Hard Work


Created a whole new page (YET ANOTHER ONE). Umpteen posts. Moved/shared/uploaded more than 260 photos.  Took photo of children, uploaded it. Made snarky comments which show that she did some reading today in addition to all that creativity.


Sure.  Yeah. Right.


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  1. Oh c’mon huh? She only added a little over two hundred and sixty photos . . . and some posts.

    I believe the answer to her question regarding allegations can best be answered by looking in a mirror. She certainly accuses people of stalking (sorry, but “staking” is for vampires), harassing, and bullying on her blog. She has ZERO proof and she spins things to fit her own insanity.

    But back to 10 1/2 hours of hard work being a “groomer”. She is truly a wonder woman. A veritable human Ferrari. I haven’t seen this kind of multi-tasking and efficiency since . . . well, I’ve never seen it.

    I’m tellin ya, she missed her calling. I’m going to stand by the freak show analogy. This woman is truly amazing.


  2. @ Please. She certainly is a freak of nature! She did all that all by herself and Joe, well Joe made chili, how pathetic! He needs to step it up!


  3. Exchange “beautifying dogs” for screwing off on Facebook and you’ve got a winner, winner, chicken dinner.


  4. I can pop open cans of Hormel chili too (yuck). Where’s my shout out?

    *note to self: chili no longer sounds good for tomorrow. Hungarian cabbage rolls it is!


  5. I certainly wish I could do all that facebooking that Nicole does. In one day. While grooming dogs. For 10 1/2 hours. Holy shitdawgs, now that’s a dynamo. Gonna start calling her Sybil Naugler soon. Her head will be spinning and she will be barfing pea soup. Or, maybe chili.


  6. How funny – my husband made chili today too. It involved more than opening cans of Hormel or Campbell’s though and it was delicious. I particularly appreciate him adding slices of bell peppers and onions to it this time.

    Must have been a slow day at the shop. Interestingly enough, the groomer that I use is never standing or sitting around doing nothing when I pick up my dog. Nor did that business fail during the recession and may expand – despite not having a Facebook page. It’s almost as though people appreciate the quality of the job done (results) and that is what has kept the business profitable over the last 15 years. Go figure.

    Fingers fly when doing the job, not over the keys of the mobile phone.


  7. From nebbish to unmensch in less than 60 seconds. What an act!

    Yiddish, it’s an interesting language with deep roots in the German language. Many believed it to be as good as dead, then surprisingly there was a modern resurgence. What has been lost can sometimes be found again, with a little care and a little work. Some things are lost forever.

    In a world where people, through no fault of their own, have suffered and continue to suffer far greater things than mere words of criticism on an Internet page, it is hard for me to drum up any sympathy for this spoiled, self indulgent, juvenile woman and her soft husband.

    Nebbish = a pitiful person
    Unmensch = a person lacking the basic characteristics which define a decent human being


  8. Please said, “She is truly a wonder woman. A veritable human Ferrari. I haven’t seen this kind of multi-tasking and efficiency since . . . well, I’ve never seen it.”

    ha!! Thanks for that deep belly laugh with my coffee time this morning! My multi-tasking…


  9. Ah, yes. Touch of gray: a well known anthem for hypo manic, shit stirring narcissists needing an explanation for yet another Facebook page to feed an empty soul. If Jerry was alive, he’d think he was having a bad acid trip.
    I’m looking forward to the future books of the naugler kids: “yeah, we might not have had education, mattresses, attention, or most other necessities but mom always made sure she had multiple Facebook pages at all times. She was always looking out for the important things in life.”


  10. Vulgar language follows, but it’s germane. Nevertheless there may be Gentle Readers who will be offended.

    I think I broke the code. You see, four letter words are unacceptable to Joe and Nicole unless they are “cunt”, “fuck”, “shag”, “shit”, “crap”, “turd” and so on. I doubt shag carpet has any meaning to them unless it’s for trimming and using to wipe themselves after using a white bucket.

    The words “hard”, “work”, “toil”, “slog”, “deed”, “farm”, “till”, “plow” are bad words. They won’t believe in them, don’t use them to describe themselves and in particular they don’t want them linked together. The phrase ‘hard work’ = 2x worse together than when used separately!

    Still waiting to see photos of their successful humanure composting system in action. Why so reticent, Nicole? You plastered photos taken by your children while giving birth and yes, excreting upon your baby, all over the internet. Why are you so shy regarding your success at safely composting the contents of the white buckets? Surely you’re proud of how well it’s working.


  11. Bethannie says:
    January 30, 2016 at 9:48 pm

    I can pop open cans of Hormel chili too (yuck). Where’s my shout out?
    Here it is! Hurray for Bethannie for doing more than merely opening cans!

    *gold star*

    I’d like one for feeding my animals. All of them. None are left loose to go fend for themselves or become bobcat bits.


  12. localyokel wrote, “JOE DID SOMETHING! HE MADE CHILI!”

    Just saying you did something does not mean you actually *did* it. Like, I could say I went to a dinner party with President and Mrs. Obama last night.

    I can’t get past the idea of what could actually be accomplished if they’d just put the phones down and *do* something. I can’t even wrap my brain around how one has that much free time to play on FB when they are raising 11 children, running a grooming business and, well, actually homesteading.

    Ah, but I’m too generous. The older kids are raising the younger kids and the bulk of grooming the dogs and doing any so-called “homesteading” that is getting done. Since being a kid is reason enough to allow some leeway in plans and their fruition, it’s a safe bet that very little of what the kids can accomplish is little more than mere survival.


  13. To “Oy Vey”— פּונקט! punkt! Zackly!

    Yiddish word perfectly describes the very same woman. It’s derived from the German word VERBITTERT:

    Ferbissen, verbissen or more commonly, FARBISSINER

    Also spelled:
    farbissin, farbisseneh, farbisine, farbissen, farbisn, farbisiner, farbissina

    adj. embittered, sullen, mean
    n. sourpuss, mean person

    “Farbissina mensch!”. An embittered, nasty woman.


  14. Thanks, Tekla!
    I needed that laugh!

    I decided against cabbage rolls tonight, and just stuck the cabbage, potatoes, and venison sausage in the crock pot. Really enjoying being lazy last couple of days.


  15. The following is my OPINION:

    Sure, the parents have problems: they are too stubborn to admit fault and too stubborn to accept SNAP, to the point of inflicting malnutrition on their children. And more often than not, it is easy (and understandably so) for the Nauglers to disassociate from their harsh, grim reality by way of illusive blogging and mindless FB use.

    Conclusively, they may be online all day, aloof, dense, and dissentient. However, insulting them probably does not help. And its not intelligent. Sticking to discussion and education should be the aim. Some of the comments on this page do very little to advance the cause of awareness. Sure, poking a little fun at the situation, fine. Resorting to insults? Youre only adopting the same immaturity for which we are here to protest and denounce.

    Her new “Public Figure” FB profile is only bait. I think she is baiting, in hopes she can lure in fish who will libel or slander her “public figure”. It is my advice that you do not engage. Do not engage. And do not repost screen shots. If you feel as though you have to run a FB page re BLH, keep the inciting activity to a minimum. The best strategy to bring awareness to the illusive, faux homestead, is to write about your opinion – do not state hearsay as fact but as hearsay, or perhaps quote your source.

    AND. Do not post memes, please. For the love the fully-functioning brain! Memes are for those without sources who cannot explain themselves through more articulate means. And Jesus Christ! Could that woman post anymore memes? Best way to dumb down a page – and weed out any intelligent conversation – is to post more memes, which explains why many of her followers have bowed out or become unsympathetic.


  16. “I know there are a lot of websites, FB pages etc that have written about us. Some are less than flattering and some are outright gossip and lies. My children are aware of them.”

    Studies also show that social media have negative effects on peoples’ self-esteem and self-worth. Ugh. Imagine the effect it has on childrens’ senstive minds!
    So. Why would she expose her children to social media and its unhealthy affect? The Nauglers are attempting to give their 11 children a natural, “free-range” childhood; No Public School, No Homeschool?, No Emergency Medical Care, No running water, No septic, No TV, No Video Games… But Facebook is ok?! Why is social media and its very negative consequences on self-esteem okay?! FB is filled with scum.

    People are motivated to portray themselves in a way that is appropriate to the situation and serves their best interest. And I think, that is obviously what Nicole is doing – what she has been doing – and when the consequences of portraying such an illusive identity rebound in her face she, she exposes her children to it? By no will of their own, their right to privacy was breached, their lives exploited – the impoverished lifestyle they were born into milked online, by their own mother. Next, their told by their parents how much people disapprove of their lifestyle, all of “the haters”.

    [Admin: edited to remove analysis of the business. That’s a subject I try to avoid.]


  17. Well, well, well… Happy Anniversery to two lazy, slovenly, unfit parents. Meanwhile, up in the MRI-sized girls’ “loft bedroom”, their innocent daughter is reading a book that describes sex and rape between cavemen and women. Oh, but no worries! Nicole reads a few random pages to check for appropriateness. All is well with the world. Except, she missed the rape and sex parts. Oh well. Yay for unschooling!


  18. Angela, I couldn’t agree more.
    Mamma claims her daughter “skips over” inappropriate parts. Duh, that’s what she tells her parents. Kids are naturally curious. If a story is interesting s/he will continuing reading the material whether appropriate or not.
    IMO certain parts “The Plains of Passage” are too mature for a 13 year old girl. It’s a great book more suited to readers 16 and up. This is just another example that the parents do fuck-all to supervise their children’s education, unschooling or not.
    Given the Nauglers’ love affair with the Internet, you’d think they could spend a few minutes researching age-appropriate classic and new books for their kids. Instead of scouring the web for imbecilic, inflammatory memes to plaster on Facebook.


  19. Oh, ugh. That’s the one my normally cuss-less MIL called “F—in’ Your Way to France.”

    Well, at least the people in that book actually make things. And finish what they start.


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