Gotta Move ASAP

They gotta move. Gotta do it quick. ASAP.  They are in fear.

Seriously, this is utter bullshit.

It’s followed by the predictable comments:  “We are praying for your lovely family.”  “This is terrible.”  “Why do such awful people keep doing all these awful things to you?”

But you see, Nicole just says “the level of attack continues to escalate.”


The sentence carries with it the idea that the “attacks” have been ongoing, and constantly getting worse.

She offers no examples or proof of anything at all. The one real biggy she tried to foist off on people was the Blessed Little Excursion.

Nothing happened that night, except that Joe drank a beer while standing in the road, impeding traffic.  But that’s supposedly an “attack.”

For the record, I was in Breckinridge County on Monday, for much of the day.  I was at Al Wilson’s house.  He and I and Dave and Al’s wife cut up a huge hog and two large lambs. Four people, working as hard as we could go. Then we had dinner and some nice conversation.

Dave and I left before dark, mostly because we had to get home to milk Frances.

The subject of the Naugler family barely was mentioned. Nobody went to their nearby property and “attacked” them.

The comments also included the usual “why don’t you call the police” and the usual “we do and the police won’t do anything.”

Someone suggests guard dogs, not understanding that the Nauglers go through dogs the way my cow goes through hay.


So the issue here is the land.  It’s not the business. They don’t want to move out of the area, just off the land to some other land, because they are in danger.

Her brain-dead followers just go ape shit without knowing the first thing.

I asked Al to explain to me what “have your 6” means.  He said that it’s an aviation term, referring to the 6:00 position on a clock-face. This is the place where the pilot can’t see, so if you “have his 6” you’re telling him that you’re watching his back.

But then somebody asks an obvious question: “Do you think these people will follow you?”

She has no idea who “these people” might be, but it would seem that if somebody is threatening you to the point that you think you have to flee, questioning whether the would-be assailant would follow is a reasonable thing to ask.


Nicole totally ignores the “will they follow you” stuff until somebody brings up social media. Then she makes it clear that no way is she leaving social media.

Let’s understand this.

She is so afraid of these nameless “attackers” that she is willing to move. They have a land contract. Leaving would mean that they would simply forfeit every payment they have made. They would have to pay somebody to haul their two garden sheds to a new location and set them up.  She is terrified, and has to do this “ASAP” because the level of these “attacks” is “escalating.”

Yet she makes it clear that she’s going to go right on posting anything and everything about her entire family, her children’s names, faces, detailed information about their likes and dislikes, information about everything you can think of, including Joe posting shit about sex.  And she’s fully aware that this means that the supposed “attackers” will simply “follow,” but they will do their best.

Will do their best to what?

In Syria, there are now and have been people fleeing for their lives from Aleppo. This is not a joke. It’s a massacre and has been happening for several years.  The level of attacks is truly and for real escalating.  And some of those folks have been on social media documenting the events. But do you suppose for a single second that if they could escape, and if they thought that the Syrian army would follow them and subject them to the same horror they currently are living through, that they would just continue to post on social media?

It’s this comment, this one comment, that tells me that nothing at all has happened, that this is Nicole making shit up about “attackers.”  I have  a couple of personal theories about why she does this, but it has nothing to do with “attackers.”


And here’s the second one. If you are in fear, you simply get rid of the animals. Obviously, she isn’t going to ditch the kids, but nobody is forcing her to take a horse she can’t even afford to feed.



Jenna, you dumbass, she already “dropped” a whole pile of names. She’s done it repeatedly. She “dropped” my address as well, and invited people to visit. Nobody took her up on it.

But notice how quick Jenna is to call unknown people “trash” and then follow it up with “prayers”?  Fuck you, Jenna, and your “prayers.”


Beth, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but Nicole is not “far from stupid.”  She is actually quite close to it.  In fact, I think she sleeps with it every night.

But now we’re getting someplace.  It’s the “direct neighbors” that she is talking about. The evil, dangerous “direct neighbors.”


Beth says, “We all know the lengths these people will go to.”

We do?  What lengths?  Exactly what?  Riding down the fucking road?  Making some commentary on the internet?  Reporting them for dumping shit on the ground?  Reporting them because they allowed their livestock to run loose all over the damned place and refused to contain them even after they’d been asked to do so?

Oh, yeah, I forgot. “Vehicular assault.”  The assault that didn’t happen.

Do the Naugler neighbors want the Nauglers to move?

I haven’t really interviewed all of them to ask that question, but my guess is yes, they do.  I know I would if I were them. As far as I can tell, every single person who has ever lived in arm’s reach of the Nauglers was glad to see them move.   That doesn’t translate into wishing the Nauglers harm, or doing anything to “attack” them.  It just means that the Nauglers are not well-liked.

I cannot imagine why that is.


And what would that be, Michelle? All they have worked for?  They have done almost nothing. There are no permanent structures on that property.  There have been zero improvements made to the land.  In fact, they have polluted the land with human waste.


I don’t even believe this for a second.


good shot

She was referring there to her youngest daughter.


And here we finally get the “escalation” event.

Somebody stopped in front of their property, got out of his truck and pulled “something” from his pocket.

His phone?  A candy bar?  A hand grenade? A love letter?

Who the hell knows?

This, though, is threatening and an attempt to “set us up.”  Remember, this is a woman who turned a small fender-bender (that didn’t even bend the fender) into “vehicular assault.”  If I’d been the person in the truck, I’d have gotten in my vehicle and left immediately as well.

Nicole then further attempts to prove that the “level of attacks” is “escalating” by posting a screen shot of a status from one of the critic sites, the Great and Stupid Show or whatever it’s called.

That was a public status.

Nicole calls it a “kryptic message.”  [Nicole, the word is “cryptic.”  #unschooling ]  She’s trying to make it appear like a private message, but it was completely public.


This whole thing is ridiculous.  Nicole knows it’s ridiculous. Nobody has threatened them, ever.  They don’t get along well with their neighbors, but that’s not new. They have never gotten along well with any neighbors.

This is not about neighbors or threats or fear.

This is more than likely about not paying the land payment and facing eviction.

Or it’s about it’s damned cold today and will be again tonight and that garden shed is miserable and maybe they are living in the salon and want to have “documented” an excuse for that.

Frankly, I think their neighbors have been more patient than they should have been.  If the Nauglers lived next-door to me, I would have security cameras posted all along the property line, along with a stout fence. I would be recording 24/7.  And I would have shot the goats (and I don’t even own a gun, so I would have had to borrow one.)  I’d have a lawyer on speed-dial.







115 thoughts on “Gotta Move ASAP”

  1. Attack? That porta potty has been there a while, could the shit be flying?
    That horse that she can’t afford could have been reported.
    I’m thinking the land payment could be a problem, but her noncompliance is the real problem.
    I realize the children are still being monitored and moving might slow down an investigation but how old is the almost DIL? Child services needs to buy a lot & put in a garden shed because this is becoming a full time job.
    You are right to mention Syria, I thought she was talking about a 3rd world country. It’s really just a cold morning in KY. It’s much too cold to be in a garden shed.


  2. It’s ridiculous how she can rile people up. It’s almost like shouting “Fire” in a crowded theater. She also said she has to be in Breckinridge county. That’s because she still has an open CPS case, & not for any other reason she says.


  3. Where did she says she needed to stay in Breckinridge County? I read she needed to stay in a 30 mile radius of the shop.


  4. Sounds to me like her “game” isn’t going the way she figured it would. Her own snide comments, cryptic insinuations, false allegations and utter lies aren’t working out the way she thought they might.

    Which direct neighbor? The truth is BOTH direct neighbors have had a bellyful of their nonsense. I believe the overwhelming majority of this community has. I have. I see their directed comments, roll my eyes, laugh and know that they’ll eventually make themselves such Pariahs that something like this will be the inevitable result. They’ll eventually realize they’re trying to swim up a water slide. But hey. “stroke, stroke” (keep posting).

    I noticed a very open, and unconcerned drag queen gave her both barrels on her NCN page. I have to admit I was clutching my sides laughing. Well done Talia! You hit the nail on the head.

    Dearest Joe and Nicole, if you claim the “attacks” are comments like this one . . . well, maybe the “attacks” are escalating. It makes perfect sense. Make an ass of yourself, piss off every sane individual that expresses an opinion — and eventually you’re going to have all kinds of people calling you out. (“attacking” you). Remember that snowball analogy? Of course, given the fact that you tend to fire the first shots, you shouldn’t be too surprised when people tend to reply.

    There are no actual “attacks”. Do you mainline drama and hysteria in lieu of coffee? You think that anybody looking at your public pages constitutes “stalking”. Are you insane? Let’s test that theory . . . I’ll help you. Yes, you are insane.

    I’d be tickled pink if you moved far away. You aren’t the wholesome people that you so desperately attempt to portray yourselves as. But in all honesty, stay there in victimville if you want to. Keep squalor holler the pride of the community. I really don’t care. You do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t include dumping your shit on the watershed and letting your livestock run free. You can even accuse me of things I haven’t done. I think it’s some funny shit. I think the more you post, the bigger the snowball gets. Keep dropping your not so subtle hints and snide insults. Keep attempting to rile up your army of clueless followers to exact some sort of schizophrenic revenge.

    Your family is in no danger from the neighbors or the community. You know that. But you pull this kind of bullshit in an attempt to froth up the masses. Please . . . continue. Keep posting.

    You still don’t see the pattern do you?

    Maybe some of your most ardent supporters will allow you to move your “cabins” onto their property? Hell, they’d never even notice you were there.

    Happy Holidays.

    “The metrosexual minion”

    Owl 😉


  5. “This is more than likely about not paying the land payment and facing eviction.”
    ^This. (with a little digging I am sure this eviction can be found)

    Or thinking a nice, local leghumper will take in the whole damn family and let them live for free while sucking the host family dry of cash, food, and heat.


  6. Where did she says she needed to stay in Breckinridge County? I read she needed to stay in a 30 mile radius of the shop.

    I think this is correct. She didn’t say Breck County.


  7. a nice, local leghumper

    There are nice leghumpers, but I don’t think there are any local leghumpers.


  8. Cut and pasted from Nicole’s BLH post:
    We need to move ASAP. The level of attack continues to escalate. If anyone local knows of a place we can rent outside of Breckinridge county, 30 mile radius of Radcliff, please pm me. My family is in danger living here.
    So what’s dangerous in Breckinridge County? 🙂


  9. My guess is they can’t keep up with the land payments, outhouse payment etc… My concern is always those poor kids, ((sigh)).


  10. Ok my bad! I guess I read it incorrectly on my tiny phone screen, without my glasses. It’s hell getting old!


  11. Sorry, I’m totally out to lunch – posted the cut-and-paste when the original is right at the top of this post!

    The point I was trying to emphasize was that not only did Nicole not request to stay IN Breckinridge County, she specifically does NOT want to be in Breckinridge County. So her imaginary creepers evidently can’t cross county borders, or something. : )


  12. I will be honest my very first thought when I saw that was they owe money, behind on their land payments, and the bank is coming a knocking.


    I wonder if that person they saw was someone from the bank with a notice …maybe they were hoping no one was home or on the property.

    Sometimes they want to avoid the people that live there because you never know how they are going to act when being served.


  13. Maybe they are going to loose their property for non payment and this is a way to try to get someone to offer up their land for free.
    If people are doing a “documentary” on them they would have to have a release signed. They aren’t going to film with out permission. They would be sued.


  14. “… but Nicole is not “far from stupid.” She is actually quite close to it. In fact, I think she sleeps with it every night.”

    My god Sally I howled out lout at that. Thank you!


  15. I wonder if that person they saw was someone from the bank with a notice …

    There is no bank. They have a land contract. That’s a separate deal with the land company (sort of like “owner financing” or “rent to own”). And the person in the truck, I believe, was one of the neighbors. At least, that’s the impression I think she was trying to convey.


  16. If people are doing a “documentary” on them they would have to have a release signed. They aren’t going to film with out permission. They would be sued.

    This is not true. The guy who did the documentary film on Nathan did not have to have our permission to do that. He had every right to make that film with us or without us. He asked for our cooperation, not our permission. We agreed, and in return, he allowed us to see the finished film before the final rendering was done (or whatever the right word is). We asked him to remove one photo and substitute a different one, and told him why and he agreed with us and did it. But he didn’t have to.

    Lots of documentaries are made without the permission of the subject or the subject’s heirs.

    Same thing is true of biographies. Some of them are written with the cooperation of the subject. Some are “unauthorized.”


  17. Yep, either they’ve missed a few payments on the shitstead or it’s getting really cold in the shed. They are looking for some well-meaning chump to give them free rent in a real house for the winter.


  18. Just when I think it’s not humanly possibly to suck in new leghumpers that are dumber than the last, Nicole surprises me again. I wonder how many of these newest imbeciles have hit the PayPal button.


  19. Funny this all came down during a real cold spell = SEND MONEY! or…Our 1/2 cord of green wood isn’t gonna last through the week heating 2 leaky sheds, so… Time for more NN fantasy land script writing.
    Also, what happened to Jojo’s posse or the marine who was willing to come to the shed and ‘kick some ass’ during this siege of the Shitstead. Never mind.
    Love me some humper outrage though!


  20. You followers keep sending the Nauglers money and they don’t move. As a local I beg you, if you really feel for the family, send them your deed. Your deed to a property far far away from here. I promise if it’s at least across 3 state lines no one will follow. A collective sigh of relief will be the last you hear from us.

    Repeat after me. Money does them no good. Money changes nothing. What they need is a new start. Far far away. Close to those who would love them and accept them for who they are. Move them into your backyard, side yard, into your garage. This is the only way you can protect them and care for them. You won’t regret it for the first 30 seconds or so.


  21. Paging CPS…. Think CPS, who still has an open case, knows they’re trying to move?

    How much do you want to bet they haven’t been making payments? If they’re in such danger, moving to another lot in the same area won’t do anything. Is there any way to check the status of land contracts there? No matter, I’m sure the current neighbors are beside themselves with excitement. I would be. I hope that they keep that sweet dog who visits.

    If they were genuinely being attacked, why are they not fighting back with some of that firepower they brag about? If someone came to my property and attacked my family, my husband and I would be racing to shoot the fuckers head off. So why, if their many kids are supposedly being attacked, are they not fighting back? No one would blame them for defending their family, even with guns, if there was a real attack happening.

    I feel bad for F’s family. I don’t think anyone has seen anything that indicates anything other than a loving and involved family. This must be so brushing for them to watch.


  22. “Move them into your backyard, side yard, into your garage. ”

    My garage would be a significant improvement.


  23. Owl, Sally you two are something else. I laughed too damn hard at y’all.

    Take your act on the road! Instead of a hat for tips, consider a jar with a big PayPal donate button painted on the side.

    Now, I must go ASAP, the last slice of chocolate cake is in superior danger sitting the kitchen counter.


  24. LMAO
    Most of her leghumpers are in the same boat as she is rowing = Piss poor so poor they do not have a pot to piss in or window to throw it out of. Some are whores of the state and living off taxpayers as a means of life time income. Others are fighting with CPS for their stupid ass child abuse. Most of them do not have two pennies to rub together.

    She needs to find new leg humpers with deep pockets.

    If they were in good standing with the KY land company and really in fear of being attacked and unsafe there they could ask to do a land exchange. Seems to me if they have a good payment history the company would want to keep them. But then again the company has seen what a shit hole they have made out of that property so they probably do not want another piece in ruins.

    IMO it is really really stupid for her to babble on and on how unsafe they are and they are being attacked. Screaming that there is a need to move due to safety should raise up the ears of CPS that they can not afford to keep their children in a safe environment. Really smart move Nickkers tipping right into the hands of the very agency that is still on your ass like a shitty diaper on a baby. Yup stuck right on you they are. CPS would also have to approve them moving out of the county.

    Keep on spinning your shit Nickkers cause it is getting really funny. First you are big and brave and going to shoot people then you cry you are not safe. Well the only people that brought all this on to your family is you and Jojo by going viral. Hey how is that viral shit working out for you now? LMAO

    Her next trick will be having to move the business again. Her life is like fashion fads they circle and circle and circle only much faster than fashion fads.


  25. She is so full of crap. No one is harassing her. Yes people comment online, just like she does. I know in Naugland freedom only applies to them, fuck everyone else. She preaches all this crap about liberty but she is such a hypocrite, she just wants everyone to agree with her. Honestly they are probably behind on the land payment. I know they couldn’t afford it several years ago and nothing has changed to make their financial situation any better. So she’s making up this crap about being scared so she can get another windfall from paypal. All you locals should watch out. Those people are nuts, they’ll create some sort of drama and pull out their phones to record it because that’s how they do it. The are grifters always looking for a way to scam the stupid and stupid seems in great supply.


  26. She is a joke! No one will rent to them! They cannot afford to move the cabin(s), but I’m guessing they are dumb enough to once again just abandon shit like they have over and over??? My bet is it’s cold, they are behind on land payments, the salon is failing, and they cannot leave the county due to CPS still under foot! Do they really think people are dumb enough to help them again? Let me rephrase that….. does she think we are all dumb enough to believe this horse shit? Nicole please save your last brain cells and stop with the drama and lies! Crying wolf will get you no where at this point!


  27. They want money. It’s that simple. She’s trying to rile up the fangirls. Also – didn’t she claim to have the FBI working for her at one time? Because she’s apparently now on the outs with them (the FBI)…
    And she probably can’t go more than 30 miles because of the open case with CPS, correct?
    What a mess. Those poor kids and animals. She’s an idiot.


  28. Nicole and her dearest husband (hurl):

    -Have a horse they are responsible for
    -Have a horse they cannot stable, feed, or water
    -Have a porta potty they have to make payments on
    -Have a land lease they have to make payments on
    -Have a business lease they have to make payments on
    -Have to feed 14 people with little to no money
    -Need money
    -Donation cash flow likely not doing so well
    -Have no one’s good will with any means who will let themselves be used by Nauglers
    -There is a possibility that their behaviors will be found out in a documentary
    -Really want to run somewhere no one knows them, dang going viral
    -Cannot run without a whole lotta people being interested that they not land near them
    -Are about to get evicted (I speculate–it was only a matter of time)
    -Are sitting on land they have rendered uninhabitable and possibly unsaleable without extensive cleanup (Kentucky Land Co. will love that)
    -Have two sheds they have no place to move to (I predict two large bonfires soon)
    -Have a van and a car
    -Have a business the landlord would not appreciate being turned into a homeless shelter
    -Probably don’t have enough wood for more than a few days’ worth of heating
    -Their chainsaw is…..where?
    -It’s really cold out there right now–they’ll get a slight reprieve from the cold during Saturday
    -Nicole has a sick kid with a cold
    -Nicole has been blogging about pertussis curing itself (I really hope sick kid and pertussis are not …. please no)
    -Cannot go the hospital
    -Cannot get clean
    -Cannot get warm
    -Have never been in a situation where they could not just run
    -Have never been in a situation where the consequences could get very real very fast
    -Have never been in a situation where they could just con somebody for relief from consequences
    -Will probably be found at truck rest stops, camp grounds, any where really
    -Will not be able to go on the lam very long because of Nicole’s internet addiction
    -Have an extensive online community interested in following the childrens’ welfare
    -Have another family related to the expectant mother that probably is going to view these circumstances and conditions as…unacceptable

    I don’t take any joy in it but, well, if they tried deliberately to be this desperate and and with nothing but two sheds, a van and a car they could not have done it more successfully.


  29. Maybe the tether to Breckenridge County isn’t the shop, maybe the tether is actually the state of Kentucky and CPS. Nicole, honey, listen, listen, Nicole, honey. CPS is going to follow you the ends of the earth or until your last child turns 18. Do you know why? Because you and fat ass are piss poor parents. The only thing the “trolls” do is watch and wait for the final screw-up and you may very well make that screw-up if you leave without CPS and Family Court permission.

    There’s more to the story you’re telling about CPS and Family Court than what you’ve told. You know it, we know it and by god, we won’t let you forget it. Stupid cow!

    My apologies to Frances, Sally, I was calling Nicole a stupid cow.


  30. Is the shed actually paid for or was it bought on a payment plan? It’s probably easier to repo a shed than to evict a bunch of kids in the winter due to rent default. Of course, if the shed was deemed unfit for habitation by CPS or the fire dept. or what have you then yup, they would have to go. Would also explain the need to leave Breck Co.


  31. How often have they moved. Since I’ve known of Nicole they’ve lived in three different properties. I know of the old amish house. They destroyed that place. And then the trailer. They also destroyed that place, holes were punched in the walls. The kids got blamed but who knows if that’s the truth. And then the rent own land. And on the land they had the first shed which got repossessed or turned in or turned in before it was repossessed. Then the three sided shed. And now the garden shed. I can’t imagine moving that much. They’ve pretty much gotten rid of everything every time they move. It’s crazy. It just adds to the instability those children live with everyday. Of course every time they move it’s someone else’s fault. They didn’t do anything. They get evicted for non-payment of rent or for whatever reason and just like in every aspect of their lives someone else is to blame. How about Joe get a real job, hell go back to flipping burgers and make some damn money to properly house the children. Nicole can stay grooming. Neither of them do a lick of parenting so they don’t really need to be there. Sure Joe might need to work a couple of jobs but that is the consequence of breeding recklessly.


  32. And she probably can’t go more than 30 miles because of the open case with CPS, correct?

    I’m not sure that is the reason she said that. I took it that she’s looking in that radius because of the proximity to the business.


  33. My apologies to Frances, Sally, I was calling Nicole a stupid cow.

    Frances doesn’t mind. She is a smart cow. 🙂


  34. she calms down her drama somewhat with this response

    Jennifer asks about the chickens & animals & Drama Queen responds:
    “Jennifer Binder we don’t have to move, but we really should move. We can’t live like this much longer. Constantly being under surveillance, our neighbors reporting out every move to the tabloid blogger and her minion. The minion comes down at least twice a month that we have seen.

    So we are looking at any and all possibilities while keeping things intact, such as our animals and our business.”

    I wonder how she picks & chooses who to responds to.

    In response to the Grab a shotgun post she replies :

    “I think they are trying to set us up. My son saw them stop in front of the property get out of his truck and pull something from his pocket. He thought my son had just came home but they were leaving again and neighbor saw my son pull back out so he quickly got his truck and left. He wasn’t expecting my son to still be by the road”

    So if I read that mess correctly her son is driving?? Did he get a drivers license? Is he insured? She hasn’t mention any of her kids driving.


  35. Okay, so let me get this straight…

    Things that are unsafe about the Naugler’s current domicile:
    -People saying mean things on the internet.
    -Neighbors reporting unruly livestock.
    -Neighbors reporting piles of human poop and a lack of clean water.

    Things that are safe and just fine for the kids to be living in:
    -Unruly livestock
    -Piles of human poop and a lack of clean water.

    Yep, it’s eviction time. I will bet five undented, name-brand cans of food with the labels still on that what the son saw, instead of a “stalker”, was a process server.


  36. Bills:
    Land Rent
    Potty Rent
    Business Rent
    Car insurance
    Cell Phones & other electronic monthly charges
    Car registrations (how many cars do they have?)
    Bow making material
    Business supplies
    Hardee’s dates
    Gas for cars
    Gas for the loud generator
    Animal feed
    Animal vaccines (please tell me she is at least up on the rabies for all her pets)
    Dog licenses
    Business taxes
    Payroll for her children who work at the business.
    Car upkeep
    Laundry (how often does she do it? Laundromats are expensive here in California)
    Sundry items
    Unschooling supplies
    Dollar Store trips
    Walmart trips

    Her grooming business must be doing great to pay for just those basic costs.
    Joe why won’t you get a job? A paying job??


  37. Animal vaccines (please tell me she is at least up on the rabies for all her pets)

    Probably not.


  38. Hey Nicole,

    I see you are having neighbor troubles AGAIN. How many times is this now?
    Do you have any idea how many of us who have known you in real life are still following your continuous bullshit?
    Remember that home you rented near downtown E-town? By the school…cute little home. Remember all the drama you had with your neighbors and the city code enforcement? Let’s see…trash in yard, broke down vehicle parked in yard, dog left out in heat and bad weather with no proper shelter, food or water… You claimed the neighbors harassed you and you were doing nothing wrong. Oh and man the mess you left behind inside!
    It always seems to be an issue with other people but somehow it is never you or Joe causing the problems.
    How many rentals have you gone through since you moved to KY? Each and every time it was because you were somehow wronged. Never your fault…right?
    From my point of view it is ridiculous you would even make comments about the neighbors. Long before you moved to Breck, years before your latest drama went viral…courtesy of Joe…you found trouble with every neighbor and/or landlord you have had. You can fool strangers and people who live far away but you have gone through this everywhere you have lived in KY. Correction: It has never been this bad but of course when Joe contacted the media back in May 2015 you got the attention you craved. You have escalated this on purpose ever since.
    Your current neighbors aren’t the first and they will not be the last of people who have had to put up with your mess 24/7 . It is very much part of the reason you are struggling to relocate. Too many bridges burned, too many people familiar with your name and stories and lies.
    You keep saying you need to move so please, by all means…go! Try another state.
    Yes, we are watching and waiting. We are connected, all of us, by the crap you dish out. I suppose that is one good thing that has happened. New friendships have been forged and we now work as a team to rid your latest victims of your presence in their community. You will leave before any of us back down.
    We Are Legion


  39. I have two thoughts right now (probably in total, it’s been a long day LOL):

    1) How in the hell is it possible for them to stay on top of payments with one person’s income from a not-very-lucrative business!? I can barely stay afloat and I have a decent full time job and only two kids.

    2) a number of the ‘leg humpers’ are just nice people who think they are supporting a wholesome family. They don’t follow closely at all. They don’t see many of her posts and certainly don’t know anything about this blog. I happened to notice that a facebook friend of mine ‘likes’ the BLH page and has even posted support (this friend and I don’t even live in the US). I know for a fact that my friend knows nothing of the drama outside of a vague notion that this nice, loving, crafty, wholesome mother is being cyber-bullied. This friend of mine is a smart and creative entrepreneur who makes lovely goods and makes a good living from it while raising her own kids in a wonderfully genuinely wholesome environment. She would be aghast if she knew the reality of this family’s life. I’m sure this is the case for a good number of the 45000 people who have ‘liked’ the page.


  40. Anonymous…did the horse really break its leg and need to be put down? Is this some actual info you know about, or just a wild guess? Can you give us any more info?


  41. For the love of gawd, nobody suggest Alaska to them. Oh, never mind Nicole hates the cold and I guarantee they would not get away with a shack here.
    Her latest “we have to move ASAP” post should have CPS all over them. The red flags are waving; is anyone paying attention?
    I understand that Nicole has quite a flair for the dramatic but my spidey sense is tingling and I am wondering if she is having a real paranoid, mental health episode. This is the kind of shit my truly mentally ill neighbor says when he is moving off the rails. With him, violence of some sort usually follows – usually towards his wife or current girlfriend. He used to try and direct it at us until a Trooper made it very clear that if he posed a credible threat on our property, we would shoot him. I had to come to terms with that and it was a difficult journey. However, I know what he is capable of and police response can be 45 minutes out here.
    If I was their caseworker, I would be seeking an ECO because of the safety issue. She needs professional help. I fear for those children.


  42. “Move them into your backyard, side yard, into your garage.”

    But…but…but I value my beautiful backyard and garage, and don’t want my stuff destroyed…. And I’m a very bad person because I value my home and sanity more than the Nauglers Many….

    “CPS is going to follow you the ends of the earth or until your last child turns 18.”

    I think that their local CPS would be thrilled if they up and left the state. CPS there can’t afford the Nauglers, and if the Naugs leave, they’ll be a different CPS’s problem.


  43. I highly doubt she gets her animals vaccinated. Reason one she does not believe in vaccinations for the kids so why would she get the animals done. If you can not do right by your kids you sure as hell are not going to do right by your animals.
    Reason number two her business does not have a vaccination policy like most groomers have. Some day that might come back to bite her especially if a customer gets bit by a dog that is not up to date on shots. Hey shit happens!
    License?? for animals. Highly doubt that cause you usually need to have rabies shots at the very least to get a license.

    As for the car that has not been at the shop much. The van has been there. The front end of the car is smashed in like it was run into a ditch. Vehicles and them do not have long lasting relationships… another thing they do not take care of.

    Laundromat she has posted she takes the dog washing towels and family laundry there and washes them in the big washers for some ridiculous cheap price. Well maybe if she is packing the washers really full. But then the laundry will not get clean. I sure would not want to use a washer after they used it.

    Business taxes????? she does not believe in paying taxes.

    Kids wages that is pennies on the dollar.

    Animal feed well that is a joke as she claims they free range. Now that she has gone to chaining up the dogs she might be feeding them. But probably some crappy ass kibble that is nothing but corn. Corn does nothing for dogs it is just a filler that the poop out.

    Chickens eat ticks. Good luck with that at this time of the year. Bunnies well if she wants to raise them from her current stock she needs to be feeding them good to produce good future stock. You get out of a animal what you put into it.

    I wonder if it is safe to say that the water is free from the shop. I bet the landlord is footing that bill along with their showering there.

    They have no clue how to budget and spend money. For people on a limited income they sure burn through a lot of it on stupid stuff. The biggest folly was buying a hay burner. Yes it is nice for a girl to have a horse but only if the family can afford it. Horses are not cheap if kept right.

    You forgot the expense for wood. Since they have been found out to be stealing wood from neighboring land they will be needing to buy some. Sad cause if that $900 inflated chainsaw has been taken care of they could be getting wood for the price of some gas and oil with a little sweat off their backs. But I suppose that would be too much hard labor for fatass. Also remember they have two sheds to heat now.

    Car registration and insurance well that could be hit and miss as Jojo has been nailed for that before. I feel for any potential victims of a car accident with them and hope they have uninsured driver insurance on their vehicles cause they will need it.

    Last of all where is the pig????
    I went to the Shit Stead
    The birds and the beasts were not fed
    The big homestead husband by the light of the moon
    Was combing his ratty hair

    You should have seen the pig
    She stood next to the homestead husband’s feet
    The homestead husband sneezed and fell on his knees
    And that was the end of the pig
    The pig, the pig, the pig,

    The challenge is on for some one to come up with one for the goat.


  44. So…what would CPS do if they were truly evicted from the land for nonpayment? There are protections against being evicted from a home but I don’t think a shed counts. Would this finally force CPS’ hand?


  45. I kinda feel bad for Jacob. He and the soon to be missus just bought their first home & may have to abandon it… If it was bought on credit, well, there goes the credit (which is probably F’s). So young to already be racking up bad credit and just because she crossed paths with these people.
    Way to pass on your scamming, run from your problems, irresponsible ways to your kids Naugs!

    If she’s serious about the 30 mile radius that could actually put her just inside another state (IN). While I’m sure the locals would love that, I’m not so sure CPS would.

    Beth M said: “Of course, if the shed was deemed unfit for habitation by CPS or the fire dept. or what have you then yup, they would have to go.”
    Actually that was my first thought. Some agency was made aware of their living conditions (I know, that’s old news), but this time someone cared and pushed the issue hard.
    It has got to be so freaking cold in that shed.


  46. 30 mile radius of Radcliff that is not Breckinridge County would be Meade, Hardin, Nelson and Grayson counties in Kentucky, and Harrison County in Indiana. All of the possible future locations have planning and zoning which will require permits and regulations be followed for occupying a structure, I doubt moving their sheds for living quarters would be an option. Renting a home and land with that number of people and their well known history is questionable at best.

    The solution could be a motor home or two, they could stay in mobile home parks, rv parks, camp grounds and Wal-Mart parking lots (think food storage) until they wear out their welcome, then move on to the next. Animals could be sold or given away to a home that would most likely be better than where they are now.

    In reality her post is a reminder of finding a poor dog a home or he will be put down. Another dramatic lazy ass plea for someone else to solve problems she created.


  47. Ahahahaha! It’s 6am and I’ve laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe. It’s comical because, this comes up right after I go after her twice via comments. Lawdddd hammery


  48. Haha I started checking for this blog as soon as I saw the status from Nicole.
    My first thought was like everyone else’s who figure her and lardass are behind on payments, or since N likes to whine about the cold (uh, hello, you live outside, dummy) she’s decided she can’t take it any more. I’ll go with the 1st reason though. In the very beginning of this ordeal, I felt sorry for them. I had seen a posting from where the kids were taken, and then found the blh fb. Wasn’t to long before Lardass was messaging me personally..he even invited my family and I to live on the “homestead” with them. Um, no thanks. I thought “off grid” life was cool and something I’d love. I quickly realized that they weren’t homesteaders but homelessteaders. Sure, I get that people fall on hard times and struggle but to never fix the situation is ignorant and sad. Those babies shouldn’t know what a cold home feels like, and a GOOD PARENT wouldn’t allow them to. The thoughts of those babies having hungry tummies or shivering while going to bed every night breaks my heart into bits. No, I don’t feel sorry for Nicole or her poor excuse for a husband, but I do wish someone would intervene and save those kids for longer than 8 weeks. That’s my biggest problem is what the kids have to go through. And the worst part, is the kids think that it’s a “normal” way of living. They have no idea what normal is…and that’s sad


  49. Nicole is complaining that people who have become friends do the following, “Have admitted to visiting the neighbors who they only recently met.”

    Can you imagine? Visiting your new friends in real life? The horror. I mean, Nicole prefers that her friends just click on that great big “Donate” PayPal button rather than actually spend time on the shitstead.

    I wonder if everyone gets their own waste-filled white bucket as a farewell memento to take and dump in their own toilets after they visit? Do you think she parts with the lids?


  50. In addition, Joe and Nicole didn’t tie the marital knot until ~2009 so there was quite a passel of children on the ground by then. So she’s not in any position to criticize her neighbor’s decision to have two children with whomever she pleased.

    Also, there are two different people with protective orders against JOE. Not the other way around. If Joe and Nicole had EVIDENCE to prove to the county attorney’s that they were in real danger, there would be protective orders issued naming them. As there is no EVIDENCE, there are no protective orders issued against others.

    Come on Nicole. You “document everything”. Produce it when you go and bitch at the county attorneys. They can’t do anything without real evidence. Your say-so isn’t enough.

    “People are driving past my business (and not stopping to use it)!”

    “Your business is in a shopping mall with other businesses. A beauty salon, florist, Dollar Store, movie theater, furniture liquidators, etc. But you say they’re stalking you.”

    Right. Sure. Hey – is the model store still open?


  51. so what do we owe this melt down? joe out of pot again?

    you suck nikki, trust me, we are all hoping you move away from your poor neighbors too. the shooting guns, screaming at your kids, screaming at them over the fence. please move, get down the road, go


  52. nicky Nicky NICKY! LOL back to the Blame Game again are we? LOL Wish I could be so perfect as you are to NEVER DO ANYTHING WRONG. Nice list you made there “TheSkyisfalling” but you forgot the Business note carried by Pace. LOL so funny the Con man Conned by the BEST cause I bet he is lacking in LOTS of PAYMENTS AND lets not forget Store Utilities HAHAHAHAHAHA Of Grid my ASS.

    We are Legion! LOL LOVE IT BUT you give Nicky more fodder to play the BLAME GAME with a simple statement like that LOL. Shame the stupid Idiot don’t understand we Are Legion for the Kids not her Dumbass. She can ROT IN HELL for all I care shame them kids have to suffer with her. 🙁


  53. Some interesting comments this morning on the FB page that have not been deleted yet. She slammed the LDS church and pissed off a few people. No “cha-ching” from them!

    One asked why she would post the pic of the pregnant couple with the ultrasound if they are in “such danger”. Good point.
    Nicole’s reply….”Blessed Little Homestead I asked her about that. The trolls already found her family and even messaged them last month. She said it was fine.”
    Because a young couple showing an ultrasound might just tug at the Financial Heartstrings of someone reading, this is why you posted it, Nicole!

    My prediction? They don’t go anywhere. They never intended to move. But N and J were hoping this post would bring the next money slide into their PayPal account.


  54. The very next post after her “we are in DANGER and must move asap” hysterical and inflammatory post is a photo of the teenage parents to be and the untrasound of their baby with all the fiancés’ information on it. The very next post.

    It will continue to baffle me how she can get people to buy her bullshit stories. An entire evening of playing on their heart strings, getting them to worry about HER, scrambling to find ways to help her, getting them to threaten people on her behalf. Like trained dogs she whistles and they jump. How do they not see it? She isn’t even good at it. She doesn’t even give them a biscuit afterwards for being good little doggies. Hell, her own dogs aren’t even that well trained.

    The next day, there she is posting as if nothing has happened. Oversharing her children’s lives and posting their very private business on her public pages for all the world to see.

    Kind hearted people easily led by a narcissistic manipulative idiot, IMO.


  55. Anonymous…did the horse really break its leg and need to be put down?

    Wild guessing. There is no evidence to suggest anything like that. The horse hasn’t been mentioned since the Great Breakout.


  56. Nicole is trying to get sympathy. She needs money to relocate her “cabins.” She received a lot of comments from this latest post. I’m sure she will get her leg humpers to hit the PayPal button.
    I know F’s mom is concerned with her daughter’s situation. I did some snooping and saw a post she made awhile back (I was bored and curious.) She is very religious and was praying for her “prodigal daughter” and the bad choices she was making. I totally feel so bad for F’s mom, she will be linked to the Nauglers until that baby is at least 18 years old.
    Someone did suggest, if it would be possible for F & J to move to her parents. Doubt that’s is a possibility. I was happy to see that F went to the doctor for an ultrasound.


  57. These people absolutely refuse to accept responsibility for ANYTHING. I’d be willing to bet a month shed payment AND a months bill of the portacrapper that they’re behind on bills and that’s forcing the move. That’s the closest they’ll ever get to being ahead. Move, pay a few months,sob story, skip out. Repeat.
    As far as the shed being cold, it’s probably quite the opposite when they have wood. Those stoves put out a LOT of heat, much more than is needed to heat an empty shed. Now add piles of crap and people it’s probably suffocating to be in there. One extreme to another their bodies can’t keep up with that. Add to that the dampness and filth. It’s absolutely miserable. No one in their right mind will rent to that many people and that’s not discrimination it’s common sense. They don’t take care of shit that belongs to them why in the hell would anyone believe for a microsecond they’d take care of rental. That’s not counting the amount of time and money it’d take to evict them.
    You can’t complain that you’re living in shanties when you have a long long history of stiffing people, evictions little to no income. And as a property manager the landlord would be responsible for the fines and cleanup. Every lease I’ve signed required utilities to be on in our name and to be connected the entire length of the lease. (Not that it takes someone else to tell me I need fresh water or lights).
    14-16 people piled up in a house with no running water or fresh air circulating = you will absolutely never get the smell out of the home.
    We rented to a mini version of these people unknowingly and literally had to strip the house floor to ceiling, professionals to clean out the duct work you name it. Leased to 2 people by the time they finally left there were 6 people living there. House trash burned in the yard dirty diapers, holes in every room and door. Water leaks toilet ripped out from the foundation. And guess who footed that bill? We did. Lesson learned


  58. Sally,
    I was wondering if maybe the Kentucky Land Company just now got caught up on “Poop Gate?”
    They were listed on all the paperwork right along with the Nauglers name.
    However, the Owner of the company passed away around that time when Breckinridge County served the papers, and the company went though period of change of ownership and Board of Directors.

    Is it possible that “Poop Gate” violated the Terms and Conditions of the Nauglers Lease Agreement and the new owners are just now acting upon those violations and foreclosing on the deal?

    Also, to answer a question a few has asked- NO they can not relocate without informing Family Court and C.P.S first.


  59. @ magenta

    I also have a FB acquaintance who likes all of the cute baby pictures that are posted on the BLH…. And I too am puzzled. My friend has one child, a decent full time job, and absolutely dotes on her daughter. The daughter is in NHS and just got her acceptance letter to a local university. Everytime I see that this woman has liked a BLH picture I bite my tongue to keep feom lighting into her. She cannot possibly be following the Nauglers closely or she would be horrified.


  60. Next she’s going to write that her children are in danger, but they don’t have the funds to move to safety. That will play on her leghumper’s sympathy. Her fan club will be asking where to donate.

    You know if this was all legit and her family was in danger, the very first thing I would do if I was her, I would remove my kids from the danger. I would get off the internet and quit instigating this drama and quit pissing people off. Who does she care for more, her kids, or her internet?


  61. How on earth are these children being monitored by cps
    I have fostered and worked in children’s services for many years
    No way on earth would those children have been returned home (shed) in the appalling circumstances at that hovel
    I am in UK


  62. “For the love of gawd, nobody suggest Alaska to them.”

    They can’t afford to fly there and if they drove or took the train they’d need passports. Tough order given that most of the kids don’t have birth certificates. Heck, even getting plane tickets requires official identification and there is one person who is very close to reaching majority age who may not yet have applied for a driver’s license, let alone a passport.

    Insuring a young driver is pricey. Doubly so if they’re male.


  63. She won’t and she’ll come up with some lame ass excuse on why it’s down.

    Her NCN page is still up.


  64. Also tell me the kids aren’t being spoon fed paranoia. Most people’s kids don’t assume someone’s out to kill them just because they happen to stop on a public road. Now you have 11 kids and 1 pregnant barely adult who are terrified of every passing vehicle ON A PUBLIC ROAD. Why? Show me, don’t tell me, because I trust them about as far as I can throw Mr croc-a-shit, show me one example of any actual danger.


  65. @toxicchemicals: Nobody allows or disallows pregnant women to do things unless they’re in prison already. Hair coloring may or may not be dangerous during pregnancy; the problem is that there’s no ethical way to test that. So there’s a humongous list of things that pregnant people are advised to avoid because nobody knows whether they cross the placental barrier or present increased risk of premature labor.


  66. The Blessed Little Homestead facebook page and blog are down for me, too.

    If Nicole actually managed to step away, keep the pages down, and move away – kudos to her.
    She finally put her family first (in that case).
    If that is what she did, it cannot have been easy for somebody as addicted to attention (and blaming others) as she is.

    I know I shouldn’t expect any decent behaviour from that woman, but I still carry that tiny hope that she can do it for her kids.
    So let’s hope that the pages stay down and instead of spending her time online she works on improving her kids’ life.


  67. Sally, I thought the horse comment was sarcasm. Is Beauty missing?

    toxicchemicals, dying hair while pregnant is fine. The do-not-do list is absurd these days. We aren’t supposed to dye our hair, use deodorant, paint our fingernails, get massages that involve our ankles, drink regular soda, coffee, or tea, eat lunch meat, hot dogs, peanut butter, or whole wheat, etc. But we can take narcotics like Vicodin!

    ChristinaE, “No one in their right mind will rent to that many people and that’s not discrimination it’s common sense.”

    Even if a family takes care of stuff and pays their bills, 14 people is a tremendous amount of wear and tear. A lot of locales have limits on how many people you can pack into a rental house or apartment.

    Evelyn, her BLH FB is down for me too.


  68. Wonder if Pace stopped taking her calls? Heheheheh. Pretty damn hilarious. The grifter grifting the griftee. Or vice versa. I also am of the opinion that there is a bomb of mental instability growing, like black mold, in that family, maw and paw, co-dependency in it’s worst form.
    I also hope that maw keeps blh down, although I believe that her hysterical post of having to leave the shitstead, asap, got out of her control. She is still posting virulent anti cop and anti government posts on her nicole c naugler page. ( which also makes me think the law is somehow involved with them again).
    I’ve posted lots of suppositions here, but maw is so transparent and so easy to figure out. Too bad she doesn’t get that.


  69. Why doesn’t she just hide out at the motel like she did when the kids were in care? She said she and Joe had to stay there because they were in danger. Don’t the kids deserve a nice clean warm motel room to stay safe in whilst in danger but Maw & Paw do?


  70. LOL don’t get your hopes up guys and gals LOL yual are funny. You REALLY THINK Nicky would shut her page down for the well being of her kids? LOL its her yearly quarter to Mop up all the SHIT said about her and make it spotless CLEAN for the leg humpers. That way she can tell the Newer Improved Version and make it even BETTER! LOL


  71. Despite what Nicole writes, no one is spying on her. No one other than the Nauglers know what happened to the pig after it’s one and only photo op. No one other than the Nauglers know what happened to the horse after it went on it’s Gallup-about. Goats, bunnies, chickens, dogs, cats only what she reveals be it purposefully or inadvertently.

    It really is simple. As long as the animals stay on the property, or there is no public posting by the Naugler contingent or some other public record we don’t know their business.

    The reason any of us know so much about the family is because they publicly post just about everything.


  72. Yeah, her pages are all back up. Scrubbed clean I am sure. I wonder what comment was made that enticed her to take it down and clean it up?


  73. Not only is her BLH FB page back, right there at the top if a picture of J and F kissing with an ultrasound picture showing F’s personal information. Aren’t they all supposed to be in grave danger?

    I couldn’t be an OB/GYN out there. I wouldn’t be able to keep quiet about CHILDREN thinking that they’re all grown up just because they know how to fuck and have reproductive organs that work. I firmly believe that people that young who think they’re really ready to have babies are incredibly stupid. It’s an EXTREMELY rare kid that age who is financially independent AND SECURE, and that’s just one part of being ready. Having the legal right doesn’t mean something is the morally right thing to do. I don’t think for a moment F planned to get pregnant two months after breaking up with her ex, and that J, at 17, though being a dad is something he’s really ready for, but if they did, that just shows how immature they are, and how little they understand about what a baby needs. Readiness takes more than a desire. I badly wanted a baby at 17. I asked my mom to get me on birth control.

    Nicole waving this pregnancy around as evidence of her not-schooling and neglect being great shows how much she’s failing her kids. It takes two to make a baby, and if she’d raised her son with good sense, he wouldn’t have decided yay, let’s prove penis and uterus work. He could have said no. (Again, presuming they really did stupidly decide to try making a baby on purpose right after meeting.)

    But aside from that, it they’re in danger, why is she taking time out to post that picture and pat herself on the back for failing her kids? And, from the sad looks of things, raising a son whose going to repeat his parents’ errors?


  74. I don’t think Nicole shut down her BLB Facebook in a moment of clarity. She either is scrubbing it or violated one of FB’s terms. I also think the money train has dried up. The most fervent fans also seem to be those with little to spare. I did see some people suggesting moves to various areas, but I didn’t see anyone rushing to offer them a place to live.


  75. Just for the RECORD
    I did offer to pay for them to move out of the United States of America to ANY….
    3ed World Country- A one way ticket to anywhere……FREE of charge for the whole family.
    The offer still stands. 🙂


  76. Potato hunter said something I found interesting

    “You will leave before any of us back down”

    I’ve been very willing to throw my name out there. I’ve never been shy; stupid maybe, but never shy. I think it’s important to choose the hard right over the easy wrong. Be who you are, and own whatever consequences may follow — because, just like Sally, I believe that a person’s name is their bond and that actually has merit. I completely understand why many choose to hide behind a username of fake profile. I just think it fosters a false bravado and makes people say things that they wouldn’t otherwise . . .

    Joe and Nicole, “welcome” to Breck County. Say “hello neighbor” to folks that aren’t going to put up with your game. Welcome to reality. You can both wear the victim panties as far as the big bag “state” goes. But you are not “victims” of trolls/stalkers/keyboard warriors/horrible people/atheists/statists or any other such nonsense. Think about this; Your neighbors and the community vary in their philosophical, religious, and political beliefs. But oddly enough, we’re all rather tired of your shit; the VAST majority of us. And the truth is . . . you know it.

    Let me do you an honest favor. Let me tell you that you have a huge and determined group of people that are unified and will never back down. Is anybody going to do anything crazy, violent, or stupid? Not if I can stop them. I actually do feel sorry for your kids and have already talked a few people out of stupid things. Chalk it up to my metrosexual heart.

    Credibility and character aren’t just words to us. They mean something. I’ve pissed lots and lots of people off. And in doing so, I’ve gained the trust and confidence of the genuine people that actually matter. Those are the kind of people I want on my side. The gutty honest people. Those are the people that I cherish, respect and learn from.

    We aren’t too interested in the phony, disingenuous, lazy people. The liars or drama-queens. Integrity means something to us.

    Joe and Nicole, I’ll happily sit down straight across from you and we can talk. I’ve offered this many times and every time you’ve either balked or come up with an excuse.

    Sally did the same a while back and Z E R O fucking response from you. (You knew she wasn’t shitting you).

    Your family is not in danger. We don’t like you at all. Your community thinks that you are reprobates and disingenuous.

    Joe, I think you’re a failed man, husband and father. That’s pretty straight forward.

    I won’t waiver from that until you show at least an honest attempt.


  77. I advise no one zoom in on the ultrasound pic. Both parents-to-be nails are disgusting. Poor baby to be!

    As someone who has moved across states and countries, no one with 11 kids can “move ASAP” unless you have $$. They probably could afford to just dump their crap and animals where they stand today and drive away with white buckets of their shit -errr- stuff.

    Methinks this is just another pity party looking for money.


  78. @ Tekla – whew! The State of Alaska can relax!! LOL. Even if they could get here, they would last a month at most.

    “Who does she care for more, her kids, or her internet?” – That is the easiest question in the world to answer. The internet of course! What do I win?

    @Al – I am with you, Sally and a few others who use their real names. I don’t blame folks who choose to use a fake name because of how Nicole and Joe like to harass and threaten. However, I don’t like bullies and never have. Even if I lived next door to y’all, I would be using my real name. I look forward to the day when those children are taken away from their shitty parents for good. I know it will initially be hard on the kids but as they experience warmth, cleanliness, love, education, real food etc they will come to understand just how crappy their egg and sperm donor really are.


  79. Just another troll, F’s fingernails are bitten down very far. I wonder if that’s a new thing for her to do.


  80. Well for what it’s worth her parents have proudly posted pictures too. Publicly sharing the same ultrasound at even more of a close up and better clarity.

    No one needed the ultrasound picture to find the girlfriend. Many already knew her name before Nicole and Joe share.

    I follow many of the public pages and when and only when I see rumblings on them or things that make me go hmmm I spend a couple of minutes to search. It’s not hard.

    First time I heard there was a pregnancy was here. I questioned it. I did a Facebook search … bam right there got it.

    Lots of critics about posting the ultrasound pictures. So I went searching. Within minutes I found her mom’s postings that included a due date.

    Whatever the circumstances are it seems both set of grandparents have decided to embrace the new baby on the way and seem to be eager to meet their grandchild.

    I’m not dumb I know teen/unwed/unplanned pregnancy is not preferred for many for a whole host of reasons, but they choose live for that baby over other options and it seems that the grandparents of the child to be on both sides are eager and happy for the baby.

    Not necessarily because of the circumstances … but for the baby him/herself.


  81. If the Nauglers are moving out of Breckinridge County, which personally I doubt for a number of reasons, there are few things they should do their research on first and a few suggestions so that they don’t end up alienating yet more neighbors and another community.

    Building and permitting codes, which include moving a structure or home/premises to a property not just new builds. Many of the surrounding counties are not as lax as Breckinridge County as to what constitutes a building that may be lived in. All the surrounding counties in Kentucky will still require proper disposal of human waste, it’s a state law that applies to all the counties. They even have such laws in Indiana. If moving into incorporated city or town areas there are likely additional codes and permits to be complied with.

    Research should also be done on their responsibility to care for and contain their animals to their own property. Doing the research and knowing the applicable requirements could save them future aggravation and eventual court appearances. Compliance with such codes and laws might also benefit any future relationships they might develop with neighbors.

    As to the CHFS requirements for their case that should be discussed directly with their worker and/or Family Court to avoid potential problems and/or violations.

    Obviously the conditions of their criminal probation and/or conditions of the deferred charges will still stand regardless of where they move. for the duration determined by the original court order.

    Moving out of state may trigger new laws and requirements as to homeschooling, vaccinations, identification papers for the children, medical care of the children, etc. I recommend that they familiarize themselves with said laws.

    Try being neighborly. No one is asking they make friends with their new neighbors. They don’t even have to talk to them. Just avoid trespassing, of themselves, their animals, and/or their bodily wastes and other waste. Respect the property of the neighbors, what is on their property belongs to them and isn’t up for grabs. Respect their privacy. In the same way that the Nauglers do not like anyone driving up the road and taking a photo of their shed from the road, the neighbors don’t like their homes, their family or their animals being photographed and/or videoed and shared with the public. When sharing the road with neighbors avoid following them around, brake checking them, running down their family members or animals, or running them off the road. When target practicing try to avoid late night, substance influenced or wild shots. Respectful target practicing during daylight hours where the bullets are confined to ones own property is a good way to avoid problems. They should also familiarize themselves with hunting laws and seasons.

    Some basic maintenance of their property would also be appreciated. Neighbors will have a tendency to notice if there is garbage and debris visible from the road or their property. They get worried when there is drought and potential fire hazards such as a neighbor’s property full of uncut tall dried weeds and/or other situations that are conducive to a wildfire. Know the burn pile laws and periodic restrictions. Arrange for proper and lawful garbage disposal.

    I am sure I have left some things out, but those are the basics which should help in a smooth transition into a new community or area. If they can avoid making a nuisance of themselves, helping themselves to their neighbors resources or property, and keep their bloviating to themselves I have little doubt that the new neighbors will even notice them. Respect the neighbors. Remember while neighbors do like to help each other it is both a reciprocal relationship and shouldn’t be taken advantage of. Your neighbors are responsible for taking care of themselves and their own not the entire world or the needy neighbors. Borrowing a bucket of water once in a while is acceptable, expecting the neighbor to provide your entire water needs is not. Being a good neighbor means giving back, not just taking. It means cooperating and sometimes working together. It doesn’t mean standing around watching your elderly neighbor cut up a tree that has fallen from your property into the public road and refusing to help or to allow your sons to help. In this world taking responsibility and being a man of your word are important.

    If indeed I am wrong, and the Nauglers really are moving I wish them the best of luck. I would also suggest that making a new start is not done by simply moving locations if one brings the same failed attitude and behaviors with them.


  82. Has anyone else read the comments on Blessed Little Homestead page made by Tracey Chen? Perfect example of why we can’t have nice things and why anarchy will never work while people like her and others exist.

    A few of her “gems”:

    “Once the government is gone THEN we will be free to BLOW THEIR HEADS OFF when they HARASS US”

    “ONLY ANARCHISTS HAVE EMPATHY…they discern right from wrong for themselves”

    Empathy as defined by Tracey is “blowing their heads off if you think they are harassing you”. I can’t even guess as t what her definitions or right and wrong are, although I highly suspect that they are egocentric and bat shit crazy. Blessed Little Homestead’s response is, of course, that “Laws were created to benefit the state.” No. Laws were created to protect innocent people from people like Tracey, Nicole and Joe the menace, IMO. Without law and punishment would Joe have been willing to gun two women down on their own property because he wanted their water? Instead was he forced by the deterrent of law to limit himself to menacing? We will never know, because we have law.


  83. It really doesn’t matter what Nicole says she and her husband say…she wants money without working for it. That is all they have ever sought at least since they came to Kentucky. But she has a grooming business and she works to support her family! She has a grooming business courtesy of Pace Ellsworth and her kids do the heavy lifting. She does the glamour shot. Her Facebook pages exist primarily to generate income without working for it.

    If they are about to get kicked off the land, which is entirely feasible, then they have failed to retain the interest and goodwill of their more capable donors. That loss came from her windfall after the ‘viral story and she received reasonable questions from those who gave. She and a busy online rabble went after these donors with a vitriol and cruelty normally talked about only in high school. A lot of the donors ended up here with Sally to talk about the brutal experience. And that is just the online garbage. And only a small part of the online garbage.

    If they just want to cry wolf to generate income without working for it, that is entirely feasible too. It really doesn’t matter, either way. The outcome will be the same. There will be no material change in the lives of the Nauglers. The kids will continue to eat mystery slop, wear filthy, ill-fitting clothes, live in cobbled together housing, have zero education, zero medical attention, and have zero future. All heavy lifting, from construction to any learning to child care, will be done by the kids as it has always been. Ma and pa will continue to vent their frustrations on how unfair it is that people talk about and dislike ma and pa’s anti-social and vitriolic behavior, neglect and squalor while treating themselves to Hardee’s. The best thing would be for the kids to go into state care. They would have more of a future than they do now. And that is not necessarily going ‘Yay, state care.’


  84. “Methinks this is just another pity party looking for money.”

    Just in time for the holiday season. Last year it was mud for Christmas. Dandy photo-op, probably not much of a money maker. Her use of ‘quasi’ for so many things really means that she’ll say or do whatever it takes to part someone from their money. She needs other people to have firmly held beliefs or values in order to push off from or away from them.

    Al – FYI – you should have used ‘waver’ rather than ‘waiver’ (legal term). Homophones (look it up, Nicole!) can be tricky sometimes. It’s like people who use ‘reign’ when the phrase calls for ‘rein’. As in, “Rein in one’s impulses” or “rein in your child”.

    This one is funny – one of the most commonly misspelled words is ‘misspell’.


  85. Just another troll, F’s fingernails are bitten down very far. I wonder if that’s a new thing for her to do.

    Come on, guys. Leave this shit be.

    When I was her age, I was a nail chewer. Mine looked like hers. It wasn’t because I was “nervous” or because I was in any way “anxious.” It was just a habit. It sort of went away all by itself as I got older. Some kids do that. Some twirl/twist their hair. Some bite their lip. Leave her alone, really.


  86. “Without law and punishment would Joe have been willing to gun two women down on their own property because he wanted their water? Instead was he forced by the deterrent of law to limit himself to menacing? We will never know, because we have law.”

    Well, yes and no (lawyers please weigh in). Laws and codes are often written and passed into law AFTER someone has done whatever is now forbidden. They can be due to social taboos. Also, if someone wants to harm someone else – really really really really wants to harm someone – they aren’t likely to refrain because society says you shouldn’t harm someone. Now, if they are caught and convicted, that is where the law really comes into play.

    I hope they’ve been supplying the horse with high quality hay, lots of warm water, a mineral salt block and a way to get out of the weather and a FENCED enclosure so she can move around.


  87. Nicole asks a person in the comments if they know what “Gaslighting” is. The person never responds so Nic hasn’t had her opportunity to once again show what a victim she believes she is.

    Facebook comment by—-“Honestly, I don’t see how anyone could take that seriously. It’s a Facebook page. Don’t look at it, you will feel better. No harm has come to you or your family, Nicole. For the price of moving two cabins you could build privacy fence to block views of your house and still have money to fence in a bunch of acres. You don’t like your neighbors and they don’t like you. So what? You will never get ahead if you choose the geographical solution every time you have a problem. The types of problems you have tend to follow you. How much does it cost to move two cabins to the next county? Do you have that kind of money to pick up and leave? If you do then you have a lot more than most people. Be grateful for that and take an honest look at your own motives, your own part in your problems. The victim speak is getting old and there just isn’t anything to back up your claims. I don’t understand why no one ever questions you.”
    Like · Reply · 3 · 12 hrs

    Blessed Little Homestead—do you know what gas lighting is?

    Gaslighting or gas-lighting is a form of psychological abuse in which a victim is manipulated into doubting their own memory, perception, and sanity. Instances may range from the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents ever occurred up to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with the intention of disorienting the victim. Sociopaths and narcissists frequently use gaslighting tactics. Sociopaths consistently transgress social mores, break laws, and exploit others, but typically are also convincing liars.

    Funny, it seems to me that Nic is speaking of herself when referring to who is doing the gaslighting. She isn’t being “gaslighted” by anyone but she is doing this to her children.


  88. I wouldn’t dare live peacefully next to J & N. My neighbor passed away 2 years ago, July 4th. His cats are here. He cut a hole in his shed to allow them a warm place to eat & sleep. I have faithfully fed the cats since he passed away. The local animal shelter paid for medical attention and shots. I have become a cat magnet. When I fed the other day a cat was here that doesn’t belong. I accidentally hit that cat with my house door. When I opened the door to come inside that cat bit me & brought blood & a bruise right then. Since this is an unknown animal & it broke the skin I was forced to get an antibiotic. I’m saying all of this because I can’t understand why they refuse shots and medical attention for their children & animals. It’s not placing blame on the animal that bit me, I frightened it with the door. That is gas lighting. An animal that bites has no business in town, on my back porch, or without papers. N & J aren’t going to move. The shelter isn’t going to put this cat to sleep. I’m furious with the cat but I keep feeding the cats, just like N asks for more money. N is under attack likeI am from a stray cat LOL


  89. I’m not sure how to express my thoughts on the subject of commenting on the ultrasound picture but I will give it a go. The new mother gave permission for the picture to be posted on a public blog. There are consequences to that choice. She knew this. I agree that, if it is on the pages of people who don’t seek out public attention, it should be off limits. In the case of this picture, it is on a page aimed at maximum exposure and it is right after a post meant to generate money. She lives with the family and the PayPal funds will benefit her, an adult, too. F and J made themselves a part of the controversy, willingly. They are actively participating in the begging and reaping the benefits.


  90. I’m not sure how to express my thoughts on the subject of commenting on the ultrasound picture but I will give it a go.

    I totally agree with you.


  91. I agree with, m. Nicole is already pimping out her unborn grandchild for beggin bucks. Run, Faith , run! Go back home to the safety of your own family. If that was my grandchild I would be very troubled indeed.


  92. When I perused N’s FB page and saw the comment about the moving ASAP, I waited patiently for you to give your well thought out post. I’ve read every response to your well thought out post, and I decided to add to the conversation by addressing how awful it must be for the children and the future in laws.

    I cannot imagine how insecure the children must feel when they see those familiar behaviors that indicate that there is about to be another move. I imagine they try to decide what limited possessions to worry about taking with them and how it must feel to worry that they probably will have to go off and leave their animals. And I wonder if they hope and pray that the new place will have water, electricity, and indoor toilets and maybe a nice heater, beds, and even a tub or shower.

    By now, the older children have been moved from pillar to post so many times and have watched their mother’s mental health decline as she alienates neighbors, friends, and family so I wonder if they talk about the likelihood that this time their mother will get it together and get along. I wonder if the children listen to her rants about the dangers outside of the shit shack and suffer fear and insecurities.

    One of the things that my siblings and I discuss, when we all get together, is how much our mother sacrificed for us; in spite of our poverty, we always had a clean home, clean clothes, and plenty to eat. My two kids often say very similar things about me and have said that no matter what, they knew that they were always safe and that I always put their needs before my own. I wonder what N’s children will say when they are grown and talking about their lives in the various shit shacks and what they (the kids) had to sacrifice so their wacko mom and fat ass dad could pretend to be homesteaders living off grid instead of the truth that they were just too damn undisciplined to work and keep the shit together. I hope that the children are able to pull a one in a million chance to move beyond their raising and do great things and I hope the future DIL takes her baby bump and goes home.


  93. Sally, I mention F’s nails and anxiety because she’s gone from a warm home where she was going to school and seemed to be doing well, to very, very suddenly being pregnant and living in a shed on land covered in shit with an intended set of in-laws who are batshit crazy, winter coming, no running water, and one freezing pot-o-potty for 14. I think a lot of anxiety and major nail-biting is reasonable for that kind of shock to the system and life. I’m worries. Yeah, she seems to be taking part in the grifting, but was she raised this way, like J has been, or is she nervous?

    I think, in light of her and J now participating, that their full names should be useable. J’s moving from innocent kid to active participant, and F has an escape, but isn’t using it.


  94. Melissa made the below comment and it annoyed me so much I was compelled to respond:
    “Just for the RECORD
    I did offer to pay for them to move out of the United States of America to ANY….
    3ed World Country- A one way ticket to anywhere……FREE of charge for the whole family.
    The offer still stands. ?”

    First of all, I believe the correct phrase is “developing world” NOT “third world country”. As Sally points out often on this blog – words matter!

    Secondly, having grown up in a “third world country” I have to wonder what your perception is of these places. Have you ever been? Why do you think the Nauglers would be a good fit there? For your information people in the developing world are poor but they are not dirty, neglectful, bad parents, bad neighbors, anti vaxxers, anti government conspirasists and police haters. So exactly why should the Nauglers move there?

    Finally, Eastern Kentucky has some counties that are considered “third world” or worse. Your money would go further if you relocated the Nauglers there don’t you think? You would save on plane tickets.

    You really need to reexamine your view of the world.


  95. You really need to reexamine your view of the world.

    Excellent point and I understand your irritation.

    The place that would be the best “fit” for the Nauglers in terms of government is Somalia. They simply don’t know what they are asking for. But even there, it doesn’t follow that Somalis are neglectful parents.

    The Nauglers are actually privileged developed-nation spoiled brats.


  96. I think, in light of her and J now participating, that their full names should be useable. J’s moving from innocent kid to active participant, and F has an escape, but isn’t using it.

    Jacob Naugler turned 18 today. Faith Raymer gave her explicit permission for her photograph and personal information to be shared publicly. So yes, they are now fair game.


  97. “When I opened the door to come inside that cat bit me & brought blood & a bruise right then. Since this is an unknown animal & it broke the skin I was forced to get an antibiotic.”

    I hope you took careful note of which cat did that because (and this pains me to write as I love cats) that animal MIGHT be rabid and there is only one way to be certain it isn’t if you have no proof of vaccination.

    This is a video of a cat that does have rabies:

    What to look for (in which case you run to the hospital and get treated and it will not be pleasant) and have animal control collect that cat:
    What are the clinical signs of Rabies?

    Following a bite or scratch from a rabid animal, the disease progresses through three stages:

    1. In the first or prodromal stage, there is a marked change in temperament; quiet cats become agitated and can become aggressive, while active extroverts may become nervous or shy.

    2. This phase is then followed by so-called furious rabies that is by far the most common type in the cat. During this phase, excitement predominates and it is at this stage that the cat is most dangerous, both to other animals and to the owner. The cat becomes increasingly nervous, irritable and vicious. Muscle spasms will often prevent swallowing and there is excessive drooling of saliva.

    3. The third stage is the paralytic stage, which usually occurs after about seven days. Ultimately the cat will become comatose and die.

    A noted feature of the condition in cats is the widely dilated pupil throughout all stages of the disease.

    I imagine you know all of this, but someone else may not. It’s so kind of you to take care of the kitties and I hope the cat only reacted due to being startled rather than illness.


  98. @Irritated
    Nicole hates the United States of America. she hates our government, laws, police, military and has been vocal about it pretty much daily. I merely have offered her and her family a one way ticket out of here.
    And your right, WORDS MATTER that is why I said 3ed World Country. The Nauglers would fit right in since they also do not side with the policies of the United States. Joe would not WORK or HELP in any “developing world.”

    Third world countries are underdeveloped nations where poverty is rampant. Third world countries also referred to nations that never sided with the policies of the United States or the former Soviet Union during the Cold War.
    Third world countries are the less developed nations of Latin America, Africa and Asia. Some nations on these continents are also called developing nations, but “third world” usually refers to countries with the least amount of economic progress. Since many of these nations were predominately poorer than the former Soviet Union and the United States, the term “third world” also became synonymous with poverty. The United States and other western nations were referred to as first world nations, and the Soviet Union and its allies were fashioned as second world countries.

    A developing country, also called a less developed country or underdeveloped country, is a nation or sovereign state with a less developed industrial base and a low Human Development Index (HDI) relative to other countries.[1] However, since the late 1990s developing countries tended to demonstrate higher growth rates than the developed ones.[2] There are no universally agreed-upon criteria for what makes a country developing versus developed and which countries fit these two categories.

    Irritated wrote, “Finally, Eastern Kentucky has some counties that are considered “third world” or worse. Your money would go further if you relocated the Nauglers there don’t you think? You would save on plane tickets.
    You really need to reexamine your view of the world.”

    That was just insulting, however if you would like for the Nauglers to stay in Kentucky their land payment could be paid off in full and they can set right where they are at. Would that suit you?


  99. Nicole hates the United States of America.

    I wouldn’t go that far. I don’t think she hates the country. I think she hates authority of any sort. Doesn’t matter who it is.

    And please refrain from cutting and pasting a whole lot of crap without telling us the source. That’s called plagiarism and I regularly give Nicole hell for doing it.


  100. @Melissa – Just like Nicole does so often you are clearly missing my point.

    If Third World Countries are areas of the world where poverty is rampant – so is Eastern Kentucky. I can pull ups data comparing some of these “Third World countries” to the counties in Kentucky but I seriously can’t be arsed because I doubt you would get it.

    And speaking of insulting. The reason I posted was because your offhand comment along with your smiley face was an insult to all the parents in the developing world. Parents who walk 5 miles to get clean water to cook for their kids. Parents who scrimp and save to ensure their kids get an education. Parents who wait in line for hours at the free clinic to ensure their kids get adequate vaccinations so they don’t die before they have a chance to make something of themselves. Parents who want more for their kids than they had themselves and know that an education is a sure way to escape the circle of poverty.

    Don’t talk to me about insulting. As a person from the “third world” you truly insulted me. And it’s even more irritating that you don’t understand why.


  101. @Tekla
    YES I am working with the animal shelter for the cat that bit me. My family Dr gave me the antibiotic. This cat has been monitored for rabies. Neither of us have it. LOL
    I am being honest when I say I’d like to have it relocated, the shelter refuses and says it’s a big healthy male and belongs to someone. I’m only feeding the cats until the house sells. I never thought it would be this long, but it’s the least I can do. I loved the neighbor & I love cats.
    Thank you for your concern. Thank you even more for the info about rabies. I can’t imagine failure to get animals or children shots to prevent illness. I have finished the antibiotic as of yesterday.


  102. [EDIT From the Big Bad Moderator:

    Enough of this. Your conversation is over. No more remarks about this will be approved from either of you.

    We’re all tired of reading it, don’t care, and wish you’d both just shut up about it.]


  103. I don’t know how I stumbled upon this, but glad I did. After following this story for a very long time, I was merely trying to see how the children were. When this case initially came out, it made my heart ache for those children. I couldn’t believe that such existed in the county of which I reside. I immediately started looking closely, scrutinizing every blog or post by the parents. It appeared at one time, probably due to the help they were receiving from local Churches, that they were doing ok. According to the old blogs, I believe they were living in a house, had a garden, took the children on field type trips. Then, I could only assume, they exhausted their resources. Churches began to see through them. I believe I read that the Father was very rude with a Pastor who had been helping them extensively. So then they went to a trailer. Things went downhill. Then they acquired the land and first garden shed. The first garden shed was similar to the one they now have. But then, to announce that you, nearing winter, decide that you are going to do away with that shed and start over seemed as absurd as anything one could imagine. I firmly believe the first shed was repossessed. Do I have proof of that? No- other than human behavior. Who would, with a harsh winter approaching, decide to just start over with sticks and tarps? You could tell by then, things had gotten desperately out of control. The one photo that haunts me to this day is that of all but 2 of the children, and of course Mom and Dad, laying sick outside amongst the goats/goat feces. Moms original post said they had come down with something. Then she said they ate something bad, with the exception of one of the girls who had the better judgement not to eat the pancakes. What? Better judgement? It’s not a child’s responsibility to decide if something is rancid or not. Babies aren’t just dropped from the sky without parents to merely make it through this world on their own. That’s what parents are for. But what was at least one parent doing during this? Yep- taking pictures and bragging on how good of a mommy the little girl was being watching over the others. Now, I could leave something out on the counter for – oh half a day- a day (I don’t do this- just using as example), and my child wouldn’t touch it. My child isn’t as old as their oldest who did eat the rancid pancakes. So what does that tell me? That tells me they were hungry. They possibly all knew that it wasn’t a good choice, but had no other choice. My kid has a choice. I don’t know if it was due to the pancakes laying out and not properly stored/refrigerated. Or if something used in the initial making of them was bad, like that nasty water in the pond they swam in. I don’t know. I do know that something is terribly wrong if you post a picture, totally removing yourself from the situation, and acting as though the children should know whether or not to eat bad food or not. People that are hungry enough will eat out of garbage cans. We know that to be true. This whole situation just ripped my heart out. I was sure CPS wouldn’t return the kids unless significant improvements were made. Not another garden shed, still no running water, well, waste disposal, etc. What I found interesting was that NN had made a comment early on after kids removal- that certain Court Clerk workers, as well as Cabinet workers were creating fake profiles on fb and sharing confidential information. I never saw said posts but she was allegedly copying them all- finding out who they were- and if that were possibly true- they probably planned on suing the cabinet and state. As bad as I hated to think it, that could have possibly been a reason the “Judge” allowed them physical custody back. After further digging in the old and new blog, I saw contradicting posts regarding their filing of income taxes. In a newer post she had stated that they didn’t file taxes because they didn’t want any part of the Government and the Goverment should be glad cause if they did- due to their large family- they would receive a lot of money that – get this- she didn’t feel they deserved. In an older- much older post- she speaks of the government keeping their tax return (thought they didn’t file taxes) for back child support hubby owed on his oldest estranged son. Allegedly, 10,000 was owed. So when later the IRS caught up with them for not filing taxes, her logic was that actually the goverment would be better off to just drop it cause had they filed, they would have a lot more money coming to them than what the IRS was penalizing them for for not filing. Round and round we go. So I know they owed 25000 for something don’t recall, and then the 10,000 for back child support, which totals the 35,000 initially posted on Instagram allegedly by nn for a gently used kidney. Oh the irony. I tried replying to posts on their site and fb page, just asking for clarification of questions, and of course you know that’s not allowed. Anyway, there was a picture that emerged that disappeared very quickly. It was prior to the sheds (house, trailer) I don’t know. But the littles were being punished for not getting along – so she duct taped them together. The duct tape was obviously tight. One of her blind followers compared that to a huge tshirt they had put 2 kids in as a get along shirt. Like I said, that pic is gone. But at the point where everyone was asking what they were going to do with the money, my thoughts were pay back taxes and child support. Of course amnesia had kicked in about those subjects by this time. The business was set up through a different source by that Ellsworth guy and was separate from the Go Fund Me. When people started asking what they spent money on- they were first ignored. I can’t tell that they have done anything different – other than get – yet another garden shed. And if that had some clean water source and septic system- and the kids were being cared for- who would care. People in Kentucky live in many different situations. But it’s when the basic needs of the kids aren’t met that would cause CPS to get involved. Not to steal kids. They are running over with kids. Anyway, I’m glad you started this. I’m glad to see that at least maybe the go fund me (which I never gave a penny to), has at least helped feed and clothe the children for a bit and provide them again with 4 walls. Sorry for the length of this.


  104. In 2014 Tracey Chen wanted someone to find her a farm to live on with her 4 horses. Surprisingly enough, no one stepped up to put her up for free. She certainly never mentioned how much she was willing to pay (purchase, rent or lease).


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