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  1. Sheer Luck, you are amazing! That was well worth the wait.

    Question: Who did the sketches? They are terrific.


  2. Thanks Sheer Luck I needed some humor tonight or should I say this morning since it 2.30 🙂 Very well put together.


  3. Awesome video! SO funny!!!

    I think Toothless wants a fight to take place at the Blessed Little Landfill. She’s clearly states in her blog that she’s clearing trees (imho so they can claim that their picture is being taken from the road). She’s also letting everyone know that you can see all her landfill from an adjacent hill that belongs to someone else. In my humble opinion, Toothless is setting the stage for “self-defense” from some imaginary drones.

    Dear Toothless,
    You are a bully and you’re not getting away with it.

    Who have you hurt?

    You stated, in writing, for all the world to see, that Joe’s firstborn was the result of his infidelity. That’s a lie! You know it! J never wears any protection. He fathered his firstborn and enjoyed it.

    Toothless, the reason you lied about Joe not enjoying making his Firstborn is because you wanted to bully that child. You wanted to make him feel worthless so he could stay away. In 2010, that Firstborn was a child. You bully.

    Continue to expose these two abusive, racist grifters.


  4. Was pretty cool to see the Naugler humpers get wise this time around and keep their wallets shut for the most part. I’m sure the Naugs will wait a year or so and try to solicit and beg again. Grifting appears to be their way of life. They can’t possibly have any respect for the people they con.


  5. @It’s always shit…

    (I must say, this is not like the examples we had in school of “how to begin a reply.” )

    To answer your question about the sketches, you get….a novel. Here goes:

    There was a variety of methods used to get the new material to fit the animated-sketch look of the original a-ha “Take On Me” video.

    Some sequences, of course, were taken from the video and just re-arranged.

    Other images were were made by running individual photos through an app (sometimes more than once) that is designed to turn them into “sketches.” Usually the result had too much detail to look convincingly hand-drawn, until I figured out I could get better results by first making a black-and-white version of the photo, then adjusting the lighting and contrast, and WHATNOT, before running the sketch-making app, to get a more convincing finished product.

    Often I go on to further alter the images – both the ones from the video and from the computer-sketched photos – with a drawing program. As in, I put them in an actual drawing program, and then I went in and erased things, and sketched in new stuff with a stylus – so yeah, my hand-drawing artwork, such as it is, is sprinkled in throughout.

    Both my sketching ability and my ability to use the drawing program really changed quite a bit in the process, to the point where I couldn’t stop going back in and re-doing some of the frames….”I have to fix this; I didn’t know what I was doing; I finally figured out which one was the pencil tool in this thing!”

    Eventually I had to just say “Stylus down,” and move on, because the next step would no doubt have involved me buying a a drafting table, squirreling myself away in a lonely corner of my house, and attempting, with my amateur skills, to hand-draw some sort of hundred-thousand-frame version of this video. Luckily for us all, I’d been promising a finished product in a matter of days rather than decades, so up it went, rough patches and all, and I’ll admit I’m rather tickled with how it looks overall.

    I definitely learned a lot. Maybe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but sometimes you can teach an old dog to use new tools!

    Thanks for asking – as you can see, I was kind of eager to talk about this, having spent way too much time assembling it! 🙂


  6. Wonderful SheerLuck! You have a special talent and put it to such good work! Encapsulating all of the sordid history seamlessly, you knocked this one out of the park! Congratulations! ?

    Seems to be quite the manic Monday at the Sstead. I sense desperation… watching.


  7. Sheer Luck, wonderful job!
    Another ear worm, I keep humming it.
    My kids asked me what song I was singing earlier, I didn’t answer, (Gooooo Fuuuund Meeee!)


  8. @Sheer Luck,

    Wow! That is so cool; I feel like the old man in the clip from “It’s A Wonderful Life”, tapping awayat his aged calculator compared to your skills! Amazing and what not….


  9. Thanks for sharing, SheerLuck. Interesting processes. Your comedic/satirical thoughts are so funny and I’ll say this again… I LOVE your voice!


  10. SheerLuck, I found myself singing your version while vacuuming this morning. It’s so catchy and well done.


  11. Their gofundme hasn’t budged in a long time. They announced it would be shut down quite awhile ago, but it’s still up. I wonder how much they have received by other means?


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