Go Fraud Me

I am not going to link to this. If you’re so stupid that you want to throw your money away, that’s fine, but I am not going to help you do it.

Everyone, I think, expected this. It’s what they do. It worked beautifully for them last time, netting them a minimum of about $50,000.  They blew the money in a matter of weeks.

Joe Naugler is a grown man. He is perfectly capable of working. He simply refuses to do so.  Instead, he wants you to send money to support the ten children he has left at home, the ones he and Nicole chose to bring into the world and refuse to support.

Jacob has learned well from his unschooling. He’s learned that online begging nets a windfall.  That’s what he means by “In the past we have seen great blessings from people’s generosity. . .”  He’s learned all the code words. He calls their life a “faith-driven journey.”  He doesn’t mean faith in some extra-corporeal entity like “God.”  He means faith in the Naugler ability to get people to donate money.

I, too, believe that great and amazing things can happen when people join together.  They call it “insurance.”

And that will be my next subject.


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  1. Now I’m really fucking pissed. Joe needs to get off his fucking lazy ass and get a fucking job.

    I seriously hope that people do their research.


  2. “Medical expenses not covered?” There will be no medical expenses not covered; N will quickly sign up for Medicaid and there will be no deductible, no co-insurance as there would be for most people who have insurance. The other alternative would be to NOT sign up for Medicaid, leaving them liable for the entire bill, which would be much greater that $10,000. Even at minimum wage, the millstone that drags them could earn more than that in a year. Instead he’s a lazy grifter who is now planning on cashing in on his child’s death and wife’s near death. What a despicable human being he is.


  3. I asked on another post-They have 1 or 2 other stillborn babies, correct? How did they pay for those bills? I know she said she ended up in the hospital during another labor because she hemorrhaged. How did they pay for that? I don’t understand why this one is so different? Where are the other stillborn(s) birth stories? The gofundmes for that (those) baby(ies)?


  4. I just can’t….
    You are so right JN needs to get a JOB!!!
    My husband would crawl across broken glass before he’d let our child put something like that up for us. I understand people need help sometimes, but to just give money to a man who is allergic to work? No, just no.
    Also the excuse that he is needed at home 24/7 is a myth. There are enough older kids to watch the little ones & to tend to NN.
    If he would get a job it really would show that he understands that his family is his top priority, not his constant beligerant, bellowing, beliefs.


  5. I am going to say this and it will seem heartless. It probably is but it is also unclouded by feeling pity for Nicole and her dead beat husband. No, I did not wish this on them at all but I have a very difficult time feeling sorry for someone who stubbornly made choices that made this sad event so, so likely.

    Joe and Nicole capitalized on their kids being taken by CPS after resisting arrest, getting caught trying to skip town to avoid CPS and ‘going viral.’ Now they are trying to capitalize on the death of their baby and extensive medical bills. They are beyond predictable. Joe will not work. He has never really seen the need because he is so skilled at getting other people to support his absolute idleness, selfishness, and irresponsibility with money that others worked to earn. Joe does not work. His attempts to work have resulted in his quitting or getting fired. Joe expects that his wife, whose own life was threatened by complications associated with pregnancy, to continue to support him and his need for weed while he sits on an open-air cesspit all day getting high and doing nothing.

    Are they grieving their loss? Who knows. One hopes they aren’t total complete monsters but given their treatment of their children and animals, that hope is pretty cool thin. Are they trying to capitalize on their loss? Oh yeah.


  6. They have 1 or 2 other stillborn babies, correct? How did they pay for those bills?

    Nicole has said that she’s had miscarriages before, maybe one, maybe two. No stillbirths.

    I know she said she ended up in the hospital during another labor because she hemorrhaged.

    No, she didn’t. She said she hemorrhaged, they called for help (911 maybe) but had it under control by the time they arrived. I’m not sure what Nicole considers hemorrhage to be. If she really hemorrhaged during childbirth while in that garden shed, they would have been burying her and the baby both.

    Where are the other stillborn(s) birth stories?

    I’m not sure you tell the story of a miscarriage. It’s not quite the same thing.


  7. OMG, I just cannot fathom how one goes from holding his or her dead baby to setting up a go fund me account. Do they turn off the grief and what I would imagine almost hysteria to hey, you know, we should worry about this huge hospital bill and me not working so let’s get someone to set us up a go fund me account. You know, people will really feel sorry for us now…this will go viral…this will get us a reality TV show.

    I had that one second of feeling really bad for her and wishing things had been different and thinking maybe this will change her and she will be more humane to others but nope…it’s an opportunity to gouge in folks’ pockets.


  8. As I was trying to fall asleep, I couldn’t stop thinking about how I wish I could support some local people in dropping off boxes of food and household essentials, addressed to the kids. Reading somewhere that one of the kids is looking forward to being a grownup so she can “eat anything she wants,” and my heart broke. I know their parents refuse to care for them, and they probably all think the world is out to get them, and I wish I could contribute to showing them otherwise. Because we know this /)(\ much of that money is going to go to providing for the kids.


  9. Rest assured that the hospital bill is going to be way more than $10,000 and rest assured that they were signed up for Medicaid. Any money donated to them will be pocketed and squandered on kayaks, electronic devices, unpenned livestock and failed gardening attempts. Everyone vaguely familiar with this family knows that they skip out on paying their bills because nobody tells them what to do.


  10. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I wish I could support some local people in dropping off boxes of food and household essentials, addressed to the kids.

    This has been attempted in the past, more than once. I understand why people feel the need to do something, but it’s enabling. It doesn’t help. It doesn’t get to the kids. It just perpetuates this.

    If you feel like you have to do something, buy a troll. That will help a kid.


  11. Why doesnt son #1 help pay? Why doesnt Joe go get a Job , Im sure A and Q can help around the … shed. Why cant Q get a job? Seriously. She will not have miedical bills and IF she did, dont you dare donate directly, call the hospital and see if there is an actual bill. There is no funeral expense, and she was going to take a 2 week leave anyway, so how was she planning to do that?
    SCAMARA! Making money of a death, not cool.


  12. I’m sure that they expected that N would be out of work for a few weeks after the birth of the baby. Probably N’s illness means that she will be out of work longer than originally planned. However, they had nine months worth of pregnancy to plan for time that she would be out. Nine months. No plan. It’s very sad about the baby but this fundraiser does nothing for that child. This is about living expenses which the adults in the household should have planned for and worked for, ahem, Joe.


  13. I too, believe that great and amazing things can happen when people join together. They call it “insurance.”

    Sally this made me laugh out loud!
    Such a simple concept and the lack there of used by the Nauglers for years as an excuse to not pay their way.


  14. Will this attract the further attention of CPS? Thoughts?

    CPS already is paying attention. They have an open case.


  15. re:
    JS… “Because we know this /)(\ much of that money is going to go to providing for the kids.”
    You are wrong on this.

    I am glad that people are not so gullible as you
    this comment from gofundme, I post it here before they erase that.
    I do 100 % agree with that smart lady.
    RE: Mary GJ
    28 mins ago
    Jacob, I’m so sorry for the loss of little W. I truly am. And I would typically send a little money to help, but before I do that, your able bodied Dad NEEDS to get a job and donate the money he brags he spends on pot. Your mom refusing prenatal care was so unwise at 40 years old. If there was money for pot, there was money for prenatal care (it was also available free). Your family was already given $50K in another GoFundMe. And afterward, your family had money for kayaks and horses and pure bred dogs…and a number of other luxury items. Please make better choices. Tough love is still love. God bless you and yours. God bless baby W.


  16. Sally THANK YOU for your blog.
    I am from Canada, could I order some trolls? I will pay the postage.
    For All , Lisa a others, I wish you were my neighbors. Very smart folks.


  17. Nothing proves “dependency” in family court like public begging. Let them beg and grift….it just proves they’re continuing a pattern of inability to care for their children.

    Go Fund Me is a neutral party that can be subpoenaed for precise records of what was asked for, and who collected the money.


  18. I am from Canada, could I order some trolls? I will pay the postage.

    Oh, Canada. Let me do some checking. Is that email address you provided a real one? I can email you directly.


  19. These poor kids! Their lives are about to fall down around their ears and Father fat ass will refuse to, as he has indicated from the plethora of podcast interviews and live stream, obtain gainful employment.
    It’s been a train wreck, now add a plane crash on top of that. These poor children.


  20. I reported the fundraiser before you even posted about it.
    I am also checking to make sure another one doesn’t pop up somewhere in case
    this one gets shut down.


  21. Jacob started the Go Fraud Me. I am going to say that this wasn’t actually written by him, so Faith was probably involved, too. Don’t forget the picture of their baby on the blh page to tug at the heartstrings. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


  22. Go Fund Me is a neutral party that can be subpoenaed for precise records of what was asked for, and who collected the money.

    And while Jacob’s name might be listed as the creator, I don’t think the new GFM was his brainchild. Joe and Nicole know that if they ask for donations they will be soundly criticized. Having a child’s name on it gives them plausible deniability. “It wasn’t our idea. Our son set it up because he’s so reverent and thoughtful and decent….”

    It’s 18 hours old, has been shared almost 150 times, and still hasn’t collected any money yet. Negative comments are being swiftly removed, but no positive comments seem to be posted from any supporters. Seems like another windfall is unlikely for them.

    Suck it up, Joe. It’s time to support all those kids you made ON YOUR OWN.


  23. I’ve had big medical bills after a complicated pregnancy and delivery and we had insurance. Hubby and I set up a payment plan with the hospital. We were 21 and 20, making $10 an hour, and we worked our butts off paying off that bill. It took us a while, but we did it. We made the baby, we felt with the consequences.

    Also, if they had any friends or family (that they hadn’t ostracized), they’d be bringing dinners, helping with the kids, taking care of her so hubby could go back to work etc… that’s how people in the real world do life. So sad.


  24. It’s 18 hours old, has been shared almost 150 times, and still hasn’t collected any money yet.

    And I find that very suspicious. Somehow, I believe they are redirecting potential donors. I have no idea how that could be done, but I bet it is being done.


  25. Blessed Little Blogger says:
    July 25, 2017 at 1:37 pm
    It’s 18 hours old, has been shared almost 150 times, and still hasn’t collected any money yet.
    And I find that very suspicious. Somehow, I believe they are redirecting potential donors. I have no idea how that could be done, but I bet it is being done.

    I agree, that is why I have been looking around now and then, in between enjoying my air conditioning, and my kids.

    I kind of feel that your blog has now come full circle, started because of their fleecing people, and here we are again.


  26. Joe get a job!!! Get off your butt! Why should anyone give you money? Why should I go to work and donate money to you? Why?? Nicole’s own words are it’s not worth Joe working for 250 a week. She said that!!!! If 250 means so little to you how could any money that anyone gives you ever be enough??

    I will not donate so you can sit on your butt while my husband and I work our asses off to support our family.

    I will not donate money to you so it can be spent on fireworks, dollar store items, dogs, horses, chickens, rabbits, fast food, restaurants, kayaks, new baby crap and cellphone payments.

    I will not donate money to you so you can sit on your butt and spout off your beliefs on the internet all day long.

    I will not give money to anyone who makes fun of other people’s dead children. Not ever.

    I really hope the gravy train has stopped.

    Get a job. Get a job Joe. Make amends. Get a job!

    I hope everyone does their research on this family. Any money given to this family will enable a grown man to sit around all day smoking weed. A man who doesn’t work. A man with 12 children and a wife who must work to support them all. He has a AA degree in Psychology. Let him get a job. Let him work at Hardee’s. Go to work cause I will not give this time around!


  27. Looking forward to your next blog about insurance. Any one see her latest post on NCN, she used Sally, I’m assuming debs husband, and Daisy all as examples.


  28. First of all I was shaken by their devastating loss. I don’t care who you are, I wish such a tragic thing on no one . Maybe it could have been prevented with prenatal care, maybe not ( I tend to think it could have but I’m not an expert on pregnancy anymore than she is apparently) .

    With that being said I find this absolutely disgusting they are trying to cash in on their son’s death. She had to have been offered Medicare while in the hospital . Maybe they should take the services they most definitely qualify for during this set back (as they call it ) so they don’t have to worry about how they are going to feed their kids while mourning the loss of their son . Maybe Dad and the older boy at home need to go find some kind of work . Even with a normal delivery your body needs at least 4-6 weeks to recover, hers was a near death delivery and she is probably (who knows) dealing with a great deal of PPD due to the loss of the baby

    I’ve been following this story for years, long before cps took the kids a couple years back . I just wish that this tragedy would open Nicole and Joes eye that maybe this “life style” as they call it is bringing them and their children devastating consequences. In the last 2 years they have lost their kids to cps, still have an open case to this day and now have lost a baby . What worse can happen? What is going to take for them to realize that maybe (definitely) the need to stop reproducing and get on what ever services they can ( even if it is temp) to be able to take care of their kids ? To get them 11 remaining kids out of a garden shed and living in a place with plumbing and lights. To be able to go see a doctor and dentist when they need to. To get into consoling to help them threw the devastation of literally burring a dead baby brother . Do one of her living children need to die in a shed fire or some other tragedy for them to open their eyes?
    Is her anti government bullshit and pride really more important than the life of her kids ?!!!
    Rest In Peace Baby William


  29. The little shit is deleting comments… Heartfelt genuine help full comments 🙁

    Blessed Little Blogger says:
    July 25, 2017 at 1:37 pm
    It’s 18 hours old, has been shared almost 150 times, and still hasn’t collected any money yet.
    And I find that very suspicious. Somehow, I believe they are redirecting potential donors. I have no idea how that could be done, but I bet it is being done.

    Just because you’re paranoid Sally, doesn’t mean nobody’s out to getcha! lol


  30. NONE of that money “needed” is due to the child being deceased. They have no hospital bills, no funeral bills, the kids cook so no need for the poor greiving parents to eat out everywhere. Breed mare would have had to take time off regardless of if kid came home or not. These people are disgusting. That is 100% trying to profit off the loss of their child, a child their fucking irresponsiblity likely caused the demise of. They choose to continually reproduce with zero back up plan, and save me the greif bullshit, they’re not so grief stricken they can’t argue with complete strangers on social media. They aren’t providing the kids with emotional support because they are STILL so worried with the opinion of strangers. Congrats Naugs, you now have your own kids begging online to support your fucking horrible choices.


  31. To those that have suggested the older kids get jobs to help pay. It is not the kids responsibility to bail the family out of this mess. The Naugler parents need to step up and be the adults.


  32. You know those few days when her posts seemed to be somewhat more insightful and less annoying and antagonistic. Thank the FREE happy drugs she had on board for her FREE hospitalization that saved her life. Guess they are cleared now.
    Back to biz as usual.


  33. Pimping out their live children for donations is disgusting. Pimping out their deceased child for donations is. . . words fail me.

    I wish I could say I was surprised, but I’m not. Anyone who donates with the expectation that those funds will be used to pay medical bills is a fool.


  34. Technically, this campaign does not violate terms and services of Go Fund Me. People do have a right to be idiots and help Joe buy pot. And if the Naugs advertise this fundraiser on the BLH main page, they’ll get a windfall of cash. Again.

    But they also risk proving their dependency in family court. With Jacob starting this campaign….they had plausible deniability that they didn’t know he’d done this. But if they start to advertise it….that goes out the window.

    Nope, their blatant grifting and pimping a dead baby’s photo is not a violation.

    But this might be?

    Jacob’s campaign links to a beneficiary page with a PayPal button.

    I’m not sure Go Fund Me would like this at all, as it takes them (and their fees) out of the loop.


  35. Somehow, I believe they are redirecting potential donors. I have no idea how that could be done, but I bet it is being done.

    They have the shopping cart on the BLH blog page. I don’t know how someone would redirect people to that without advertising but if they are redirecting potential donors my bet is it is to their blog shopping cart. Then when GFM stays at zero they can shout they are “victims” again because of the evil trolls.


  36. OMG, this makes me sooooooo angry!

    A bit of prenatal care would have gone a longggg way!

    About 26 years ago, my husband was deployed to Desert Storm. We had suffered with infertility for about 5 years, but never did anything to correct it. Basically, just gave up on having children, I suppose. While my husband was deployed, I changed jobs and lost our health insurance. I didn’t really worry too much about it, because since my husband was on active duty – I had the Army insurance. Or so I thought…….

    Fast forward to May of 1991, my husband arrives home after a long deployment for Desert Storm. The end of June, I found out that I was pregnant. Shocked was an understatement. I knew I didn’t have regular health insurance, but since my husband had just got off active duty, we thought the Army insurance would cover the pregnancy. Nope. We tried getting Medicaid, but that was fruitless as well because we both worked.

    I was pregnant as the same time of a friend of a friend. However, that pregnant friend of a friend’s boyfriend was in jail. She was on Medicaid.

    So here I was, expecting my first baby with a husband just home from fighting a war for his country – with no health insurance. But yet, here was an acquaintance pregnant, and having all her medical and hospital bills paid. I had to pay all mine. I remember paying $1500 for prenatal care alone, which had to be paid in advance. So in February of 1992, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl via c-section. Over $10k out of pocket paid. All the while a jailbird gets his child paid for 100%.

    This is a sore subject for me. And darn! – where was go fund me 26 years ago! LOL

    I know I wouldn’t give a dime to people who are very capable of having a job, and chose not to.

    And I agree that they shouldn’t have much in the way of expenses.

    She planned on taking 2 weeks off work anyway, right?


  37. To add insult to disgust, they will now spend all of their time online deleting comments so they can get $$ MORE time they’re not spending with the kids. Joe can’t work again, why? at least if he’s not at home that’s less heat in the shack, less tension and the kids can pretend he’s contributing to their well being rather than being forced to watch them stare at their phones, ranting and raving, while the kids fend for themselves anyway. I really really hope CPS draws the line at this bullshit. These kids need someone, anyone that actually cares about them as people not cash generating smiles.


  38. I just wanted to comment and apologize for a comment I made here early on in the Naughler fiasco. I was raised in a fairly unconventional manner and bullied in school so I hate to see anyone being talked about. BUT as this has all rocked on I have been astonished, astounded, saddened, sickened, and overall felt like I had been duped. I am very sorry they have lost their baby but their behavior after this has shown their true colors. I see all the supporters saying, ” but joe is a stay at home dad!!!!!” Look my husband drives a truck, I work 40 hours a week, and I would love to be able to stay home and raise our daughter BUT WE CANNOT AFFORD IT. I’m sorry but Joe needs to get a job. No one said it had to be forever but sometimes you need to do what you need to do to provide and care for your children and your wife. Sorry again Sally hope you won’t hold it against me.


  39. Sigh. Of course they are. How could they possibly have predicted N. would need to take some time off work after giving birth, even with a perfect outcome, and saved up money for a month or so of expenses like normal self employed people?


  40. BLB FB page just posted a link to PayPal as they were getting a few people who want to give money directly to the family…that didn’t take long and a nice way to hide the total amount the reap from this tragedy.


  41. Padding pockets. The loss of a child is a tragedy. Trying to profit off a child’s death is more than disgusting.

    A thought to ponder:
    If the baby passed during the night, why did they not go straight to the hospital when there was a zero kick count that morning?

    My gut tells me Nicole knew something was wrong already.


  42. WTF is wrong with these people? I mean, we all saw this coming from miles away but still!


  43. When I first learned that the baby was stillborn it made me sad. I became angry when it seemed that his death could have been prevented if she had had any sort of pre natal care..However, it was her choice..albeit a bad one IMHO…I wasn’t going to comment because I just didn’t want to sound judgmental. Then I saw that she had already posted a picture of him and I was in disbelief..I can understand wanting a picture but I just don’t understand why she posted it..For me that would have been such a private thing to share only with close friends and family and only if they asked…but then I thought..well, if that’s what they need to do to grieve who am I to judge?…BUT…THEN..I see the Go Fund Me and I am infuriated all over again (AND using his picture for sympathy to boot)…because now, in my mind, they are just using his death as another way to supplement there already limited income by once again relying on the kindness of some really gullible people..shame on them!…they make me sick.


  44. Well Sally you are correct about other ways of collecting money. On BLH it has a PayPal link & lists their address also for donations


  45. And I find that very suspicious. Somehow, I believe they are redirecting potential donors. I have no idea how that could be done, but I bet it is being done.

    Ding ding ding. From the beginning, the gofundme page had a link to the blog with the paypal button. Now the gofundme post shared on the BLH page has their address (or the shop address) and a direct paypal link on facebook.


  46. Sorry again Sally hope you won’t hold it against me.

    This is emotionally charged event. I’ve been wrestling with it for days. I absolutely do not fault anyone for being angry, one way or another.


  47. Over $10k out of pocket paid. All the while a jailbird gets his child paid for 100%.

    What a perfect example of why we desperately need single payer insurance in America.


  48. We do need single payer. I’m so tired of our current healthcare system (or lack of)! The system is shit! Ugh.

    But Nicole has it easier than most, she no doubt qualifies for every social program out there. We’ve already paid into that pot and she expects people to pay again and again? No, you can take the freaking help that we as a society have already funded.

    Frankly, I believe she probably did take Medicaid. Her bill is well over 10k. So, assuming that, it’s safe to say her birth was covered 100 percent… that or she won’t pay at all. Either way you roll the dice, collecting money from this tragedy is WRONG.

    And using your kids? My god. I’ve also been wrestling with this subject. I feel so bad a baby never had a chance at life and I feel terrible that those poor kids had to build a casket and dig a grave. I even felt a lot of compassion for the parents. Felt. I can’t any longer. This is so sickening.


  49. Her bill is well over 10k.

    My guess is that her bill will be well over 40K. More than they got the last time they begged for money.


  50. Okay, so, after all, I’m human and love a good train wreck. I suppose the train wreck of their life and their so called off grid, homesteading, unschooling, etc. life is what led me here. I started with watching a train wreck but then after reading Sally’s logical responses to the train wreck, I lost interest in the train wreck while gaining a desire to learn. But (rubbing hands together) occasionally my freak gets back on and I look for the train wreck and today (still rubbing hands together) the train wreck begins in slow motion. I rushed over to the BLH and read all the shit and then those folks who are slamming the shit right out of NicNaug (yes, she lost my tenderness when she went from sadness over losing her baby to getting her grubby, nasty hands all out begging for money) and I love it. Some of those folks are speaking after my own heart. Now, I wanted to write some shit but I have two grandkids on my Facebook page and the last time I posted those fuckers came over and started shit…Now I was able to shut them down, but I don’t want my two grand babies exposed (even though they are teens) to those hateful fucks. My point is NicNaug has left the station and is rolling at increasing high speeds so any minute we should see some shit hitting the fan. BTW, it does break my heart to see all those folks giving tens and twenties to these nut jobs but you know what they say, a fool and his money….


  51. It’s business as usual. They are directing people to the PayPal button. The GoFraudMe donations are starting to trickle in.

    The syntax on the gofraudme plea screams Joe and Nicole. I doubt Jacob wrote that. He’s playing the titular role of reverent son.

    Take, take, take… here we go again. Every hospital that I’ve ever worked in has “charity care”. Money raised to cover these kinds of cases and to mitigate losses when Statist Medicaid isn’t enough.

    How many units of blood did Nicole receive?

    With all of their inane blathering and her incessant meme posting she should at least encourage people to go donate blood (in addition to their statist dollars)

    They’ve lived off the backs of hard working people and now their blood as well.

    Don’t donate to them. Donate blood. Donate plasma. Send a kid to camp … anything but give these losers a dime.

    P.S. FJ fuck off… fuck all the way off. “Show compassion!” Right back to your judgemental bashing. Hypocritical chuckleheads.


  52. There is so much more I could legitimately rant about. But most of you have said it here and on the Go Fraud Me page.

    I truly do not put it past them that she will she announce in 6 months or so that she is expecting again.


  53. I live in a more expensive area of the country, but here is my anecdote on medical bills. My experience was in 2016, so is reasonably current, but probably understated.

    I went to the E/R at about 6PM on a Wednesday. I was diagnosed with a kidney infection, and a good sized stone. I had the procedure to break up and remove the stone on Friday afternoon/evening, and was back home in my own bed by 8 AM Saturday morning.

    The bill for this 62 hours was 100K; there was no ICU involved, no blood or blood products transfused, etc, so nothing as emergent as the care N received. So, I would be very surprised if the bill for N’s extensive non intervention interventions is less than 100K. It is almost irrelevant because it isn’t as if they will pay a dime of it. (We, on the other hand, are still paying on the 20% coinsurance, but I digress.)

    I agree with those who hypothesize that N knew something was wrong before Friday morning. I think what compelled her to go to the ER Friday was the knowledge or intuition that her own life was in danger. I am glad that she was spared, but cannot help grieving for that poor baby boy who never had a chance. It is just all so twisted and sad.


  54. People who have good credit worry about hospital bills.

    People who have good credit do not buy land from Kentucky Land Company.

    This go fund me is absolutely disgusting. Any bit of sympathy I had for these people just evaporated.


  55. Saying that Joe Naugler is a stay at home parent is an insult to stay at home parents. The next time I see somebody compare what he does to what I do, I may lose it. Yes, stay at home parent is a real job and he should have been fired a long time ago. By the way, if my husband couldn’t work or needed to recuperate from something, you can bet I would take whatever job I could find and if it didn’t pay enough or wasn’t worth it, I would go get two or three jobs if I needed to.


  56. Why is “stay at home dad” such a sacred cow? As in, “he’s already doing the most important job there is, he’s a STAY AT HOME DAD!” BS. When you choose to bring 12 children into the world, you can’t support them on one dog groomer’s salary. Get a night job. Cut firewood. Do something to bring money into the household. Do it at night if you have to. Don’t be a mooch. And besides, J doesn’t really stay at home anyway.


  57. If they need money for food, there’s WIC and food stamps. They are certainly eligible for both. The sad thing is that I bet a number of their supporters are either on one or both programs, or are just short of eligible for them and need it.


  58. And now they have a PayPal link up there. Seriously!? Take responsibility for yourself and take care of your own kids.


  59. Oh. My. Word. I kind of expected them to do something like this, but I also thought maybe they wouldn’t. I thought surely they wouldn’t do this. Words fail me.

    It’s fascinating to see what people will do, even when you try to give them the benefit of overwhelming doubt. You just gotta know what kind of adults their kids will grow up to be since Jacob has gone about soliciting funds for the family. More is caught than taught.


  60. As soon as I heard about the tragedy, I knew a GFM would follow shortly.

    A little over a decade ago, one of my cousins ended up hospitalized with a nasty case of pneumonia. He was in the hospital for about 3 weeks (a week in ICU) and wasn’t able to return to work (just part-time at first) until 2 months after that. He was the sole source of income for his family. His wife stayed home with their kids because the cost of child care would eat up most of her paycheck.

    A social worker from the hospital came to speak with him a few days before he was discharged. She helped him get all of the charges not covered by his insurance waived so he paid absolutely nothing for his hospital stay. Then she helped him apply for food stamps and temporary cash assistance so his family was able to eat and buy diapers. She set him up with utility assistance so his electric and water were covered for 2 months. Finally, she helped him get childcare assistance and helped his wife sign up with an employment agency. As soon as my cousin was well enough to be left home alone, his wife had a job. Thanks to the government safety net and a bit of help from family and friends, his family was fine. He could focus on his recovery and enjoy having extra time with his kids. Even if he wasn’t able to get all that help, his family’s expenses (probably minus the hospital bill) were no where near $10,000.

    The Nauglers can have the entire hospital stay covered by Medicaid. They didn’t incur any funeral costs. They certainly qualify for food stamps and most likely qualify for temporary cash assistance. They can most likely receive free grief counseling if they choose. Nicole will not lose $10,000 in income during her recovery. If they had done a GFM in a few weeks for a smaller amount, I could understand that. After receiving assistance, they might be a little short. They may hate those evil government programs, but THIS is the exact situation they were designed for. A short term bridge while Nicole recovers and until Joe can get a AT LEAST a temp job.

    I’m just so frustrated by people being rewarded for their terrible judgment. They know people will support them because of the kids. No one should be shocked that they would use this tragedy as a money grab.


  61. Vile human beings and thats a insult to real humans. Not the vile part.
    Does anyone actually think that Jabaa or the one without a soul not actually write the latest go grift me page.
    I really had no idea there were that many ignorant people that would take from the pot they piss in to give to that never ending pot of shit. I KNEW from the minute she posted her an Jabba looking at her dead child that they saw money signs. I wonder how she and him kept a straight face in all of that. and the sad sad sad part was and is it may have been all preventable. FH and Him


  62. I remember when Charles was begging for them. “Where can people donate a little love to you?”


  63. Why is “stay at home dad” such a sacred cow?

    Yeah, why is that sacred? What about stay-at-homes moms? They go out and get a job if necessary. I was and I did just that at one point. Hell, I was a homeschooling mom while working a fulltime job, and Dave worked a fulltime job and a part time job, all at the same time. We managed.


  64. I tried to post this earlier, but my wifi doesn’t like me today. I hope this is not a repost. I honestly find something fishy about this story. I don’t doubt the baby was a stillborn, but I do question the whole ICU near death story. I know people said Nicole did look horrible in the picture, but I can say I did not look much better after both of my pretty routine not complicated labors. Most women look worn out and horrible after labor. I find in suspious that 48 hours after she posts the pictures of the kids before her life spiraled out of control, she drops the bombshell. I believe it is possible she knew the baby was going to be still born and posted the rest for added drama and sympathy. I know parents are allowed to hold a still born but would the hospital really allow them to hold the deseased baby for 12 hours like she said?


  65. I expressed anger on my own private page when NN posted her blog. Anger that this baby had died, IMO needlessly because she sought no prenatal care even when urged to. Her arrogance led to this baby’s death. Monitoring in her post-due pregnancy would have provided intervention before the death of the baby.

    Now they have the gall to try and cash in, again, on their own negligence. I feel for the children, who apparently are being left alone again to try and cope with another situation caused by their parents, while their parents focus on the ever important on-line image.

    They make me sick.


  66. I am glad there is not a heaven were baby William would be looking down seeing how is parents not only neglected to care for him before he was born, but, use his tragically unlived life to cash in. That would break his poor baby souls heart.

    And can you tell me why all these idiots are praying for those bastards? Prayer is the last thing they should get. They should get jail time, not prayers and definitely not money!


  67. They should get jail time

    While I agree that prayer is a waste of time and energy, there is nothing illegal here. You cannot force a woman to get prenatal medical care. Seriously. You can’t. And I am not sure I want to live in a society where you could.


  68. I am so sorry for the loss of baby William.

    I don’t want to say things to hurt a grieving family. But I sincerely hope that the Nauglers will learn to put their children ahead of their principles.

    Here is a comment from a wise person who tried to help Nicole. It was posted on Nicole’s blog in May:

    Sue May 13, 2017 |
    Indeed, pregnancy is beautiful! You look beautiful! You wear it really well! For some women, pregnancy might be a negative stressor. But for you, pregnancy it is a positive, beneficial stress, that lifts your mood, and perspective! Nice.

    You do know your body! And I can see how these displays from followers, that are masqueraded as concern, can leave you feeling alienating and offended. After all, you’ve had something like 11 successful pregnancies, most at-home and unassisted. But therein lies the point! Birthing so many children is just one risk-factor. “Women who will be under age 17 or over age 35 when their baby is due are at greater risk of complications than those between their late teens and early 30s. The risk of miscarriage and genetic defects further increases after age 40” (WebMD, 2016). Additionally, you meet other standards of high risk pregnancy because you have admitted a history of miscarriage, as well as hemorrhage.

    So the concern is not for the safety – or lack there of – regarding homebirthing, nor whether home-birth or hospital-birth is safer than the other. But rather, the concern is for your failure to acknowledge that your pregnancy is indeed, high-risk, based on risk-traits.
    “A pregnancy is considered high-risk when there are potential complications that could affect the mother, the baby, or both. High-risk pregnancies require management by a specialist to help ensure the best outcome for the mother and baby.” WebMD, 2016).

    Your family wants you around. Sometimes, we must put our principles aside, in order to put ones family first, to make the best decision for them, because in this case, each and every risk-factor in a high-risk pregnancy ( of which you have many), threats to your life significantly increases. Ignoring the very serious implications is a roll of the dice, so to speak. And it is a little scary that you dismiss these risk-factors completely.

    So, since many of your followers are mothers themselves, and keeping in mind the inordinate number of followers (45,000) you share content with, you are bound to keep receiving concerned comments, because they can clearly see the higher risk of birth complication,s given your age and number of children alone. And to boot, you kind of display an air of cognitive dissonance regarding the existence of these risks, as if they dont exist.

    Thank-you for your patience, for listening! I think it’s great that you allow comments, to communicate other perspectives!
    Prayers for your health, and for the health of your family – all the way from CA!

    (2016). Managing a high-risk pregnancy. Retrieved from: http://www.webmd.com/baby/managing-a-high-risk-pregnancy#2


  69. I have so many feels about this whole situation, I just can’t seem to put any of it into words at the moment. Its the last day of my vacation and I am irritated with myself for spending most of the day being irritated at these people I dont even know in real life. I went from empathy and sadness to WTF in literally seconds. Oh well, I will sort out my feels tomorrow. Im at least glad to know Im in good company. Have a good one yall 🙂


  70. Didn’t NN brag about her family of a baker’s dozen living on about 30,000 a year?
    So this 10,000- is she taking off 4 months?

    Also, I have been a crying mushy mess since hearing this and seeing the back lipped, very dead baby. I really think she knew and just figured she’d be able to deliver baby at gardenshed.
    Thanks a lot, hysterectomy.


  71. You know, America is a beautiful country, full of awesome people, but I cannot for the life of me understand your healthcare system, or lack thereof. I’m an Aussie, and the difference between your system and ours is light years…people being crippled by medical bills just is so, so rare here. I had an epileptic seizure (I have epilepsy, obviously), because I was severely anaemic, was rushed to hospital in an ambulance, spent a night in hospital, had an blood transfusion and an iron infusion, several blood tests, then went back a month later for a gastroscopy and colonoscopy (which involves a minor general anaesthetic), had more endless blood tests, plus consults and an EEG with my neurologist and the specialist from the gastroscopy etc, and all of that cost me zero. Nada. Zilch. Just flashed my Medicare card (provided to everyone by the government) everywhere and it was all taken care of. Our Medicare isn’t perfect by any means, but hell, I just don’t understand why the US doesn’t do what we do, or Canada does, or the UK. Sure, we pay into it with our taxes, but we also know when the shit hits the proverbial, we’re somewhat safe and won’t be bankrupted. Those who can barely afford to live, can receive medical care, as can our elderly, and infants. I just do not understand the US.

    And Joe and Nicole? Well they can go fuck themselves. I was devastated to hear of William’s loss, my heart flew out to them. But now, with the GoFraudMe and the Paypal donations in full swing? Fuck ’em, and the people stupid enough to donate.


  72. Just to answer the above.. yes.. I had a stillborn in 2011 and I had the opportunity to hold her whenever I wanted.. Some hospitals even have refrigerated cots now so the baby can stay in the room. 12 hours is nothing. where I am from you cannot bury your child on your land. you have 2 choices. hospital disposal or going through a funeral home. We went through a funeral home and all expenses .. plot.. casket.. etc had to be paid up front before the home would collect the body. hospital would only release the body to a funeral home. I was also in icu.. My husband had surgery a week later. Both of us were up working long before the time required to recover because things had to be paid. luckily I am in Canada so medical bills are not a thing..
    I am curious what they are contributing to their medical bills. she keeps comparing donations to medical insurance. The people who pay insurance are paying a good chunk of their bills over their lifetime. She always said she would go to a hospital when necessary, so knew it was possible. Why did they not ever save for “emergencies”. I truly had a broken heart until I saw the gofundme set up before she could even receive a bill!


  73. To the person who asked if they would be allowed to hold the baby for 12 hours. The answer is likely yes. When I worked L and D we had a room on our unit for dealing with dead babies. I worked at a hospital with a level 1 NICU and a large perinatology program, so pregnancies with bad outcomes certainly happened.

    Our policy was that parents could spend as much time with their baby as they wanted. This might be more information than people are seeking, but we had a fridge in the room on our unit that we could use for storage of babies if needed. Sometimes parents want the baby, give it back, and want it again.

    DIC would definitely warrant an icu stay. I’m not sure about the whole delivery in the icu. In our hospital, we tried to keep mom in labor and delivery and have an icu nurse and other staff come as needed. Then transfer after.


  74. When I said they should get jail time, I did not mean specifically for the death of their infant son, William. I meant for being terrible parents, specifically for withholding education from their children. Lack of education commit these children to life long poverty and that is a crime.


  75. I shed a lot of tears when I read about her losing the baby.A year ago today my first great grandbaby was born & passed away 5 days later -no one in my family was posting on FB except to let everyone know when the funeral would be.It’s a pain that never leaves.I felt so hurt for her -I wish this pain on no person ever, BUT,for them to set up a gofraudme -I can’t imagine!! One supporter has asked the others to all send $1 to the paypal account-UGH!! I doubt she’ll reap the amount as before-most of her followers are poor & new,I’ve noticed.(not meant as a put down-I am very poor).A lot of them seem to think they live in an actual house & of course, they don’t correct them.I feel mostly hurt for the kids-letting them think the baby was fine until they got there-how cruel! Then,they had to bury him themselves-I have no words!! Sally, you’re the best!!


  76. I just wanted to point out to many who may not already know. To get food stamps you must submit the birth certificate and social security number for each member of the house. Or proof of application for social security numbers


  77. This is not meant for publishing……

    I have a question that you can probably answer. Nicker’s medical drama seems odd to me; it may just be my ignorance.

    So, NickNick never sought prenatal care because she could not think of a situation where she would need medical assistance because she could take care of anything she might need all by herself. She said this less than 2 months ago. Ahem. How did that work out for you, you selfish bitch? But I digress.

    Back to the E/R visit where they discovered that there was no amniotic fluid and that poor innocent baby William had passed……later in the birth story, she talks about the MDs being ready to break her water at 7cm, when it magically broke on its own, and that it was full of blood.

    How was there water to break at all, since she said that the ER staff said there was none? Would the fluids that the statist hospital undoubtedly hooked her up to have replenished the amniotic fluid and so quickly?

    As I said, I am ignorant on this topic, but her story just does not add up in my non scientific brain.

    There are other parts of the story that seem contrived as well; I find it difficult to believe that they would have allowed her to deliver “naturally” while in the ICU bleeding out. It would make more sense to me if they did an emergency c section (and probably hysterectomy) under the circumstances, wouldn’t it?

    Thank you, Sally, for any insight you can lend. And yes, this is a real em address. Thank you!


  78. If this isn’t allowed, please delete-someone was asking her about Medicaid and she said that: Blessed Little Homestead : We didn’t apply. We chose voluntary aid over coerced. If people help even a little that’s helps. It’s our moral decision, people can degrade us for it, but we know we did the right thing.
    So if I’m reading right, she would rather beg strangers for money than to probably get her hospital bill entirely paid for?
    I can’t even wrap my mind around that.


  79. So if I’m reading right, she would rather beg strangers for money than to probably get her hospital bill entirely paid for?

    That’s right. You read it right. She wants to be pure as she interprets purity and get other people to pay her bills for her on top of the taxes they already pay. And then she gets to crow how she is not a whore of the state and that she has real freedom and they, all the people who donated, are rats in a cage.


  80. This is not meant for publishing……

    I’m publishing this anyway because these are good questions and your identity is not revealed at all.

    How was there water to break at all, since she said that the ER staff said there was none?

    Because it’s all relative. Her amniotic fluid level was sharply down. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t a single drop of fluid present, just not enough. Her placenta had a partial abruption (tearing away from the uterine wall) and she was bleeding into the amniotic sac.

    I find it difficult to believe that they would have allowed her to deliver “naturally” while in the ICU bleeding out. It would make more sense to me if they did an emergency c section (and probably hysterectomy) under the circumstances, wouldn’t it?

    That was absolutely what they were preparing to do. Joe made the statement in his stupid little rant on BLH that she had the worst case of DIC ever in the history of mankind, but she didn’t. I have seen what happens when you have the worst case of DIC you can possibly have. It was a teenage boy who’d had surgery (yes, it’s a risk when you have surgery, although rare). He bled from every single bodily orifice possible, his nose, his eyes, his ears, his mouth, his urethra, his anus. He bled around the IV needles where they entered his skin. His incision poured blood. We were pumping blood, blood products, and medication to assist clotting into him with pressure bags. And we ultimately took his body to the morgue. And then we all sat down and cried.

    In Nicole’s case, they were monitoring her second by second. I’m quite sure they had an OR room prepped and ready to roll (and I bet they will be billed for that). They didn’t want to operate if they could avoid it because that’s just another shock to the system and another wound for bleeding. They were giving her blood. DIC is a medical emergency. Nicole’s was certainly not the worst that can happen, although it was the worst that could happen to that baby.


  81. In our hospital, we tried to keep mom in labor and delivery and have an icu nurse and other staff come as needed. Then transfer after.

    I worked in two different hospitals and in both,I suspect they would have brought her to ICU to deliver. Lots of times decisions about stuff like that depend on the physical setup and personnel on duty at the time. So I don’t doubt that part of the story.


  82. but I cannot for the life of me understand your healthcare system, or lack thereof.

    Lots of us can’t either.


  83. I have to wonder what or who charles is, beside being a vile disgusting person who seems to be very good at doxxing and does seem to appear to have a grasp of language, how is it that he or she cannot see through the naugs bull shit. I hve seen him call out NN a few times.
    I hd to laugh at the humpers when Jabba went into his little rant and the humpers fell over themselves adoringly.


  84. The donations have now reached 415.00 . Quite low considering if you their original goal the last time they made a GFM was exceeded within 24 hours (if I remember correctly) . But considering they don’t need the money to actually cover any real expenses that came with the death of their child, that’s a lot of money being taken from kind (although gullible) people in the name of a dead child .

    Considering their income is far below the poverty line, no reasonable payment arrangement will be refused by the hospital. N had planned to take 2 weeks off after she had the baby anyway, so I’m assuming they planned and saved out for that . Even though the out come of the birth was not what they had planned for, and her delivery was quite traumatic I highly doubt she will be taking much more time, if any than originally planned for. She said herself she is already having a hard time sitting around . There were no, if any very little funeral expenses. If they need help with food , I’m sure churches and food pantries would be more than willing to help them out .

    I can not imagine just days ago burying a child ( although J burdened his heart broken children with the actual burial) and sitting around checking a GFM account to see if anyone has donated money that will most likely be used for everything but what they claim its for .

    Nicole and Joe should be helping their living children through the pain and confusion of losing a brother. Not making a profit off their child who passed away .

    Also , considering we all know that none of the funds they will collect will go to what they claim Joe should do the most responsible thing he could do for his family and go get snipped . My first thought was Nicole should have had her tubes tied while in the hospital after this reality check of what the out come of advanced age pregnancy with no medical care can turn into but honestly I think after 12 pregnancy (plus some miscarriages) and a near death delivery this time around its Dad’s turn to take one for the team. If his wife can go though all that surly a little snip wont do him any harm.


  85. anyone has donated money that will most likely be used for everything but what they claim its for .

    It is almost certain that not one cent of that donated money will go to the hospital or doctors or any of the bills they are going to get. Not a dime.


  86. I have to wonder what or who charles is,

    Charles is a sock that is passed around. Sometimes it is apparently Nicole, sometimes Joe, but most often a woman named Larissa Baraldi.


  87. Is it too late to buy a troll? I would like to help send a kid to camp. I also love Debra’s work. Please let me know.


  88. Nicole responded to a post that she was monitoring her own health and doctors said they probably couldn’t have saved William. Maybe, maybe not. But monitoring by qualified professionals would have certainly given William more of a shot at survival. That’s all I’m sure about, as I am no professional. And I don’t want to sound cold about this, by the way.

    With my youngest, I had already had 2 prior c-sections but I was able to find a caring high risk specialist who was comfortable with me attempting a VBAC. But my water ended up breaking at 35/36 weeks (the dating was a bit off as I don’t have regular cycles). When I got to the hospital, I was already in active labor so they immediately did an ultrasound and found that a VBAC wasn’t an option as my son was transverse. This is hardly related to Nicole’s experience but… what would have happened had I monitored my own health? Or tried to labor at home? My son might not be here today. And that is such a scary thought.

    My first birth was also very traumatic. My oldest child’s heart rate dropped drastically during delivery and he had to be suctioned out. Then, hours later, I began to hemorrhage. It was terrible. Another save by medical professionals! My other 2 births were c-sections due to fetal distress and prematurity with long NICU stays after. Quite seriously, all my children might be dead if it had not been for the wonderful doctors and nurses who saved them.

    My point: better safe than sorry. You NEVER know what is going to happen. Maybe you could go through pregnancy and birth totally unassisted and be fine. But what if you can’t? It’s so hard for me to imagine having to find out the hard way. 🙁


  89. IIRC, the incident from 2 years ago hit local and national news, so that GFM also got media attention. Not sure the N’s really want to draw media attention to themselves this time, seeing the minimal progress they’ve made over 2 years. The first question will be, “what did you do with the last GFM money?”


  90. Charles sounds more like an STD than not.

    Did yoy catch the use of ‘than’ instead of ‘then’, Joe?


  91. The eldest daughter grooms as well, if not better, than her mother. Another child does the books. Another child does reception and clean up. Joe claims to be co-owner, manager, marketer and all around everything but grooming at the business.

    My question. Why does the business need to closed at all? It is a family owned and operated business with many family employees. The family says that their clients love seeing the children work there. Joe is often there all day anyway. It is only missing one of those employees for the time being. It should be business as usual.


  92. Is it too late to buy a troll?

    Debra has not given me notice, so no, it’s not too late. 🙂 If she starts blabbering incoherently and drinking excessively, I’ll call a halt to it, but for now, we’re good.


  93. I’ve been a housewife for years, taking care of my family, home, garden, etc. The family benefits far greater by my presence at home …Mom shit, right? But we have a kid going into high school, a kid getting married/having a baby and a kid going into college.
    No one told me that instead of picking up my full time job I should have just begged online.


  94. “Illusions said, “Someone just offered $20 on the go fraud me to get Joe fixed. Haha”

    I’d contribute to that, but only if it went straight to the doctor. 😉


  95. The thing is, everyone ASSUMED She had medicaid.. on BLH she says ” We did not apply, we offered to go with voluntary aid instead of coerced”

    Ok so you were stupid and you want us to voluntarily pay for it? NO! I might say you might deserve a dollar or two, if you really gave back to the community, humans, not dogs, humans. If you hadnt harrassed peple because you felt you were being harrassed. You say 2 wrongs dont make a right but here you are.. trying to do that Nic. You keep trying to paimt some pity party picture, no one is buying it. Maybe you should have saved your pennies for a rainy day, and not the dollar store? Maybe Joe should stop buying weed, May Q should get a job, maybe A could run the self wash, and sell bows to keep money coming in? Maybe since Joe is so fertle, he could just go sell his sperm for 10,000 a cup?

    This is what happens when you literally burn bridges with those you burned the last time around, and show no progess. How about you give us an actualy Medical account to donate to, I might be more inclined knowing its not touching your hands.


  96. So, according to Joe, it is just a “measly $10000”. That’s priceless, coming from the guy who was asking for gas money earlier this year.

    Two or so years ago, they received at least $45,000. Tax free. Now they want another $10,000. Also tax free. While bitching about taxes. Am I missing something?


  97. Two things.
    It is not the responsibility of the teenage children to keep the shop going in N’s absence. It is the parents job to support them.
    N&J try to be so self-rightous by not taking Medicaid (so they say) but never once do they say that THEY will pay the bills! It’s up to someone else to foot the bills for them.


  98. I don’t like the suggestions of having the kids do the work. Those kids have already had to do so much in their short lives. So much more than any child should have to do. They did not ask to be born to those worthless pieces of shit. They are already raising and educating their siblings on the shitstead. Remember just the other day these children built a casket and buried their brother on their own. This is beyond fucked up. So now people think they should also support the kids.

    No wonder [edit: child’s name] ran away. Honestly I wish they’d all run away. Let Nicole and Joe wallow in their self created shit show. Those poor kids have never had the chance to be kids. Nicole likes to post memes about simple lifestyle but those kids aren’t having a carefree childhood. It’s disgusting what has been to them.

    Fuck Nicole and Joe and their go fund me.


  99. Remember when they were begging for donation to the shop to be sold to offset the move from one location to another?

    Would anyone here DONATE money or items to a “thriving” or “successful” business to offset business costs? I mean, maybe Joe has the false belief that people donate $20 periodically to his favorite Hardees despite its profitability, but they don’t.

    It’s summertime and while it may be reasonable for Joe and one or two of the older children who have expressed an interest in the family business to go run it for a time, it’s not the responsibility of children to do so.

    My father and his siblings had to work in the family business during the summertime. Not to save money, but to make certain that they took their studies seriously or at least that they came to understand that their parents worked HARD for the money. That was a family-owned and operated business for 70 years. Kept TWO families going through the Great Depression and wasn’t open through the winter (not until the 1970’s) but still did so. THAT is a successful business. Guess how much money was donated by grateful customers to keep it going? Not a dime. Tips were for the employees who earned them and no, they didn’t have to toss them into a jar to keep the business afloat. They kept their tips.

    There were a LOT of people who got their first job at my grandparents’ business. Some of them were kids. Some were newly released from jail and counted this as their first “real” job. Or at least the first real job when they started their new life. I doubt there will ever be many who will say the same about the LLC owned by Nicole and Joe. If he’s named part-owner (I have no idea).


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