Lisa has a new business, as I hope everyone knows.

Deb is helping her with the creation of some pretty fabulous stuff.

Here’s a sample.

Blessed Little Grooming Company LLC

For anyone who doesn’t know, that is a felt-covered soap.  After you use it and the soap is all gone, you can carefully slit the felt covering and insert a refill.

I have the Frances version.

Mine and no you can’t have it

But they are doing way more than just felted soaps.

Here it is
Here you go
You want to go look, don’t you?

So there is a lot of stuff over there.  I’ve just put up a few samples, and they are just getting started.

As you can see from the Martyr Soap, some of the advertising copy and labeling is snarky as hell.  It’s the sort of thing you might buy as a perfect gift for that very special person who can take a joke.  Or for that not-so-special person who can’t.

But there is this.

I have a few things to say about this.  You knew I would.  Didn’t you know I would?

First, if I had some concern about anything that Deb and Lisa were doing, even the slightest concern, you know what I would do?

I’d contact one of them privately and tell them.  It’s simple.

They have a Facebook page.

Go there, hit Message, and chat.  Or, if you are super afraid that Deb will see that you’re criticizing her (because that’s what this is about), and you don’t want her to see that, and you don’t want to confront her in person because you are chicken-shit, contact Lisa directly. She has a Facebook page too, although I won’t link to it.

If nothing else works, contact me and I’ll relay your concern.

Going onto your own Facebook page and doing this publicly (and it’s totally public, as you can see) is shitty.  There’s no other way to describe it.  I would forgive this, I think, if Heather Murphy-Murphy had gone to the BLGCLLC Facebook page and posted something.  Maybe.  But what she did was shitty.

It’s shitty.

Here’s a biblical quote for you.

However, let’s get past the shittiness of it for now and look at the veracity of her criticism.

She says that poking fun at “Irish sin” is “racist.”

It’s not racist.  Irish isn’t a race. It’s a nationality. Ireland is a country.

And the whole concept of Irish guilt is deeply rooted in Catholic guilt. That’s what is being gently mocked here.  Religion.  Catholicism.

Don’t believe me?

I didn’t write that.

She did. Go look.  She blogs about it. She includes several memes about it and she doesn’t include them as examples of horrible racist awful things. Her comment is “I hope you enjoy them.”

Here’s one.

Are  you offended yet?

Google the term “Catholic guilt.”  You’ll get lots of hits, including articles written by the Catholic press. And they don’t think of it as “racist.”

But you see, if Heather had just bothered to ask Lisa about it, to express her concern, Lisa would have explained that it was about this whole “Catholic guilt” thing.  She didn’t ask, though.

Why did Deb use “Irish” and not “Catholic”?  Because the god-damned soap is green.

It gets worse, though.

Leslie Young pretends to be Lisa’s friend.  She pretends this all the time. I have known for a long time that it’s not true.  Here’s proof.  She could easily have contacted Lisa with her fake concern, but she didn’t.

Let me explain what is going on here.

This is not about racism or somebody giving offense, or somebody else taking offense, or something being seen as inappropriate. This is about Debra.

This is about green.

Not Irish green.  Not money green.

Jealousy green.

Big, big jealousy green.

Eat your hearts out, girls.  There’s more coming.  While you wait, buy a bar of Martyr Soap.  Both of you could use some.



28 thoughts on “Green”

  1. As a Catholic of both Irish and German descent, there is absolutely nothing offensive about this. To the white privileged bitches stirring up shit- you aren’t exactly their target demographic.


  2. They sure sound like they have been visiting FreeJinger with all that “I’m so offended” BS.


  3. To this day, I’m surprised this stuff is still around. I think it smells awful. Do the Irish have a monopoly on the color green too?

    March 17th almost everyone plays at being Irish. If it fell on M-F, kids would wear green to school so they wouldn’t get pinched.


  4. Sigh.

    Well they do say that all publicity, even bad, is good publicity.

    Not to fear. Catholic guilt isn’t the only harmful religious by-product we intend to turn into soap. If you haven’t noticed yet our use of the word blessed is irreverent to say the least.

    As a personal note I found the comment about watermelons to be racist as hell. Talk about irony.


  5. I’ve got Irish in me, and I was raised Catholic. Catholic guilt, and in particular, Irish Catholic guilt, is something I know a lot about. It’s something my entire family jokes about.


  6. She must faint every time she sees a bowl of lucky charms.

    That said, in a group today, someone posted a gif that was really triggering to me because it was graphic.

    I said, “Hey, I’m sorry to be a a snowflake and there’s no way you could know, but that gif is really upsetting/ triggering to me. I have PTSD from something related. Is there any way at all you could please delete it?”

    To which she said, “oh my gosh, I didn’t think about any thing like that! Sure!”

    And all was well. Still friends. No drama. Boring.

    And that, kids, is what happens when you act like goddamn grownups.


  7. I thought that bar was beyond hilarious, and so did my very Irish, very Catholic very large extended family. I bought a few bars too. Keep ‘em coming girls, I’m laughing even more now.


  8. I was born and baptized french-canadian catholic. We’re just one step down our irish counterpart on the guilt scale. She must not know her catechism very well if she’s not getting it. SHAME ON HER. SHAAAAME.

    But catholics are supposed to share so I guess I could dig up my mother’s and send it to her.


  9. Not my business it’s our business. Deb and I are full partners. I couldn’t imagine having embarked on this adventure with anyone else.

    We each count ourselves lucky we found each other. We have had our dreams come true, and didn’t even know we had those dreams.

    Just goes to show you can find the silver lining in every rain cloud if you just work at it.


  10. As such, its just a harmless play on stereotypes.

    What I would be curious to know, is where, how, or why this rift of jealousy originated? Because it’s obvious that the issue isnt about soap.


  11. I was born in Belfast to an Australian mother and an Irish father. Yep, the epicentre of “The Troubles” and the Catholics fighting with the Proddys (so called Loyalists), and the Proddys fighting with the Catholics (we lived close to Shankill Rd near the hunger striker Bobby Sands if anyone remembers him) – so I feel I can say, fuck off Heather, you’re being ridiculous. And I can say that because I am neither Catholic nor Protestant. They’re both equally idiotic.

    One of my best friends is Catholic, and SHE jokes about her Catholic guilt all the time! But then, this is Australia, and nothing is sacred. Still, fuck off Heather, you’re an imbecile.


  12. Heather Murphy-Murphy’s response is to call Mexican people wetbacks? Last time I checked saying someone who comes from Ireland is Irish was not a perjorative. Not quite the same thing is it as calling someone a wetback? The difference one supposes between true offense and rationalizing false accusations based on an ulterior motive. Calling someone else a racist while using racist terminology is, well, hypocritical. Using racist terminology is racism per se, wouldn’t you think?

    She probably should confess to that next Sunday when she goes to Church. Unless, of course, she doesn’t do that either. Which would make this whole debacle even more transparent as to the true motivation. Only 78 percent of the Irish in Ireland are Catholics. The majority of Irish Americans are not Catholic. They’re Protestants.


  13. I want a Jewish guilt soap for my DIL mother!!! Maybe one that smells like chicken soup! My DIL thinks it’s a great idea (this is not racist, my DIL was raised Jewish & is now LDS and her mom is upset ((I understand her mom on this and really like the woman)) she says that there is no guilt like that which comes from a Jewish mom)

    (If you find this post offensive, you can not post, I won’t be offended) 🙂


  14. You know I was raised Irish-Catholic, I laughed so hard when I saw it and even sent the post about it to my Irish friends. Not Irish-American real Irish. They thought it was hilarious.


  15. Well, I’m hoping for something special to be sold for Dyngus Day.

    If they want to sell lime and tequila-scented soap for Cinco de Mayo, I’ll buy that too. I love citrus scents.

    Bring it on!


  16. LP i can answer that

    I am an offensive asshole….but Sally likes me….this makes people big mad.


  17. My family is Irish. Like Feck-all. Bunch of wankers from The Republic of Ireland. Cork, in fact. Real Ireland, where being a republican means something else entirely. Where the government interfering in your affairs was an actual problem, and not something an overly sensitive gobshite decided to whinge about nonstop to get others to pay her bills while she and her bloated boyo sit on their arses smoking cannabis.

    Nicole’s plastic paddy doesn’t understand the first thing about Irish self deprecating humor.
    The soap is legendary. So are off colour sex jokes and jokes about The Church. They are the fabric of Irish culture.

    Nick’s arseways jab proves she’s thick in the head. But we knew that.


  18. Language it’s important.

    The soap is called “Irish Sins” a play on the very famous Catholic guilt motif which is often associated with Irish Catholics. It’s a holiday edition made specifically for the upcoming St Patrick’s Day.

    Heather Murphy-Murphy finds this soap name and description to be racist. As does Leslie Young. So let’s examine their choice of language that they used in an attempt to bolster their opinions. We all know there is a small dictionary of offensive words that are used to describe the Irish. I find them offensive so I won’t repeat them here. There was an unfortunate long history prejudice against Irish immigrants to America, as there have been for many of the groups of people who immigrated here. I won’t even get into the prejudice of the English. The point is we used the word Irish. That is what people from Ireland call themselves. We did not use any of the offensive names.
    I can’t say the same for Heather Murphy-Murphy who chose to compare using the words Irish Sin by calling Mexicans “lazy wetbacks.” Or Leslie Young who chose to compare Irish Sin to “sweaty blacks” and her own spin on “money grubbing Jews.” (Personally I’d compare it to Jewish Mother’s Guilt, because through personal experience, I’m pretty sure each of our original cultures has a handle on wielding guilt.). Like I said, language, it’s important. If they cannot see the difference or the blatant racism in the language they chose to use “lazy wetback” “sweaty black,” that’s on them.

    As to Heather Murphy-Murphy posting part of the message I sent her and demoting me from friend to “retailer.” It wasn’t an angry message from a retailer it was a sad and disappointed message from a friend. In my world friends discuss things. They don’t publicly put you on blast without any discussion or care in the world. She chose to leave out the relevant ending, I suppose to try to make her point. I am too inept to be able to share the message itself I don’t even know how to copy and paste. So I will transcribe it here. Up until this was brought to my attention I had considered that we were friends. Our last messages to each other gave no indication that we were anything else. Sigh. In the end, at best I was simply collateral damage in Heather’s and Leslie’s quest to be BEC kinda gals at worst I too was their target. It really doesn’t matter. Actions speak louder than words even when their words are pretty egregious all on their own. This is “internet people”. They are often not what they seem. Lesson learned. I can guarantee it won’t be the last time our business gets dissed. That is the way of the internet. In a way I’m kind of glad that it came from so-called friends first. Anything after this will be a cake walk. It won’t stop us from doing our best to bring superior and fun products to our customers, always with a twist of our own brand of snark. BLGC, LLC- pure soap for pure hearts, and sinners too. 🙂

    “You realize of course you could have come to me about the Irish soap? I would have explained it’s a dis against Catholic yoke forced upon Ireland and not the Irish themselves. We ran it by several Irish Catholic friends who thought it was hilarious. Whatever. (Here is where Heather chooses to cut it off so that she can turn a persona friend to friend message into an angry missive from a retailer. I posted the entire message onto her post and surprise she deleted it). All my $$$investment, haven’t even opened yet, bad publicity already, just didn’t expect the first of it would come from “friends.” Sigh.”


  19. Oh man. These “ladies” are mere strangers to me, however, their use of the words “sweaty blacks” and “lazy wetbacks” speak clearly of their character- more than any words that I can use to dissect or even try to understand the point that Leslie was trying to make with her original post.
    With those words that so easily typed their way onto their conversation, they both made it crystal clear that this wasn’t about soap or being offended.
    I dare anyone to speak up and say they read that and didn’t wince and feel disgusted by their use of those terrible, hateful, derogatory phrases.
    I’m not easily offended. Like hardly ever. Their words cut through me like a knife.

    As an aside, but quite relevant here, I’ll never understand being jealous of another woman. It’s so exciting to see others take the reigns to make their dreams come true!
    Lisa and Deb aren’t my longtime friends- I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them both, via this saga.
    I couldn’t be happier for them or more hopeful for their success!
    Their products being as fabulousas they are is just the icing on the cake!

    When you cheer others on and support them, it fills you with joy that cannot be replicated.

    Leslie and Heather can wallow in their sanctimonious, judgy ways and let the jealously turn their hearts green.

    We’ll be over here, cheering one another on, uplifting and celebrating one anothers success- as real women do!


  20. The online store is fabulous. Beautiful products. I’m about to place an order as soon as I tally up how many Irish/Catholic/and or martyrs I have in my family. I avoid them so much, I forget. (Mostly because I get tired of being asked to attend mass.) That being said, they have great taste AND a sense of humor so something like this will actually bring me a little closer to them.
    Also, the faux outrage from the two ladies was hysterical to me. But I hope it doesn’t stop blgc from putting out soaps that might be potentially offensive to tight wads like Heather. If there was a line of soap for trump supporters AND even liberals (because, I can take a joke too) I’d be able to finish my Christmas shopping before summer.
    Keep up the great work, BLGC. I love what i see and can’t wait to get the first package. I hope I get my order in before the storm and/or sell out.


  21. Only 78 percent of the Irish in Ireland are Catholics. The majority of Irish Americans are not Catholic. They’re Protestants.

    That’s in the Republic of Ireland, a large majority of the population are Catholic. However, in Northern Ireland, it’s closer to 40% Catholic, 36% Protestant, Methodist and Anglican. The Republic of Ireland, which has it’s own parliament, Prime Minister (Taoiseach) is an independent republic in it’s own right, and not part of the UK. Northern Ireland is still part of the UK.


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