Goodbye Goats


The Nauglers are homesteaders, I tell you.  Living off the land. Back to nature. All that wonderful back-t0-basics stuff like farm-fresh milk from their very own goats, and lovely fried eggs from their very own hens.

Or maybe not.



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  1. I wonder if she’s ever had them to the vet for checkups, vaccinations and just to make sure they’re wormed properly and not going to get polio and die.

    Oh wait, this is the Nauglers who don’t take their kids to the doctors. What was I thinking? Silly me.


  2. Huh. Why didn’t she post this on her homestead page?

    $75.00 seems steep. I suppose for that price, they come with papers and are fully vaccinated and wormed.


  3. Why does it not mention the breed of goats? Surely a Lamancha Saanen, a Nubian, or a Pygmy would have different monetary values as they serve different purposes. Are these pet goats? Milking goats? Meat goats?

    This is as informative as saying “Car for sale -$25K”


  4. I thought the goats were [admin: edit to remove child’s name] pets and a hobby she dearly loved!?!


  5. Might be that eggs are needed more than goats milk. Free range chickens may have become free range food for the other free range animals. So they decide to sell goats to buy more dog food….I mean more chickens for eggs.


  6. Are the good-bye goats the beginning of the end for Blessed Little never- finished- anything -we -planned -so -it’s- never really -been -a -homestead?


  7. Hmmm surprised it is not for rabbits. Remember the “plan” to raise rabbits for dog food?

    Maybe the dogs are like Mr Homestead Husband and ate them out of house and home with the rabbits. I guess if the dogs ate them we can call at least one of her plans a smashing success!

    Raw chicken is good for dogs too. Actually chicken is one of the most fed raw meats by dog owners. I guess the chickens will become a Blessed Little Buffet for the dogs now and bet it is self serve too. At least she is giving them a variety of meats.

    Now if they can actually get a garden to grow they can feed the dogs some raw shredded or grated veggies. Raw veggies in a raw diet are good especially the greens like kale, swiss chard and beet greens.

    Hint Nicole – if you have a problem with the dogs getting in the composting toilet pile you all need to eat pineapple every day. That will keep them from eating the poo. It works with dogs if you feed them pineapple they will not eat their poo so guess it will work for human poo too.

    Truth of the matter is they are NOT homesteaders or farmers in any manner. A good farmer values their animals and makes sure they are well taken care of with proper shelter (not some wire fence, pallet and tarp shack), they make sure they are wormed, they provide them with food such as hay and grain (there is no way those animals can forage all year long in that climate) and most of all they will fence in the animals to keep them on their property (fencing things in to keep them out like your open air kitchen is not proper fencing methods.)

    Another thought maybe the neighbor next door has had enough of his property being ruined by the goats and complained about it (and not to N & J) and they have no other recourse but to get rid of the goats or pen them so they will not get out and keep doing damage. Sad but the real truth is when one does not provide their animals with proper food and lets them forage they will go where the crops are better like the neighbors. I guess chickens are easier to keep on the land than goats. But chickens do cross the road = splat.

    It is getting more and more evident that they are having really tough money problems again. So watch for the idle threats of law suits to ramp up and begging will be fired up again too. Hey Pace your friends need more money!


  8. While goats are a recommended livestock for smallholders on a tight budget, they should have been way (way, way, way….way) down the list of priorities. Certainly lower than getting a permanent source of clean water to which they were legally entitled. Milk is pretty cheap, even if you’re too set on denying your children a legal identity to sign them up for WIC, and goat meat is a messy and time-consuming proposition even when you have running water and curbside trash pickup.

    And like the other stuff I’ve ranted about before, the solution to “gosh, our goats invade our kitchen, and poop everywhere, and we don’t really know where they are most of the time” was simple and cheap. It just required a little regular effort, which was why it never happened.

    1. Build 3-sided shack and put the goats in it at night. Not the humans. (This would have required a high fence on the fourth side, of course, but they had lots of sticks for that.)
    2. Identify best places to stake out goats so they can eat as much free forage as possible.
    3. Get those dog stakes that look like big corkscrews; surely Mrs. Naugler, in her business, has seen them in catalogs.
    4. Stake the goats in a different spot every morning or less frequently if forage is abundant.
    5. Take them in at night; examine them for pregnancy, illness, injury, etc., make sure they have clean water, feed supplements if needed/possible, and pen them securely.
    6. Clean the shelter and the food and water dishes while the goats are out foraging. Do this every day and it won’t build up to an Augean job.

    But the Nauglers actually doing something like this…yeah.


  9. I am beginning to believe [admin:edit for nasty expression] N & [admin: edit ditto] J have fucking horseshoes up their [admin: edit ditto]. Its only a matter of time before somebody starts begging again. I can scroll through any number of gfm and people who truly need help are screwed while pos like the NogNuts are abusing their children or sadly in the case of the Noglett’s (minor nogs) their slaves. Those kids have no voice, its Ma & Pa’s way or no way.[admin: edit some more] Nothing will survive that “homestead “


  10. Awww. I too thought the goats were the daughter’s pets and hobby. Aww, they each had affectionately been named. That is also what led me to think they were pets. I sure hope they don’t name all the chickens and rabbits, as pets and hobby too. That has to sting a little, as she surely got attached.

    Here’s hoping the Nauglers are responsible goat sellers. That the goats have been vet checked, with no parasites or diseases to spread to another’s herd. And they are selling thru a credible outlet, like 4-H or a goat farmer’s exchange or something similar. Online, like Craig’s List or something, you just never know about that.

    Wow, $450 in goats to trade for hens and chicks. That would be a whole lot of hens/chicks! Have they mentioned building a hen house? Or converting the gardenshed cabin to a chicken house? But they would want to move it back further away from the road. Chickens be out crossing the road all the time. Which leads me to, “why did the chicken cross the road?” bwa hahaha!


  11. p.s. Free range goats. Free range chickens. I am a bit surprised the stock hasn’t been dwindled down a bit, from predator animals. Coyotes come to mind. Hungry coyotes and free range food, before long they may get a pack of coyotes bunking on the property. Coyotes also dine on small pets, dogs and cats.

    Now if they end up with a big flock of hens and chicks, fox is another predator. The eggs. Then the dogs. That old saying, once a dog gets in the hen house and gets a taste, there is no stopping them. Might as well shoot um.

    Well maybe they will get cash for the goats, instead of hens/chicks. That would be a big undertaking right now, with Spring garden prep and planting. And the many other jobs around a homestead, in welcoming Spring.


  12. Who didn’t see this coming. First another begging campaign disguised as a baby shower, evicted from the blessed little shop, and now selling the goats. Threats of law suits for slander , leaving online ultimatums for someone she accused for stalking and hitting the blessed little hunk of junk, reeks of “we’re broke and we burned our bridges” . They were blessed with thousands of dollars and wasted it in crap like fireworks , rabbits, fast food, and hotels. It’s doubtful that they will ever get another windfall like they did last May.


  13. Kentucky Bred – The 3 wall shit shack is occupied. It is a boy cave and tool shed now.

    She posted on BLH page the oldest boys have taken over the shit shack. Well half of it. I do have to say that the boys did fix it up rather nicely. To me it looks better than the garden shed.

    Chickens would be a better food source for the family as lots can be done with eggs which are a good source of protein for growing kids. But I am sure they will be dog food before they can lay many eggs. One can not have a pack of dogs and expect them to forage for food and leave farm animals alone.


  14. Personally, I think they got a great deal more money than the GFM and Capistan monies. After all, Nicole has a POB and they would share that with anyone who asked. People may have sent them money in cash AND checks. I’d guess they picked up another $15-20K.


  15. Oy Vey, I see she is done all her springtime planning and prep already! Starting a Vlog, starring the blessed kids. As if she has not exploited those poor kids enough! She is also reviewing the messages she got back in May 2015. A little late for that and what on earth would that accomplish except a time waster and another source of procrastination to do what she should be doing. Getting things ready on the homestead.

    Oh but she has plans – “Now we can focus on the homestead. The #1 priority is the garden. #2 is chickens. #3 is working on the cabin.”

    Into year 3 and still can’t prioritize. How are you going to work on the garden when you don’t have a water system set up yet?

    I see another Blessed Little Failure on the horizon. Say bye- bye to the goats and to the garden that never was and never will be.


  16. I hope the “smart supporters” have wised up and moved on. I know I sure as fuck did. I was blind for way to damn long. Let’s say Wave 3 opened my eyes, wide… I however do apologize for my nasty names in my previous post, I am just so tired of their poor pitiful us bs. I could of done a lot with $45k.


  17. The story she wrote about making the children watch the slaughter of their pet goat has stayed with me forever. Their one son becoming so ill and running off. And then a piece of candy was offered to help him “get over it”. This is what nightmares and PTSD are made of. Glad the goats are leaving… I can worry about about the chickens.

    I literally hate Ma and Pa Naugler with every fiber in my being.


  18. I however do apologize for my nasty names in my previous post,

    It’s okay. I swear a whole lot myself. And this causes emotions to flair up. I wasn’t trying to spank your hand, like I’m your mother. I just wanted to make sure we didn’t descend into the Naugler sewage pile.


  19. What is their massive mental block with putting up gutters on the Blessed Little Garden Shed to collect rainwater? You know, for that garden that is their #1 priority?


  20. I know the Nauglers bring out nasty swear words in me that I might not usually use. In this case…I give myself a HUGE pass!


  21. Jenny Islander wrote, “What is their massive mental block with putting up gutters on the Blessed Little Garden Shed to collect rainwater? You know, for that garden that is their #1 priority?”

    You can’t tell them what to do! So what if it’s REMEDIAL homesteading advice, they won’t take it.

    Yeah, I’m confident that they raked in well over $45K. They’ve had the Blessed Little Begging Button on their site for far too long and if you ask for the PO Box you can send them cash and checks. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got another $10-15K easily. So the question is really what the heck did they do with $60K (tax free!) that they can’t afford gutters, rain barrels, the means to till the garden or to fix their van.


  22. BLB, no I totally get it I didn’t feel like you were scolding me. Lol

    Can I call her Nappy Nog? Lmfao But you are right this situation truly causes emotions to come out, tempers to fly ect.. I just understand KY giving them back. Why?


  23. Tekla said, “You can’t tell them what to do! So what if it’s REMEDIAL homesteading advice, they won’t take it.”

    Don’t you know, advice and advising is not welcomed. That = telling her how to live her life, in her delirious defiant world. Besides, she is all about show and tell how they do it. So the ignorant lapdoggies can woo, high five, mesmerize, and praise with prayers and blessing. In a “Bless Their Heart” sort of way.

    I hope these lapdoggies are a blessed audience with deep pockets. Because then, her show and tell is all the worthwhile. $$$.

    So all you good meaning peeps with good advice, shut your trap. Just send money.


  24. I am not sure they did go through all of their money, but why use their money for gutters, seeds, etc, when people appear to keep on giving. They have branded extreme poverty and a herd of needy innocent children including infants successfully for years (with wild success last go). All the while they are actually living on the grid at whatever business she can cobble together, until they get evicted yet again.
    I don’t believe for one minute they have a lot of money left, but I suspect enough to get their dream shack started. When we see these fund raisers ramping up, she is not going project even limited success. What does she post, her little one playing in a mud puddle again, dirty and wet with ill fitting clothes. Smiling poor pitiful children standing or playing in filth and impoverished living conditions. Pink roses with long overdue words of gratitude. It’s always the same. It will always be just bare sustenance living, because it sells and they are sick and lazy and extremely limited in their skills.
    And when the kids mature, with no skills to go anywhere else, I am betting we will see grandbabies playing with wrenches in the mud. Sad but possible, that is if the Mrs. can maintain, and I agree, she’s getting desperately wilder in her ploys perhaps because the donations are dwindling and she’s being watched by CPS and the public. Her mistakes are more costly now and her methods are limited.
    BlessedOneIsOffHerRocker & BLB
    I loved the “bleeps”. Just the right touch. We all are feeling the same way. Restraint is not always possible with this sick F&^%$#@ pair of manipulative lazy abusive losers. jmo


  25. Something that’s been going through my head…maybe Joe Naugler actually does have the courage of his convictions. Maybe he isn’t just a blustering windbag with violent tendencies.

    Maybe he keeps losing job after job because he’s so determined never to pay a penny of support to his eldest son, or a penny in back taxes for that matter, that he’d rather squat in a mudpit with flies buzzing around piles of his poop than man up and take his medicine.

    Or maybe he’s so high all the time, on trolling or pot or whatever, that he doesn’t notice how pathetic his life is. I dunno.


  26. Actually, getting rid of the goats is a good step. The Nauglers are learning as they go. Slowly. They have learned that goats will turn their land to mud and destroy any attempt at gardening. I think it is pointless to pick apart every little thing the Nauglers do without giving them any chance to grow and change. Insulting peoples hair and teeth and calling them stupid isn’t helpful. I don’t want to send money or post sweet supporting messages. But I don’t want to just insult and needle someone either. I know they have said lots of nasty, hurtful things. So the parents are jerks that what handouts. But that doesn’t affect my life choices does it? Stressing the parents out is only making the kids lives worse. The kids certainly aren’t going to come back in ten years and thank anyone for doing that. I had a dysfunctional family. Not enough that child welfare would have been able to help us. But enough that I was unhappy and dreamed of having a “real” family someday. You know, the ones I saw on tv, like the Waltons and Little house on the Prairie. Where the parents and kids talked to each other about their feelings and didn’t yell all the time. So it wasn’t the white buckets, mud, government hating, or failures that made me stop being a supporter of Joe and Nicole. It was the dishonesty I saw when I read their personal pages and comments. They seem very calm and thoughtful on BLH but behave the opposite everywhere else online. Honesty and integrity mean very much to me.


  27. . The Nauglers are learning as they go. Slowly.

    If they “learn” any slower, they’ll be going backwards.

    I know they have said lots of nasty, hurtful things. So the parents are jerks that what handouts. But that doesn’t affect my life choices does it?

    Nope, it doesn’t. But it sure affects the bank accounts of those who are suckered. I hope the information we’ve presented here has saved you a buck or two.

    You’re welcome.

    Stressing the parents out is only making the kids lives worse.

    So, if children are being abused, you should simply appease the abuser so he won’t do it more and worse? Really?

    Honesty and integrity mean very much to me.

    They do to me, too. That’s why I’m here.


  28. I know where Bea is coming from. I was brought up to never make personal remarks about another’s looks or intelligence. That said, this is a family of grifters who make it a way of life and whose apples won’t fall far from the tree with their anger and mistrust of everyone. If CPS can’t do anything about their way of life, it looks hopeless. IMO her supporters are her enablers.


  29. Bea, I think I understand some of what you are saying. If so, it sounds of frustration, like so many people that caught glimpse of the truths. I agree with you, ” It was the dishonesty I saw when I read their personal pages and comments. They seem very calm and thoughtful on BLH but behave the opposite everywhere else online. Honesty and integrity mean very much to me.”

    The conning, cunning, misleading, manipulating. It is obviously the manifesto on social media, this code of conduct of the Nicole and Joe, because it supplies their fundme principles. The depend on this conning as their source of income. But the dishonesty and poor integrity also has an effect in their community. The community as their neighbors. I personally have a perception, this isn’t the Naugs first rodeo. They likely have a long trail of disingenuous, conning, and negative encounters in association within their community(s). Why the internet and social media is resourceful, where perception and reality can be manipulated.

    Abuse and neglect of children, doesn’t affect my life choices. You are correct. But it does affect my core integrity. To look away because it doesn’t affect me, that’s not my moral threads. Wrong is wrong.

    I will not needle about hair or teeth. Or post sweet messages, nor send money. And I may be mistaken, but I don’t see them growing and changing. With or without the fundme $$$ and whatever else. Because their soul lacks honesty and integrity. They are disingenuous.

    I do hope that CPS stays close and watchful of the perception/reality. With what I think Joe stated, CPS responds to calls, about every year to year and half. Which is pathetic, what did he say, about 20 CPS reports in all the years they’ve had children? Just think, the older children will “age out” of CPS soon.

    FB Refugee said, ” Pink roses with long overdue words of gratitude.” Random, but did you notice the original date on that sentiment? May 2014. A good standby post, to rerun when feeling overdue gratitude Again and again. It’s ageless.


  30. Perhaps one day when the children are old enough to walk away from their dysfunctional parents this blog along with other social media postings will reinforce their decision to go away and stay away fro good.

    Even when you come from the most insidious of family situations there is love and attachment. There is also a great deal of guilt to choose your own survival over feeding the dysfunction. If the children see that their bad feelings about how their parents treated them are not unfounded they may be able to thrive, learn and grow.


  31. I think this blog has done a great job of examining the truth about the Nauglers. Exposing the truth and providing a place to discuss it are helpful. My problem is with the facebook childish nonsense. I never suggested anyone look away or appease a child abuser. I am saying that no matter how hateful of evil someone else behaves, I don’t have to respond in the same way. How is insulting someones intelligence,weight, hair or teeth going to help their children? When someone gets Nicole and Joe angry, who has to listen to the real life yelling and ranting ? Who has to be ignored while the parents stay glued to facebook to “defend” the family? Those kids are having to live with the added stress facebook postings are causing their parents. Sure, you can say the parents should just stay off those pages. But people know that the Nauglers won’t stop reading it. It’s about the same as selling alcohol to an alcoholic parent who goes home and beats his children. The store clerk knows the dad gets drunk and beats them but still sells him the alcohol everyday. So, he isn’t making the dad choose to beat those kids, but he isn’t helping him stop either is he? The Nauglers are struggling at parenting, that doesn’t mean anyone should be proud about helping them fail. Again I ask, in ten years do you think the kids will look back and be glad someone was confronting their parents in the way that it is being done on facebook? I think they will hate how people caused their parents to obsess and behave even worse. We have been a foster family for five looong, painful years. Oklahoma calls us a “Bridge Resource Family” because we are suppose to be a bridge for the parents and their children. That is hard with some people. Sometimes I find myself saying things like : “Hey, you got a job! That’s great!”. But what I really want to say is : “Are you going to make enough money working at McDonalds to buy your meth and booze now, you know, without having to steal…again ?” But I say the right thing. Because when those parents rights have to be terminated because they have failed, or skip town, or are in prison again, I want to know it will NOT be because I helped push them into feeling like a failure.


  32. KY Bred: I did notice the date. The sentiment is about as wilted as the roses would be at this late date. Nicole not even bothering to change the date speaks of a lack of integrity and honesty in my mind. Simply a useful meme to pull out at this time, long past due when it would have been meaningful. This smacks of manipulation.

    Bea, Please don’t misunderstand my posts. My posts and concern here have nothing to do with the IQ, beauty, hairstyle or oral hygiene of Nicole or Joe. And I do not think anyone has done anything to prevent positive changes in the lives of this family by posting here. In fact many have given them an incredible opportunity in the form of a great deal of money and gifts and time. Even folks posting here. It is also the opinion of many that these parents waste opportunities selfishly and foolishly, at the same time constantly unabashedly asking for more using their children as props to drive donations.

    The only people making decisions here are the parents, and as Nicole has frequently stated, we have NO effect on their lives. But their choices have shown practically no meaningful improvement in the lives of their dependent children for many years. I don’t see trading goats for chickens as a very significant upward change. What happened to the chicks we saw last fall?

    Total LACK of stress was their problem. Managing the stressors they have now brought upon themselves is also THEIR problem. If reading unflattering comments is stressful, don’t read them. Reading them is her choice. Banning unflattering commenters has never been a problem for this pair on their pages.
    ” The kids certainly aren’t going to come back in ten years and thank anyone for doing that.”
    I am of the opposite opinion. I think some of these kids may indeed be thankful in ten years for the intervention and help of strangers, despite some unflattering comments made about their parents.
    “They seem very calm and thoughtful on BLH but behave the opposite everywhere else online. Honesty and integrity mean very much to me.”
    Me too.


  33. My problem is with the facebook childish nonsense.

    I have nothing whatever to do with any of the Facebook pages, and never have had.

    You are assuming that I see my role here as the Savior of the Children. I do not.


  34. $75 a piece for scrub goats?

    Good luck.

    Too bad they pissed me off. I’m getting 2 dozen eggs a day. We’re giving them away. I’d be happy to give a half dozen first year comets to a real farm/homestead.

    Between “stalking” the Nauglers and actual homesteading . . . well.


  35. “I have nothing whatever to do with any of the Facebook pages, and never have had.

    You are assuming that I see my role here as the Savior of the Children. I do not.”

    Blessed Little Blogger, I never said you personally had anything to do with the facebook pages. But many people who read this blog probably read or post on the facebook pages too.

    I never said Blessed Little Blogger was trying to save the children. But I do believe that every adult has a responsibility to refrain from harming children by their words or deeds.

    I was simply sharing my opinion in hopes some people might stop and think about how powerful our words can be.


  36. Bea, I think I get where you are going, but nasty Facebook posts aren’t the problem to control. The people are the problem.
    You ask, “When someone get’s Joe and Nicole angry, who has to listen to the real life yelling and ranting”. The kids.
    If it wasn’t a Facebook post, they would still be yelling and ranting. And the kids would still suffer the consequences of their parents sick angry behavior. It is emotionally abusive. The Naugler parent’s are completely and solely responsible for their own behavior. Nothing and no one else is responsible for their reactions. Not FB or any other factor that they are choosing to react to.
    No one is helping the Naugler’s fail. They and they alone are responsible for their failures and behavior. The Naugler parent’s lack of emotionally mature responsible behavior is the problem. Have you seen Joe and Nicole interact with the landlord, or the police or any of the other video’s when they have a confrontation with anything they don’t like. These are very angry emotionally disturbed people who do not model mature emotional control or behavior for their children. Joe has been in court and took an Alford plea for menacing. Telling his son to get his gun clearly demonstrates his ongoing problems. Look at the people not the stressors. You cannot control the world outside, they must learn to control themselves. jmo


  37. every adult has a responsibility to refrain from harming children by their words or deeds.

    The problem comes with the definition of that: what, exactly, constitutes “harm”? Silence? Tacit approval?

    I do agree with you that some of the back-and-forth on Facebook (and obviously some of that filters over here to these comments) gets a bit much, but I’m loathe to censor much. When you’ve been on receiving end of JoeCole’s affection, the whole thing gets a little bit personal. I assume you’ve never been there.


  38. Bea, Using your example of the liquor store employee.
    If Joe or Nicole were refused the purchase of alcohol at a store, first off they would savage that person with a loud stream of run on nearly incoherent angry words, asking them if they know their constitutional rights, threatening them with a law suit, telling them they were in cahoots with people out to get them, possibly threatening them personally, and finally either storming out or getting the police involved. see examples: video with the seatbelt violation, video of the return of the wandering young child, and most facebook confrontations.
    Next if they were not able to get the desired product, They WOULD SEEK IT OUT OR CREATE IT ELSEWHERE. If an alcoholic cannot buy or get his alcohol at one place they go to another. Same here. Aggressive fighting is what they SEEK and CREATE. If they couldn’t find it externally they would fight with each other or the children, and this is likey the case imo. see Joe’s first son’s allegations.
    In every aspect of their lives they continue to choose venues to argue and fight. This is the way they get their fix. They hate the government and law, the school systems, the average way of suburbia, traditional medical practices, and on and on. These have been THEIR choices, and they use these avenues to continue to constantly wage loud and angry wars against the world. Facebook is an easy wall for them to hide behind physically, to come and go as they need their fixes, shooting as many poison arrows as they deem fit, using their children as shields and props against retaliation, and recruiting others who also have these same angry paranoid aggressive needs. The words and actions of those whom the Naugler’s choose to attack are not the problem. And all too often the facebook aggression has been taken physically to the homes, businesses, and even families and children of the people who have responded in kind to the Naugler’s aggression. see Alford plea, involving son by asking HIM to get the gun!
    You say, You believe every adult has a responsibility to refrain from harming children through their words and deeds. These parents are in control of this situation, solely and completely. No one else is to blame for what they are reacting to and creating. The Naugler parents are not refraining through their words and deeds from harming their children. jmo.


  39. I’m getting awfully tired of seeing videos of children playing in cold mud. There’s never a guarantee that any particular child is going to be able to wash up and put on clean clothes afterward. If playing in the mud is so great, let’s see the kids recording their parents coating themselves in the mud (and everything else that is in it too).

    I’m not going to send them money for that either, but at least it would be fair.

    God gives you mud for Christmas, seems to me that God gave you mud on Boxing Day too and that was the perfect day for the kids to make Joe and Nicole do their chores and play in God’s glorious mud for all their fans.


  40. Sorry. God gave you mud for Christmas, seems to me that God gave you mud on Boxing Day too. I shouldn’t have used two different tenses in the same sentence.


  41. Nicole seems unusually attached to mud play. I bet her kids don’t think it is that great. I would love to see Nicole & Joe playing in the faeces laden muck. That is exactly where they belong and if they grovel hard enough maybe I would send them a nickel.


  42. I speculated a while back that at least one of the Naugler parents is a narcissist, although this is only useful as a predictor of future behavior. If either or both of them are narcissists, then this pattern of manufactured confrontation followed by indignantly spreading the news of injustice will continue. A core component of the narcissist personality is “You MUST pay attention to ME.” To a narcissist, any attention is good and no attention is bad. Having people orbit around them in any capacity (attendant, victim, chronicler, employee, etc.) is the highest good, but passing comments on blogs also feed the endless need for attention, attention, attention. Doing without attention is unthinkable to a narcissist. It would be like doing without air.

    So why keep blogging about them if it basically just scratches their itches (even as they squall about it)? Honestly, if it were just a matter of two childless doofuses playacting in a mudpit, I would recommend ignoring them until it was time to point and laugh. But they’re involving real live people in their attempts to game more narcissistic supply. They do, in fact, have kids.

    And the one thing that narcissistic parents HATE above all else is being named, blamed, and shamed.

    Narcissistic parents tell themselves elaborate stories to justify the things they do. They even believe the stories they tell themselves, because another core component of the narcissistic personality is never, never, never ever ever doing/saying/thinking anything wrong…ever. I cannot overemphasize this. Some narcissists are so obsessed with being totally right at all times that they will insist that something that demonstrably exists does not exist even while they are looking straight at it. Now, if they raise kids in social and/or physical isolation, as they often do, narcissistic parents can get them to believe just about anything. But sooner or later they bump up against people they didn’t train from birth to swallow nonsense, and somebody or other points out that the emperor has no clothes.

    And that, more often than not, is how kids escape.

    The more often people point out exactly how the Nauglers are screwing up, how utterly reality-divergent they are, the more pushback there is against the stories they feed their children. Yes, some of the kids are probably going to stay in the family system for years, possibly decades. People may not realize until late middle age, “Hey, my parents were narcissists and they screwed me up.” But they may also realize this on the edge of adulthood. And the more reality checks they have available, the more likely it is that the light will dawn early.

    Of course, the Nauglers have an easy way to shut off this possible conduit of the truth: They can go offline.



  43. Thanks for you explanation Jenny Islander. I was wondering why the parents stooped so low, To exploit those poor kids further with the video of them playing in the mud was over the top. It is despicable. I hope most of them escape way before they reach middle age. Honestly, how much lower can the Nauglers drag those poor kids down?


  44. The more time the parents spend online tilting at windmills the less time they have to spend with their children. Never thought I would say this, but in the case of these folks I think that is a godsend. Increase the angry and hateful rants of the parents? I doubt that is possible. A shift of their attention away from authorities to the critics could be a good thing. The children might need to rely on those authorities someday.


  45. @Tekla
    I’ve been thinking about the mud too. Has it been warm enough in KY to be barefoot, shirtless or in shorts in the past week? Mud is cool or cold so those kids could be cold while and after playing in mud. And as others have said, no way to have a warm/hot shower after playing in the “awesome toy” (mud).


  46. Has it been warm enough in KY to be barefoot, shirtless or in shorts in the past week?

    Pretty much yes. We lived in Alaska for ten years. Native-born Alaskans would appear in flip-flops and shorts when the temperature got into the 40s. They thought 70 was hot and would bitch about it.

    Acclimation is a real thing. When we moved there, I was convinced that I would never wear shorts or even short sleeves again. But I acclimated over a bit a time. By the time we moved away, I was switching to light summer jackets when break-up began in the spring (above freezing).


  47. Yep! There are people who pad around the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus in leather sandals with wool socks, when it’s double digits below zero.

    Though of course they weren’t walking around coated with feces-infused mud with no way to take a shower or bath.


  48. “She and our other goats are up for sale. Except the one [child’s name removed] wants to keep. We need to focus on a larger scale chickens and garden this year. Save up for new breeds of goats for milk. We don’t drink milk and only use it for cooking. And we aren’t ready to start soaps. And it takes a lot of milk to make cheese, more than the girls give”

    Copied from BLH. They plan on getting more goats.


  49. They plan on getting more goats.

    They “plan” on lots of things. The list of what they actually do is miniscule.


  50. Their plans pretty much boil down to talking about something that would be awesome if it happened, and then looking expectantly at the universe. Or at specific other people, who are of course a seamless part of the universe and not individuals who have Other Stuff To Do. Like be children.


  51. They plan on building a system to catch rain water. They plan on building a compost outhouse equipped with a shower with warm water. They plan on building a larger cabin. They plan, plan ,plan, but no progress is ever made. My question to the Dread queen is: Why wasn’t all of things done with the thousands of dollars you blew through on things such as fireworks, fast food, and hotels?


  52. And they have the Internet. Excuse me, the World Wide Web. Excuse me, Web 2.0. Whatever. Anyway, detailed instructions for and demonstrations of every homesteading and being-really-fricking-poor skill you could imagine are out there, for free. No searching for copies of books from obscure presses: these back-to-the-landers have a colossal library their predecessors in the ’70s could only have dreamed of, plus instant access to forums packed full of people who’ve been there and done that on tight budgets with big families

    And they go on Pinterest instead. Cuz it’s purty.


  53. My Mam used to say ” Wish in one hand, s*** in the other, see which one fills up the fastest”. Truer words were never spoken about N&J. They wish, plan, then nothing, because wishing won’t make it so. So, they begin wishing again, plan, grift, don’t budget, then nothing again. They are at the center of a vicious circle, like a whirlpool, going nowhere, but keeping the swirling going.


  54. Just to point out a comment from Jenny, “But sooner or later they bump up against people they didn’t train from birth to swallow nonsense, and somebody or other points out that the emperor has no clothes.”

    This struck me as profound, an aha moment of thought. The critics have been exclaiming, “The emperor has no clothes!”

    Listen up folks, the emperor has no clothes! The emperor has no clothes!

    I love it, Jenny. Thanks for that!


  55. To the Naugler followers who undoubtedly read this blog, I would ask the following questions. Examine your own lives and compare your own family standards to this:

    Which of you lives 13 people (including a not-yet-walking human) in a less than 500 s.f. uninsulated shed?
    Which of you does not have running water and no ability to clean up a passle of kiddies who have covered themselves in—yes— feces infested mud?
    Which of you has only a bucket to relive yourself in, in an outhouse with no door? How many of you assign your progeny to haul your family’s poop the length of a football field to dump it in a “compost heap”?
    Which of you cooks on a rocket stove that can explode and cause injury to small people cooking on it?
    Which of you have no indoor cooking kitchen and place to dine with your family?
    How many of you had your children sleep 8 or more squashed together on a wood plank, no mattress, next to you while you and your spouse were getting it on? (sorry, nasty visual).
    Have any of you homeschoolers have not known how and when some of your children learned to read? Which of you have children that test well below the general academic level of their peers? What do you do about that?
    Which of you does not want your children to excel and hopefully achieve more than you yourself have? Are any of you not willing to do whatever it takes to ensure your children have wide opportunities to explore knowledge, culture, different places, and exposure to different kinds of people, customs and foods?
    How many of you believe that it’s OK to at least partially live off donations for years upon years, when there is an able-bodied father in the home who does not work?
    Which of you thinks it is OK for said father not to pay child support to his first-born son? In other words, do you approve of deadbeat dads?
    Finally, how many of you spend a large portion of your time trying to curry favor with strangers on Facebook and blogs? Which of you feels that attention to you, and cheerleading from anonymous people in different states and countries, makes a hoot of difference to your existence achieving your goals?

    Think long and hard about why defending someone else’s “freedom” to do any or all of the above is commendable when children are involved. Kids who have no choice but to live beneath the basic standards you uphold for yourself.


  56. I do not understand the Nauglers and their ilk’s avid support of playing in dirt and mud, especially since the children have no convenient way of cleaning up afterwards. Childhood can be rich, rewarding and fulfilling with or without dirt and mud play. Whether children play in mud should solely be up to them instead of a staged event video posted to drum up the oohs and aahs.

    They practically elevate mud play to a holy experience that is a supposed elixir for societal ills. I suspect these people would have been as critical of the alleged good ole days they seem to fondly long for had they lived during those days. These are the good old days. If you cannot find your niche in society today, chances are you would not have in another era either. There are no boogeymen lying in wait around every corner to suck the joy out of life. They are only creeping around in their minds.


  57. Doeheaven says:
    “…We need to focus on a larger scale chickens and garden this year. Save up for new breeds of goats for milk. We don’t drink milk and only use it for cooking. And we aren’t ready to start soaps. And it takes a lot of milk to make cheese, more than the girls give”

    Copied from BLH. They plan on getting more goats.

    – – –
    It is quite funny, that Mrs. Naugler seems to be taking advice from this blog, which mentioned some time ago, that they hadnt the right goats for purposes of milking, nor cheese-making.

    But wait… They do not drink milk?! What an atrocity!!
    Hey, I am vegan. I do not drink milk. And I wouldnt feed it to my children. UNLESS of course, I were impoverished and couldnt afford better alternatives. 10 growing children and no milk?!! I fear malnutrition for those children. They should be feeding those children glasses upon glasses of milk everyday! I fear they do eat nearly enough protein, especially having seen the direly-lacking, poor menu, which didnt include one single complete-meal, and lacked protein in about 2/3 of these side-dishes-purporting-to-be-meals.

    Please, Mr. and Mrs. Naugler, hear my cry! Children need proper nutrition. Look at MyPlate, only one of many current diagrams representing the optimal number of servings to be eaten each day from each of the basic food groups. Really though: Protein. protein, protein! And vitamins and minerals. Give them more protein. Less pasta. Sure, pasta is filling. But there is not much else to it. Dear Gawd.


  58. I fear malnutrition for those children. They should be feeding those children glasses upon glasses of milk everyday!

    Sigh. I am 67 years old. When I was about three, I quit drinking milk. I explained in my three-year-old way to my mother that I didn’t like it. My mother was horrified and during a visit to our pediatrician, she asked him what to do about it. He said, “Nothing.”

    I do drink milk now, because we have the very finest milk on the planet at our house. I always ate dairy products, but rarely drank a glass of milk ever. I do not have osteoporosis. I am on no medications of any sort. My doctor says I am “boring.”

    That’s purely an anecdote, and anecdotal evidence is not really evidence, but milk is not a necessary food.

    It’s a very good food. It’s a convenient food. Milk products are delicious. I love milk products. I love my cow. I heart the dairy industry.

    But it’s not necessary, any more than eating steak is necessary.

    Americans by and large eat way too much protein, not too little, BTW. If you’re vegan, you should already know this. Later I’ll do a whole page about nutrition, but for now, Nicole is not wrong here.


  59. Am I the only one wondering what state(mind wise, cleanliness ect.) those children were in when CPS removed them? I mean the recording of J telling (yelling at )them in a recorded conversation that the police kidnapped their mom and their two big brothers and has no choice but to let them kidnap them the next day or he goes to jail, fat ass( I am fat too, so not body shaming, but at least I get up take care of my kids and work to provide for them) needs to spend some time in jail, real time. I can only imagine the smell, the dirty clothes, unbrushed hair. I am not picking on the kids simply acknowledging what the brain dead idiots 1&2 are doing to their children


  60. @Prolapsed Ovaries: We have now seen the bigger garden that Mrs. Naugler says they need to focus on. I have only three children to feed and a husband who actually does things, and my garden is that big. And she’s planting lettuce.

    I just.




  61. Lettuce.

    I read an article about lettuce recently that pointed out something we all actually know but tend to disregard. It has almost no food value. Even leaf lettuces have close to zero.

    Just thinking about that as I was shopping sort of reset my priorities. While I like a good salad as much as anybody, I am putting more of my dollars into the stuff that goes with the lettuce, and pretty much foregoing the lettuce altogether. I’m not wild about paying money for something that is essentially water.


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