Get a Job

Last December, the oldest Naugler child came over to this blog, shortly after its inception, wanting to engage in dialogue.

I declined to do so.

original comments

The child in question, at that time, was just about to turn 17. One of my strictest rules here is that I don’t name the children or show identifiable photos of them.  They are off-limits.

I do not pretend they don’t exist. However, they are victims. They are not responsible for their parents’ irresponsibility. They haven’t asked for notoriety.  And they are most definitely not adults.

So, knowing that whatever decision I made about J’s attempt to argue with me here would result in Nicole being critical of it, I chose to stick to my original rule:  No engagement with minor children.

blog comment removed

The reaction was predictable.  I am “afraid” of a child.  I don’t “want the truth.”  I don’t want to “hear the children’s side.”  (She’s right. I do not.  They are children.)

The only way the teenage children know about what people are saying is if Nicole points it out, which is what she did with the blog.

minor child mentality

He is aware.  How is he aware?  Oh, and she will “let him respond tomorrow.”  How lucky he is.  He will be allowed by his all-knowing, all-controlling mother to respond “tomorrow.”

told about it

Did you get that?  Nicole told the child about the comment, and so he came over and replied.  She didn’t have to do that, you know.

But mostly we just need to quit with the “minor child victim” stuff already.


Pace, the doofus Bitcoin dude, chimes in, opining that J is an “adult.”  He should be allowed by me, on my own blog, in space that Pace did not pay for either with real money or fake Bitcoins, to converse if he wishes, even over my objections. And if I choose not to do that, I’m immature.

Pace, I believe, is a parent.  Boy, does he have a road in front of him. Makes me sort of smile to think about it.

Okay, so we have this established, way back in December 2015.

J Naugler is currently 17-years-old, but is in fact, for purposes of discussion and argumentation online, an adult and nobody better forget that.  Right?  Fuck the law.  Fuck the owner of the blog.  He’s an adult.

asking for money

Fast forward: today.

We have this cutesy little exchange that Nicole thought worthy of posting for discussion.

In the first place, she does the old bait-and-switch-gotcha-language thing here on her own child.  And other child laughs because it’s so funny when your mother is a nasty jerk.  And this is Facebook-worthy.

But apart from that, she tells us that these two children (one 17 and the other one 15) “have their own money” and “manage their own budgets” and “buy their own things.”

And maybe they do.

But what they don’t have is a job.  Neither of them.  They have no gainful employment.   I know they don’t because if they did, she’d be telling us all about it.  They wash dogs at the grooming business. They do so for peanuts. They are not even paid minimum wage.

It’s not real employment. It’s Mom telling you to do something (wash a dog) and then tossing you a little money out of the change jar so you can buy a hamburger at McDonald’s.

Why don’t these two boys have jobs?

I homeschooled a son, right through high school. When he was ready for the 12th grade, he got the notion that he wanted to go to “real school.”  I was fine with that, and we enrolled him.  After about six months of that, he’d had enough and wanted to quit.

We were fine with that, since we never wanted him to go in the first place.  However, there was a condition.

We explained to him that he couldn’t just quit and come home and hang out. If he was going to quit, then he was officially done with school and he needed to get a job.  School or job.  Pick one.

He had a job the next day. A real job. The kind where you fill out a form and get a W-2 and pay taxes.  What followed was a string of jobs in three different states while he figured out what he wanted to do (write and perform his music) and how to do that without starving, but we didn’t let him just do nothing.

Why don’t the “adult” Naugler boys have jobs?

Nicole has the answer.

minor children


They are both “minor children.”

labor laws

Here you go, Nicole.  Just a few guidelines for you.  It’s a PDF file. Just Google “Kentucky Child Labor Laws 2016” and it will take you right there.



44 thoughts on “Get a Job”

  1. What excuse will she make when they’re 40?
    You have to let go sometime. Give them their wings and let them fly.
    What you have chosen for your life is not their responsibility.


  2. I’ve never heard of such a conversation in a family being a jest. Its 25.00. a better, more normal jest for someone his age would be several thousand dollars. You can certainly guess why. In a normal family.
    In this family, I am certain the 17 year old is not in possession of a drivers license. so there would be none of the more normal conversations about employment, insurance, vehicle payments, gas, maintenance ad naseum, you know, the normal stuff all kids need to know before they enter the “real world”.
    not in this family. they “jest” over 25.00. meaning that 25.00 seems a decent sum of money to said 17 year old.
    my 13 year old at least hits 500 now. because she understands that things worth having are not inexpensive. My response to that is “get a job!” LOL. But honestly, if she asked for 25.00 right now, I’d ask what she needed it for. Probably a movie date with her friends. so I’d say sure, and give her 25.00, because she’s a sweet kid, helps me out a lot, and trips with friends like that are a normal part of childhood.

    Maybe I’m just strange, but I never really developed the “my money is mine” thing, either with my hubby, or my child. They get what they need, and most of what they want.

    Nikki needs to make up her mind. he is either a minor, who apparently needs her permission to think, or he is an adult, where he can just tell them to piss off and go do his own thing. He can’t be both.

    Pay no attention to Pace anyway. He’s skirting a thin line with his Bitcoin shit and other ventures. Soon, that form of currency will likely be illegal, and good riddance.


  3. My 17 year old has had a job for over a year. She works 10-15 hours a week, goes to school, plays select sports and does chores. I’m not saying she does all of those thing well all the time, but she does them. She has her own money and rarely asks me for any but I often offer it. If she’s going downtown with friends, I’ll toss her an extra $20-40 so she can grab a bite, buy some trinkets, go for coffee – whatever. I don’t ask her if she wants it, I don’t ask her what she does with it. She works hard and her $12/hr part time job doesn’t mean it is no longer my responsibility to care for and nurture her.

    If you’re going to make them budget, give them something to budget WITH. Good grief. I’m sure she plays the “.. it’s my food” or “it’s my electricity” games with them too.


  4. Too bad her adult son, joe, can’t budget or earn his own money. If he did, he might have actually supported his first kid and wouldn’t depend on strangers and a manic groomer to try to support the others.
    How does that work exactly? How does he earn his own money for the Hardee’s, ammo, and red box rentals?
    And don’t tell me it’s from all the time he spends on Facebook all day or as a
    he calls it: full time unschooling.


  5. She is never never never ever going to let any of those kids go out and get a job that she is not in control of them. She needs to keep 24/7 control in case they talk.

    If any of those kids were to open up and tell the real truth of what goes on at the shitstead believe me shit would really get real in a hurry.

    Those kids are prisoners to those parents and they want to keep it that way. The older boys are Nicole’s replacement for what her husband should be labor wise. The only thing Jo Jo seems to contribute to the family/shitstead is sperm to make babies. Well I bet he does contribute more than his fair share to the human manure pile too by the size of him he is eating very well and it has to come out and go some where.

    I see that some day Nicole is going to be wondering where she went wrong when the kids start to find they can function with out her and leave the shitstead. She did it when she was young so it might be in the genes, as we can only hope.

    As usual Nicole uses what ever fits her agenda = minor vs nearly an adult.


  6. Everything is a double standared. She can talk all she wants about another family but wait don’t talk about hers. Kids have complete control of their bodies but not hair. She can troll and dig into others lives but don’t do it to her ect ect. Plus the whole intact thing why is it any of her business what others do? Isn’t that her whole “thing” what she does isn’t anyone’s business?


  7. Those teen boys are at that age, or even a tad past, where the relationship begs to change between the parent and the child. Often referred to as “loosening the apron strings”. The normal process is the teen wanting an adult relationship with the parent, and no longer a child relationship.

    For someone that talks all this smack about freedoms and free will, she really is a very controlling mother. Those teen young men, I’m betting are chomping for freedom to get a job and earn some money, at the work of their choosing. It’s the normal steps as teens gravitate to independence and making their own decisions.

    Loosen those chains, Nicole.

    P.S. You’ve got 9 other children, to parade for your branding/marketing.


  8. Hypocrisy and Nicole Naugler go together like like hand and glove.

    The eldest two boys should at this point be learning to drive, working real part-time teen jobs, like fast food restaurants, grocery stock boys or baggers, etc. Those jobs would net them at least minimum wage, $150 or more a week. How sorry to see a nearly 18 year old have to ask for $25, because he hasn’t any way to obtain it through his own earnings. Maw and Pa don’t can’t pay him a proper wage for his homestead labor nor babysitting. It’s indentured servitude IMO.


  9. I was a single parent raising two teenage girls by myself. My oldest child got her first job at 15. From that day forward, she bought her own clothes, paid any school fees and expenses. I furnished room & board. I furnished health insurance and health care copays/deductibles. I drove her to work and picked her up when she got off. When she ordered her class ring, I offered to buy that but at the jeweler of my choice. If she didn’t want that, I would contribute that price and she would pay the difference. At graduation, she paid for her cap and gown. She paid for her school pictures.

    The youngest was a different person and figured it out a little differently but thank god she did figure it out. Eventually. Both girls are mothers with jobs that contribute to the wellbeing of their own children and families. They are productive contributing members of society and I am equally proud of both women. Nicole, when you read this – and I know you will – I have only one suggestion for you tonight; want more for your children than you ever wanted for yourself. The only relationship whose sole purpose is to separate is the one between a parent and child. Give more, want more, be more. For your children’s sake.


  10. A curious thing about Mrs. N., is the typical fundamentalist homeschool mom. One that is quite controlling and manipulative, because “everyone out there hates us.” I saw it growing up in the fundamentalist movement, think Duggar chic. This mentality can be noted through their, that is the adult N’s phrases, “By your standards or ours?” Or, “They are going to dictate our way of life.”
    Funny thing about this mentality, is that you can question everything, but what the parents tell you. In some ways, many ways actually, it’s cult like.
    Freedom will hopefully come to the children. Odds are, the older boys stay out of a duty to the younger siblings. It’s common in this type of family. Rarely do they escape this mindset unscathed.


  11. Having a job is great for earning money and establishing independence. But one of the things it’s best for is meeting other people. I remember way back when I started to work and interacting as an adult for the first time with other adults of different ages and beliefs. You consciously or subconsciously compare your current beliefs to these new ideas and then choose whether to adapt new ideas or retain what you were taught as a child. This comparison will eventually happen with the N children and I think it will be a harsh awakening when it does.


  12. Why can’t they drive, have driving permits? She doesn’t want them to get taxed. Those kids have every right to work without parents around. The oldest should be able to babysit outside her home. Tick tock…when someone is 18 they can go..and you have NO SAY AT ALL.


  13. I think Chris Good isn’t just asking about the kids getting a job. I think he is really asking- why can’t they get a job and I think NN knows it. NN isn’t telling her loyal followers that the kids can’t get a job because most (if not all) don’t have birth certificates or social security numbers.

    I wonder if either of the older kids have asked to get their own jobs. I can’t image her response to such an independent idea positively.


  14. Didn’t she, at one point, refer to employed people as “rats in a cage?” She’s not going to let them get jobs.
    I got my first job at age 14 picking strawberries at the town age 16 I was working in the factory with my mom during the day and flipping burgers at night. I chose not to finish school so I worked.


  15. Well let’s face it, the male role model in their life is teaching them something. He is teaching them it’s ok that a woman can pump out kids every year or so, go back to work full time asap (instead of spending much needed bonding and quality time with baby) cuz
    shoot, somebody has to bring home the bacon (Joe don’t eat it all!) dad isn’t capable of supporting his ever-growing family, this is a lesson (unschooling?) learned. I’d bet that when Joe was a child (not the current man-child) many report cards came home with the comment “does not play well with others”. This followed him into the workforce IMO. I’m guessing the boys are not in a rush to get into the workforce, they would ultimately be supporting good ol dad’s lifestyle or habits, and there would be ramifications.


  16. Mud~ Teen JN is the only one with social sec number & birth certificate. He is the only one who was born in a hospital. I don’t think they were “forced” by cps to get them for the others. Sadly this will make life harder for them in the long run. My mom had me in the 80’s in a hospital and all she was issued was a mothers copy & that wasn’t good enough to obtain my marriage license so I had to travel to my home state & prove who I was and that alone was a bitch! I feel for the Nog Children


  17. I believe the oldest was working for a while with the neighbor until Nicole began with the ‘assault with a vehicle’ accusations and posts. That’s a pattern she likely will employ when one of the kids tries to break loose, she will work her vile ways to sabotage their efforts again and again. Having abdicated her role as a parent and mother, she likely will do everything she can to prevent them leaving as the oldest will always be the caretakers and workers for the baby photo money makers. She is extremely dependent upon the kids in so many ways. I feel for them. She has enslaved them through deprivation on every level. I hope the oldest can break free, and move off the cult compound, and lead the way for the rest. It will be excruciating and difficult but I know there is support and people who can be contacted that will help when that time arrives.


  18. Did they end up getting birth certificates/social security cards when cps took them? I know some of the oldest have some of these documents but if they didn’t all end up getting them it is going to be impossible for them get gainful employment (or get anywhere in life for that matter).
    At 17 I had purchased my own first car, I had bought that pink razor every early 2000s high school girl wanted with money I had earned. Not only had it given me a first dip into independence but also a sense of accomplishment. Not only that I had put money away for college.
    Getting a teenage job isn’t just about money, it helps teens define themselves. By that age you want to rebel you want to start going out unto the real world and becoming an adult.
    She isn’t giving them this opportunity, they are either going to get a big reality slap when they break free or continue to live under a rock. Either end isn’t pretty.


  19. My youngest just turned 15. Last fall he worked for a farmer picking pumpkins and melons. He worked 6 days a week, Saturday’s were 12 hour days. He appreciated the chance to work,band was invited o come back this spring. It’s too bad Nicole’s children will never get those opportunities.


  20. If any of the children were to get a job, she would sabotage it like she did Joe’s job at Lowe’s, not that he needed any help. Before he got shit canned for no-call/no-shows, she called corporate about their policy on facial hair for employees because she didn’t like Joe clean-shaven.

    Those poor kids don’t stand a chance. And as much work as the older kids do on the homestead, the answer to “can I have $25?” Should probably be, “of course.”


  21. 1. I began working at age 14 as a Page in our local library. I had to have my parent’s permission, since I was under 16. I held that job until I left for college at age 18. I bought my own car, paid insurance, and had quite a savings account in 4 years with those earnings. Of course, my parents wanted me to be successful in whatever I wanted to do and I had their support.

    2. If I took my dog to a professional grooming establishment (and I do), I expect the pup to be properly washed by the groomer or a trained assistant. Not a kid hanging around the shop while being unschooled and making a quarter a dog.

    Heck, if I wanted a kid to wash my dog, I would hire the neighbor boy!


  22. Have to agree with M above about if a groomer is being paid to bathe/groom my dog I wouldn’t want kids to do it. I also wouldn’t want kids hanging around the shop; it makes it seem unprofessional.


  23. At my groomer’s, I know who washes the dogs and I know who does the grooming. I also know how tips are split between the groomer and the washers. I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving a tip for anyone in Nicole’s business because I would have no idea if a tip given directly to the washer (kid) would remain with the kid. Nor would I tip Nicole because I wouldn’t trust her to GIVE the wash staff their share.

    In other words, what’s hers is hers and what’s given to the kids is hers too. That doesn’t fly with me.

    Without the SSN’s she and Joe are severely hampering what their kids will be able to earn now and in the future. If one of the kids were to get a job and has no SSN, then it’s going to be cash under the table and guess what? That’s going to be less and there won’t be any other benefits available to them (like a 401K). Sure you can open up a bank account with a TIN or a driver’s license, but if you don’t provide proof of identity or citizenship you don’t get a driver’s license. Without an SSN, you can’t get a TIN. Or an EIN if you’re self-employed.

    Anyway, Joe and Nicole are setting unnecessary hurdles before their kids. They’re nailing doors shut to them before they even know if they want to go through them to see what’s on the other side.


  24. There are many comments asking, “Why doesnt he drive?” Easy answer. He could have a car. He could have $25. He could have Hardees fast-food. But he doesnt. And his Mother likes to remind him of that, #because[she]can.

    If he actually did “[have] money of his own”, he would not be asking for a measly $25.

    They may smirk and giggle at Mom’s sardonic retort – at their sibling’s expense – but they learned that by example. I imagine, they want to feel like they are laughing with Mom, as if they’re in on the joke. But I guarantee they do not appreciate it. “Haha”, is just their default, offensive reaction to daily, disparaging remarks over a period of years.

    Still, even the eldest, seem to be at her beck and call, probably so starved for one-on-one attention – just a few minutes of sincere affection or words of encouragement only a Mother can give – that they put up with her disparaging remarks in a naive and constant search for Mother’s love.

    She teaches her children to question authority. After such a snide remark, that would be the perfect opportunity to practice such a lesson. But even the eldest dare not, lest they receive punishment for not showing “reverence”. It disgusts me to think of the cold attitude and contradiction she barks at her children with. She cannot hide the jaded, haggard, and just plain-old tired woman, she has become. She is a goner, a sick woman. No wonder she uses escapism in the form of an iphone. If I had to be around her, I would too.


  25. The Naugler name is well known in the community. It’s unfortunate, but those kids are in fact at a disadvantage simply because of their surname.

    Their parents have effectively poisoned the well.


  26. A first job is so exciting and a rite of passage that the whole family can celebrate!

    Not having identification documentation is a big barrier, but smart young people will take care of that in time IF they are able to break away. Transportation is a costly challenge, especially in a rural area. Motivated teens usually can find a way to get where they want to go IF they are not actively held back.

    The Ns believe that traveling is a Constitutional right and will not submit to rules or licensing requirements. Their older children have probably been driving for years.


  27. I had to go back and re-read the comments. Every response in favor of Nicole talks about “the safety of the kids working jobs away from home”. My goodness, the Nog kids will be in their 30’s and 40’s and N & J will still be telling them that it isn’t safe out there in the big, bad world.

    Kudos to Chris Good in getting Nicole to admit a whole lot more than she even realized by poking and prodding with his comments!


  28. Danger? What danger? Afraid someone will recognize him from the myriad of photos and videos his mom has put up? Afraid his name, which his parents have dragged through the viral mud, will be recognized. So what? Is he his own man?

    Very few will hold the sins of the father against this young man. We judge people for who they are, not where they come from. If he enters the world and shows himself to be an honest hard working man he should have few, if any, problems. The community feels for these children and I have little doubt people will go the extra mile to both make him feel welcome and to aid him in his journey. The real question here is: who is the one who is really scared, and why?

    As an aside, I am sharing this bucket list sent to me. Life is for living. You shouldn’t be scared of it. Go out and live it to the fullest.

    Bucket List – please play along. You’ll be surprised at the responses. Put an X if you have done it. This was fun. I enjoy seeing my friends respond too.
    Fired a Gun X
    Been Married X
    Fell in love X
    Gone on a blind date X
    Skipped school X
    Watched someone give birth (just myself)
    Been to Canada X
    Been to Hawaii (in August, finally)
    Been to Europe X
    Been to Las Vegas X
    Been to Washington D.C. X
    Been to Nashville X
    Visited Florida X
    Visited Mexico X
    Seen the Grand Canyon in person (from the air)
    Flown in a HELICOPTER X
    Been on a cruise X
    Served on a jury
    Been in a movie
    Been to Los Angeles X
    Been to New York City X
    Played in a band X
    Sang karaoke X
    Made prank phone calls X
    Laughed so much you cried X
    Caught a snowflake on your tongue X
    Had children X
    Had a pet X
    Been sledding on big hill X
    Been downhill skiing X
    Been water skiing X
    Rode on a motorcycle X
    Jumped out of a plane
    Been to a drive-in movie X
    Rode an elephant X
    Been on TV X
    Been in newspaper X
    Stayed in Hospital X
    Donated blood (can’t do due to medical condition)
    Gotten a piercing X
    Gotten a tattoo
    Driven a stick shift vehicle X
    Driven over 100 mph X
    Been scuba diving (snorkeling)
    Lived on your own X
    Rode in the back of police car X (as a guest in Law School)
    Got a speeding ticket X

    I’m not done yet. Two continents left to visit. A million more amazing things to do. Life is beautiful.


  29. ” She cannot hide the jaded, haggard, and just plain-old tired woman, she has become. She is a goner, a sick woman.”

    Nicole and Joe are toast. It appears that her business is another failure in a long line of failures. Nice job teaching your kids how NOT to succeed. Joe does that exceptionally well. He loafs about the shit stead day in and out complaining all the while. It’s hard enough for the kids to do all the work around the place but having to listen to Dad whine about the injustice of this world must make it intolerable.

    It’s too bad CPS cannot force them to register their children. They need a ticket out of hell. She can’t keep all 11 of them down forever. One day, the Naugler parents will get their just desserts. You can’t be this kind of crazy without hitting the wall eventually. What they have done to their children is a travesty.


  30. At 17, I was picking a college and lining up student loans. I had been working for a paycheck since I was 14, while going to school full time. I had fillings and glasses. (Do any of the Naugler children need glasses? How would they know?) (What do they do if one of them gets toothache?)

    And I had a childhood filled with neglect and abuse.

    Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Naugler: If you can’t even reach the threshold surpassed by somebody whose stellar parenting gave me C-PTSD, you are really, really bad at this. At this point I think your children would be better off if you just up and ran away in the night while all 11 of them stayed behind. Then they could get on with the business of survival without your manufactured drama, violent fantasies, and culpable ignorance in their way.


  31. I really doubt Nicole and Joe want the two older boys to have real jobs out with the public where they would encounter other people’s views, or opinions. The boys may come to the conclusion that their all righteous parents are not that righteous after all. They might even encounter a law enforcement officer only to learn that he/she is not the devil incarnate as Nicole, I’m sure, has made them out to be. Nicole and Joe need those boys to work on the junkstead, cooking, building outhouses, chicken coops, hauling poo and babysitting their brothers and sisters FULL time. Joe doesn’t appear to be the one who does much physical labor around the stead. You don’t grow to be THAT BIG if you were doing the physical labor needed to run a 26 acre homestead.

    When my boys were that age, they were chomping at the bit, along with their buddies, to get their driver’s license and jobs so that they could buy their own cars and to have some cash in their pockets for dates and other things they wanted. To this day that experience and the lessons they learned of working hard to earn what they wanted has served them well. They have good educations which started in public charter schools and continued through college, they own their own homes, they drive nice vehicles, but they aren’t overextended credit wise. Having jobs gained them some freedom and independence from us and, yeah, letting them go out into the world alone is scary, but it would have been a selfish disservice to them to keep them dependent upon us which it seems Nicole and Joe are endeavoring to do. At least with, “J.” That boy should at least have his driver’s license now. He should be taking his ACT and preparing for college. As hard as she is trying Nicole can’t keep him under her thumb and pulling his strings forever.

    And Nicole, I didn’t find any humor in your rude, smart ass replies to your children. Surely “J” has done enough work around the place to earn a mere $25. And what is unreasonable with a 15 year old wanting a bicycle? Do you ALWAYS have to project your minimalistic lifestyle on your kids in order to keep them reined in?


  32. And what is unreasonable with a 15 year old wanting a bicycle?

    He might escape. She can’t have that.


  33. Santa Claus provided my first bicycle. I was five, and he delivered it early. I’ve had a bike ever since.

    When I was a young teen, I privately thought of my bicycle as my “freedom machine”. I didn’t drive yet, but I could go all over my suburban neighborhood, which included an adjacent shopping center with a movie theatre, good-sized school campuses which subbed for park playgrounds, and of course the homes of many friends, who sometimes rode with me just for the sheer joy of being young and being on our own for a little while, courtesy of our “freedom machines”. My bike had a basket, so I could take along a few things to add to the fun of my explorations: sandwiches and soft drinks for impromptu picnics in vacant lots, mostly.

    We felt so free; so empowered…

    Why on earth would any reasonable parent want to keep a highly responsible teenager from having similar experiences? Decent, safe bicycles can be found at thrift shops for under $75. Ditto yard sales. Sometimes considerably under $75.

    Of course, that’s any “reasonable” parent. Not to mention rational…

    I hope the fates will somehow align to bring decent, inexpensive bicycles to any and all of the Naugler children who yearn for them. If ever children yearned for and deserved their own “freedom machines”, the Naugler children must surely be first among them.

    So, if y0u’re reading here, Naugler kids, save that money your mom claims you have. Maybe stick it in a jar, bury it in a secret place with a secret marker that only you know about. Add to it, and when you have the right amount, take it to the Goodwill store or yard-saling and see what you can find. Also let your grooming customers know you’re looking for a good bike – one of them may have an extra one you could use.

    I hope you and your siblings get your freedom machines soon. Every young person needs wheels – and the freedom they can bring.


  34. @Blue Kentucky Girl – Your comments touched my heart.
    I’m much older now but my bike is still my freedom machine. When I bike the trails, it sets me free. I feel strong and reminds me I can still do anything if I try.


  35. Whatcha wanna bet a few bikes now suddenly”appear” at the compound. This will be great for the kids as I doubt ma/pa will use them, but she’s great at unschooling her kids on how to get their wants met using the ‘Naugler method’ and social media. Just sayin.


  36. Donated bikes for the kids would be terrific! Would they be allowed to keep them rather than sell them? Where would they be allowed to ride? We take our kids to community biking paths, and occasionally ride in the neighborhood or at a park or school playground. I’m thinking all of those are available but not real near the not-a-homestead. I liked the pictures of the kids playing in the creek. Family bike pics would be just as fun!


  37. I’m pretty sure the pictures of the children playing in the creek are not current but first appeared some time ago on Nicole’s blog…but could be thinking of similar pictures from another (functional) mother’s blog about her equally large family in another state. That family has a nice, well-kept house which is presently being enlarged, and the children are clean, receive good health care, neatly dressed, and are receiving appropriate educations. They are active in their church and participate in other community activities.

    Wish the Nauglers would get inspired by that other blog, and go and do likewise.

    Mountain bikes would work best for the Naugler kids, as their tough wheels could get over rough ground safely. I do hope they get bikes and that their parents don’t sell or trade them for livestock, fast food, or whatever trendy electronic gizmo catches their eye.


  38. A recumbent bike for Joe, perhaps?

    Poor boys. Ostracized by their own family, on this scale, makes for very shy, naive young adults. And bless them! They constantly chase after their critical-and-cold Mother’s approval, her love. So much so, that they laugh at her disparaging remarks on their own behalf, to provide themselves with the false sense of being included.


  39. I picked up two Giant kid sized bikes at $75./ea. off of Craig’s List. There are all kinds of good bikes there too, many very inexpensive. And bike owners are known to be generous and will deal. FYI, Giants have tough frames, gears and hand brakes, great mountain bikes, amongst others.
    With the size of the ‘stead’ I’d think those kids would have a pretty sweet track worn/ cut down in no time. It actually might be a great place for mountain biking, if nothing else. Plus learning the mechanics of repairing/tuning a bike could be parlayed easily into a nice income for a teen/young adult. But it would mean ma would have to maintain sanity long enough to allow this to develop, and pa to be kept from raiding the till. Circumventing ma/pa would take the most skill, but by now maybe some of them have already acquired this skill. It could work if they have learned any work ethic at all. We love bikes, all kinds.
    (Ha! recumbent bike would be FAR too much work for pa. Our locals race up to 100 miles on these!)
    Please, wear a helmet.


  40. There’s a brand-new, cute video of the next-to-the-youngest Naugler, a toddler boy, wearing only a disposable diaper and a Green Lantern mask and cape, running happily through the weeds beside a rutted dirt path while his mother repeatedly asks him, “Are you the Green Lantern??” His responses are limited and unintelligible, which is not entirely unexpected for a young two-year-old, but I’d still expect to hear a clear “Yes”, “Yeah”, “Yep”, or some other positive response from a queried child of this age. Or even a typical-two “NO!”.

    No such responses can be understood, at least, not by me. His speech is brief and very unclear. Yes, he is two – but I’d be talking to him, reading to him (not superhero comics but classic picture books), asking him questions, singing nursery rhymes and traditional children’s songs…and giving him much more one-on-one attention to try to improve his speech, attention span, and communication skills. Of course, with ten other Naugler offspring, working at the grooming salon, and having a 250+ pound adult child demanding reassurance and attention, I am sure his mother’s one-on-one time with him is limited.

    But here’s a thought: Nicole, scrap some of your online time, and spend it with your kids instead. Half an hour a day, one-on-one kid time. For most people, that wouldn’t add up to very much. Of course, you have a lot of children, so that totals about five and a half hours. But since it appears you’re easily online that long each day, it shouldn’t be impossible and would be considerably more productive. Maybe addiction to successful child-bearing might transform into addiction to successful child-rearing.

    Now, there’s a positive thought.

    This cute little boy is chubby, looks healthy, but is slightly bowlegged and very pigeon-toed. I’m not sure if his going barefoot contributes. But I’d sure have spent that money (three additional little Nauglers now have new superhero masks and capes, probably a total outlay of $8 at the dollar store) on shoes instead, especially in that particular environment. I’m sure the soles of his little feet are quite tough by now, but rusty nails and broken glass – and germs and parasites – are not seriously impeded by callouses. Shoes, on the other hand ( on the other foot??) do impede all of the above.

    I’d also get him to a pediatrician to check out that bowlegged, pigeon-toed stance and gait. Corrective shoes might help both, or he might outgrow it – but I’d sure get it checked out and if needed, treated.

    Meanwhile, over at the NCN Facebook site, Nicole has posted a copy of a letter sent to a Boy Scout’s mother, asking her to nurse her infant more discreetly at Scout meetings. The comments on this have to be seen to be believed. People are terrified to leave their under-twelve kids with anyone else, no exceptions. A woman harshly and repeately profanely attacks a man who has posted a supportive remark (the attack seems to be based solely on his gender). Others scream “SEXISM!!” And of course, government conspiracy comes into the picture, never mind that the Boy Scouts are not a government entity. Rational responses are few on the ground.

    All in all, Nicole appears to have been online for around two hours total prior to 10:00 a.m. this morning, which I thought was a working day. Is she at home? At the salon? Somewhere else? One thing’s certain, she’s not giving uninterrupted time to her children. Instead, her choice is to post outrage at someone else’s self-created issue. I am aware of the Naugler’s history with the Boy Scouts, which parallels their history with the local Mormon churches. No love lost there on either part. But it’s sad that Nicole’s sense of self seems to be stroked by off-the-wall comments such as those referred to above, rather than by actually spending productive time with her many, many children.


  41. Why is that kid still walking bow legged,

    Okay. Let’s skip the internet diagnosis of children, please. I know it’s tempting, but. . .


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