Guilt By Association

Here we go. Susan Frise has stepped up to the plate and provided a wonderful example.

Nicole keeps associating me with Sheriff Pate (collusion, don’t you know) in spite of the fact that I have never met him nor have I spoken with him, solely because his mother-in-law and I are Facebook friends.

Because of that, whatever I do, he’s responsible for and whatever he does, I am responsible for.

Well, what about Susan Frise?

Susan is not a casual drive-by reader of Nicole’s pages. She’s on there a good bit. She’s on there enough that I wrote a whole piece about her awhile back.

I would suggest you go read it.

Susan Frise is racist to her bone. She’s neo-Nazi racist. So the remark she made above, about me and the article Nicole just posted on her blog, is not surprising.

And Nicole doesn’t care.

It’s fine.



17 thoughts on “Guilt By Association”

  1. Until you linked the other comments from her before I didn’t remember her. How disgusting. She is vile, but since she agrees with NN & JN her comments are allowed to stay. Anyone of the leg humpers who don’t call her out are as low as she is. These are the Naugler’s true friends. Racist low life’s. It’s who they associate with & who they won’t call out about their gross comments. True colors…shining through


  2. Good.

    Can we hold her responsible for all of her supporters who want to staple our faces to the ground, shoot us, deliver some sort of street justice or send anthrax in the mail as one of them implied today. What did she say? “…it’s a shame it’s illegal to lace letters with deadly agents.” – Amanda Carter Wiggins.

    Such a crew that Nicole and Joe Naugler have gathered around themselves.


  3. Here is the problem

    she has no friends…no friends that will go to bat for her…no friends show up for court… no one has her back in real life….she thinks friendship is collusion and collusion is friendship, its sad really.

    but….shes a grown ass woman who knows what she’s doing so she gets zero sympathy from me.

    Here is my take on the facebook drama
    1. she can control the dialog so she FEELS like she is winning (whatever that means to a naugler)
    2. she flounders like a fish when it comes to real life because she can’t control the outcome.
    3. She gets a false sense of security on facebook, and when she exerts that in “real life” it has the reverse effect and exacerbates her irrational, absurd, paranoid tendencies.
    4. She is cunning, but reactionary…again…great for facebook…bad for real life

    In summation , understand your intellectual limitations, you are in way over your head

    but life would be boring without you in it

    so i’m torn with wanting you to disappear and clinging to a raft in your swamp like Rose from the Titanic

    I’ll let you choose…its a win win for me eitherway


  4. Oh for shits sake. Fuck Nicole Naugler and her following. The lot of them is just outright fucking toxic.

    Shit- Nicole is married to a man who abused his oldest son. He is currently neglecting his children on the daily! She ignores it or celebrates it – I truly can not decide.

    “Nauglered” has literally become a term of disgust in this part of Kentucky. Sickening

    By the way, if you didn’t know, a supporter of the Nauglers is actually considering running in local politics. Dude is a lunatic weasel. He won’t win. But it is hilarious to watch from the sidelines.

    And for the record, CHFS still has an open case against the Nauglers. Why? Because CHFS knows the shit will hit the fan one day and they don’t be to accused of dropping the ball anymore than they have.

    Starting to get cold here. Hope they have that wood stove ventilated properly. This family is one incident of neglect away from a terrible and potentially fatal accident. Shame on them.


  5. Deb, when you get your ‘Booking privledges reinstated would you please share some photos of your home decorated for the holidays? I know that is a rather weird request, but I bet your home looks exquisite!


  6. Susan is not the first Californian I have heard sling her racist remarks around. I grew up in California, and a lot (but not all) Californians are racists assholes. I’m really embarrassed for them, they don’t see how disgusting and vile they sound. Even friends I went to school with say things that make me cringe.
    Susan, it’s time you stepped back and took a good look at yourself. You are a narrow-minded racist person.
    If you were not so busy judging and disliking a person because of their accent, color, clothing, you might discover how very much alike we all are.
    It also quite comical you’re up Nikki’s ass, if you ever met her you would hate her, trust me.


  7. I still marvel at the very idea that someone with 11 kids has so much time for recreation on the internet.

    I’m not “net-shaming” moms and dads of young kids….I fully recognize everyone deserves a break to keep sane and not strangle anyone….but I’m not talking about a break, or even two or three breaks. Or a little overindulgence while the kids are at school…I’m talking about what appears to be sun-up to sun-set net addiction.

    Back when my kids were little, they always wanted my attention. And guess what? They got it. Every. Single. Time. Because there was no greater priority in my life…than their welfare, their happiness, the opportunity to spend time with them.

    Two kids had me swamped..with questions, with stories that needed to be read, with things we had to collect and look up, with supplies that needed to be found to build something, with crazy conversations, and games, and trips to see friends, and the zoo, and the library, and the garden, and will you help me make this/do this/learn this?

    And practical shit like…I dunno…baths, and hair washing, and nail trimming, and trips to the doctor and the dentist, and trips to get new shoes. And basic learning objectives like…I dunno…LITERACY, writing, math… Fuck’s sake.

    I would have been absolutely ashamed to tell my kid I was busy….with something as pointlessly stupid as Facebook. (or any other recreational net distraction) How often do you think that happens to Nick’s ELEVEN kids?

    Nick and Joe got bit by the “fame” bug. Their whole life seems to revolve around their net presence, and their never ending war with….society at large. “We’re the family who had their children taken away!” Joe proudly tells anyone who will listen.

    Jesus…what a boast.

    Nicole carries her cross in the cheapest possible way. She’s not even a real martyr…she sells her joke martyrdom on the net as a grifting business. “Woe is me! The world is out to get me!” says blameless Nicole. All the while shoving a needy kid away, and rubbing her hands together to see what Sally wrote next.

    Nicole? Your priorities are shit. Take care of your kids.


  8. Ooh, @Amie! Good idea! Yes, Please, Deb! Christmas photos! In fact, Sally, I think a post on troll houses decorated for the season would be amazing! I’ll submit. ?
    Anyway, to the post at hand: It doesn’t surprise me at all. The Nauglers are bottom feeders. Who’s going to pal around with a shitbag except another shitbag?


  9. Shit- Nicole is married to a man who abused his oldest son. He is currently neglecting his children on the daily!

    Much as I believe the first sentence, he wasn’t convicted of it. Joe did have his parental rights terminated though and at the very least, he neglects his children’s education.


  10. You know what is just delightful about all this?

    The stats on this blog.

    Selling trolls for charity doesn’t drive up traffic on this blog. Selling artwork on Ebay for charity doesn’t do bupkiss to the stats.

    But when Nicole writes a blog post blasting away at me and the others. . . BOOM!

    I love it.

    As Deb often says to Nicole, “Love ya.”


  11. KataraFish brings up something I’ve always wondered about. I’ll be the first to admit I spend too much time on my phone. Sometimes I just put it down and say nope. My kids are older though. A lot of the time when I’m on my phone it’s while I’m in some random building or parking lot waiting for my kids to finish up an activity.

    I look back to when my kids were young. My five kids were born within six years. They are close together. We still had dialup internet when they were young. Even if I would have had fast internet I wouldn’t have been able to be online. I was too busy tending to their needs. Having a bunch of little kids consumes your time and I didn’t even work outside of the house.

    I have friends with little kids still, they are rarely online. Sometimes they’ll post an instagram photo or post something while the kids are sleeping or in school. My homeschooling friends with little kids are rarely online because they don’t have the time.

    Something in Nicole’s life is getting neglected because even the best multitasker in the world doesn’t have that much time to post, even and especially someone with so many kids.

    It’s sad that she would rather be online than with the kids. I look back lovingly at afternoons spent going for walks, or playing at the park, or heck drawing with chalk in the backyard. Even little kids with lots of siblings want moms attention all the day, it’s just the nature of most kids.


  12. But when Nicole writes a blog post blasting away at me and the others. . . BOOM!

    I bet the same is true of her blog stats though. Maybe that’s why she loves you guys so much, and keeps mentioning all of you again and again.


  13. Thanks for the link to the ranch, I have made a few donations to it. You hear that Nicky, that money went to KIDS who deserve a little bit of joy. Since we know you and Jabba read here. What do you think your children think, seeing you both on line from sun up to sun down. Go get a life, rent a couple of dumpsters and clean up that feral land, If that is possible.


  14. The threat of sending anthrax through the mail is in violation of the Patriot Act. She deserves a vacation in Gitmo and suspension of habeas corpus. Just saying.


  15. As Lt Kenda says My my my, seems Kendra is pissed at the money going to the ranch. Just ask her, she said she made a call to the ranch and they are not happy about how those funds came about. Kendra, GFY.


  16. The threat of sending anthrax through the mail is in violation of the Patriot Act.

    I didn’t see a threat specifically like that. Where was it?


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