Goose and Gander


This is a comment made to the neighbor in the strip mall who objected to having video of her shop posted on Nicole’s page.

Nicole doesn’t need her permission to film that business.


Nicole, you are a fucking idiot.



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  1. Do you have any idea how painful it is to snort a piece of chex mix? I’m getting my attorney to draft a lawsuit right now.


  2. Viv is on blh and earlier on NCN making complete sense and getting hammered
    for it by N and leghumpers. I feel bad for her in that she was
    minding her own business and has not become roped in this craziness. Has someone directed her to this blog? It seems wise to also tell her to stope posting bc she is entering an ugly black hole. I almost feel afraid for her.


  3. Let’s review.

    One neighbor of the groom shop was recently visited and confronted for calling the cops because they were concerned about a baby left in a car.

    Joe and Nicole’s answer? Storm over there, insult people, and cause chaos.

    Another neighbor gets upset because Nicole is posting accusatory videos of her shop and dog to her public facebook. Joe and Nicole’s answer? Storm over there, insult people, and cause chaos.

    Seems the Naugs are earning themselves quite a nasty little reputation in the strip mall for being jerks to everyone around them.

    You can bet the landlord is paying attention to this.

    Poor stupid Nicole.

    Hypocrisy, thy name is Naugler.



  4. Well Viv must have been making too much sense because N just stated that she is banned from blh. I gotta say I gave a sigh of relief, but I still can’t help but worry for her.


  5. Nicole marches to the inconsistent beat of her own drum. That’s for damned sure.

    At least she does until she turns the white plastic over to take a shit it in. But don’t worry. One of the kids will dump it, and then someone will start beating it again so she can go back to marching.


  6. I missed all of Viv comments on the BLH page and if she was blocked I might not see them. I just got done reading much of what was on the NCN page, what Viv, Nikki, Charles and others had to say there.

    Nikki, Charles, and other supporters what to blame the “trolls” from involving Viv. Ummm hello, they had every right to point out to Viv that the video was made. Just like how Nikki and Joe’s supporterso have every right to share with them information they might have on public pages. Oh, Nikki they are talking about you here. Nikki they are talking about your son there. Nikki they said you put your client dogs ….

    The moment Nikki chose to post that video on the public page like that is immediately gave anyone that saw it the right to inform the other shop owner. Nikki said not every rumor is on Facebook. That means not everything in response to those rumors needed to be on FB. Why can’t she understand that she could have just made her little video and kept it private, but made available if needed, offline, to the landlord or courts or whoever truly needed to see it. There was no reason to post it on FB.

    Why can’t her supporters understand that she truly started this mess today, in this case, by posting that video online like that? Why do they think it’s wrong that people informed the owner there was a video of her shop and her pet on a public page? Why do they think it’s wrong that the owner is upset? Why do they think Remember it’s wrong for the owner to respond? These are the same people that shout it’s wrong for people to take pictures from the road and neighbors to have vid. camera on their property pointing towards the naugler’s property. Seriously.

    Just think about it for a moment. Never mind that it was an anti-naugler page. Just think. What was so wrong about anyone contacting the owner of the other shop and dog and saying: Hey there is a video of your shop and dog on this public Facebook page. Go check it out.

    Why is anyone upset the owner was told about it? The anti-Nauglers pages just choose to do it in a way that Nicole could see that is what they did. Anyone. Anyone could have just PM the owner of the other shop.

    Even a supporter of Nikki or Joe could have done so. Or a previous client. Clients I’m sure read all of Nikki public pages not just her grooming pages. Anyone could have done it. I could see a supporter of Nikki and Joe doing it. Only because in that moment they could have felt that Nikki went to far. In that moment she publicly posted images of a person’s dog and business. A person that didn’t asked to be filmed. A person that was just living their life and wanted to be left alone.

    Im thinking,maybe hoping, that perhaps a few saw the irony in all of that. You can’t botch about a “documentary” being made and unwanted filming and you just blasted someone and filmed their business when they didn’t ask for that.

    Nikki knows she in her right to film just like the people making the “documentary” are within their right to film. That’s bottom line why she doesn’t care and blasted the video on NCN page. Nikki, I will tell that was a dickhead move to make. It really was. You could have had your little documentation without blasting it on the Internet. Dickhead move. Truly it was.


  7. More than one person, myself included, has chatted with Viv, and recommended she check out this blog. She is also aware that Joe is on probation in a different county and to mention that if she chooses a protective order. Others have advised her to talk to the landlord and to get in touch with the local business association who might have resources for her as well.


  8. Nicole should have apologized for filming her shop and posting it to 45,000 of her “fans”. She should have deleted the video. Nope, Nicole double downs and police are involved, again.


  9. If Nicole and Joe keep bothering other business neighbors, they could receive a notice from the landlord advising that the lease will not be renewed. Hey, I wonder what Pace Ellison is thinking about this investment? I can’t imagine his investors are pleased knowing their money has been given to someone with so little self control, that she is more interested in starting stupid feuds with neighboring businesses than in running her own business. BTW, I hope both CPS and Animal Control do welfare checks, to be sure the children and the animals are properly housed and fed.


  10. And I guess Viv’s SO doesn’t need permission to sit in his truck in the parking lot. Can’t be good for N’s business.


  11. What a hypocrite.

    Nicole thinks that she can dictate to the world and they’re just supposed to stop, listen and do exactly as she tells them, but when someone let’s her know that it just isn’t going to work that way, she calls the police and cries Harassment and menacing…


    She also HATES the police. She says so almost every day on her page and when THEY don’t stop, listen and do exactly as she tells them, she cries police corruption…

    I just can’t with this woman.

    When will she learn that SHE is her own worst enemy?


  12. Question:
    Would a landlord receive a copy of a police report for a conflict between 2 of his tenants? That could prove to be pretty dramatic for NCN. Hope this doesn’t violate the no business talk!


  13. Fear and worry about what? All they succeed in doing is being a huge pain in the ass. Dont believe their hype. What would they be without the internet? They would be the white trash neighbors that moved in and ruined property values. You dont FEAR them, you LOATH them. Its an age old story.

    But back in the day, there would have been a few ass kickins and the trouble would have stopped.


  14. 3 boys mom…..I doubt it, but you can bet your paycheck that if I were in my shop minding my own and Joe barged in (stereotypical bull in a china shop, really) my second call would be to the building owner.

    My third would be to the courthouse inquiring about a protection order.


  15. After catch up on some reading about Joe & Nicole’s very bad choices in their non-stop attempts to defense themselves from one blunder after another, I find myself asking this question.

    “Is it even possible for them to fight their own worst instincts?”


  16. This is one of the weirdest ones she’s ever pulled. The weird meter kinda pegged out on this one.

    What happened in actuality: People expressed concern about the Naugler’s dog appearing to be tied up by their frozen pond, apparently without shelter, in a photo that Nicole, herself, posted.

    That’s it. And there were some comments expressing that concern.

    Hey, Nicole, if you’re going to tie your dog out like that in winter, he needs to be able to get into a doghouse or some shelter. Some people talked about reporting it to animal control. There’s not a damned thing wrong with this. Part of animal control’s job is to help make sure animals are not being abused and neglected. They often have programs that can help low income pet owners. Free straw. Loaner dog houses for the winter. Pet meals on wheels. It’s not a bad thing to ask animal control to look into situations like this and see if anything can be done to help. If they stop in, and there is no problem at all, we’ve erred on the side of caution and no one is any worse off…..and maybe the dog is better off.

    That’s all I saw. That’s all I heard. That was the sum total of the “rumors”.

    What was Nicole’s response to this?

    Did she say, No worries, he wasn’t tied up, and he gets under the “cabin” where it’s very warm?
    Nope, she didn’t.

    Did she say anything at all to indicate the dog had access to shelter?

    She posted an article about how her dog doesn’t need shelter because it’s a Pyrenees. So there! And the stupid article continues about a dog’s “God Given” role in watching livestock.

    Here’s a clue about Dogs and God. God has nothing at all to do with the domesticated dog. Dogs were created entirely by humans in the last 50,000 years or so. They are deformed, retarded wolves. And people made them this way.

    I have had very dense coated dogs and can understand that lots of dogs don’t mind low temperatures and snow…I get that. But I also get that ANY dog is susceptible at ANY time in its life to illness or stress. Stressed and ill dogs NEED shelter, and you really never know when that’s going to happen. No dogs are comfortable laying in a puddle in icy rain and sleet. Water runs downhill…ponds are downhill.

    Given Nicole’s belligerent attitude about the topic, I would not be surprised if animal control was called. For good or for ill…..that’s the only rumor I heard.

    Now, how she turned this into….

    “people are saying that I tie dogs up outside my grooming shop (30 miles away from the photo in question)… I had to film my neighbor’s dog and business, and post it publicly”

    … anyone’s guess.

    I know we’re not supposed to broach mental illness, and I agree with Sally’s thinking on that….we’re not mental health professionals.

    But one thing I think I can objectively say, is that Nicole’s brain works differently than most people’s.

    Making a leap from….”Nicole, if you’re going to show us photos of your dog tied up, we’d really like to see that it has some access to shelter”


    “Nicole ties up client’s dogs in front of her business.” is utterly bizarre to me. Nothing even remotely similar was said. I challenge Nicole to provide ANY evidence that anything at all was said remotely similar to this.

    And then the next weird leap of logic….

    I know…I will film my neighbor’s dog tied out, and her business…and publicly POST this video to prove I’m not tying dogs out!

    That’s the weirdest reasoning I’ve ever heard. It’s like taking a video of the neighbors kids eating a hot dog to PROVE that your children are vegetarians!

    [Admin: There’s a fine line here. No discussion of the business or clients or potential clients or anything similar. I know it’s sort of awkward, but bear with me. And if I’m not being fair, I apologize. I’m trying, but there are a lot of comments.]

    It just seems WEIRD.

    And then…she’s freaked this poor woman out posting stuff…and instead of phoning her and explaining, she takes creepy Joe over there and ends up in a screaming match and a subsequent exchange of threats and profanity.

    Who the hell ARE these people? They’re just….walking self-sabotage. THEY were at fault for the misunderstanding. Where do they get off calling that poor woman a cunt?

    You know, if I felt bad about a misunderstanding I’d caused…and wanted to explain what happened….and my neighbor reacted to me pretty negatively…I’d back the fuck off, give it a few days, and maybe try to explain myself in a note. I’d apologize profusely for the misunderstanding, accept the blame, and I’d respect their boundaries. I think MOST people would.

    Nick and Joe just don’t seem to be able to learn. They don’t get how society works. They don’t understand personal responsibility.



  17. I don’t believe even the part of Nicole’s story where she says she filmed the neighbor business to disprove a rumor. First off filming the neighbor business disproves nothing about Nicole’s business. All it proves is that the neighbors dog was outside her shop for a few moments. In order for Nicole to prove that “she doesn’t tie dogs up outside her shop” she needs to use some of the video from her own cameras from in front of her own shop. So the entire premise Nicole tells us is the reason for the video is bogus.


  18. ElMacho I agree. The Naugs are modern day gypsies. They are con artists who are always running a shell game.
    Every time they escalate a simple situation to get the police involved they are most likely thinking CHA CHING!
    Let’s get the leg bumpers riled up enough and they will start throwing money into the coffers (PayPal) once again.
    Poor business owner. The Naugs need to write her a lovely letter of apology. Not going to happen.
    I find it amusing that their scam games can now be used against them almost the moment they happen…… because they have them on video!


  19. She knows full well what her intent behind that was. Deflection. See it’s not my kid it’s the dickhead business neighbor being nosey, I don’t keep my dogs tied up outside (when she KNOWS people meant at home in the freezing cold with no shelter) it’s other “c*nt” (I absolutely loathe that word)business neighbor.
    Everyone has to do what I say because as you know I document and record everything!!! Yet I can’t be bothered to get the name of the responding officer and recorded shitty audio but no video. I am victim hear me roar!! I know the laws! Except, I really don’t. I will demand that you do your job! These things! Bow before me you peasants or I will go viral on your asses! Only I will give my version only. This is why LEO and courts don’t take them seriously. You don’t get to present your version as the truth. This is a rapid escalation and it appears they have stepped on the wrong toes this time. But again another way to play victim. But nikky spins this as free pr for this woman’s business. Pretty sure this poor woman and her business were just peachy without psychopaths harassing them.


  20. Also the man didn’t threaten the Hut. It’s reasonable to infer that if you go around calling people especially women the c word someone, anyone will take offense. This man might know that one of her family members besides himself will spend a night in jail to beat the foul right out of him. These people aren’t compelling either nog to act like uncivilized assholes. Most normal people don’t seek drama.


  21. To think I gave money to this cow & deadbeat husband. If I were to ask for it back (tried) they would know who I am & I don’t want them knowing that. They are evil people. So lesson learned. Research, research, research.

    For those thinking that any money you give them will help the family & kids, think again.

    What angered me was when I saw all the fireworks they bought. Remember that picture?? I thought that they are poor & they spent money on fireworks??? Then I started paying close attention to what was being spent (by what she was posting). Clay figurines. Yes. You can see them in her salon & the kids pictures she posted of them painting some. The Chinese lantern lights. The dollar store string lights to make her shed look warm & cozy. All the baby clothes. She had ten children before this last one & he seemed to have lots of new items (I’m not against nice stuff for the baby, I’m against homeless people with 11 children spending other people’s hard earned money on crap). The stupid crap she buys. Who in their right mind spends what little money they have on crap?? They received over 45k in donations, some say it was closer to 70k, and they continue to receive donations. Look around the pictures she posts on how they treat the stuff they do own. I wish I had done that before I gave money. Tools left out in the mud & rain. Goats in the shed & “kitchen”. Later, When I realized that those kids did most of the cooking on a dangerous stove I realized I should have never given them money. And money I did, twice.

    I didn’t miss the money I gave. My husband & I have a great jobs, own a few homes, a real cabin, many children (all nine college graduates, we had three & ended up with 6 nieces & nephews we raised because the parents of them were somewhat like N&J) live in one of the most expensive areas in the US to live, and take care of business. We are nearing retirement. We have handled our lives in such away that thankfully all of our grandchildren that are here, and those to come, will have a paid for college education, through a fund we set up (with no donations). And we get along with everyone, family, neighbors, co workers, strangers. We didn’t come from money families. We worked our butts off. The piece of cake for me was when Nicole posted that it wasn’t worth her husband to work for 250.00 a week.

    If 250 is so little to her, that it’s not worth hers or Joes time to work for, then for damn sure the 250 I gave her didn’t mean a blessed thing to her.

    I can’t use my real name as I too have been targeted by the real trolls.


  22. ChristinaE I agree on your comment about deflection. This whole scenario and attack on an innocent neighbor is all smoke and mirrors.
    So what is she really hiding?


  23. Nicole posts video of shop owner’s dog on her page. Shop owner says that she doesn’t like that. Nicole and Joe go over to her shop, shop owner tells them to leave her alone. Joe insults shop owner. Shop owner calls police.
    Nicole: “Shop owner is harassing us!”

    On a (slightly) different topic I’d like to offer a possible explanation for the strange signature on Nicole’s badly written letter. I think it might be that it is Jacob’s signature.
    Nicole might have wanted to include the inhabitants of both sheds and have Jacob sign it but put Joe’s name there out of habit and lack of concentration.


  24. I hate having to write this but Nicole did get one thing right at some point in time. There IS a fire lane stripe painted in front of the store where all the excitement occurred yesterday.

    Well, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

    If I were the store owner from yesterday’s incident, I would make certain that all of my security cameras are recording and post a sign that says they are not welcome to enter the store. All of them. That includes the younger set. Just in case they should act in a foolish manner because they want to protect their mom (from her own stupidity). Kids can act in an impulsive manner when they see someone they love is upset.


  25. What? You mean calling a woman that particular word is NOT a friendly greeting and a way to gain still more support from the surrounding community? You jest!


  26. Could it be that animal control contacted Nicole about her dog being tied up out side and she spun it to mean tied up at her business to keep them from going to her property.
    This filming her business neighbor could be a stupid way to redirect the inspectors and confuse the issue.


  27. the more that people say “I dont want them to know who i am” or “they will harass or dox me” or, my personal favorite ” they will block me” your drinking your own version of their Koolaid. Put you facebook profile on private for a week or 2, they will forget,or something else will happen. The one thing that remains consistent in this debacle, is the lack of follow through.

    Fuck Em

    How fast do you think Joe can run in those orange Crocs?


  28. You call my wife that, I promise you will taking teeth out of your ass that is how far I will shove them. Both are disgusting human beings. I feel for you Al and everyone else who has the misfortune to run into them anywhere.,


  29. Check this out from BLH comments………..Alys is getting the hammer for telling the truth !!!

    Alys B. Cohen If you can record other people from a public place and post it with your own commentary, why is it wrong for someone else to record you from a public place and post it with commentary? You went after another woman’s business, yet woe on anyone who says anything not glowing about yours. The way you treat others is the way you must accept being treated in return.

    I think an issue you and Joe will have in trying to get others arrested is your own record isn’t stellar. You are known in your community to be troublemakers who insult the police department at every turn while constantly wanting them to settle your scores. How often you want people you don’t like arrested and how often you two are involved with issues with many other people serve to decrease any credibility the two of you may have. You can only cry wolf so many times before no one listens anymore.
    Like · Reply · 9 · 14 hrs

    Tammy Kocher Woodward How did she go after another’s business? The clip shows that it wasn’t one of her clients dogs, her dog, or her business that was being accused of wrong doing. The comment above the post clearly says nothing about the woman or her business just clarification that the rumor wasn’t true. But I am going out on a limb here and saying that apparently you don’t feel it necessary for her to prove rumors wrong but just let hearsay ruin her reputation and her business
    Like · Reply · 4 · 8 hrs

    Alys B. Cohen Tammy Kocher Woodward The evidence I’ve seen shows Joe going over to the other business and calling a woman a “cunt” in front of a child, and then badgering a cop to try getting the other business owners arrested. She went after them.

    There’s a difference between proving rumors wrong (which she so rarely even attempts, and just “I say they’re wrong” isn’t evidence), and attacking others, whether verbally or physically, and then claiming victimhood. Any point she may try to make is lost when her husband verbally attacks a woman in front of a child, and then they proceed in trying to get people, who are doing nothing wrong, arrested for defending themselves.
    Like · Reply · 5 hrs

    Blessed Little Homestead Alys B. Cohen i’m not sure I want you here anymore. That’s not the story I don’t appreciate you trying to spin this against me
    Like · Reply · 5 hrs


  30. I don’t know about commercial leases, and am only somewhat knowledgeable about residential leases in California, but have heard that if police are called repeatedly to a rental home, and the tenant or a guest of the tenant is arrested on criminal charges, that can be used by the landlord in eviction proceedings. I have a feeling the property management of that strip mall is weighing the benefits of leasing that space to Nicole against the drawbacks of repeated complaints by other tenants, and losing better tenants. Not to mention a real concern that Joe might become more than verbally abusive.


  31. I will never, in a million years, understand Joe and Nicole nor do I care to. But they act like the most entitled pair of obnoxious fools that could plop themselves down on a quiet community to be garbage-and-sewage-spewing parasites (literally and figuratively). How long does one have to put up with this sort of kindergarten schoolyard behavior that is not only very irritating to anyone who has to work, reside, or dine near them but that must surely be detrimental to others’ business?

    &:$,:;/ low-life losers the Nauglers are.


  32. I think Nicole posting the video was beyond deflection.

    I believe she intentionally started her own rumor, posted the video for “validation”, and to use the occurrence as an instance of where the awful trolls are picking on her, it’s costing her money, and hoping that it will help her get a settlements in any possible civil hearings. I think she was just attempting to set up her own controlled “bullying” incident.

    What she didn’t bargain for was the other shop owner getting wind of the video and/or the response she got when she visited said shop.


  33. Could it be that animal control contacted Nicole about her dog being tied up out side

    Very unlikely.


  34. I think they act this way so somebody WOULD give Joe a BeatDown. Don’t matter woman or man just hit him once and CHACHING! The Fatfuck would be seeing dollar signs in his head while Nicky was picking his bloody fatass up out of the parking lot while she is calling the cops. They would EGG YOU ON to NO END to get this beatdown. IMO I can still remember that stupid picture of Nicky sitting in the court room pouting while holding up her arm pointing to the tiny BOOBOO she got while resisting arrest. HAHAHAHA what a pathetic site she was. BOOHOO!


  35. The Nauglers misery is showing. Instead of working hard to give the kids a nice couple of days of family time, the deadbeat parents are running around stirring up trouble. Is that all the kids get for Christmas? Trouble, drama , mom bitching all day long. My heart breaks for the children. Shame on Kentucky for letting them continue to suffer under the non-care of their deranged parents.


  36. ElMacho
    Myself I do not have a problem with them giving me shit. Cause I am the go right back at you type.
    Hell if Jojo were ever to call me a cunt the least of his worries would be my husband or any one else. I would take care of him myself and if she tried to protect him her too. Sorry but any woman that lets her man act like that and condones it is just as bad.

    What I have a problem with is those asses and their humpers bringing family and friends into it. They bring in minor kids and grandchildren who have nothing to do with it. Also that they go after employers and other things in others lives. That is what keeps people from hanging it all out there.

    My thoughts and words are just that mine and no one else’s so there is no need to bring any one else in it. Like my infant grand daughter is going to be able to do anything about what I say, especially something not said in front of her. Or my kids for that matter so leave them out of it.

    I guess your friends, family, kids or grandkids were not attacked.


  37. Nicole is a fucking worthless bitch. She creates drama and plays poor me and then her moronic leghumpers lick it up. I will admit I believed Nicole was a victim, I trusted her, I thought she just had bad luck. In my defense that was long before her kids were taken. Luckily by the time her kids were taken I knew exactly who she was and who her creepy husband was. And yes Nicole, Joe is a creep, he’s the type of creep that makes people’s skin crawl.

    Nicole commented on her BLH page playing the fucking victim card again, acting all sweet and innocent but she isn’t. She is a horrible human being, she is a fake and she is a bitch. She said “I want to thank everyone for their support. Ive worked a few things out and I’m feeling better about things.

    As I’ve said, 2017 we get our life back on track. I will update the legal situations after the new year. Thank you.”

    I have a few responses, anyone who buys this shit is stupid, her leghumpers are idiots, I hate to call people idiots but I call ’em like I see ’em and if you can’t see that she is full of it you deserve to be duped. Second response is fuck you Nicole. Honestly I hope you and Joe end up doing something really stupid. I will cheer the day you and fatass get hauled off to jail. I will cheer when you kids get taken. Call me a troll all you want but at least I only have to read about you online, your poor kids have to live with your pathetic ass and live with that worthless lazy larders excuse for a human that you breed with.

    So Nicole, kindly go fuck yourself. Your supporters are fucking idiots, idiots are the only ones that are standing by you and sweetie those idiots are just as poor as you. Go tell fatass creeper to get a job like a real man and spreading his seed isn’t a job.

    And yes folks I am angry. I am angry she pulls people into her drama. I am angry she breeds like a rabbit and doesn’t give a damn about those kids. I am angry to see children neglected in so many ways. I am angry at animals being neglected. I am angry that a community has to deal with them and their literal crap. I am angry she smears decent working folks and is a nasty grifter. I am angry that her ass isn’t rotting in jail. I am angry she is free to abuse. It’s just disgusting. She isn’t a fucking victim, she is a victimizer.


  38. What the hell happened today. Supossively there was another incendt that happened and GASS says they were there when it happened. Well I was there to when it supposedly happened, but I didn’t see or hear anything. I check my surroundings (something I’ve picked up from my husband due to his PTSD), all I saw was their van parked in the fire lane.


  39. Old time farm girl
    “I guess your friends, family, kids or grandkids were not attacked”

    They posted a picture of my 4 year old daughter attempting to intimidate me
    does that constitute an attack? In my eyes it was a direct threat.
    It was idle no doubt, and taken down quickly, but the damage has been done.
    When you mess with someones kid you better make sure you can handle a good ole fashioned ass whoopin right?

    #timetopaythepiper #crocksandcankles #youcanrunbutyoucanthide


  40. She sure does like to scrub. Scrub. Scrub.

    She also likes to promote violence. She has a stupid meme on her page about health care on her NCN page.

    In the comments she mentions how she would hold a gun to the doctor head to force them to do what she wants …. seriously her BLH followers should read and follow up on her NCN page more.

    And if you are a BLH (Blessed Little Homestead) follower NCN means Nicole C Naugler.


  41. I read that on GASS page, not true local, and I took that to mean they were talking with the other shop owner and got the video that the other owner said she had of when the Nauglers went over there. Maybe that is wrong?


  42. What the hell happened today. Supossively there was another incendt that happened and GASS says they were there when it happened.

    There were two more police visits. I don’t know who initiated them. Nicole posted a little “crowing” remark, and then later, after the second visit, removed it and posted a sort of detente remark.

    Who knows at this point.

    I tend to take GASS just about as seriously as I take Nicole.


  43. So I know you are all on the edge of your seats. What did my mailman bring me today? My bank statement and a paper notification of the changes in my most excellent health insurance through my full-time employment.
    Sigh. I have a frame for the cease and desist letter. My attorney is a hard-working man and needs a laugh now and then. I even have a space on the Christmas tree, where the letter would be surrounded by lights. And I am disappointed again. One more mail delivery day before Christmas.


  44. So last year there was mud for Christmas …… this year there were police visits.
    Interesting that the shitwater croc seems to be at the salon rather than on the shitstead. [Admin: Sorry, the business is off-limits.]

    As the parents-to-be are probably working, I guess the other children are either stuck in a salon back room or are home alone. Merry Christmas! I hope you get snow rather than mud this year as at least you can make snowmen!

    Speaking of Christmas ……. Merry Christmas to you all and hope you all enjoy the festive season. If you are working (my partner is one of those who has to work!) then I hope you get some time to celebrate or just to chill out)

    A big thank-you to Sally and this blog community for the giggles, head shakes and fascinating life shares over this year. I am thinking that 2017 is going to be much of the same.


  45. Unfortunately it’ll probably be mud again. It’s going to be in the 60s with rain.

    Merry Christmas y’all!


  46. Nicole, I care about your kids. I have six kids and very little money. From one mom to another…
    Have you thought about how your BLH folks would just eat up pictures of your kids having a “Little House on the Prairie” Christmas?

    Post lots of pictures and see how people swoon over them:

    Have the kids cut an evergreen branch on the homestead. Decorate it with popcorn strings and paper snowflakes.

    Bake an extra pizza and take pictures of the kids delivering it to a friend’s family.

    Maybe video the kids singing a Christmas carol at the local nursing home or friend’s house.

    Draw names and have everyone make a homemade card with a coupon for doing something nice for that person as a gift.

    Leave out nuts, apples, oranges and a few pieces of Christmas candy for Christmas morning.

    Read a Christmas story in front of the stove, all warm and toasty.

    Family traditions are important to kids.

    Merry Christmas everyone!


  47. Sally what did the “crowing ” post say? Also you responded very unlikely to MIM’s post about animal control . Do you have any idea or opinion what led N to go after this business starting with the video? Do you think that she didn’t think the boutique owner would find out? I know some people called her out on the post of the pond with the he chained dog. Could that have been the catalyst ?


  48. Sally what did the “crowing ” post say?

    Next to last image on the Gaslighting II page.

    Do you have any idea or opinion what led N to go after this business starting with the video?

    I have no idea.


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