Hear Hear

docketNicoleSo, Nicole is advertising this.  April 11, 2017, Breckinridge County Courthouse, 1 p.m.

Mark your calendars.

chicks2015This is the interior of our egg incubator.  I know the photo quality is poor, but you try taking a good photo through dirty Plexiglas.  There are two chicks there, newly hatched and four more eggs.

I can’t remember how many of those four eventually hatched.

What I did know was not to count them.

chicks20113Here they are, several weeks later, the ones that, in fact, hatched.

They are coming home to roost.


46 thoughts on “Hear Hear”

  1. Well looky there. “domestic and interpersonal violence”

    Hey, that makes it look skeery. Like that nonsense is really happening. Gives Nicole’s LIES “credibility”. (if your brain consists of one semi-functioning cell soaked in kerosene)

    This is the kind of spin and bullshit that she loves. But the truth is that it’s bullshit. There is no violence of any sort. None.

    Joe and Nicole love to paint themselves as victims in their own poorly choreographed disaster.

    And I agree, don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.

    Joe, Nicole, how’s the long game working for you guys? What does “phase 3” look like? Do you have any idea how deep this hole is you’re digging for yourselves?

    You are facilitating your own demise and your hubris and arrogance is blinding you.



  2. Dang. I will be out of the country. Maybe I should purchase an internet package so I can keep up on the show when I am lounging by the pool. 😉


  3. Your chickens analogy made me laugh. It’s perfect. I really hope Lisa is doing OK, and that April 17th sees an end to this ridiculousness.


  4. i have had more then one egg decide not to hatch.. and then the smell set in… phew.. i hear though, that the smell has a rival…


  5. So let me get this straight…. You don’t assume that the egg is going to produce the intended criminal charges , I mean chick?? Well that seems to me like you are overly cautious. If I were named Nicole I would probably have an IPO out on every single one of them eggs and a hearing scheduled for the day they hatch. Fuck it…i saw Francis looking at me in that picture you posted, lets get one on her too.


  6. This whole ordeal is just beyond absurd. Dragging Lisa into this mess is bullshit.

    And Nicole you bitch and moan about statists all fucking day and brag about freedom. Well it’s time for you to take a long fucking look in the mirror. You are abusing the court system that you despise so much because of fucking words and someone coming legally to an open court room. Freedom isn’t just for you, bitch. For someone who claims to hate the government you sure like to use it when it suits your purpose. This is hypocrisy at it’s finest.

    I am imagining she posted this hoping to get people to come and support her but the support is waining. She gets a few prayers on her posts but no one is coming to support her. She’s burned too many bridges for that. And not too many people are buying the crocodile tears anymore. It’s all difficult to get pregnancy when someone continues to breed like a rabbit.

    There has been no violence towards the Naugs, no threats, no one going on their property, no one harassing them, these are all lies and figments of her damn delusions.

    I hope she gets her ass handed to her in court.


  7. Something my mammam always said….
    ‘Their chickens are coming home to roost.’ It always happened, too. Thank you for reminding me sally!


  8. Domestic violence!? Really? Drama much

    I believe that is the title that is placed on an IPO case automatically. That’s because in order to get an IPO, you’re supposed to be claiming that you are in fear of being killed or assaulted sexually by the other person. You know, bodily harm.

    This was explained to Nicole by the judge the last time the case was heard (it was continued) and he asked her specifically if she wanted to pursue this and she responded with “I’ve been stalked for months by Lisa and yes.” Or something like that.


  9. Haha this is too much. She’s trying it again?

    She got the original IPO in Hardin County. The law specifically states that you have to get the IPO in the county of your residence (unless you fled in fear of your life). When she filled out the paperwork, she put her work address as her home address. This obviously was totally an accident and oversight on her part. 🙂

    When Lisa’s lawyer pointed this out and filed a motion to dismiss based on that jurisdictional issue, Nicole ran over to Breckinridge County and filed for another IPO there in the proper jurisdiction, this time putting her home address as her home address properly.

    They had court about this second one on Tuesday, but due to some issues beyond anyone’s control, the case had to be continued until April 11, since Nicole refuses to drop it.


  10. I am shocked that an attorney of BO’s caliber would not understand the jurisdictional issues, aren’t you? I mean, she knows “Muh rights” and all?


  11. From the hair coloring video it sounds like most of Nicole’s chicks (she had posted about getting chicks soon) are roosting in the shop. Well at least they are warm and dry.


  12. Did Nicole have to go in depth explaining the “stalking”? Or did she say something like she came to a public court preceding and she makes comments on Facebook pages that I do not own or run? I’m just curious how in depth you have to go to file one of these petitions. Is it a pretty simple process?

    So a supporter came? I wonder what their impression of the Naugs was after court.


  13. Wait. Full stop. Nicole states they are in fear of her families’ life, including her unborn child, but is posting where they will be on April 11??? I’m shocked (not really). This reminds me of when she was so fearful of harm that she posted what day each week they go to the state park.
    State park = funded with tax (stolen) money; but I’m sure the Naugs would volunteer to assist with upkeep. This would be similar to when they watched the neighbor remove a fallen tree on the statist road.


  14. I’m just curious how in depth you have to go to file one of these petitions. Is it a pretty simple process?

    You have to convince a judge that you’re legit or that you might be legit. They can do one of three things with the petition.

    One, they can deny it. This appears to have happened to Nicole on more than one occasion.

    Two, they can issue a summons. This is what has occurred with one of her petitions. She calls it an “IPO” but it is not. It’s merely a summons (“be in court on X date to talk about whether or not this person should be granted an IPO”).

    Three, they can issue a temporary IPO. Then you got to court two weeks later and the judge decides whether or not to make it permanent.


  15. @ Bearded Lady,

    Hmmm, it almost seems as if she is baiting her critics that she says stalk her. Trouble is, if she is, she is baiting people to take advantage of their rights as citizens to go to court and watch. Mrs. Naugler will feel incensed at the presence of people she doesn’t like being in a courtroom to see the next evolution of the Naugler disaster and insist that she is, indeed, threatened. Unless the proceedings were purely amicable and largely procedural, there will be two sides to the story and people will be present to support both sides. Any reasonable person would expect to see that.

    I’m quite sure it happens that people often see folks they don’t like in a court room. The person with a DUI and the arresting officer, for example? Mrs. Naugler would say that the arresting officer had to be there and spectators in court she doesn’t like should be kicked out. But it doesn’t matter that Medusa doesn’t like it. She made a spectacle of her family to get money and tried to terrorize people who disagreed with her. Naturally, if such affected or otherwise interested people have the means to go and watch the court proceedings, why shouldn’t they?

    Besides, it seems bizarre to call people stalkers who invited the Nauglers to lunch (and offered to pay in one case) to reasonably discuss and resolve their differences. How horrible for the Nauglers.


  16. Its obvious what she is up to, Just when she post that things are beginning to settle down, and her level of the lappers not sucking up to her. We see her posting that the attacks continue along with the harrasment. She cant go a week without someone stooping at her feet.


  17. Bearded Lady AHAHAHA You snagged the BEST screen name!
    I can’t imagine someone getting a perm IPO on an internet bully (who isn’t even bullying) when you hardly can get one when your spouse beats the shit out of you.
    From my understanding they will not consider facebook screen shots? I would be shocked if they do because they are so easily manipulated, scrubbed.
    So that leaves-what is her proof if she can’t use facebook?
    She’s weak.


  18. So far this week, the stalked and harassed one has posted 6 videos and photos of her children, 2 video updates after court appearances, as well as a copy of the court docket for April 11. Imagine the dilemma she confronts on a regular basis: maintain a very active social media presence in hopes of donations and drama, or post privately so that she doesn’t have to be in fear for her safety and the safety of her family?

    I’m guessing that they won’t be celebrating at Hardees on April 11.


  19. Thank you for explaining why the IPO is now being heard in Breckenridge county. I didn’t understand why they were transferred there (according to Nicole they were transferred).

    The other thing that I don’t understand is, why was it such a big deal that Eric and Viv were there on Tuesday. If it was about the IPO’s she has on them, then do they not have a right to be there?


  20. Can Nicole be charged with a crime if she doesn’t get her IPO? Do you think Lisa is going to sue her when this is over? Retired lawyer versus Facebook lawyer wannabe. I’ll travel in for that. Victory drinks are on me.

    Will Nicole have another gofundme for her defense with a sob story about how people are always abusing the system to pick on her because they don’t like her lifestyle? How many IPOs did she file?

    What will she really spend the money on? A defense attorney for Joe’s latest menacing “jury” trial? Money enough to buy a plot of land (where all the neighbors will love her) because bad credit trolls (and poor land stewardship) make her ineligible for a loan? A year worth of “Healthy” Hardee’s? A set of dentures? Depends? A new denim skirt? Maybe she could buy her soul back from Satan? Anything is possible in naugled “plans” land unless she loses, lmao. Then 3 out of 4 dog butts she washes for the rest of her life will be to pay off the winners.

    Smells like just another naugled get rich grift from here. I’ve seen how it works out for them. Still in a shed with only a bucket to piss in.


  21. If it was about the IPO’s she has on them, then do they not have a right to be there?

    It was not. It was about Lisa, not Eric and Viv. However, Lisa’s lawyer had issued subpoenas for Eric and Viv to appear as witnesses. That is why they were there. Nicole attempted several times to have them arrested for being there. In her video, she says something about how they were there to “test” the IPO. That is totally false. They were there because they had no choice but to be there. In addition, she says that she had to “take care of” them being there. She “took care of” nothing. She tried unsuccessfully to have them arrested.

    She and Joe also, while fearing for their lives, remained at the courthouse for more than 30 minutes afterwards (outside), videoing Lisa and her lawyer and everyone else with them (there were several witnesses).

    So who is stalking who?


  22. I don’t see that N has posted any information regarding J’s jury trial for his menacing charge. That might be a big “coming home to roost” day. And dang, she’s missing a lot of work with court appearances. No return on investment here.


  23. Sally, thank you for explaining what happened on Tuesday. It’s hard to know what’s truly going on when your only hearing Nicole’s side, because everyone else has gone quiet.

    I hope those witnesses are at the next hearing. Nicole seems to be doing a lot of stalking.


  24. The absence of practices, piano lessons, scouts, & friends coming over has been super beneficial to them completing all their court dates. I mean they must be so relieved that their calendars have been cleared to be able to continue their war against the trolls. What will they do when their dance cards fill up again?


  25. If you’re in mortal fear of someone, you’re supposed to hang around within filming distance of them? Shit. I’ve been doing this fear thing wrong my whole life. Ah well. Live and learn.?


  26. Are the BOs acting as their own attorney?

    Yes. Nicole only. Joe is not party to the case.


  27. Does anyone know if Joe is representing himself in his jury trial? Or does he have an attorney?

    So far in that case he has been representing himself.


  28. Does one have to pay to file for an IPO?

    No. As a result, it’s being abused. Nicole has paid nothing. Lisa has had to drive to Hardin County and then to Breck County, and pay a lawyer to boot.


  29. So what, if any, are the potential repercussions for filing malicious IPOs? Is there some recourse to prevent an IPO from being used as a bully stick? Especially in Nicole’s case where she’s filed against the same people in multiple counties. You would think that someone who had had her children removed for suspected neglect wouldn’t make a big nuisance of herself – both with the police and the courts – complaining about people reporting additional abuse. Any sane person would be on their best behavior to keep their kids. Not Nicole. She just eggs everyone on, daring them to take her kids.


  30. So what, if any, are the potential repercussions for filing malicious IPOs?

    We’ll see. 🙂


  31. Nicole has told people to ask the courts for a copy of her psych evaluation. Not going to happen. They’re bound by HIPAA laws. Nicole has a copy and if she wants people to see it then she is free to share it.


  32. Lol she freaking sent me a message on Facebook. I read it, then hit delete. Did not accept to PM her back.


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