Gentle Christian Mothers, Part 1

Rather than just making these available upon request, I have been asked to post them in their entirety for anyone who wishes to read all the way through all of it. There is a lot of stuff here, and much of it is confusing. I have color-coded it to the best of my ability. It’s possible that I have some of it wrong.

I have used yellow for Camille, pink for the admin named Crystal, and green or blue for both other mediators and Jeri Carr (the owner of the website).

If I left anything uncoded, it’s either extraneous material or I just don’t know who said it, and didn’t want to mislead anyone.

I know this is lengthy and tedious and I honestly don’t expect most people to even be interested. However, I really like to provide context and since Camille appears to have removed all the material from public view since the Genesis 4 page went up, here it is.

First link – conversation with Bridget (“4Cygnets”)

Second Link – First conversation with Crystal

Third Link – Second conversation with Crystal

Gentle Christian Mothers files, Part 2


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