Meet Jeri (black and white female) and Tommy (yellow and white male).  They are our barn cats.  As you can see, they have a tough life.

Tommy and Jeri were dropped off on our porch when they were about six weeks old, not by some human being, but by their feral mother. There were three kittens, but for some reason, she took the third one with her.

We didn’t think we wanted any cats. We have never been cat people.  We had no idea what we were missing.  They refused to leave, and I couldn’t let two little kittens starve. So they basically adopted us, not the other way around.

But you know what?  We have taken care of them. They work for a living, of course. They are wonderful hunters.  Sometimes, unfortunately, in the course of their duties, they kill birds and even small rabbits, but mostly they kill mice.

However, we feed them.  We feed them well. Because Tommy has had a near-fatal episode with urinary crystals, they are on canned cat food. It runs us about $30/month, a bit less in summer (when they find more prey) and a bit more in winter (when they have more trouble hunting).

Furthermore, Tommy’s illness cost almost $450. In addition, he got hurt one night, which led to another visit to the vet costing over $100. (As a result of that incident, a infected bite on his leg from some assailant, they are shut up in the garage at night, but allowed out on their own during the day. They rarely leave our property.)

And way back when they were babies, now eight years ago, we had Jeri spayed and Tommy neutered.  That was another $150 or so.

This is how it is when you have pets.  They are helpless animals who cannot care for themselves (the cats come closer to being able to do that our dog would, of course), and the responsibility is ours.  In return for our investment of both money and time, we get something I didn’t know was possible until we actually did it – companionship. From two cats. I had no idea.

Tommy is the big friendly guy. He loves everyone and greets strangers.  He hangs out wherever we happen to be.  Jeri is our “fraidy cat.” Most people have never even seen her because she hides from strangers.  But she’s very fond of us.

airport Minnie

We have a dog.  We’ve always had a dog, a series of them. All of them have been our responsibility.  Our current dog, Minnie the Magnificent Muddle-headed Maltese, is an idiot.  There she is, in 2005, when she arrived at the airport in Anchorage.

She promptly became very ill with coccidiosis and we spent more than $1000 over about a two-week period keeping her alive. (The vet predicted that she’d be fine once her immune system matured and was absolutely correct.)  We then spent about $100 having her spayed once she was old enough.

She’s a total pain in the ass.  She has no job. She has no function whatever except to drive us crazy. She goes bananas when she meets people.  We thought she would grow out of it, but she’s now eleven years old, so I think that’s not going to happen.

The only positive thing I can say about Minnie is that she is really cheap to feed. (Well, and we love her. There’s that.) She is so small that she eats only about 1/4 cup of food a day, along with a small handful of liver treats (homemade).  It costs way more to feed the cats than it does to feed her.

But she’s our responsibility too. And even though she’s an idiot, and it’s often inconvenient to deal with her, she is our idiot.

And all that leads me here.

original post

As I documented in the article about the baby chicks, animals that come to live with the Nauglers tend to die young.  It happens over and over again.

And it didn’t start with poor Ranger.  Remember this from the above link?

2014 killing

They’ve had chicken-killing dogs all along.  They have almost no “livestock” now because they can’t care for poultry or goats or dogs properly.

But back to Ranger. Where did he come from?

puppy 2015

That’s where he came from. The Nauglers had a male Pyr and a female boxer.  And the Nauglers do not get any vet care for any animal, ever, just like they do not get medical care for children.  That means they do not spay or neuter anyone, and that includes not only dogs but Nicole and/or Joe.

They have dogs that are a dime a dozen. Nobody wants these dogs.  Nobody gives a shit about a big white mutt dog. The only type of dog that is less desirable is a big black mutt dog.

But the Nauglers just plow ahead. They have no money. They resort to living in a garden shed with no utilities because they have no money. Yet they have all these damn dogs, and they let them breed indiscriminately.

Furthermore, I am fairly certain that if you had contacted Nicole in January of 2015 about Ranger, you’d have discovered that obtaining that puppy involved an exchange of money.  Your money into Nicole’s hand.  They were selling these pups.


And Ranger was advertised as having an “excellent guard dog personality.”

[I cannot make this stuff up.]

Well, some sucker got Ranger. Maybe for money, maybe for free by that time.  Dunno, but it doesn’t matter.  Ranger found a home but then was returned.  Why?  We aren’t told. It “didn’t work out.”

So they have had Ranger back on the Blessed Little Killing Ground for about a year now and he’s been systematically destroying every small animal or bird he can find.

But before we go further, let’s look at advice from the Blessed Little Dog Grooming and Professional Dog Trainer.



crate training

Puppies require training.

Who knew that?  And at the Blessed Little Killing Ground, you know who does the training?


Of course.  The children do fucking everything.  That comment, by the way, accompanied a video of the goats running about with the dogs running about and the children sort of watching all this. She thought it was funny.  I thought it was a school for predatory dogs, frankly. “Chase the goats! It’s fun.”

You know what?  The goats should have been fenced all the time.  All the time.  Not at night. All the time. But this predated Goatgate.  Furthermore, you can get goats (or calves or cats) to come when you want them.  It’s easy to teach them to do that.  Just feed them. Use the same bucket all the time. They will come.  You don’t need a dog to chase them.


All the puppies were trained. . .

Only they obviously were not.  And here we learn why the dog, advertised as a fucking guard animal, was returned. He was returned because he killed livestock.

So, Nicole has had this dog for an entire year knowing that he kills livestock. She didn’t have to wait and find out the hard way. She knew. She’s known.

And she’s made one half-hearted attempt (that I know of) to find him a home without livestock.  In the meantime, he’s killed and killed and killed.

And now he’s apparently done it again. She doesn’t admit that, but I think he probably did.

So she’s had it.


The “experienced groomer” is also a dog trainer, it seems.  Only when she gets home. . . well, there’s Facebook.

Nicole Naugler would not know “well-trained” or “well-cared-for” if she was at the Westminster Dog Show.

Look, I understand that livestock-killing dogs get put down. If a dog comes on this property and starts chasing our calves, he’s in grave danger. We’ll try to simply run him off (and we’ve done that a time or two).  We keep two donkeys to deter dogs (and we care for the donkeys, including having their feet trimmed about every six weeks or so). We have good fencing.  But if a dog breaches the fencing and dares to defy the donkeys, he is going meet the business-end of a rifle.

This, of course, is almost certainly what happened to the Naugler dogs when the Naugler adults abandoned the Blessed Little Killing Ground (while the children were in state custody ) to avail themselves of the comfort of running water and a swimming pool and a clean bed with room service.

As it happens, I have met Ranger.  He came out to the road to greet us during my first visit to the Blessed Little Killing Ground. All we did that day was ride by the property. I was in the area and I wanted to see the place I was writing about. No humans were home.  We didn’t stop. Neither did Ranger.  He lunged at our truck, snarling.  I was afraid we’d hit him.  Had we done so, it wouldn’t have been our fault.

got loose

He got free, she says.  You understand that this means that this dog lives chained up.  He has on a leather collar and is chained to a tree (or that’s what it appears to be).

This is the life that the great Groomer Nicole, that person who gives advice about dog training, and even offers classes in pet care, and tells everyone how its done, provides for her own dog.

And when the dog doesn’t meet expectations and the situation doesn’t improve, after an entire year, she suddenly decides she’s had it and is going to put a bullet in his head.

And lest anyone be deceived by her words put to sleep, that’s what they mean.  She does not mean that they will take the dog to a vet and have him injected.  She also does not mean that she will take the dog back down in the woods and shoot him in the head.  And Joe is unlikely to be the chosen executioner.

The only people on that place that ever do anything are the kids.


Forcing a child to shoot a pet dog is a very different thing from taking a steer to the slaughterhouse.  For what it’s worth, we have slaughtered pigs right here on this property.  Me and Dave, all by ourselves.  And when we decided to take them instead to the Mennonites, who have a meat-processing place, Dave went over there and watched them kill because we are responsible for our animals and we want to know what happens to them.  And it is nothing at all, nothing, like a kid shooting a goat in the woods.

When Dave shot our pigs, he would stand there calmly, waiting for the exact right moment, to make sure he killed the pig with one shot instantly.  The slaughterhouse uses a stun gun.  Same thing. Instant.

Our animals have wonderful lives and then one bad moment. They are unaware of death and have no idea it’s coming.  The Naugler animals live with hunger and fear all the time (if you don’t believe that, what do you think the lives of those dozens of chickens and rabbits were like?)

What Nicole is telling us here is this.

They have been typical irresponsible animal owners. They do not take care of anything they have, not their children, not their property and in this case, not their animals.

They allowed two undesirable dogs to breed and produce a litter of undesirable puppies when by her own admission, the shelters are full. Then they advertised and sold this puppy as a “guard dog.” When that bounced back in their faces, they settled on inertia and assumed that like every other problem they’ve ever had, it would take care of itself.

And it hasn’t.

And so, now, she uses emotional blackmail to get her followers to solve her problem for her.

Do something about this dog, do something I’ve had a whole year to do but didn’t bother, or I will get my children to put a bullet in his head.  Oh, and while you’re at it, he’s cost us a fortune and please donate.

That’s what this is about.

This is not her first brush with animal cruelty.

animal cruelty

animal cruelty2

She wasn’t just being all innocent and she didn’t know and the dogs actually were indoor couch potatoes.  This occurred in the dead of winter, with terrible conditions outside, and her dogs were out there with no shelter of any sort for hours and hours.  And somebody quite rightly reported the situation.  It’s never the way she spins it.


And criticism of her irresponsibility is met with this.  See?  It’s all our fault. It’s everyone else’s fault.


She’s “exhausted all resources.”  And she’s kind and loving and not an asshole who created this problem in the first place.

What “resources” has she exhausted?  Well, that’s a bit like the reporter asking Sarah Palin what she reads.  “Everything.  All of them.”


Okay, so we checked. The local shelters just don’t take a dog that kills chickens.  Right?  Nicole knows, because she has exhausted all resources.  And by the way, nobody was talking about solely no-kill shelters. At this point, any shelter is better than the death sentence she has pronounced on the dog.



Meet Cowboy.  Cowboy is a very lucky dog.  He’s lucky because Cowboy is not a Naugler dog.  Cowboy was taken in by the Meade County Animal Shelter.

Here’s Cowboy’s history.  He was adopted, then returned because he kills chickens. 


And what happened to Cowboy?  He was put down, of course, because no shelters will adopt out a livestock-killing dog.  Nicole says so.


See the date?  Original post about Cowboy on June 1.  By June 5, he was adopted.


And without any sense of shame or any self-awareness at all, Nicole posts this on her salon page at the same time that she’s threatening to kill the dog if somebody, somewhere, doesn’t take responsibility for her neglect.


Nicole, you are a sorry piece of shit.  Seriously.  It’s the neighbor’s fault.  It’s always somebody else’s fault.



And her followers come to her aid, absolve her of responsibility and do the work she should have done herself.  She is to blame for this. Nobody else. That dog, like all the Naugler children and livestock, all the living beings who have to live under the control of those godawful people, is a victim.

This is not about Nicole the Blessed Little Dog Killer “trying to do the right thing.”  She has had two fucking years to do the right thing.  That dog is not neutered, has never been to a vet in his life, has had no vaccinations of any sort, has had no training, has been fed the cheapest dog food available, and has been chained to a tree almost continuously with no shelter.

But she’s tried everything.



51 thoughts on “Heartless”

  1. Bravo.

    It took less than an hour for people to come up with potential rescue locations willing to take the dog. Let’s see if Nicole follows through.


  2. I am amazed at how irresponsible she is; then when someone says, “hey, maybe you could try this…” she turns to bite them.

    I used to wish horrible things on Nicole, sometimes I still do, but the worst punishment in the world is one she faces every day. She has to live the life she has made for herself. No matter how well she fakes it to her facebook fools, every day she knows exactly who and what she is and that must be horrible.

    There is only one wish I have for Nicole, and it is sincere. Nicole, I wish that THESE are the happiest days of your life.


  3. I’m really trying not to allow this shit to get under my skin, but it really has.
    She doesn’t want to utilize a shelter; most charge a surrender fee. She wants someone to PAY her for a livestock killing mutt. Note she has never used “free to a good home”.

    I have 2 large, black mutts. One is from the shelter (old dog) and one is from a litter that was heading to the shelter (idiot pup). He was 4 weeks when I got him, mom didn’t want him. So he has issues.
    Of course, anything free is worth saving up for. Old dog was free because breed and age. He needed surgery.
    Idiot puppy needed puppy formula. Then shots and a snip.
    Old dog chased my chickens once, in 2008. I fixed that quick. He still likes to watch them scatter, so he runs by a group of chickens. It’s funny and harmless. They barely move away anymore.
    Idiot puppy is a spaz. He has caught a couple when he sticks his head through his pen, but never even pulled a feather. Still, he stays in the dog yard. It has a dog door into the house.
    Strangely enough, idiot has made friends with the turkeys. The two smallest will hop into the dog yard and nap with him. He gets upset if he can’t see them.

    Point is, any dog, even a 5 year old shelter dog, can be broke from chasing livestock. Old dog was a quick learner, idiot puppy, I’m unsure if he’d even chase them anymore.
    But, I have NEVER chained dogs outside and ignored them.


  4. God she is such a bitch.

    Such a liar about the animal shelters. We got our new puppy from the Breckinridge County Animal Shelter. We looked at all dogs. They do not put down high risk dogs. They had a full grown pit in there that is very animal aggressive. So we knew we couldn’t get her cause we have cats and another dog. So far I know of she has not been put down and the shelter is full.

    If they shoot that dog because it’s attacking her live stock, I hope she gets charged with animal cruelty.


  5. I think the people coming up with shelter solutions are not necessarily fans of hers, they care about the dog.
    Hell, I even wrote to a couple of animal rights groups and rescue orgs about the situation.


  6. She won’t be. It is in fact legal to shoot a dog that kills (or even harasses) livestock.

    But in her case, it’s the height of irresponsibility.


  7. Nicole is just a pitiful excuse for, well, anything. My dogs live better than her children. She’s lazy and can accomplish nothing that requires actual effort. I pity anything or anyone in her “care” because “care” is nonexistent. She pops children out as fast as she can and leaves their rearing up to older siblings. She “free ranges” animals that do what they can to survive. Children and animals do not “learn on their own”. All I can do is shake my head in bewilderment of her logic. I’ve long since given up hope she will ever see the error of her ways and just hope her children will escape her as soon as possible and find a way to take the littles with them.


  8. At no point over the past year neither Nicole nor Joe could type “Grand Pyrenees rescue” or “no kill shelter” into the phones that are permanently attached to their hands? And yet, she’s done everything. Unbelievable. I wonder if the dog got the latest batch of chicks?


  9. Wow I wonder if people called the Breckinridge County Animal Shelter, because they just posted a link for animal rescues they use because the shelter is full.

    The shelter here isn’t a no kill shelter, but when they get full (not a very big shelter), they will contact animal rescues to see if they can take any of the dogs they have.


  10. The irresponsibility for Ranger’s situation started about July 15, 2015. That’s approximately when his litter was conceived.

    It certainly would have cost them a great deal less money if both of his parents had been spayed and neutered rather than producing a puppy that has cost them thousands of dollars in livestock losses. Including vaccinations.

    I do hope that Ranger does go to the shelter and is procured by responsible people who will have him neutered, vaccinated, train him, feed him, get him groomed as necessary and so on. If it’s going to cost Joe or Nicole any more money then I doubt it will happen.


  11. Nicole/Joe and co. cannot keep this challenging young dog, cannot train him to stop killing small critters? I call BULLSHIT. The dog likely does not have enough quality food to eat, and is bored without enough attention and exercise.
    Build a damned enclosure, you fricking losers! This woman calls herself an animal lover and professional pet groomer? Yet no spaying or neutering, no vaccinations, just has feral animals fending for themselves.

    And these people are getting a horse, or horses? I am going to vomit.


  12. Her response is to inform her readers on blh that she has banned at least 6 posters, for being ‘bullies’.
    Goodgawd, the woman continues to show her mental instability. I worry about the kids. Even Joe! ?
    The shitstead will be rockin’ tonight.


  13. She is so fucking ignorant. Any living breathing being that falls into her life is fucked, kids, dogs, cats, chickens, goats, bunnies….she makes me sick.


  14. I can’t remember if I mentioned this before so I will try to be brief. When I was 17 my parents moved from the Suburbs of Dallas and bought 4 acres in the middle of know where Texas…My dad decided to make the 90 min drive (one way) twice a week BACK to Dallas and take a course in Dog Grooming..the course took about 6 weeks..There was an old shed at the front of the property so he converted it into a 7 run indoor/outdoor Boarding Kennel and converted the shed behind the house into his salon..I was worried he would not be able to make a go of the business as they were living in a rural area…He became so popular, people came from miles around..He loved it..and he was good at it…the down side was that once people new he had a Kennel..he would find atleast 2 to 3 dogs or cats being dumped on the property weekly….at this point he FENCED OFF ( he didn’t believe in chaining dogs down) a portion of the property for the animals until he could find them a home. He would even call the local radio station and Newspaper office to let them know he had these strays…some found homes but in the end, he would have to call Animal Control to come and get them…but, he never..EVER threatened to put them down…


  15. Thanks for this post Sally. Maybe Nicole is less worried about the dying livestock and more worried about winter coming and the monthly visit from the social worker who might see her dog tied up in the snow with no shelter.

    In one of her videos it sounded like the pig was in the chicken coop the son was building. I hope the chicken isn’t roosting with her babies in the pig pen at night and then the poor dog gets blamed when the chickens are found chewed up the next morning. Pigs will kill any little thing in their pen.

    It’s a shame she doesn’t take Ranger to work everyday and socialize him and advertise him with all her clients.


  16. i sincerely hope she doesn’t have that dog shot to spite us. Twisted fuck nut. She’ll sweep it under the rug like all the other deaths. I wonder what Karma has in store for her.


  17. Beautiful cats. Personally, I don’t think anyone sets out to adopt cats. Cats just happen.

    It’s easy to find homes for chicken killers. They just need to go to a non-rural setting, generally. Local rescue recently adopted one out. He came with his very own squeaky chicken toy. The “bigger” problem was that he was about 120 lbs, waaaay oversized for the breed (doberman) and many people who want that breed do neccisarily want a small pony.


  18. cost them thousands of dollars in livestock losses

    Well, that’s more bullshit. If the hen set eggs, the chicks cost exactly nothing (excluding the price of whatever feed they buy, if any).


  19. Owning animals is a huge responsibility with undeniable costs along the way. It is not just kibble or letting them run feral and find their own food and shelter, for F’s sake.

    Most animal owners understand: Get a pet, you are going to pay for spaying/neutering, training, vet visits, teeth cleaning, baths, flea and tick treatments, medications, maybe even surgeries.

    We adopted a puppy from a shelter, a gorgeous mutt we called Nina. Likely yellow lab crossed with saluki or another lean, wasp-waisted hound. Those dogs have inherent tendency to get gastric torsions (the stomach flips on itself like a twisted hammock), causing the animal to have excruciating pain and die without medical attention. Nina got one of those on one 4th of July weekend, the worst possible time to get reasonable vet care. A $1500 surgery later, she spent many more years with us. Had pancreatitis too, and after 11 1/2 years, an abdominal tumor. All along the way we incurred many costs for her care, and while it was sometimes onerous, we never questioned doing everything we could to give her a healthy life. She deserved it for her devotion and companionship.

    The Nauglers take NO responsibility for anything they do. Irresponsible creation of human beings, irresponsible ownership of a menagerie of “homestead” animals. Many animals have come through the homestead only to meet a bad or an undisclosed demise. Like the PIG, what happened to that poor pig? Like goats, rabbits…..

    How appalling that Nicole has thrown the dog’s fate to social media, and the kindness of strangers. Get off damned Facebook, Nicole, and make a bunch of calls. Rehome your poor dog. Get the rest of your dogs and cats sterilized. And yourselves, while you are at it.


  20. So she got more chicks, yes boughtvthem, and is blaming the dog behavior on the dog. She has refused to train the dog…I mean she could have some one come to the shop and train him. Why can’t the boys train him? I know, why not make a big fenced in area for him? Puppies are known to chew on stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a numbers stunt. Bye bye followers. You lose again nicnog


  21. It just makes me sick. Neglect permeates the Naugstead. It is abound, from kids to pets to other animals. Well, even the “homestead” is suffering from neglect.

    Joe and Nicole’s neglectful and irresponsible ways affect so many others.

    One can hope word of Nicole’s irresponsible ultimatum of Ranger’s pending demise, reaches viral exposure. People, repost to dog groups, humane shelters, rescue shelters, dog grooming groups. Nicole stated this young dog has one week to find a new home or else he is killed, because he “doesn’t fit in”. Pathetic, irresponsible pet owner.

    I’ve read in older posts, a couple years ago, that Nicole fostered dogs at the Naugstead. Maybe there needs to be some scrutinizing of foster care.js

    Buyer beware, when someone tells you they teach dog training classes.

    Note: words in parentheses are hers.


  22. Al put it best in my opinion. Nicole and her … husband are full of their only successful produce other than children and they are utter failures at every blessed and cursed thing they attempt.

    They bully anyone they think they can and whine, whine, whine when they fail to intimidate someone. Dang it’ don’t you realize that the Nauglers are entitled to con, intimidate, lie to, harass, and menace the rest of the populace around them? Animals? They count less even than the lowest-of-priority-children. Why? Because children and animals are weaker than them. Of course in the Nauglers’ remarkably entitled mindsets, that is the proper order of things.

    The most basic responsibilities are completely beneath them and are foreign to them. They live a lifestyle that is wholly dependent upon deception. That is deception of others and themselves. They are never responsible for their misfortunes–never ever. It is always someone else doing terrible things to them. Personally I find this to be absurd as no one has ever really wanted the Nauglers around because of their anti-social behaviors, much less had any inclination to prolong their presence except for positively, absolutely having to.

    What has surprised me, to some extent, is that the Nauglers have not hit rock bottom yet. Every time they have moved (downgraded their life) one would think those would be wake up calls. Not Joe and Nicole. They are determined to keep their sense of entitlement even if they have to sleep under a bridge or worse. That sense of entitlement isn’t freedom, it’s an impoverished prison. It is not a question of rights being violated at all. Rather it is a natural consequence of ignoring and rejecting the most basic of responsibilities. But Nicole will administer her favorite pain killer of consequences–denial, whining and cussing.


  23. The blessed little killer probably forced one of the kids to kill that poor dog. Why else is she not jumping right on the offers to take the dog and rehome him? IMO Nicole should not be allowed to groom dogs let alone own any.


  24. Well I’m thrilled to read ‘ol Ranger has outsmarted the Naugs. Ranger figured out he was gonna freeze his dog ass off and likely starve and chose death or hopefully adoption by a loving dog caring person over staying another minute on the Sstead. Best of luck to Ranger wherever life leads him. I know he is going to be far better off now. Maybe we’ll someday get a report on how he made out. Hopefully Ranger will lead the way for the eventual exodus of the kids too. FYI, It is against the law to chain dogs where I live.

    Funny that Nicole thought she somehow deserved a warning for not properly housing her dog before she was cited. For a speeding ticket, maybe if you’re lucky, but for cruelty hopefully never. Seems she thought that about CPS when they finally were able to rescue her kids from inadequate living conditions also. What makes Nicole think that her lazy cruel behavior towards animals and children somehow deserves a warning. LMAO. ( Seems from her ACTIONS she exhibits problems with empathy and feelings for other living creatures.)
    I’m guessing in the past warnings were her heads up for, ‘time to take a midnight cross country family trip kids.)

    Al, very interesting post!


  25. “Well, that’s more bullshit. If the hen set eggs, the chicks cost exactly nothing (excluding the price of whatever feed they buy, if any).”

    I agree, but that was what Nicole wrote so I figured I’d run with it.

    ” Those dogs have inherent tendency to get gastric torsions (the stomach flips on itself like a twisted hammock),”

    I have two dogs with this tendency and I’ve tried to minimize the risk (successfully, so far) by elevating their feed and water bowls. I don’t know if that trick will help others or not, but it’s easy to try at least.


  26. “Don’t fit in”. DON’T FIT IN???
    Geezes. Isn’t this what maw says about herself? She says she ‘doesn’t fit in’, doesn’t want to fit in.
    That’s okay, commendable in some cases actually, imo. BUT, ‘put an animal down’ because it ‘doesn’t fit in’?
    Should that mean maw and anyone else who ‘doesn’t fit in’ should be ‘put down’
    Damn, now maw has really pissed me off !


  27. It seems that animals were being killed before Ranger came back a year ago.

    What dog is she going to put the blame on for peeps being killed after Ranger is gone?

    She claims that Ranger killed her pet rabbit. Remember when the bunch of rabbits were posted she was going to go into the dog food business with them. So what happen to the rest of the rabbits for that business? A good farmer does especially those that are raising animals for food do not look at them as pets. Yes Nicole I know where my hamburger meat comes from and how it goes from walking to table. We only eat local farm raised beef one of the perks of working on a real farm.

    Maybe I should give Nicole some pointers on how to train dogs and even Jojo to behave. My male will leave my female alone even when she is in flagging heat if I tell him leave it. He will sniff but he will not do nothing more. He is intact too! It is a matter of training them to listen to you. Training has to be consistent, done with authoritative commands, praise given when good job is done and reprimand when it is not done. Dogs love to please their master but they have to know what their master expects of them.

    Nicole likes to portray that she is master at everything except for cooking. She is better at cooking that she is at being a farmer or animal husbandry. Good thing that their only source of food is not left for them to raise and grow cause they would starve to death. They have no clue what productive farming is or how to do it. Nicole here is a clue for you – kill all but one of those roosters. Fill those kids up on chicken pot pie, chicken and biscuits, chicken soup or chicken dumplings. Skip the horse cause there is not anything on the stead that you can use it for so it will just be a money burner. Buy a cow instead of a horse and you will have a animal that will be providing your family with something milk or meat. BTW how is your garden growing? Weeds or veggies being harvested?

    Well I guess the dog post did not turn out to be a money maker for her. Might have saved her on a surrender fee of $25 – 50 and the use of a 22 shell. I doubt that it is going to save her a thousand dollars of more lost animals as another dog will take the place of Ranger at the stead walking protein buffet.

    Great blog Sally and good post Al.


  28. They are supporters only of the dog

    Yes, I want to make that clear. There are animal rescue activists getting involved with this, so everyone who comments over there on that dog killing thread is not a Naugler leghumper. However, even the leghumpers aren’t exactly delighted.


  29. Yes I notice the unrest of the leghumpers over this folly of hers.

    Made me giggle that some were actually seeing her for what she is. Now as they say the proof is in the pudding to see how many see the light and realize she is full of shit, talks shit, piles shit, is a chicken shit and dishes out shit but can not take it back.


  30. Also to add I bet it would really chafe her derrière if she really knew how many trolls were working behind the scenes to find a loving and safe home for the dog.

    Not that the trolls give a shit about her but instead want to save the dog from getting put down.


  31. Do you think Ranger had his own white bucket in the shit shack when they were house breaking him? After all he was advertis
    ed as house broke. Maybe Al can go get the dog & take him to a shelter, I’d be glad to send the $ 25.


  32. I do not think This woman likes animals. I think they are a source of income just like her kids. For someone in her profession I can not believe she couldn’t find a rescue to take this dog, there is an unlimited amount of resources and connections in a job like hers through her client base. Also I know a lot of groomers who volunteer their time with local rescues, shelters. Surely Nikki gives back to the community that supports her and her family? Surely she has a nice network of rescue contacts or at least one customer who is?


  33. I just found your blog last night when the whole Ranger fiasco started. I am “proud” to admit I was one of the 6 banned from her page for calling her on her BS and pointing out any dog groomer worth their salt would have the resources necessary to rehome or find a rescue for this dog. I tried to make sure her minions understood she was talking about a .22 bullet to the head. She snarkily replied “maybe I should take the dog because I had chickens” – my FB profile picture is of one of roosters – lol. I let her know I have 3 rescued dogs who came out of abusive situations and I trusted all 3 with our livestock. I was banned shortly after. I think what amazes me the most is that many of her minions believe that the way she lives is what homesteading/farming/of grid living is really like.


  34. I just found your blog

    She makes it as hard as possible for people to find us over here. She loves to talk about me, but never uses my name and never, ever links here.



  35. Thank you 🙂 Last night someone mentioned your blog as a way of reading the truth about “Blessed Little…” I can’t remember who it was and she has probably been banned also. I had always thought Nicole was a wackadoodle and had honestly thought about unliking her page but just hadn’t gotten around to it when the whole Ranger thing happened. It was the first and only time I had ever commented – and the last too – lol.

    I am enjoying my reading immensely – thank you. 🙂


  36. I heartily encourage new-found truth seekers to promote this blog…. EVERYWHERE.

    The leg-humpers have got to see the real deal at some point.

    Thanks, Sally and Al and Sneeds and all other local peeps (and their FB efforts) for not giving up on exposing this nightmare. I hope the kids (and the rest of the animals) get the help they need.


  37. This infuriates me. I don’t like Nicole, I’m honest about that. But this takes the cake. Most cities have low cost spay and neuter clinics. If you look you can find a place that will work with you. We have several animals, we like animals. Our animals though can be costly, just like our kids. We currently have a 10 year old dog with diabetes. He gets special kibble, insulin and regular vet visits. He is mostly blind from a stroke when he was young. Despite all his health issues he leads a happy life. He has a warm home and a family that loves him. The poor Naugler animals, it must be hell to live there. There is no love, there is no responsibility from Joe or Nicole. They let their animals run wild, it’s just cruel. Once again Nicole is reaping what she sowed, this is what happens when you aren’t a responsible pet owner. She is one sick woman.


  38. She’s so lucky she doesn’t live where I do. A couple friends of mine I’ve known 20 years had a couple medical emergencies for her that drained their finances and savings. One of their dogs started limping, but they didn’t have the money to take the dog int he same day. So they waited a few days to see if the dog would improve, and he did, but not fully by payday, when they could take him in. Three days from limp to being at the vet getting an x-ray. Turned out to be a hairline fracture, but not bad enough to cast. Well, the vet reported them for cruelty for not taking the dog in the day he started limping. My friends were both charged and sentenced to three days in jail each, which they did one after the other so someone could be home with the kids.

    Basically they got jail for being too poor to have enough savings to cover two medical emergencies for one of them (when they got the dog, they were financially solvent, then she got laid off, her ex started custody drama, and her husband, my other friend, got reduced hours at work) AND enough savings to cover very care for a dog that was still running around, albeit with a limp.

    But I don’t get it. Even here, you can neglect kids (I posted about a friend whose ex is such an asshole and won’t feed their son when the child’s in is care unless she buys the food), but heaven help you if you neglect to take a dog to a vet over a limp that isn’t stopping the dog from running around.

    I wish the Naugs could be banned from having pets. Yes, it would mean no pets for the kids, but the risks to the animals is too great, and if we’re honest here, getting those kids used to bonding and losing will only ruin their ability to bond later. A lot of military-brats, the ones who move a lot, have a hard time making friends after a while for the same reason. It gets hard to bond when you know you’re going to say good bye before too long. So why bother bonding?


  39. Oh! And that ass claiming euthanasia isn’t humane? She should try watching one sometime. I worked at a vet hospital, and we naturally did euthanasias. It’s extremely peaceful. The most stress and discomfort seemed to come from being there, but it wasn’t this torturous thing. Our vets sometimes did house-calls too, time-permitting.

    I’m not saying a gun is always inhumane if the person pulling the trigger knows what they hell they’re doing (a proper shot is instant death, and the animal is where they’re comfortable, and yeah, I grew up country enough to see livestock dead in an instant), but there’s no doubt Nicole would make one of the kids have an Old Yeller moment, which would likely result in a non-instant-kill shot and trauma for the kid. They raised the goats to end up as food, and knew that was the end game. But the dog was meant to be their pet-pet, not pet-food!

    Hopefully Nicole follows through and that dog goes to a rescue.


  40. Dog rescue? No, no you’ve got it all wrong. Donations. You need to send BLH lots and lots of money or the dog is dead. All roads at the BLH lead back to donations. Send them more monies.

    Personally, I imagine the scenario went like this:

    * Nicole posted a picture of hen with new peeps.
    * Sally did the math (not hard), knows about chickens and wrote a blog.
    * Nicole frantic to counter the blog did a “proof of life” video.
    * Something killed the newest batch of peeps, again.
    * Nicole got mad (not because peeps were killed because proved Sally right).
    * Nicole impulsively lashed out on Facebook (what else is new).
    * First claim: that the peeps were not purchased because she was at the feed store and they have peeps too. Why was she out checking for peeps?
    * Second claim: it was Ranger he kills everything. (What happened to a fox did it because the mean county makes her keep her animals on her own stead?)
    * Nicole regretted the Facebook post and also, as her mind is wont to go, saw a new fundraising source among the leghumpers and opportunity to “prove” her world is one of bullies and trolls. “See, see, it’s cost a zillion dollars in lost livestock. I’d train but I am overwhelmed with everything else I do. Trainers cost $$$$. The trolls will just use this to show what a failure I am, woe is me. I’m just a poor downtrodden working mama of a zillion kids. Here look at some pictures and video of the baby. Aren’t I amazing.”
    *. Nicole backtracks. It wasn’t her that would kill the dog. It’s the neighbors. (She gets to inflame people against the neighbor with the no contact order, without mentioning the contact order. A weekly occurrence.)
    * Nicole tells a vague story about 2 possible rescues, but doesn’t answer the rescue people who have found a space for poor Ranger. Isn’t nice to the rescue people. Bans real dog rescue representatives calling them trolls. It’s a private “adoption” because, uh, trolls.
    * Just another Nicole dog and pony show. I’d not be surprised if the dog has already been dispatched with a bullet to the head, nor would I be surprised if they keep the dog. The end of her stories are often unpredictable, because most people just can’t figure out crazy.


  41. When did the twunt post this?

    “Blessed Little Homestead: If anyone has a problem with my decision you can come get the dog and do all the things you advise me to do. That is the purpose of my post. To give someone else a chance with him.

    We have a business and family and a homestead. We have done all we can this past year. Yes year. This isn’t one incident, this isn’t one animal…. ”

    I notice that she never took him to work WITH her to continue his training, have him available for customers to learn to like and help find him a home and of course, if you can’t do the job in a year to then place the burden on your followers to once again bail you out of a problem of YOUR MAKING is vile.

    Not only that, I thought she had been posting that no no no, they’re aren’t really homesteaders after all. So of course the blog is a form of bait and switch. That’s not infrequent but I still dislike it. Not as much as I dislike Nicole though.


  42. Well, the vet reported them for cruelty for not taking the dog in the day he started limping. My friends were both charged and sentenced to three days in jail each, which they did one after the other so someone could be home with the kids.

    I absolutely do not believe that story. I am not accusing you of lying, but this is not the whole story.


  43. The one week deadline is interesting. Is there a chance someone reported the dog being chained without shelter (from seeing photos on facebook) ? Maybe the police paid a visit and told them they would be back in a week to check on the animal. Nicole would be forced to buy a dog house (not going to happen) or get rid of the dog in a week. If she was mad at someone for reporting them to the police, she might threaten to kill the dog because now she can’t just keep him chained up without it costing her money.


  44. About vets calling in for animal abuse. Six years ago I brought my dog to the brand spanking new vet they built just a mile or two away. The visit, an exam, no shots ran about $250. The vet told me that the dog had stomach torsion and needed an operation, the very next day, to be done in their brand new operating suite. My dog was fine. Ate well, wasn’t in pain, didn’t even make a face when the vet was examining his stomach area. So I said I was going for a second opinion. I was told people do not go for second opinions on veterinary examinations and if I did not schedule and pay for the surgery now he would contact the proper authorities and report me for animal abuse. I started laughing. Although retired I still maintained my law license at the time. I explained to him that he had better be damn sure of himself if he called in a report. That I no longer needed his services and that I would have a new vet by tomorrow. He very quickly retracted his statement and I paid the outrageous exam bill and left. Would he really have called? I don’t have a clue.

    Took my dog to a country vet in a building he had paid off thirty years ago and told him the diagnosis my dog had been given. He examined the dog. He found him to be in excellent health. We had a lively discussion about veterinary medicine not being what it used to be. He had a few choice words and observations about the new vet I had been to.

    Six years later that dog hasn’t met a meal he doesn’t like. Happy and overweight he only complains when I put him on a diet. Still healthy as can be.


  45. Sally, when judges are up for reelection and want to appear tough on the bad guys, they can be overly tough.

    This report discusses serious violent offenses and their SIGNIFICANTLY longer sentences the closer to reelection, but the case holds true for the smaller cases as well. A few days just isn’t significantly longer than no days.


    Apply this to an area that is so animal-loving that we bring in animals from the rest of the US and even overseas or else our shelters would be empty, on top of it being close to an election that the sitting judge wants to win, and do you really think that a judge wants to let an accused animal-abuser walk free? Judge: Did you or did you not fail to take a dog to the vet when he started limping? Defendants: We did. Judge: ABUSERS.

    Really, Sally, how do you plead not guilty when the fact is you didn’t take a dog in the day it started limping? A reasonable judge would see this as not a crime. A judge up for reelection wouldn’t want to let people go who give him an easy conviction.

    Electing judges has so many problems, from that too-tough sentencing to catering to whoever will donate the money the judge needs to campaign. My friends’ few days in jail is nothing compared to other cases where people shouldn’t have gotten jail sentences at all, like Marissa Alexander (“stand your ground” apparently doesn’t apply in Florida if you’re a black woman even if you don’t hit the person threatening you, but it sure applied for Zimmerman when he chased and killed a black teen).

    Sometimes all the “more to it” is the judge having something to lose by appearing “too soft,” even when that’s really reasonable. My friends were caught up in an election year for the judge. They did manage to get it overturned later in front of a different judge, but the time had already been served, they’re still scared to get another animal after that dog was removed from them in that case, and the judge did get reelected.


  46. So looks like the woman who posted here and even made a donation to Nicole has now been banned from the BLH Facebook page. It was all about money for Nicole, as usual. Doesn’t look like Ranger will get his happy ending. What a heartless bitch! Shame on you Nicole. You make babies, allow your animals to breed and once again don’t take any responsibility or have any compassion for the shit you’ve created. Sick! Sick! Sick! And I would imagine you got banned because you posted on this blog. Of course she never ever ever reads this blog. Welcome to the twisted freakshow of the Nauglers. Take everything they say with a grain of salt. Nicole doesn’t care what happens to that dog, she only wanted sympathy and hoped to make a few bucks. Sorry you got dragged into this, you obviously have a big heart. Nicole’s heart is rotten to the core.


  47. Blessed Little Reality, your scenario timeline is spot on. imo.

    Actually, thank you for putting that together. It makes sense of the nonsense.


  48. Well wasn’t that awfully nice of her to ban someone who was just simply trying to help her.

    What a bitch.

    I do not see that dog going to a rescue. And her followers are idiots. They aren’t farmers and they aren’t homesteader’s either.


  49. “Take some pictures of your dogs snoosing (sic) on the couch and beds” clearly does not understand the Nogs do not have luxury items…..for the children. Tsk tsk


  50. This made me really sad. Ranger was a beautiful dog. I love dogs so much! I myself have about the ugliest mutt possible, so I’m not against mutts for the most part. I’m only against herding or cattle dogs being bred with ummm show dogs, I guess I would call them because I’ve never heard of a boxer having a job. The rule of thumb is to never ever breed a herding or cattle dog to a dog with basically the opposite personality. It causes undesirable characteristics, such as high prey drive. They can’t help it, they’re just dogs, they don’t know. He wants to herd a bird/rabbit but also wants to eat it, he can’t help it.
    White boxers can’t be AKC registered because the white is considered a genetic defect/anomaly and they also have a pretty significant risk of being born blind and passing those genes down. The lack of registerability (made my own word I guess)is their way of knocking out that blindness gene. Beautiful dog but my heart hurts when I know some breeds are prone to health issues. My dad has 2 fawn boxers, I love them, sweet boys.


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