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She didn’t watch the video. Gotta smile.  Of course not.

Can’t embed the video, but here’s a link. Don’t be like Nicole. Go watch it.

If Nicole had bothered listening to the Q & A in the video, she would know that the zoo has a specially trained team to handle situations with large, dangerous animals.  They practice this.  They are prepared for this. They try to prevent it, but they practice just in case.  But no, it was lawyers, of course.

Events like this are rare, but do happen. Gorillas are an endangered species. One method we use to help save them is to keep them in zoos and hopefully increase their numbers in a protected place. To finance that effort, the zoos are open to the public.  It’s a potentially risky endeavor, and there are pros and cons to it, but I really don’t think the world needs Nicole Naugler’s lofty, totally uneducated opinion on the subjects of either animal husbandry and zookeeping, or parenting.

And a “local gorilla” (what in the hell is a “local gorilla”?) charged Joe. Hell, he probably thought Joe was his long-lost twin brother.  Wanted to give him a hug.

Having seen how Nicole reacted when the teeny fender-bender-that-didn’t-bend-a-fender occurred, I can tell you how she would have reacted had one of her children gone into the gorilla enclosure.  She would have been screeching in her high-pitched voice at  full volume, and threatening everyone on the planet with lawsuits if they didn’t get her child out of harm’s way immediately, because she has her rights and by gosh, the Constitution.  We already know how Nicole reacts to stressful situations.  It’s not pretty or flattering.

But of course, the Naugler children never do anything they shouldn’t (except eat pancakes).  This is totally the fault of the child’s parents. And Nicole wants to “believe that the gorilla would have given the handler his child.”

This is exactly why they do not have a half-baked, idiotic, dog groomer on the dangerous animal response team at the zoo.

“Scuse me very powerful and potentially deadly primate. I have watched Jungle Book as well as Mutual of Omaha. I am an animal behaviorist. I am coming into the enclosure to reason with you and explain to you the error of your ways. Here now gorilla . . . Give me the tiny human. Embrace me and be blessed.”

And a great comment on her page, which likely won’t last.


“Hey, gorilla, can you spare a dime?”

* Quoted snark is not mine. It comes courtesy of The Nefarious Please, who is smart and witty and funny.


If you’d like to read somebody’s commentary on the gorilla situation, somebody who actually knows what she is talking about, and not the silly ramblings of a woman whose total expertise is that she knows how to cut a Maltese dog’s coat and give him a bath, well here you go.


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  1. As usual she has no idea what she is talking about. As usual she did no research before flapping her lips. As usual she couldn’t be bothered to even watch the video she posted. As usual she used it as opportunity to dis someone else’s parenting ability. Last, but not least, as usual she somehow made it about herself and JOJO the wannabe gorilla.


  2. Nicole is confused. Joe was just looking in the mirror again. And now she has asked some strange question on her page about LDS leaders and sexual favors. Wonder where this is headed? She is a true piece of work! Seems like a good idea to piss off some other person in their community.


  3. “And a “local gorilla” (what in the hell is a “local gorilla”?) charged Joe. Hell, he probably thought Joe was his long-lost twin brother. Wanted to give him a hug.”

    I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard in months!
    Thank you. Lol.


  4. She wishes she was asked for sexual favors. Financial help needed? Thought everything was booming and thriving. Ps cream soda and chocolate chip cookies have all those things you say cause hyperness and ADD…Mrs non medical person.


  5. Next unschooling lesson: definition of “in lieu of”. “No, we can’t give you financial assistance but perhaps some sexual favors instead?” Wacky LDS!


  6. I sincerely believe that she has become extremely unhinged in the past week. I know, I know, she wasn’t running on much sanity before, but even for her the last few days have been very bad.

    I am worried for the welfare of the children, more than at any time before.

    Any of her “friends” that are local I beg you to go over there and visit and determine whether or not an intervention is necessary. Put aside any personal differences or opinions and do right by this family, please.


  7. Nah the gorilla did not think that Joe was his lost twin or cousin or anything else.

    That gorilla was protecting his women from Joe. Ya know that Joe was looking at them with that gleam in his eye when he thinks that he would like to get in a romantic way with a female. Mr Gorilla was just letting Fat boy that his women were out of Joe’s league and he was not going to look at them that way.

    Sexual favors? Was it some one that is blind, deaf and had no sense of smell? IMO that is a terrible way to treat a church that was so kind and generous for so long supporting your family. Your family that you made and keep on adding to even though you could not afford what you already have.

    As for the pictures of the kids eating – first off who in their right mind gives a baby that has one tooth that just broke through chocolate chip cookies? Choking hazard and chocolate should be off limits until age 1. Who gives a kid cookies before supper? It is apparent that table manners and proper use of eating utensils was missed in the un-schooling lessons. Poor kids they are not even taught the basics of what they should be = piss poor parenting again!


  8. I can’t help but play and replay the mental image of a gorilla rushing the glass at Joe over and over in my mind.

    Why would the gorilla do such a thing?

    And then I start laughing so hard my sides hurt. I envision Joe standing there with his chubby arms and silverback challenging belly . . . that glazed look in those deep set eyes. I ask myself if maybe there shouldn’t be a zoo employee standing outside the primate house . . . screening visitors?

    “Sorry sir, but I’ll have to ask you not to enter. The male gorilla is very territorial and you . . . well sir . . . I just need you to stay outside”

    Muh rights! Alls I wanna do is see the gorillas. I have a constitutional right to liberty and the pursuit of gorilla gazing.

    “Animal behaviorist” Someone has been watching way too much TV, YouTube, and Netflix. How’d the rabbits fare? How’s it goin with the chickens? Those bantams will be productive additions to the mudstead. How’s the pig? Are all the animals “behaving”? Is Nicolio being earthwoman animal whisperer? Did the goat have sweet nothings whispered into its ear before they shot it, forgot to bleed it — and then gutted it?

    This is some of the funniest shit I’ve ever encountered.


  9. It looks like a scraped eyebrow area and nose to me, not smeared cookie. Most mothers wouldn’t post pictures of an injured 7 month old. And if they did, they’d share how it happened, with an “oh my goodness, poor baby, I’ll be watching that tiny houdini better from now on.”

    Post after post of strangely disjointed content – to distract from the firm statement that “there is no contamination and that the composting system is legal and in working order”?


  10. What in the hell is a local gorilla ? She has lost what little mind she had.


  11. My life has been crazy, honestly one catastrophe after another. I’m lucky to be alive. But holy beans this is way to much crazy for me! I’m gonna stay in my happy little bubble with my kids and animals from now on- they are much more fun and rewarding anyway.


  12. But holy beans this is way to much crazy for me! I

    My hat is off to you, Crystal. You have tried to be fair and honest. You’ve shown remarkable courage.


  13. I can’t blame you. Life with Naugler’s in it is a train wreck that keeps on rolling along. It is sad that they continue to alienate supporters that could really help them. Their hatred and paranoia for government, law enforcement , haters , and trolls grows on a daily basis and I fear the children are going to get hurt . I would not be surprised if they didn’t give the kids guns in the event law enforcement shows up at the Blessed Little Garden Shed .Imagine policemen having to shoot a child in self defense. It would give them another excuse to yell about corrupte police and government . I pray this doesn’t happen, but I fear it will eventually .


  14. Nicole, Nicole, Nicole…..an LDS sexual harassment charge? What are you up to you sly fox.


  15. I’m just…I’m just tired.

    Anger, fear, bafflement, sorrow: she seems to have just plain worn them all out.

    She’s got 11 kids who don’t have anywhere clean to sleep or anything clean to wear, unless they dress in the laundromat rest room after their stuff comes out of the dryer. Because even their storage baskets are dirty.

    Do the ones who are old enough to learn to read know how to read? How would she know? She never teaches them anything that doesn’t directly serve her endless games of pretend.

    They eat weeds, toads, and stuff out of dented cans, because with 22 acres to work with and tons of accumulated know-how available via the Internet, their parents still kill everything they try to raise. Very little of what they eat is identifiable, besides the stuff she gets from WIC, which amounts to a little snack and a cup of something per day when you stretch it among so many children.

    How are they going to live, in the years to come? How are these kids going to find anything to eat, when they’ve all aged out of WIC? Will they just keep eating toad legs and billygoat meat? Where are they going to sleep, when they’re all 5 to 6 feet tall? Who the hell would hire them, if they can’t even guarantee that they can show up for work not stinking of feces and dog dander?

    And yet, apparently, the most important question in Nicole Naugler’s life is who is at fault for the death of a zoo gorilla.


  16. “Imagine policemen having to shoot a child in self defense. It would give them another excuse to yell about corrupte police and government .”

    There is no doubt in my mind that they would sacrifice the life of one or more of their children to further their “cause”. Their cause is this, to do anything to justify their inability to be decent parents, unproductive citizens or sane adults. Mr. & Mrs. Naugler seem to be regressing back into children themselves. Their antics on and off of the internet are parallel to immature teenagers.

    IMO I believe their extended families are afraid of Joe. I empathize with their families, dealing with crazy is hard. I can understand why your stay away to save your own sanity , to protect your own children, but I urge you, please, PLEASE put your apprehensions aside and do the decent thing by these kids. Intervene. Report to CPS any evidence you have of ongoing abuse. I know you must have some evidence of abuse. There is a growing community from all over the globe banding together to do what they can to protect the children. Can’t you find it in your heart to do the same?

    I believe we are in the 11th hour. That dire consequences are about to befall these poor innocent children as their parents descend further into their madness.

    Enough is enough! How much more do you think these children can take?!


  17. Well said! CPS needs to intervene ASAP and the extended family can help make that happen.


  18. I agree that the extended families should intervene to the extent if their abilities. But I also know this. Even if you are family you can’t just take children from their parents. Even if you love those children like your own you can’t take them. As long as the parents have legal custody then they make the decisions. CPS must step in.


  19. I pray they step in soon before they gets these poor kids killed!


  20. “I agree that the extended families should intervene to the extent if their abilities. But I also know this. Even if you are family you can’t just take children from their parents. Even if you love those children like your own you can’t take them. As long as the parents have legal custody then they make the decisions. CPS must step in.”

    This is true but the families may have information that will move CPS to intervene once again. If they do, now is the time to use it. IMO opinion if the extended families were willing to take the children in whilst the CPS investigated further, perhaps CPS would be more inclined to take action. Because there are so many children involved this may be a real road block for CPS to take this on. So they don’t.


  21. They do not let extended family be involved in the kids lives, unless it is those that think as crazy as they do.

    Time and again Nicole’s mother has tried to make contact with the kids via a post or a comment. Sadly she rarely if ever gets anything in return. The poor woman sends them gifts and does not hear from them or even know if they got them.

    As for Joe’s family I guess it is pretty evident why there has been no contact there for some time. Joe cut total ties with his mother when she no longer had money to hand over to him. However when the kids were taken extended family did say they would take them. That is a big undertaking with 10 and now 11 kids.

    There have been threats made to family if they speak up or get involved the wrong way they will be dealt with. They take those threats very seriously. You have to remember at least one of them as a teen was very abusive so family does know what they are capable of.

    With 11 kids and maybe more there is surely one or a few that will pull the same crap that Nicole and Joe have done and cut their parents out of their lives. My guess on it will be the youngest daughter she is the spunky one. Then they will see how it feels to be cut off.

    I too fear that if push were to come to shove with authorities that the kids will be used for a few reasons:
    1. Their stupid thinking will be they are a kid so how much trouble can they get into not as much as an adult. Well not always some things kids can be charged as an adult.

    2. She pimps the kids for donations by posting pictures and other things to draw in the supporters to give. So why would they not use the kids as a shield to protect their evil arses from authorities!

    3. The older boy and maybe both older ones have been brain washed to think that government is evil, laws are wrong and earn a living via begging so they might just follow along and be willing to protect Mom, Dad and siblings.

    4. The target practice starting so young and not being a real hunting family is pretty much telling that they are grooming the kids. Would not surprise me if they do not drill it in the kids heads that no matter what you protect Mom, Dad and family even if it means you kill or get killed.

    Yes I am hoping that before something really bad (sickness, injury or standing up to authorities) happens that the kids can be saved.


  22. It’s good to see you Crystal.

    I contacted you a while back to see if you were ok.

    Every time I come back to peer into the cesspool of filth/woe that is the Naugler ‘homestead’ , I find myself anxious. Has it gotten better? Are the children learning? Going on field trips and or meeting other influences to help them on their paths? Are the children eating well and are their hygiene needs being met?

    Every time I come away broken hearted. Every. Single. Time.

    I just finished up ‘The Glass Castle’ audiobook at work. Those children had it rough, but they had (hard to say) more advantages than the Naugler children. While they went hungry, they were taught by two educated (if not… um… free willed) adults who surrounded them in culture/higher education. They had the advantages of socialization, and visiting museums, as well as other opportunities for speaking with adults.
    And… as terrible as they were, very rarely did they not live in a house.

    Joe even fits the alcoholic Father role.

    Points being:
    This whole ordeal hurts my heart. I’m back to staying far away after this.
    And… y’all should read the glass castle.


  23. @ old time farm girl you stated “Time and again Nicole’s mother has tried to make contact with the kids via a post or a comment. Sadly she rarely if ever gets anything in return. The poor woman sends them gifts and does not hear from them or even know if they got them.”

    I can understand why the families are wary. My heart goes out to Nicole’s mother. Obviously sending gifts and well wishes are not helping the children at all. It is time to do something else.

    What kind of world do we live in when extended families no longer support the weakest members of their tribe? It takes a village to raise a child, they need people to help them.

    These are just my humble opinions. I am not their grandmother but if I were, nothing but death would stop me from protecting my grandchildren. Even if it meant going up against my own children if all other methods failed.

    Looking the other way is why domestic violence and child abuse continue generation after generation. The buck needs to stop somewhere. Who will be willing to make that happen is anybody’s guess. It certainly is not Joe and Nicole.


  24. ” Joe even fits the alcoholic Father role.

    Points being:
    This whole ordeal hurts my heart. I’m back to staying far away after this.
    And… y’all should read the glass castle.”

    Joe certainly does have the same traits as an alcoholic Father.

    The main tactic that Joe and Nicole use is wearing people out so they just give up and go away. They can keep it up because Nicole appears to be manic most of the time , with super human endurance to post on FB 24/7 and Joe encourages her.

    I am also torn and wonder if I should also walk away from this mess. That is what Joe and Nicole are counting on. To splinter the collective effort to protect the children. I loathe to give those vile human beings the opportunity to get away with abuse, one.more.time. And they will get away with it if there is no one to make them accountable.

    All the best to you, my heart hurts. Everyone’s heart is hurting except Joe and Nicole Nauglers. I think their must be made of stone.


  25. Enough
    I would be the same way with my grand kids but then again none of my children are bat shit crazy enough like Joe and Nicole so that is easy to say.

    The extended family would have to go through courts to get the kids. Since CPS gave them back to the parents with just a few very minor changes there is no hope for the extended family to get the kids on neglect or abuse charges. Sad as it is seems like it is going to take something very tragic to happen before they could do it.

    Also keep in mind the family knows better than we do what they are dealing with. So them not going gang busters to get the kids says a lot. They like living instead of being dead. I can assure you that some of the extended family is torn to pieces over this. Their hands are tied and they are not rich people. To set the record straight I have heard things directly from a family member that would make me run scared if I were them too.


  26. ” They like living instead of being dead. I can assure you that some of the extended family is torn to pieces over this. Their hands are tied and they are not rich people. To set the record straight I have heard things directly from a family member that would make me run scared if I were them too.”

    What you stated chills me to the bone. Family secrets kill people.


  27. Re: the gorilla. I WORK WITH big, strong wild animals that aren’t as big as that gorilla. Animals that could tear me apart with very little effort. No one wants anyone to get hurt – including the animals BUT when it comes down to it you do NOT play around with tranquilizers in a situation like this.

    “Everyone” who has seen the nature programs thinks they know what they’re about – but they overlook the hours and hours of footage that is edited out. The hours of watching an animal that has been successfully darted actually go down and how dangerous it is for them to go down. Tranquilizers aren’t developed with wild animals in mind and no, they don’t all work the same way on every species.

    Shooting an endangered animal wasn’t done lightly and it wasn’t a decision made by accountants or attorneys. It was a decision made by people who never want to see any harm come to their charges and rest assured, no one was happy knowing it had to be done.

    If this were a different sort of site I would swear (very colorfully) regarding Nicole’s ignorant comments. I will refrain but they would scorch Nicole’s eyebrows through the screen.


  28. It is heartbreaking that an innocent gorilla was put down because of an unfortunate accident, but there was no other solution.

    Nicole has no more intelligence than an ape for believing that lawyers or possible legal action had anything to do with dispatching the gorilla. It was a decision made to save the child’s life. Plain and simple.


  29. Oh, the armchair gorilla whisperer. It’s a bit ridiculous, the lack of trusting in the wisdom of the professional gorilla handlers. Kind of like passing judgement on something you know nothing about. And haven’t been there, and know the operations. (Where have we heard this commentary before?) Hell, didn’t even view the video. But one can make an uneducated opinion.

    “I hold the parents accountable.” Now that is a comment I don’t think I’ve heard before! Really? Parents are held accountable for their irresponsibility, coming straight from Nicole’s pretty little mouth. I’ll keep that in my mental bank, she said it.

    In having a visual of Joe and the “local gorilla”. I am assuming she is referring to the Louisville Zoo. The Gorilla Forest project at the zoo. The gorilla charged the thick glass wall towards Joe. Could it have been a stroke of nature, like Joe was giving a stare down with the male gorilla? Evidently Joe was giving off some kind of vibes that inflamed the gorilla. That would of been an impromptu opportunity for a learning experience, to ask the gorilla handlers what may have prompted the aggression. And upped the armchair gorilla whisperer capabilities, perhaps. Just sayin’…


  30. OK soooooo if we go with Nicole’s line of thinking that since it was parental neglect that the child ended up in the gorilla enclosure, then the gorilla should have been allowed to kill the child so the gorilla’s life could be spared. Seriously Nicole? What if that had been L in that enclosure? Would you be thinking the same? Did you ever stop to think that maybe just maybe that child was also a “free range” child like your own children and he wasn’t going to be stopped by some fence or railing? So if we follow your line of thinking had that child been L, would you take responsibility for YOUR CHILD being in that gorilla enclosure and say save the gorilla?


  31. “So if we follow your line of thinking had that child been L, would you take responsibility for YOUR CHILD being in that gorilla enclosure and say save the gorilla?”

    \sarcasm font on!

    Of course she wouldn’t have worried about one of her feral children in a gorilla enclosure with an adolescent male gorilla. If one of the kids was maimed or killed, she can always make more.

    sarcasm font off/


  32. This. Plus he was an adolescent male gorilla and they are particularly unpredictable. Nicole doesn’t have half a clue. Mind you, it appears to me that the parent(s) of the boy need to be taken to task, legally, for what happened but that is solely my opinion. I’m glad their son is alive; I’m terribly upset that Harambe had to be shot.

    Animal expert Jeff Corwin told CNN that tranquilizers may have taken too long.
    “It can take, in some situations, depending on what the medication is, it can take upward to 10 to 15 minutes. It may take multiple shots.”


  33. Silly Nicole. To be the animal expert she proclaims herself to be, she sure did get (un)schooled in Basic Rabbit knowledge 101 after that preposterously manic “vlog” she posted yesterday.


  34. I will say she did. It seems the gorilla whisper isn’t a rabbit whisper! She know just about as much about animals as I do about flying the space shuttle. Absolutely nothing!


  35. LOL… She didn’t even bother googling rabbit husbandry… It’s right there. Everything you need to know! She’s like Bunny CPS…


  36. How many more animals have to die before they give up “homesteading”? With a computer in hand she still can’t acquire useful information!


  37. Well the pig only made one appearance and was never mentioned again so I wonder what happened to him??? I am amazed after they had to go to court over the goats they would then go get a pig! Well never mind !I’m not amazed! It was a vey Naugler decision to make!


  38. ~*Ring ring* SuperSmart Law Offices, may I how can I help you?
    – Yes, this is A. Blustering Idiot from the Zoo. May I speak to Mr. Smart please?
    ~I’m sorry, it’s a Sunday, Mr. Smart won’t be in until after the holiday. Would you like to leave a message.
    – Well, I have this situation with a small child in the gorilla exhibit and need to know what to do.
    ~Oh dear! Let me put you on hold while I try to reach him at home. *Girl From Ipanema plays for 10 minutes* Mr. Idiot? Are you there?
    – Yes ma’am.
    ~Mr. Smart says to go ahead and shoot the gorilla.
    – Thank you.
    ~Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    – No, thank you that is all.
    ~Have a pleasant day, Mr. Idiot.
    – You too, pleasure speaking to you.

    And just like that a murder was authorized!


  39. Just because she knows zero, zilch, nada about a topic doesn’t mean she can’t form and publish an opinion. Just like it doesn’t mean that other people can’t think she is a misinformed ignorant blowhard.

    Blame it on the mother, because Nicole and Joe are so very perfect and have never made a mistake or had a moment of inattention.


  40. Personally, I think she needs to stop targeting those parents and leave that family alone! How dare she have an opinion on current events and public interest stories! This goes way past free speech… stop threatening that family…blah blah blah.


  41. Jahaza

    Now they have chicks for eggs, but…..Once they get fat, it’s winner winner chicken dinner.

    Why is circumcision such a huge topic? Because she eats junk and breast feeds it into her kid. Ugh


  42. P. Ovaries You nailed it! Need this on her FB site , for all of the 60 secs that it would last!
    Yep circumcision is her go to topic when things get a little too hot or too boring. I think she talks about mutilation and genitals, breasts etc. because it energizes her and gets her going. Plus she loves the opportunity to post pictures of breasts and genitailia. Think adolescent boy.
    As for “Wilber”, I wonder if he didn’t make a run for it, thus bringing LE back onto the scene, with her report of ‘ someone sneaking onto their property’, last week. Poor piggy. Sure hope neighbor has him, even if it’s in his belly it would be a better ending. Bunnies too, but think that’s a non issue by now. Looks like a few chicks have made it and kid’s doing far better building a coop than the lazy good for nothing pa ever could.


  43. The parents released another statement today. It read in part:

    We are also very appreciative for the expressions of concern and support that have been sent to us. Some have offered money to the family, which we do not want and will not accept. If anyone wishes to make a gift, we recommend a donation to the Cincinnati Zoo in Harambe’s name.

    They don’t want money and won’t accept it? What a concept.

    I also read that they are declining all interview requests. I guess they don’t see this as an opportunity to be the center of attention.


  44. That’s easy to say when no one is offering you any money. Well played evil genius.

    I want to play her in the movie.


  45. El Macho wrote, “That’s easy to say when no one is offering you any money. Well played evil genius.

    I want to play her in the movie.”

    Sad Spiral, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the family declining interviews and money and asking people donate it to the zoo in Harambe’s name is the family whose little boy fell into the exhibit. Not the Naugler parents. I can’t imagine them refraining from an interview or taking money that is offered.


  46. That’s right Tekla. Sorry I didn’t make that more clear. My point was that the parents of the little boy are doing exactly the opposite of what the Naugler parents would do. I also heard a report that they have no plans to sue the zoo. I think we can all surmise what Nicole and Joe would do if their child had gone into the exhibit. That zoo would be served with a lawsuit faster than you could say bucket.


  47. I misread it too…? but I stand by my comment about wanting to play her (NN)in the Blessed Little Movie.


  48. To: My Heart Hurts
    I read The Glass Castle on your recommendation, and glad I did. Wonderful memoir and very telling. I do believe you are correct. The Walls children did have a very rough time of it growing up, but by far more opportunity than the Naugler children. One can only hope that the Naugler children will rise up out of their situation and do so well.


  49. Jane Goodall kept her own small child away from chimpanzees because she knew they could hurt or kill him. Nor did she let him wander around with chimpanzees without supervision.

    “Goodall learnt own parenting skills form her mother, the sixties baby guru Dr Spock and her beloved chimps. Her son, nicknamed ‘Grub’ was raised in the field. You can buy a delightful photographic book of his childhood –called ‘Grub the bush baby’ produced by his parents. As a tiny baby Goodall says Grub lay in a ‘cage’ for safety but he was never left alone and she always responded to his needs – controlled crying be damned. He still lives in Tanzania.”

    She’s also a well-known animal rights activist who doesn’t want humans interacting with apes at all. So she has her own axe to grind.

    I agree that the parents should be investigated but in the end, you don’t risk tranquilizing a 450 pound gorilla who is agitated and is clutching a person. You simply don’t.

    Wiki isn’t perfect, but consider the following, “Goodall observed dominant females deliberately killing the young of other females in the troop to maintain their dominance,[17] sometimes going as far as cannibalism.[18] She says of this revelation, “During the first ten years of the study I had believed […] that the Gombe chimpanzees were, for the most part, rather nicer than human beings. […] Then suddenly we found that chimpanzees could be brutal—that they, like us, had a darker side to their nature.”[18] She described the 1974–1978 Gombe Chimpanzee War in her memoir, Through a Window: My Thirty Years with the Chimpanzees of Gombe. Her findings revolutionised contemporary knowledge of chimpanzee behaviour, and were further evidence of the social similarities between humans and chimpanzees, albeit in a much darker manner.”

    Chimpanzees aren’t as strong as gorillas yet they can dismember a human.

    Goodall wrote, “Harambe was mostly protective. He showed a combination of protection and confusion. He stood over the child, held him up, moved/dragged him through the water (at least once very roughly), stood over him again. Much of his reaction may have been triggered by public noise and yelling.”

    Mostly isn’t the same as entirely. Handling a 4 yo human child very roughly, even once, could have permanently disabled him and there isn’t TIME to try and dart him. Tranquilizers aren’t instantaneous under ideal conditions and when you hit them when they’re agitated they can (and often will) get MORE agitated and it will take longer to take effect.


  50. Jane Goodall

    And all this ignores the larger point. Nicole made her little commentary on the gorilla thing without bothering to find out the facts first. She did it to impress her clueless followers with her great expertise in animal husbandry because she cuts dog hair. This is tantamount to claiming that you’re a psychiatrist when in fact you’re a hair stylist.


  51. We are terrible!! How many times has nicole told everyone that reading and following her story is stalking? Commenting on her parenting is hurting her family! Plus whatever she chooses to do with her kids and animals is her business and it’s not ok for you to post about it or discuss it! ;).


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