consciously decided to start trying to have a baby right that very second. If they did, then there are deeper problems in both families than we though. F’s quick willingness to leave her family’s home and live in poverty indicates some problems somewhere. Maybe her family life sucks, or maybe she’s rebelling, or maybe her friends are getting knocked up and she wants attention too.

    There’s no way to make this seem normal. In a healthy, happy family, a normal, healthy, happy teenager wouldn’t be so keep to have one boyfriend, break up, meet a new boy, get knocked up, leave the family home to go live in a literal pigsty, and get married, within a few months of time. Something’s broken in here, and a teenaged girl and baby are being caught up in it.


  10. @Not A True Local, flipping burgers is a fine start in the work force. It’s entry-level and something almost anyone can do, and it’s honest work. The problem is the income isn’t enough to raise a family on, and without a full basic education, J’s ability to move up is pretty dead. I get the sinking feeing F will try to get pregnant again soon after having his baby. If she, the person with a high school diploma, is out of the work force raising kids and constantly getting knocked up, then it’s going to fall to the horribly uneducated burger-flipper to support his wife and kids while also helping support his siblings. It’s not enough. And so it’s appropriate to bring up that they’re planning on raising a family on burger-flipper pay. It further shows how much those kids don’t understand.


  11. “does almost nothing else except eat, fuck, and sleep.”

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL my ribs hurt from laughing so hard!!!!! Sally you can spit the truth like none other!!!


  12. Flipping burgers, working in a gas station both honest jobs for honest pay. Illegitimate children, so what, who cares. Better no father in the picture than an intoxicated abusive layabout who messes up any possibility of doing better for the family with his insanity and anger management problems. Spends money that could feed and house them on beer, weed, guns and ammo. Just call him the albatross around their necks.


  13. Flip burgers , I don’t care…are you happy?? But it won’t buy diapers or formula. Both people need to work, both need to flip burgers or you end getting food from dented rusty cans, pancake poisoning cause you didn’t take home ec.

    Taking bets on if said bride will be forced to work in a business.


  14. Sally, ole’ girl, I don’t know why I didn’t know you 25 years ago but I sure wish I had

    You wouldn’t have recognized me. I was still religious then. I was starting to figure out the scam, but I hadn’t gotten it all yet.


  15. Daaayumm. N just got her ass handed to her.

    I imagine for J it goes a little something like this:
    Weed, eat, sleep, weed, eat, Fuck, weed, sleep.
    And repeat.


  16. Someone else handed Nicole her ass on one of the comments she made today, pertaining to CPS. It was someone who actually seems to know about one of the CPS cases Nicole sited, in one her shares with comment. It was pretty good. I can’t believe it’s still up, hours later.

    Oh and “does almost nothing else except eat, fuck, and sleep.”… forgot burns up the internet. 🙂 Have to give credit where it’s due.


  17. Hourly wage at McDonald’s (according to google search…source is CNN) in the United States is $9.01. That is above minimum wage.

    Like I said I worked at Burger King on Ft Knox while we lived on post, and for about another 3 months after we moved to Breckinridge County. While living on post, and having help from a friend, was working 2pm to 11 pm. My paycheck every two weeks would have covered our mortgage payment. I was making almost $10 an hour. Considering this young couples situation, yes they can raise a family on just flipping burgers, but would be screwed on medical insurance. I don’t know if McDonald’s offers it, and we at least know the boy wouldn’t take it. But with Obamacare, he’d have to get some kind of insurance, otherwise he would pay a penalty for not having insurance (please correct me if I’m wrong, insurance wasn’t a concern for us because my husband was medically retired from the Army, so we were able to keep our insurance through them). So if he doesn’t have insurance, he would have to pay a fine when he file’s his tax return.


  18. Sally,

    He does a few imaginary things as well. Jabba is a self-proclaimed prophet, recruiter for some weird militia response something or other (unless he lost that job, volunteered for appointment, whatever). Oh yes, he also makes a point to greet passers by and rant about something incoherent until he is shut up with a little booze. But yeah, his only real products are feces and desperate progeny.


  19. My working teenage kids both work entry level jobs. Both still live at home and one is in college also. There is no way in hell either could make enough money to support a family and one works for more than minimum wage and works full time. Babies are expensive. There is no shame in working entry level jobs. It’s a great way to learn responsibility. It teaches you to deal with bosses, customers, other employees and helps to learn to manage money. That is the purpose of entry level jobs. You move on and move up from there as you age. I worked several entry level jobs as a teen and a young adult. It’s a stage of life and there is no shame in that. And I have friends that work entry level jobs, they work those jobs to get out of the house or to bring in a little extra spending money. Many work those jobs around the holidays to pay for the extra expenses holidays bring. There is no shame in that.

    But two teenagers, working part time entry level minimum wage jobs and living in a rent to own shed with no access to water and sharing a port-a-potty with 11 other people isn’t really what I call successful. If F was my daughter I’d be crying my eyes out right now.

    Once again just as a reminder, the Ns aren’t homesteaders, they are one step up from homelessness. They don’t live this life because they want the experience. They can’t get electric or gas because their credit is screwed. That’s the same reason why they can’t rent a real home. They’ve burned all their bridges because they are financially irresponsible and a huge component of that is breeding recklessly. Apparently they didn’t take anytime being introspective about their errors in life because within weeks of freedom their 17 year old minor child knocked up some girl he meant. And they are acting like it’s the best thing ever. And I guess for them it is, now their child will be stuck in abject poverty like them. What a waste.


  20. i had really hoped for better for the oldest nauglet, when he got a job i said goodie he will get time around other people his age make some spending money and he will like that a lot. when he got a girlfriend i thought goodie, he can date and enjoy more time with a special person and go do fun things like maybe movies. you know.. teen stuff
    but now this boy will never have that, he has gone straight to parent, do not pass go do not collect 200 diapers. those kids are not “doing better then some” those kids are already failing, just like you and joe are failing.


  21. Counter service jobs are twice as stressful as the kind of thing that lets a person sneak online in their office cubicle, and pay about a third as much. Here’s hoping the two of them can get something better–soon.

    To the happy couple: Please, for the love of your kid, look into every part of the safety net for which you might conceivably qualify–subsidized day care, heating assistance, food aid, state health insurance for the little ‘un, all of it. Sign up this year. If certain parties who act like Pa Naugler in nicer suits have their way, the federally funded programs are going to be gone next year or soon after, but if you sign up now you may be grandfathered in. Pay your taxes so that if we can save the programs, there will be money to help out some other young couple in need down the line.

    If you can save up even five bucks a week, look for a savings account that won’t gouge you in fees and put it by. A credit union would be your best bet, if you qualify. Don’t cosign anything with anybody not your spouse, don’t let anybody look at your statements except your spouse or a loan officer or other helper, and don’t lend even a cent to anybody, no matter who.

    And get out of that shed and off that land ASAP, even if you have to softly and silently vanish away.


  22. Well I have to say this was spot on! Coming from a mom of five kids, 3 adults, college educated, high paying jobs, I’m thankful that while mine graduated college and can hold said “good job” they realize they cannot care for a baby. They retained and took most of the advice I gave out as children, this one in particular!
    I truly feel sorry for both J and F. As far as working at a gas station? It’s honest work, and living with her parents? At least her children can have a relationship with the grand parents unlike Nicole’s….
    Nice les so jealous of the neighbor is sad. She hates her ice, she knows it, we all know it! So she has divert her negativity to others to make herself feel better!
    If her leg humper’s don’t see her sadistic personality now they are too a lost hope! All her posts are hateful and nasty. I hope Joe someday goes far away….. and Nicole finally eats crow! Those poor kids deserve better than squalor! Squalor is NOT ACCEPTABLE even if you call it “homesteading”! It’s still a form of homelessness and that’s just bad parenting right there folks!


  23. My all time favorite picture. Doxing and Harassing with style.
    Why do they have a shower caddy?
    I have one, but its in my shower.

    I love “homestead shots” its like those I spy books
    I spy a plank
    I spy something that is going to fall
    I spy rust
    I spy a rain catchment system…oops nope never mind
    I spy ….well you get the idea


  24. Come on Joe does more than eat, sleep and fuck. He get high. He loses his temper. He gets arrested. He bloviates a lot. He criminally trespasses and menaces women. He is quite the catch if you’re desperate enough. You can even buy one of your own. All it takes is a job, the occasional Hardee’s date, low self esteem, willingness and absolutely nothing else. Be forewarned there is a no refund no return policy.


  25. Thought this might be of interest:

    It says McD’s is going to raise their average wage for restaurant workers to $10 by the end of this year.

    Let’s say J works 40 hours a week, and F works 20 (after the baby comes)… That’s about $2600 a month before taxes. That would be around $2000 after taxes. Surely 25% of that could go to a decent apartment, or possibly a rent-to-own home (with modern amenities like running water and electric).

    $500 housing
    $300 car payment & insurance
    $300 utilities
    $400 food

    I know it’s rough, but doable, and nothing really left over. And if something breaks, or someone gets sick, well there’s virtually no wiggle room. But it would be something to work toward.
    I just hope those kids dream bigger for themselves than living in a storage shed, crapping in a porta-potty, and relying on the adult Naugs for transportation.


  26. The young attractive neighbor lady who has a great family, beautiful home with all the amenities including a swimming pool and acreage, nice cars, friends throughout the country and 2 lovely children who are loved and cared for daily by doting grandparents, irks Nicole to distraction. She can’t stop thinking and talking about them. These same neighbors are sitting on their porches thinking about how their kids can sleep every night in nice warm clean beds and never worry about not having food, education, shelter or a bright future for their children and best of all never having to live like a Naugler and are free to do anything they please without CPS dictating how or where they live.

    Nicole is the very epitome of the nasty high school girl she so often cites as the cause of her teenaged crisis years. Childish, jealous, and fearful, she vainly attempts to tear others down in order to make herself feel better.

    I bet she is also thinking about how nice it would be if she didn’t have CPS controlling her and they could escape what she fears is coming.
    Her stress is showing.


  27. From her page:
    Nicole C. Naugler Lee, we’ve paid quite a bit of child support. And we didn’t get one dime nor did we ask for it when we had custody

    Why would they ask for a dime if they had custody? Whom would they be getting that money from? The child’s mother? So she claims Joe paid child support (and I do not believe that)…so is that where your parenting ends? He basically abandoned a child as a teen father. But I guess that’s okay….They are on to a new round of teen parenting!


  28. Not a Local and Michele, the problem with looking just at the hourly average is it doesn’t separate out the burger-flippers from managers. Everyone hourly is lumped in, which skews the view of what a burger-flipper makes. Let me assure you, McDonald’s unabashedly pays minimum wage to burger-flippers. No company that voluntarily pays entry-level employees over minimum wage would tell them to break their food into pieces so they’ll eat less, or to sell their Christmas presents for money, or to get a second job. Great that they’ll be raising the overall minimum, but how much of that will come from lifting those at the bottom versus more raises at the higher levels?

    If you have 3 workers getting $9 an hour and a manager getting $16 an hour, the average is $10.75. Raise that manager’s wage to $18 an hour, and the average is $11.25, but the workers at the bottom didn’t benefit.

    Not a Local, you got lucky finding a place to pay $10/hr for flipping burgers is not common at all, and it’s very irresponsible to advocate their current path of raising a bunch of kids on burger-flipping. It’ll be years before they have enough kids of their own old enough to raise the continuing brood, which means that F will end up quitting work at some point. They’re fucked.

    Michele, F shouldn’t be working right after having a baby. That leaves J, and presuming he actually works full time, at $10 an hour, that’s $1720, minus .25, that’s $1290. But do we even know if he’s working full time? Your budget leaves our baby expenses, like diapers or the buy-price of cloth, and clothes, and all the other things babies need. And is it really so easy to rent there with no credit?

    I hope F goes back to her family’s home and uses resources available to her to rise above this, and if J wants to go along, even better.


  29. I adore you for handing N’s ass on a platter! You’re comment about Joe cracked me up! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


  30. Michele, also that article says, “One catch is that the new wages will not apply to fast-food workers employed by McDonald’s franchisees, which account for nearly 90% of the company’s U.S. restaurant employees.” I know some franchises pay better, but the company overall is known for its super shitty pay, especially at the bottom. 🙁

    I support mandating living wages that will support a family of 4 in any given area. Yes, I limit that to 4 because it’s not fair to expect any employer to keep having to raise a person’s wages because they choose to have almost a dozen kids.


  31. Placing bets on how long after he turns 18 the eldest son’s credit is shot signing loans for the benefit of his parents.


  32. The BO sits pretty high on those shit buckets, doesn’t she? I know the air is thin up there on her high horse (or shit bucket as the case may be), but she should remember that she had half a dozen children by JoJo before they tied the knot. Oh and there was the small matter of him screwing other women, one of whom produced a child, during those blessed early years. She would never mention this to her leg humpers though, because, well, she never tells the truth. Ever.
    It is so very sad that she thinks her 17-year-old son, who apparently missed the unschooling birth control lesson, is even remotely ready to become a father. It’s not the boy’s fault. The blame rests entirely on hers and JoJo’s dreadful parenting. The dad-to-be has no real education to speak of and flipping burgers, while a decent entry level job for a teen entering the workforce, will not take care of a family. Babies are expensive. The BO should already knows that because she has grifted a ton of money from people to take care of the children she keeps popping out. If only she would learn to close her legs.
    Apparently her future daughter-in-law broke up with her previous boyfriend just three months ago. This poor, immature child has no idea what kind of hellish life she has just embarked on. Thank the gods that CPS is still involved!!
    Her comment about intact families is a riot. An intact family was once and is now moving towards, having grandparents involved. She has robbed her children. Hopefully her oldest son will do the same to her. Here is an excellent article:


  33. Flipping burgers is a perfectly acceptable job. If you can prove your value in other aspects, you can earn raises and perhaps move up the salary scale. But it isn’t easy.

    Not A Local – has your employer discussed the training that McDonald’s can provide? Is it worth pursuing?

    No, at least one supporter stated that the N kids would be the owners (of a food-service franchise). This is highly unlikely to occur. You need hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase a franchise and they require you to have a huge sum of money in the bank on top of it.

    “Most McDonald’s owner/operators have entered the corporation by purchasing an existing restaurant. To open a McDonald’s franchise, however, requires a total investment of $1-$2.2 million, with liquid capital available of $750,000. The franchise fee is $45,000.”

    I hope you get a raise. Reading the 3rd quarter report may give you hope in pursuing one. They will bring up the softening market share BUT pay attention to how the shareholders are going to receive a larger dividend. Sounds to me as though the workers deserve a pay increase. Benefits can be taken away. It’s much harder to take back an increase in pay.

    “Returned $3.4 billion to shareholders through share repurchases and dividends. This brings the cumulative return to shareholders to $27.8 billion against our targeted return of about $30 billion for the three-year period ending 2016. In addition, the Company announced a 6% increase in its dividend beginning in the fourth quarter.”

    I think the next-oldest boy will do well if he ever escapes. Particularly if his employers insist that he get a GED and/or are so impressed with his capabilities that they pay for him to attend a good program in return for his working it off over a period of time.

    I also hope that he’s building a decent fence for his sister’s horse. You can also buy pipe gates and link them together to make an enclosure. Don’t use panel gates! Far too likely to injure the horse if they get their foot through it and then pull it back.


  34. “Let’s say J works 40 hours a week, and F works 20 (after the baby comes)… That’s about $2600 a month before taxes. That would be around $2000 after taxes. Surely 25% of that could go to a decent apartment, or possibly a rent-to-own home (with modern amenities like running water and electric).”

    That’s presuming the manager will schedule you for that many hours. Remember that your employment contract doesn’t specify the number of hours or when you will be working. So it’s pretty easy to screw with someone by shorting them. Or if there are two employees who live together, you can do split shifts so either they need two cars so they can be there on time, or someone (else) to do twice as much driving. Is Uber even an option for them? Presuming they could afford it?

    Seriously though, it would make more sense for them to live much closer to their jobs than to live so far away. Particularly as they don’t have a vehicle that is their own. F may soon realize that the insurance rates for an UNMARRIED male under 25 is pretty high even if a car lands in her lap. Yet another reason for Joe and Nicole to hurry up and give him permission to get wed. Yeah, I know, I’m kidding. I doubt CPS will give him permission. Hence the December wedding planning.


    Nicole C. Naugler That’s the updated version but still allows for CPS cases.

    Last May, GFM was contacted and we were told we could use GFM for CPS but not criminal charges. To avoid confusion and reduce criticism the pay pal and other donations were used for legal and the GFM was updated. However, nothing we did violated GFM rules and we were able to keep all of our funds. Not one refund was requested, at least we were never notified. We have the list of every person who donated and the amount.

    Lots of rumors spinning but I’m the only one with all the facts.

    Does anyone else remember that woman who requested her money back but never got it beacause nicole said she had no record of it?


  36. Why would they ask for a dime if they had custody?

    Because typically the non-custodial parent pays child support.

    Whom would they be getting that money from? The child’s mother?



  37. And just who does Nasty Naugler think she is? When did she even become somebody that should judge anybody? Has she looked in the mirror lately? Or better yet, has she looked at that bucket of lard that she’s married to? So what if the neighbor works at a gas station, at least she’s taking care of her kids..unlike lard ass Naugler. Who cares if she has 2 different dad’s for her kids…better than having 11 by the same lazy greaseball that does nothing but take up oxygen. Nastys kid is doing better than some? How? Because he wants to live at the same shithole as his shit head parents? Nasty and Lard ass probably didn’t give him any other option. And the neighbor lives in her parents house..well, at least she has a normal place for her children to lay their heads instead of mattresses on a hard ground..not to mention the mattresses aren’t even fit for dogs to lay on, much less humans. Does Nasty Naugler really want to start pointing fingers? Bet the neighbor girl hasn’t had her children taken, and I bet cps isn’t on her ass either. I almost bet that neighbor girl feeds her kids well, unlike nasty and Lard ass who has to dig in the scrap and bent can bins just to have dinner. Mrs Naugler just needs to stop at the finger pointing or someone is gonna end up ripping her a new dirty the neighbor girl and children doesn’t smell like the bottom of a dumpster either.


  38. I think it’s been mentioned but the likelihood of a fast food working getting 40 hours a week is slim. My 17 year old has been working 32 hours a week for the past week to help his business out. The owner asked because they are super short staffed. Typically he works 25 hours maximum a week and it’s usually closer to 20 hours. Companies prefer to have a bunch of workers working limited hours. That is how owners keep their overhead lower. Yes it sucks but these types of businesses have extremely high turnover rates. It’s far easier to just ask a couple employees to pick up the slack when a bunch of people leave at the same time without notice. This is what happened at his work last week. They are hiring new employees but that takes some time.

    So all this talk of both of them working full time as fast food workers is not very realistic. Sure they could each work multiple jobs but they have the issue of lack of transportation. We live in the city with access to mass transit and everything is fairly walkable. I don’t know much about the area they live in in Kentucky but methinks it’s not super easy to walk from the Shitstead into town.


  39. I would love to be a fly on the wall when the inlaws meet the N’s. Hopefully, N and J will offer to host her parents for dinner at the Shitstead. Can you imagine? If this was a movie it would be hilarious! But it isn’t. Once the baby comes and day-to-day life is rolling along..I believe that young woman will be out of the Shitstead in a heartbeat. The fantasy of “living in a cabin in the woods” will have given in to the reality of living with no toilet, no running water, and insane inlaws. And she may just realize she doesn’t love J. It was just a fling that produced a child.

    Nicole will see this woman as a threat to all of their secrets, using the baby as a pawn. If she leaves, taking infant with her, Nicole and Joe would threaten to get custody unless she keeps her mouth shut about anything she learned about them either from J or just by living with the family. I hope she relies on her parents through this pregnancy and they have “open arms” so she knows that at any time she can go home.


  40. A few questions that maybe Sally or someone else can answer.

    Since CPS still has an open case and J was a part of this, would CPS now become involved because J has a child on the way? (hope this makes sense)

    If this couple has the child in a hospital, and because J is underage, would a social worker be called in to make sure when they leave hospital with baby, they have a “safe” place to go home to? (A friends teenage daughter gave birth and a social worker was involved from hospital stay until child was one year)


  41. It would be great to see him get in with Walmart. They will help him get his GED, and if he wants to go to college, they will help with that as well.


  42. Will CPS stop over sight on the oldest once he reaches 18? Hence would you suppose the married expectant couple will not have any oversight considering they would be considered adults. TY


  43. No idea how far along this girl is, but I do hope she is seeing a doctor, and hope she just doesnt drop the kid in a rent to own garden shed in the middle of winter with barely enough light or heat. Seems every video I have seen looks like it was taken by candle light. How do you live like that, all those people jammed in together. One spark and it all goes up and then its called a tragedy when in fact it just short of abuse. I guess why do I even care ?


  44. Thank the GODS that facebook only requires a person to type cause Nicky seems to have her FOOT in her MOUTH ALL THE TIME! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Mind you I laugh at Profat JoeJoe and Pissy Nicky but NOT them POOR KIDS that have to suffer cause Facebook is more Important then REAL LIFE Matters. GoFigure. Sally! BRAVO! I agree served Nicky’s Ass on a silver platter HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  45. At least one person requested a GFM refund. N offered the tiller in lieu of cash. I think the donater was expected to retrieve it.


  46. Back in the 70’s, my mom worked at the Burger King near our house while my dad was building his businesses. First one failed, the second one lasted over 30 years. She eventually worked her way up to management. Even then, her job was just to keep us from depleting our saving too quickly, not to solely support us. As soon as my dad’s business was stable, she quit. The franchise owner did ask her back in the 90’s, but by then that was just fun money.

    Fast food jobs are great for many things, but it’s incredibly difficult to support a family. Even with my mom working full-time, we still burned through a good chunk of the family savings before my dad finally turned a profit.


  47. I am positive that Joe and Nicole are charging eldest son (and his fiance) rent. I am assuming the young couple are responsible for the monthly payments for the new shed. Without a vehicle of their own, I am not sure how they get to/from work, but somehow they do. As others have pointed out, it’s not usual for fast food workers to get 40 hours per week. Many benefits kick in when an employee works full time. So I doubt either one works full-time. Once the baby is born, the young lady won’t be able to work without arranging for child care. Does she plan to breastfeed? How long does she hope to stay home with the baby? I had my child in my 30’s, had a job that paid well, and I struggled mightily. These two kids are going to have a very difficult time.
    To Nicole, being married to a lazy man who drinks, is verbally abusive, with a roving eye, is not better than being happily single, self-supporting, and providing your children with a real home, running water, indoor plumbing, good food, and a decent education. Face it, you made a poor choice in men.


  48. To answer someone’s comment above, if the couple were to split up and a custody arrangement needed to be made, the fact that dad lives in a shed with no power and water on the same property as his parents who have a CPS history will pretty much ensure that dad will have to do supervised custody until living conditions are adequate. Civil custody cases are much, much different than CPS custody cases.

    I sincerely hope these new parents take advantage of every resource available to them to help them give their baby the best start in life, no matter how statist it is. I am really really scared for these kids, and the baby to come.


  49. I don’t live in Kentucky, but I managed a fast food restaurant for multiple years. When the new laws requiring health care be provided, we were admonished to hire plenty of help and not to have ANY employees go into full time. Hopefully this is not the case for eldest boy. It is extremely difficult for anyone to support even themselves on part time wages. Wishing them luck.


  50. @ Former Caseworker, you are absolutely right, civil custody cases are very different from CPS custody cases. In my state, courts are required to base their decisions in custody and visitation matters on the best interests of the minor child, regardless of what either parent wants. It is highly unlikely that a court would find it in a minor child’s best interest to reside in an uninsulated garden shed without indoor plumbing, electricity, or running water. And when you add in “unschooling” and all of the other horrors of life on the ‘stead. . . yeah, not going to happen. I truly hope that the parents-to-be succeed and have a long and happy life together, but 20+ years of handling cases like this tells me otherwise.


  51. Looks like she removed the post about reflecting on what a great start J and F are going to have.

    Hopefully F is on her parents insurance. You know…one of those evils things created by “the man” that Nicole and Joe don’t believe in. Because why take your kid to the ER when you can sew up that gash in their head with fishing line.

    “How Long Can I Keep My Child On My Health Insurance Plan?
    If a plan covers children, they can be added to or kept on a parent’s health insurance policy until they turn 26 years old. Children can join or remain on a parent’s plan even if they are:

    Not living with their parents
    Attending school
    Not financially dependent on their parents
    Eligible to enroll in their employer’s plan
    These rules apply to both job-based plans and individual plans bought inside or outside the Marketplace.”


  52. I guess I really put my foot in it re: working full-time at McD’s.

    Admittedly, I haven’t worked at a minimum wage job since the 1970’s, and never worked fast-food. I worked at a Dept. Store, then a bank. I recall the Dept. Store did have 35 hour-a-week employees whose hours seemed to be guaranteed. 35 hours, just under the 40 hour mark, so no benefits. You all have enlightened me to the hourly issue at McD’s, and I thank you. 🙂

    Kaylee, I was purposely vague since I don’t know a lot of details regarding hours worked, J & F’s wages, the cost of living in KY. That’s why I used terms like “about” “around” and “rough”. My budget was based on guessing. I support myself, by myself, in another state, own my home & car, and was estimating possible expenses from my world-view. In retrospect, it was a dumb post and I should’ve thought it through more before contributing.
    Lastly, my final paragraph stated “something to work toward” along with some other disclaimers realizing the chances are slim to none that my scenario would even work out.

    What about diapers? My pretend-budget didn’t add up to my pretend-take-home, by $500. 🙂


  53. Yes the ACA has issues but one thing I absolute love is being able to keep my adult children covered. Since my oldest child has been away at school he’s had a couple hospital visits and they’ve been fully covered by insurance. It’s one less thing to worry about as a mother. But I also know that I as an untrained person cannot handle my children’s medical needs all on my own. I don’t see doctors as evil, Nicole does. Hopefully F has more faith in the medical establishment.


  54. OT: I was watching, This Old House, and they talked a bit about a program they support called “Passing on the Trades”. It is a 501 (c) non-profit program across the country for at risk kids, vets and others, to earn as they learn construction trades while also providing a living space in some places.
    It would be great if son #2 could find his way to this program. Even if not in close proximity, it might be an opportunity worth leaving the ‘stead for. Others have mentioned Job Corp too.
    Point being, there are opportunities other than McD’s but I just don’t know how mature or ambitious these young adults are, nor how inclined towards leaving the Sstead.
    They absolutely can make it just like so many others have, despite the odds, through honest hard work and applying themselves.
    Time will tell rather quickly whether this was an irresponsible rebellious act or a true commitment to creating something other than another generation of dire poverty and neglect.


  55. Speaking of resources, I finally got a kerfuffle with my LJ ironed out. As time permits, I plan to post a series about homeschooling on a tight budget with a poky old computer and a lousy data plan. I’m tentatively calling it “Mother Necessity’s Homeschooling Kit.” My article drafts went pffft with my old computer, so it’ll be slow going.


  56. I can blow out of the water the belief that McD’s is paying around $10 an hour, and even their bullshit claim that the average salary is over $9 an hour.

    Not a single position that isn’t a manager or supervisor averages over $9. But average them all together, and you get over $9. Getting manager positions isn’t fast there.

    @M Rigatoni, I thought about that. If F nurses, she’ll need the baby with her at all times since there’s no reliable refrigeration for pumped milk, and if she uses formula, that takes a lot of money and clean water.


  57. There’s a lot of people posting about options for Son #2, and I’m sitting here just hoping that CPS got the kids birth certificates and social security numbers. Everything from college to trade programs to job corps to legal employment to renting to driver licenses are off the table without those things. 🙁


  58. The more I think about the shitstead family, the sadder and more depressed I become. Just when the son, J, had a chance to get away from said shitstead, he made an immature choice, and now ends up back at said shitstead, with more responsibilities. Well, seeing that he’s a member of the shitstead cult, I hope he takes responsibilities. His mother and father blame everyone else for their ridiculous and dangerous choices, and have apparently raised their children the same way.
    I hope the mother to be does not end up being blamed for everything, now, although she has had a sad part in this fiasco of a family. I seriously believe she had no clue what she was getting into, apparently because an ex boyfriend didn’t agree with her wants, she chose J, and ohmygawd.
    It’s now a vicious circle, a sad depressing vicious circle.


  59. VaSportsMom (who also hate posts about Kate Gosselin – hiiii VaMom!)

    Anyway, VaSportsMom said this on FJ: She has became more vile than those seeks to vilify.  <– She meaning Sally

    WTF? Sally does NOT shit in a bucket, educated her son, lives in a HOUSE with electricity and plumbing, does NOT lie, does NOT live in filth and abject poverty due to laziness, and has a BRAIN in her head.

    Yeah, Sally is more vile than Nicole. Again, wtf?? Nicole is neglecting, verbally and mentally abusing her children but SALLY is the bad one here?

    L.O.L. Give your head a shake, FJ hypocrites.


  60. What are the chances “Stunned” is Nicole…this is on her MyBlessed blog

    Stunned November 13, 2016 | Reply
    After reading all of these pages…I think this has gone way beyond basic snark pages. For some reason these bloggers and neighbors have a deeply vested interest in seeing the Naugler family suffer and be humiliated.
    It’s done under guise of “caring for the kids” or “spreading truth” but that’s not it at all. . This is hate and has Gone too far.

    I am sad to see people advising Nicole to IGNORE it while claiming she likes drama when all she wants is someone to acknowledge her pain and fear. I think she is just flabbergasted that no one is appalled this is happening to her family. I think she just needs to hear this is not ok. It’s flat out bullying. The posts are beyond normal commentary. It’s page after page of people ripping apart the family.
    And Why? Is indoor plumbing so important that they must be punished for not providing it? Is it humorous to make fun of where someone poops? Does the fact the Nauglers received some donations make others feel envy? Do they feel they have a say over how it was spent?

    So they have bad credit? So they pissed a few people off? So they had a few incidents? So they believe in having a lot of kids? Maybe they really are annoying neighbors? So maybe they did some stuff to survive they wish they didn’t have to. I dont really care, it doesn’t justify the degree of bullying sent their way. Their lack of social norm doesn’t make them bad people who deserve to have their family threatened. It seems this family has been henpecked for so long their natural reaction is defensive. And commenters use that defense to “prove” their point. They want to push Naugler’s buttons causing a reaction. This isn’t a sport. This is someone’s life.

    Why are these pages still going 2 years later? Fine, you blogged and shared the backstory .. Truth is out on Nauglers past! Yea! Now what? you say you wanted to make sure others knew who their donations were going to. Ok, So why go on? If that’s all this was about, didn’t you accomplish that in first few posts? Why keep it going? Why must every post on the family blog be dissected still? Why are you obsessing over one family and their choices? Why does that bother so many to the point they feel the need to gang up on them and threaten their feeling of security?

    I’m not saying the Nauglers are perfect. They messed up by posting some pretty nasty stuff themselves. But I think considering the weight of the hate, its understandable why they snap and pop off sometimes. I don’t think they “struck first.”

    My wish for J and N Is to not give ammunition as far as “fighting back” with tit for tat verbal sparring. Document, sure. But don’t reply to the abusers personally again. They are baiting you so they can post SS and “prove” you are evil when you tell them off. They are gaslighting you. Post what they say here if it makes you feel safer to expose it, but don’t respond to them directly. They want it and I don’t want them getting what they clamor for.

    My wish is for the bloggers baiting them to merely stop.
    Yes, I see parents who made mistakes. Lord knows I’ve made some. I also see progress. I see love. I see kids doing fine. Yes, I said fine. I see parents just wanting their civil rights protected. I see parents who are learning as they go. Like we all do.

    If posters cared about the kids at all, they would never write the things they do.
    I can’t imagine living under daily threats of calls to CPS. Blogs laughing at me for my fearful or angered reactions to those threats.

    Bloggers and posters…think before you write. Imagine if your family went under a microscope the way this one has. How would you feel? How would you react?
    You say they asked for it, begging to go viral, when you know darn well they wanted the story of the kids being taken to go viral, not their every move.
    They wanted attention to their fight, that was all. They were scared and wanted support.

    This has gone way to far. They are people with real feelings. Real children. These are REAL LIVES being affected. Think about that before you write another post about how “awful” they are. Before you write another post hoping to send them over the emotional brink, think of what the cost would be if you succeed.


  61. I think we have gone way overboard in discussing fast-food jobs and the wages paid. By the time the babe gets here they may not even be working there anymore or even be working at all!

    Nicole will have F helping her at the salon while J plays stay-at-home Papa just like his dad. Because this is how the Naugler’s roll.


  62. In response to Stunned. Hmmmm the cost of Nicole going over the brink (which in my honest opinion happened quite a long time ago actually). Maybe the children would be given the chance to live with mentally stable caregivers and offered more opportunities in life other than isolationism and paranoia, more opportunities for education and personal advancement.


  63. Whoever the heck Stunned is I have the following reply:

    1. Assuming Stunned is a remote internet-only person who has never actually dealt with the Nauglers, the Nauglers are worse than any rational person could imagine. They are nothing less than predators who demand to be supported by people who are more successful than they. They insist that no rules or laws apply to them but demand that others obey the rules and the law. They made a zillion children to hide behind, use for fundraising and manipulation, and to use as coolies, all the while having no intention of actually caring for them. Those of us who have ever dealt with the bullies that are Joe and Nicole, thanks to the internet and the Nauglers ‘going viral’ are now able to compare notes. Evidently to Nicole and her apologists that constitutes bullying. Whatever. In many ways we comprise an apres Naugler support group to each other.

    2. Assuming Stunned is Nicole or her … husband I will offer this. The Nauglers have been shown kindness, charity, indulgence, and have been extensively and generously supported during much of their time in Kentucky. The consistent Naugler response is to tell the benefactor they want more. The benefactor tells them they need to work and there are no more free funds for them. The subsequent Naugler response is to tell the benefactor that they are treading on the precious Naugler rights and children’s welfare. Then the Nauglers get vengeful about it engaging in theft, threats and ‘destruction.’ To the Naugler mind this is an unacceptable uprising of their prey and the Nauglers are always victims. The Nauglers fail, their lifestyle becomes even more desperate and precarious, and then the Nauglers alternate between saying that destitution was an actual goal or that all those benefactors oppressed them into their present state of squalor.

    The Naugler concept of responsibility is that it militantly someone else’s job to indulge them. Hence, I think that any call for pity for the Nauglers is utterly empty, the Nauglers having over-expended the goodwill of those who have helped them faster than they went through the GFM money at the hotel.


  64. All those posts that Nicole writes calling for action against her “stalkers” defined as people who criticize her public writing, her neighbor who she has publicly posted the name of with address, phone number, social security number and birthday, people she and Joe have videotaped and then put up publicly falsely claiming the people are out to cause them violence, strangers at red box whose car and license plate she posts because they pissed her off, etc… involve very real people with children of their own. Who is looking out for the safety of those children from the followers of Nicole who believe that gun play is the answer? How can anything anyone says online make the lives of the Naugler children that much worse than what they live day to day.


  65. Michele wrote, “I guess I really put my foot in it re: working full-time at McD’s.”

    Well, in all honesty there was no reason why you should know anything about it. However, if you can find a copy of “Nickel and Dimed” by Barbara Ehrenreich (published in 2001) it gives you a general feel for the situation. Despite being 15+ years later, it’s not any better near as I can tell.


  66. Sculder&Mully, great post.

    Nicole changes from her crying video statements of, ‘keep it up, you just make me more determined, and you don’t know who you are dealing with’, badass persona to the ‘poor pitiful me momma just trying to make it with my gazillion kids’ persona… as needed.
    Stunned is spewing the Naugler propaganda preemptively looking for support from wherever she can find it. Stunned is attempting to spin and minimize all the damage and people she’s harmed for many years, writing it off as normal just different or what was done was done for “survival”.
    Stunned should change her name to, “I know what they are doing but I don’t know how to intimidate these people or spin the message to my benefit.”


  67. Re what VaSportsMom said, HOLY FUCKING SHIT ON A CRACKER. Um, NO. Sally is nowhere near being worse than the Nauglers. Nicole and Joe directly abuse their kids. Sally writes about is on a blog. How fucking sick in the head do you have to be to think that Sally is worse. Sally’s had no direct impact on those kids’ lives, but sure as the shitstead stinks, Nicole and Joe sure have.

    Nicole likes attention. She thrives on it and craves it, and for all her bitching and moaning about how people talk about her on this blog and with rare exception don’t contact her anywhere else online, she WANTS it. I think, if we stopped talking about her, she’d do something drastic to get the attention back on her. Giving her this attention might be stopping her from doing something even worse. She calls herself an entertainer and has made her and her family into an internet reality show, just like the Duggars did on TV. She doesn’t get to bitch about it now, as long as people aren’t going after her in person or trying to ruin her life (we aren’t the ones leaving bad reviews, even though she deserves some 1-star reviews to warn people about how she treats animals in her care).

    And a bunch of hypocritical bitches on a forum named after a minor-child who watch the same internet-reality show we do and then post using the children’s full names on a regular basis have no room to sit there thinking they’re above it all and above what Sally writes when they’re enjoying it enough to regularly come here, and they have no room to say Sally should shut this blog when they have tens of thousands of threads and comments about children on a blog NAMED AFTER A CHILD. Wasn’t there talk about why people here or on that Secret Show page aren’t funding group homes for foster kids and doing fundraisers for CPS there? Well, again they’re a bunch of hypocritical assholes for expecting others to do what they aren’t.

    FJ, why don’t you lead by example, eh? YOU start fundraising for CPS and start coming up with the money to build and fund group homes. YOU stop talking about the Naugler kids (OR AT HE GODDAMNED LEAST STOP POSTING THEIR FULL NAMES). YOU shut your playground, where you’ve doxed people and have picked apart the bodies of children. Oh, you won’t? Then you’re the pieces of shit and hypocrites on top of it.

    And to VaSportsMom, get some professional help if you think that someone posting on a blog is worse than what Nicole does. I guarantee you that abused children don’t think that someone they don’t know blogging somewhere is worse than their parents forcing them to live in squalor where they have to witness their nasty parents fucking and eat food out of god-knows-how-old dented mystery cans while eating rancid pancakes and having to sleep on the dirt around a pit surrounded by mangy farm animals when they’re sick. The best thing to happen to those kids right now might be someone holding their mother’s feet to the fire to shame her into doing a little better for them.


  68. Tekla, that book is a must-read for any adult wanting to talk about low-wage jobs in America. That book is part of why I no longer have the belief that sure, maybe you can raise a family on fast-food wages. Barbara only got through it because it was all temporary and she had her home to look forward to returning to. How do you do it when what you see is all there is to see in the future?

    Without a miracle, J and F and Baby N are fucked, partly because of their own stupid choice to not bother with birth control, bigger partly because they weren’t taught better or given the tools to learn, especially J.

    I keep thinking about F and how she thinks this is a fun adventure. Living in the woods in a tent eating only what you can hunt or scavenge is a fun adventure, but it wears off after a while. (That’s how I used to spend summers.) God, F’s in a place where they eat their pets, literally eat their pets. Shitting behind a tree when camping is so much better than a porta-can that probably doesn’t get regular cleaning. I give her until January before she’ll be freezing to the bone and wanting to go back home to her parents. She’ll get tired of late-night treks in the icy cold rain and snow to go pee in the dark, and worrying about enough wood or propane to keep her bones from aching from the cold.

    F, go home. Go back to your parents. Don’t get yourself stuck in a cycle of poverty in a “house” where, between a couple people, there might be part time hours at a burger place. Please. Go home.


  69. Your comment is outstanding, Kaylee, and bears repeating. Thank you for articulating what so MANY of us feel. Because it bears repeating, I am posting a snippet (again) below. This is why I continued watching this family after they catapulted themselves into people’s lives via social media and why I am still here. I believe this website and others are making a positive difference in the lives of these children. NICOLE…PAY ATTENTION. LISTEN UP! We know you are reading, documenting, and watching this blog like a hawk. If Nicole did not WANT the attention, as Kaylee stated and I agree, she would get OFF the internet and stop exploiting her family for money and ego strokes. Problem solved.

    I especially love this part from Kaylee’s comment:

    >>And to VaSportsMom, get some professional help if you think that someone posting on a blog is worse than what Nicole does. I guarantee you that abused children don’t think that someone they don’t know blogging somewhere is worse than their parents forcing them to live in squalor where they have to witness their nasty parents fucking and eat food out of god-knows-how-old dented mystery cans while eating rancid pancakes and having to sleep on the dirt around a pit surrounded by mangy farm animals when they’re sick. The best thing to happen to those kids right now might be someone holding their mother’s feet to the fire to shame her into doing a little better for them.<<

    I continue to be amazed and encouraged by the rationality and insight evidenced on this blog.


  70. The first step to correcting a problem, someone you’ve wronged, or an injustice, is admitting there is a problem in the first place. Nothing will change until that admission is made whether to one’s self or others. J and N cannot or will not admit their wrong doings and I don’t think that anything that any one of us say or do will change that. Our best hope is to warn others of their ways and that the children may someday realize that they can have better, and provide their own families with better, than what their parents have provided for them.


  71. I have only a few thoughts on the expansion of the Naugler family. The first thought is that with a pregnant daughter-in-law coming into the family, I expect it won’t be long until N becomes heavy with child. I don’t see her letting one of her own girls or the “women” of her sons becoming the front runner of procreation…that magical time when a woman can do something that a man cannot do…pop out a child is the place that N finds as her special place with special powers. N prides herself in her ability to get pregnant, carry a child, pop it out in spite of the filth in the immediate area, and plop a boob in the baby’s mouth at those great photo ops moments…My second thought is that another woman in the “kitchen” will certainly drive N crazy. She has said over and over that she doesn’t make friends easily and cannot keep friends so it would surprise the hell out of me if N is able to have a long term healthy relationship with a daughter in law. My final thought is that the bride to be is going to have a really hard time shitting in the port-a-potty, bathing in the nearest creek, and cooking in an outdoor kitchen area. When she complains, I doubt she will get much support from the in-laws. I believe with all my heart that the bride to be will find herself competing for her husband’s attention and N will see her as someone with whom she will be forever in competition. This very shit shack of unhealthy relationships is going to be cause for some immature postings from N….I hope the parents of the bride to be are able to rescue their daughter when the shit starts slinging.


  72. OMG — THIS (below):

    “And a bunch of hypocritical bitches on a forum named after a minor-child who watch the same internet-reality show we do and then post using the children’s full names on a regular basis have no room to sit there thinking they’re above it all and above what Sally writes when they’re enjoying it enough to regularly come here, and they have no room to say Sally should shut this blog when they have tens of thousands of threads and comments about children on a blog NAMED AFTER A CHILD.”

    A MILLION TIMES. Thank you Kaylee! Honestly, the *shocked and appalled* pearl clutching by these hypocritical trolls (YES, they are TROLLS – they TROLL the Duggars (and MANY other fundie families) for every teensy, tiny bit of info they can get anywhere!) is simply R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S.


  73. Thanks, Note. I’m just astounded that FJers didn’t see any problem with they had the only sandbox. When they were the only playground in iTown, they posted home information about them, from where they live to Nicole’s credit report. I want to know where they get off saying this blog is what crosses the line.

    As far as the claim this blog should shut down so Nicole can go back to obscurity? Look how well that went before. They were living in a stick-hut! Nicole wants the attention. She invites it by posting questions, then sharing pics of her kids, and changing her turn regularly. I really think Nicole would do worse for attention if we didn’t give it to her right now.

    FJers need to grow up and stop claiming that this blog goes too far. I think they say that to make themselves feel less guilty for the far worse things they’ve done.


  74. Thank you for coming back to us,you were missed, morning coffe was not the same without your blog. Being its a weekend I will probably mix a couple Mimosa’s. CHEERS TO YOU.


  75. Does anyone know if McDonald’s offers a Roth 401K option? If so, I hope the two of them have signed up for it and are contributing to it. If McD’s offers a match, at least get the match. If not, still contribute something.

    At any rate, I hope they’ve opened up Roth IRAs. Their future selves will thank them.


  76. About IRAs. My 18 year old started a new job in the fall. It’s not a high paying job but it’s full time with benefits including matching 401K options. He was a little worried about losing some of his pay. Luckily it’s a large corporation and in the paperwork they showed how beneficial a small contribution could be. He said it was a no brainer to set one up.

    I can’t imagine even if 401Ks were offered at the minor child’s place of employment that Nicole would encourage him to open one up. Just another sad fact of living on the shitstead.


  77. Given the way I’ve hounded my children about these issues AND they both had to take financial literacy in high school (which they passed), I don’t feel as though one of them hasn’t at least HEARD of such things and might even have asked for parental advice and guidance.

    In fact, just this morning the younger child and I were discussing the difference between a traditional 401K and a Roth option and the confession was made, “I find this stuff confusing.” I reassured the kid that most of us do to some degree or another and sometimes you do what seems kinda silly because it will “click” in a few years. I offered to go over it again, anytime, and if spreadsheets would help, I’d provide them. Or pie charts. Or whatever.

    I’ve printed out stuff to share with the younger set. I started out with very little and it has grown in a very gratifying fashion over the past 20+ years. It’s a bit overwhelming when people use big numbers and multiples of one’s salary. It’s helpful to show them that compounded interest really does work to their advantage – eventually.

    I do hope they have the option offered to them at work and they take advantage of it. Particularly if there is a Roth 401k option. If not, I will cross my fingers and hope they both have opened up Roth IRA’s. I know the odds are low, but you never know.


  78. When I was 17 I had a full time job, I rented a HOUSE, I went to school. I got pregnant my senior year, still rented a house with my now husband, still worked, still graduated high school. I went to college the following year like everybody else I graduated with (I went online though), I continued to work full time, raise a family, I BOUGHT a trailer home when I was 20 years old. I had another baby at 21. I was not married. 12 years after I met my husband and having 2 kids with him we finally got married, but man burn me at the stake for not being married. I find N’s post offensive. I’m not sure why exactly, just that maybe I feel like we should all thrive for more. Being a pregnant teen isn’t an excuse to push others down or up, being a single mom of 2 (her neighbor) isn’t an excuse either, being married or not shouldn’t matter. You just don’t push people down like that. She should know first hand how that feels. It’s just so full of judgment.


  79. I seen they have only been dating for a short time, He posted February 4th they had been together a mere “almost 6 months”. So benefit of the doubt go back 6 months tooooooo about August 4th. She was “10 weeks, 6 days” on December 16th, so lets subtract 76 days, October 2nd? So they had been dating not even 2 months before they ummmm fertilized an egg.
    That….wow. Definitely my fucking role models.
    How do you know someone enough in 2 months to have a baby? Call me old school….
    I’m sure there’s stories of people doing the same thing and being relationship strong well to their death beds….I honestly hope that is what happens with them, with anyone.
    I knew I loved my husband within a few months but we didn’t have kids until over 2 years later and weren’t married until decades later lol. So I’m not all holy either but 2 months?!
    Let me specify that I’m not shocked about the short dating period, I’m shocked that NN boosts that like it’s to be this thing that we should all aspire to be/do.
    No, I do not want to work fast food and have babies with a stranger with no home. Sorry to disappoint NN but that is not what people should look up to. Just like people shouldn’t look up to your grungy matted self.


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