Now then, I have a question or two.  My turn.

Let’s start with this one.  When were you “kidnapped,”Cathy?  How old were you? That’s a simple one.

Here’s another one.


5 thoughts on “Goldfinger”

  1. The woman’s name who defrauded people with fake cancer stories is Jennifer Cataldo.

    Well, that’s a relief. I had no idea what you were talking about and then forgot to ask. 🙂


  2. It went sailing right over Cathy’s head that you know “Lou’s” real first name. I guess a picture ISN’T worth a thousand words. Nice photo of Hunter though.

    Cleo’s maiden name was Magsam.


  3. It went sailing right over Cathy’s head that you know “Lou’s” real first name.

    A lot of things go sailing right over Cathy’s head. She’s short and sort of brainless.

    There is one other little thing. She suggests now that she wasn’t in foster care with Dr. Harris, but that he just “hid” her. As I thought, she’s making Harris into the villain here. The problem with that is that she is the person who wrote that she was in foster care, that Harris was getting state money and that’s why he wouldn’t adopt her until she was 18. Furthermore, she proudly produced notices of an adjudication hearing involving her, dated about a year after Cleo’s death, and the commentary is that these were about Harris’ guardianship of her. If I have to, I can put them up here, but she knows what I am talking about because she was the source for them.

    Hidden? I think not.


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