Genesis, Part 7

We move forward now (and sort of backward) to February 2012. At the bottom of Genesis, Page 2 there is a truncated remark by Dan Keller that begins “This has been my private conversation with Leah Hayes. . .” We’re going to return to that in a moment.

To recap: We have a situation where there is this large Facebook page/forum owned by Rebecca Phillips Ketchie. She added a group of administrators/moderators to the group when it became apparent that the group had grown too large for one person to handle and when the tone and focus of the group had become way more diverse than she ever expected. I know this is true because I have conversed with her and she told me exactly that.

With the advent of Camille’s departure from BJU and subsequent campaign exacting revenge on them, the Disaffected began to participate in this forum. They began to hijack threads, insisted on BJU-bashing almost continuously, and began demanding a double standard whereby they were allowed to say anything they wished, but nobody could disagree with them.

At some point, both Cathy and Camille left the group, but there is good reason to believe that both returned periodically under fake names with no other purpose in mind than to start trouble.

When I was there, there were several of these obvious fakes who attacked me from time to time. Leah stepped in and banned at least two of them.

I’m going to share the exchange I had with “Jack Sparrows” because I think it illustrates what Leah was up against. Remember, in order to follow the rules, she would have had to get a majority of the moderators to agree with her, and they didn’t even bother to answer emails or messages for the most part. I do not have a screen shot of my exchange with “Jack” because I didn’t know how to make screen shots in those days.

Leah removed this whole exchange and banned “Jack” immediately, in the hopes that I never saw that last comment where he implied (the “one way ticket” stuff) that I should be killed.

How much you wanna bet “he” did, in fact, go read Nathan’s beautiful “Profane Rant”?

The problem was that they had instituted a convoluted, complicated process of banning people and removing comments that was supposed to try to keep it all fair, but really which served almost entirely to simply slow down the process and often just stall it entirely.

So, in early 2012, Rebecca made a decision to turn over the forum to somebody else. She asked if anyone wanted to continue it, and Leah Hayes, Nancy Kepler Bean and Phil Lehman all replied that they did.

However, Phil’s answer that he did wish to continue was overlooked. He’d been all but invisible anyway. He’d done virtually zero actual moderating. His remark was short, and got buried in the conversation, and nobody saw it.

At that point, Rebecca totally relinquished control of the group to Leah Hayes and Nancy Kepler Bean. This is important to understand, because Leah and Nancy were subsequently accused of “taking over” as though there was some kind of coup. It is simply not true. The other moderators were almost entirely inactive by this time. Nancy’s work schedule did not permit her to be as active as she would have liked, and as a result, everything fell on Leah’s shoulders. In addition, even when the others participated in behind-the-scenes moderation activities (as the rules required), nobody wanted to be seen as the bad guy, so the face of moderating was typically Leah.

I’ve asked Leah why she didn’t just leave. After all, she was being battered around and it was a thankless task.

Her response was that Rebecca, Leah, and Nancy all knew that the Disaffected wanted to take over the group – and Rebecca specifically didn’t want the group she’d started to turn into a vehicle for Camille Lewis to use to ram BJU. So, she stayed. They hoped they could turn the whole thing around.

After Rebecca gave Nancy and Leah the green light to do whatever they wished, they first removed all the other inactive moderators. They knew that they were going to make some changes, and that at least one or two of the other moderators might take it upon themselves to remove Leah and Nancy and just take over – with the fear being that they would then give the group to Camille Lewis as a little gift. Facebook has that characteristic. Any administrator of any page or group can without warning delete all the other administrators. Happens quite frequently, as the people in one of the “replacement” Survivor groups found out not too long ago.

And then they did what should have been done months, perhaps years, earlier. They banned both David Shaffer and Dan Keller. Nobody was warned. They simply were gone, without notice.

And that’s where we pick this up. Dan was banned and the Court’s Biggest Dick was pissed.

So, this is all the PMs that Dan shared with Leah, and as it customary with these folks, as soon as he’s mad at her, the private messages are no longer private.

Only, that’s really not all of the PMs Dan shared with Leah. He’s trying to make it look like he was always just so nice and sweet and why would Leah ban him suddenly because they were really such great friends. Dan seems to like doing group PMs. Here’s a snippet from one of them:

So Leah is at work while Dan is bitching that she deleted comments and Camille is bitching that they aren’t deleting comments. Do. It. Right. Now.

One other thing to note is that this was several years ago. The ubiquitous smart phone didn’t exist. People were mostly like I am now – tethered to their home or office computer.

A couple of comments. Phil Lehman found out he was no longer a moderator several weeks after he’d been removed. What does that say about the level of Phil’s interest and activity?

This removal was not about the threads in August (the ones I posted). They are just samples. They were not isolated incidents.

And here are the comments that ensued after Dan posted this stuff.

But you see, Dan was wrong here. It was, in fact, Leah’s and Nancy’s group at this point. Rebecca gave it to them with her blessing to do with as they pleased.

And these comments, which appear to come from a different place where Dan posted the original stuff, continue the bashing. He was posting it all over everywhere.

And Grace asks a reasonable question. Who told David this stuff? What nurse “leaked” records?

David ignores Grace’s question and tells us that he knows that this is all true because he believes his un-named source. Gee, I remember some other people who believed their source, too.

You think they’d learn.

Now, if you think all this is bad, just wait.

Genesis, Part 8


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