I am in the middle of re-reading Sinclair Lewis’s It Can’t Happen Here.

If you have never had the pleasure of reading this book, you’re in luck.  It’s in the public domain and available online here.

To give you a brief story line, just in case you’ve never read it, and taking care not to spoil the book for you, this quote is from a book written by a politician who is running for president of the United States (supposedly – the book, of course, is fiction).  You know how everyone who runs for president has to write a book first? Well, this fictional character did.

But when I read this, I burst out laughing.

See if you know why.


Isn’t the guy’s name great?


17 thoughts on “Happening”

  1. What’s so funny about this is that when Obama was president the right was comparing Windrip to Obama. Lol! Now it’s the other way around and the left is now calling Trump Windrip.

    Politics make me laugh and smile and scratch my head all at the same time!

    Side note, and m trying very hard not to fall down the rabbit holes you are putting up, but it’s really hard not too. Your writing style is very good!


  2. What’s so funny about it has nothing at all to do with politics. Try again.

    Insert the word “insidious” into it.


  3. Yes, I see your point, but it was funny back when they were saying this about Obama, and I am sure that they have used this about every president after FDR. Didn’t mean any offense. Just love the circle of politics.


  4. It’s like a thesaurus vomited. ?

    Oh dear. This wins the internet for today. LOL


  5. Question have you read the Dan Brown books DaVinci Code, Angels and Demons, Lost Symbol, and Inferno? If not you should. I love the books and movies. Can’t wait for Origin to come out in October. He totally goes against what the Catholic church teaches.


  6. DaVinci Code,

    I read the DaVinci Code when it first came out, before it got really popular and kept telling people they should read it. LOL

    It is very important to understand that Dan Brown really does stretch a lot of stuff and in some cases sort of fabricates other stuff. Don’t put much stock in what he says. The books are entertaining as hell (although I didn’t like Angels and Demons as well and am not sure I even finished it) but they are most definitely not history books.


  7. I read the DaVinci Code when it first came out. Shortly after that I was in London and Paris for a months vacation, and had a ball searching out places mentioned in Dan Brown’s book.
    I’m on the Amazon waiting list for his next book.
    Fun reads.


  8. Sally, you converted me to the Instant Pot. Got it last night, made 4 minutes potato salad this afternoon, (but I should have listened to you and used the 3-minute time.)

    The baby-back ribs are in the 25 minute NPR count-down now.

    It’s too bad the Naugler’s don’t have on of these. It could change their lives nutritionally. Nicole could easily cook healthy meals at the shop and bring them home.

    This thing is a game-changer.


  9. This thing is a game-changer.

    Wait til I do the sous vide piece. The two of them together have completely revolutionized my kitchen.

    Try spaghetti. We had it today.


    That’s the basic idea, but I’ve read more and experimented and here’s how I do it.

    I use the Saute function and brown 1/2 pound of ground beef along with some onion and garlic. Then I add exactly one cup of water. I measure 4 oz of spaghetti (I actually weigh this to get it right), break it up and scatter it on top of the ground beef. Then, without stirring anything at all, I pour about half a jar of spaghetti sauce on top of the noodles. NO STIRRING. (You want the water to stay water until the pressure cooker creates enough steam to get up to pressure. If you stir it, it might scorch and then you’re screwed. And that’s the ratio. 1 cup of water for every four ounces of spaghetti. All the water will be absorbed.)

    Manual high pressure: 5 minutes. That’s FIVE MINUTES. NPR (natural pressure release) for about 5 or 6 minutes and then quick release. Give it a good stir and you have spaghetti.

    It’s not gourmet food but it’s better than fast food and it’s faster than fast food.

    Be aware that there is a learning curve. I tend to keep records of what I do so that I don’t forget and have to experiment all over again.


  10. I have decided I know what I want for my birthday this year. I’m still going to ask for bookcases (everyone gives me books but true love is providing me with BOOKCASES) but I will make the Instant Pot gift request #1 from my husband.

    The kids are going to be asked to purchase shagbark hickories from a nursery that specializes in them. Plus paw-paws. I keep trying. Someday, I will succeed.


  11. French fries.

    These are seriously good. I didn’t get photos because they were all eaten before I realized just how really good they were.

    I followed the directions pretty much to the letter. I used a deep fat fryer, but it took quite a bit longer than a couple of minutes to get them brown enough, more like 8 or so. This is my new go-to way to make french fries forever.


  12. Girl, you’re going to need to start a cooking tab section!

    I love the way the French Fry lady explained WHY to do it that way.

    Can’t wait to try the spaghetti.

    Can I change my user name? No Regrets!


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