Here Comes Santa


One of the things that Nicole and to a lesser extent, Joe try to do is project an image of being “homesteaders.”  They want to promote this idea that they are living close to the land, getting what they need from the land, and that they are wildly successful in achieving this goal.

This is from one of her Facebook pages.

The irony here is two-fold.

First, that is of course not a photo of her chickens. (I know she’s just sharing a link and doesn’t claim that it is.)  Not only do her chickens not have a swing, the Naugler chickens don’t even have a house.  They are what Nicole calls “free-range,” but actually are feral.

I’m not certain that they even feed their chickens anything at all.

Second, Nicole and Joe do not celebrate Christmas. The children don’t have a tree, don’t get any presents and certainly do not have any Santa Claus.

If the children have a swing, it’s because they constructed it out of any scraps they could find and hung it themselves.

Here’s another example:



I’m not quite sure what she’s trying to say in the last one.  They do not celebrate Christmas. No tree, no presents, nothing.  But they will absolutely insist that they are Christians (Mormons, to be exact), except when Nicole is feeling agnostic, which happens from time to time.

Maybe December 12 was just one of those days. . .

At any rate, the message for the Naugler chickens (and children) is this:  Don’t get your hopes up, girls and boys.



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  1. I’m not even sure the point of this is.. No one really care about whether we have a chicken swing or dead trees. I’m sorry you don’t have a life of your own..


  2. Hi Nicole. The point will get clearer as time goes along.

    I have no idea what you mean by dead trees.

    And my life is fine. Thanks for worrying, though.


  3. Thank you for starting this blog! I have followed the drama as it unfolded on FB and have been reluctant to like or post on any of the pages due to the doxxing and harassment that has prevailed from the Nauglers and their “supporters”. There are many more like me. People who check in quietly and pray that CPS is still maintaining some level of involvement for the sake of the children.

    Here is another forum that was not included on your “Links” page.


  4. I wanted to stay neutral about the Naugler family in the interests of the children living together and with their parents. But over the months it’s become crystal clear that the parents are not homesteading, they are not homeschooling…. even if they spin making their children into child laborers as “unschooling”. They are dependent on donations to survive and continue to milk their situation as victims, so they can receive more via the Internet. Had CPS not intervened, those children would be still living in the worst squalor, probably never having seen a doctor, dentist or been assessed for their mastery of basic education.

    I am glad to see this blog here, to counter the artifice the parents are trying hard to create elsewhere.


  5. I have been very interested in this family. I first found the Go Fund Me when I was researching my quarterly charity contribution. I looked deeper into the issue, found many facebook sites that were both supportive and critical of the family. One site that was supportive and I thought at the time very informative, was filled with such angry, hateful and vile people that I felt poisoned by reading it.

    Needless to say, I found another family to donate to. I keep watching this family hoping that I will see something from them that makes me feel good about considering them another time. I love the idea of homesteading and homeschooling, but there is something so off here.


  6. Too bad there’s no way to crowd source fund honesty, dignity, and common sense. I’d actually contribute to them for that.

    Nice blog.


  7. These individuals are finally being revealed for who they are. Mr. Naugler has a long history of failure, deceit and disingenuous behavior. They are neither homesteaders nor home-schoolers. They are manipulative and insincere parasites that have made a “living” by scheming, conning, and presenting themselves as wholesome, constitutionalist purists. Nothing could be further from the truth and it is disgusting. Many of us have followed this saga from the beginning. The layers are deep and it is nice to see a candid and objective source of information that will hinder or at least uncover their true motives.


  8. What a poor piece of land!! Anyday now that “patio” Is gonna go into a Sink hole , with kids in it.


  9. [Admin: I have made the decision to remove Jacob’s comments. He is a minor child. Neither I nor anyone else here is going to engage in argumentation or discussion with a minor child. His parents should stop him, but if they won’t, I will.]


  10. [Admin: I have made the decision to remove Jacob’s comments. He is a minor child. Neither I nor anyone else here is going to engage in argumentation or discussion with a minor child. His parents should stop him, but if they won’t, I will.]


  11. Thank you for making a blog that tells it the way things really are. They wanted it to viral in hopes of getting a lot of money handed to them and it happened. They did not bargain for people with good minds seeing them for what they are and speaking out against them. The kids are the ones that matter and those that speak out against them will continue to watch them to make sure that the kids are okay. We know that they are finally on the radar for CPS.


  12. glad to see a site like this. all the facebook pages are full of either rants and threats or miss polly purebread’s perfect (cough cough) life. its a pitty really.. all those boys and no man to look up to.


  13. Thank you for setting up this blog. The solid analysis of situation and links to published information are invaluable to critical thinkers.


  14. An idea for a post… I have always been concerned about the glimpse into the naugler picture file several months ago that showed terrorist images. Why were those pictures part of a family collection? Is there a connection with the anti-government philosophies/lifestyle of the mother, father and eldest son?


  15. Thanks for laying out the deck, one card at a time. Each succinct post sets the stage for the next and I look forward to seeing each new revelation.


  16. The Nags are simply unbelievable. She “most certainly” thinks her chickens deserve a swing for Christmas, but won’t buy Christmas presents for the kids. I am sure they would accept any “gifts” that someone else bought though. Love the blog by the way!!!


  17. You people are horrible. You are acting so hateful. Where is your Christmas spirit? You don’t have to make the kids lives worse if you truly believe the kids are missing out why don’t you do something positive. You could do a secret Santa. Mail them some gifts. If you live near them you could even drop gifts off on their doorstep. Sometimes people just want to know they are loved and accepted no matter what they believe. I am sure you have your problems too. This just breaks my heart.


  18. Julie, if you read the BLH page, people said they planned to send gifts. Nicole has never thanked anyone and I presume she did receive some presents.
    I want to send presents, but given Nicole’s position on Christmas, I worry that she won’t give them to the children but would instead sell or trade them. That would be terrible.


  19. Dear Julie,

    Your suggestion of mailing a gift etc has been tried. Ma & Pa hold back the said gifts from the children. Besides, the parents have said they do not celebrate Christmas so why would we drop gifts off and go against the parents wishes?

    Many folks who comment here, have also donated funds to the go fund me account. Despite the large amount donated it has made little impact on the quality of life for the children.

    It is not their lifestyle that is in opposition. It is the parents purposeful neglect of the children.

    She jokes about giving birth to another child next year. Where I come from having a child is not a joke. It is something you take very seriously and something you avoid doing if you cannot provide at least the basics of life.

    You are either a child yourself, a supporter of child suffering or just plain blind to the reality of how their parents poor choices are condemning the children to a life of poverty, hardship and yes even mental illness in their adult lives.

    Tell us, Julie, what do you think should be done?

    Best regards,


  20. @Kristine Beaufort – that is not an unreasonable worry. After all, when they were still part of the Elizabethtown Church of Latter Day Saints, they were given household items and food (I think they were given food too) by members and the parents sold the items. Later they told someone that they were upset to be given items rather than cash. Now, once they were given things that implied it was theirs to do with as they wished but I’d be miffed too. Let’s just say there is precedent. Even Nicole’s mother posted at one point in time (on one of the FB pages that has since been shut down by the administrators) that gifts she sent to the children were discarded/sold and that was hurtful.

    For those who were early and longtime readers of the blog, was there EVER a point in time where they were posting about what they had the kids doing to GIVE to the community? Participating in cleaning up a park? Reading to the elderly? Just plain old thanking someone for something in particular? It seems to me they just take and take and take and never express any appreciation for those who give to them.


  21. Santa’s Not Coming…
    Thoughts from the faith driven, unschooling, off grid wilderness non-homestead mom on Christmas Eve: “I jokingly told the children “hey, Santa comes tonight but not for you because you were bad little boys and girls and Santa doesn’t love you” as she posted about a gifted fruit basket. No one cares about santa/no santa (except maybe the chickens. They really like that swing!) But, taunting your own kids with fun traditions such as lights, gifts, decorations, extended family meals and celebrations in church – then telling them/joking they are not loved seems cruel in my opinion.

    When called out non-homestead mom responded: “We fuck face. We got a gift from a client. Your posts lack logic. You haven’t a clue what you are even taking about. You are just posting on a whim, is your fan base dying down? What no one actually gives a shit about your drama anymore? Such senseless posts, my god, you are seriously screwed up.”

    Santa does not come to the non-homestead children, which isn’t that unique or remarkable, but it seems that Christmas is not part of their lives either. I hope that the faith they do believe and practice provides peace, comfort, and joyous inspiration, as it does for Christians all over the world, particularly at this holy time of year.

    Wishing happy Christmas to those who celebrate the season. It would be interesting to hear about the holidays of others. I hope you all are feeling safe and loved.


  22. Thank you for your warm Christmas wishes Bill! Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to you, to everyone!

    I am blessed to have a warm, comfortable home, good food and loving kindness from family, friends and even strangers.

    Loving kindness makes the world a better place during the holiday season and every day of the year.

    The comments Nicole [osted today are anything but kind. I feel so sorry for the children because I bet the littles really do believe in Santa. I bet they so want to believe.

    Then Mom comes along and crushes their little spirits with her cruel words. “I jokingly told the children “hey, Santa comes tonight but not for you because you were bad little boys and girls and Santa doesn’t love you”!

    I do not know how a Mother could say that to her children even in jest.

    I wish something beautiful, magical and wonderful was in store for the children this Christmas, but sadly their Mom is so bitter, consumed by hate it seems she will extinguish any light that creeps into their lives.

    Love & light to you all. Peace be with you.


  23. I read her comments earlier today and found them very sad indeed. She doesn’t have the courage of her convictions to post them on her own page and certainly not in such earthy terms. I’m certain she realizes it would slow down the donations if more people read her stream of consciousness.

    Well, if they’re turning away from the faith they did practice at one time (I saw the photos of the boys in their LDS underwear) then perhaps they will celebrate New Year’s Eve in some nice manner.

    It’s funny that I just don’t find much exciting about Christmas and haven’t since I was a kid, but I’m the one who is mostly tasked with putting it together. My husband professes devotion to a Christian god, but I’m the one who goes to church once a month, reads what I’m asked to read and then leaves a check.

    We’re going to have rib roast and Yorkshire pudding with roasted vegetables. I love Yorkshire pudding! Not so excited for the roast. The eldest comes home on Saturday and we have two ducks ready to feed everyone. I grabbed two jars of Secolari Maple Apple with Vanilla jam the other day, which is simply amazing with duck. I can’t recommend it enough.

    Anyway, I do hope EVERYONE who celebrates this holiday enjoys it to the hilt. If you’re Jewish and going out tonight – I hope you don’t stumble across some former ____friend who makes some obnoxious remark.

    May we all look forward to a much happier 2016.

    Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it! I hope your holiday is bright, happy and filled with joyful noise.


  24. My Christmas wish is that somehow by some miracle Nicole will realize how ill she is and get the help she needs to put together a happy, healthy life for herself and all those precious kids. She is just so blind to her own reality. To see her write that “stuff is not the focus of my life” is so troubling knowing that she has shown consistently that her electronic devices connected to the internet are the main focus of her life to the almost complete exclusion of everything else. It is so, so sad and just so hard to come to grips with the hopelessness of the lives these parents are forcing their children to live.


  25. After her online rampage yesterday, it’s obvious she’s harboring some serious resentments about the holiday. In addition to being severely addicted to social media, she sure is a bitter woman to be so blessed.
    Maybe she should smoke a little of Joe’s weed. Either that or talk to some of the legit homesteading earth moms on her page about how to relax naturally.
    Breath, Nicole.


  26. Agreed, Angry much?….the bitterness, resentment, angry outbursts exude her unhappiness. Hair was on fire yesterday. Maybe today, Christmas, a day of rest from working and time of joy with family and friends will give an exhale breather.


  27. Wow. I went back a few years in blogs to compare and not much as really changed. NN remains mentally unstable, jojo is still a stoner apparently, and now I know where the whole the kids will be eating dirt for Christmas thing came from.
    The thing I struggle with is sometimes she’s religious and sometimes she isn’t, she must morph for you she is trying to scam money from next.
    I can not believe this insanity has been going on for YEARS and mostly that it has been going on, it clearly shows she is bat shit crazy, yet she has followers? But I’ve seen how her followers reply, pretty sure they need a head check too, most of them have expressed that their own children have been taken. Well, that tells me they’re all shitty parents and think this shit is normal.


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