Hardin County and Schrodinger’s Cat

The Blessed Little IPO Episode began in Hardin County.  Nicole and Joe do not live there. They live in Breckinridge County.  However, Nicole’s business is in Radcliff, which is in Hardin County.

Lisa’s history with all this begins when Lisa made a single comment on one of the news pages or the sheriff’s page or some other neutral place when the children were first taken.  She said something to the effect that the state had followed all the right procedures to take those children (Joe and Nicole, of course, have insisted that the state failed to “follow protocol” and “kidnapped” their children).

When she was challenged by Joe for making the statement, with some taunt about being an “internet lawyer,” she said that she was, in fact, a retired attorney.

In a matter of a couple of hours, they had her address, photos of her home, and began doxxing her.

This got her attention.

What might have been only a passing notice from Lisa became something more, and the Nauglers are totally responsible for that.

Because she felt threatened, Lisa started her page (Blessed Little Trolls and Their Minions) in an effort to fight back.

In all that time, and other than that one brief exchange with Joe on that neutral page, she has never initiated direct contact with either of them. She has never called them, or emailed them, or messaged them. She has all of them blocked on Facebook (for all the good that does), including every Naugler child who has a Facebook account, and also including all the socks like Charles.

When Viv and Eric came into the picture, Lisa didn’t know them from Adam. However, subsequent to their involvement, she was contacted (either by them or by somebody on their behalf, I’m not sure which) because they needed some help determining if they needed to get a lawyer and if so, who to hire.

This is no different from what happens to me all the time. I’ve been retired from nursing for 24 years, but I still have friends and family who call me for advice or come over to have me look at some part of their anatomy and tell them if they need to go to the doctor.

So, because Viv and Eric had absolutely zero experience with being in court and were understandably nervous about it, Lisa agreed to accompany them to the Hardin County Courthouse for their first hearing.

Prior to doing that, she wanted to see where the incident had occurred and meet Viv and get her to tell the story on site.  This is similar to me explaining to somebody that I cannot begin to try to determine if their rash is serious without seeing it.  So, she visited Viv’s business, because that’s where the incident occurred.

She was concerned enough about Nicole’s hyper-paranoia to wear a coat with a hood, to park as far away from Nicole’s shop as possible and to try to come and go without being noticed.  That was fruitless, of course, since Nicole had an eagle-eye out, watching every move Viv made.  But there was no contact between Lisa and Nicole at the shopping center. Zero.

At that first hearing, Lisa accompanied them to court.  Nicole noted it, and was lying in wait at the second hearing.

Nicole went straight to the county clerk’s office after court and filled out an application for an IPO against Lisa.

Now is the time to go read the page on IPOs if you haven’t already.


Because this is difficult to read, here’s what Nicole wrote:

Lisa Luthi has been harassing myself and my family continuously since June 2015. She has publicly documented her every thought and action toward my family including following us to our home and business. She has made it public knowledge that she will continue this behavior infally indefinally. On 1/30/2017 she followed my husband and I to court and followed us as we left. Her goal is to invoke fear into myself and my family. She discusses this on her public FB page and finds it amusing that her behavior is permitted.

Here’s the next page:


This is the page where she lists the minor children who are so stressed out and who are being stalked endlessly by this awful woman.  On this particular application, she only listed one child, the oldest boy who is still a minor and living at home.

Lisa has never seen him, ever.

However, since he is the one who is facing a felony charge due to brandishing a gun, well, we gotta come up with a reason why he was just so frightened, don’t we?  And wouldn’t “stalkers” be a good reason?  And wouldn’t it look great if they could produce an IPO that they’d gotten against an evil stalker when that child goes to court?

Or something.


This is especially hilarious.  I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Lisa drinks very little, very infrequently.  I have partied with her, and I know. This is something like Nicole asserting that I was “driving drunk” past her wretched little shithole and “taking photos of her family.”

Nicole would have no way in hell of knowing anything about Lisa’s alcohol consumption.  No way at all.  Other than those two times at the Hardin County courthouse, she had never laid eyes on Lisa in her life before.


And on this page, she checks off the things she is requesting.

First, she wants the court to stop Lisa from contacting her.  Considering that Lisa has never initiated contact with Nicole ever in the history of the world, this is sort of silly.

Second, she doesn’t want Lisa anywhere near either her place of business (and notice that she put that address first) or her home (she puts that second).  The order she lists these in is exactly backward from what you would expect (home first, work second).  But remember, she was getting this in Hardin County and she most definitely had read the various statutes and she knew perfectly well that she was supposed to apply for the IPO in the county where she resides.

Her excuse about this issue is that supposedly a police officer told her to apply in Hardin County because that’s where she actually had seen Lisa the only two times they ever met.  However, Nicole doesn’t typically do anything a police officer says.  Instead, she waves around the supposed applicable statute, complete with number.  I find it difficult to believe she didn’t know she was applying in the wrong county.

And finally, she wanted the court to stop Lisa from selling Nicole’s shit.  I am serious. That’s what it says.

So, Nicole signed and delivered this.

And an idiot judge, Pamela Addington, signed it, electronically.  This means that Judge Addington never actually held this in her hand. I have no idea if she even read it.

But remember what I said about the possible things a judge can do with one of these applications?

One is to simply dismiss it right there. A second alternative is to issue a summons and nothing else.  And a third is to issue a temporary protective order (TIPO) with a court date about two weeks later.

Judge Addington took the third option.

Nobody checked to see if Nicole actually lives in Hardin County.

And Lisa was served.


This is the summons.  It just says “be in court on X date.”

Here’s the TIPO.


This page names the “protected persons,”  Nicole and the minor kid that Lisa wouldn’t recognize if she fell over him.

Lisa is told that she can’t abuse Nicole or the kid anymore.  Sorry, I know I’m being flippant, but this is stupid.

She’s also told that she can’t contact them.  Since she never had, ever, that wasn’t too hard.


This says that the court thinks Lisa is a stalker.  But of course, remember that this determination is based on nothing at all except Nicole telling them that she’s an alcoholic and shit.

In addition, she is told to stay 500 feet away from both Nicole and the kid that she’s never seen, and never go to either Nicole’s work address (again, listed first) or home address (second).

Even this judge, who I believe is either very distracted or just incompetent, didn’t think that telling Lisa not to sell the garden shed was necessary.

And thus we entered a two-week period where Lisa was under a pretty-much bogus temporary protective order.  It was bogus because it was filed in the wrong county. Lisa figured this out in a very short period of time (minutes) but said nothing because you don’t tell your enemy what you are doing.

I went silent, as you all noticed. I was cryptic. I was vague. I did that on purpose.

Nicole was combing the internet looking for any mention of this crap, and I wasn’t going to give her shit.  I didn’t want to screw up accidentally, so I said nothing.

And Lisa, on the advice of her attorney (yes, she is a retired attorney, which is why she did a very smart thing and retained an attorney), took down her page.

And we waited.

And then court day came.

When they finally went to court, Lisa’s attorney had enlisted an assistant to help him navigate all the internet-related, screen-shot related, convoluted stuff that is involved in all this.  So three people came to court that day:  Lisa, her attorney, and the assistant.

The three of them, plus Joe and Nicole, stepped up to the bench and the judge asked them to introduce themselves.  The assistant didn’t say anything (thinking she didn’t really count) until the judge asked her specifically who she was and why she was there.

She replied that she was serving as the lawyer’s assistant.  And then she said her name.

Courtney White.

And Nicole had a shit fit.  A pure shit fit.  Nicole, of course, didn’t recognize Courtney, but she knew the name.  And Joe went into a tirade about “trolls” and waved out over the audience (several people were in attendance, as witnesses), complaining bitterly.

I would have given my right arm to have been there.

Lisa’s lawyer then made a motion to have the whole thing dismissed because Nicole had filed it in the wrong county and actually Hardin County and hence, Judge Addington, had no jurisdiction.

And ultimately (but not until everyone left, and the judge went off to meditate over the motion to dismiss and then everyone had to come back, two weeks later, except Courtney who was no longer needed because it was obvious that it was going to be dismissed) that is what happened.  It was dismissed.


Now please read this carefully.  It says:

Motion having been made and the Court being sufficiently advised, this matter is hereby DISMISSED inasmuch as this court lacks jurisdiction in this matter.

Please understand what this means.  It means that Judge Pamela Addington says that she has no authority in this matter (Nicole’s claim that Lisa is an evil stalker).  It means that what Judge Pamela Addington thinks about Nicole or Lisa or anything related to them is just as important and carries exactly the same weight legally as what you think about it.

And that’s that.


Well, remember Schrodinger’s cat?

Judge Addington was apparently addled that day.

She signed another order.


In this one, she acts like she never wrote the previous one (and she wrote the previous one first because Lisa’s attorney got a copy before leaving the courthouse because that’s what you do when you’re an attorney) and ordered the whole thing transferred to Breckinridge County.

Furthermore, she decided to make the TIPO, the one she had no jurisdiction to issue in the first place, remain in effect until a hearing in Breck County.

Only she couldn’t do either of those things.  She had already dismissed it. This second order is simply a curiosity and not worth the paper it’s printed on.

What probably happened is that the clerk got confused about the two cases ( or three – I don’t know how many there are anymore)- Lisa’s and then whatever was happening with Eric and Viv – and made out these bogus transfer things for both of them.  And the judge appears to simply sign stuff without reading it.

But, in between the original hearing, when Courtney was there and the motion was made to dismiss, and the final hearing, two weeks later, when it was all dismissed, Nicole could read the handwriting on the wall, and ran over to Breckinridge County and applied for another IPO there.

And we’ll talk more about that next.  Right now, I have a cow who needs dinner.







25 thoughts on “Hardin County and Schrodinger’s Cat”

  1. You’re currently my favorite famle author. I appreciate your wit and humors. And honor your patience and wisdom. Thank you for your words.


  2. I hope Lisa is able to put her page back up.

    Lisa can do anything she wants to do. The case was dismissed.


  3. That judge is so inept that I’m sitting here stunned.

    Nicole is one of those people who thinks a misspelled name invalidates a document, right? Hm. I wonder who Nicole Celesto Naugher is.


  4. This from a woman and husband who never had a problem harrassing and posting Phone numbers, address;s, contacting employers, the rot in her mouth has spread to her brain


  5. Oh, Sally! I took my elderly rabbit out this evening to foliage (chew on) some grass while I read all of this and laughed way too loud. Of course, all the neighbors were out enjoying the nice weather, and I am pretty certain they might think that I am officially crazy.

    You know, because of the half blind rabbit ( he’s old and has cataracts) on a leash and my wild roars of laughter.
    Picture that and laugh at my expense! ?‍♀️


  6. I’m happy to see this IPO business was as ridiculous as I had thought. There was no way in the world Lisa had threatened, stalked or intimidated a single Naugler, despite their hopes and possible efforts to goad her into doing so. And despite that rather inept judge…

    Thank you Sally for these great court updates. It’s interesting to read what really went on, instead of Nicole’s spun version. I do wonder what the Nicole Celesto Naugler thing is about, though.

    Hope you are feeling better as well and Frances is appreciating you coming out to milk twice a day, every day, even when feeling rather dreadful. I doubt she does, but she’s a bit of a cow like that. 😉


  7. “In a matter of a couple of hours, they had her address, photos of her home, and began doxxing her.”

    That’s what they tried to do to me. Instead, they declared that I was a “sock” (a term I had never heard of before) and a “troll”.

    I never once commented on any of THEIR pages. I doubt I would have followed their story as closely if they hadn’t put my name on one of their lists.

    In other words, they created what they stated they feared. However, as Joe is a “prophet”, I bet this is part of their plan. After all, every prophet needs a villain. Judas betrayed Jesus we’re told. But Peter who denied him three times. Without them doing so, Jesus wouldn’t have been crucified. If you believe in the Bible and such (I don’t).

    I’m enjoying the view from here in my warm cozy house, washing the sheets and getting ready to put them out on the line to dry, sipping my coffee and eating my breakfast. Toilet flushes and everything!


  8. I have, of course, never followed Nicole or her family anywhere at any time. Neither to her home nor her business both of which I have never been to. I have driven by the homestead once to pick up the neighbor for lunch and a “girl’s day out” when no one was obviously home at the homestead. I have visited a friend’s store in the same strip mall making it a point to park directly in front of their store, pull my hood up and cover my face, and directly and quickly go into their store.

    As to accompanying friends to court we were there long before the Nauglers showed up which is very close to, if not late, to the scheduled time. My intent was simply to be moral support for my friend. Regardless of Nicole’s determination I did indeed have a legitimate purpose in being there that had absolutely nothing to do with Nicole. She was not the party being charged with a crime. She was not subpoenaed to be there. One could say, if one thought like Nicole, that she did not have a legitimate reason to be there.

    I did not contact the Nauglers while we were at the courthouse in contrast to Nicole bending and hissing into my face where I sat in the courtroom and then ambushing and accosting me in the courthouse hallway as I exited the courtroom. The next time we were in court the Nauglers entered behind us and we scurried into the restroom to avoid them. I was later informed by the bailiffs that Nicole had made a scene and misinformed, imo and theirs, the court that I and the identified victim in Joe’s charges were her “stalkers”. It is interesting to note that in both her words and deeds it would seem Nicole each time neglects to mention that Viv was the alleged victim of Joe’s current charges or that I was there with her. Once the bailiffs were aware that Viv was the witness and alleged victim and that I was accompanying her they were not amused and took proper precautions to insure our safety, imo.

    I have never laid eyes on the teen included in the petition. I do not know where and when he spends his time, nor do I care.

    Take my word for it that I have not publicly documented my every thought about Nicole or her family. Retired or not I am still a trained attorney and I am a compassionate person fully aware that someday, when grown, the children may seek out information from their past. In my opinion their parents have exposed more than enough in that regard. Luckily thinking is not a crime, there are no thought police and Nicole’s mind reading skills are lacking, but that hasn’t stopped her yet from her publishing her flights of fancy for all the world to see.

    Nicole complains frequently that no county attorney will take her seriously and charge anyone with a crime. In particular, she likes to bring this up while discussing me. I would suggest that the problem is not that they ignore her, but that there has been no crime to charge.


  9. “Nicole is one of those people who thinks a misspelled name invalidates a document, right? Hm. I wonder who Nicole Celesto Naugher is.”

    In which case it never applied to Lisa Luti-Duran.


  10. The part that really irritates me is calling Lisa an alcoholic. Not one ounce of proof, NN just libeled her with that application. And I think it’s very telling that JN wasn’t included because it asks at the bottom are you on probation or parole. And if he wasn’t on the application, why was he party to the hearing? Was he acting as their attorney?
    Thanks again Sally for an excellent summary of the actual facts!!!
    You rock & I sure hope you’re feeling better!


  11. The more NN shows her true colors in court, the less serious she will be taken by any judicial entity. If she keeps it up, one of these days the baliffs in the courts will be escorting her in and out of the courthouse, through the “perp” doors.


  12. Reading is hard. However, it should not be hard for judges. If I were someone who would be interested in being “Unschooled” I guess how that works would be that I would be interested in something like “judicial misconduct”? Then I would read about it on the official state website here? Would I then do “homework” by following the directions contained on the page if I thought there was a grievance? This “Unschooling” thing maybe isn’t so bad after all…


  13. Thanks Sally, I am glad you are feeling better. You are like the Helen Thomas/Maureen Dowd of Naugler Land, and I appreciate your hard work.

    Lisa, glad it is over, and after your above mention I have Dueling Banjos stuck in my head again.
    I am stilled impressed you had the presence of mind to record that, one video being worth a thousand Facebook posts and all. Especially Joe dragging her away!

    Happy Holiday weekend to all.


  14. I went back and watched a few of her videos (after court and pending charges, you know the ones) and I think they don’t realize that their stories change every god damned day. I would love to have been a fly on the wall during these proceedings, just to see the eye-rolling from the witnesses. Did they really think this would work? And Sally, I hope you feel better. I heard you last night on the podcast. If this cough you have now is “nothing “, I can’t imagine what it was like.


  15. If this cough you have now is “nothing “, I can’t imagine what it was like.

    It was much worse. I could barely talk at all.


  16. Thanks, Sally! Love my *recent comments and posts* on the sidebar. I had a feeling you didn’t know it was missing.
    And, Al? Leave Sally’s shit alone and find another blog to mess with. I hear there is one with a similar name! Big Grin 🙂


  17. Okay, so Lisa takes the unfortunately reasonable (and apparently necessary) precaution of avoiding contact and recognition by the toothless hag with snake hair when visiting someone who has the misfortune of having a business in the same strip mall and that constitutes stalking? That is absurd. The only predatory things taking place were Nicole fixating on Viv’s business (so business is booming for Nicole?) and lying in wait for Lisa at the court house.

    How many people have to be tormented and harassed by Nicole and Joe as they do perfectly legal things like go to a business, go to a court house, or drive down a public road? This nonsense they do is what happens in 1980’s movies about high school. Evidently the Nauglers haven’t matured past that time of life. But I believe the Nauglers know full well what they are doing. I maintain that the Nauglers are purely predators who use their kids to use and con other people for money and, if that fails, try to intimidate their uncooperative prey. Again, how long will the populace have to endure the Nauglers’ harassment?


  18. . I maintain that the Nauglers are purely predators who use their kids to use and con other people for money and, if that fails, try to intimidate their uncooperative prey.

    Way back a long time ago, when I first got sucked into this rabbit hole, somebody mentioned the McElroy case to me. I’d never heard of it.

    While Ken McElroy was a special kind of bully, and there is no comparison in terms of scale here, there is a comparison to be made about attempts to intimidate. I also don’t want to imply that what happened to Ken McElroy is prophetic in any way, because I certainly do not believe that.

    But the book is interesting, especially the descriptions of how McElroy would park his vehicle near somebody’s home or business and just sit and stare at them to intimidate them. In 1981, the smartphone was a long way off, but if it were to happen today, Ken would very likely have been big on “documenting” everything.


  19. Oops – this is the relevant thread.

    So what, if any, are the potential repercussions for filing malicious IPOs?

    For what little it is worth (amusement’s sake), I literally just watched Judge Judy award 5k for a malicious IPO, in civil court (granted, in tv land, they pay the bill on behalf of the defendant, plus appearance fees).


  20. I remember when that happened.

    I was talking about the McElroy case vs the Nauglers with my husband a few weeks ago… until his eyes glazed over. 😉

    I almost feel like suggesting that book to Nicole and Joe as a cautionary tale.

    Even if they bothered to read it (ha!) they’d probably just see it as a playbook about how to be even bigger assholes.


  21. That was an interesting read about McElroy. It does seem that the Naugler patriarch takes an awful lot from the McElroy playbook. Maybe it’s a sovereign citizen/ anarchist playbook? Even the rationales are really similar “protecting constitutional rights” as a self-justified interpretation of bullying and “no one tells me what to do.” Well the Ewok has been marinated in that philosophy for…ever? But dang, I wouldn’t wish McElroy’s fate on the Nauglers.


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