Good Examples

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms.
Ron Paul

Great quote, huh?  And especially apt in that he’s one of Nicole’s idols.

unschooling definition

So let’s talk a little bit about setting examples. Nicole and Joe “unschool” their children. This is a vague, amorphous idea that can encompass anything from allowing the child to explore whatever subject(s) he wishes on any particular day to doing no schooling whatever of any sort.  My guess is that the Naugler type of unschooling comes closer to the latter than the former.

But, regardless, we all know that children learn from the examples and role models they see around them. That’s how they learn to talk, by mimicking the language spoken to and near them.

Before I go any further, I want to make something clear because I’m sick and tired of reading Nicole’s bullshit about this. I am not now, nor have I ever, targeting her children.  I do not use their names. I obscure their faces. I will not allow any discussion or speculation about any of the children. Frankly, I don’t know all their names.  I couldn’t tell you their ages. I’ve even gone so far as to refuse to engage one of the older kids here because he’s still a minor.

This blog is not about the Naugler “family.”  It’s about Joe and Nicole Naugler, the two adults, who are scammers and grifters. That’s what it is about.  Because they have children, and because they use their children in their scamming operation, it’s impossible for me to ignore the fact that those children exist, but that’s the extent of my involvement with their children.

Nicole has told us that the children know all about the negative press the adults get.  If they do, that is entirely because Joe and Nicole have chosen to enlighten them.

And one other disclaimer: this is about guns. Again.  Politically, I lean so far left that if you pushed me a little, I would fall over. That is not a secret. I do not apologize for it. I don’t like guns. I am in favor of strict gun-control laws. I would like to see the 2nd Amendment repealed. I know other people (even other liberals) disagree with me on this issue vehemently. That’s fine. I also know that currently the 2nd Amendment has not been repealed.

So, this is not about “guns bad.”

It’s about a bad example. It’s about bad “unschooling.”  It’s about making very poor choices.  It’s about sowing discord and possibly reaping disaster, to use a biblical metaphor.

Nicole hates the police. That is not a secret. She posts hundreds of anti-police memes and links to articles and comments on her various Facebook pages.  The number goes up, it seems, whenever she feels especially threatened by any authority figure of any sort.

She not only doesn’t like the police.  She doesn’t like things like licensing, or traffic laws, or anyone telling her what she can or cannot do.  Period.  It runs the gamut from getting a license for her business to filing a tax return to fencing her livestock, and now the big drama is about shit.

The Nauglers are faced with the Health Department’s notice that they are going to have their property tested for raw sewage. I have been asking one simple question for months now:  what are they doing with the contents of the white buckets?  The answer, repeatedly, has been a very vague “we compost our shit.” Apparently, the Health Department agrees with me that the answer isn’t good enough, so they are investigating.

This, of course, is enough to give Nicole hives.  And she has taken to Facebook to explain how terrible it all is and also to make some veiled threats.

take to court
Uh, no.  Nicole, I cannot just willy-nilly haul you into court. I can do what I have done: blog publicly.  You don’t get to hand down either/or demands.

joe dangerous
Get what she’s saying here.  Joe would kill me.  KILL me.  For blogging. This is a man who has been convicted of menacing behavior.  He came to my Facebook page and threatened me with legal action for expressing my opinion.  This blog wouldn’t exist if he hadn’t done that, by the way.  So, yes, I am mildly afraid of him.

4th amendment
Apart from the fact that Nicole has no idea what the 4th Amendment entails (authorities have full legal right to access your property any time they wish to do so, just like traveling salesmen can come to your door without being shot), notice that she’s saying that they will very likely create a “huge scene.”

But we already knew that.

nobody hurt
So in typical Naugler fashion, she deflects.  It becomes all about how “people” are “stalking” her.  They’re taking photos of her property.  Actually, it seems that one person did that. I have no idea who. It certainly wasn’t me, since I was in Europe or the Caribbean or someplace when this happened.

And this is causing her “family” alarm.  Why?  How?  By “family,” she’s suggesting that her children are frightened.  Why would they be?  Frightened because somebody drove past their place and took a few photos, and not even any photos of any people?  Were they even home when this happened?  The person didn’t come on their property.  How could the “family” be “alarmed” by this?

I’ll tell you how. They could be alarmed if Joe and Nicole alarmed them by hammering it into their heads that there are bad people out there trying to get them.  Bad people.  And that the police are some of those bad people.

The result is that Outside is menacing. There is no help to be found Out There.  So, when the Health Department wishes to inspect their sewage situation (as the Health Department has a legal right to do), they join the list of Bad People Outside.

And you have to learn to protect yourself from Outside.

Like this.

kid gun
No link to the video because child.

Right in the middle of all this drama, with the Health Department ultimatum and the supposed drive-by “stalking,” and the dozens of memes and articles and complaints about the police and how evil they are, we have this nice video of one of the children shooting a rifle.

I had no idea what this gun was, so I asked. It’s apparently a fairly high-end, expensive rifle. According to my source, it would make a good hunting rifle.  It’s desirable, supposedly (I don’t find any of them desirable, but that’s not the point).  Rounds for this gun cost about a buck a shot.

These are people who live in a garden shed. They don’t have running water. They don’t have a kitchen, or bathing facilities. They could pack up their possessions in probably less than an hour. To call them poor is an understatement.

But they own (I suppose they own it) an expensive rifle and they spend one dollar per shot teaching their children to shoot.

It’s not about whether it’s a good idea to teach children about guns.  We could discuss that forever. Is it a good idea to teach a child to drink alcohol responsibly?  Is it a good idea to arrange for a child to have sailing lessons? What about horse-back riding?  Or piano lessons? Those are all judgment calls. The answer in every case is:  It depends on your circumstances.

A child growing up in rural Idaho probably doesn’t need sailing lessons, but learning to ride horse-back might be a good thing. A parent raising a child in Nantucket might consider sailing lessons an absolute life-saving must.

My concern here is example-setting and priorities.  The child in the video is learning that spending lots of money on guns is a good thing, but spending money on education is a waste.  Spending money on a toilet is a waste.  Spending money on a kitchen is a waste.  Maintaining a clean environment is a waste.  Strewing trash everywhere is fine (and Nicole, don’t pretend that your property is not trashy and that it’s not your trash).

Spending money on expensive guns and ammunition is a priority.

The question is why?

The answer is that the evil Outside is threatening.

Those children are not learning that you use guns to hunt.  They are learning that you need guns to keep away the Outside.


First, and to repeat, your children are not being targeted. You are.

Second, the second highlighted segment is directed at me.  It’s ridiculous, but it’s also informative.  Nicole believes that whatever your children do later in life is directly a result of your parenting.  If your children do well, you were a great parent.  If your children make mistakes, you were a bad parent.

This is fallacious, of course, but that’s not the point.

The point here is that she strongly believes that children learn from their parents’ example. I’ll be interested in seeing how she feels about that as her children grow up. Will I hold her to the same standard she uses for me and everyone else who is critical of her?

baby with gun
By all means, start young

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  1. Not sure if you saw Ezra Cristos response…”Your children’s lives are being targeted, that sounds so dramatic, scary and dangerous. But not one person commented or expressed concern. Maybe that story line has lost its luster.’…EPIC! I’m starting an Ezra fan club.


  2. I saw the comment from Ezra. It was funny.
    When you start the fan club, shoot me an invite


  3. Dear Mrs n. Your main failure is parenting and bad choices. Unschooling is just that…not schooling , not teaching at all.

    Why you fight the very system toy expect to protect you is beyond me.

    Your choices affect your kids that Is what it has always been about. Making innocent people suffer at the cost of your choices. When you make that public, it becomes everyone’s business to protect the innocent people.

    Think long and hard. All your actions are catching up to you. Through no fault of anyone but yourself.


  4. AGAIN Nicole is putting her little ones in danger.
    We know that she loves to read things online so I suggest she read this article. It might just save her kids lives. Sorry but they do not get a good healthy diet that will prevent them from catching Salmonella.

    Nicole stop being so ignorant and have the best interest of your kids for once! Stop being a ignorant know it all. Just stop all your crazy ass shit before one of those precious kids get sick and die from your ignorant ways and putting them in harms way. STOP STOP STOP STOP!! You are the only one that is putting your kids in harms way. No one else is doing it but YOU! Grow up become a real mother.

    “Don’t let children younger than 5 years of age, older adults, or people with weak immune systems handle or touch chicks, ducklings, or other live poultry. Don’t eat or drink in the area where the birds live or roam.Aug 5, 2015”

    Read the damn article and let it sink in your thick head.

    Yes that is from what you call the evil government.

    Here is some more information for you to study.


  5. After seeing the gun video I noticed several things:
    1. No eye protection. That particular gun, and others like it, kick back a good bit of gun powder. That stuff gets everywhere.
    2. No ear protection. The foam ones are rubbish, just about the same as having nothing.
    3. Poor muzzle control. When not firing the barrel should ALWAYS be pointed at the ground.
    4. Was not told to engage the safety after firing.
    These aren’t a failure of the child, most likely he didn’t know. This is a failure on the parents part. I’ve taken gun safety lessons taught by former military personnel and they will go “Drill Sergeant” on you if you mess up. The adults should know better, and do better.


  6. I’m quit sure the drug comment was aimed at me as well. You know each of her children are still minors . My son had been an adult in the eyes of the law for 3 years . I wanted to help him but there was nothing legally I could do. Nobody wants to thing that their sweet innocent child might grow up to do drugs , or break the law , or do anything bad but it happens in the best of families as well as the worst of family and everything Inbetween. Nicole can slyly smile and throw insults right now but she has 11 children who very well may become any of the things she pokes at other prints about. Especially when they have less than law abiding parents . How has been convicted of menacing and an order of protection issues against him due to the menacing. They both have a history of writing hot checks. Bounced checks happen sometimes but if you do not quickly make it right you get arrested because it is against the law. I’m not really sure all the details of the goat situation but to my understanding another order of protection type thing was issued again against Joe. Joe’s rights to his oldest son were terminated fairly quickly because of allegations of sexual abuse. Those allegations are normally taken very seriously and researched . I believe Jie’s oldest son ! These parents have a long history of beggiging , law breaking , and neglect as well as many encounters with CPS . They have no idea how this has and I’ll affect those 11 children . Nicole is flippant about those of us who have lost children because it has not happened to her …. Yet


  7. Mud, thank you.
    She continues to cause herself more problems every time she posts. Her threats and harassment are noted.


  8. Jahaza, I’m still very sorry for your loss.
    It is true the odds are good that a tragedy will hit, but I won’t be gloating. Not where the children are concerned.
    Joe on the other hand…


  9. Thank you so much!!! I would never gloat either at anyone losing a child or even having a child kind of lose their way. I hope nothing but the absolute best for all 11 of those children. Kids rise from horrible circumstances to have great lives! Some follow in the footsteps of their parents also. Some kids grow into all the know and some beat the odds . Only time will tell! I think Nicole is professing to be mother of the year when all 11 of her children are under age and still at home . Pride goeth before a fall ….. I hope and pray for those kids everyday and have since day one!


  10. Didn’t the last fun day with guns wind up with a dead goat that they ate for dinner? These parents are truly sick. If you take a moment to look around the pictures, you will see target practice is apparently in the kitchen. The pots are disgusting, I’m pretty sure the hot sauce needs to be refrigerated. It appears that more then likely the children will die from some food illness before guns.. however… children, especially young ones, do not understand consequences, you can tell them all you want but they will not get it.. and there are way too many unsupervised children AND guns in one small area.

    Also why is it more important to buy a big fancy gun then things for the children? That money could have been put to much better use, maybe some plants for their “garden” a new chain saw to start getting wood for the stove prepared. Shoes, beds, school supplies. But no, the giant toddler wins and get a new shinny toy while the actual children get nothing.. like always

    To Sally and Jahaza.. my heart breaks for both of you, and Nicunt has some serious karma heading her way.


  11. I also notice they like to show off their fire power, especially when it comes to the possibility of the “man” having to interact with them. It seems to be a theme. Its ok Nicunt and J-blob, they now know what to prepare for… dont they.. my advice is be civil, let them do their jobs.


  12. In the last few days I have contemplated many things in regards to the Naugler’s situation. Nicole keeps stating her children are being targeted yet fails to say how they are being targeted. What does she think is going to happen to them? No one is putting down her children. They are beautiful children and still have a lot of potential. Potential which is being destroyed by their parents. As the mental stability of the parents continues to rapidly decline, I believe the children’s potential will decline as well.

    Joe and Nicole think they themselves are being targeted be “haters.” They are convinced that all of the reports against them are all based on gossip. However when you stop to think about the results of those reports, then it WAS MORE than just gossip. Joe and Nicole stated the complainant in the incident that resulted in the removal of the children had never been to the property and had never met the children. SO WHAT! What matters is the fact that the conditions at the homestead warranted removal of the children and continued care in foster homes until conditions minimally warranted their return. They can call it gossip if they want, but that gossip was accurate.

    Next we have goat gate. Again Joe and Nicole scream they are being targeted based on gossip and a vendetta by a drunken German. NOOOOOO, the neighbor got tired of the Naugler free range goats destroying his property. So yeah that charge has been deferred. However the courts DO NOT give a deferment when the defendant is not guilty. Therefore either Joe pled guilty or the judge found him guilty. So again if the charges were baseless then why a deferment?

    Now we have poopgate. Again Nicole claims the charges are based on gossip. In her most recent post she decides the charge is based on her fb postings (which in my opinion not gossip). True the inspector did not go on the property, however it could be possible that he saw enough from the property line to warrant the issuance of a citation. Now Joe and Nicole go on the news but instead of refuting the complaints, they just piss and moan they are being bullied by their haters. They seem to think that if the person making the complaint does not like them then the complaint does not count even if it is based in fact.

    Joe and Nicole say they are peaceful people who just want to be left alone while they encroach on everyone else’s rights and property. Joe and Nicole fail to see they create and exacerbate their own problems.


  13. Were pro 2a however not pro stupid. The kids have BB guns. And at my dad’s house is my 30/6. Mine is for killing predators and that’s only done when the kids are safely inside. As for mrs. Naugler go ahead and keep making those horrible comments it’s nice to see what kind of person you really are.


  14. If they want to live in peace, left alone, then all they have to do is stop wasting time on FB, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc. Use that time to clean up the homestead. Do something constructive that will yield some tangible results for their family.

    She said they had plans to plant their garden this weekend. It looks like all they planted in the ground were bullets.


  15. I have so much I would like to say, I am so entirely pissed off [I have to finish the rest of the post] Sally, if you or your local friends ever need anything , let us know…..seriously. [I’m going back to read the rest] Welcome back BTW !


  16. So who’s had “infidelity issues”? I know that rumor has been dropped before. Kinda cracked me up. Along with the drunk German/drunk pilot innuendos — Hunting down jews and runaway slaves.

    Empty attempts to deflect by lying, and flinging veritable buckets of shit.

    The tripe these people spew is the reason nobody is interested in changing their focus. It IS the reason people in the community aren’t going to cut them any slack. Their inability to simply admit that they have been breaking the law and quite possibly contaminating the aquifer is par.

    Joe and Nicole,

    Keep posting. Keep digging a hole. It’s a shame you guys didn’t just dig one under the shitter. Must be on your long list of planned accomplishments.

    I hope you understand that your attempts to libel and defame others results in one thing.

    Karma. A big old bowl of special K Karma.

    Thanks for giving me credit for your predicament. Me and the “good old boys” and the crooked government and the corrupt machine. I really don’t deserve it, but hey, I’ll shake my head and chuckle as you attempt to pin the blame for your self-induced situation on others.

    Still more than happy to sit down and discuss this with you guys in a public place.

    Have a nice week.


  17. @cj: Oh, plans. We all know about the Naugler parents and plans.

    Blowing money that could have been used to get the cistern/well/whatever back into operation and the septic tank running again on a buck-a-shot fantasy accessory is absolutely their MO. Property like that, you can get some good food with a bird rifle and a deer rifle, cheapest possible ammo, which you keep LOCKED FAR AWAY FROM THE FIREARMS after providing a demonstration for the kiddies about why we DO NOT PLAY WITH MR. GUN, using a watermelon or something to stand in for a human head.

    Man, I bet the people at the gun shop saw Mr. Naugler coming a mile away. It would be funny…if he wasn’t fantasizing about valiantly protecting his family from evil outsiders. That is, people who want the kids to be clean, warm, well fed, competent at life away from the Blessed Little Hobo Jungle, and free of parasites and infections. Oh, and people who don’t want to smell the Nauglers’ poop.


  18. Those idiots love to teach their kids how to shoot people, but I doubt eitgher one has. Suuurre….your 8 yr old can shoot a person………….RIIIIGHT!!! You don’t have a fucking clue what its like to shoot and kill another human being…..neither does your hubby.


  19. I am terrified these two good for nothing people are going to get these kids killed. They are teaching them to fear law enforcement and instilling hatred for anyone in a position of authority . If LE needs to enter the property , I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the kids picked up a gun and attempted to shoot at police, resulting in the officer being forced to take out the threat . I pray this doesn’t happen . I pray the stated intervenes and removes these children before it turns really ugly.


  20. She keeps digging her own grave. Nicole, take a good hard look in the mirror. You, and you alone are to blame for your situation. No one picks on your kids. maybe, instead of taking your anger out on everyone else, you should look into seeing a therapist. Hell. The whole family could use it for that matter.


  21. Unfortunately it seems the gun laws do not prohibit children of any age learning to use a firearm. But I would pose, as I have before, why is this permissible? A gun is intended to KILL, people and/or animals. How is it acceptable to teach a child less than 5 years of age to use an instrument of death?

    Why not then teach a five year old to drive? (with accommodations to allow for smaller arms & legs). A moving vehicle is not intended to kill anything, yet its force can and does. Society feels children of 12 are not developmentally ready for this responsibility. Why are guns any different?

    I cannot see past the strange incongruity of our culture that allows little kids to handle rifles or actually hunt and kill animals at 5, but forbids them to drive, vote, or drink before at least 16 or 18 (and drinking at 21).

    The Nauglers have no business owning an expensive rifle and frittering away bucks in ammunition when their children don’t even have proper clothing, shoes, a toilet, easy access to water, or a real kitchen to cook in. NO sense of priorities. I wonder if the expensive rifle was one of the GoFundMe purchases.


  22. Dawn it is not illegal to teach a kid how to shoot but now days it is considered child endangerment in some places for keeping a loaded gun around with in reach (even climbing reach) of a child. I know that people in my state have been arrested for it. Of course they were druggies that had guns loaded and ready for other reason than hunting.

    As a kid I was taught to shoot and even went hunting with my Dad. But we were taught safety and guns were not loaded and out of our reach.

    I also have a fear of what these kids could do with those guns. It takes only a split second for disaster to happen. I went to elementary school with a boy that picked up grandpa’s gun upstairs it was loaded and went off. Bullet went through the floor downstairs and killed his sister who was sitting on the couch. The boy was never really right after that and he was only like 8 or 9.

    Am I the only one that has images in my head of Joe using those little kids as pawns so not to get his hands dirty if push comes to shove? After all some still carry the idea kids can get away with stuff like that.

    I agree with money being wasted on that gun when they need decent housing and water. But also have wondered if they might have gotten them from some of those whacked out militia who are so against government. We know that both parents can spin tales so try to imagine the tale they told militia to get firearms. After all isn’t Joe a head honcho for KY for a group?

    Those poor kids are being taught fear and lack of respect for authority and government but it is also bred into them via genes. Many mental health conditions are hereditary. Some of the mental defects the parents have can not be treated all that well with medications as they are behavioral issues and need a specialized type of treatment in conjunction with therapy and medication if the right one to work can be found for them. The longer the kids are exposed to the crazy stuff the harder it will be to try to make them semi normal.


  23. I’ve never commented here or on FB but I just can’t anymore. The video of her son shooting is just so beyond the pale. My boys shoot guns, but they have all taken a hunter safety course. Yes we hunt deer for food, but always with protective eyewear & earplugs. My husband has always preached gun safety. I just cannot even fathom where the toddlers were when this awful display was occurring. And how scary that big gun sounds. Thank you for letting me speak freely here.


  24. I have always thought the kids are used as pawns. Also agree the videos were put up as a warning for any perceived threats not only to broadcast their weapons when the broken down weapon was criticized, but also to tell outsiders children could be firing those weapons. Sick paranoid Y’al’ Qaeda maneuver. But do we know if in fact they own that weapon?


  25. I am not anti-gun. I am anti-stupid gun owner. If a child is too small to shoot a gun without someone else holding it up for them, they are too small to shoot the gun.


  26. Mrs. N, I know you read here so here it goes. The criticism about the Amazon (a link that yourself posted) wish list wasn’t that your children have them. It’s that the items on it were not age appropriate and we’re not even useful to your current situation. I get that you have had financial difficulties, many others, including myself were/are in a similar boat.
    In fact, until recently my family and I lived on property that was in bad shape. Trash everywhere, we had to haul water, ect…many hours of sweat equity went into this rental. Within 3 months, we had a garden, fenced in chickens and the trash was nearly gone. All this on minimum wage income, in my state that is $25,000. The fact that there are excuses, and little fruit speaks of a lack of imagination. Horse stables give away their composted manure. Topsoil can be obtained, often times for free, from construction sights. Often construction sights will also have logs that can be chopped for firewood, again most of the time free. I understand you work, but your husband is a SAHP, homeschooling doesn’t take all day and he should be doing this. But it takes humility and a will to rise from the floor of the arena that is life.
    This is not an attack, rather a critique of your choices. Those made by yourself and your husband. It’s concerning that you seem to include the children in that. They are not responsible for your choices, just as you are not responsible for theirs. To paraphrase a wise rabbi.
    Sincerely, Mud

    To Sally and Jahaza, my deepest condolences.


  27. Thank you. I’ve prayed & hoped for a miracle for these children, but I fear it’s not to be….

    NN’s deflection tactics are very transparent. Can’t have her sheeple focusing on HER issues so she talks about how she is being “attacked”, posts a chicken video, & more rants against the police. I swear if I spent the amount of time she does on FB, my kids wouldn’t have clean clothes, suppers cooked, or any quality time spent with them.


  28. I’ve prayed & hoped for a miracle for these children, but I fear it’s not to be….

    Lots of very good people, successful people, grow up in very adverse circumstances. Don’t count any of them out yet.


  29. Thank you for this blog. I have been following this saga since it first hit the news. I find it fascinating for a nber of reasons not the least of which being the lengths people will go to rationalize, justify, and deny abusive and neglectful behaviour. It’s astounding and quite frightening. And I agree that now, possibly more than ever, there is cause for alarm. The deeper they spin themselves into this tale, the more desperate, reckless, and fanatical they will become. Everything in life changes, and chapters close. Based on the trajectory this story is on, I do not see it ending well. My best thoughts and hopes remain for all those innocent children :(. I dearly hope that legal intervention is implemented again soon.


  30. Joe and Nicole, At the end of the day, when you lay your head down to rest, you and you alone are responsible for all your actions and decisions [both good and bad]. You can blame whomever, but if a bill can’t or doesn’t get paid, its on you. Ditto for most anything else in life. What you do with WHAT you have been given is entirely up to you, but YOU are ultimately responsible with what you do with it. Blame others all you want, but we all have to live by rules that we don’t always like. Don’t like the laws? We have a process for changing them. You know this. Want to set a good example for your kids……face up to your stuff. Face up to your issues and problems WITHOUT blaming others. Accept responsibility for your actions/decisions….like you do your children. Afraid of being looked at AS a failure? So what if someone does! Seriously. Is that person gonna fix your problems or pay your bills? What would happen if you were more honest with yourself and others, especially your children? Just be real like everyone else has to, your children deserve that much.


  31. Nicole, I’d love to know what you are so damned afraid of that makes you have a rigid control over pretty much everything in your life [especially your online persona] that people see. Why are you so over the top afraid of failure, or being percieved as a failure in some way. While you are running around trying to control ‘the narrative’, do you seriously NOT get that people can see right thru you and thanks to the net and ‘going viral’, your ‘shit’ was found out for the world to see that hasn’t matched up with the BLH persona? Do you NOT see that the early pics garnered you sympathy and support, that you were being viewed as a family that was TRULY struggling to make your dreams a reality?? Do you know how it looked to the WORLD WIDE community when you thumbed your nose up at folks and got downright hostile towards folks who were genuinely trying to be nice and helpful?? You were so busy squashing negative feedback/comments that you totally missed the BIG picture. People seen your struggles, as in way over your head struggles, and wanted to help. You took that as almost personal attacks. So, you don’t want to be veiwed as a failure or someone who can’t…….who does?? IMOHO….I think rejection and how your are seen by others is a HUGE problem for you. Maybe you think that if people know than there goes your support. You’d be wrong. Its hard to grow up in a perfectionist household where everything you do right or wrong is a reflection of you [or so you are taught] and that no matter what happens, you always gotta put on that ‘happy face/all is well’ for others. But that isn’t reality. Not even close. I gave up on that perfection bullshit because it doesn’t pay the bills and the same folks who criticize you are NOT there when you have to hold a sick kids hand in an ER at 2 am. praying to every deity that he lives to see another day. People do NOT have to live your day to day LIFE Nicole…..are they there when YOU have to face bill collectors, inspections, etc. Are THEY there when your child is sick or whatever that life throws at you. People can say what they want both good and bad, but ultimately they are not responsible for your life.. So tell me again what others opinions matters beside monetary donations?


  32. Here is the CHFS webpage with contact info. Kentucky residents, particularly the neighbors, should call them again and again.
    Kentucky has several child advocacy services. Call them.
    Do you know a family law attorney? Consult them Get advice. Don’t give up.


  33. Nicole……..If you had to go thru the mental health eval, please don’t be like my foster kid’s mom. The 2 of you are like 2 peas in a pod. If you are anything in real life how you are online, then it won’t bode well for you. Jenna [not her real name ,was much like your online persona] Total anti gov/we have our rights, etc. Refused to answer the evaluators questions. She flat out refused court orders for mental health stuff. Got violent about it. She had Rights Dammit to see her kids and tried to exercise those rights at my house. I could give you a loooong story, but I won’t. Her ‘I got rights’ ended in her termination of parental rights . She was just like your postings. She is now a homeless person. Sad part is everyone and their dog tried to help her because she refused to be seen as a ‘needy’ person and good god, when she went thru the CPS required eval, she went full on nucking futs including trying to kill her kids and ex hubby. Try to comfort teens who go thru that. !! Nicole… with your shit and don’t get o stuck on your beliefs that you lose your kids or worse. I cannot even begin to describe what it was like to comfort 2 teens who were told by their bios that they were no longer wanted and for the very reasons that your husband exspoused. ‘Ideals’ are more important than the kids. try being a foster kid or parents and having to explain that!!!!!!! Deal with your shit andf NEVER put your kids in a position where they have to deal with idiots who put their IDEALs ahaead of the kids………JOE. This is to YOU!!!!


  34. Nicole…….I wish I could describe to you what it is like to deal with foster children [teens in my case] from situations like yours. I had to deal with adults just like your online shit. It wasn’t fun in the least not for the kids and not for me. I hate the system, but ID GLADLY do it again for those kids!! I have 2 frigs in my house, one for ‘the kids’ and one for us. Jenna kept food in her house for ‘show’ and starved her kids in the end. It took me a while to convince those kids they they didn’t have to ask for food. Same with showers and bathing. One of my kids was a high end autistic who COULD bathe wash, take a bus, etc. His sibling was an abuser as well who was paired with us despite my objections. I had to tell this girl that she was NOT responsible for his day to day care. That worked out fine until the girl went to cutting to releive her stress. According to ther AMA, its a stress reliever…….ever had to revive a kid who went tooo far? IOW Ive had to deal with kids like yours…..basic hygeine and food/bathing escapes them and its totally horrifying to have to deal with children and teens who dont know the basics beyond social niceties… My foster kids knew how to be nice and polite in public, but homelife was a mess. They tried to hide it well. I know lots of abused kids who hide it well. I love them and do the best I can for them. I still hurt for some of these kids because of people like you. I have aheart foer the teens who had a life and then went tghru horriffic abuse and then get kicked to the curb. People like you NICOLE/JOE. Teach your kids to hate and do what you do and its people like me who have tyo be there to teach your kids that I am not evil just because I provide foode, bed, bath and an educational opportunity. I get out there and play games and have fun, read them books, library, etc. Stuff like karate, art school………But Im bad for providing that for your kids. Im there when they have their court appointments where they have to deal with mom/dad and neither wabnt the kids. I get to deal with those feelings of being unwanted . Taught my girl how to box, so instead of cutting on herself, she could take it out on me or the bag or the tree. My boy, taught him the wonders of tree chopping and andything to do with an ax. Saved him from literally blowing up our school, killing 2 specific teaqchers and killing other students. Those kids were THAT angry at what there parents did to them. Id do it all over again to save a kid from jenna/nicole


  35. BLB, could you repost Rachel Kever post, it got lost in my rant. Sorry for being epic in my rant.


  36. BLB…..just ban me from posting on your sight. No offense to you.

    Okay. Your request. But please quit asking me to do this and then begging me to undo it. This is it. Done.


  37. As a strong advocate of the second amendment and smart/safe gun handling, the Naugler family disgusts me.

    It is people who act like idiots with guns that make responsible gun owners look bad. The Nauglers fit this bill.

    I hope nothing happens to her or her children. I have heard heart breaking stories of children ‘trained’ in gun safety killing themselves or others. The testament of gun training should be the following.

    Guns. Are. Not. Toys.
    They are weapons.

    I believe the Nauglers see them as both and it disgusts me, especially coupled with the troubled behavior and rants they’ve exhibited.


  38. I mean… Talk about fueling the fire. NK your taking it personally, take it down a notch. We know Nicole has character flaws, but Nicole is NOT your foster kids mom, there may be similarities but that doesn’t determine the outcome to be the same. She’s an asshole sure, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to kill everyone around her. You’re a glass half empty kind of gal aren’t ya?


  39. It’s hard not to personalize sometimes. I know I had a problem with it for a long time. No one is the same and not everyone will react and handle situations the same. When things happen beyond our control all we can control is how we react to it.


  40. uhhh, I come here for the reasoned and well written articles and comments. Thank you, Sally, for hosting us.

    Let’s try to remember that this is about the Naughlers. Not about ourselves.


  41. NK! Take a few deep breaths, and give yourself a few days away from the hot-mess-express that is Blessed Little Homestead. Really. With all due respect, considering the tone and urgency of your numerous posts, it is only natural to be slightly concerned. Simply put, take it down a notch.


  42. I’m glad she’s banned as my concern was the spilling of too many real life details that may have unintentionally exposed her.

    More succinct writings please, Sally. I’m in love with your mind.


  43. What is with NN and all the random questions? What does any of it have to do with homesteading?
    Her minions LOVE IT!
    It’s a shame she hates government because she has a real knack for running a campaign. She spins stories, she’s the best I have seen at the smokescreen effect, and she has zero problem denying the truth, and her people don’t question it! It’s amazing! She really does have great leadership skills, if only she could use her powers for good and not evil.

    Stranger things have happened, we just have to find the missing link. The missing link being an advisor she respects and will listen to…. Sally your out. All kidding aside, if she could just see the cash cow waiting at the end of the rainbow of changing her ways. Imagine! A self help book! Tv interviews! Movie rights! I for one would watch everything. Everyone loves a Cinderella story. Please consider Nicole… Ever hear the term fake it till you make it? You don’t have to believe it, you just have to believe it will work.


  44. ElMacho. Nicole made a posting the other day that she was laying low on posting to her page and blog until poopgate was settled. I guess she finally realized she gave too much shit away already in her previous postings. (Pun intended)


  45. I’d say it has more to do with the fact that, except for a tiny following, no one is interested in anything they have to say anymore. Everyone knows the Emperor has no clothes, and he is not very attractive or interesting. People just tune in for the latest shitstorm, because of crass fascination and the humor value of her bullshit stories. All my opinion, of course.


  46. Her latest question about things you won’t feed your family and why? I so bad want to put “the Naugler Kool Aid because nobody wants that shit aftertaste.” What is with all these questions recently?


  47. As much as I applaud this blog for efforts in exposing the nauglers, nothing will ever be as damaging to the nauglers as Nicole and joe, themselves. Watching the boredom and disillusionment of her page followers is like a slow mo video of the titanic sinking. Her personal page “likes” have gone up a bit as she frantically self promotes on pages she tries to emulate but if you can’t get 20 likes out of 490 or so followers, something isn’t adding up. Certainly she’s smart enough to see this? I wonder if seeing her fan base dry up is as disappointing to her as seeing a package of maxi pads in the outhouse must be to joe.
    Sure, when the news broke regarding the health department’s concerns over their unsanitary property, it likely turned some followers away. But that “vehicular assault” video and her continued comments to follow actually damaged her online reputation more than any press release ever could. Talk about showing your true colors.
    They will continue to be their own undoing – that is, if it’s actually possible to “un-do” any more than they already are.


  48. I feel like she’s trying to build her following back up. By asking questions she can gage how many are left. Plus try to reach more. Please if you are reading this and want to honestly learn more about this lifestyle check out this couple. They show everything – budgets, what works, what failed.


  49. I have removed the child’s name.
    What mother in her right mind thinks this is cute? Cute enough to post for all the leghumpers to read?

    (young Naugler child) comes in, talking with a mouthful.

    Me(Nicole)”what are you eating?”

    (young Naugler child) “purple edible flowers”

    Me(Nicole) “clover?”

    (young Naugler Child) “yep, that’s it”

    Nom, nom, nom

    This child is hungry! Why in the world would a young child pull up clover to “nom, nom, nom”?
    My mind begins to wander as I am confident the majority of the little’s just use the wide open Naugler dump site as a bathroom. They are not using the “outhouse” that thing is scary and to a little…yikes!
    I think of children relieving themselves wherever, animals relieving themselves wherever and then all the trash and god knows what that is everywhere. Yes kids, go ahead and eat clover and “carrots”(that youtube video of the little with the big bunch of “carrots” hurt my heart, he is uncomfortable and to me acts afraid of her).Yes America this is free range, living off the grid..NO, NO, NO,. These are homeless people with hungry children that resort to eating clover possibly covered in human or animal waste. I can’t help but think that how a parent treats their children in public(or in this case, also all that Nicole shares about their lives) is just a tiny glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes. I stumbled on this blog and fell down a rabbit hole with this family. THANK YOU Sally for speaking the truth and exposing the manipulation and severe mental health issues going on with these two adult Nauglers. Your intelligent, honest writing gives me hope that something will be done to protect and help these children.


  50. “I can’t help but think that how a parent treats their children in public(or in this case, also all that Nicole shares about their lives) is just a tiny glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes.”
    And usually it’s their BEST face. 🙁


  51. Someone copied and pasted my post (see above) and posted it on another site. They posted it as their own writing. I feel violated in a dirty Naugler way. I cannot imagine what her victims of harassment must feel like!!!


  52. Well, not so much harrassing Harperlee, as annoying. Or it could be a tribute to your excellence in writing!


  53. Someone copied and pasted my post (see above) and posted it on another site.

    This has happened to me more than once. Free Jinger is especially prone to it.


  54. HaHa Very Funny…I’ll just make my own sock puppet fan that worships me and hangs on my every word. The real world is not my “thing”.


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