Got Milk?

This is worth reading. Seriously, it is.  Either that, or I am just a geeky milk person who found it fascinating as hell.

Frances said it was just so interesting and she’s very glad neither Dave nor I are lactose intolerant.

Here’s the link.

Disclaimer: I do, in fact, have a passing acquaintance with the author. I’ve  had a few conversations with him that were totally unrelated to milk or even food of any sort.


2 thoughts on “Got Milk?”

  1. Because of this post, I had to find out just when and how our ancestors domesticated cows and goats. Then I had to know how scientists know the time period. LOL. Because I am one of those genetically fucked up people who cannot tolerate milk, I am always interested how others can drink it. I love milk and wish I could drink it. My children were milk intolerant and that’s why I breast fed them. Back in those days, we took these big green and yellow pills if we were not breast feeding but I breast fed. I offered formula when I could afford it and my kids because very sick. After they were weaned, they couldn’t drink regular milk. My grandchildren are all milk intolerant. My daughter’s children drank soy milk and one of my son’s children couldn’t tolerate breast milk so he was on soy milk too. I suppose we still have our connection to our ancestors.

    So here’s my story about being milk intolerant. I started to school later than the other kids because I was learning to use the leg braces. I was only later by one month, and, to be frank, I already could read and write which was way more advanced than the other kids. So, when I went to school and I had braces on my legs and used those clumsy crutches, I already stood out. But, I couldn’t drink milk. We had to drink milk before recess and with our lunch and each time, I had to remind the teacher who had duty over the cafeteria that I couldnot drink milk…Most of the teachers were okay and offered me juice; however, Mrs. Hancock..we called her Mrs. Ruth was not about to make exceptions. When Mrs. Ruth said, you will drink that milk, Joe Clayton quickly drank my milk for me, but during lunch, Mrs. Ruth was standing by my table and she said, drink your milk or none of you leave the table. I said, I am allergic and she said that’s crazy no one is allergic to milk. I wanted to drink the milk, so I drank the milk that she brought to me. I guzzled it because it was so good and I loved milk. I looked at her and smiled right before I threw that shit right back out along with the peaches, chocolate cake, peas, fish sticks, and bread and it went down her dress, on her legs, and all over her bright red high heels. Mrs. Ruth never made me drink my milk again. BTW, all of my sisters and one of my brothers are milk intolerant too.

    Now I want to know when and how they figured out how to make cheese.


  2. Now I want to know when and how they figured out how to make cheese.

    They used the stomachs of young mammals (calves, for example) as pouches and stored the milk in them. The rennet in the lining of the stomach created curds. They discovered how totally delicious (and digestible) curds are and the rest is just experimentation.


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