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So, Nicole tells us that she is wont to “burst into. . . political rants (sic).”

This section is going to be about the political philosophy of Joe and Nicole Naugler. The various subsections will document what they’ve had to say, at various times, about various aspects of government.

This sort of sums it up, though.

balance checkbook

I find that sort of ironic, because of these:Joe bad check

Nicole bad checksApart from the fact that the US government is not an individual with a checking account, and that the US government has never once defaulted on any of its financial obligations, it seems a little disingenuous to be pointing fingers when you’re living in a glass garden shed.

But to summarize: Nicole and Joe don’t like government. In fact, I have yet to find a single aspect of government that they think is okay, except when they perceive themselves as being somehow threatened, at which point they typically begin to threaten to use government.


As I go through these pages about government, I do want to stress that there is no crime in having a particular political viewpoint.  There are good, decent Americans who are liberal, and conservative, and libertarian, and every shade of gray in between. The beauty of our system is that we all get to have our say without fear of reprisal.

My sole purpose in documenting all this is to show folks who might be tempted to feel sorry for these two people, or worse, to give them money, exactly what they believe in (and what they don’t believe in).

Articles with more detail


Belted , which has a transcript of the seat belt video

It’s Not a Militia

Crocodiles, about the military


15 thoughts on “Government”

  1. Just a little “what if” scenario in the concept of theft, intentionally passing hot checks. Stealing. So what if someone intentionally passed a hot check in payment of goods or services received, directly to Nicole? Directly in comparison to Nicole’s charges of stealing/theft. Every time I see the disingenuous rants on government and politics, the snappy tune, Blurred Lines, comes to mind. It’s the hello kettle, meet pot.

  2. Hell I am still waiting for the FBI, DOJ, CPS to show up on my front doorstep. Would you like to know how many times I have had to re-heat the same pot of coffee????????? LMAO. Do these morons realize we do not fear nor do we need to fear law enforcement the way they do? To me prophet Joe talks out his big fat ass, trying to make us think he knows how law enforcement works better than we do. Although maybe he does since he has had so many run ins with them.

  3. Our evil Gubmint “wants to tell you how to live”?
    Joe and Nicole need a trip in the Time Machine back to the USSR, Cold War era. Now THERE’s a government that knew how to tell people how to live.
    Food choices: hot or cold. Bread lines. Practicing any religion is against the law. Disagree with the Party, your neighbors inform on you and KGB follows you. You either lose your job can’t find another, or are sent to a gulag. If you are lucky enough to defect, you never see your family again. I know people who lived this oppression.

    Or, try China, today. Plenty of freedom in the reproductive department. The government has recently allowed TWO children per family. Any more, and you are heavily fined. That’d work out real well for Nicole and Jim. Another line item in their already long list of unpaid debts.

  4. I’ve heard a lot of rumors about these people. They’re a pretty common subject. The rumors come up a lot. A friend sent me a link to this. I didn’t realize they had this much of a criminal background. I live here.

    Thank you for this information. lol….I guess if I ever have anything to do with them I won’t take a check.

    Honestly it bothers me that they’re here.

  5. The Naugler’s are a very unhappy bunch. I suppose I would be unhappy too if all I did was talk and was unable or unwilling to take affirmative action. The sh*t pile just keeps getting bigger. The following quote made me think of them, especially Joe.

    “The really unhappy person is the one who leaves undone what they can do, and starts doing what they don’t understand; no wonder they come to grief.”
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  6. Here’s a tiny bit of a quote from Mr. N that he took from a podcast from Ground Zero Media talking about internet trolls. “In other words, I can’t accomplish anything in my life so I’m just going to spend all my time putting people down and saying the most outrageous things I can say because at least that way I’ll get likes or thumbs up or whatever, attention.”

    I thought that was a funny thing for Mr N to say, and had never heard of GZM so went to look for myself. I then spent a few hours reading and listening to lively discussions. Maybe compatible with some of the N’s beliefs about government, the topics are of the paranormal and parapolitical. Lots of conspiracy theory – odd news stories, aliens and big gubment coming . IMO It’s entertainment, and a successful business. There’s plenty of items to buy, and lots of interest (over 73,000 likes on facebook.)

  7. Oh gosh, I wonder if Joe is feeling left out of all the fun out in Oregon with the group taking over the national wildlife refuge. Although I think those guys might be Mormon constitutionalists not voluntaryists. I sympathize with all the sane Mormons who get associated with these armed extremists.

  8. Today Ms. N burst into a random political rant just like she said she sometimes does. It’s cool. First Amendment and all. Americans live in a system organized by a set of principles, the Constitution. We’ve got a bunch of rules/laws too. Most of them are ok. Some of them suck.

    N did not do any bursting into independent thinking, however. The meme (sigh…again with the memes) provided a quote from a favorite of J/N, Larkin Rose (an anarchist and writer who spent time in jail for refusing to pay taxes).

    “If you speak of Obama with reverence and respect, you’re a duped idiot. The man is a mass murderer, just as Bush was, and Clinton, and the other Bush, and so on. If family members of his innocent victims wanted to kill the bastard, I wouldn’t blame them in the slightest. If they succeeded, that would be fine by me (even though he would just be replaced with a new sociopathic megalomaniac). I realize this is blasphemy to devout state-worshipers, who revere and adore the most despicable people on earth, but evil doesn’t become good just because you use different words to describe it. As Confucius said, people should “call things by their rightful names,” and the accurate description of the violent criminal living in the White House is not “leader of the free world.” It is “parasite, thief, murderer, tyrant, monster.”

    Here’s my thoughts on the filth quoted above – I believe that LR is a pathological traitor who betrays his country while obsessively preaching hate. Despite claiming non-violence, LR talks of “giving up” the government or killing the leader of the government – treason.

    I don’t agree with “the feds” on quite a few things, but, I take pride in my President and the nation. I scorn anti-government narcissistic, inflammatory rhetoric designed to prey on citizens for the personalized corrupt agenda of Mr. Rose and his voluntaryist cronies. He describes himself as “a full-time enemy of the state”.

    It’s obscene that Americans are incited to fight amongst themselves ( politically, and with militia) by a closed minded extremist who takes advantage of the good will, faith and poor education of regular people, when there is true evil in the world to overcome.

    You can find out more about Larkin Rose by visiting his website, and don’t forget to buy stuff. You can also just send money. (“…Contributions can be sent here.” “begging
    each of you to please help financial support my amazing, precious wife while I’m in prison”, “If you prefer to make donations via PayPal” “…appeal depends upon whether YOU think it’s worth funding.” “Still working hard on that kickstarter campaign. Pledges are tricking in.” “The kickstarter project …has been fully funded” “Fellow anarchists out there have been heartwarmingly generous and helpful to us…” some of the quote sections are from wife Tessa Larkin) Do these words sound familiar?

    Thanks for reading if you’ve gotten through all of my rant. And admin, thanks for creating this space.

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