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I am just so delighted to see this.

First, Nicole makes it very clear that she is “understands where [Larken Rose] is coming from.”  She in essence agrees with him. That’s why she’s posting the little rant from Larken.

But let’s talk a little bit about what Larken actually says here.  He tells us that he was talking to a “statist” (this is a word that basically means “anyone who thinks there should be a government with some laws”) and he just let her have it and she, being the coward that “statists” are, ran.  Yay, Larken.  You’re such a big manly hero.

It does a DISSERVICE to humanity to be polite to such people.

Wow.  Larken bulldozes over this woman and he does it, not because he’s simply an rude asshole, but he has to do it—for humanity, don’t you see?

He can’t be reasonable and polite.  He has to be a jerk.

Statists SHOULD be made to feel as much guilt and shame as possible, because they are advocating something destructive and immoral.

I see.  This is all justified because people who believe that government and laws are generally a good thing are immoral.

And Larken Rose gets to decide this.

And be an asshole.  And he’s a hero or a patriot or something for doing that.

He not only can be nasty, he is required to make us feel as much guilt and shame as possible.  Think about that. Whatever he can do to make me feel guilty and shamed, that’s a good thing.  It’s righteous, even.  It’s his duty.

So let me see.

What if I determine that being an anarchist or voluntaryist or whatever the hell Nicole is calling herself these days is immoral because that philosophy completely ignores the plight of good people who have bad shit happen to them and who can’t con the local Mormon church into paying for their food and shelter?  No matter if you don’t happen to agree with my assessment.  It’s my assessment and I get to make it all by myself, and pronounce you and anyone who doesn’t agree with me (Joe and Nicole) “destructive and immoral.”

Now then, it’s my duty in light of that to cause them to feel as much guilt and shame as I possibly can.  It would be a “disservice to humanity to be polite to such people.”

I am so happy to get that sort of validation.

cant keep kids alive

Am I to assume that emulating Larken Rose is what you were striving for here, Nicole?



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  1. The Free State Project hit it’s milestone yesterday claiming 20,000 of them have pledged to move to New Hampshire. Here’s hoping the Nauglers, incidentally from New Hampshire, pack up the homestead and go home to join their brethren.

    Larken Rose is calling YOU. Well, maybe. There have been some shake-ups. The FSP kind of doesn’t like being associated with Cop Block and the violence inspired and advocated by Larken and his buddies. They already ditched Cantwell for violent rhetoric (as well as, the person that openly advocated diddling kids), is it only a matter of time for Rose? Hard to tell. It’s like a bunch of bitchy teens over there. All that voluntary togetherness and righteous belief that their system is the best, hasn’t worked out really well in the “all get along and do your own thing” department.

    Fly, fly, fly. These cuckoo birds gotta roost somewhere.


  2. Hey Larken!

    You can go right ahead and not pay taxes. I have no problem with that whatsoever. Do as you like.

    But, you don’t pay; you don’t play, OK? Because to do that would be theft of my statist services. Thieves I have no problem locking up, because that is not a victimless crime, like smoking a little pot. You do agree that using something you don’t pay for is theft, right?

    So, I better not see any of you or your followers on the roads, on the internet, calling 911 to report your house burning… you get the drift, right?

    Do not go to the hospital. Do not purchase anything from any industry that is subsidized by tax dollars (try to name something). Stay off all public lands, including the neighborhood park. Do not help yourself to the local library. Do not use any form of public transportation. Stay away from any airports. Do not use any public utilities. I can go on, but I think you get the point.

    But DO NOT sit on a taxpayer-funded throne and look down your nose at the “statists” that make it possible for you to spew your vitriol and rank disgust at the rest of the world. If you want out of the wheel, get out. Live in a hole, and wear leaves for clothing for all I car. But as long as you use the services we provide, you pay to do so, understood?

    Nikki pays taxes anyway. The entire country does. there are no freeloaders anywhere.

    But I will not tolerate a thief.

    Yes, I know I’m screaming to the wind here.


  3. I personally think all these folks like Larken should be tattooed with a special mark that tells EMTs not to treat them unless they can produce some cash on the spot.


  4. It makes me giggle when someone assumes that THEIR morals must be mine as well. Don’t push your morals on me. I am perfectly capable of my own morality.

    Nicole and Larken have something in common, inflated egos.

    P.S. FeeltheBern


  5. wow Nikki, this is the 2nd page where you are attacking a mother who has lost a child. Did you not also loose a child? Frankly from the looks of the newest unblessed bundle when he was born that one barely made it. Oh wait, that’s right we were all picking on you because we were concerned that your baby was blue. We were also concerned that your children were lying on the ground puking, had their hands badly burned, a huge gash in their head and not once did they see a doctor. I am pretty sure there is a big difference between a person who has lost a child and someone who neglects their child.


  6. Frankly from the looks of the newest unblessed bundle when he was born that one barely made it.

    In all fairness, I do not think that newest child was in any danger ever, other than the undeniable risk Nicole takes every time she has one of these unattended births. The blue face was not cyanosis. The blue face was bruising. The child’s hands and feet were nice and pink and that is how you evaluate blood flow.

    What is absolutely without question is that Nicole rolls the dice every time she does this. Women used to die like flies when there was not adequate prenatal care. It’s not just the birth itself that is problematic. It’s no prenatal care during pregnancy. The risk of complications rises with every birth.

    That, of course, is totally within Nicole’s right. She can make a stupid decision if she wishes. But being lucky is not a sign of brilliance, or of expertise, or of anything special. It’s no different than going to the casino and pulling the handle on the slot machine. Any fool can do that.


  7. Tolerance and acceptance for everyone who “agrees with me.” The wrath of Larkin if not.
    Or, as someone I know once said, “It’s my opinion, and it’s the truth.” 🙂

    Yes, Nicole, please do not frequent your local library as you hitherto did. (though this pains me to say, as your children need books.) This service is paid for by the statists. People can donate books to you, voluntarily. You might get “Martha Stewart Gardens”, you might get “Fifty Shades of Grey,” or “What if I’m an Atheist?” But can’t be picky! And please do not expect your road to be snowplowed. This is where your warm, reciprocal relationship with the Custer/ Breckenridge community will guarantee that neighbors come and snowplow your driveway or offer other help. And law enforcement— don’t let me catch you on video calling the State Trooper. I am fairly forgiving, but Larkin will make you feel as much guilt and shame as possible.

    Please, go start a 100% voluntaryist, polygamous commune in the Nevada desert. You’ll find comers. No worries about snowplows there. But you might have a little problem with water.


  8. If dictionaries had pictures instead of written definitions . . . hypocrisy would have its poster girl.

    If selective adherence and cherry picked concepts needed a cheerleader and meme poster, they’d have one.

    If cognitive dissonance were a regent, the queen would reside in the royal garden shed.

    All hail the queen.

    noun (pl) -sies
    the practice of professing standards, beliefs, etc, contrary to one’s real character or actual behavior, esp the pretense of virtue and piety
    an act or instance of this


  9. In all fairness, I do not think that newest child was in any danger ever, other than the undeniable risk Nicole takes every time she has one of these unattended births. The blue face was not cyanosis. The blue face was bruising. The child’s hands and feet were nice and pink and that is how you evaluate blood flow.

    Thank you for clearing that up BLB. I really appreciate your fairness and mission to only state clear facts on any subject.


  10. The comment below is from a poster responding to the paragraph where Mr Rose crows about being nasty to a woman because he couldn’t get her to agree with him.

    “This guy again, oh lord, just pay your damn taxes and quit your crying.
    – yours truly,
    Boot-licking Statist.”

    BTW the link at the bottom of that inflammatory diatribe sends you to Amazon so you can “BUY my book!” If indeed one does purchase one of Mr Rose’s anti-government/anti-tax rants, one will pay a tax on that purchase. Advocating for some taxes is ok, no?

    Larkin Rose is a radical Voluntaryist/Anarcho-Capitalist/Abolitionist, and self described enemy of the state. This Naugler hero shares in When Should You Shoot A Cop that people who don’t agree with his political agenda are “indoctrinated masses” who accept tyranny, oppression, and blind loyalty for corruption learned through public education. He goes on, and on, and on. Some of the Naugler behaviors show that they listen.

    In my opinion, Mr Rose (who chose jail before paying taxes), and those who are so passionate in their political persuasion that they would lead outsiders to think they use their own children as pawns to confront authority and incite outrage, are zealots.

    a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their religious, political, or other ideals.
    synonyms: fanatic, enthusiast, extremist, radical, young Turk, diehard, true believer, activist, militant


  11. “It does a DISSERVICE to humanity to be too polite to such people.”

    At least we know that Nicole and Joe have this down pat.


  12. Speaking of roads – wasn’t there supposed to be a bunch of voluntaryists fixing the road in front of their property? Why in the world would she and Joe wait for the evil statists to do so? Why wasn’t Joe, Nicole and the elder children out there doing it for themselves? If only as a recruitment tool – not because it would benefit them in any way whatsoever.

    Nah…even Larken Rose and his ilk would expect more effort shown by Joe & Nicole than they’ll ever give. She likes the ANGER (because anger is often energizing) but she’s not motivated to DO anything to better her situation. Like give Joe a “to-do list” and expect him to do it well and make headway on it. That’s too much like a job and he doesn’t succeed at jobs where he has to toe the line.

    Isn’t it time for someone to be posting photos of their wild success raising rabbits for organic dog food or something? They’re RABBITS, surely they had success raising them.


  13. All I can say, it must be frustrating and confusing, playing alternate roles. There is Nicole on the BLH page, “A faith driven unschooling off grid wilderness homesteading family… a back to basics minimalist life”. Then there is the other hat, and her personal “public figure, now blogger”, to entertain that role. Nicole of the alternate roles, please stand up, for all the fallowers. The people that stand for nothing, and fall for everything. The rest of the bunch, might have it figured out, acting the role.

    Actor, in real life. Actor: A person who behaves in the manner of a character, usually by reciting scripted dialogue, in order to entertain an audience, especially in a play, movie, …

    Folks, use caution in the postulate. Or assuming the truth.

    And with that….. HAPPY FRIDAY y’all !!


  14. There you go. I am doing a service. I am obligated to point out the “wrong thinking”, the hypocrisy, lies and ignorance. Matter of fact, under those standards, I am being too nice, too subtle. So, what possible problem could she have with me? Oh wait, that’s right she posts it, but she doesn’t actually read it, or research it, or live it. All, of course, just my opinion based on my observations.


  15. When she posts things like, “I didn’t stick to my blogging schedule because I was swamped at work”, don’t even her most loyal supporters roll their eyes and think, “or you spent hours and hours on Facebook instead”? Hasn’t it been about a week since she set up her new Facebook page?

    I haven’t looked at the blog since she started up again and it’s not something I necessarily think she should bother with when the needs of her family and household are so pressing, but I think I would consider it a hopeful sign if she did actually stick to her planned blogging schedule. That would be an indication of some new found commitment to following through, but, unfortunately, it looks like she’s already making excuses.


  16. Hey, you know what? Those “bogus programs and benefits” (scare quotes omitted) heated and weatherized our house and kept our youngest son from contracting anemia during the years-long period when both wage earners got no raises due to austerity measures, while prices continued to rise.

    Also, food stamps in my state will buy garden seeds and tools. No GFM needed! (As always, preparing garden beds, starting seeds, planting out, hoeing, weeding, and harvesting are up to the adults in the family. Hint. Hint.)


  17. I don’t think the children will need to run. Eventually the state will take them again. As many of us know, it’s not a matter of if, it is the matter of when. We all know that “when” is coming.


  18. What Joe completely fails to understand is that while he’s blustering, swearing, bullying, doxxing and generally throwing his considerable weight around is that he’s counting on the self-restraint and good manners of everyone else. If he tried to do these things in person, after dark, without he’s the sort of person who is likely to suffer serious consequences. After all, take note of the fact that when he is driving about collecting (stealing) water, he takes at least one child with him to protect him from others rightful wrath.

    Takes a real man to hide behind children and his beastly wife.

    It’s no wonder he’s had so few join his little band of voluntaryists. Most people recognize he’s a fraud.

    Nicole may hold the brain between the two of them, but she keeps shaking the can and that’s not helping. She doesn’t have enough of a spine to tell him to quit messing about and if he’s going to hang around the garden shed, then he needs to actually do things that will bolster her claims of homesteading. Success builds upon itself. Joe is not a success in any meaningful way. Siring children doesn’t take brains – clearly.

    I really wish they’d pack up, hop on a boat and try their luck elsewhere. I doubt we’ll be so blessed.

    Oh, by the way Joe- that associate’s degree in psychology hasn’t helped you long-term because you don’t have the brains or personality to actually put it to any sort of good use. Not that it would do much for you, but it was supposed to do something more than be a spark of derisive laughter.


  19. Joe Bloom your right, it’s just a matter of time.
    But while they are waiting…. if they have a chance to ditch that place and never look back….more power to them !!!!


  20. “Sweetie, he wasn’t accused of stealing water…” Wait, what? What do you call it when you are caught removing water from a neighbor’s property? And threatening to involve a weapon? Was this not clearly stated in a police report?


  21. Technically he could not be charged with stealing water since from what I understand he left without the water, technically he just implied physical violence by telling the child to get the gun. There was as far as I know no showing of the weapon. As far as I am concerned he should have been charged with criminal trespass as well as the terroristic threat charges. Unfortunately he was allowed to plead down to menacing. On the bright side he did have to do jail time, which is good practice for when he screws up again lmao. You know he will screw up eventually.


  22. @ Just me. What you and hate the Naugler parents with a red-hot rage is right on. I am not sure if either parent gives a shit about their kids because if they did they would stop having them! They clearly cannot afford any more mouths to feed. Nicole just keeps getting knocked because being pregnant and home birthing is what boost her nonexistent self-esteem. She could care less about raising them right she only cares about birthing them like it is some competitive sport.

    The Nauglers are worst kind of white trash there is.


  23. There isn’t much difference in several of the above comments,and my perception of Joe. His anger outbursts and rage. And maybe more. I draw upon Nicoloe’s blog, The Story of Alex, of January 2013. ” It was a very trying time for me.. Joe was starting to become the man they accused him of.”

    “So what was all this about you ask. Joe’s mother, brother, uncle, grandmother,cousin all got on the stand and told of horrible stories of abuse. All the ways Alex was mis-treated. Their testimony, some even quietly admitted to purgery years later, gave the State of New Hampshire all they needed to take away Joe’s parental rights.” “Its only fair to note two things here. Prior to Alex leaving Texas, the state where he was in fact residing, Social Services interviewed both Joe and Alex based on an “anonymous” phone call they received.”

    Then there was a comment made, I read somewhere, from a woman that knew them while living in Texas. She had stated that when visiting the Nauglers one time, she noted the son had bruises and marks. And that it was from Joe. She said she didn’t report it, because she felt that Joe was remorseful and felt it would not happen again. And also, because she witnessed the child’s bruises and marks, while buying weed.

    “The State of New Hampshire took away Joe’s paternal rights, based on nothing more than hearsay.” So Joe’s family members, all hearsay. And the anonymous call in Texas, hearsay. And the comment posted on some page, hearsay. Nicole’s comment that Joe was becoming what he had been accused of, she said and not hearsay.

    While on the point of hearsay, Nicole stated further into the blog post, ” For several years after that I continued to make my phone calls regarding Alex’s new living situation. It was not ideal and in fact, border lined the type of situation which would require the state to remove a child from custody. I find it quite ironic that they would not even investigate based on my phone calls as I did not actually see these “events”. This is the same type of “hearsay” they used to take him in the first place.” And, ” I will say that my last phone conversation with the State of New Hampshire, they actually called me this time, I told them I am on record warning them for years. This is now on their head.”

    My perception from her own writing, Joe is capable of being the man he is accused of. Anonymous calls to CPS, they’ve all been hearsay and non substantiated regarding calls on them. But then, it’s on the State of New Hampshire’s head, because Nicole had been contacting them for years about the living situation of the son. It was in her opinion, borderline what would “require” the state to remove a child from custody. Her writings 3 years ago, are dichotomy subsequent statements about anonymous calls to CPS. And that she would not call CPS, as example on a neighbor’s abuse.

    There seems to be some credibility issues. Who to believe and when is it the truth?


  24. So have the Naugler’s been frequenting the local general store? I wonder if it’s enjoyed an increase in business since the Naugler’s decided to “go viral” and curious people have stopped in to see if they’ll put in an appearance. Then again, I bet Joe & Nicole don’t really have enough courage of their convictions to be seen by their neighbours in such a small area. It’s one thing to indicate that they don’t care what the community thinks about them, it’s quite another to walk into a local shop and hear the ringing silence that follows you about until you pay up and leave the building.

    I would imagine that the employees of Custer General Store would speak with them as necessary, but aren’t going to encourage either of them to hang about in order to tell ‘the statists’ that they’re immoral. Not to mention the posters they may want to hang announcing the ‘voluntaryist’ meetings at the blessed little blight on the hillside.


  25. @ Hearsay. I just re-read your comment. It’s so powerful. I hope that Alex has been made aware of this blog. I hope he knows he is believed. Alex, if you are ever on this blog know that your heroic efforts to shed light on your siblings plight, sharing your story were not in vain. I pray that despite the abuse and outright vilification of your father and step-mother you have the support and encouragement to live the good life you deserve. I for one believe you and am certain anything Joe & Nicole have said to undermine you are outright lies.

    Oftentimes it takes time for the full truth to come out. In time, it will. Every bit of it. Then Joe & Nicole won’t be begging on their knees for funds but forgiveness from their children.


  26. Statism is the worlds problem. It stems from the Catholic Church and carried out by the Jesuits. They are actually whats behind the joke word “illuminati”. History proves this over and over from Constantinople to Rome to present day. Statists are religious to the core and have been completely indoctrinated by the Jesuits of Rome. They have literally no ability to critically think or question whats happening. They merely wrap themselves up in a corporations flag and yell racism until they get what they want. Malignant narcissistic sociopaths control the world, but are you really surprised in a sin fallen world with the greatest deceiver as their leader?


  27. Dear Illuminati,

    Thank you for such valuable information. What would I have done without knowing all this?

    Tell Joe and Nicole hi for me.

    Pardon me for now. I need to go spend some of my Social Security check, while yelling “racism.”


  28. BUMPING THIS UP. 4.18.16

    Because it’s tax day in America, the “Taxation is Theft, and the root cause of war, famine, disease, circumcision and the decline of a Starbuck’s on every corner” memes are out in force. The comments above in the “Gotta Love Larkin” post are most excellent, and worth another read.

    While actually paying the taxes isn’t a ton of fun, and nobody is thrilled with every single thing “government”, access to services is very useful to living in a society. Though the premise of healthy, peaceful living where all are cared for without anyone being required to is attractive, I don’t read about Voluntaryists giving to others, providing opportunity, or caring for those who are ill, weak, young or old, with or without an organizing intermediary.

    In this scenario, Capistan loaned one individual money and (kinda like every other loan) expects to make a profit for their investors with repayment. (BTW I don’t really believe that.) I do read about, hear about, see and participate with people and organizations who give generously of their money, time and expertise.

    Maybe Voluntaryists just have a PR problem. If the Naugler lifestyle represents Voluntaryist ideology, the group has a very long way to go to convince others that it’s better than paying taxes today. They need a different Poster Family.


  29. i’m 72 now and been around the block a few times in usa. after studying rose’s stuff for a while now i don’t see anything “wrong” with it. i agree with his whole approach. yep, all of it. i am now definetly an anti “statist”.


  30. i’m 72 now and been around the block a few times in usa.

    And I’m 68, so not very far behind you. And I think he’s an idiot.



  31. I wanted to bump this post because there is Nicole criticizing someone for being “can’t even keep their kids alive”. Let’s see, how many spontaneous abortions and stillbirths have you racked up Nicole?


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