Her Name is Frances

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This is one of those times when I am pea green with jealousy because I didn’t think of that line:  “Frances!  Her name is Frances!”


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  1. I’m gonna go all off topic and shit…and Sally, it’s cool if you just pitch this one, but I wanted to mention something I’ve observed.

    I noticed Nick recently posted a video of people having narrow misses with disasters involving being hit by cars, trains, motorcycles, etc.

    And it got me thinking about all the other sick shit she seems to routinely watch, stuff she’s posted…people getting attacked by dogs, dog fighting, people beating and killing each other, disasters. This is all stuff she feels good about posting and commenting on like it’s a normal part of her day.

    And I can’t help but think…WHO THE FUCK SEEKS OUT AND WATCHES THAT SHIT ON A REGULAR BASIS? I know everyone will watch something shocking once in a while when it crosses their path (and typically regret it), but who seeks that shit out…regularly? And ya know…posts it after posting that her children read her sites.

    She’s like some “Faces of Death” ghoulish fangirl…it’s disturbing as fuck. Those clips are the stuff of nightmares and it doesn’t seem to phase her or occur to her that it could be upsetting to her kids.

    That said, we are talking about the woman who takes photos of children killing and gutting their pets. And yes, the fucking goat was a pet…it had a name and was played with and loved as a pet….until it wasn’t.

    I’m not suggesting it’s wrong to eat a goat…but there is something very wrong with mixing those messages with CHILDREN and not having any concern about that.

    Someday, I think we’re going to learn some very dark things about the Naugs.


  2. Off topic but regarding Nicole’s lack of research skills and post-happy assumptions:
    Nicole posted this link https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1748578745193026&set=a.930233480360894.1073741826.100001227517331&type=3&theater

    It is supposed to be critical of the public school system’s brainwashing of kids. Trouble is, the ridiculous bit of curriculum is written by Phyllis Naegeli — a Christian homeschooling mom. LOL Here’s another example of this woman’s work:


  3. @ KatataFish

    In addition to the horrid, deviant, and self-proclaimed Messiahs Joe and Nicole seem to resemble and associate with on Facebook they also remind me remind me of David Brian Mitchell and Wanda Barzee in their behaviors. Barzee killed her daughter’s pet rabbit and cooked it for dinner and when the kid asked where her rabbit was Barzee told her that she had just eaten it. Mitchell liked to scope on anyone young and female. They were grifters and panhandlers too. Some of the similarities seriously creep me out. My thoughts are if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, probably is a duck and where there’s smoke (even if all over Facebook) there’s fire.

    No wonder the GAL won’t let this Naugloid saga die. And good for that GAL.


  4. @Katatafish

    Excellent observation. I hadn’t really thought of it from that angle. Instead I was fascinated and repulsed by the negativity underscoring most everything she posts on her personal public figure page Nicole C Naugler. It’s definitely food for thought

    Personally for my watching pleasure online I prefer comedy or those really sappy feel good videos people put up. I’ve even been to known to shed a tear or two. Laughing, well I pretty much do that all the time. I’ve also been secretly going through a phase of watching South Korean television. It’s wonderful.


  5. Personally for my watching pleasure online I prefer comedy or those really sappy feel good videos people put up. I’ve even been to known to shed a tear or two.

    Same here. There’s enough awfulness in this world without searching for it online. I recently just saw a video of this big guy, bottle feeding rescued kittens. Made my eyes leak 🙂 Nicole’s NCN feed is awful quite often. She looks for the bad in police officers, people, agendas that don’t agree with her warped worldview. Not a good picture of the world to raise your young children to believe in.


  6. Noticed this today:

    “Nicole C. Naugler
    17 hrs ·
    Without using the “but alcohol is legal argument” (because laws vary) how is a drug dealer different from a bartender or liquor store?”

    Kinda makes you wonder why Nick feels the need to draw that equivalency. Is she trying to rationalize that being a drug dealer isn’t that bad? We already know Joe loves his pot, since he’s said so multiple times. We also know he has no legitimate job and no interest in finding one.

    Nicole, what are you trying to tell us, here?


  7. Like any judge in his right mind would take a queen like Frances and hand over to the Naugs. The Naugs…who cannot feed and house their animals properly. Can you imagine …goat tied up….pig just vanished…horse on the loose…dogs and cats foraging…poor hen with all those roos…and then she thinks she can own a queen. Bitch better check her tongue.


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