Great Expectations

It’s here, at least for now.

NICOLE: Okay, I’m going.

All right, we are here. We’re leaving the Breckinridge County Corruptin’ Courthouse, um, home of the corrupt, you can see Todd Pate’s office over there. He’s corrupt. He’s running for sheriff again because he thinks he can win, he’s just a womanizer and abuser. But the courthouse, I want to address Susan S. Striebel, guardian ad litem, who has violated ethics committee of her job.

[Gets in car]

Now I’m going to get into that in just a second.

Well, they had court, obviously. Just as obviously, it didn’t exactly go the way Nicole anticipated.

But anyways, our case is open, still was supposed to get closed today and it wasn’t because of Susan S. Striebel who has decided she can impact our lives by us, we have not broken any laws, we have not violated anything, we are in 100% of the CPS SOP, and um, of everything we need to do.

Well, blow me down. I didn’t see that coming. I mean, they got a page full of court orders and proceeded to call them “asinine.” Who would have seen this coming?

CPS has again requested our case be closed and Susan Striebel wants pull up stuff like our kids not going to the dentist even though CPS says that our children have very healthy teeth. They want us to get evaluations from Weisskopf. If you are a local, you know how hard it is to get into Weisskopf. It’s hard to get children who need services into Weisskopf, let alone children who don’t need services.

Um, we have a letter from a doctor that says that our son does not need services from Weisskopf, yet Susan S. Striebel insists that they do, and that we are disrespecting the courts. And of course, Judge Embry, Shan Embry, she’s, um, going to be out of office here come January, she has backed up Susan Striebel, when Susan Striebel made it look like we were disrespecting the courts by not following orders. However, we did follow orders, we just didn’t follow them to their recommendations because I can’t pay to get my children into Weisskopf. Nobody can. Okay?

So, then they rule off of the educational assessments. We have complied with Kentucky state law for education. We are in 100% compliance. We are not breaking any laws. So therefore, Susan S. Striebel is, um, saying that we’re not honoring the judge’s orders when in fact there’s no legal obligation for us to do these things that they’re asking us to do which we’ve given them a comprehensive education plan, we’ve registered as homeschoolers, we’ve done those things.

Here’s the thing. It’s something Nicole simply does not understand. Nicole and Joe pleaded dependency. They are under the court’s jurisdiction about all this. It doesn’t matter one bit what the Kentucky law says. If the judge says that she wants Joe to teach those kids Chinese every morning for a half hour while they all wear purple pajama pants, he needs to get some “Hooked on Chinese” tapes and some purple pants and hop to it. That’s what court orders are. Orders. Not suggestions.

So what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to change law by asking us to do things that aren’t required by law.

JOE: That’s it.

NICOLE: And that’s it.

JOE: That’s it.

NICOLE: That’s it in a nutshell. They are requiring us to do.

No, that’s not it. Neither one of you understand what a court order is. I think you’re going to before you’re finished, though.

It has been, let’s see, November of 2015, we signed a plea deal, under duress, that we would plea deal that the sheriff had just cause to arrest me, um, and that, um, what was it, oh, and that we lived in a dilapidated home and that my husband was a pot smoker.

So, we pleaded to those things under the conditions that would close our case, that was November of 2015. Our case is still open.

They then came back, Susan Striebel recommended and demanded and the judge just said, “Oh, sure, honey, whatever you say” and, um, required forensic evaluation on my husband and I.

JOE: Because we have a large family, and, and we’re religious.

NICOLE: Oh, yes, because we have a large family and we’re religious, we must be crazy, right, so.

Anyways, we had the $7000 apiece psychological evaluations, Breckinridge County taxpayers paid for that with all the Title IV  [“eye-vee”] funding that they’re funneling in to to keep that fancy courthouse you just saw, and um, so they got the psychological evaluations which are considered, still considered sealed court records. Why would my psychological evaluation be sealed? Well, because it says I’m not crazy, that my husband’s not crazy, that we mentally stable and that the only thing the, um, Dr. McCreary, Dr. McCreary out of Louisville, un, the only thing that she said in her thing was that because I have a public blog, the one you guys are all watching on my Facebook page right now, and I have my blog, that we agitate people, and that that was a concern of hers. Seriously.

Well, you do have multiple Facebook pages, and a blog and you do use all of them to agitate people. Even when you go into hiding, into what you think are private groups (with 50,000 members), you agitate and get your ass tossed out. You can’t help it, I guess.

JOE: Oh, and that we don’t take our kids

NICOLE: And that we don’t take our kids

JOE: Although they have nice teeth, everybody gets to see pictures of our kids smiling, ah, you guys see how nice their teeth are. It wasn’t that the kids had, like, you know, when they had their dental evaluations done while they were in custody. It isn’t like they found, like, rotten teeth or bad teeth or anything. It was just that we didn’t take them for routine checkups.

NICOLE: Yeah, we aren’t doing routine checkups.

So, um, turn that on so I can see it, I want to see my Facebook page.

Um, so that’s what we’ve gone on. The issues that I’m addressing right now is I’m requesting an open investigation into Breckinridge County Family Court. If you are in the sound of my voice, if you’ve ever been in front of a court and have had Susan Striebel completely wreck your family’s life, let me know.

Here’s the, I’m going to read here in a second because I’m just waiting for it to pull up but I’ll get into that. Um, the guardian ad litem has rules that she’s supposed to be following. One of them is that she is supposed to interview the children she is representing. She’s never interviewed my children.

JOE: Not once.

NICOLE: She met them once, for twenty minutes.

JOE: That’s right, we were there, all at the table and she just shows up

NICOLE: And she wasn’t even there to sit and talk to anybody. She was just there like, “Hey, I see your place, I’ve gotta go and bye.” That was it.

Um, she’s never interviewed my children.

The Cabinet has interviewed my children profusely. The Cabinet recommends our case be closed. Has since May, when they finished their interviews back last two years, three years ago in May, they’ve been recommending the case be closed. They have had no concerns, um, the Cabinet worker submitted a report today which I’ll link up to you guys later saying that she has no concerns. There’s been no concerns for over two years, or no reports, there’s not even been anybody calling in with concerns, about two years, and even then, the ones that called in were trolls, just calling in with random stuff they found on the internet and it was just kind of strange.

But, um, there’s not been any concerns at all, and there’s nothing, she’s been to our home, she says there’s no concerns about the home, the children are flourishing, she used those words, the children are flourishing, the Cabinet worker says the children are flourishing, but yet Susan Striebel got all hung up because we didn’t take our children for dental visits. I’m not going to spend money on a dental visit when my children don’t need it.

When they have cavities, they’ve been filled. My children go to the eye doctor when they need to, we are not neglecting them in any way. They have healthy teeth, we have the dental records to prove that, when they did go to the dentist a couple of years ago.

You know, I’ve gone to the dentist for checkups all my life. And not once, not one single time, when I had a cavity, did I know I had a cavity. My dentist didn’t even know until he did an examination and looked carefully. He’d take a pokey thing and poke it on the tooth and say, “You have a little place right there. Brush it really well and maybe we can keep from having to fill it.” Or he’d poke and say, “Oh, gee. That’s too far. We need to fill that.”

Furthermore, I’ve had several teeth that cracked in my old age and I didn’t know they were cracked either.

Only twice in my whole life have I ever known I needed to get to a dentist. Once a tooth cracked when I bit down on some food and sort of fell apart. That was a root canal and crown.

A second time, I developed a good old-fashioned toothache, and the dentist informed me that my tooth had cracked all the way through the root. That was the expensive one. I had the tooth extracted and an implant done. That implant will be fine forever even though I will not.

Twice in 68 years, I knew I needed to see a dentist. Every other time, preventative care kept my costs down. A small filling stopped a big crack and a lost tooth.

I am going to be 69 years old in two days. Other than that one implant and my wisdom teeth that were extracted when I was young, I have all my teeth. Every one of them. Do you think maybe it’s because I got dental checkups?

But then, really, do you think for one second that anyone looks at Joe and Nicole (especially Nicole) and thinks, “Now there are some parents who understand dental health”?

But, uh, aside from that, (unclear) on my Facebook page, I’m going to read you this because, like I said, right now I’m really concerned about this runaway liberal, man-hating, family-hating, Christian-hating, homeschool-hating guardian ad litem who’s just using her position as the guardian ad litem of Breckinridge Courts to, to, um, is it right there, to harass families and we are not the only ones. I’ve talken to so many families who’ve had her influence, um, so I’m letting this load here and I’ll try to see if I’ll post it in the comments later when I can, maybe I can now. Maybe I can if I do this. It’s not letting me post a picture comment, only a word comment.

Dear god in heaven, she just called the GAL some names. I burst out laughing. How to win friends and influence people, by Nicole Naugler.

So, I apologize, I’m trying to work with technology while we’re traveling home. Um, this is just amazing to me. I mean, I really thought they were gonna close the case.

I think she really means that. This is just amazing to me.

JOE: We’ve done everything.

NICOLE: We’ve done everything. We’ve complied. Nothing we’ve done violates

JOE: And nothing the fucking judge has gone off of has even validated even opening the case.

NICOLE: Right. If you call some up and say, “Oh, they’re not taking their kids to the dentist” but their kids teeth are healthy, that’s not a reason to open a case. Nothing they’ve said is a reason to open a case.

Um, they submitted my husband to random drug testing which he took three random drug tests and passed all three of them, so he’s in compliance with all of that, we’ve been in compliance of all of that.

It says here: “A guardian ad litem shall determine the facts of the case by interviewing the child (unclear), Cabinet, CPS, and Children’s and Family Services worker, family members, therapists and others as necessary.” Susan Striebel hasn’t interviewed my children. She hasn’t

JOE: None

NICOLE: She hasn’t interviewed anybody that interacts with my children

JOE: None

NICOLE: She hasn’t interviewed anybody in the family, and I don’t even think she’s interviewed anybody in the Cabinet other than going off of the Cabinet’s recommendations to close the case.

“A guardian ad litem shall meet with and observe the child. . .” She’s never met my children, again, except for the twenty minute meeting. “. . .assess the child’s needs and wishes in regard to the representation of the issues of the case and explain the proceedings to the child according to the child’s ability to understand.”

She is obligated to explain to my children what is going on in the case. How can you do that when you don’t meet the children?

Um, “make recommendations,” it talks about making recommendations and filing unnecessary, which she’s filed everything but not based upon my children’s wishes.

And it says here, that the last thing it says here, and like I said, I’ll link this up later, “A GAL should advocate the child’s best interests but advise the court when the child disagrees with the attorney’s assessment of the case.”

Now, our case was open with ten children. Nine of them are still under case, Jacob is old, older and grad – aged out of the program. MINOR CHILD’S NAME was born after the case and was not submitted to the new case, so they’re only doing those nine children. Um, I can tell you all nine of those children disagree with Susan Striebel. Susan Streibel did not say that to the judge. She didn’t emphasize that to the judge. She did not do her due diligence in her job, inform the judge of any of my children’s wishes. She’s only expressed her personal opinions of my family’s lifestyle to the judge and her disagreement of it.

That is unethical and it’s criminal. And she will be held accountable.

I am filing my paperwork tomorrow morning.

Bless your heart, Nicole. I hope you have a nice time having your ass handed to you.

JOE: I’m filing a, a, a judicial complaint, and we’re also looking at lawsuits against Judge, what, what, what,

NICOLE: Judge Shan Embry.

JOE: Judge Jan Embry. She told me to shut up. I couldn’t even talk. I couldn’t even sit there and defend myself when we had clear evidence that we have been compliant. I took three, three drug screens, every time the Cabinet has asked me I’ve gone down. Everything we’ve done.

Joe is gonna file a lawsuit against a sitting judge just as soon as he figures out what her name is.

We’ve gone down to the doctors. That all had to be brought up by us. It all had, uh, and then she sat there and acted like we haven’t been cooperative.

NICOLE: She was offended that we weren’t cooperating and that she was going to hold us in contempt if we didn’t do as she said.

JOE: You guys, find her number and call and complain. Ask her what she’s doing in family court. Ask her why, why she’s being so unethical and corrupt. Ask her about her other ethical complaints that she’s had, because it’s not the first one. This is not the first one.

Oh, yes, by all means. Get a lot of people from Facebook who don’t know shit about anything to call the judge’s office to complain. That will help immensely considering the psych evaluation already said that you agitate people.

She told somebody that she was going to put them in jail if they didn’t go, what, roller-skating? Is that what it was?

NICOLE: Yeah, it was, it was vacation with her dad or something. But she was held on an ethics complaint last year. You can, I’ll post the links to that.

Um, the ethics violations. . .

JOE: The Cabinet, the Cabinet has testified, not just testified that, that this whole time they have not found, they have found no, zero, neglect or abuse. Period. The only thing they state is that we did not register as homeschoolers, at the beginning, and we’ve, we’re doing that. And, uh, and that our children, not only that, but they use these words, that our children are excelling in our environment.

NICOLE: Flourishing.

JOE: Huh?

NICOLE: Flourishing was the word she used.

JOE: Yeah, flourishing is what she said.

NICOLE: Flourishing was the word she used in court today.

Uh, we’ve requested copies of our records. The judge said that she will think about it. Um, I don’t know what will happen from here on out. If the judge holds us in contempt, and you know, who knows what happens

JOE: Isn’t that funny? Can’t, can’t, can’t charge us with any fucking law, any crimes

NICOLE: Right.

JOE: and they have to come in here and totally use the fucking judicial court system in Kentucky

NICOLE: [unclear]

JOE: Sorry about my language, but I am so angry right now. I am so angry. Because the Cabinet is telling them, just like the sheriff. You ask Sheriff Todd Pate. You ask that fucking asshole as he sits there and goes around the community trying to agitate aggression towards us because his deputies, who he’s fired, have confided in us what that man has been doing.

NICOLE: Not confided. They just said in conversation.

JOE: Yeah, just in conversation.

And not only that, you ask him what his testimony was in our court. I’ll tell you. They’re not breaking any laws. There’s no reason why their children shouldn’t

NICOLE: In May of 2015, Todd Pate said we’re not breaking any laws, there’s no reason the children should not be returned. The Cabinet has said profusely, they follow all, the family follows all of the, our recommendations, they have, we have no services.

Big flash news: Todd Pate is the sheriff. He has zero say in whether or not the judge closes a CPS case. Zero. Zip.

Unlike you, he did his job. He was given a court order (be learning what that is before you go back to court, just saying) and he did what it said.

JOE: We have, in the court file that they put, Susan Striebel, and then the judge is just like (making beeping noise), and we’re just like hold it these people are the ones that actually do the interviewing.

NICOLE: Right.

JOE: And you’re going to ignore their facts?

NICOLE: So, we’re gonna ask that you not only call the local offices and find out why they’re acting this way. I’m sure they’ll just tell you blah, blah, blah, but also we are going to start advocating higher ups. I am requesting tomorrow, I’m going to start the paperwork to request an independent investigation into Breckinridge County. The corruption is just too much. It’s too much.

It’s, it’s so corrupt that

JOE: We’ll file a judicial complaint.

NICOLE: We are.

This should be magnificent.

And like I said, if you’ve been a victim of these courts, please contact us because we’d love to have you come along with us.

JOE: We’ve already had several dozen people message us.

NICOLE: I know some people are afraid because they have open cases. Um, that’s one reason why

JOE: We will keep your name anonymous.

NICOLE: Well, in some cases, you can’t. Filing the paper needs to be done. We are still afraid of retaliation. We’ve, we’ve felt the wrath of some of that already, and um like I said, she threatened us to hold us in contempt for not following her orders today, even though we were following her orders

JOE: And when I went to tell her, to show her, that I have been following them, even when the Cabinet was saying it, she cut all of us off.

NICOLE: Yeah, she wouldn’t let any of us speak.

JOE: Wouldn’t let any of

NICOLE: So that’s our update for today. I was hoping for good news because again like I said, the Cabinet at their last visit, we spoke about our case, she took down notes, she said that there’s no reason why our case should be open, um, the reasons the judge, the things the judge gave us in the list to do of her concerns aren’t even enough to open up a new case, let along keep our case open.

JOE: And they definitely don’t prove neglect. She wrote a letter not saying that our children had bad teeth, or that we’d been neglectful of our children’s teeth, or that we needed to get our kids to the dentist immediately to fix stuff but that they just need routine checkups.

NICOLE: Routine checkups.

JOE: I’m sorry, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

NICOLE: We spent $500 on a, uh, cardiogram for my son last year

JOE: Because they said he had a heart murmur and they were all concerned

NICOLE: because they said he had a heart murmur and it turns out that my son’s heart is extremely healthy and so healthy that they wanted to use his radiographs for, uh, for teaching purposes.

And you’re bitching about this?

When Nathan was about ten, I took him for his dental checkup (yes, he went to the dentist regularly) and had a huge scare. The dentist came out and told me that I needed to get Dave to come to the office immediately.  It turned out that Nathan had a mass on his jaw, in the bone. The dentist was a dentist, not a surgeon and he wasn’t totally sure what it was. He was concerned that it was a tumor. We discussed the what ifs. Dave and I were rattled.

We took him to an oral surgeon who checked him out and did some more x-rays and they finally determined that he had started growing his wisdom tooth in that spot way early. Years early. They never knew why, but that’s what it was.

Obviously, if we’d never done anything, if he’d never had any checkups, we’d never have known that he did this weird thing and grew an early wisdom tooth (which was removed along with one other one several years later), but then again, if he’d had a unnoticed, untreated tumor, he would have died. Take your pick.

I can’t remember what it cost for all that because neither Dave nor I fucking cared.

JOE: That’s what he said. That my kids muscles were so lean, that his heart was so healthy, that he got such a clean shot, that he was gonna use it for teaching purposes.

NICOLE: We have what documentation we have, like I’ve said, the courts will not release, um, their side of it, I really wish they would, um, we’ve requested it, the judge says they’ll think about it, so I’m sure if anybody sees the judge, tell her “Hey, why won’t you release the Nauglers paperwork. What have you got to hide?”


JOE: Seriously

NICOLE: We’re the legal guardians. We’ve had legal guardianship since May of 2015, I mean um, November, right?

JOE: Yeah, physical

NICOLE: Physical custody was established in July of 2015 and legal guardianship was given, well, it wasn’t taken away.

JOE: Yes, thank you, the state gave us back our [unclear] I love it when the government gives me my stuff.

NICOLE: Right but everything was established back in November of 2015, um, but all of that’s been, um,

JOE: All hail the mighty government for giving us our stuff.

NICOLE: Right. Thank the government when they take your stuff and give it back to you, right. Aren’t they nice?

Stuff? Your children are stuff?

Um, but I do want to say if you are a mom or dad, you need to really buckle down on this because they came after for stuff, like I said, we’ve never broken any laws, we have not violated the SOP of the, uh, Cabinet, uh, aside from the fact that, uh, our children weren’t registered. And they said that my husband, what was it they used, used pot in a caretaking role or something like that, which wasn’t true, but that’s what they said. And we pled deal to it because they said if you plea deal we’ll close your case, and you know, you have to plea deal or we’ll hold you in contempt and contempt is whatever the hell we say. Like today, us trying to advocate and tell our side of the story, we were threatened with contempt.

We were threatened with contempt for not following the judge’s orders even though we did.

JOE: Yeah, I only, I only, the Cabinet has to tell me what to do, every time they’ve told me, doing it, we’ve gone down

NICOLE: No, we’ve not been not in compliance, they just don’t like the answers to their questions.

That is the very definition of ignoring a court order and being in contempt, Nicole.

JOE: Our kids are extremely healthy, extremely happy, flourishing in our environment

NICOLE: It bothers them that they’re wrong and they won’t admit it. Um,

JOE: It doesn’t enforce their false narrative of us.

NICOLE: Right.

So, I will, um, I will update on the blog with some documentation that I have including the paperwork I got today from the Cabinet’s recommendation and, um, I’ll put it on the blog so if you don’t have the links to the blog

JOE: (Unclear) we’re not just making it up, we’re, we’re not being cooperative [he’s sputtering here and it’s very unclear] The Cabinet’s, just wasting our time.

This is, I mean, they need to help real families and they’re off dilly-dallying with us

NICOLE: Yeah, there are families here in Breckinridge County that really need some help and they’re wasting their time and energy on us and I don’t know why.

But we’re about to hit a bad reception area so I’m gonna sign off, if you have any questions, I’ll go through the comments and try to answer what I can and I will post the documents and I have some recordings too, as soon as I get time to put those together.


48 thoughts on “Great Expectations”

  1. Yeah it really sucks when the evil gubment takes your “stuff” (i.e. chef, gardener, cabin builder, bookkeeper and dog washers) Lucky for the Nauglers they got that big fat windfall so they could sit on ass in a hotel room and get rested up for their big stand against tyranny! Go give em hell, Joe!


  2. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Nicole Celeste Naugler and Joseph Naugler are effing gold medal winners in this event.

    They chose to plead to dependency. No one cares why at this point. Matter of fact they pled to quite a few plea deals. One each for their individual criminal charges and each of them for the dependency, abuse, neglect case on each of the named children. Done deal. I’d love to see where in any of those distinctly separate plea deals it says that it all is conditional on the state dropping the child dependency, abuse, neglect case. I’ve been privy to many plea deals. I don’t think so. What I do think though is that when they signed those plea deals the probability that they voluntarily signed their rights away are very very good. It’s a normal part of a plea deal. It’s more or less a contract between informed consenting adults and after the Nauglers got what they wanted they now want to renege on their part of the deal, imho. Yeah, I don’t think so. They had a privately paid attorney for all of that and I assume they were well advised. Did they actually listen? Or did they hear only what they wanted to hear? Who gives a shit? Not me, but it will be a “deal breaker” for all those lawsuits and complaints and whatnot the two are constantly yammering about, imho.

    Ethics complaints? Seriously? Hahahaha. Did they ever stop and ask themselves why family court exists? I mean the anti-CPS Nauglers are now advocating for CPS to run the entire show all by their lonesome. They don’t. Not by law and not by training.

    A court order full of stipulations is not a Chinese menu where you get to pick one from column A and one from column B. You don’t get to choose which orders you think are “absurd and asinine” or which you will comply with. Oops. Renting a portapotty isn’t going to solve this one.

    On the BSC scale this latest video diatribe by the self-proclaimed Blessed Mr and Mrs hit an all time high. Definitely a 10, but you never know. When the contempt hearings start they may break the scale and soar for their very own BSC planetoids. It’s probably where all their never ever produced “proof” of imagined corruption, collusion and whatnot is, um, hiding, yeah that’s it for sure. Pinky swear. Right next to the “liable” lawsuits, and FBI files they’ve generated. Probably where they hid the Truth Fairy’s body too, after they bludgeoned her with their “flourish.”


  3. Lots to read and digest and not much time at the moment, but one statement stood out. Nicole states that her husband used pot in a caretaking role which wasn’t true. Nicole can protest all she wants that Joe was not actually smoking while taking care of the kids. Joe already admitted to smoking pot and tested positive so that statement means nothing to the court.


  4. Joe and Nicole, for the love of God, instead of embarrassing yourselves further by filing grievances and lawsuits that you will lose, invest your time and energy into fulfilling the requirements the court has laid out for you. Take the kids to the dentist and to the behaviorial specialist. You have the power to have the case closed – but you have decided to pick and choose which provisions of the court order to follow. Did you forget the video you posted just a few months back where you announced that you were declaring your own case closed? You have absolutely disrespected the court both explicitly with your words and implicitly with your (non) actions. And when you were called to the carpet for it you responded by filming a tirade against court officials before you were even out of the parking lot.

    The fact of the matter is that the dressing-down you got from the judge today was deserved, as will be the contempt charges that are coming down the line if you keep running your mouths. You are not calling the shots.


  5. In my state children in the position the Naugler children are in can get free dental care. By their own admission their children have had no dental care since 2015.
    My grandson has a cavity down between two baby teeth. This cannot be seen but was picked up on the dental xray.
    I take him tomorrow to get the cavity taken care of.
    Nicole and Joe can’t keep their lies straight.
    Joe has passed three drug tests! They make it sound like he only had to take three. I don’t believe that for a hot minute.
    They love to throw out words they have latched on to. CPS says their children are happy and healthy and have good teeth. They are flourishing!
    It would be interesting to see what else those reports have to say.
    These two repeatedly shoot themselves in the feet.
    Perhaos that is where their brain cells are!


  6. . Probably where they hid the Truth Fairy’s body too, after they bludgeoned her with their “flourish.”

    God, Lisa, that was a beautiful thing. The whole comment. Beautiful.


  7. What an amazingly display of utter nonsense. I had to listen to it twice to make sure I did not mishear anything. I will he happy to call the GAL and let them know I support their decision. Broke my heart to hear she isn’t getting much needed services for their son who might really benefit from Weisskopf services. Guess he’ll just figure it all out when the time comes… The whole dental neglect thing…speechless. Mom has hardly any teeth so I guess that is okay for her kids…DENTAL HEALTH is so incredibly important. But they will address those issues. When the arise. WTF?????


  8. Thanks for transcribing that godawful mess Sally. I just can’t listen to them for long.

    JOE: Judge Jan Embry. She told me to shut up.

    HOORAYYY!!!! Someone told him to shut UP for once!


  9. Reading thru the FB post, I noticed that they put that post online before telling their kids at home about anything. FB is a real shitty way to inform anyone of bad news. Yet, why am I surprised they did this; they didn’t warn the kids that their brother died before getting to the hospital either.


  10. Reading between the lines they have not complied with the dental, medical, school, psych evaluation recommendations, and possibly the drug testing requirements. I would have to guess that’s the majority of what they asked for in order to close this case. When it’s their ass on the line like joe giving up the kids or going to jail or nicole needing life saving medical intervention they cave. It comes to the health and welfare of their kids they choose to “stick it to the man” and envoke all these twisted versions of their rights. It shows day in and day out what their priorities are and it’s not their children or their children’s rights.

    I will flex my rights but never at my children’s expense.. never


  11. Too bad there’s no camera in family court. But I saw where he admitted the judge told him to be quiet, loved that.


  12. I don’t understand why they don’t take the kids the dentist, because surely the dentist will say that the kids have the best teeth s/he’s ever seen and that s/he wants to use their x-rays for teaching purposes? Isn’t that what always happens with the Naugler children?

    GoFundMe to”fight the corrupt system” in 3 … 2 … 1 …


  13. I wish I could view the court proceedings. I’m sure there is a discrepancy between what was said and what they claim was said.
    And they probably don’t take their kids to the dentist because they can’t afford check-ups for ten kids. They could apply for medical assistance but of course they refuse to take “government bribes”.


  14. Reading the comments, it sounds like their attorney thinks they’re idiots too because they “fired” them after the hearing.

    We found a dental school and get all seven kids in for checks every six months, it takes about 2-2.5 hours total for all the appointments. We have incentives to get those checks every six months; for every year we do it we get higher coverage on the bills. Our eldest six have the preventive checks with fluoride covered at 100% and other services at about 80% so it’s well worth it.


  15. I have said this so many times before, but each time NicNaug and that discussing fat turd of her’s open their pie holes and spew their ignorance, so I have to say it again: Parents see their bundles of joy for the first time and never think,holy shit, my stuff…look at my stuff here, I am going to give it just the bare minimum that I have to under the law of my state. That will include a bare minimum or less education, bare minimum of health care which means if they are dying, I’ll rush them to the ER, bare minimum of physical care because raising feral stuff is so much easier than raising and teaching human stuff. They refer to their children as their stuff…oh lawd have mercy I hope they are not talking code for their biological stuff. They are disgusting. You know what else isn’t a requirement, manners, soap and water, toileting, and socialization but as a member of the human race, it comes pretty damn intuitively that we provide our children with a few of these “not exactly written in the law” extras on top of food, water shelter, education, safety, etc. Why do people who abuse and neglect their children tell others and try to convince themselves that dirty children are happy children and feral children will grow up to rule the world. BTW, how’s that thing going with her grown up kids…you know, how her kids will be our kids bosses. Last I heard sacking groceries at Krogers isn’t really top tier level employment. Bitch lives in a fantasy land that she creates not out of desire but out of desperation–desperation to justify her own inadequacies as a parent.


  16. I don’t think I have ever run across anyone as confident in their own stupidity as these two. SMH.


  17. Weve done everything theyve asked…

    “except for…”
    “aside from the fact that…

    Thats all I hear.

    She wants us to call the Judge, is that right? And voice the concerns herein to her, at Nicole’s request? Um …Is she sure about that? Ha ha.

    According to their description of court, thats about the way I thought it would go. What happened to their lawyer, by the way?! (The one who apparently advised they take a please under duress.) They have no chance at representing themselves, theyre too disrespectful.


  18. It looks like the older son left a few comments on the live feed. They were interesting to me, I’m not sure exactly what to make of them but one said “Please don’t” and one right after said “OMG.” Not sure if he was talking to his parents or to another commenter. What does everyone make of that??


  19. I assume their new tactic is to scare the GAL into dropping everything. I mean, that’s always their tactic isn’t it? Scare tactic is their jam. I think Joe is fucking with the wrong person this time though. Don’t like a woman telling you what to do? Oh, poor little man. Go get your violin Joe and cry like the bitch that you are. Because, that GAL is about to make you her bitch. Enjoy! I know I am enjoying it. Bend over, Joe 😉


  20. My dear old dad used to say, they cant walk without tripping over their own shoelaces. We see a perfect example of this with these two nitwits.


  21. . What does everyone make of that??

    What I make of it is that Quinten didn’t know anything about what happened in court and in typical dramatic Naugler fashion, they informed him along with the entire population of the US by live Facebook video.

    They’re simply fabulous parents.


  22. What happened to their lawyer, by the way?!

    According to Nicole, they fired their lawyer yesterday.I think it’s more likely that they never paid the man.


  23. “Judge threatened to hold us in contempt for not providing a comprehensive educational plan even tho we submitted a Harvard study on Unschooling”

    Submitting a Harvard study on unschooling is not an educational plan for each child. Wtf is her deal and is she trying to get her kids taken away?


  24. When a doctor makes a referral for a child”s behavior, the referral is based on the reports of the parents. Unless the behavior is obvious in the five to ten-minute time frame the doctor is with the child, the doctor has nothing to refer. If the parent goes in saying my child is fine and has no behavior problems, the doctor has nothing to put down as a reason for a referral. That is probably why Nicole’s child doesn’t get a referral to Weiskopf. The Naugler children probably have free medical care from the state and that would cover a behavior evaluation if they had a referral.


  25. so basically “we’ve done everything they told us to! Except the parts we thought were stupid or unnecessary! We’re in total compliance!” Guys, that’s not what compliance is….oh never mind, just let the judge explain it to them when they get arrested for contempt.

    Is it just me or do Joe’s portions come off like he has no idea what’s going on and is randomly echoing words she uses?


  26. Not being from Kentucky, what exactly does Weiskopf test for/evaluate for? My middle son had to be evaluated for services before he was school aged, & that was facilitated through the public school. It only took about a month to get it all set up & services were started within a couple of weeks after that. Probably 2 months or so total.


  27. Mr. & Mrs. ‘Can’t Make Me’ once again seem to be testing the court’s tolerance. It seems unlikely, even if they are simply givin more time to comply, that they actually will after reading this latest rant.
    KY is advertising it’s systems again today through the Naugler notoriety. I hope they can find a better way to help the Naugler children and finally, after three years of non compliance, hold these two accountable for child neglect.


  28. NAUGLER ADULTS: POST YOUR PSYCH EVALS OTHERWISE NO ONE BELIEVES YOU ARE EVEN SLIGHTLY SANE. I bet you wish you could see what people are saying, it all goes back to those psych evals that more than likely say you are absolutely insane.


  29. what exactly does Weiskopf test for/evaluate for?

    They’re testing to see if a child’s problems are due to a physical problem, like autism. What this says to me is that they have at least one child who has some issues. The court wants to see what the source of the issue is and what can be done to help. You can’t help if you don’t know what’s causing it. An emotionally abused child would need very different care and treatment than an autistic child would require, obviously.


  30. 1) Oh yes, please continue to flout court orders. Both of you!

    2) What is this obsession she has with Todd Pate? She has stated he said he didn’t see a problem with their lifestyle and thought their kids should be returned, after all.

    Is she pissed off because Todd Pate made a big mistake? Was arrested? Sat in jail? Went to rehab, paid a fine, APOLOGIZED TO THE COMMUNITY and since then apparently hasn’t strayed off the path?

    Is she angry because Joe comes off badly in comparison? He does, Nicole. He really can’t hold a candle to your current sheriff.

    Is she angry that he’s running for the office again? He’s permitted to do that. He may or may not get re-elected but that doesn’t mean he’s not allowed to run.

    But please, continue to ignore court orders.

    Also, smile! Let’s see what is in your children’s futures if you two continue to neglect their dental health. Yes, that does include check-ups.


  31. Obviously NN has never ever taken her children to a dentist
    I still cannot understand why the courts allows those children to continue living in a shed


  32. Nicole wrote in the comments : “We have reason to believe that the GAL is behind some of these troll pages. It’s currently being investigated as of the moment this video ended.”



  33. NN and JN,, why cant you both just be human . Or you could take the kids down to the courthouse and give them a lesson in civics, carry signs around. Family court sucks, Pates a womanizer , hell use your imagination.


  34. About the son’s heart studies being used. When you go to a teaching hospital you are asked if you will allow your case to be used for teaching purposes. Joe and Nicole spin this to; their son was SO healthy his studies were singled out and specially chosen, and therefore they do not need to comply with other health related court orders. Typical Naugler idiotic reasoning.
    Every single time I have gone to a teaching hospital, I have granted their request to use my case for teaching purposes. It is not related to how healthy I was or am, nor does it in any way indicate no one else in my family might require medical check ups or my future medical needs. Duh.
    It just shows how stupid they are to even try to float this nonsensical reasoning.


  35. Nicole wrote in the comments : “We have reason to believe that the GAL is behind some of these troll pages. It’s currently being investigated as of the moment this video ended.”


    I know. It’s hilarious, or maybe it’s sad. I wish I could feel badly for Nicole, but I don’t.


  36. According to the Nauglers:
    -CPS wants to close the case

    -some doctor who is probably embarrassed to be endorsed by the Nauglers wants to use their kids as an example of glorious nutrition and physical development

    -they are complying with everything the court tells them to (except when they complain that they think taking their kids to get a test is too hard)

    -they are competent at interpreting and articulating the law and their bar-qualified JD was inadequate

    -Al flies medevacs over their farmstead to terrify them

    -Ron Sneed thinks they’re great neighbors

    There’s a Naugler problem—totally Naugler created—the Nauglers lie way more than they ever tell the truth. When they tell the truth it’s usually by accident.

    They didn’t exactly show their competence at medical need judgment when Nicole avoided pre-natal care and lost their unborn son and gravely endangered herself.

    Please, what sort of person would believe these self-absorbed ‘parents’ and what competent and ethical GAL or judge would ever take the words of the Nauglers?


  37. That woman and her followers are stark raving idiots. I’m an adult with ADHD and the mom of three sons with ADHD and a daughter with autism. To allow and like one of her followers saying that it’s so easy to get evaluations and it’s only a way to get drugs, I’d like to smack her silly.I’m going to assume as they are still under DCS care, if they get professionally evaluated-and Nicole admits one of the kids is probably on the spectrum-then they will get free care.Do you know how many of us struggle to get care for our kids and she has this opportunity?


  38. Nicole makes me so flippin mad! Now she makes another video naming which son might be on the autism spectrum!! I’m sure the kid will love to hear his mother broadcasting her opinion of him “that he’s a bit quirky.” How hurtful! Who does that to their child?! That damn bitch!


  39. She’s killing me here. Getting a referral is the simplest thing she could do. She had to take him to the doctor say I have a court order that he needs to be evaluated by Weisskopf . Even if the doctor felt it wasn’t necessary they typically won’t interfere with a court demand. Now Weiskopf on the other hand could have said there’s no medical reason for him to be seen but again with it being a court ordered request they too would probably go ahead and see him.

    She thinks she’s doing other kids a favor by not getting her own son services? Worry about your own child, do him the favor!


  40. I think Joe is fucking with the wrong person this time though. Don’t like a woman telling you what to do?

    Exactly. Joe doesn’t like taking orders from a lady. But, he had better be careful with a no-nonsense lady judge who is retiring soon. I assume she has zero fucks to give and will have no problem bringing the hammer down on him.


  41. So, where does the court case go from here? How long will the court just let Nic and Jackass continue to neglect their children before truly intervening?


  42. A few things stood out to me:

    While Joe was driving, Nicole asked him more than once to do something on FB so she could see the comments and do something else… while he was driving…. while he was driving..

    They called their children stuff. Stuff. I have stuff. Lots of stuff. Paper stuff, glass stuff, just stuff stuff. I also have children. None of them. I can honestly say I’ve never, not even once, referred to my children as stuff.

    She says her kids teeth are all healthy. They haven’t been to the dentist since 2015. They each should have gone to the dentist every six months since then. That means each of those kids have missed six dental checkups since 2015. Nicole was such a know it all about her body and her pregnancy and we all know how that all turned out. Just because something looks ok on the outside, doesn’t mean something isn’t going on inside. You would think she would have learned.

    When she mentioned how the court gal saw her blogging and FB as a problem. It’s what you post Nicole that is the problem. A few years ago you stated that one of your children may be somewhat autistic. You stated this yourself. And yet you won’t get him tested. Then you post this rant (entertaining as I think it is) is not in the best interest of your stuff (children). Can’t you not see this??? If anyone were to post stuff like this re: their job or boss at work, chances are they would be fired, and rightly so. Right now your boss is the court. You can’t diss them and demand your stuff and call them names and get 45k followers to call and diss and rant and rave and think it will all work out and you will win. You’re not going to win. You’re going to get fired.

    Watching you talk on your video it kept freezing up on me and I noticed something re your teeth. Your bottom teeth seemed to be bleeding. Or your gums were very red and swollen. Yo should really have that looked at.


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